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Cool/Creative Backpacks Wendy Molina Amy Ky

Salmon ,now in style, suites well in this wholey purse. The gold makes it stand out.

“Tribe� has also made a place in the uniqueness of styles.

Spikes or zebra print? Or both? This Betseyville handbag made it to the top. Giving girls and easier choice, if they like bothď Š

Hulk? X-man? Spiderman? How can we forget these heroes? Never that, student in high school still have a place for the remembrance of the heroes we grew up knowing about .

…. And then there’s our princesses. Students at CCHS are still kids on the inside

• "It's me, Mario!“. Gamers will always have love for there games. As we can see

Not only in shoes, but “Jordan” is a popular brand on backpacks as well.

Tyler Globensky, senior, Is proud to be a Titan. He took time into making his school spirit noticeable.

Though now a days you see Stockton as being a “bad" city. Students still take pride in showing where they are from.

Backpacks are Cool  
Backpacks are Cool  

They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.