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cause you would be in a snowbank and really dead if you were drunk enough, I know I tried or even charge you with anything maybe and a buddy called Fish shook me and helped me into a kitchen where we drank boiled peppermint schnapps mixed with chocolate milk and here they just let you lie like sleeping dogs they don’t even laugh or shake their head or call the cops who wouldn’t laugh take your bottle or money if there was anything left but I am not complaining the sea never freezes here and you never need pants only a shirt for church if you go and things are much cheaper but so are the wages although there is little to buy or even want to buy and if you never studied geography why would you care to travel cause tourists come here too

and how they act makes you think it is better here in the middle of nowhere probably best just to stay alone here on the edge of the middle of nowhere counting your chickens even if they don’t hatch or procreate and occasionally play a game or two with a neighbor if you get along and if you don’t just ignore them like the tourists do and stay away from falling down dead drunk too much cause waking up covered in sand instead of dead in ice and bug bites is a young man’s game and not so fun once you have done it a few times an easy way to piss off the neighbors or at least lose their respect which is the worst case scenario in the middle of nowhere especially self-respect in the middle of nowhere cause no one is going to come around and give you any they might in the middle of somewhere but in the middle of nowhere you have to keep what you need to survive.

Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review Volume 3, Issue 1


FLAR Volume 3, Issue 1 Fall / Winter 2015  
FLAR Volume 3, Issue 1 Fall / Winter 2015  

FLAR is an independently published literary and art magazine located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.