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to aid digital marketers and website owners in boosting their sites’ rankings and discoverability when used well. In an article published online, Facebook explained that by February 12, they would start to calculate the reach of a post based on the number of times this has entered in a person’s screen. Thus, the measurement of the organic reach of Pages becomes more consistent with the manner in which Facebook measures the reach for ads. A lot of SEO experts also view Facebook’s latest move as a good move since this is far better than the traditional method of measurement wherein the page post’s reach is calculated based on the number of times a post is loaded into the news feed. As soon as the post is delivered into the news feed, it will automatically be counted as a view, regardless of whether a user actually scrolled down to view the post or not. Also, Facebook cleared that the change will not affect the distribution of the News Feed. However, it is expected to cause the reach of the metric to initially go down. Furthermore, the number will most likely be lower, but the good thing is that it is more accurate given that the actual views are being recorded.

Aside from the organic reach update, the user interface of the Page Insights for mobile. When the update is implemented, it will then allow the commonly used metrics such as the following to appear at the top of the mobile Page insights. Diagnostics of the General Page particularly the number of likes, the reach and engagement Results of actions implemented recently like the performance of recent posts New Page engagement preview like the new followers’ demographic information Given these updates, Facebook will become more useful and user-friendly to digital marketers and website owners who are using the social media to further their SEO campaigns as well as those who frequently utilise Facebook mobile to market the services and products they offer.

Facebook Will Start Post Reach Measurement on Actual Views  
Facebook Will Start Post Reach Measurement on Actual Views