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SEO practitioners, digital marketers and site owners are constantly in need of SEO tools that they can regularly use for their respective SEO campaigns. However, many of the said tools are offered with subsequent payments and this condition usually affects digital marketers with limited budgets to spend. As a result, many of these digital marketers and site owners are having a hard time in dealing with the SEO processes that must be undertaken to boost their websites. So if you are planning to embark on your own SEO campaign and has a limited budget to spend, you are strongly advised to use tools that are offered for free during the startup period particularly the following.



1. Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console

Google Analytics is one of the most common SEO tools that you can use for free to jumpstart your SEO campaign. This is because the Analytics is offered for free and quite convenient to use. The Google Analytics is designed to provide you with the most essential data that will assist you in digging into the behavior of the users that will most likely use your site. Also, it will help you better understand your site’s overall performance.

The Google Search Console is previously regarded as the Google Webmaster Tool. Just like the Google Analytics, this is offered for free. The Search Console is very useful for SEO procedures since it delivers reports as well as the data that allow you to control your site’s performance in Google. It also allows you to be notified when Google is accessing your content, resolve malware issues and remove the content you don’t want to appear in SERPs.

In addition, Analytics is responsible for providing site owners with useful metrics that are helpful in boosting your website. These metrics include the conversion metrics, traffic sources, audience insights and engaging content information.

Top Seo Tools Offered for Free  
Top Seo Tools Offered for Free