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Bucks County Curling Club 1185 York Road Warminster, PA

August 23, 2013

2013 / 2014 Membership Information For the 2013/2014 curling season we are offering three membership types. You must join the club as a member to participate in Bucks County Curling Club (BCCC) Leagues. We warmly welcome new members and look forward to introducing you to the curling community. Membership includes:     

Full privileges to participate in BCCC Leagues Membership to the United States Curling Association (USCA) and the Grand National Curling Club (GNCC), our regional curling association. Membership to the United States Women’s Curling Association (USWCA) Board Eligibility and voting privileges. New members receive a free Club Name Badge

Membership Types Full Time League Member  

Full time league members are assigned to a team and play weekly. It is expected that you'll make almost ALL of your games. Advantages include: Guaranteed scheduled weekly matches. Working with the same people weekly you'll build a team that works well together.

Permanent Spare       

You're a full time club member and you pay the full member rate. You email scheduling any week you'd like to play. You pick a time slot that you'd like to play in. Odds are good you'll get to play any time you ask Advantages: Meet LOTS of people and play on various teams with different skills. Very flexible! If you can't play one weekend - no worries! If you want to play most weekends - we can probably fit you in! You will pay a league fee of $20.00 every time you play If you can only play early shift or late shift - you can request those specific matches! If this is a good club member category for you, fill out the registration

Reciprocal Member  

You’re a regular member of another curling club that collects your USCA and GNCC dues. Congratulations, you get a discount in your membership dues. We are always looking for experienced curlers to join the club. Reciprocal Members shall have all rights and privileges of a full time league member.

Bucks County Curling Club 1185 York Road Warminster, PA

2013/2014 Membership Application Member Information Name: First:



Unit #



Primary Phone:

Alternate Phone:


Email: Age Group (as of August 1, 2013):

Adult (22 to 54)

Senior (55+)

Primary Membership at another GNCC Curling Club?


Junior (14 to 21) No

Club Name / Location Do you need a club Name Badge?

Yes / No

Is this a Replacement? Yes / No

Name on Badge: Mail choice for GNCC/USCA Publications (Email is preferred):


Regular Mail

Please do not share my information with other GNCC members:

League Entry Information Curling Experience (# of years): Positions I have played:




Please select one: I am entering as an individual to be assigned to a team I am entering as a twosome (half team) – Please complete below I am entering 3 or 4 players – Please complete below Please list twosomes, threesomes, foursomes wishing to curl together: 1.




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Bucks County Curling Club 1185 York Road Warminster, PA

The club works on a pay-per-league schedule. The curling season will be divided into sessions as shown below. You can play in any single session or all of them. You can participate as a permanent spare in one session and a regular member in another session. There is no cost to sign-up as a Permanent Spare, but each time you play, there will be a spare fee of $20.00 payable when you play. Please indicate which League sessions in which you will participate – write “spare” next to your selected League session. New curlers that have taken our Learn-to-Curl classes are eligible to play in their first league for free. Membership in BCCC is required to participate in league play.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES AND DUES Please check one Full Year Membership


2013-14 Rate

Regular Member

A full time club member with full curling privileges.


Permanent Spare

A full time club member with full curling privileges. A club member who can not play every week


Reciprocal Member

Paying for ice privileges and USCA/GNCC dues at another club.


New Summer Member

A new member joining one of our summer leagues


BCCC 2013- 2014 LEAGUE DUES League Session Winter Sunday Session 2 Winter Monday Session 2

Please check one (or more) Scheduled Session Dates Mar 2 - Apr 6 2014 (6 weeks) Feb 24 - Mar 31 2014 (6 weeks)

2013-14 Rate $100 $100


Please make your check payable to “Bucks County Curling Club” Information on this form will be used for the purposed of the Bucks County Curling Club and its governing bodies.

For Office Use: Date:

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