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Mise – En – Scene Amy Pearson 1226896 This is the image that I have chosen to use.

Otto Steinert, ‘Call’, 1950 About the artist Born in Germany – 12TH July 1915 – 1978 His work was multifaceted He was the founder of subjective photography movement – he investigated the complexities of the individuals inner state He experimented with different techniques – movement, blurriness etc He explored the creative potential of techniques such as long exposures and out of focus images He worked in a darker , edgier style exemplified by disorientating and expressionist work

The photograph I chose is a ‘hallucinatory view of a silhouetted figure moving swiftly through a shadowy urban landscape that evokes the dream work of subconciousness’. This photography is successful in portraying an expressionistic style. The figure appears isolated, faded almost against a shadowy urban landscape. I chose this image because I felt it allowed me to experiment a lot from a mise en scene point of view with the different techniques and styles that I could explore when shooting this one minute piece. After researching Otto Steinert I learned that he like to explore with the focus and edgy styles which are things I will consider when shooting my own work.

Response to my image

After I decided my image to use for reference, I went out to find my location. I took some test shots which allowed me to test out the lighting.

Test photographs

After looking through my test shots, it was clear to see that some of the shots were a lot stronger than others. A few of these shots are used in my final piece.

Story board I decided I wanted my 1 minute piece to follow a person on their way through a subway. I chose a subway because it had graffiti on the walls which resembled the posters in the background of Otto Stenierts image. I wanted the atmosphere to be eerie. I never wanted the subjects face to be seen therefore I would focus more on other parts of their body.
















After story boarding so that I could develop my initial idea, I went out and started shooting. After playing back my footage there were some noticeable changes that needed to be made. Below is an example.

The top image is a still taken from my first shoot. The lighting is too bright therefore there isn’t a high contrast within the image. The second still is from the clip I decided to use in my final piece. I feel the darker blue on the wall of the subway adds to the atmosphere that I was trying to create as it fits with my theme and is more aesthetically pleasing.


research file

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