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IPTouch Pet Care Tips…. NO SAD PET STORIES!

Innovative Pet Therapy


‘IPTouch Pet Care Tips’ Contents • • • • • • • •

Pets IN Class Owner To Do List Animal Totem Lore Pet Anatomy Pet First Aid IPTouch Massage Animal Yoga Fusion Owner Homework

Innovative Pet Therapy


Pets IN Class Room Protocols 36. Shots, Rabies Tag, Chipping & Licensing paperwork submitted the week before your pet comes to class. 37. Pets must be groomed, brushed & clean prior to class access. 38. Dogs & Cats in AMCP classes must be spayed or neutered. 39. An open topped exercise pen with a large blanket (as opposed to the carpet) is required for pets that attend classes. These private IPT areas need to be large enough for a human to sit comfortably inside with them. 40. Pets must be safely on leashes ect. at all times when out of exercise pens. 41. We cannot have water or food readily available on the floor. Class is short enough with enough breaks to share these needs outside, somewhat away from the building and walkways. 42. Pets are only allowed in building 5. (Computer lab with pets is a no no). 43. Potty time is away from the building (bring a poop bag!) 44. ALL small species of pets are welcome, however if you feel your pet needs much of your attention, you may find it best to absorb lecture materials with a stuffed animal for the time being. (I myself have this issue. As you can see my own pets do not attend my classes when I teach). 45. Pet greetings with other pets will need direct owner supervision. 46. Pet owners must be on site with their own pets during class time.

47. Out of town participants will be assisted in the above areas.

Innovative Pet Therapy


Owner To Do List                   

IPTouch Animal wills and trusts Dental care Vet wellness visits Keep poison control and emergency numbers handy (like on the refrigerator). Keep shots up to date. Pet insurance Allow animals to act like their species. Adopt a handicapped adult pet. Hug animals a lot just because. Bath time is time together. Is the animal alone too long during the day? Try a pet sitter for walks, doggy daycare twice a week, or get them a buddy. Donate time or money to an animal rescue organization. Don’t breed or support breeders! So many here are waiting for a home. Eat together. Is the First Aid kit ready? Learn to take an animal’s pulse and temperature. Let animals live inside, too. Play music together.

 Learn to cut animal nails and brush their teeth.  Make sure animal family members fit your household’s energy level.  Walking time: take water, consider time of day and the temperature, take a poop bag.  Pool safety and life jacket for pet swimming and relaxation  Practice animal wound care and bandaging when you are all healthy.  Herbal preparations may interfere with veterinarian medications.  Talk to your vet.  Add to this list… Consider these forms with your business web address & photos when Pet Sitting:  Pet Care Report Card  Pet Travel Log  Medical Log  Pet Care Instructions  Pet Care Invoice  Pet Care Travel List  Pet Care Emergency Evacuation Needs List

Innovative Pet Therapy


SA: Animal Totem

This is NOT a religious project, but one of Animal History. Create a 3 page presentation paper discussing your own perceived animal totems and send it to a magazine for publication.  Are they guides, teachers, protectors, story tellers…?  Explain how your totems reveals “Self”.  Review Animal Lore from your AMCP manual. Define Your Totem Animal Areas  Power Totem: this is your lifetime messenger…..your favorite animal.  Otherworld Totem: dream state or physical animal visits during the moment….You’re driving home and Hawk flies overhead!  Shadow Totem: this animal creates self anxiety for unknown reasons. Yes, even Roach has its very important place in the universe.  OR biblical animal messages and guidance… share your strengths from these lessons.

Innovative Pet Therapy


Pet Anatomy

Innovative Pet Therapy


Tail & Sacral Skin Motion

Cutaneouse Trunci Flinching

Atlas-Axis Motion

Ear Tension

Scapular Motion Abdominal Aponeurosis

Thoracic Serratus

Mouth Tension

Pectoral Tension

Patella &Stifle Comfort

Paw Sensitivity

Innovative Pet Therapy


Picture: Dog Anatomy A Coloring Atlas by Kainer Innovative Pet Therapy


Pet First Aid

Innovative Pet Therapy


Which One ? FIRST AID Yes Heart Beat Yes Breathing Monitor vitals, wound care… vet transport

RESCUE BREATHING Yes Heart Beat No / Minimal Breathing Drowning, Shock, Smoke Inhalation… MOST COMMON

CPR No Heart Beat No Breathing Cardiac Arrest

Innovative Pet Therapy


Study Activity: Pet CPR NOW We build our rescue scenario from this recipe

P: Prevention A:    

C: Circulation  Check pulse: femoral or stethoscope  5-10 second check  No pulse begin rescue breathing….CPR

Airway Unconscious Place on RIGHT side Hand position Position head

B: Breathing  Look and Listen for breath sounds  Position Tongue  Airtight seal over mouth ( Nose?)  2 controlled breaths

D: Delicates V: Veterinarian EXTRAS  4 cycles and re-check pulse  Manage arterial bleeding

Innovative Pet Therapy


SA: Pet Norms Research each of these and create a safe plan around your own pets. What IPT techniques will you use to notice your own pet’s norms? Vitals: That which are essential to life…  Temperature  Skin and Gum Color: Capillary Refill  De-hydration  Heart Rate / Pulse Rate  Respiratory Rate  Responsiveness Innovative Pet Therapy


SA: Create Your First Aid Kit List with a reason for each item.

