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Company Address Downloadable Tunes 1 Coventry Square Coventry CV1 3HQ 024 76 470033

What is Downloadable Tunes? ďƒ˜ Downloadable Tunes is a company that

sells many media products. These include music, video games, DVDs and much more! ďƒ˜ We are currently working on future projects which will be explained over the next few slides.

Company History ďƒ˜

The company was originally ran by Richard Bradley, from his own home. He used to run it as a hobby, but now it has taken off. The website has been published, and customers have been accessing the site, ordering music and tunes online from all over the world. The company now has its own building in Coventry and is always improving.

Future improvements and ideas 

In the near future we aim to improve our company rapidly. We only used to be a music company, but we have developed our media into DVDs, Video Games, Video rentals, and much more. We will also be selling website design, Online streaming music, Blu-ray DVDs, Gaming Headsets and much more! Find out how you can get involved at 

What Will You Be Doing? ďƒ˜ As an employee here at Downloadable

Tunes you will be packing orders and sending them out, Taking orders and phone calls, Sorting out stock and then shelf stacking them, Creating data using appropriate software on computers. There really is lots to do!