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Captain Tylor Cindy S. 8th Grade

Cubist Face Sonia P. 7th Grade

Sherbert Adriana C. 6th Grade

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Captain Tylor

Pencil Illustrations Cindy S. 8th Grade


Pencil Illustrations Cindy S. 8th Grade

Random Acts of Kindness Sadia S. Fred Lynn Middle School's Representative at the 2018 Martin Luther King Oratorical Contest

Yesterday, I was ignorant. Today, I am enlightened. Tomorrow, what will I be? Tomorrow isn't prom-

ised to anyone ladies and gentlemen. It doesn't matter how propitious you may be, your tomorrow is not guaranteed. However, that's not what matters. What matters, is what you do leading up to that tomorrow. Even, if it's not your own.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to this when he said, “"If I stop to help this man, what will happen

to me?" But then, the good Samaritan came by and reversed the question: "If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?" As I read this, it called to mind one of my most treasured memories. Allow me to set the scene; a tiny village, in the small country of Bangladesh. A few stores littered the street, across from an array of tin and clay houses. I'd often run to them when in need of a snack. This particular incident, was one of those times.

I ran out the large rusty green gates that lead me out to the street. From there, money in hand, I

rushed to the nearest store. My mouth watered with thoughts of delicious sweets or other goodies I could have, but suddenly my thoughts were cut off by a startling shout.

"Why won't you just leave?" the shopkeeper's voice boomed.

He sounded so angry, I flinched. I glanced over at whom he was seemingly so upset. It was a lady,

rather old and practically skin and bones. She wore dirty and ragged clothes. How did someone like her, someone on the verge of tears, infuriate others so much? What had she done? Then, I heard her begin to speak.

"I'm not asking for much," she said, her voice small. "Just for a little bit of money, or a little bit of food."

Hearing this was honestly heart breaking. I had been living blissfully in America, unaware of those

who suffered. I was ignorant, until I witnessed it. Being a child, I didn't have much to give, not to woman on the verge of tears. Taking the little money I had, I bought two bags of chips. I turned to the lady, and handed her what amount I had left, along with one of the two bags. Some money and some food. What I got in return, was a genuinely grateful smile, a smile that made me smile. With a small but powerful "thank you," she left.

I saw her often that summer; she was my teacher, sharing folk songs, showing me how to sew, and

helping me learn to write in Bangla. All to, "repay her debt" as she said. I wasn't aware at the time, but the universality of Dr. King's appreciation for humanity struck me even then. People are struggling all over the world, not just in America or Bangladesh, and not all the struggles are as extreme as poverty or hunger.

I'd like to challenge you all to do a random act of kindness. Hold the door, shake a hand, smile, do

something to make somebody's today, and hopefully their tomorrow. And I promise, if you do something nice, the recipient will do so as well.

My name is Sadia Srabony and yesterday I was ignorant. Today, I am enlightened. And tomorrow? To-

morrow, I will just do. Do what I can to help both myself and others. To make the world just a little bit kinder.


Are You a Risk-Taker? Cindy R. 8th Grade Are you someone that takes risks or are you someone that tries to play it safe? Taking risks can benefit your life in so many ways. It can also make your life more fun and adventurous. When you take risks there's always a chance something can go wrong, but it might be worth it in the end. I believe that taking risks is better than remaining cautious and having a dull life. Learning from your mistakes is one of the best things you can get from taking a risk. From making a mistake, you can come closer to finding out who you really are. You realize your limits and what you are and are not capable of doing. If you play it safe, you will have regrets of things you didn’t do when you were young. As you make mistakes, you learn and grow as a person. If you stay cautious, you'll have no mistakes to learn from and you will never grow and learn. If you think about it, mistakes are just life lessons learned the hard way. Taking a risk could possibly change your life. For example, some people have talents like singing, dancing, acting, and other cool abilities but never take or go for risky opportunities to show off that gift. Who knows, maybe the risk you take could lead you to success. If you do start taking risks like that, it could make you more confident. Just get out of your comfort zone for once and see what happen. You never know what can happen; the possibilities are endless. Don’t think about what can go wrong or right; just do it. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t be afraid of taking a risk every now and then. Maybe it could change your life. When taking a risk, you can have so many fun experiences. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to have a dull life. The more fun experiences you have, the more stories you'll be able to tell in the future. I doubt you would want to look back on life and realize how boring it was. Think about all the fun you'll have, and then for the next days, weeks, or maybe years you're going to look back and remember all those fun experiences. Even if something bad happens, it will all be worth it at the end, and you will probably get something good out of it. At the end of the day you choose how to live your life, risky or cautious. I chose to live life risky because of the benefits from it. The benefits from taking a risk are you get to learn from your mistakes, it could possibly change your life in a good way, and you're going to have fun experiences. While you're taking risks, try to be as safe as you can. You can still have as much fun as you want, but just be safe while doing so. Live life to the fullest, have as much fun as you can, and take risks. You will not regret it.


