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A publication showing my own perceptions I have had and how they have changed throughout this module relating to the different projects I have been involved with, the research I have done, and my own development. Using a mixture of different mediums giving each an individual look, each changing the way people perceive what I am saying.

My idea of the word ‘perception.’ Taken from an original quote, I took this apart to create a statement that I think is an appropriate description of this word.

Perception ties in well with Graphic Design, as design is all about giving the audience something to look at and think about. This is a piece of hand drawn typography I have done to put across my opinion of design and relating this to my project. Taking a subject that may not be that interesting to start off with, but through design, making this interesting for people to look at and read. I have based this type on Times New Roman; a font that a lot of people find boring. So I have tried to turn this around and make this font more interesting.

My perception of a W.I group I visited recently. Before going, I had thought of them completely differently to how I perceived them when I got there. Really, it was just like a brownies group, but for ladies!

A general perception I have had throughout my research I have been doing. Every person has their own opinion and perception of other people and things, yet I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is what makes it interesting!

Here is a couple of letterpress prints of me playing around with the previous sentence. I was trying to get across that everyone has a right to their opinion and how they perceive others.

When meeting with an animal rights group, I think it’s safe to say my perception did not really change much. This was my first perception when speaking to them. This was down to their beliefs, what they do and how they look.


My own perception of my project half way through. This indicates who’s perceptions I need to be looking at; everyone’s. But most importantly, I needed to relate everything back to myself within my project to make it personal to me.

After attending a Prince’s Trust event called ‘Truth about Youth’, the one thing that really stuck in my mind was seeing a local policeman dancing with a pensioner. This completely changed my perception in respect to the amount of people that aren’t young that are supporting the youths in Bristol, something I wasn’t expecting to see.

This is something that I kept thinking and that kept cropping up. By speaking to these people that are working for a cause, you realise how much they actually work for sometimes, not much achievement. Yet, when someone is really passionate about something, then constant perseverance is key. Whether it makes a difference, is another matter.




This simple word describes my thoughts at this point precisely. I am in the process of research and gathering content. This is involving speaking to people and getting people’s opinions. Every interview or survey I do, I find the answers to mostly be unpredictable. This then means my work and what direction I go in next is unpredictable. This makes it all the more interesting I think!







I was told to get more involved with my own project. This consisted of me starting small and just looking ta things around the house and putting notes up of my own perception of certain things, getting people to think.

All I feel I am doing at the moment is asking questions. I realise that to get good primary research for a project, asking questions is vital. I need to ask as many as I can in order to get good content to work with.

This part of my project, is all about age, therefore I am constantly comparing ages, opinions and people. The main focus that I have been looking at is kids versus adults, my reason for this design on this page.



A well-known phrase that I have been looking into. I produced this small design for my main publication, yet in my opinion, I don’t believe this to be true. Therefore I have made just a slight change to this design.

This small design is based upon my experiment of myself dressing up as different ages. When I dressed up as an old person, I had to wear my own shoes to be able to drive. This is wear this type comes from, wearing a pair of converse and a granny skirt. This is one of the things that really stuck in my mind after this experiment.

Pattern, pattern, pattern. Something I have been told to do with my work, add more! I don’t want to use too much block colour, therefore I need to come up with different designs to keep them more interesting.

After my last tutorial, the one thing that keeps cropping in my head is to think about my audience. We are always being told this and is something that I need to think about more when designing.

stop. to. think. about. your. audience.

This design is something that I ended up just doodling in my sketch book. It feels like I am constantly on InDesign at the moment, so this is where this came from!

My final design in this small booklet. The final push!








Me Me Me  

A small publication I have produced giving my own perception of my latest projects. Consisting of small typographic designs of my own thoug...

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