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news roundup / January 2008


ISSN 2051-2554

October 2012

58th issue

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Long Live the King th 5 December 2012

HRH Princess Ubolratana Mahidol opened the Thailand Pavilion at World Travel Market 2012 in London To be continued in the next issue

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Obama visits Thailand on 18 November

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Barack Obama, President of the United States, met with the Thai Prime Minister at Government House in Bangkok on the occasion of his first official visit to Thailand. Thailand is the first nation visited by the President after the recent US election which took place earlier in November. At the meeting President Obama and Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra discussed the direction for future partnership with the aim of enhancing regional cooperation.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra official visited to the UK 12-14 November 2012 Continued on page 12-13, 16

amthaiEvent Highlights amthaiKathina Festival


Royal Kathina Festivals

Continued on page 19

¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂÁͺ Thai Select Award ãˌᡋÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Âã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉà¾ÔèÁÍÕ¡ 39 Ìҹ Continued on page 12-13

amthaiRestaurant review â´Â : ÁØ¡Íѹ´ÒÁѹ

Panasia Thai Oriental Restaurant, Bath Continued on page 17


amthaipaper / January 2008



news roundup / January 2008



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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008

politics / October 2012


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ãËÞ‹ªÒǹҾÍ㨡Ѻâ¤Ã§¡ÒùÕé ¢³Ðà´ÕÂǡѹàÃÒ µÒÁ¾.Ã.º.˹Õé Ê Ò¸ÒóÐǧà§Ô ¹ ·Õè ÃÑ ° ºÒŨРäÁ‹ ¾ ÂÒÂÒÁ¼ÅÑ ¡ ´Ñ ¹ãËŒ ¢ Ò¢Œ Ò ÇÃÒ¤Òᾧ àÃÒ ¤éÓ»ÃСѹ䴌¡Ñºà§Ô¹ãËŒ¡ÙŒµ‹Í »ÃÐÁÒ³ 4.4 áʹ µŒÍ§¡ÒÃÃÒ¤Ò໚¹¸ÃÃÁµ‹Íà¡ÉµÃ¡Ã ŌҹºÒ· ᵋà§Ô¹·Õ¨è СÙÁŒ Ò㪌㹡ÒèӹӢŒÒÇà¾Õ§ Í‹ҧà´ÕÂÇÍÂÙ‹ 66% ´Ñ§¹Ñé¹ÃÑ°ºÒŨÐàËÅ×Íà§Ô¹·Õè áÁŒ Ç‹ Ò àÇÕ Â ´¹ÒÁ¨Ð᫧˹Œ Òä·Â â´ÂÊÒÁÒö ¨Ð¤éÓ»ÃСѹÍÕ¡à¾Õ§ 34% «Ö§è äÁ‹à¾Õ§¾ÍÊÓËÃѺ Ê‹§ÍÍ¡¢ŒÒÇä´ŒÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Òä·Â ᵋ¾.µ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³àª×èÍ â¤Ã§¡ÒþѲ¹Òâ¤Ã§ÊÌҧ¾×¹é °Ò¹ãËÁ‹ÁÅÙ ¤‹Ò 2.27 Ç‹Ò·ŒÒ·ÕèÊØ´áÅŒÇàÇÕ´¹ÒÁ¡çäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡¢Ò¢ŒÒÇã¹ ÅŒ Ò ¹ÅŒ Ò ¹ºÒ· ·Õè ¾ Ãäà¾×è Í ä·Â¡ÓÅÑ § âËÁ ÃÒ¤Ò¶Ù¡µ‹Íä» àÇÕ´¹ÒÁ¡çäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöà¾ÒлÅÙ¡ »ÃЪÒÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸ÍÂÙ‹ â¤Ã§¡ÒÃàËÅ‹Ò¹Ñ¹é ¨Ð਍§´Óà¹Ô¹ ä´Œ Á Ò¡¡Ç‹ Ò ¹Õé ᵋ ·Ñé §âÅ¡ÂÑ § ºÃÔ â À¤»ÃÐÁÒ³ §Ò¹äÁä´Œ à¾ÃÒÐàËÅ×Íà§Ô¹ÍÂÙ‹¹ŒÍÂÁÒ¡ à·‹Òà´ÔÁ ¶ŒÒàÇÕ´¹ÒÁÃÕº¢Ò¡ç¢ÒÂä» àÃÒ¢ÒªŒÒ ¡Ç‹Ò¡çäÁ‹àËç¹à»š¹äà ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ䴌Í͡˹ѧÊ×Í©ºÑºµ‹Íä»·Õèŧ ¹ÒÁâ´ÂÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕª‹ÇÂÇ‹Ò¡ÒáÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ ¾.µ.·.·Ñ ¡ ÉÔ ³ ÂÍÁÃÑ º Ç‹ Ò ÁÕ ¡ Òþ٠´ ¤Ø  ¡Ñ º ¹.Ê. ÃÐºØ Ç‹ Ò ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅÑ § ¨Ð¤é Ó »ÃÐ¡Ñ ¹ ˹Õé ÂÔè § ÅÑ ¡ ɳ à »š ¹ »ÃÐ¨Ó â´Â¤Ø  ¡Ñ ¹ àËÁ× Í ¹¤¹ã¹ ÊÒ¸ÒóзÕè ¸¡Ê.