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Together we can SELL your home for top dollar!

Amy Mosley, REALTOR速 Prudential California Realty 30812 South Coast Hwy Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Office: 949-499-5900 |Cell: 949-315-9326

Professional Profile

1.Agent Biography 2.My Professional Marketing Team 3.Some Important Facts About Selling Your Home

Agent Biography

Since 1986 when she began her career as a Realtor, Amy Mosley has continued to be amongst the top generators in Real Estate. Amy specializes in innovative marketing strategies that help a sellerʼs home to stand out from the competition and often allow them to sell their home for more. Creative marketing, cutting edge technology and customized marketing plans for every individual home combined with effective networking with buyers agents give her homes maximum exposure, resulting in more viewings and more home sales. She has a proven track record for getting homes sold in a timely matter in all types of markets. Effective communication, strategies and dedication to her clients have allowed her to be successful as a buyerʼs agent as well as a sellerʼs agent. As a sellerʼs agent her dedication, commitment and knowledge of the Real Estate market have allowed her to consistently sell homes which were previously listed with other agents but were unsuccessful in selling. Her success and reputation as a Realtor continues to create repeat and referral business. As a buyerʼs agent, her excellent listening skills allow her to understand what her clients are looking for. Through patience and persistence, she is able to locate homes that meet or exceed her clientsʼ expectations. Her innovative negotiation tactics have resulted in many successful home purchases for her buyers. Amy continues to improve her skills by being taught by the nations top Real Estate trainers and mentors, regularly attends industry seminars and webinars and utilizes the latest technology available to the Real Estate market to assure her clients are getting the best possible opportunity for success. Amy has also received production awards from Prudential - Leading Edge Society Amy holds a bachelor of science in education from Towson State University, Towson, Maryland. She holds a teaching certification for grades K-8. Short sales and foreclosures are not your average home sales, they take careful planning and specific knowledge of the processes banks require. Amy is SFR certified (Short Sale and Foreclosure) and is experienced and ready to help in a short sale or foreclosure situation.

My Professional Team

Steve Craig Born and Raised in Southern California, Steve wears a lot of hats working for our team - anything internet or technology related falls under his realm of duties. Skilled in all ways of marketing, he uses his expertise to execute online and off line marketing. This includes inputting new listings into the computer, creating mailings, and implementing and maintaining our social media presence. Professional Transaction Coordinator We staff a full time professional transaction coordinator to handle all paperwork and the many disclosures during a transaction.

My Average Original List Price to Sale Price Ratio is100%!

Some Important Facts About Selling Your Home

1.Hiring a Broker 2.Our Job as Marketing Consultants 3.Buyers Buy When They Perceive Value 4.Real Estate Product vs Commodity 5.Buyer Pool 6.What is the Market Doing? 7.Facts 8.Listening Follow Up

Hiring a Broker

Hiring a Broker To Market Your Home Should be a Business Decision. Broker selection is the most important element in the process.

Our Job

Our Job as Marketing Consultants. • Educate sellers • Helping people make decisions • Create a perception of values • Supply and demand and exposure to the greatest number of buyers • Negotiate the sale • Creative problem solving • Multiple offer process • Transaction follow through • Inspections • Final walk-through, closing and after

Perceived Value

Buyers Buy When They Perceive Value. Inventory sells at its highest price when it is new on the market.

Real Estate product vs Commodity

Real Estate Product vs Commodity



Seller Establishes Price

Buyer Establishes Value

Direct relationship to advertising and marketing of product.

No relationship to advertising.

Example: Have you ever seen an ad for the sale of gold bullion, cotton or GOOGLE stock? With a commodity, and with stocks as well, prices go up when there始s more than one buyer. It始s the price point which creates positive or negative energy.

Buyer Pool

 

Perception: More buyers in the marketplace = “Seller’s Market”

The Buyer Pool

Buyer Pool

Perception: Fewer buyers in the marketplace = “Buyer’s Market”

The Buyer Pool

 

Buyer Pool

The Buyer Pool Scale of Values

The Paradigm Shift



------Property ------

The Reality The buyer pool remains relatively constant. PRICES go Up and Down

------------------Inexpensive Property ------------------

Shelf Positioning

The Importance of Shelf Positioning. % of Buyers

What will it take?

