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Favorite Teachers Cesar Chavez High School Journalism 1-2 Oleyssia Vallesteros Stephanie Flores

Mr. Moore is known for his sense of humor. He jokes around a lot but gets his work done as well.

Ms. Ruiz is a good Spanish teacher here at Cesar Chavez High School. She a real nice person it’s hard to run into people like her.

Mr. Gruno English teacher here at Chavez. He teachers very a challenging class but makes it fun at the same time.

Mr. Maria encourages you to do better. He cares for your future.

Mr. Perovich doesn’t always depend on computers but always has a plan B. He is a great teacher. Everyone loves him.

Mr. Apalado never has a dull moment in his class. He likes to joke around with his students but, still gets his work done.

Mr. Kee is the kind of guy that likes what he does. He has passion for it.

Mrs. Wertz is the journalism teacher here at Chavez. She is always keeps busy, but gets through it with no hesitation.

Mr. Wilson is one of the nice teachers here at Chavez. He is the kind of guy that welcomes you with a grin on his face.

Favorite Teachers  

Teachers, teachers, everywhere.