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I have used Photoshop multiple times throughout the two years of media whilst creating media products. I found Photoshop quite difficult to use and navigate around at first but then after a few times of using it, I found it very easy to use. I’ve used it to create to create multiple magazines, edit photos, create posters etc.

I haven’t really used power point much over the past 2 years of media and only used to when creating a presentation on a certain horror genre and help with revision before exams.

Blogger is the website I’ve used the most through my two years of media. I’ve used it to present all of my media work. I still sometimes find Blogger quite hard to use but it enables you to neatly and professionally present your work.

Ive used YouTube in media. I’ve used it to watch music videos for the first year and it’s really helped me during this year whilst creating our horror trailer. Ive watched existing horror trailers that helped me to come up with ideas for my own horror trailer.

A HannsG monitor is what I used for most of my coursework.

I used a Mac to create my horror trailer because it contains the software that I needed to make the trailer.

Ive used Microsoft Work a lot over the media course. Ive used it to write up most of my coursework before uploading it to Blogger, I’ve wrote down revision notes on it, wrote essays etc. Its very easy to use/

We used in IPhone 5 during the filming of our media trailer and it was also featured in the trailer.

I used Dafont for the text on my horror movie poster. Its very easy to use and offers many options of font designs.

We used a zoom mic to record audio for voice overs in our horror trailer.

I used a 4GB SD card to store all of our horror trailer footage on.

We didn’t really use After Effect for any actual editing of our trailer, we just briefly used it to search for sound effects.

Safari is the internet browser that we used on the Macs whilst creating our horror trailer. I used it to search for sound effects, backing music and existing horror trailers.

We used a tri-pod every time we film footage for our trailer. It guarantees a steady camera and even looking footage.

We used a Canon 550D to take photos for our horror posters and magazines. We used this particular camera because the resolution is really good and the photos are really HD.

We used the studio lighting lamps for part of filming for the horror trailer and mostly whilst taking photographs for or posters and magazines.

We used GarageBand briefly to look for sound effects but we didn’t find the right sounds that we were looking for on there so we didn’t use GarageBand in the end for anything that featured in the trailer.

We used a Panasonic video recorder to record all of our horror trailer footage. The recorder was very easy to use and all of the footage was really good quality. Even the audio.

Premier Pro is the editing software I’ve used the most whilst creating all of my media products. Its what we used to create and edit out horror trailer. It was quite difficult to use at first, but after a few goes of being on it, it got easier to navigate around

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