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The Pastor’s Corner

Rev. Preston Greenwaldt Senior Pastor

Every once in a while something historic happens. Maybe it’s an incredible catch in the last seconds of a game.  Maybe it’s a super moon followed by an eclipse.  Maybe it is a speech that is delivered at the right time to the right audience.  What is interesting about all of those moments is that there is a degree of spontaneity about them.  There is something unplanned that grabs us out of our usual expectations and launches us out of our seats to join in the applause.   Those moments are special because they seem to be a marker of turning points.  A turning point in the momentum of a game that shapes the final score of the evening.  A turning point in a nation or religious movement that seems to change the direction people are willing to go.  Maybe it is an empty tomb that we expected to be filled that changes the

fiber of relationship we have with God. No matter how you categorize them, these are the moments that change the course of history and the shapes of people’s lives.   While all of these events seemed to be unplanned, every once in a while something happens that you have planned to make a difference, to change the course of history, or to inspire people to go beyond their normal boundaries.   At A&M Methodist we have planned just a moment like that.  In 10 days from the authorship of this article 2700 pipes will begin their decent from a small shop with finished wood floors in New Jersey to a side street named Tauber in College Station, Texas.  Boxes of wood serving as the instruments’ sound stage reaching to the height of 27 feet will be carried into our Sanctuary.  Through this process, I have been changed. A few months ago I would have said that pipes imitating clarinets, oboes, bassoons, trumpets, flutes, and many more being installed in our Sanctuary to accompany the choir and hymns that we sing was

unrealistic. However, today I would tell you that the music of an orchestra will be brought to A&M Methodist to accompany baptisms, professions of faith, hymns sung to the glory of God, and accompaniment  to the vows of marriage and prayers for eternal life.   These next few weeks are historic because we will be installing the music that walks our grandchildren down the aisle and lifts the resurrected Christ in our hearts each Easter.  It would be easy to simply say that the installment of pipes, air bellows, and keyboard keys will be taking place over the next 60 days, but I feel there is much more to this historic moment.  We have invested in the worship that feeds and lingers with our souls.  Worship, through music, about our love for Christ.  My prayer is that you will be present with us over the next few weeks, as we begin to play this historic music that connects us with a mighty and historic God.   

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing. Psalm 100

Left: Here’s a great picture of the new English Horn. Interestingly, the English Horn is neither English nor a horn; it is essentially a tenor oboe which dates back at least as far as the 18th century. In the 1920’s the English Horn was re-invented by Ernest Skinner, who gave it a smoother tone and called it “the aristocrat of the reed family”.

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How to Reach Us: Rev. Preston Greenwaldt Senior Pastor Rev. Jim Reiter Associate Pastor

Zac Gilts Director of Youth Ministry I’m Zac Gilts, the Youth Director here at A&M UMC. My goal is to foster a safe place for youth to explore, question, and dive deeper into what it means to go beyond knowing about God to believing in God so that as they go out into the world they are confirmed in their faith and can fully live into the good works that God has set before them. I realized in high school that God had given me a passion for youth ministry and as I prayed for doors to open for me to explore that passion I have been constantly amazed and humbled by God’s response. While I was a youth I had several opportunities to speak during big church, and lead my peers in Bible study, as a college student I volunteered with Younglife for two years and had the honor of interning here at A&M UMC with the youth program for two years after that, and in full time youth ministry over the past several years in Austin and now here again as your Director of Youth Ministries.

Are you new to A&M UMC? Have you been here for a while, but want to become more involved in the life of the church? We invite you to visit with any of the staff or lay leadership of the church. We’d love to connect you with studies, ministries, missions, or other areas where you can develop relationships with others in your church family while growing in your faith.

Reserve Your Dates For Altar Flower & Sanctuary Lamp Dedications

Do you have a special person or event you would like to honor? You can sponsor the Altar Flowers and/or the Sanctuary Lamp. Altar Flower Dedication - $40 Sanctuary Lamp Dedication - $10 Please review your 2018 calendar for special dates and contact Nancy Browning at or 846-8731.