I Am... I am a kind, complex, and helpful person. I wonder if people enjoy my presence. I hear unreasonable gossip. I see a progressing environment. I want good self-esteem. I am a kind, complex, helpful person. I pretend to be calm. I feel like I can improve a lot. I touch my hair. I worry about my image. I cry when I am in danger. I am a kind, complex, helpful person. I understand I am not perfect. I say anyone can do anything. I dream about a better world. I try to live up to family expectations. I hope I can live a good life. I am a kind, complex, helpful person. ~ Ibrahim S. 8th Grade

I Am... I am ambitious, genuine, and nerdy. I wonder if aliens exist in our universe. I hear ocean waves splashing. I see the stars up in the sky talking to each other. I want to be 5'5." I am ambisious, genuine, and nerdy.

I am Abstract and Imaginative Saida E. 8th Grade

I pretend to be happy when I am sad. I feel like floating on thin air above the cirrus clouds. I worry about disappointing anyone. I cry when I look at sad scenes. I am ambitious, genuine, and nerdy. I understand the world is good but it's cruel. I say you only live once, you might as well have fun. I dream about aliens invading our earth. I try to boost up my confidence, but it doesn't work. I hope to be an inspiration someday for everyone. I am ambitious, genuine, and nerdy. ~ Adrienne Gabrielle M. 8th Grade


Pen Erlinda R. 8th Grade


When You Fade Away Colored Pencil Abdullah M. 8th Grade

When You Fade Away Where are you now. Oh angels sent from above, you know you’ll make my world light up. When I was hurt, withered, dried up, you came to rain a flood. Life is a drink, and love’s a drug. Oh now I think I must be miles up. When I was down, depresssed, heartbroken, you came to lift me up. We live, we love, we lie and fade away. Cindy S. 8th Grade

~Abdullah M. 8th Grade


Pencil Illustration Jaida J. 6th Grade

Girl Posing

Pencil Illustration Rebecca S. 6th Grade


Hornet Flower

Pencil Illustration Emily O. 6th Grade

Anonymous 8th Grade

I Am... I am skilled and athletic. I wonder what my future awaits for me. I hear a stadium of fans. I see a soccer stadium. I want to win everything. I am skilled and atheltic. I pretend I'm playing on the big screen. I feel adrenaline rushing through my veins. I touch the field's grass. I worry that my dreams won't come true. I cry when I don't do my best. I am skilled and athletic. I understand the chances of my dream coming true. I say soccor is a way of life. I dream of becoming a professional. I try being the best. I hope my dreams come true. I am skilled and athletic.

Cute Panda

Pencil Illustration Vanesa G. 6th Grade


~ Axel S.

8th Grade

Seeing is Believing Stephanie G. 8th Grade

There are so many places in the world that people can

visit. From France to Hawaii, many places all over the world that are open to the public. People can go to different places for a vacation, visiting family, or even moving to a different place. One day I would like to visit El Salvador as a vacation and to visit

Alison Franco 7th Grade

family that I haven't seen since my childhood.

Of course, you must pack stuff, so these are a couple

things I would take with me. In El Salvador it's hot, but it also depends what season you decide to visit and where in the country you are. Usually, the places where it's grassier are cooler, and we call those places "el monte." The beach areas are usually warmer/hot. Overall, the whole country is a hot place.

Since it's hot, I would take apparel that is appropriate

for the warm weather, like shorts, short sleeved shirts, some shoes, and possibly some sandals or flip flops and some type of swimwear. I would also pack my charger, headphones, and other necessities to get ready in the morning and at night like a toothbrush, hair ties, towels, etc.

