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WHY ROWING? This is a business team challenge ideal for : • • • • • • •

building teamwork encouraging colleague support developing a team focus and commitment fostering and boosting personal health and fitness creating motivation and enthusiasm providing fun and enjoyment helping networking within the business community

KEY INFO Pre boat training fitness Starts April 3 Circuit Sessions 5:30 Tues & 12:30 Thurs\ Indoor Rowing Compeitition 2 Thursday May 10 Club open day Sunday May 13 Confirming entries Friday 18 May Coaching/training May – August Corporate fees due June 30 Wanganui Camp July 6-8 Indoor Rowing Compeitition 2 Wed August 1 Final Regatta Sat August 4 Prizegiving 7:30pm Sat August 4


Crews can enter until the end of May by seeking commitment from their sponsoring organisation. Crews ideally consist of 5 members 4 rowers and a coxswain but crews with 4-6 members will be accommodated. We also welcome groups of individuals who want to fundraise or pay for their own entry. Smaller Organisations Smaller organisations can make up a composite crew made up of two (or more) companies working together to make up the numbers. Where necessary we will help co-ordinate team matching. Crew Restrictions No more than one experienced rower is allowed in any crew. By ‘experienced’ we mean anyone who has competed in at least one rowing race at any NZ Rowing Association event or other countries equivalent. Rowers with only previous “Corporate Rowing” experience are not classified as ‘experienced’ and can participate. The Mixed Four crews can have no more than two males rowing in the boat. Individuals may participate in more than one of these events provided that no crew exceeds the “one experienced rower” rule outlined above, but it should be noted that the final includes all categories if two crews make the final with a conflict of rowers a decision must be made as to which boat will proceed. Coxswains The role of the coxswain is to steer the boat and to provide information and encouragement to the rowers as they train and race. It is preferable to have a smaller person in this role, but it is also OK to have five rowers and rotate the coxswain’s duties as the crew wishes, with a final decision on who will cox the final race left until it is needed.


Wellington Rowing Club is situated adjacent to the Boatshed Frank Kitts lagoon. All land based training, the club open day and rowing during southerly winds will happen from here. The final regatta and when the wind is northerly we row from the Petone foreshore. Take the Petone off ramp from Hutt Road, take the second exit from the roundabout to the esplanade then the first right, follow the road around to your right until you come to a green shed.


A briefing will be held of all crews participating at 2pm on Sunday May 13 at the Wellington Rowing Club. The overall programme will be outlined along with some safety rules and some initial exercises that are recommended. Crews will be introduced to a number of the coaches that will assist - it is likely that these people will supervise the initial Corporate Challenge training sessions at the Club.


Each team (or crew) will be encouraged to do a little “warm into it” self training with an exercise programme including running and exercises provided prior to moving on to boat and “on the water training”. This will take the form of circuit training 5:30pm Tuesdays and 12:30pm Thursdays at Wellington Rowing Club.


The Club will provide rowing skiffs, oars, a coach and coaching boat to accompany crews on the water. Training will initially involve two weekly fitness trainings and one on the weekend. It is likely that this will progress to one fitness session and one water training during week that suits the crew and coach’s timetables and a weekend session, or twice at the weekend. As spring weather approaches this will likely lift to twice per weekend and one daylight training during week (weather and water conditions permitting). Training times will be specific to each crew to be arranged with their coach. Training sessions will usually last approximately 1-2 hours depending on the crews’ enthusiasm and availability.


Based out of the Top 10 Holiday park in Wanganui on the weekend 6-8 July the Wanganui training camp is a great opportunity to quickly improve your skills and have a fun weekend away. Crews will get out on the water 3 times on the Saturday and twice on the Sunday with an organised dinner and a few drinks on the Saturday night. The weekend will conclude with practice races down the Whanganui river giving teams a chance to see how they go at race pace and challenge other crews.


Two indoor rowing competitions will be held, the first an individual challenge at 6pm Thursday 10 May at Four Kings, there will be men’s and women’s 100m and 500m categories and is open to all corporate and non-corporate participants. The second, a team event will be held 6pm Wednesday August 3, crews will race a 2km relay as fast as possible with awards for the fastest Women’s, Men’s and Mixed crews. This competition is as much about team work and strategy as it is about brute strength and fitness.

THE REGATTA Race Category Distance 1 Women’s 4+ 1000 metres 2 Men’s 4+ 1000 metres 3 Mixed 4+ 1000 metres 4 Women’s Repecharge 1000 metres 5 Men’s Repecharge 1000 metres 6 Mixed Repecharge 1000 metres 7 Overall Final 1000 metres 8 Lotto 8’s 1000 metres The Overall Final will consist of the winners of races 1-6 with some time handicapping set on the day to provide for exciting racing. The Mixed 8’s is a non-trophy event that we aim to hold at the end of the regatta.

COSTS OF PARTICIPATION $1380 per crew ($1200 plus GST)

For this entry fee, your crew will receive: • crew naming rights • pre-rowing training • personal coaching from club coaches; • use of rowing equipment and club training facilities • race day regatta entry and organisation • fuel etc for coaching boats and truck to camp and regatta • prize-giving to celebrate your achievements • $150 off annual subs if you decide to continue rowing Additional costs - own travel, costs of accommodation and food must be met by those rowers choosing to attend the training camp in Wanganui.

HOW DO I GET INVOLVED? Email: Phone: 027 379 0995

WRC Corporate Challenge 2012  
WRC Corporate Challenge 2012  

All the information you need to get involved in Wellington Rowing Clubs Corporate Rowing Challenge.