April Place Director of Church Life Gwenda Beavers Director of Children & Family Ministry Zac Gilts Director of Youth Ministry Anna Abernathy Director of College Ministry Anne Campbell-Smith Director of Adult Discipleship Lawrence Abernathy Director of Music Ministry Dr. Jungjin Kim Associate Director of Music Ministry Mark Fangue Director of Contemporary Worship Will McCollum Facility Manager Lynn Knowles Financial Assistant Nancy Browning Director of Communications Bonner Watson College Intern

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Renovation Update Renovations continue at A&M UMC. The pews returned to the Sanctuary in early fall. Unfortuately, shortly after they were installed the 50+ year old heating/air conditioning unit failed, resulting in some chilly church services. The new system is slated for install in February. Progress continues on the upgrade of the organ. We anticipate that it will be delivered in mid-February, at which point the installation process will begin. The plan is to have it fully operational by Easter. The upgrades in the Great Hall are also underway. The trusses, lighting and new projectors have been installed. Great progress has been made toward completing the goals of Phase I of the Capital Campaign projects.

A look at the integrated reredos. Directly above will be the brilliant Trumpet en chamade which will project into the sanctuary in two rows.

These pipes create the mighty Tromba Magna (Great Trumpet). This set of pipes is so powerful, they require their own blower!

Great Hall Lighting Project

Bottom of the massive 16 foot pipes that create the Montre. This is the backbone of the instrument and will be directly behind the facade.

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The Art of Pilgrimage : a 5-week Lenten Study facilitated by Pastor Jim Reiter Lent, the ancient, 40-day path to Easter, provides a perfect backdrop to our pondering the Christian life as a journey – a pilgrimage into the fulness of Christ and His Life. Join Pastor Jim Reiter on Wednesday evenings… February 21 & 28 March 7, 21 & 28 6:15 PM (following Wednesday evening dinners in the CLC) Group discussions and exercises (together with [optional] outside work by participants) will unpack the meaning of Christian spiritual formation – defining the contours of the Christian life and essential tools for that journey.

Do you shop at or Kroger? A&M UMC is an approved non-profit for each of these retailers. By adding A&M UMC as your designated charity, a portion of your purchases will be donated to our church.

The Senior Team is a ministry program for active senior adults and retirees (or those approaching retirement). Special programs and activities are designed to provide fellowship & fun (and the occassional meal). Senior Team recently completed behind the scenes tours of the Aggie Baseball program, the Aggie football program, 12th Man Productions and enjoyed lunch at the RC Slocum Nutrition Center. Great things are on the horizon for the Senior Team! Plans are being finalized for a trip to the Rose Emporium in Independence, with lunch at Beaver’s in Chappell Hill during the month of April. Future activities will include a presentation by the Aggie Wranglers and special guest speakers. Watch for dates, times and locations of Senior Team activities - be sure to sign up early because space is limited for some of the adventures. Do you want to learn more about Senior Team? Contact Carol Tatum or the church office.

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The UMW invites all women to join them for their monthly meetings.

February 6th, 9:30am with Luncheon Program: “The Sacred Space of Gathering”

March 2nd, 10:30am World Day of Prayer held at St. Mary’s Catholic Church

A Night to Celebrate Mentoring Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Little Brothers, Little Sisters and families gathered in the Great Hall on January 19th to celebrate special friendships. The delicious meal was provided by members of A&M United Methodist Church and served by the Texas A&M student organization Iron Spikes. 68 volunteer mentors who have been matched with their Littles for more than one year were recognized and thanked. Dr. Reuben May entertained the attendees with one of his inspiring rap songs and kids young and not so young had fun decorating bowling pins to kick off the annual Bowl For Kids Sake Campaign. A highlight of the night was the photo booth provided by Rob Byroad.   Check out the photos from the evening: https://  There currently are 151 active mentoring matches supported by the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program. More than 40 kids are enrolled and waiting for a perfect match with a caring and responsible adult. Want to know how you can sign up? Contact Terry Dougherty at tdougherty@ or 979-224-3660.