Buyers prepared to buy

What it is worth?

Buyers wanting to buy

Buyers just entering market

Days on the Market

The Market

What is the Market Doing? Inventory coming on….

Inventory going off….

Prices go…….. UP

Prices go…….. DOWN

Prices stay the… SAME

Listening Follow Up

Listening Follow Up. Three Phases of Showing: 1 Repeat Showings: Home being shown continuously with second looks.

2 Showing but No Second Looks: Home being shown but not perceived as a good value.

3 No Shows: Home is above the market; no perception of value.

The Value of Your Home

1.Pricing Your Home Right at the Beginning 2.Factors that Affect the Value of Your Property 3.Comparative Market Analysis

Pricing Your Home Right at the Beginning

The value of your home is determined by different components. It seems that various people are placing a value on your home: the tax assessor, lender and insurance company, along with prospective buyers looking to meet their needs, wants and financial situation. Yet the home is valued by another factor and that is by you, the owner. Pricing your home “right” in the beginning will set the tone for the entire selling process. It is vital to approach the topic with an objective outlook recognizing that, ultimately, the buyer value or market value will determine the selling value of your property. Your real estate agent understands that you want the best possible price for your home, and they will assist you in getting the most out of the place in which youʼve invested your time and energy. However, your agent has their finger on the current market pulse and comparable homes which, ultimately, may not match up with the sellersʼ initial goal. It can be a smooth process if both the seller and real estate agent thoroughly discuss the options and set realistic expectations from the start.

You Will Actually “Sell” Your Home 3 Times 1. Real Estate Agents- Your home needs to grab the attention of other agents. Experienced agents will know the price range in which your home should fall. If itʼs out of the appropriate range, your home will not be selected for showings. 2. Buyers- Of course the buyer is ultimately the person who needs to “buy in” to your home. They are coming from a more subjective perspective based on other properties theyʼve visited and their own desires. If they see your home is priced far above those offering comparable features and amenities, they will quickly walk away. 3. Appraisers- With a completely objective mind-set, the appraiser determines value based on the homes history, age, size and particular “price-point” features. These factors are evaluated based on comparable homes which have sold.

How Do You Know If Your Home Is Priced Correctly? According to The National Association of REALTORS®, your home is priced correctly if: -­‐

You receive 1 offer every 10 showings.


You get 1 to 2 showings per week (based on normal market trends).

If you are not meeting these goals, it may be time to review the price with your agent.

Pricing Your Home Right at the Beginning

This guide demonstrates the relationship between list price and days on market. If a property is priced below its suggested market value, it will attract more buyers and sell faster. If a property is priced above its suggested market value, it will attract more buyers and sell faster. If a property is priced above its suggested market value, buyer interest will decrease and the property will take longer to sell. This is only illustrative of the home selling process and does not reflect any actual results.

Factors that Affect the Value of Your Property

The real estate market is full of variables that affect the value of your home. Over time, the following four factors have proved to be the most consistent reasons a home is sold. Location Undoubtedly, this can be the greatest factor affecting your home. Neighborhood, area features, school districts, crime and rural or urban settings are the main reasons buyers will choose to buy a home. Since you are unable to change the location of your home, improvements such as the curb appeal and selling terms can help your property become more appealing.

Competition The housing market is one of the most competitive areas for business. It is one in which personal and financial matters are affected, making it an aggressive field of needs, timing and pricing. Buyers are not just looking at your home, but will be searching out many different home options and comparing yours with others they始ve seen.

Timing and Pricing Current real estate conditions cannot be changed. It will reflect either a buyers or sellers market. Since this is the case, your real estate agent will help tailor a plan to meet your specific needs and the demands of the market. This plan will include placing your home on the market at the right price, and aggressively marketing and showing your home in order to sell as quickly as possible.

