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Animal Lore & Symbolic History There are many different cultural beliefs about animal symbols treated with respect. From prehistoric man to native indians and Chinese astrology as well as school and state mascots... Further Enjoyment of Animal History The Bible: Noah's Arc! The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals The Animal Wise Tarot Druid Animal Oracle Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical The Clan of the Cave Bear

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In existing times a totem has come to mean an animal of personal power which seems to exist to simply serve person in all aspects of their life.

What is a Totem Animal? Coatimundi: Totem of Cleverness

Crossover Messages: Occur within animal-human experiences, so animal paths may come as different directives even though same animal is visiting.

Healers: Otter is medicinal. Potent medicine bags are made from Otter skin.

Guides or Teachers: Polar Bear shares physical and spiritual direction. Heron is creator of environment and self-growth.

Protectors: Raven and Coyote protect Native Americans from monsters.

Familiars / Shape shifters: Form-changing spirits sent to connect and direct humans. Cat: protector, spirit seeing. Raven: resolving deep conflict. Snake: attitude changing for self growth. Wolf: spiritual teacher and guide. Otter Totem is ‘Universal Love’ IPTouch ExoticAMCP


Time Line  God is believed to have created animals on the fifth day and man the day after to rule over them. Thanks Noah! Dinosaur IPTouch …absolutely.  Serpents, Eve, and the apple were not evil. One belief is that the Cosmic Serpent is the main facilitator in creation.  Medieval Europeans created the first animal classifications: Wild, Useful, Armed (horns), Unarmed.  Darwin and the Theory of Evolution: Survival is created through stress. Actually, a French naturalist named Lamarck first theorized this. Oddity survives. Memories  Animal-like Creatures: Sacred emblems representing a companion of a god or goddess. Bull: Poseidon (sea god) for unpredictable strength. Swan: Aphrodite (love goddess), Cat: Bastet (goddess of motherhood and fertility)  Prayer Altars: Bear drawings and antlers have been found in cave dwellings in Sweden, France, and Great Britain, dating back 70,000 years.  “Anima”: Possesses a life and spirit creating a link to all life forms.

Animal Symbol Born Belief  Druids believed that another level of existence, called the “Otherworld” exists. Animals guide humans between these worlds. The animals have maintained an instinctual connection to nature, while humans remove and separate themselves. Becoming one with universe will enhance all life.  Animals bring direction, protection, as well as teach lessons missing in the memory of the human heart. Animal guidance will answer spiritual and emotional human questions. Animal directions change and open human awareness to new learning experiences. Animals represent the unconscious. Through insight to their images, human lives can become clearer and directed.

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Animal Environments & Lifeforms  Land: Humans find mammals easiest to bond with. Badger teaches humans to fight for spiritual beliefs. Bear represents a creature of dreams and answers for life’s harmony. Rabbit is quick thinking, and those who listen can stop worrying about the future.

 Aquatic: Water animals represent emotional dream states or waking moments. Octopus removes negative barriers and guides the cycle of life or death. Dolphin shares freedom and the rhythm of life.  Insects: Connected with the magical world, these creatures are full of guidance. Bee is fortunate and completes tasks. Spider is linked with the creation of life.

 Winged: Bat guides humans to avoid obstacles and harassing other humans. Ostrich directs spiritual truth. Pigeon shares peace and gentleness as its message.  Reptiles: Although humans tend to find these creatures difficult to bond with, life direction from them is greatly needed. Crocodile protects from dishonesty and poorly chosen paths. Frog shows new direction of life’s cycles. Turtle shares patience and Yin Yang of earth’s balance.

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Animal Activity

Define these totems in one sentence and share this information in a historical way…

Porcupine Monkey Horse

Camel Sheep Pig Armadillo Kangaroo Lemur Snake Goat Spider Roach Turtle Shadow Totem

An animal that brings worry or anxiety for unknown reasons. Be sensitive to sharing the importance of these fears with the public for improved animal respect.…Snake, Frog, Roach, Lizard, Spider, Insect… IPTouch ExoticAMCP


Symbolic Animal History  

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