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Earn amazing rewards during your first 120 days What is StartSwell? StartSwell is a program for new Consultants that allows you to earn amazing rewards to help you grow your business. Your StartSwell period begins the day you become a Thirty-One Consultant.

How does it work?* • Your first 120 days are divided into four 30-day segments called StartSwell levels • Party and submit $600 or more in Personal Volume (PV) during each level to earn amazing rewards to build your business and earn $150 in commission at each level • Submit $1,000 or more in PV during a level and earn a bonus item along with the $250 in commission for each $1,000 level earned • Add new qualified Consultants to your team at any time during StartSwell and earn a cash bonus

* See back for details

Your business.Your choice.


Kit Option A

Choose the kits that will help your business grow – one for each level when you reach $600 in Personal Volume!*


Kit Option B

• Soft Utility Tote in Brush Strokes • Essential Storage Tote in Brush Strokes • Cool Clip Thermal Pouch in Starfish Splash

• Deluxe Utility Tote in Got Dots • Deluxe Top-A-Tote in Black • Tote-Ally Thermal in Got Dots

This trio features two great everyday bags plus the Cool Clip Thermal Pouch, a functional add-on.

This trio has endless uses for the home, car or office. The Deluxe Utility Tote is a top seller and pairs great with both the Deluxe Top-A-Tote and Tote-Ally Thermal.


Kit Option c • Tall Organizing Tote in Lil’ Scribble • Sling-Back Bag in Lil’ Scribble • Easy Going Wristlet in Lil’ Scribble This kit includes the best-selling Tall Organizing Tote and the adventure-ready Sling-Back Bag and Easy Going Wristlet, perfect for spring.

1,000 challenge


Choose one bonus item when you submit $1,000 or more in PV in any of the four StartSwell levels. You’ll want these Hostess Exclusives on hand to help you book parties!*


Kit Option D • Fold-Over Weekender in Candy Corners • Glamour Case in Candy Corners Help your Customers get ready for a road trip with these travel companions, the roomy Fold-Over Weekender and the Glamour Case.

Rolling Cooler Choose from two prints for this cooler with Leak Lock lining. Make it mean more by adding your own personalization!

Business supplies & more For every StartSwell level you earn, you’ll receive important supplies that help you you share Thirty-One.


Kit Option E • Dream Big Tote in Natural Straw • Inspiration Necklace Share this kit with fashion-forward Customers and show them how to build an outfit with the on-trend Dream Big Tote paired with the Inspiration Necklace.

Level 1

Level 2

• Jewell Core Fabric Swatch Collection • Jewell Seasonal Fabric Swatch Collection • Catalogs (Pack of 25) • “Celebrate” Charm

• Loopsy Daisy Fabric Swatch Collection • Mini Catalogs (Pack of 40) • “Encourage” Charm

Level 3

Level 4

• Candy Corners Fabric Swatch Collection • Order Forms (Pack of 50) • “Reward” Charm

• Brush Strokes Fabric Swatch Collection • Opportunity Brochures (Pack of 10) • “Inspire” Charm

When you reach your first level of StartSwell, you’ll also earn a JK Cherish bracelet for your StartSwell charms!

Share the fun.Build your team. During your 120-day earning period, earn $100 for each new qualified Consultant you sponsor!*


Put a stash of Cash in your pocket!

Kit Option F

Way to “GROW”! Earn a $100 cash reward for every new Consultant who joins your team in your first 120 days.*

• Stand Tall Bin in Dancing Diamond • Double Duty Caddy in Brush Strokes • Oh-Snap Bin in Brush Strokes and Dancing Diamond Show Customers how they can start their spring cleaning with this trio of organizing styles that works in any room in the home.

Triple Duty Caddy Choose from two prints for this do-it-all organizer. Add your own personalization to one side and a favorite photo to the front PVC pocket to make it your own!

$ 100.00

You one hundred

Pay to the order of:

Dollars Not a valid check

For : Growing your team *See back for details

$75 Product Credit Use toward products or Business Supplies to help grow your business. * See back for details

Earn it all!

• A potential of $600 in commission when all four levels are earned • A potential of $1,000 in commission when she reaches $1,000 PV in all four levels • Up to four StartSwell kits – a $400+ value • Valuable Business Supplies • $100 for every qualified Consultant you sign up • A bracelet for your first level and charms for each level earned • One of three bonus items for every $1,000 or more in PV*









My first 30 days ends on:

My second 30 days ends on:

My third 30 days ends on:

My fourth 30 days ends on:

Levels are independent of one another. Every 30 days is a new chance to earn! You can also log on to to monitor your progress. Your tracker will update automatically after each party so you can see how close you are to your goals. Learn more at

More info available on Go to “Scoop” then “StartSwell” for program details.

* E arn different kit levels based on Personal Volume (“PV”) submission dates. Earn your choice of one of the following bonus items: Rolling Cooler, Triple Duty Caddy or $75 product credit with $1000 or more PV submitted in any of the four levels. Limit one bonus item per level. Retail and party orders only. StartSwell program is subject to change. StartSwell kits are subject to change based on available inventory. This StartSwell program is valid until 6/30/2017. To earn the cash reward, your new recruit must qualify during her first 90 days as a Consultant which will involve your new recruit meeting certain sales requirements. Representations made about income should not be considered as typical or guarantees of your potential earnings or profits as a Thirty-One Consultant. Actual earnings can vary significantly depending on time committed, skill level and other factors. Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income. Such amounts are before expenses, if any. For more information about what you can expect to earn as a Thirty-One Consultant, please read our Income Disclosure Statement posted on the “Join Us” page at

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