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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice Name

Amy Butters







Rationale I want to produce work that I enjoy making, that’s fun, colourful and humourous. I want to take on a range of briefs to broaden my skills and hopefully to make myself more employable when leaving university. I aim to explore new and different methods and processes while taking on a darker subject matter, in hopes of being able to communicate something more serious without losing my tone of voice. Themes / Subjects Movies, books, pop culture, podcasts

Products / Methods of Distribution Newspaper publication, posters, packaging, murals, t-shirts Distribution: Social media, online shop, website, uni art market

Practical Skills / Media / Formats Painting, photoshop for refining & adding linework/details, t-shirts, handmade type, digital type, Photoshop for drawing and designing posters.

STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent

Brief 1: Herbivore Botanicals

Deadline 20/11/2017

Rationale: This is a collaboration with a graphic designer. I wanted to try packaging design to expand my skillset and challenge myself

Brief 2: Morley Mural



Rationale: I’ve always been interested in painting something on a larger scale and this brief seemed like the perfect opportunity, the fact that it’s for a children’s playground lends itself well to my tone of voice

Brief 3: T-Shirt Designs



Rationale: Another thing I’ve always wanted to do, make t-shirts. This is a self-led project where I want to design a small range of t-shirts theming around pop culture, while thinking of the audience as these would be to sell.

Brief: Killers



Rationale: This is a passion-project – given my interest in true crime and serial killers, I was interested in portraying darker, more meaningful themes without losing my tone of voice. Brief: Chick Flicks


As well as trying new things, I wanted to create something in an area I was already confident in.


Revised statement of intent  
Revised statement of intent