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Brief This year’s Design Factory asks, how can designers communicate the ideas they feel passionately about in the public realm? Is it possible to re-think the traditional methods of speaking out for contempoary times? As oppertunities for social critique are migrating to individual interactions within the digital world, Design Factory invites students to find new ways to engage with the everyday to communicate your messages about the world, as a designer and as a citizen.

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London Business men and women lack an ‘Lunch With Me’ is an App to accompany you on interaction with nature. There are infact health your lunch break away from the office. Bringing benefits including stress relief to be gained from you the chance to spend your time off with your interaction with the outdoors an ussure suffered favourite comedians, actors and writer. Let them by workers. I am targetting business men and take your mind of your busy day with their tales women commuting via london transport. I am and experiences of London’s outdoors. For proposing that londoners get outdoors as many iphone/ipad and Android. times as possible suring their working week.

Problem Insight

The Free time that my audience do have is during breaks away ‘Lunch their With lunchbreaks. Me’ is an App Lunch to accompany you on from work are theaway perfect oppertunity your lunch break from the office. to Bringing encourage people Attime the moment you the chance to outdoors. spend your off with your lunch breaks are frequently pent in cafesLet or them the favourite comedians, actors and writer. office. I propose toyour do this accompanied by an take your mind of busy day with their tales App for iphone / ipad / android, promoted and experiences of London’s outdoors. Forvia a series of live events to encourage commuters to iphone/ipad and Android. download this App and use it during their lunchbreaks.

‘Lunch With Me’ is an App to accompany you on your lunch break away from the office. Bringing you the chance to spend your time off with your favourite comedians, actors and writer. Let them take your mind of your busy day with their tales and experiences of London’s outdoors. For iphone/ipad and Android.


‘Lunch With Me’ will allow users to download to a variety of smartphones and portible devices. Itwill bring you an exciting array of comedy and entertainment to bring you out in the open and away from the office equiped with a smile. Allowing you some one-to-one moments with an idol.

The App will feature podcasts brought to you by a variety of famous comedians, actors, etc. Each podcast will either be site specific, or will allow the audience to choose a spot of their own and hear podcasts inspired by Londens open spaces in general. Allowing business men/womean to choose a local park, river, bench, bridge etc and take their lunchtime to escape from the stress of work and laugh to their favourite comedian or get lost with their favourite author as they talk about their experience of that spot in London. An illustrated map of London within the App will highlight areas that feature a site specific podcast.

App design: The app will feature a mix of collage and digital illustration techniques, to create a fresh but organic feel. This shows the initial interaction after the greeting page that the user will experience when opening the app, choosing whether to choose a celebrity of location

App design: Here you can see how the App would function, showing the map has risen forward as if the user has chosen to listen according to a specific location rather than specific celebrity.

App design: This next screen would appear if the user had chosen to browse podcasts by celebrity. This page gives small tasters of the topic of the podcast, and what site it will be relavant to.

App design: A hand illustrated map will appear if the user has chosen to browse the podcast selction according to a specifc location. Differnt maps for different locations will also be available. The hand drawn style gives a looser feel in comparison to the strict constraints of the office.

App design: This is an example of the specific location/celebrity page once chosen. The map’c colours illustrates the area or subject matter of the podcast, with the inherant star and celebrity head illustrating who is talking.

App design: Here for example George Lamb would be telling you a story about a journey he once took on the bus, asking listeners to take special notice of the people on the bus whilst he talks, inviting people watching around town.


When asked whether the App would be something that they would consider putting into practice, 81% of business people questioned said they definitly see the benefits of being outdoors and would enjoy the podcasts.

In addition to the site specific podcasts, the App could be extended to feature stories inspired by other ‘outdoor London’ related observations, such as, how people behave in differnet weathers, rain/wind etc. It could also expand outside of london to various cities around the world. Another extension of the App would be to encourage specifc activites, ie to go and lie in the park and watch the birds while they talk to you, or meditate, etc.

Additional App Functions


The App would be publicised through a series of events, one of which would be one-off live talks by the featured celebrities at their chosen location. They would be intimate, secret talks, found out about through viral campaigns, and links found in London papers etc. These would take place in peoples lunch breaks, to advertise what can be done in the time of one lunch break, and just how varied they can be. For example, Stephen Fry giving a talk on the behavior of pigeons in Hyde Park.

Subway Take-Over

Another way that the App would be promoted would be through subway take-overs. Here subways and walkways on the commuter routes would be planted up with hedgerows and grass overnight. Leaning out of the hedgerows would be the smiling faces of the celebrities featured in ‘Lunch With Me’ in cardboard cut-out form. They would be inviting you to join them for lunch, with branded signs leaving you with the link to download the App.

Without guilt trips or heavily emotional campaigning, Lunch With Me gets people outdoors, and seperates them from their stress for a period of time each day. With small reminders of how the fresh air is helping them every so often, business men and women will be discovering the benefits whilst enjoying themselves.

Amy Stewart Final Major Project 3.1 Design Factory

"Lunch With Me" App  

‘Lunch With Me’ is an App to accompany you on your lunch break away from the office. Bringing you the chance to spend your time off with you...

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