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Beginning to construct my magazine. Checklist for my music magazine. Plan Photo Shoot, screen grab everything, upload any extra work and annotate, plan photo shot including dressing, poses and props etc, upload photos via photo shop, plan questions, Organise interview and record it, then ways to lay out my interview look back at first flat plans, think of ideas for lay out, think of ways to make my magazine interesting eg, layout, borders etc, construct magazine onto photo shop, Draw more detailed flat plans with final products. Create final magazine via photo shop including front page, contents and a double page spread with my interview. Practising using Photoshop How I got do curves- image, adjustments, curves then adjust using the line. Masthead I have recently done some art which shows this masthead style at a larger scale (beginning to show my own identity) I will throughout use this image throughout my music magazine which is important as it is my own magazines name and it’s own identity. I have already decided on a masthead so I uploaded this onto Photoshop thinking of to go ahead with my previous flat plans with the masthead being at the very top left as that was always I prototype sketch.

Preparations. Before I begin to start creating my magazine I have to take my photo and begin to thinking of ideas for my photo shoot e.g.) poses, props, locations etc. Location The location I have considered looking back at my research most locations are very similar some are very basic for the artist’s i.e.) stage or performing or they could be posing at a distinctive location I have thought of a church, looking at images of churches I want to get an arch in the image.


My Own Images Taken.

These images are photos I have taken but decided not to use these for what ever reason, for example the background.

These images I have decided to use in my magazine for various reason i.e.) the background in my opinion is good in the fact that the camera really brings out the bricks of the building and also the pose of the artist.

The front cover.

This is my front cover I change my idea of having a typical looking magazine to a very limited looking magazine I chose this because I think it congratulated the image very well. I also used lens correction on this image to make the artist stand out I practise this previously. I also used the eye dropper tool to make my artists eyes stand out even more.

The contents page.

Looking at previous magazines and how they laid out their contents and why. It is simply because for more neater presentation and a way of making it easier for the reader to locate pages. I like this way so I will also use this idea. This image shows what I mean about columns and what I mean about lay out.

Using my audience research I created the contents page using my audience’s favourite bands and music, looking at passed research I used columns to make it look pleasing on the eye...

The double page spread. With looking at my final flat plans I have decided to do an interview with the band as well as a large page image of the band with a pull quote. I have also decided to do a little description/ writing of the band before the interview part like the interview I have looked at previously to introduce the band to the readers with soon to be questions and answers. My questions will be in a different colour to bold out the questions and will make it easier to read. Questions and Answers. 1. Who inspired you? (What bands do you like) “I always looked up to all the greats from Hendrix to as I was young I always listened to all the classics they made me what I am today, everyone forever should always respect the classics as they influenced all sorts of bands”. 2. What was your first ever instrument you played? “I have always been a singer always singing even in my sleep but I did play the trumpet (parents choice) when I was six then moving onto singing soon after which is my comfort zone”. 3. What’s the best thing about being rock star(s)? “The thought of everyone knowing your name and who you are I always get a funny feeling when someone asks for an autograph or a picture it will never get boring I love all my fans, but I am having to bring body guards and stuff as I was attacked not long ago”. 4. Who was the best joint performance you ever did? “The band loves doing joint performances like to learn new stuff and learn from the oldies and it’s always bin fun but if I have to say what my personal favourite joint performance is it’s got to be with, a charity advent that was one of those moments I will never ever forget”. 5. Who would be a dream joint performance and why? “Slash has recently produced a CD with some of my absolute idols I would love to be on the next album, I even have the song written now” 6. What is it like to see your name in HMV? “Like a dream I even pinched myself to see if I would wake up, to see my name in my favourite store and to see myself next to some of the greatest bands in the word I will never forget that moment”. 7. What was you first performance like? “I never ever felt so scared in my life, I felt like I was going to pass out on stage but I didn’t the crowd was so supportive and the band also as they have always been on stage and now it’s like a normal everyday thing I get up I put make up on I go and sing still with a little nerves but that helps me”. 8. Any embarrassing moments? “So many to choose from, sometimes on tour we don’t get much sleep so were a bit dippy like were always falling offstage that last step always gets us but if you’re carrying drum sets or amps that can be quite painful” 9. Any on coming events soon? “We will be performing at the download festival in the summer, I am ecstatic because there are gonna be big names their and also the Rock Never Stops Tour, one of my many favorite tours to be performing then later this year we will be performing at the Ozzfest”. 10. Any advise for any wanna be rock stars out their? “Be confident don’t let anything get in your way, the music world can’t knock you down then”.

Photoshop for double page spread- draw rectangle, paint bucket tool/ right click duplicate layer, text tool (drop cap) then write. Here I am using rulers to make a neat guideline before I start to write out my interview, a basic guideline which shows were I could the title, introduction, photo and the interview. Here I wrote my entire interview (questions and answers) I used columns to show neatness and the questions are written in a different colour to make it more pleasing on the eye for the reader.

Here is my completed double page spread, it consists of pull quote, drop cap, and obviously the lead image, also a by line of the interviewers name also the interview itself is in columns.

The Final Magazine.

Beginning to Construct my Music Magazine  

Beginning to Construct my Music Magazine

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