March 3rd, 9:00am

West District Spiritual Growth Retreat A&M UMC Annex Fellowship Hall

March 6th, 9:30am

UMW General Meeting Program: “Creation of Sacred Space Outreach: Prison Ministry”

World Day of Prayer The UMW invites everyone join them for a World Day of Prayer on March 2nd at 10:30am. The event will be held at St. Mary’s Church. The theme for the 2018 World Day of Prayer is: All God’s Creation is Very Good.

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March 25


Maundy Thursday Service Thursday, March 29th 7:00 PM A&M UMC Great Hall

Join us during this unique worship experience. We will learn about the tradition and meaning of the Seder meal* and celebrate Holy Communion. *please note - no meal will be served.

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Stepping Up, Together - Stewardship 2018 Rev. Preston Greenwaldt

There have been times in my life that I can look back and say, “I did that with the Lord!” Once it was when I held a candle up on Christmas Eve. Once it was when I put the last nail into a house we built for a family in need. Once when my children’s heads ran with water from baptism. Once when I wrote my final check to the church to finish my pledge for the year. I did those things with God. This Lenten season, we will begin our stewardship campaign. In preparation for creating and assembling the materials that we are sending out, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I feel God is doing in our church. The Holy Spirit has moved in incredible ways over the last few months. Maybe it is because we have all stepped out in faith together to enhance our worship experience; maybe it is because so many people have brought their enthusiasm for the Lord and joined us as we take this journey together; maybe the Holy Spirit is moving in a deeper way simply because we are paying attention to it. Whatever the reason, I feel God more vibrantly in our halls and more deeply in our songs. And as the Spirit of God has stepped up in our church, I want to do the same with God in my own walk of serving our Lord. Years ago in my hometown church, we participated in a stewardship drive that A&M Methodist also participated in. It was called “The Step Up Campaign.” This drive helped visualize what it means to take a journey with the goal to someday become a full tither of ten percent or more within the life of the congregation. It gave us each the chance to evaluate, “What am I giving and can I start a journey to give all that God asks of me?” This year we will accompany our pledge cards with a step up chart to help each of us look at where we are and where we want to be in the coming years. I hope you will be in prayer that God will grant us the courage to give all we can as we keep in step with the Holy Spirit and grow in faith together. At the end of this year, you may not be able to say I gave 10%, but you might be able to say, “I stepped up! I stepped up on a journey with my God. I did that with the Lord!”

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& Family

Are you on the Children’s Ministry E-mail List? Send an e-mail to to be added to the contact list and receive all the reminders and breaking news from the Children’s & Family Ministry program.

Palm Sunday Palm Parade Sunday, March 25th is Palm Sunday. We will have a Palm Parade during all three services. All children are invited the join the parade. If your child would like to participate in the parade, meet with Gwenda Beavers a few minutes prior to your service.

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Children & Family What’s Happening

Confirmation Camp will be held at Lakeview March 2nd-4th You must register before February 16th . Cost is $100. Male and female counselors are needed and will attend free of charge. Sign up: https://

Pictured Above: The 2018 Confirmation Class recently toured St. Paul United Methodist Church.

The Easter Eggstravaganza is Saturday, March 31st at Veteran’s Park, 10 am – 12:30pm. Join us for age-level egg hunts for all ages (0—6th grade). Lunch will be provided. We’ll have crafts, an Easter story, and bounce houses, Bring your family and your neighbors for a fun morning. Candy Donations welcome! (Plastic eggs are not needed this year).

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Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner

Bring the whole family for a traditional Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner. There will also be several homemade desserts and other items to bid on in our Silent Auction. All proceeds benefit Youth Missions that helps off-set costs for youth mission trips, adult volunteers, and mission supplies.

Silent Auction Donation Items Needed

The Youth Group is hosting a silent auction for our Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner. We are in need of silent auction items to help earn money for Youth Mission work. All donations can be used towards tax exemptions. If you or your company have any items to donate, please contact Zac Gilts at and we will arrange pick up.