Most of my family members were born in El Salvador,

including my mom, dad, and older brother. My aunts, uncles, and my older cousins were also born in El Salvador. Based on the pictures and videos I've seen of the country, it looks very pretty and I think it will be even better in person. My dad brings up about how he would go out to the ocean on a small boat and go fishing. My mom sometimes talks about how my abuela (which is Spanish for grandma) sells fish for a living.

If I were to ever go. I would drop off my bags at what-

ever place I'm staying at, possibly a hotel or a family member’s house. Afterwards, I would visit and greet all my family that is in El Salvador and spend some time with them because there are people that I haven't seen in years or I still haven't met. Then we would go around and explore some more. Finally, I would visit the cemetery to visit my grandpa and my "siblings" that passed away (two of my mom's babies died as newborns).

Hopefully, someday I can visit El Salvador or a country

as beautiful as it is.

Dreams of Home Estephanie M. M. 8th Grade

An outstanding place in the world that I would like to

visit is El Salvador. El Salvador has a lot of cultural, natural, and peaceful places where you can go and get in touch with nature and gentle and friendly people. What is mostly popular about El Salvador is the delicious food. This and many reasons are why I want to visit El Salvador.

I would like to visit El Salvador because I want to see my

sisters, my mom, my friends, the nature, the people in my colony, and especially the house where I grew up, because these will bring me many happy memories. That is a house that you can call a home.

The first thing I would do when arriving in El Salvador

would be to see my sisters, my grandparents, and my mom. After that, we would go to one of my favorites places: the beach! We would swim and play in the sand. When lunch time would come, we would buy food like mariscadas, pescados fritos , and my favorite plate, pupusas. Yummi! When the afternoon arrives, we would go to pick up shells and see the sun go down. At night, it's time to go back home. My sisters and I would sit in the back of the truck singing, listening to the waves, or we would talk about how life has been over these four years that we haven't seen each other.

That would be a perfect visit. I would never forget that

day. I sure hope to go back and spend a good time with my family. I would like to have more adventures and moments with them that would stay in my life as happy memories.


What is Love? Pencil Illustration Michelle F. 8th Grade

Action Hero Colored Pencil Kimberly A. 6th Grade


Saturday school is fun. Usually I hate school but not any more because it’s fun. ~ Jose E. 6th Grade


Britney L. Colored Pencil 6th Grade

Autumn Fresh air surrounding the earth. Chilly winds flew through my hair. The silent & peaceful part of nature. Summer & winter combined into one with the winds of spring. ~ Aiden T. 6th Grade


8th Grade

Pet Troubles

We Will Change the World

Ashley M.-T. 8th Grade

Abdullah M. 8th Grade

Have you ever left your dog home alone,

Daily life has changed over time since new technologies make liv-

and when you returned, your house was a com-

ing easier and more different. From reading to playing to communicating

plete disaster? Dogs can be very destructive, but

with others, things have changed drastically from how people lived twenty

they usually don’t know any better. Dogs can

years ago to people who lived a century ago. With inventions and innova-

make things disorderly, but it doesn’t mean their

tions being dynamically occurrent these days, people are becoming more

behavior can't be fixed.

intelligent and receptive to the world.

Most dogs get bored and lonely when

they're left home alone. Some dogs could even get scared. They can destroy your property due to their boredom. To prevent them from getting ahold of your clothes or property, make sure to clean the area they will be. Dogs see anything as either food or toys. Make sure to close the doors of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Next, to keep your dog entertained while

The invention of the wheel happened around a hundred thousand

years ago, whilst gears were made in the sixteenth century. For the last fifty thousand years, archery was the primary long-ranged weapon used in hunting and combat, until firearms, first used with gunpowder in China was brought by Marco Polo to Europe in 1540. Technology became more powerful gradually as people kept experimenting and found new ways of doing things.

