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Up com ing Cl as s: Hom i cid e a nd D ea t h I nv es t ig at ion S em in ar :

DAY 1-3 (Condensed) :

( Af t er O cto be r 2 2 , 2 0 13 ) $ 69 5 .0 0

1.The call-out/ Resources 2. Victimology 3. Documenting the scene 4. Investigation 5. Prosecution/Follow Up

Loc at ion: R os en Pl az a O r l ando F lo ri da

Day 4:

De c emb e r 0 2 , 2 01 3 — De c emb e r 0 6 , 2 01 3 E ar l y r eg ist r at ion: $5 95 . 00 ( Bef o re O ctob e r 2 2, 20 1 3)

Stress awareness G ue st Sp ea k e rs: St ev e n M os er - Se mi n a r L e ad e r

Day 5: Pursuit of Personal Excellence

( O wner I&E Strategies) Dr . J an G ar av agl i a, AK A, D r. G M ed ic a l E x am in e r f ro m Di s cov e r y H e alt h Ch ann e l Det e ct iv e M i ch ae l K e at i ng – Senior Hom ic ide Detec tive D. G l en n F os te r: F at h e r of Kin e si c In te rv i e w T echn iqu e s Dr . T i na J a e ck l e: is pr es entl y an As s oc iate Prof es s or in the Soc ial and Behavioral Sc ienc es at Flagler College in St. Augus tine, Florida. And als o s erves as a cr is is c ons ultant with law enf orc em ent and f irst r es ponders . Br i an W i ll is : Pr es iden t and CEO of W inning Mind T raining ABOUT THIS CLASS: This seminar will be like no other we will cover the case from beginning to end. But for the first time the last two days will focus on YOU, as we say THANK YOU!! For all that YOU DO!! This class is intended for First Responders, Detectives, Forensic Techs, Evidence Techs, Communications, Medical Examiners and Investigators, Prosecutors, Supervisors, Managers, and Administrators. Everyone involved in the investigation has an important role from the call taker to the prosecutor.

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Homicide and death inveatigation seminar  

A homicide and death investigation seminar by hosted by I&E Strategies.

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