Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review Winter 2019

Page 198


Unpacking the Journey (Prologue)

Letter to the Evangelical Church

Attention carpetbaggers and muckrackers,

You have cried for revival

tea-spillers and gossip pundits:

begging God for a voice

I have some dirty laundry to tell you.

to speak your truth. I hope you’re happy.

Stinking piles of rags vacuum-sealed for years

I hope you see your hive mentality—

until crap piled flat and low.

busy bees buzzing around stinging

Yet, I really needed one shirt—

because you are caught up in smelling flowers

the white button down

instead of saving souls.

covered in black curvy script—

But you fail to realize

tucked away in God knows where.

you are in danger of Colony Collapse Syndrome.

The bag ripping began and I found pain plastered pastels,

I pray that you step out

gray-faded rainbow sneakers,

of your privilege and realize

hats abused and misfolded,

your brown and yellow friends

wrinkled dreams

are afraid of what happens next-

still tagged from the store,

Will their churches and homes be firebombed?

and an amalgam of delicate experiences

Will they get deported?

that need gentle cleaning

Will we return to the times of Jim Crow?

knotted in moldy moments because I refused to spring clean.

It’s time to live up to your name: evangelize, carry the light

It became too much

burning blue hot and strong

too overwhelming

to the shadows just beyond

rifling through

megachurch lots and Sunday pews

the messy monsters

where the Savior’s crimson love

and ugly patterns

still runs strong and

thirty years accumulated.

where the lowly loves of God live.

So join me Christian cowards, staunch hypocrites, broken deplorables, and the judges dreading justice’s double-edged sword. watch me unpack and make room for more.