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Exam questions

How do contemporary media represent different collective groups in different ways? • Focus today (young people) • Diverse representations including fiction, non fiction and self representation. • Use my own examples from the group you are studying

How does contemporary representations compare with that of the past. • Today: young people on TV/online, film etc. • Examples of modern: Eden lake, misfits, Harry Brown • Examples of the past: Quadrophonia • Fan cultures past: Star wars, star trek, rave cultures. Modern: Twilight, bands, Harry potter.

What are the social implications of different media representations of groups of people? • Stereotyping (what's it impact) • What power does the audience have to ‘resist’? • How do we measure the ‘representations’ we encounter? • Richard Dyer: ‘Trography representations’ • Social media and social action: The Harry Potter alliance- groups that use social media for political and social action. Media ownership.

To what extent is human identity increasingly ‘mediated’ • Increasing media = Increasing mediated • Re- representations by others/ by selves • Facebook study: personal study and the performative nature of Facebook photos and updates.

Exam Questions