Condition The condition of your home is a large factor and greatly affects the speed and price at which your home is sold. Look at your home through a buyer始s eye. Make necessary exterior and interior improvements such as repairs and cosmetic adjustments that will attract a wide range of buyers.

What To Expect From Me After This Meeting (CMA)

Fair Market Value Has Been Defined As... The highest price estimated in terms of real money which the property will bring when exposed for sale in the open market by a willing seller, allowing time to find a willing buyer, neither buyer or seller acting under compulsion, both having full knowledge of all the uses and purposes to which the property is adapted and for which is capable of being used. This market value definition presupposes perfect knowledge on the part of the buyer and seller. Since this perfect world rarely exists, our estimate of price is generally indicated by a range. In evaluating your property, I will use many of the tools that a professional appraiser utilizes: comparable sales, competitive listings in escrow, square footage, location, amenities, general condition and highest and best use of the property. I will also consider the effect of any existing financing on the property. You can expect a full Comparative Market Analysis from me, complete with data that is researched from the reliable information currently available from the local Association of Realtors, local real estate firms, and title companies. It will not reflect every property of comparable value for sale now, but will represent a good cross section of the competitive real estate inventory and recent sales. A well prepared CMA can help you to find a fair market value for your property and to decide the proper listing price for your home.

Please note that while none of the properties will be exactly like yours, they do provide a good reference source in the comparative market analysis.

The estimated value or price point I will give you for your property does not mean that the sale of the property could not occur at a higher price. The price you ultimately receive, of course, will depend on your motivation, the motivation of the buyer, and the market conditions at the time offers are received. Once we have tested the market at the price we agree on, we will make periodic reviews to ensure we remain competitive.

What to Expect When You List Your Property

1.Listing Contract and Seller始s Disclosure Executed 2.Lock Box Installed 3.Sign Installed 4.Photography Scheduled 5.Marketing Will Begin

What To Expect When You List Your Property

Listing your property is the step which places all other parts of the selling process in motion. Your property is finally on the market and the anticipation of how it will be received makes it an exciting time. I始ve included a list of the next steps that will take place so you can know what to expect.

Listing Contract and Seller始s Disclosure Executed We will sign and enter into our agreed upon contract; both receiving copies for our records. You will fill out the Seller始s Disclosure form which will be given to the buyers after an offer is accepted.

Lock Box Installed With your permission, I will be installing a lock box to your home. This secured lock can only be accessed by myself or other agents with permission. If you are currently living in your home, you will always be notified prior to anyone accessing the lock box. Lockbox hours can be restricted to meet your schedule and preferences.

Sign Installed I will also install the marketing sign in your front yard, or the most prominent place of visibility which will draw attention to your home.

Photography Scheduled We will discuss a date that is most convenient for you in order to photograph your home for marketing purposes.

Marketing Will Begin After the above steps have been executed, I will begin my various marketing endeavors to thoroughly promote your home.

My Marketing Strategy

1.Internet Marketing 2.Print Marketing 3.Other Marketing 4.Agent Marketing

my marketing strategy

Reaching as many buyers as possible is the number one goal of my Marketing Strategy. To reach this goal, I have done extensive research to find the best possible avenues of marketing your home. There will be an aggressive marketing campaign using on and offline marketing, which will include target marketing to attract lots of buyers to your home. This will include prospecting daily by phone and in person to try to find a buyer for your home. To better illustrate the basis of my strategy, Iʼve included the hard numbers below. My marketing resources are consistent with this research, and your home will be found by the largest pool of buyers just waiting for their dream home to become available. Getting your home optimum visibility to buyers on the internet and other agents is my prime focus. According to the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers, buyers found the home they purchased as indicated in the following chart: 38%

Real Estate Agent




Yard Sign


Friend/Relative Home Builder


Directly from Sellers 2% Print 2% 0%




Source: The 2010 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers


my marketing strategy

Consumers continue to shift ONLINE Consumers continue to shift online

90% of Home Buyers are using the internet to search for a home 60% of Home Buyers were also likely to walk through homes viewed online 36% of Buyers found the home they purchased on the Internet

Source: National Association of REALTORS速, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009

Source: The 2010 National Association of Realtors速 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

my marketing strategy Do Consumers Search for Real Estate in Newspapers or Magazines?