¡ÙŒà¾Õ§ 1.5 áʹŌҹºÒ· ·Õè ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ ÁÕ¡ÒûÃÖ¡ÉÒËÒÃ×͡ѹã¹ËÅÒ´ŒÒ¹ àËÅ× Í ÍÕ ¡ à·‹ ÒäÃ¡ç µ ÒÁ ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ¨ÐäÁ‹ ÃÇÁ¶Ö§¡ÒúÃÔËÒèѴ¡Òà â´Âà¢Ò·ÓµÑÇàËÁ×͹ ¤éÓ»ÃСѹ áÊ´§ãËŒàËç¹ä´ŒªÑ´à¨¹Ç‹Ò ¡ÃзÃǧ ໚¹·Õè»ÃÖ¡ÉÒʋǹµÑǢͧ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ â´ÂºÒ§ ¡ÒäÅѧäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡¤éÓ»ÃСѹ˹Õé¢Í§â¤Ã§¡ÒÃ¨Ó¹Ó ª‹Ç§ÁÕàÃ×èͧÌ͹¡ç¨Ð¤Ø¡ѹº‹Í à¾ÃÒÐà¢ÒÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡¤¹ ¢ŒÒÇ à¾ÃÒÐËÒ¡¤éÓ»ÃСѹ˹Õéʋǹ¹Õé¨ÐäÁ‹ÁÕà§Ô¹ ÃÙŒ¡®ËÁÒÂÃÙŒ¢Ñ鹵͹¾Ô¸Õ¡ÒÃÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ¢³Ð àËÅ×Íä»·ÓÍ‹ҧÍ×è¹ ·Õè¹.Ê.ÂÔè§ÅѡɳÍÒ¨¨ÐÂѧãËÁ‹ áÁŒäÁ‹¨Ó໚¹µŒÍ§ â·Ã.ËÒ¡çä´Œ ᵋàÁ×Íè â·Ã.ÁÒà¢Ò¡çÊÒÁÒöãËŒ¤ÓµÍº »ÃСÒõ‹ Í ÁÒ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅÑ § à¢Õ  ¹ÃÐºØ ã ¹ ä´Œ·Ñ¹·Õ à¾ÃÒÐà¢ÒÍÂÙ‹·Õè´Ù亡çäÁ‹ä´Œ·ÓÍÐäÃÍÂÙ‹áÅŒÇ Ë¹Ñ§Ê×ÍÇ‹Ò Ç‹ÒµÍ¹¹Õ鵌ͧÁÕ¡Òû´ºÑÞªÕ ÁÕ¡Òà ªÓÃÐ˹Õé¨Ò¡¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹¡ÒÃâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃá·Ã¡á«§ “¼ÁÍÂÙ‹àº×éͧËÅѧ¹âºÒ¢ͧ·Ò§¾ÃäÍÂÙ‹áŌǔ ÃÒ¤ÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒà¡ÉµÃ ÁÕ¢ŒÍàʹÍËÅÒ»ÃСÒà 㹠¾.µ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³Â×¹Âѹ ¾ÃŒÍÁÃкØÇ‹Ò¨Ðà˧¼ÅÑ¡´Ñ¹ ¨´ËÁÒ©ºÑº¹Ñé¹ÃкØÇ‹Ò¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂµŒÍ§ ¡ÒÃá¡Œä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ à¾×èÍ»‡Í§¡Ñ¹äÁ‹ãËŒà¡Ô´¡Òà ÃÒ§ҹ¡ÒÃÃкÒÂÊÔ ¹ ¤Œ Ò »ÃÔ Á Ò³áÅÐÁÙ Å ¤‹ Ò Âغ¾ÃäÍÕ¡ â´Âà¢ÒàËç¹Ç‹Òͧ¤¡ÃÍÔÊÃзÕèä´ŒÃѺ ¤§àËÅ×ÍãËŒ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧáÅÐÊӹѡ§º»ÃÐÁÒ³ ¡ÒäѴàÅ×Í¡¨Ò¡¡ÅØ‹Á»¯ÔÇѵÔ໚¹àÊÁ×͹¡Òû¯ÔÇÑµÔ ·Ø¡äµÃÁÒÊ ¡ÃÁ¡ÒäŒÒµ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·ÈµŒÍ§ÃÒ§ҹ ¼‹Ò¹¾ÅàÃ×͹ á·Œ·Õè¨ÃÔ§áÅŒÇ໚¹¼Å¾Ç§¢Í§¡Òà ¡ÒÃÃкÒ¢Œ Ò Ç »ÃÔ Á Ò³ ÁÙ Å ¤‹ Ò ¤§àËÅ× Í áÅÐ »¯ÔÇѵÔÃÑ°»ÃÐËÒà à¢ÒµŒÍ§á¡Œä¢ãˌ䴌 ÍØ»ÊÃ䵋ͤ³ÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÍ‹ҧ¹ŒÍ»‚ÅÐ 3 ¤ÃÑé§ Ë¹‹Ç§ҹµŒÍ§´ÙáÅ¢ŒÒÇÊÇÁÊÔ·¸Ôì¨Ò¡µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ÊÓËÃÑ º â¤Ã§¡ÒèӹӢŒ Ò Ç ¶Ù ¡ ¤Ñ ´ ¤Œ Ò ¹¨Ò¡ ˹‹Ç§ҹ¨ÐµŒÍ§Ëҷҧᡌ䢻˜ÞËÒ·ÕèäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö ¹Ñ¡ÇÔªÒ¡ÒôŒÒ¹àÈÃÉ°ÈÒʵÏÍ‹ҧÁÒ¡ Ç‹Ò໚¹ ¢Ò¢ŒÒÇÊ‹§ÍÍ¡ä´Œ à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡ÃÒ¤Ò¨Ó¹ÓÊÙ§¡Ç‹Ò â¤Ã§¡ÒûÃЪҹÔÂÁ â´ÂÃÑ°ºÒŵѧé ÃÒ¤ÒÃѺ¨Ó¹Ó µÅÒ´âÅ¡ ¢ŒÒÇänjʧ٠à¡Ô¹ä»·ÕÃè дѺµÑ¹ÅÐ 1.5 ËÁ×¹è ºÒ· ·ÓãËŒ äÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö¡ÃШÒ¢ŒÒÇÍÍ¡ÊÙ‹µÅÒ´âÅ¡ä´Œ Ê‹§¼Å ¾ÃŒÍÁàʹÍÁҵáÒû‡Í§¡Ñ¹·Ø¨ÃÔµ ¡Ó˹´ÃÒ¤Ò ãËŒ»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂàÊÕÂÍѹ´Ñº¼ÙŒÊ‹§ÍÍ¡¢ŒÒÇÍѹ´ÑºË¹Öè§ ÃѺ¨Ó¹ÓãËŒàËÁÒÐÊÁ ËҷҧŴµŒ¹·Ø¹¡ÒüÅÔµ ¢³Ðà´ÕÂǡѹÂѧ໚¹¡ÒúԴàº×͹¡Å䡵ÅÒ´·ÓãËŒ àÃ×èͧàËÅ‹Ò¹Õé«Öè§äÁ‹ÁÕ·Ò§à¡Ô´ ÁÕ¡Ó˹´á¼¹¡Òà ÃÑ°ºÒµŒÍ§ãªŒà§Ô¹¨Ó¹Ç¹Áҡ仫×éÍ¢ŒÒÇ«Öè§ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ÃкÒ¢ŒÒÇ ¡Òû´ºÑÞªÕ¡ÃÁ¡ÒâŒÒÇ ¾ÃŒÍÁ äÁ‹¹‹Ò¨ÐÁÕà§Ô¹ÁÒ¡ÁÒ«×éÍ¢ŒÒǪÒÇ¹Ò ä´Œ·Ñé§ËÁ´ã¹ ÃÒ§ҹà赯 ·Õè ä Á‹ Ê ÒÁÒö´Óà¹Ô ¹ ¡ÒõÒÁá¼¹ ¡Ã³Õ·Õ辋ͤŒÒäÁ‹ÃѺ«×éÍ¢ŒÒÇ áÅÐä´Œ¼ÅÑ¡ÀÒÃÐ˹Õéä» »ÃСÒÈâ´Âແ´à¼ÂËÅѡࡳ±Ç¸Ô ¡Õ ÒÃÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´ Âѧ¸¹Ò¤ÒÃà¾×èÍ¡ÒÃà¡ÉµÃáÅÐÊˡó¡ÒÃà¡ÉµÃ à¡ÕèÂǡѺ¡ÒèӹӢŒÒÇ ¡ÒèÓ˹‹Ò¢ŒÒÇ·ÕèÍÂÙ‹ã¹ (¸¡Ê.) Ê‹§¼ÅãËŒÃ°Ñ ºÒŵŒÍ§ÃѺÀÒÃÐ˹ÕÊé Ò¸ÒóР⡴ѧ ·ÕèÊÓ¤ÑÞãËŒ¸¡Ê.