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Contact information Name: Amy Skype: amy.zhang868 Email: Website: Draft Beer Machine Description Draft beer machine is used to make the beer iced quickly, and keep the special flavor of abundant nutrition, tasty and refreshing cool. Thick stainless steel body, stability and simple operation, it is idol product for high-grade bar, hotel and other place of draft beer business. Draft Beer Machine Characteristics 1. Beautiful appearance, with thick stainless steel plate, strong and durable. 2. Super large cooling water tank, good continued cooling and strong ability of out flowing liquor. 3. Stable structure, simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance. 4. Can be customized a variety of models according to customer demand. 5. This product applies to high-grade bar, hotel, restaurant, home, cafeteria and other place of draft beer business.

Draft Beer Cooler Component and Working Theory 1. The draft beer cooler machine consists of refrigerator, beer barrel, carbon dioxide cylinder. 2. The draft beer cooler working theory is: the draft beer get out from the beer barrel by the high-pressure carbon dioxide, then the beer flow into the refrigerator, and then flow out from the wine mouth of the machine. Draft Beer Cooler Machine Market Prospect Draft beer is a wonderful beer kingdom, an increasing proportion in the world beer consumption, in Europe has more than 60%. It is different from the high-temperature sterilization of bottled, canned beer, and is also different from the bulk beer without sterilization, but a kind of pure natural, no color, no preservatives, no sugar, no any flavor quality wine which is extremely rich in nutrients. With more and more high consumption ratio of the draft beer, choose draft beer machine to do business is a wise choice; amisy draft beer machine can help you make large capacity beer with low investment which can bring you more profit.

How to Correctly Use the Draught Beer Machine?

1. During the normal use of the draught beer machine, please keep long-term switch on the power, don't intentionally disconnected, in order to ensure the cooling capacity of the draft beer machine which can have a good taste 2. The use power of draft beer machine is 220v, under normal circumstances, avoid bad damage to draft beer machine 3. After a period use of the draft beer machine, please to do some maintenance. Soft tube in the normal use of the summer, regularly cleaning or replace. For the fan mouth, please remember to wash or dust. Table Type Draft Beer Machine Technical Parameters

Draft beer machine