Do consumers search for real estate in newspapers or in magazines?

Buyers are 1800% more likely to find the home they purchase on the Internet than in a newspaper.


Buyers are 3600% more likely to find the home they purchase on the Internet than in a home book or magazine.




Source: National Association of REALTORS速, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2009

Source: The 2010 National Association of Realtors速 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Photography The first impression of your home is vital to its selling potential and we want to make sure that your home creates a lasting impression! Great photographs are the key to drawing in buyers with just a single glance. According to a study by Point2, a leading Real Estate website, the argument that eye catching photographs are vital is clear. After monitoring listings for a 30-day period, the results showed that the listings with 20+ photos brought in over 15 times more views and nearly 10 times the leads as those listings with a single photo. Agent and Photographer We will set aside some time to discuss making your house “picture perfect” so that buyers can view your home as a place they can visualize themselves! As your agent, and included in my fee, are photos taken by a professional photographer. These photos will be used for print, online marketing and social media. Here are a few quick tips for getting your home ready: De-clutter. Conduct a walk-through of your home as if you were looking to buy. What are those “extra things” that can be put away out of view? Your home should look neat and tidy, and should only show items that enhance a room, not distract from it. De-personalize. This may seem extreme, but we want buyers to see themselves living in the home. Having other personal items in room could put up a barrier that can easily be avoided. Clean. Even if it is a light cleaning, show your home as the attractive place that it is! Vacuuming or dusting directly before the photography session will keep your home looking fresh and move in ready! Staging: A professional stager will be available is desired, to provide consultation. Often you can do little things at no to low cost that make an enormous difference in your profit. We will discuss and schedule a time to photograph your home. Once weʼve set the date, write it here for easy reference: Date: ________________ Time: __________________

Internet Marketing

Your property will be listed on my professional website as a featured listing!

Internet Marketing

This site receives over 25,000 Visitors a day!

Internet Marketing

ImageMaker360 Virtual Tour: Your property will be marketed with a custom virtual tour. A professional tour company

will write  and  narrate  the  photo  tour  of  your  home,  giving  it  the  best  possible   exposure.

Internet Marketing Your property will be featured on to include Additional Photos, Descriptive Ad Copy and Scrolling Text. This is an upgraded feature that I subscribe to that helps ensure your home maximum exposure.

#1 website to be visited by potential home buyers to search for properties!

Internet Marketing Trulia is a residential real estate search engine that helps consumers search for homes that are for sale, trends, neighborhood insights, and other real estate information directly from real estate agent and broker websites. Amy is subscribed as a Trulia Pro, which means your listing will recieve 7x more traffic to their listing than nontrulia pros. Your listing will not only appear on our ipHone app and on our mobile website viewable from any mobile device, but will also rank higher there as well and have more prominence. Your listing will appear on hundreds of partner websites including CNN Money, The Washington Post and Fox Business News and benefit from high rankings on Google and other search engines due to itʼs presence on Trulia.   Trulia gets over 9 million unique visitors per month and is mentioned on mainstream media sites like the Today Show, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg and more.

5 million serious home buyers and sellers search on Trulia each month!

Internet Marketing is an online real estate service dedicated to helping you get an edge in the market by providing you with valuable tools and information. Buyers search the site frequently during their online home search, so it始s important that your home is represented there.

70% of users on Zillow are actively buying a home!

Internet Marketing Craigslist is a centralized network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements and forums sorted by various topics. This user-friendly free website is extremely popular among home browsers.

More than 50 Million People in the US use Craigslist

Internet Marketing

Listing Book: I promote your home on a featured listing campaign to active buyers looking for similar homes.

