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Local boy 'shunned' by the estranged lesbian lovers who shamed their school. A 14 year old boy has been completely shunned by two women who lost their lawsuit for slander against Margaret Tilford earlier this year. Henry Foster, who has been a grocery boy for Karen Wright and Martha Dobie for almost a year now, was delivering a bag of groceries to the house they share when he was 'shouted' at by a furious Dobie.

Foster captured Wright and Dobies monstrous images on his smartphone Foster, fourteen, described the women as looking 'guilty' when he walked in, and very 'rude' towards him. He is quoted saying “when I walked in, all I wanted to do was drop off the groceries and carry on my day, but the younger one shouted at me and accused me.” He continues “She said that she was a 'freak'. She seemed very upset.” Foster managed to take a picture of the ladies and uploaded it to the popular image sharing site Instagram where it garnered much attention.

Foster, was worried by Dobie and Wrights behaviour The ladies, who once ran the prestiges Wright-Dobie High School, have been alienated since they lost their lawsuit of slander against Mrs Tildford in January. The School is currently being run temporarily by David Memmer, former Bresdon High School Headteacher, until a permanent replacement is found.

The Dobie-Wright highschool, where Dobie and Wright used to work David Munro 8:23 PM on 16/2/2014 Thos two are a disgrace. Can't believe I almost sent my child to that school with what I have heard has been going on. She got away lucky I'll say! Name withheld 4:35 PM on 16/2/2014 This comment is under review.

Gareth Summerill 2:21 PM on 16/2/2014 Are you kidding me? A news story from a picture of two women sitting in a room together? What is every woman who walks into a room with another woman in now a lesbian? Some idiots will believe anything they read without even asking for facts or evidence. The worlds going to shit because of it.

lynda.parkinson.3 1:01 PM on 16/2/2014 Ppl will neva lern will they! i new somefink was up with them – sometimes U can jst tell can't U. Its dirty and they shuld be ashamed. Hang ur heads low girls.

Tina Mani 12:25 PM on 16/2/2014 Think of the family that might be reading this paper please let those ladies alone. Who knows if its true and who cares if they are happy surely that's all that matters? Trevor Sorbi 12:12 PM on 16/2/2014 From what I heard they were both very good teachers, a friend of mine's kid went to their school and she had a top notch education. Its such a shame if it's true.

coley170 11:52 AM on 16/2/2014 FUCKING LESBOS. Should be hung. Little girls were in their care and who knows what they were subjected too. It's sick to think about it. Unnatural enough as it is let alone for school teachers. Go Daily Mail for reminding us about why the death penalty should be bought back to Britain!

anna.lewis84 11:52 AM on 16/2/2014 This is absolutely ridiculous. Not only has everything been completely blown out of proportion and come from COMPLETE LIES, but two womens lives have been completely ruined and this paper is STILL posting pictures of them. You people are animals. Have some respect for other human beings.

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