Transportation in daily life has also changed how we work and live.

you're out, you should leave them toys. If you

A journey two centuries ago that took ages can be accomplished in three

don’t have any, it would be wise to spend money

hours these days in a plane. When explorers traveled to the new world, they

on some. Toys will keep them busy while you're

mainly used rivers and canals to get to places, and along the way, towns

out. It will keep dogs from getting into your pos-

and cities arose. In 1969, humans even set foot on the moon using rockets.

sessions. You may think your pet knows what it's

doing when its destroying your place, but most of

of young adults and children before the technological era would seem bor-

the time they're making themselves comfortable.

ing to those who are living right now. First, smartphones, computers, and

They could just think they are playing.

other devices became more common after this millennium and have tak-

en over the lives and psychology of children and juveniles. Second, people

Another thing you might want to do

before heading out is to check for any food left out. Your dog could get sick. If your dog sees any sustenance they will get to it. Making sure there aren't any edible substances out could save you from a major vet bill.

As a result of all the damage caused by

your dog, you may think it is out to get you. You may have even thought of getting rid of them,

Inside the house, things have become more modern. The lifestyles

used to go to the grocery to get ingredients and make the foods themselves, but now they buy packaged and processed foods that don't need to be cooked for long.

There are some problems that innovations have caused over time

but can be solved with our own brains. For example, when people started consuming packaged foods, they didn’t have a proper way of disposing the waste. That can be solved by recycling, reducing and reusing to confine

which wouldn’t be nice. Be patient as your pet

that we have a clean and safe environment.

goes through a destructive phase. Give them toys,

time and love. It will probably outgrow its phase

change the world, one way or another. Given enough time, anything pos-

once it gets older. Don’t make it a huge dilemma.

sible (except for changing the warp of time). In conclusion, daily life has

Good luck with your dog.

changed more drastically than what we would expect as more inventions

The possibilities and accomplishments made by humans will

are deveoloped.


T’Kai L. Characters and Illustrations 8th Grade

Age: 1,000,000 years old Height: 6’5” Muscle Type: Mesomorph Total Fighting Styles Mastered: 200 Infiite Strength, Speed, and Durability Immortality Immune to Extreme Mutations, Mind Control, Diseases and All Viruses Force Drain, Kill, Fear, and Push Time and Matter Manipulation Flight Healing Powers Magic Metal Skeleton Suspend Aging X-ray Vision Alternate Intuition Expanded Stamina Quick Healing and Memory Retention Heat Absorbant Teleportation Sorcery Phasing


Pixar: The Incredibles

Classic Disney

God of Strength

Red and Black Tiger


Charcoal Pencil on Cardboard Dion C. 8th Grade

Wisdom Changes Lives

Pollution is Straight-up Horrible

Ronal T.-R. 8th Grade Has anyone ever shared their wisdom with you? Or maybe the

experiences that they have gone through? There are many benefits that

pollution is the reason why. There's air, water, and

can come your way if you really listen to a person's opinion. Most of

land pollution, and they're each killing the world.

the time, people older than you are the ones with the most experience.

There are ways to prevent pollution, but many peo-

I mean it's obvious, isn't it? They have been on this earth longer than

ple are lazy or they just don't care. Air pollution is

most of us. As many of them say. "We have lived through it all."

making it hard to breath. When trees are cut down,

There are many reasons to share wisdom. He who is wise thinks

when cars are made and used, when factory's burn

before he speaks and acts. The wise are those that think about what

things, the air becomes dirty. Breathing dirty air

they do. They think about all the good and bad things that can happen

makes humans, plants, and animals unhealthy and

because of their actions. They think about the benefits that they can

could possibly kill us. Some ways to help solve this

achieve from the things that they do. Many people share their wisdom

problem include reducing burning, car pooling,

and experience, so that whomever they are telling it to does not go the

and limit factory usage. Pollution is just straight up

same way, so that they don't take the wrong path. Other times they


share their wisdom and experience to tell the people which path is best

for their life. They help them make the right decision or choice.

healthy to drink and killing sea animals. When

Now, experience means that you are familiar with a task, that

trash is thrown away, it either gets burned or gets

you know how a specific thing works. For example, if someone asks you

thrown in the ocean where animals live. When the

to change their car’s oil, and you have experience fixing cars, you are

trash gets to the animals it kills them. People could

most likely going to accept the offer. Sharing experience is important

help by trying to reduce trash and factories could

because that way they give you a point of view, a way of seeing things,

do a twice-a-month check up on their oil machines

may help you make the right choice and make it clear as to which path

so there would be fewer oil spills.

is better. You can make a living from experience by knowing a little bit

about everything. You can find a job and make money.