Internet Marketing

I will also promote your listing on the following websites: - Classified Section - Real Estate Section

Additional Marketing

Flyers I will create professionally printed, eye catching flyer to place in your home for prospective buyers and IĘźll also send it out in email format to prospects in my personal database. This informative flyer will include full color photos of your home, along with general information, special features, highlights, and a floor plan. This is an effective way for buyers to have your home at the forefront of their mind and also allows them to use this as a reference point as they are most likely looking into many homes.

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Office ey : Cell: 949.499. 59 94 Email: 9.315.93 00 26 www AmyMosle .Hom y@pr eSearc uo hSoC


EMagazine Ads I will promote your property through an Advertising Program, including E Magazine.

Email Blast I will send a full color “Just Listed� Announcement & Broker Preview, which will be sent to 4,000 Real Estate Agents in the area.

Networking I network daily with agents, by phone, email & in person to find a buyer for your home. I also actively participate in Social Media including blogging, videos & other social networking platforms, providing added exposure for your listing.

Zip Your Flyer

Save a tree. .. 888.947.85 09

Other Marketing

Open House Open house times and dates to be discussed. They will be planned and strategized on an individual basis. If you desire open houses they will be done with proactive advertising, marketing on and offline, as well as networking and door knocking.

For Sale Signage Our tasteful yard signs will draw positive attention to the property. The Prudential logo evokes a sense of quality and assurance that your home is being represented with excellence. There will be a sign rider ( A custom property website will be created for your home and this URL will lead potential buyers to that site.

www.123Main St.c


Agent Marketing

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)" The MLS is a listing service for all real estate agents. Each area has a local MLS which allows agents in the area to stay up to date on all the listing that are for sale. The criteria of your property is thoroughly entered into the system, and any agents with potential Buyers for your home will promptly alert them. Your home will be placed on various multiple listing services to give your home full exposure throughout most of California and Nevada.

Broker Previews The Broker Preview is an exciting time to show your home. I will invite agents and brokers from the area to come tour your home. This allows them to get a feel for the property, learn the features, and get excited about the property. A Brokers Preview will create a stir about your home, and result in more showings. I will host a Broker Open Preview at your home as soon as it hits the market. This preview will be a will be a great way to kick off the sale of your home.

Pro Agent Solutions

Pro Agent Solutions: Consistent agent feedback on the showing of your home will be emailed to you after every showing!


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The Home Selling Process

1.Home Selling Process 2.Home Sale Worksheet 3.Listing Agreement 4.Seller始s Disclosure Form 5.When an Offer is Made 6.Blank Copy of an Offer to Purchase 7.Blank Copy of a Sales Contract

Home Selling Process

I provide outstanding service to my clients in the sale of their home. The graph below outlines the exciting yet intricate process of selling your home. I understand that you will have many questions along the way, but this information will be helpful throughout the transaction. My ultimate goal is to provide you with the most informative and professional service available. Remember, I am just a phone call away when you have a question or concern.

Initial Meeting CMA

Listing Agreement

Property Disclosure




Offer Written



Earnest Money


Title Search





Home Sale Worksheet

Closing Costs The escrow company can prepare a net sheet or the lender will give a “Good Faith Estimate� of the closing costs. These costs are broken down into two categories: recurring and non-recurring. Recurring costs are those such as property taxes and home owners insurance that will continue throughout the course of owning the home. Non-recurring are the closing costs that are only paid at the time of closing. Again, this will be discussed more in-depth as there are many variables and options for covering closing costs.

Listing Agreement The listing agreement is the contract in which you (the seller) and I (the real estate agent) will enter. This contract will include all of the terms.

SellerĘźs Disclosure Form A professional Transaction Coordinator will be handling all the disclosures to make sure that everything is done properly and in a timely fashion. This is included in my fee. Sellers are required to supply disclosures to the buyers. There are many documents including but not limited to renovations made during their ownership. Although the sellers disclosure will include information about the electric system, water/sewer, roof, etc., it will not take the place of an inspection by a licensed inspector.

What To Expect When an Offer Is Made

When an offer is made you can rest assured that I will be with you every step of the way. Presenting the Offer Receiving an offer is an exciting time! As soon as a written offer has been made, I will immediately be in contact with you. We will discuss the offer and the next step in the process.

