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Are You Making The #1 Mistake That Will Prevent A Woman From Ever Even Wanting To Get To Know You? This is something that guys do that I will just never understand. I take that back. I get it, because I did it, too. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it! I want you to imagine that you are walking into a club or a bar. Just imagine the men for a second… (I know, I know. Who wants to just imagine a bunch of guys?! It’s WOMEN that we’re interested in! Just bear with me…) What do they all look like? What are they all wearing? Let me guess. Everyone is wearing a button-down shirt, slacks, and nice shoes. Am I right? Of course I am. So what’s the matter with this picture? What’s wrong with wearing a button-down shirt, slacks, and nice shoes?! Well, nothing, except… All those guys look exactly the same. Perfect, cookie-cutter replicas. “So what,” you may be asking? So what?! Alright, let’s do some math. “I thought you were going to talk about how to attract women!” Yeah, yeah. I’m getting to that.

Hold your horses. So a gorgeous woman is approached how many times in a night if she goes out? Let’s be VERY conservative and say ten. And what percentage of guys is wearing the “club uniform”? Let’s make another guess and say about 80%. So, eight out of ten guys who approach any given babe are going to be wearing the same thing. … And what percentage of guys actually take her home? Let’s be VERY liberal and say one in twenty. Okay, are you still with me? Good. So what have we learned today? Most of the guys who a beautiful woman meets in a given night are all going to look EXACTLY THE SAME. Do you think this helps or hurts your chances of bringing a woman back to your place? Well, that really depends on how you USE this information, so first, answer this question out loud: Who is a beautiful woman going to associate YOU with if you walk up wearing the exact same thing that nineteen out of twenty of the last guys she rejected wore? DING DING DING! You’re right if you said: all those guys that she rejected. If you answered in ANY other way, please reread everything up to this point. Well, what “should” you wear when you go out to meet women? The answer to that question will DEFINITELY surprise you. Want more surprises? Fill out your email, and I'll send you $57 worth of FREE tips and secrets on seduction and dating.