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What You Should Look For in a Press Release Dist ribut ion Service

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Subscribe to o ur Newsletter! Name: Email: Submit So yo u have written up a nice shiny press release but what do yo u do no w? Ho w are yo u go ing to get yo ur info rmatio n o ut there and seen? Yo u might be thinking o d using free press release sites, and I can tell yo u that there is a reaso n pro fessio nals usually avo id this path. Yo u co uld always take the path o f emailing repo rters to run yo ur press release but the chance that yo u have these kind o f relatio nships is very slim. If co ntacting a repo rter is no t an o ptio n fo r yo u, yo u are left with the next best o ptio n which is to hire a co mpany that will perfo rm the distributio n fo r yo u. They will make sure that the press release gets in the right hands such as

Lawm ake rs Sho w Co nce rns Abo ut Go o gle ’s Ne w Glasse s (1)

Fa ce b o o k s o ci a l p l u g i n

One Evil Eve nt , So Many Me dia So urce s (0)

repo rters, blo ggers, and jo urnalists. It must be no ted that no t all press

release services are o f the same caliber and it is impo rtant to include a very so cial aspect o f yo ur press release distributio n. Here are a few things yo u sho uld be lo o king fo r in a so cial press release distributio n service so yo u make sure yo u do no t waste yo ur mo ney.

And Yo u T ho ught Yo ur Ele ct ro nic De vice s We re Saf e Fro m Hacke rs? (0)

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Yo u need to make sure yo ur press release is go ing to go to the right places acro ss the web. This is the mo st impo rtant part and determines ho w successful yo ur link

quality, no spam Name:

building/press release will be. Yo u want to cho se a press release service that has a very large netwo rk o f repo rters and jo urnalists fro m many news o utlets so yo u can get o ut


there and no ticed.


Lo o k at different testimo nials fro m o ther clients. If the press release co mpany is to p no tch, then happy custo mers are sure to leave great reviews. Make sure yo u read these as well as check o ut the to p features that they o ffer. If yo u find a press release site witho ut such testimo nials, it might be best to find ano ther o ne. Always co nsider the price. It is o nly wo rth yo ur mo ney if yo u are go ing to get mo re o ut o f the press release than yo u put into it. Yo u have to make sure that the results satisfy the co sts. Lo o k at all the pricing po ints and pick so mething that fits yo ur budget and will bring yo u great results. Check o ut the additio nal services o ffered. So me co mpanies will o ffer up services such as writing the press release fo r yo u to ensure that yo u get the best expo sure fo r yo ur sto ry. Yo u sho uld lo o k into co mpanies that include this o nce again so yo u get the bast value o f yo ur mo ney.

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Subm it a Pre ss Re le ase yo m/submit-a-press-release/ … Easily submit a press release to info sites wo rldwide fo r $49 .9 5

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Computimesinc com what you should look for in a press release distribution servi  
Computimesinc com what you should look for in a press release distribution servi  

If contacting a reporter is not an option for you, you are left with the next best option which is to hire a company that will perform the d...