Three Options to Consider At the point of receiving the offer, you have three available options. 1. Accept: Once you have accepted the presented offer, I will communicate with the buyer and your home is SOLD! 2. Counter Offer: If you are not comfortable with the price and conditions proposed, counter offer with terms that are acceptable to you. 3. Reject: You are free to completely reject the offer. At this point, we will continue on with our efforts. As your agent, I will provide you with as much help and information to make the best possible choice. Ultimately the decision is yours, and I support your wishes.

Delivery of the Contract Both you and the buyer will receive the finalized contract from your respective agents.

Buyerʼs Financing The contract may state that the buyer has a specified amount of time in order to secure financing for the home. If this is the case, it is the buyerʼs sole responsibility to substantiate a loan commitment during that time which involves many pieces falling into place. To grant a loan, the lender goes through the following process:

The sales process has many variables, one of which is the buyerʼs financing. It is important to be aware of what is happening on the buyersʼ side as it can greatly affect this process.


Examines the buyerʼs employment records, credit history, etc… to confirm the buyer is capable of making the monthly loan payment.


Ensures the value of the home is great enough to back up the safety of their loan.


The lender will assign an appraiser to visit your home and to confirm the homesʼ value.


Upon review of the above information, the mortgage loan underwriter will approve the loan if everything is satisfactory.


Following approval, the property title will be searched and the title insurance will be ordered. If necessary, an updated survey of the property may be ordered.

What To Expect When An Offer Is Made (cont.)

The remainder of the process: -­‐

The settlement time and place will be chosen, and I will do everything to ensure a smooth and efficient closing.


The buyer may request a physical inspection of the home prior to closing. Oftentimes, buyers will hire a property inspector at their expense to do a complete home inspection.


The sale will be finalized at the time of closing when all documents are signed and funds are disbursed.


At closing, or at the time of possession, the buyer will be given keys to the home.

Remember that when you receive an offer, you are in charge. You have complete freedom to handle the contract as you choose, and I will be there to assist you.

My Commitment to You I will handle your home as if it was my own. I will be your advocate to protect your equity every step of the way.   • I will negotiate to get the highest possible price. • I will be with you each step of the way as I realize my job is not done until the transaction is   complete. • I will keep you informed throughout the process and update you whenever significant   developments occur. • I will work diligently and efficiently with all parties involved to provide an outstanding level of   service and assure you a positive home-selling experience.

Designations Earned cont. Offer to Purchase


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Designations Earned cont. Listing Agreement

!EEESSSIIIDDDEEENNNTTTIIIAAALLL    LLLIIISSSTTTIIINNNGGG      AAAGGG!EEEEEEMMMEEENNNTTT (((EEExxxcccllluuusssiiivvveee      AAAuuuttthhhooorrriiizzzaaatttiiiooonnn      aaannnddd      !iiiggghhhttt      tttooo      SSSeeellllll))) (((CCC...AAA...!...      FFFooorrrmmm      !LLLAAA,,,      !eeevvviiissseeeddd      222///000999)))

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Information to Provide Us When We List

1.Documents (i.e.: Property Survey, Mortgage Note, etc.) 2.For Condo/Townhome Only (by-laws, etc.) 3.Home Feature Sheet 4.Contact Information and Showing Preferences 5.Utility Worksheet


With all the paper work involved in selling your home, I decided to compile a succinct list of documents and other general information I will need from you. Use this as a checklist to keep everything organized, and to have all necessary information ready to go. DOCUMENTS  Evidence of Title (title policy, abstract, etc.)  Property survey  Most recent property tax bill  Mortgage instrument  Mortgage note  Lenderʼs name, address, phone, contact person, mortgage account number, and present balance  If there are other loans/mortgages against the property, supply same information as above  If property is held in trust, provide name of trustee, trust account number and contact information  Your attorneyʼs name, address and phone number  House keys  Garage opener transmitters  Alarm code

