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Contact information Name: Amy Skype: amy.zhang868 Email: ml Hand Push Food Cart Introduction 1. The front veil is made of endurance plates. 2. Both sides of the cart body are made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. 3. The inside and outside of the food cart is painted with high quality paint. 4. The bottom has 4 jacks and 4 wheels equipped with high-speed bearings. Standard Devices(All for Free) 1. Stainless Steel Counter

2. Stainless steel store cabinet

3.Water tap and sink

4. Electrical box

5. Lamp

6. Signal Lamp(for electric type)

Optional Devices for Hand Push Cart 1. Gas Fryer

2. Gas Griddle

6.Fruit Maker

7.Glass Warm 8.Gas Crepes Pan Showcase


Other useful equipment for you Ice cream machine popcorn maker fried ice machine sugarcane juicer Candy flosss machine slush machine

3. Gas Hot dog

4.Coffee Machine

5. Ice Crusher or Ice Maker

9. Gas Baking Oven

10.Fridge or Freezer

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Hand push food cart