᡺ÑÞªÕ¨Ó¹Ó¢ŒÒÇà¾×èÍãËŒ ·Õèà¾ÔèÁÊÙ§¢Öé¹ ¢³Ðà´ÕÂǡѹÃÑ°ºÒÅÂѧµŒÍ§ÃѺÀÒÃÐ Êӹѡ§º»ÃÐÁÒ³¨Ñ´ÊÃÃà§Ô¹§º»ÃÐÁÒ³ªÓÃÐ ¤‹Ò㪌¨‹ÒÂ㹡ÒÃà¡çºÃÑ¡ÉÒ¢ŒÒÇã¹ÊµÍ¡ áÅÐÂѧ ¤×¹¼Å¢Ò´·Ø¹ÀÒÂã¹»‚§º»ÃÐÁÒ³ ËÃ×ÍäÁ‹à¡Ô¹ ËÒ¡ÁÕ¡Ò÷بÃÔµ¹Ó¢ŒÒǨҡµ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·ÈÁÒÊÇÁ »‚§º»ÃÐÁÒ³¶Ñ´ä»à¾×èÍÅ´ÀÒÃд͡àºÕé ÊÔ·¸Ô ¨ÐÂÔ觷ÓãËŒÃÑ°ºÒÅÃѺÀÒÃФ‹Ò㪌¨‹ÒÂà¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹ â´ÂäÁ‹ä´ŒàÍ×éÍ»ÃÐ⪹ã´æ á¡‹ªÒǹÒä·ÂÍ‹ҧ “à´ÔÁ¡ÙàŒ §Ô¹ ¸¡Ê. ¡ç¨Ð¨‹ÒÂãËŒà¡ÉµÃ¡Ã ¶ŒÒÃÑ°ºÒÅ á·Œ¨ÃÔ§ ä´Œ ¢Œ Ò ÇÁÒáÅŒ ÇäÁ‹ ¢ Ò¢Œ Ò Ç¡ç ¨ ÐàÊÕ Â ´Í¡àºÕé ÂãËŒ ¸¡Ê. ·ºä»àÃ×èÍÂæ ·Ø¡»‚ µÍ¹¹Õé·Õè»Å‹ÍÂà¾ÃÒÐ ¡ÃзºÂʹ˹ÕéÊÒ¸ÒóРà§Ô¹µŒ¹»‚à´ÕÂÇ 3 áʹ¡Ç‹ÒŌҹ ¶ŒÒ´Í¡àºÕÂé ·ºµŒ¹ ÃÑ°ÏäÁ‹àËÅ×Íà§Ô¹¾Ñ²¹Ò»ÃÐà·È ¨ÐÂÔè§ÁâËÌÒÔ ¹Ò¹Ծ¹¸ ¾ÑǾ§È¡Ã ¹Ñ¡ÇÔªÒ¡ÒÃà¡ÕÂõԤس ʶҺѹÇÔ¨ÑÂà¾×è;Ѳ¹Ò»ÃÐà·Èä·Â (·Õ´ÕÍÒÏäÍ) ¡ÒÃ㪌à§Ô¹»‚ÅÐ 3 áʹ¡Ç‹ÒŌҹºÒ· ¨Ðµ¡à»š¹ à¼ÂÇ‹Òâ¤Ã§¡ÒèӹӢŒÒÇàÃÔèÁ¡‹Í»˜ÞËҡѺÃдѺ 3% ¢Í§¨Õ´Õ¾Õ ¨Ò¡à¡³±¡Òá‹Í˹ÕéÊÒ¸ÒóР˹ÕÊé Ò¸ÒóТͧ»ÃÐà·È â´Â¾ºÇ‹ÒÊӹѡºÃÔËÒà µŒÍ§äÁ‹à¡Ô¹ 60% ¢Í§¨Õ´Õ¾Õ ¢³Ð¹Õ鶌ÒÃÇÁ˹Õé·Õè ˹ÕéÊÒ¸ÒóР(Ê»¹.) ä´ŒÁÕ˹ѧÊ×Íŧ¹ÒÁâ´Â â͹ä»ãËŒ¸¹Ò¤ÒÃáË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·Â¡ç 50% áÅŒÇ ¹Ò¡ԵµÔÃѵ¹ ³ Ãйͧ Ãͧ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕã¹ ËÒ¡ÃÇÁ 3% áÅÐäÁ‹¢Ò¢ŒÒÇ 3 »‚ 9% áÅÐ ¢³Ð¹Ñé¹ ä»¶Ö§¤³ÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ (¤ÃÁ.) à¾×èÍáÊ´§ ¢Ò¢ŒÒÇä´ŒÂÒ¡ ¢Ò¢Ҵ·Ø¹á¹‹¹Í¹ ¡ÃзÃǧ ¤ÇÒÁàËç¹à¡ÕèÂǡѺ¼Å¡Ãзº´ŒÒ¹¡ÒäÅѧ ¨Ò¡ ¾Ò³ÔªÂ ¨Ö§àÃÕ¡¼ÙŒÊ‹§Í͡ࢌÒ仢ͤÇÒÁËÇÁÁ×Í ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹§Ò¹â¤Ã§¡ÒÃÃѺ¨Ó¹Ó¢ŒÒÇ ËÅѧ¨Ò¡»‚·Õ輋ҹÁÒ໚¹ÈѵÃ١ѹÁÒµÅÍ´ «Ö觼ٌʋ§ ÍÍ¡àʹÍàÃ×èͧ¢ŒÒÇËÍÁÇ‹ÒÊÕáÅŒÇãˌʋ§¤Åѧ¼ÙŒÊ‹§