OTHER REQUIREMENTS  For a legal transaction  Sales contract  Sellerʼs disclosures FOR CONDO/TOWNHOME  Association Declaration of By-Laws  Association Certificate of Insurance  Association Current Budget

CONTACT INFORMATION WE WILL NEED  Spouse work number, cell & email address  Neighborʼs name and phone #  Utility bills (electric, gas, water)  Brochures/information about your property  Attractive, exterior photos of home in other seasons  Your thoughts on special features of your home or community  Personal property which may be included in the sale – whatever you feel might have special marketing value to the average buyer

FOR CONDOMINIUM OR TOWNHOUSE  Association Certificate of Insurance  Association current budget

My Commitment To You Home Feature Sheet

Exterior Type of Exterior: ______________ Color of Exterior: ______________ Back Deck: ____________________ Front Porch: ___________________ Garage Type: _________________ Pool: __________________________ Pond: ________________________ Foyer Dimensions: __________________ Flooring: ____________________ Special Door: _________________ Special Windows: _____________ Lighting Type: ________________ Ceiling Type: _________________ Sky Lights: ___________________ Crown Molding: ________________ Wall Colors: __________________ Other Features: _________________ Kitchen Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: _____________________ Breakfast Bar: _______________ Center Island: ________________ Ice Maker: ____________________ Warming Drawer: ______________ Sitting Desk: __________________ Type of Appliances: ____________ Type Cabinets: ________________ Type of Counter Tops: __________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Butler Pantry: ________________ Pantry (regular): ______________ Ceiling Type: _________________ Sky Lights: ___________________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: __________________ Type of Access to the deck: _____ Door features: _______________ Other Features: ______________ Kitchen Eating Area Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Ceiling Type: _________________ Sky Lights: __________________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Type of Access to the deck: _____ Other Features: ______________

Formal Dining Room Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Ceiling Type: ________________ Cathedral Ceilings: ___________ Sky Lights: __________________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Other Features: ______________ Fireplace Gas: _______________ Fireplace Electric: ____________ Type Fireplace Surround: ______ Family Room Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Ceiling Type: ________________ Cathedral Ceilings: ___________ Sky Lights: __________________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Other Features: ______________ Fireplace Gas: _______________ Fireplace Electric: ____________ Type Fireplace Surround: ______ Great Room Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Ceiling Type: ________________ Cathedral Ceilings: ___________ Sky Lights: __________________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Other Features: ______________ Fireplace Gas: _______________ Fireplace Electric: ____________ Type Fireplace Surround: ______ Media Room Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Other Features: ______________

Den Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Other Features: ______________ Master Bedroom Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Closet Features: _____________ Other Features: ______________ Master Bathroom Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Ceiling Type: ________________ Sky Lights: __________________ Closet features: ______________ Tub Type: ___________________ Shower Type: ________________ Separate Toilet Area: __________ Laundry Room Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: _____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Type of Counter: ______________ Type of Cabinetry: ____________ Utility Sink: __________________ Closet: _______________________ Other Features: ______________ Finished Lower Level Dimensions: _________________ Flooring: ____________________ Type of Lighting: ______________ Crown Molding: ______________ Wall Colors: _________________ Bar (dry or wet): _____________ Other Features: ______________

My Contact Professional Information and My Commitment Marketing Showing Instructions Team To You

Other Questions: When is garbage day? _____________________________________________________ Has the well water been tested?______________________________________________ Have you ever had the house tested for Radon?_________________________________ Have there been any additions or improvements to the property? ____________________ When? Were permits taken out at the town hall?_________________________________ Do you have an A-2 survey?_________________________________________________ Are there children in the neighborhood?________________________________________ Have you ever had water in the basement?_____________________________________ Do you know of any easements or encroachments or right of ways?__________________ When is the most convenient closing date?_____________________________________ Property Address: _________________________________________________________ Seller始s Name: ___________________________________________________________ Seller始s Address: __________________________________________________________ Seller始s Home Phone: ____________________________________ " Work Phone: ____________________________________ " Fax Number: ____________________________________ " Cell Number: ____________________________________ " Email Address: __________________________________ Showing Instructions: ______________________________________________________ Lock Box Number: ________________________________________________________ Attorney Information: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Special Instructions: _____________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

