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I really like this piece as I feel it is simple but effective. Its actual background and font is very simplistic; however, the artist has added little touches to make the graphic more intricate. For example, the ‘The’ in ‘Save The Polar Bears’ is in a different font to give it that extra detail.

They have also made great use of the space and added in lots of graphics and information without overcrowding the piece. Whilst there is next to no negative space, each item on the page has its own space to avoid the cramped look.

Also, whilst the font they have used is also simple and remains within the colour scheme, they have used a variety of sizes. This helps certain phrases stand out whilst others being less visible.

This image is composed of a series of geometric shapes and block colours. This gives a very harsh and bold effect to the infographic piece. It uses a variety of tones within its shading as you can see with the blue; its tones are what gives it a 3 dimensional effect

As well as this the designer has kept to a certain colour scheme of blues and purples with a bit of orange to add vibrancy. They have kept each colour in cool tones which I really like as it links to the subject matter of polar bears. Also, the image is long and equally spaced out to help with the minimalistic look. there is a clear divide between the title and main information with the blue sea-like graphic. This graphic is then repeated at the bottom of the first set of information which shows consistency.

= 2% of red fiesta’s sold around the world that year.

Infographics about which Country bought the most amount of Red Fiesta’s in 2014.

Infographics about which Country bought the most amount of Red Fiesta’s in 2014.

W321 AGB


Czech Republic





= 2% of red fiesta’s sold around the world that year.

I chose to make my infographics about Ford Fiesta’s as that is my first car and is therefore personal to me. I created this vector by using a picture of my car as reference.

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Crisis point Everlasting damage Carbon footprint that is ever increasing


Battery hens and cruel living Halal meat and way of slaughter Factory workers guilt

Good vs Bad Legal vs Illegal The effects they can have How you can take them or get them

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Cynical Fast Food advertisements Cartoon food What’s really inside your food? Advertising of some sort Animal cruelty awareness

Social media and their effects and impacts How it makes us lazy and we have become reliant upon it.

The pun of this picture is extremely successful and i helped by the illustration. has quite a rustic appeara to it as there is a mix of fo as well as the illustration being perfect straight line and polished. Whilst I do like this piece, I feel as though an extra 20 minutes spent on it would be beneficial as the orange background is not filled in within the middle of the text. As well as this, some of the text has become grainy when being scanned in which highlights other imperfections within it. This may have been the artists choice to keep it looking hand drawn however there are parts of the work that could be touched up to help the piece really come together.

Also the artist has chosen to use paler tones of colours. This creates more of a cynical overall look to the piece as a paler colour appears to have all life an enthusiasm sucked out of it. Also, they have used minimalistic shading to help give the image dimension but still remain in a cartoon style. This image does not include an excessive amount of dead space which I like. It is not a spacious image, however it also is not squashed together. It also isn't restricted within a colored shape, making the actual outline of the image impossible to see.

My main idea for this project is to create a series of illustrations around the topic of food. I want these illustrations to be both cute and comical in the sense that they are based around/ include a ‘pun’ or ‘joke’ of some sort. Whilst this is what I intend to do, it is possible I may branch off into the element of a small story board of illustrated ‘skit’. I intend to create my illustrations by hand at first to get the main plan of what I want to do, then finally create the image digitally to give it a cleaner and more professional effect. To begin with, my ideas will mainly be in my physically sketchbook as I will have hand drawn and shaded them. Once I have completed my sketch, I will then begin to work on it using Adobe Illustrator as this will keep colours true to what they are as well as giving off a very clean and sharp finished product. I will then upload these pieces to my online sketchbook to keep each colour true and how I wanted them to look. I will work on each sketch at a time until it is fully complete as I would prefer to have only a few high quality illustrations rather than a lot of poorer quality. For this project, I will gather my inspiration from various sources. One of them will be actual food. I want a sense of reality in my illustrations, despite me turning them into little characters. Therefore I will look at photographs of a hotdog, coke bottle or whatever illustration I choose to work on. I will also draw inspiration and tips from artists such as KAWS and Matthew Hollings. I have always loved KAWS’s work as it takes characters and almost brings out an anti-social looking side within them. Whilst Matthew Hollings is a realist illustrator who creates pieces to do with modern food. I hope that my final outcome will be a series of high quality illustrations with a witty caption or theme of some sort that are digitally created. I can then print this out quite large and have them as independent images with the outlook the intention that clients can buy them for their own use in campaigns or things of that sort. I hope that these images will just make people laugh or giggle and brighten their day. However if they were to be purchased by a company wanting to use them as a logo or advertisement I would hope it will make the company more iconic.

My idea is to create a series of illustrations and Gif ’s out of the following phrases.

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Bitch, peas I don’t wanna taco bout it Nacho average… Cereal killer Uni-corn Another one bites the crust Olive you so much I’m a little chilli

These are all the brightest tones of the colours that I could create. Bright tones connote happiness and youthfulness.

The paler the tone, the more cynical the colour appears to look. It looks as though all the vibrancy has been sucked out of it and therefore leaves a very limp effect.

The darker the tones of colour the dirtier and less pure the colour looks.

This is my first design of a taco. It is going to be paired with the phrase “ I don’t wanna taco ‘bout it”. I used a variety of bright colours to make the taco look energetic and fun, however I also used the technique of giving it a cartoon face to help make it look like a friendly cartoon illustration

To improve my first piece, i used the knowledge I learnt from doing my colour scheme page and made each colour a paler tone. This create a more cynical effect which will help tie in the text to the illustration once I put the whole piece together.

I don’t wanna TACO bout it

GIF link-

After creating some interim outcome I realised a few things about my project as well as my final piece. To start with, during the creation of the piece I noticed small things such as the tone of the colour scheme, the size of the image as well as the way it was presented. I decided to make the colour of the piece a paler tone to appear more cynical as well as making the overall image smaller. Because of this, my project has slightly changed from my Statement of Intent. It is a minor change of presenting them as Gif ’s rather than an advertising campaign. Going forward, I will make a Gif out of every design that I create and use each thing I have learnt from each design to make a final, better design.

• Gif research

• Gif process explained

Patakk is a Gif creator who is constantly creating and inspiring other artists with his work. He displays his work on Tumblr as well as Giphy. To see more of his work, click the link attached.

His work is very simple in terms of colours as he only features the basic tones of black and white. This creates a melancholy mood to the piece as it is simplistic and dark. As well as this, the movement of the GIF itself is simple but effective, it appears as though there is an object that is being swung.

Also the centre piece of this imae

Also there is a great amount of negative space left. This is an artistic choice made by Patakk as it helps give more emphasis to the main part of the image. With the use of negative space, it almost creates a barrier between his art and whatever it has been inserted onto.

These are the first Gif ’s that I created from an old design. I used them as my testers to find out what colours worked best as well as timings and patterns. From this I then created Gifs out of my designs

• Refined ideas

• Final piece/ favourite piece

Links to final Gifs

• Evaluation

Modern Diet Project  
Modern Diet Project