If a person finishes eating a bag of chips and the

I have a person in my life that I consider pretty wise and full of

closest trash can is four blocks away, would they

experience. He's the one that teaches me how to play piano. I feel like

walk the four blocks or would they just leave the

he's old because of all the stories he's shared, all the experiences he's

bag on the street? People are lazy and just don't

had, yet he's only twenty-five! It's his wisdom and experience that help

care. Ways to help are composting and recycling or

me give advice to others when the time is right. He gives advice to me

just walking the four blocks.

about the choices I make, and what I could've done for things to have

turned out better in certain situations. He gives me advice about life,

ple all over the world are trying to find ways to

controlling emotions, and most importantly taking care of myself. He

help, just not everybody. From a bag of chips to

says that I'm not in the position to be a parent yet. Yes, the conversa-

suffocating a small duck, pollution is horrible.

Sofia A. 8th Grade The Earth is slowly dying day by day and

Water pollution is making water un-

Land pollution makes the earth very dirty.

There’s no solution to pollution yet. Peo-

tions get very personal, but between those conversations, wisdom is roaming around there somewhere.


Endangered! Save the Jaguar

Save the Polar Bear

Marcela U. 8th grade

Iman S. 8th grade

"We all have a responsibility to protect en-

dangered species, both for their sake and for the sake of our own future generation,'' said former U.S Attorney General Lorreta Lynch. One species being the jaguar. The population of jaguars are dwindling due to habitat loss and poachers hunting them. How can the jaguar population be recovered?

Jaguars are endangered mainly due to their

pelts and fur. Poachers hunt down jaguars to use their pelts as trophies. Also, poaching hasn't been banned in most countries. Fur from jaguars is valuable and is turned into coats to be worn.

Habitat loss is a major factor leading to the

languishing population. An example is deforestation caused by making space for cattle ranchers. Smog from air pollution covers the tall grass and leaves jaguars vulnerable and leads them to starve. Humans and habitat destruction are major causes for endangerment.

A way to salvage their population is by sav-

ing a rainforest. Donating money to save parts or an entire rainforest can help restore their population. This will help further deforestation from happening. Banning the import and export of fur and pelts can also restore the population. Setting up donations and banning fur and trades can help save jaguars.

In conclusion, setting up websites for dona-

tions and creating laws to ban fur and pelt trades can help protect the jaguar population. Hopefully their population can be restored for future generations to come.

Imagine coming home one day and seeing parts of

your home destroyed. Well that's exactly what the polar bears are experiencing right now. Polar bears have recently become endangered because their icy habitats are melting down. This is due to air pollution and climate change. There's a big problem here; polar bears are slowly becoming extinct.

One way to help save them is to reduce climate change.

By doing this, the weather will stay cold in the arctic circle, helping to restore the ice. Some things we can do to help right now is to reduce our amount of waste. This means to only throw away the things that absolutely need to be thrown away and recycle or find other uses for the rest. Another way to reduce climate change is to commute differently. Examples may be to carpool or to use public transportation, and if you do use your car, use biodiesel. Using biodiesel instead of regular gasoline reduces greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the environment, and it's all around better for the environment.

Another way to help save the polar bears is to reduce

air pollution. Reducing air pollution will help prevent poisonous gases from spreading into the arctic, killing polar bears. We don't want that. First off, we should switch all our appliances over to energy efficient appliances to reduce the amount of pollution we produce. Second, we should only run or washers/ dishwashers when they are full to save water. And last, we should avoid the revving of engines in our cars to reduce the amount of gas we release from our cars; also, it's very disruptive when people rev their engines.

Overall, we should all be a little more cautious in our

everyday lives. What we think is a normal thing to do kills living things. The polar bears are in danger and we need to help them. I hope that we can all change our ways to help save lives of millions of polar bears who are trying to live their lives. Let's make a change!


Ichigo Kurosaki Pencil Illustration Brandon N. 8th Grade


Pencil Illustration Brandon N. 8th Grade


Lessons Learned Sierra C. 8th Grade

Painting Sadaf R. 8th Grade

Do you think it is important to listen and learn from other's experiences and wisdom? Well, I believe it is very im-

portant. For one, I've learned from someone's wisdom and experiences, and that’s my Papa Dave. I've learned a lot by just listening, and you can too, . It can change your whole outlook on your life and the way you do things.