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·Ò§´ŒÒ¹ÃÑ°ºÒÅä´ŒÍÍ¡ÁÒãËŒ¢‹ÒÇÇ‹ÒÁÕ¡ÒÃÃкÒ ä»ÂѧÍԹⴹÕà«Õ«×éÍä»ã¹»‚¹ÕéÍÕ¡ 3 Åç͵ ᵋàÁ×èÍ ¹Ò¹Ծ¹¸ä´ŒµÃǨÊͺä»áŌǡÅѺ¾º¢ŒÍÁÙŨҡ ºÃÔÉÑ··Õè¹Ñè¹ ÃкØÇ‹Ò 3 Åç͵·Õ輋ҹÁÒäÁ‹ä´Œ«×éͨҡ »ÃÐà·Èä·ÂàÅ ᵋ«×éͨҡ»ÃÐà·ÈàÇÕ´¹ÒÁ·Ñé§ 3 Åç͵ ¢³Ð·ÕèÃÑ°ºÒź͡NjҨТÒ¢ŒÒǨշ٨աѺ ¨Õ¹ 5 »‚ ᵋ¹Ò¹Ծ¹¸µÑ駢ŒÍÊѧࡵNjÒÃÑ°ºÒÅ ºÍ¡äÁ‹ä´Œà«ç¹ MOU ¨Ö§¶ÒÁÇ‹Òã¤Ã¨Ð·ÓÊÑÞÞÒ 5 »‚ŋǧ˹ŒÒ ¨Õ¹à»š¹»ÃÐà·Èà´ÕÂÇ·ÕèÁÕâÍ¡ÒÊ«×éÍ ¨Ò¡ä·Â ¨Õ·¨Ù ãÕ ¹áµ‹Ã°Ñ ºÒÅŌǹµŒÍ§¡Òë×Íé ¢Í§¶Ù¡Í‹ҧ¡Ã³Õ ÁÒàÅà«Õ ÃÑ°ºÒÅ¡çä»à¨Ã¨ÒNjҨТÒ¢ŒÒÇãËŒ â´Â ÁÒàÅà«ÕÂãËŒºÃÔÉ·Ñ àÍ¡ª¹à»š¹¼Ù«Œ Íé× ¢³Ð¹ÕÁé ÒàÅà«Õ ÁÕÃкº·Õè´Õ·ÕèÊØ´ àÍ¡ª¹¨Ð«×éÍ¢ŒÒÇ·ÕèÃÒ¤Ò¶Ù¡·ÕèÊØ´ ¤¹·Õè»ÃÐÁÙÅä´ŒµŒÍ§à¡‹§·ÕèÊØ´ »ÃÐà·Èä·ÂÁÕºÃÔÉÑ· ¾§ÉÅÒÀ¢ÒÂ䴌໚¹»ÃÐ¨Ó à¢ÒäÁ‹ä´ŒÊ¹ã¨ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ä·ÂÇ‹ÒµŒÍ§¢ÒÂã¹ÃÒ¤Ò·Õè¡Ó˹´ ÊÃØ»ä·Â¢ÒÂãËŒ ÁÒàÅà«ÕÂäÁ‹ä´Œ ¡Ã³Õ¸¡Ê.໚¹àÃ×èͧ¹‹Òˋǧ ¶ŒÒÃÑ°ºÒÅ¢Ò¢ŒÒÇäÁ ä´ŒÃÑ°ºÒÅ¡çäÁ‹ä´Œ¤×¹à§Ô¹¸¡Ê. áÅжŒÒ¸¡Ê.»Å‹Í¡ٌ ä»àÃ×èÍÂæ ã¹·ÕèÊØ´¡ç¨ÐÁÕ»˜ÞËÒ¢Ò´ÊÀÒ¾¤Å‹Í§ Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ 21 amthaiteam Director Ramida Vijitphan Editor Sittikorn Meesukul Operations Manager Charlie Ercilla Co-Editor in General Pasha Prabpal, Jongjin Jitjang, Editorial Team Patcharin Hayes, Ramon Chiratheep, Mukkarin Thitavaranun Distribution/Advertising Manager Charlie Ercilla, Panida Sutatchutoe Photographers Charlie Ercilla, Ramida Vijitphan, Annop sukson Contributors Sermsak Narinwong, Dr.Kriengsak Chaleonwongsak, Fang Feng Ting, Soikaimook Boonrasri, Poranee James Art Director Ramida Vijitphan Graphic Designers Suchada Supantamart, Anan Buranapattana Contact for Advertising/Editorial 0788 635 9750, 0785 2771 709, 0794 1647 886 Contact for Membership/Discount Card Charlie Ercilla, Mukkarin Thitavaranun 0794 1647 886, 0786 6920 131,