Classes in this area are ALWAYS fun and IMPORTANT! Stuffed animals are always willing to guide the learning path. Innovative Pet Therapy




SA: Share a definition of each emergency below with YOUR rescue approach. Create a 7 step approach of how you will help? Safety being #1 & Vet support being #7

Bleeding Burn

Snake Bites


Near Drowning

Poisoning Cold Injuries

Spine Precautions


Head Injury Heatstroke

Innovative Pet Therapy

Insect Sting


SA: P.I.C Your Rescue List next five animal rescue steps for each case study below, in the order of rescue actions. Step five is a veterinarian consultation. Give a general explanation of your activities.  You and your pet are preparing for bed. Your pet begins to shake uncontrollably, falls to the floor, and then becomes very quiet and still. You would _________.  An animal is lying in a pool of blood, unable to walk. Although movement is slow, you are aware that the animal is conscious. To help this animal you would _________.

 You and your pet take a winter walk. The temperature is not too cold, but there is snow on the ground. Following the two mile snow walk, your pet begins to limp and attempts paw licking. What do you do next?  You have just returned home with new plants. Your pet seems uninterested. Returning home from work you notice the plants are knocked to the ground. Your pet is vomiting, and obviously in distress. The next phase of action is _________. Innovative Pet Therapy


IPTouch Massage

Innovative Pet Therapy


IPTouch is composed of 4 theories  'Permission' Approaches: The goal is to decrease tension patterns (either emotional or physical) by activation of the parasympathetic relaxation response. These are a must for rescued pets & wildlife that are unsure of 'touch' and close communication with strangers.  'Blocking' Approaches are for IPTouch consent activation. This is used to facilitate passive Positional Elongation (PE) & comfortable active body motion. These are for pets that are having postural tension patterns during both active & passive activities.  'Gentling' Nutrition Approaches are for the improvement of soft tissue nutrition for healthy ACTIVE motion. This is VERY important for walks, play time, in and out of the car toleration, grooming needs, sporting events, as well as potty and sleep comfort.  IPTouch 'Positional Elongation' Specials are GOALS within IPTouch recipes for active self stretching & physical elongation such as wing flapping, tail wagging, rolling... Innovative Pet Therapy


FUR STRIPING How: Light, long feather-like stroking should remain with 'touch’. Used For: anxiety, muscle warm-up, elderly, general discomfort, fear, defensiveness…

This touch allows you to feel for areas of sensitivity that may need medical care as the pet may be sensitive to your hands, attempting to nip or shy away. Touch Pet EVERYWHERE

Innovative Pet Therapy

Use FS to brush & groom pets as well



How: By using your full palm, gently rock and vibrate tissue over bony or tense areas. Used For: This IPTouch can be done all by itself for a healthy relaxation response.

Innovative Pet Therapy


How: Use the fleshy portion of thumb/palm area of both hands with a rhythmic ‘rub’ along the muscles of the back on either side of the spine. Opposite to Opposite hand motion works best.


Used For: trunk awareness and postural strengthening. Pre- sporting warm up for increasing circulation to tissue for improved active motion. Precautions: DO NOT push or work directly on the spine bones. Use LR during standing, seated or on belly.

Innovative Pet Therapy


ANIMA Yoga Fusion

Innovative Pet Therapy


‘ANIMA’ Salutation Chant The goal of IPT ‘ANIMA’ is to create the optimal health and strengthen the human-animal bond for overall happier, healthier pets through bondingtouch & motion as one.

IPT ‘ANIMA’ is Straight from my heart, Through my dreams, To my Thoughts, Through my hands, To my physical studies, Shared through my actions & words…For animals all over the universe. Innovative Pet Therapy


‘ANIMA’ LANGUAGE Suggested Props Thick Large Blanket, Round Sticky Mat, Medium Bolster, Large Ball, Folding Exercise Pen… Guardian Poses, Your Pranayama Foundation Poses, Permission Poses, Bonding Poses, Activation Poses, Standing Poses, Seated Poses, Twisting Poses, Restorative Poses

Innovative Pet Therapy



Chakral ‘Phantom Paw’ Begin with: Dog Breathe Add static IPTouch for • permission • tension awareness. • bonding communication Used for: All ‘anima’ poses as this facilitates: • Balance • Abdominal activation

Innovative Pet Therapy


• •

Bear Totem: Assists with physical and emotional wellness. Guide stillness with a slight swaying weight shift modified by your pet. Elongation for abdominal fascia, hind end gluteal strengthening, weight shift awareness. Activate this pose with modifications for hip, stifle and shoulder ‘permission’.


Dancing Beg

Begin Kangaroo: Chair Pose (Utkatasana) 25 moving towards Ostrich(Tree Pose)

Pre Standing Activation

Elephant Hug Prop: Elephant Hug Towel •

• • •

Rounding of the FULL back and softening of rib cage attachments. Facilitate spinal flexion with interlocked fingers around pets chest while they are standing. Keep all paws in touch with the ground. Lift and release SLOWLY 5 times changing rib abdominal regions. Feel the body, rib cage, stomach & breath & ‘soften.

Innovative Pet Therapy



Puppy Pillow Guardian: Tortoise

• • • •

Begin your Guardian Tortoise Child Pose by laying over pet. Share abdominal (DB) breathing. Used for full body and emotional ‘softening’. Apply your Inner Child: UNICORN Innovative Pet Therapy


Discovering the animal world is one of the most important paths of IPTouch. You will never forget what you yourself have shared with other life forms. IPTouch with the animal world will take you to a place of magic. There is so much loving Animal information in the universe, sharing our animal thoughts and experiences is the best way to spread IPTouch.


Spread the IPTouch WORD!!!

Innovative Pet Therapy


Pet Care Tips Workshop  

Pets IN Class Owner To Do List Animal Totem Lore Pet Anatomy Pet First Aid IPTouch Massage Animal Yoga Fusion Owner Homework