Youth Bible Study Wednesday Nights

6:15pm – 7:45pm Meet in the Youth Commons All youth are welcome and encouraged to join us for dinner at the Church beginning at 5:30pm followed by Youth Bible Study in the youth, commons from 6:15pm – 7:45pm. Special Note: There will be no Bible Study or Dinner on February 14th but please join us at 6pm in the Sanctuary for an Ash Wednesday Service.

Sunday Youth Schedule February 11th, 6:00pm – 8:15pm Classic MYF February 18th, Noon – 2:00pm Mission Sunday February 25th, 6:00pm – 8:15pm Classic MYF March 4th, Noon – 2:00pm Sunday Funday March 11th, No MYF Enjoy Spring Break

Hello Youth Families, we are kicking off a new Youth eNews and we want you to be involved! This eNews will go out weekly with updates and announcements of upcoming events as well as periodic reminders of what we have done together. To be added to the eNews list, e-mail Zac Gilts at

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2/13 - Fat Tuesday Pancake Dinner & Silent Auction 2/14 – Ash Wednesday 4/1 – Youth Led SonRise Service 4/22 – Senior Sunday 4/27- Break Thru Camp 6/10-16 – UMARMY High School Mission Trip 6/24-29 – District Camp 7/8-13 – Blueprint Ministries Middle School Mission Trip

Thank you to everyone who participated in, set up, and attended the Live Nativity! It was an amazing event!

Summer is right around the corner. Here are the trips you have to look forward to:

April 27th – 29th Breakthru: Youth Weekend Retreat For all youth. Registration Deadline: March 28th PMT Due: April 26th

June 10th – 16th UMARMY: High School Youth Mission Trip For youth attending 9th – 12th grade for this 2017 – 2018 school year. Registration deadline: April 20th PMT Due: May 18th ($275 / Student)

June 24th – 29th District Camp: Summer Camp For children and youth. Registration Deadline: June 10th PMT Due: June 10th (payment plans available through lakeview)

July 8th – 13th Blueprint Ministries: Middle School Mission Trip For youth attending 6th – 8th grade for this 2017 – 2018 school year. Registration Deadline: April 18th PMT Due: April 18th ($300 / Student)

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Spring Retreat: March 2nd-4th Do you enjoy long walks on the beach? Then this retreat is perfect for you! To wrap up our bible study on relationships, our spring retreat will be an opportunity to do some “soul searching.” What do I look for in a partner? How can I be a good partner? What makes me unique? How do I relate to others? We’ll plan to tackle all these questions through fun group activities, personality quizzes, and some quiet reflection. Plenty of study time will be scheduled for those who need it! E-mail to register.

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Mark your calendar for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser on March 3rd. Put your team together ($100 per person) and sign up to bowl. To fin out more about this event, email Terry Dougherty at contact Terry Dougherty at (979) 224-3660 or You can also register online at

The church office will be closed on the following dates:

March 14th, 15th & 16th April 2nd

March 11


Easter Lily Order Form Name:




Amount Given: ________________________________________________ In Honor of: ___________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ In Memory of:


______________________________________________ The Stewardship Campaign funds the church budget and

ministry programs for the upcoming year. In addition to

______________________________________________________________ financially supporting the church, all participants are invited to share their time and talents in the ministry areas of their choice.

Suggested minimum donation is $25. Order forms may be placed n the offering plate with your Have you thought about participating in the stewardship check or return it to the Church Office at your convenience.

campaign, but haven’t moved it off of the “to do” list? It’s not

th too lateSunday, - we invite you to 25 support the missions and ministries . Order deadline is Palm March

of A&M UMC by completing a pledge card (available from the ushers on Sunday or through the church office).

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Spring 2018 Messenger Newsletter  

The newsletter of A&M United Methodist Church, College Station , Texas.

Spring 2018 Messenger Newsletter  

The newsletter of A&M United Methodist Church, College Station , Texas.