news roundup / January 2008

¾º¡ÑºÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â·Õè¤Ø³ª×蹪ͺËÅÒÂÃŒÍÂÃÒ¡Òà ¹ÓࢌҨҡàÁ×ͧä·Ââ´ÂµÃ§ Ê´ ãËÁ‹ ÊÐÍÒ´

Çѹ¹Õé·Õè ¹ÔÇ ÅÙ¹ ÁÙ¹

New Loon Moon Supermarket 9a Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PN, UK Tel: 020 7734 3887 Fax: 020 7439 8880


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royalty /October 2012


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(ÃѪ¡ÒÅ·Õè ñ µ‹Í¨Ò¡µÍ¹·ÕèáÅŒÇ)


»ÃÐà·Èä·Â (ÊÂÒÁ) ã¹ÃѪÊÁÑ¢ͧÊÁà´ç¨ ¾ÃÐ਌ҵҡÊÔ¹ÁËÒÃÒª (¡Ãا¸¹ºØÃÕ) áÅÐ ã¹ÃѪÊÁÑ¢ͧ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾Ãоط¸ÂÍ´ ¿‡Ò¨ØÌÒâÅ¡ÁËÒÃÒª (¡ÃاÃѵ¹â¡ÊÔ¹·Ã) ËÒ¡ ¨Ðà»ÃÕº»ÃÐà·Èä·Âã¹Âؤ¹Ñ鹡礧àËÁ×͹¡Ñº ¤¹·Õè͋͹áÍà¾ÃÒÐÁÕâäÃØÁàÃŒÒÍÂÙ‹ à·‹Ò¹Ñé¹Âѧ äÁ‹¾ÍÂѧ¶Ù¡·ÓÃŒÒÂËҧ¡ÒÂãËŒà¨çºªéÓÍÕ¡ ¹Ñè¹ ËÁÒ¶֧NjÒ㹪‹Ç§¹Ñé¹»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂÍÂÙ‹ã¹ÀÒÇÐ ·ÕèºÍºªéÓÃÐÊèÓÃÐÊÒ «Öè§ÁÕ¼ÅÁÒ¨Ò¡¡ÒÃàÊÕ ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ¤ÃÑ駷Õè ò áÅÐà˵ءÒóµ‹Ò§æ ·Ñ§é ÀÒÂã¹áÅÐÀÒ¹͡»ÃÐà·È ¹Ñºà»š¹ÀÒÃÐ ÍѹãËÞ‹ËÅǧ·Õè¨Ð¿„œ¹¿ÙáÅоѲ¹Ò»ÃÐà·È ãËŒà¨ÃÔÞÁÑ蹤§àËÁ×͹¡Ñº¹Ò¹ÒÍÒÃÂлÃÐà·È ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐ¾Ø · ¸ÂÍ´¿‡ Ò Ï ·Ã§ µÃÐ˹ѡ㹾ÃзѶ֧¾ÃÐÃÒªÀÒÃзÑé§ÁÇÅ ¨Ö§·Ã§µÑ駾ÃÐÃÒª»³Ô¸Ò¹äÇŒÊÒÁ»ÃСÒÃÇ‹Ò “µÑé§ã¨¨ÐÍØ»¶ÑÁÀ¡ ÂÍ¡¾Ãоط¸ÈÒÊ¹Ò ¨Ð»‡Í§¡Ñ¹¢Íº¢Ñ³±ÊÕÁÒ ÃÑ¡ÉÒ»ÃЪҪ¹ áÅÐÁ¹µÃÕ”


