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OCR Nationals Email Task (AO2)

In this task I am presenting email skills that I have learned.

The above screenshot shows that I have received an email from my teacher who has also attached a file for me to download and save.

I will now save the file attached.

This shows the file is now saved in my documents.

I have replied to the email to my teacher and also advised him about the importance of being careful when opening emails that contain file attachments. My message reads: Hi Sir, Thanks for the email. I have saved the attachment in my user area. I think it is important that I let you know about the dangers of opening email attachments. Email attachments could contain viruses or Trojans which could lead to malicious activity on your computer. A virus could harm your computer by deleting important files causing your computer not to function and it also litter your computer with malware which could slow the performance of your computer or cause constant popups. A malicious file could also lead to your computer being hacked and your personal information stolen. I would advise the best thing to do in order to avoid being affected is to not open attached email files from people you do not know or trust. You shouldn’t open files that are not of a file type that you recognise such as an image, office, video or sound file. I feel it is extremely important that you use a virus scanner on your computer such as Avira, Norton etc in order to scan file before opening them. Kind regards, Ali

This shows the email I have created and sent to 2 people.

This email shows that I have forwarded an email received to someone else.

OCR L2 Unit 1 Email task (AO2)  

OCR L2 Unit 1 Email task (AO2)