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The Art of Parenting by Amy Meyer Feb. 3, 2013 Cheney Public Library

On a Saturday afternoon, we took over the lobby of the Cheney Public Library. The question: Is parenting art? Can it be done well? Can it be done poorly? Does it last?

I took all of my art books with us. The canvas that was not under the eyeliner pencil would look at pictures. “Is this art? Can you do thi?”

My first canvas was Querida. She is almost 23 years old.

My second canvas was the 13-year-old Zarah.

The canvas under construction would say things like, “I can make my own choices, you know.” Or, “Does this make me more beautiful?” But they would only say those sorts of things when people came over to see what we were up to.

The girls wanted to remove the make up off each other. There was so much giggling...

The Art of Parenting  
The Art of Parenting  

What is art? Is parenting an art? Is it art if it has no permanence? Is it still art when the canvas can make choices for herself?