My Professional My Commitment Marketing Utility Worksheet Team To You

Utilities Bills Electric Company: ________________________________________________________ Gas Company: ___________________________________________________________ Oil Company: ____________________________________________________________ Water Company: __________________________________________________________ Cable Company: __________________________________________________________ Phone Company: __________________________________________________________ Septic Company: __________________________________________________________ Sewer Bill: ________________________________________________________________ Monthly Cost: ____________________________________________________________ Gallons Used: ____________________________________________________________ Avg. Qty. Bill: ____________________________________________________________ Date Last Pumped: ________________________________________________________ Mechanicals How old is the furnace? ____________________________________________________ " Date of Last Service: _________________________________________________ How old is the central air? ___________________________________________________ " Date of Last Service: __________________________________________________ Age of the roof: ___________________________________________________________ Has the house been painted or pressure washed? ________________________________ Have you installed new windows? _____________________________________________ Boundaries of the property Front: ___________________________________________________________________ Left: ____________________________________________________________________ Back: ___________________________________________________________________ Right: ___________________________________________________________________

Client Testimonials

What My Past Clients Say About Me...

"I lived in my home since 1958 and was really nervous about moving and the selling process. My home was on the market for 2 years with 3 agents before "I lived in my home since 1958 and was really nervous about moving and the selling process. My home was on the market for 2 years with 3 agents before I hired Amy. My home was listed with her for 9 days and had multiple bids and sold $14,500 over the asking price. She handled all the details for me and was always there when I needed her." - Anna Marie Zanotti "Amy Mosley was my Real Estate agent for the sale of my home in Laguna Beach. The market was awful, and I had been trying to sell my home for about 2 years, with four prior agents ; she got 3 offers in the first 10 days period. I consider signing with her to be a stroke of genius on my part. I interviewed 3 agents when I signed with Amy. She was the only agent I have ever talked with --- on the occasion of this sale, or any other time--- that really demonstrated an understanding of the relationship among price, time on market, visits, promotion, and offers. This means that Amy has a sales approach that transcends the usual "see what happens." And beyond the purchase and sales agreement, Ms. Mosley also works to insure that the sale goes through, by keeping on top of all the various inspections and contingencies that are a part of the sale. Sign on with Amy Mosley and benefit from the hardest working, most competent agent you will find. She has my strongest recommendation." - David R. Lambert "Dear Amy, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for being my friend and realtor. Selling my Lake Forest home could have been a very trying experience and your professionalism and attention to detail made my mortgage transaction considerably less stressful. I know this for a fact. Prior to you I had another agent and they did little more than run a listing which had cost me 6 months time and countless dollars in a declining market. It is comforting to be able to trust someone to do what they say and drive the process constantly and quickly. Time is money in real estate and you saved me some of both. When I needed or wanted information you would return my calls promptly, deliver countless documents personally or set me in the right direction. Many times you lifted my spirits and that was a true bonus. Your use of internet and alternate marketing/sales tactics, printed materials as well as countless open houses really gave my home the exposure it needed to sell quickly. Your attitude, knowledge and hard work really shined and it is refreshing that you are honest and sincere. Please call me if you ever need a referral. Your Friend and Client, Phil� - Phil Totman "Amy got my home sold. If it weren't for her hard work and persistence, the sale never would have closed. We went through more than a few dramas with the sale and took quite a few months. If it was any other agent, they would have given up. Amy was not about to give up, she was always available, present and consistently on top of things to make sure nothing falls apart. If I needed anything or any questions, she was a phone call or email away. If I needed to meet with her, she was available anytime and anywhere rain or shine. If I ever buy or sell another home, I know who to call. I would never forget Amy for how hard she worked throughout the process. Thanks!" - Diana Tarzi

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Amy Mosley's Marketing Presentation  

My personalized marketing strategy to sell your home...Online and Beyond!

Amy Mosley's Marketing Presentation  

My personalized marketing strategy to sell your home...Online and Beyond!