My Papa Dave has shared many of his experiences and wisdom with me. I have learned so much from him. He has

shared his experience of owning his own business. He said the opportunity came when his dad called and said that he is closing the business and he had set out what he wanted to do. He asked my Papa Dave if he want to take on the job of owning the business. His dad told him it could be '' BIG MONEY.” So, he took the opportunity at its best, and my Papa Dave has owned his business for 38 years. Now that’s a long time!

One thing that I took to heart was when he told me, ''Always pay attention to the big guys, garner a little bit from

each story someone shares with you.'' I think that is pretty smart if you ask me. I feel grateful that my Papa Dave took the time out his day to talk to me about some of his life. I’ve learned that there are never downfalls in your life; there are just experiences, and I learned all of that by just listening, a super easy thing to do. It was also kind of fun and interesting to learn something new.

It’s important to learn from other’s experiences. You can learn a lot and apply what you have learned in your own

life to help you become a better person. So, why don’t you try it for a change? You never know what you could learn.


Amara I. 8th Grade


Hurt But Growing Mixed Media Elizabeth N. 8th Grade


The Value of a Dollar

Budgeting Your Time

Marco C.-M. 8th Grade

When you were a kid, didn’t you always want to buy

Julian Andy E. 8th Grade

Have you ever felt like you don't have enough time doing

something for yourself that was special to you. I remember

what you want to do? This all comes up to budgeting time. Budget-

a time when my parents gave me dollar. I was about five or

ing time to complete the important tasks in life, such as at school,

six years old, and I really didn’t know what a dollar was at

at home, and for our health, will leave us time to do the things we

the time, but I thought I was the richest man on the planet


because of a dollar.

Earning money teaches you many things but

Doing homework can sometimes be annoying, and you decide to

mainly responsibility. Money can get you a house and you

do it later, but then you forget. So, it's important to budget time for

can make a living from earning money. Some people start

homework. Completing your work in class so you can get a break

working at a young age like around the age of 16 or 17. The

and get time when you get home. It is important to have a studying

reasons for this is because they want to buy something for

schedule, so you can have a little me time later.

themselves and that’s special to them. They will learn many

new things with their very first job.

wake up early one Saturday morning and you must do some chores.

You would also learn how hard it is to earn money,

You must do your chores to earn time to take a break or to play

and if you don’t get your high school diploma you would be

your Xbox or PlayStation. Some of us must cook dinner and cooking

stuck working hard at a low paying job just to make a living.

dinner takes a lot of time, getting your ingredients etc... You must

If you do start working at a young age, then you can buy

order some fast food every once in a while, and meal plan the rest of

what you want. If you want to buy a pair of shoes, pants, or

the week. Another home responsibility that eats into time is taking

whatever, go for it. Now if you do get your high school di-

care of your siblings when your parents are not there. Some of them

ploma, you will have many job opportunities that will give

disturb you a lot in the house so that you can't get anything done.

you a good check.

Deploying distractions like TV and games can help save time to get

thigs done.

With money there does come great responsibility.

Budgeting time for school helps us have time for ourselves.

Home responsibility can take a lot your time like when you

You really can't go around and buy whatever you see; you

Lastly, budgeting time so we are healthy is very important.

have to be conservative with your money as well. You'll nev-

Having a sleep schedule to get enough sleep keeps you healthy.

er know when you need the money in the future, like if you

Adequate sleep is key part of a healthy lifestyle and can benefit you

get into an accident or if you just need money for some-

in having a calm mind for a new day. Having about 10-15 minutes

thing. You can also save money to help your parents out

exercise schedule everyday keeps your body healthy and fit. So-

with paying bills or just to lend them a bit of cash. Your par-

cial interaction with your friends like (Instagram, Facebook, twitter,

ents have been on a long journey with you. The least that

snapchat etc.) also keeps you healthy, keeps you distracted from

you can do is to help them out in any way.

things you do not want to think about, reduces stress and helps if you are depressed.

Ultimately, budgeting time gives you a stress-free life.

School work are done early to budget time, home responsibility has less impact on you and improves your health. Therefore, budgeting time can help you save a lot of time.


Cubist Face Mixed Media Sonia P. 7th Grade

The Girl Colored Pencil Kimberly A. 6th Grade

Self Portrait Mixed Media Joel O. 8th Grade


Self Portrait Mixed Media Monica B. 8th Grade

Sherbert Colored Pencil Adriana C. 6th Grade

Self Portrait Mixed Media

Estephanie M. M. 8th Grade


Egyptian Queen Colored Pencil Sadia S. 8th Grade

Catracha Mixed Media Brenda P. 7th Grade


Hand Study Pencil Illustration Sophia B. 6th Grade

I Am... I am good hearted, strong and kind. I wonder what it would be like if my dad was still here. I hear the hospital's machines beeping and beeping. I see people walking by not noticing me. I want to be able to do something big before I leave. I am good hearted, strong and kind. I pretend that I'm fine even when I'm not. I feel the rush of happiness just leaving me. I touch the person that I miss the most. I worry that I'm a disappointment to my mom. I cry when I'm losing something important. I am good hearted, strong and kind. I understand I'm not always going to be right. I say things I don't mean. I dream me being with my dad. I try to always have a smile on my face. I hope in the future I make my mom proud. I am good hearted, strong and kind. ~ Katarine R. 8th Grade

I Am Hungry for Bread & Longing for Toast I am hungry for bread & longing for toast. I wonder what makes bread so beautiful. I hear a loud ding from my toaster, calling my name. I see a beautiful, crisp piece of toast. I want the void in my stomach to be filled with bread. I am hungry for bread & longing for toast.

I Am Vibrant, Lively, and Glamorously Me Ava K. 8th Grade

I pretend that I can live without bread, but I feel that bread is my only savior. I touch the warm, toasty, rough surface of my toast. I worry that one day my supply of bread will run out. I cry whenever my beautiful, delicious masterpiece is burned. I am hungry for bread & longing for toast. I understand I can't eat all the bread I want. I say that all breads & toast are equal in my heart. I dream of being in a land full of beautiful slices around me. I hope one day my dream of a perfect, bread-filled world will come true. I am hungry for bread & longing for toast. ~Anthony V.

8th Grade


Dark Night (below) Colored Pencil Selena B. M. 6th Grade


Brenda P. (above) Water Color 7th Grade

6th Grade Haiku Ronaldo is good. He is my favorite player. Real Madrid is good. ~ Herberth A.

I like fried chicken. I like to eat pineapples. School lunch is not good.

~ Mileydi Rodriguez Lovos

~ Madison H.

Friends are your heroes. Friendship is so amazing. True friends have your back. ~ Jessica M.

Basketball has fame. Basketball is the best sport. Basketball is fun.

Friends are amazing! They make you laugh every day. They are like sisters.

Tacos are juicy. Tacos are good for you. My tacos are gone.

~ Elijah F.

~ Nataly T.

~ Elliott G.

Soccer is the best. The sport I like is soccer. It is exercise.

School lunch is yummy. I love to eat school lunch. I really love school lunch.

I love the hot days. Hollywood Hills is nice. I was born right here.

~ Brieannah G. H.

~ Jazarie I.

~ Rishawn L.

It is fun to play. Michael Jordan is the best. They shoot three pointers.

It is amazing. Sports are fun and cool to play. You will enjoy it.

The star is so bright It is bright like a diamond. It is beautiful.

~ Bryan B.

~ Ashley F.

~ Karina A.


Castle Colored Pencil Jessica M.-P. 7th Grade

Peace Mixed Media Noor A. 6th Grade

7th Grade Flags Japan Angelina A. Uganda Yauncie A. Syria Abigail M.


Welcome to the Hive Colored Pencil Elizabeth R. 8th Grade

If you are interested in submitting work to The Hornet Ink, check back with us next year when we will hold meetings, talk about writing and art, and make selections for the 2018 - 2019 edition of the magazine. Hold on to any work you complete over the summer and submit it next year. Go forth and create something masterful. Have a fantastic summer, Hornets! Ms. Bayne and Ms. Kopstein

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The Hornet Ink 2018  

Art and Literature Magazine Fred Lynn Middle School Woodbridge, VA

The Hornet Ink 2018  

Art and Literature Magazine Fred Lynn Middle School Woodbridge, VA

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