´Â¤ÇÒÁËÁÒ¡ç䴌ᡋ¾ÃÐÃÒªÀÒáԨÀÒÂã¹ ¤×Í¡Ò÷ӹغÓÃا¾Ãоط¸ÈÒʹÒáÅСÒà ´Ù á ÅÃÒÉ®ÃãËŒ Í ÂÙ‹ ´Õ ¡Ô ¹ ´Õ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÀÒÃ¡Ô ¨ ÀÒ¹͡ ¤× Í ¡Òû‡ Í §¡Ñ ¹ ¢Íº¢Ñ ³ ±ÊÕ Á ÒãËŒ »ÅÍ´ÀѨҡÈѵÃÙ ËÃ×Í¡Å‹ÒÇÍÕ¡¹ÑÂ˹Ö觡ç¤×Í »ÃСÒ÷Õèáá¤×Í¡ÒÃÍØ»¶ÑÁÀºÓÃا¾Ãоط¸ ÈÒÊ¹Ò »ÃСÒ÷ÕÊè ͧ ¤×Í¡Òû‡Í§¡Ñ¹»ÃÐà·È ãˌ໚¹àÍ¡ÃÒªµÅÍ´ä» áÅлÃСÒ÷ÕèÊÒÁ ¤×Í¡Òû¡¤Ãͧ»ÃЪҪ¹ãËŒÍÂًËÇÁ¡Ñ¹Í‹ҧ

royalty article


S. Narinwong

µÍ¹·Õè ò÷ ÃҪǧȏ¨Ñ¡ÃÕ â´Â: àÊÃÔÁÈÑ¡´Ôì ¹ÃÔ¹·ÃÇ§É

ËÁàÂç¹à»š¹ÊØ¢ ¾ÃÐÃÒª»³Ô¸Ò¹·Õè¡Å‹ÒÇÁÒ¹ÕéáÊ´§ãËŒàË繶֧¹éÓ ¾ÃзÑ·Õè¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§ÂÖ´ÁÑè¹ã¹¾Ãоط¸ÈÒÊ¹Ò ¾ÃŒÍÁ¾ÃÐÍѨ©ÃÔÂÀÒ¾¢Í§¾ÃÐͧ¤ã¹¡Òû¡¤Ãͧ »ÃÐà·È à¾×èÍãËŒ»ÃÐà·ÈªÒµÔà¨ÃÔÞÁÑ蹤§ áÅÐãËŒ »ÃЪҪ¹ÁÑè§ÁÕÈÃÕÊØ¢ «Ö觾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§ÁͧàËç¹ à˵ءÒóÀÒÂ˹ŒÒ ¨Ö§·Ã§µÑ§é Áѹè ã¹¾ÃÐÃÒªÀÒáԨ à¾×Íè ¤ÇÒÁà¨ÃÔÞÃا‹ àÃ×ͧáÅФÇÒÁÁÑ¹è ¤§¢Í§»ÃÐà·È


¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾Ãоط¸ÂÍ´¿‡Ò¨ØÌÒâÅ¡ÁËÒÃÒª ·Ã§ÁÕ¾ÃлÃÕªÒËÂÑè§àË繤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤Ñޢͧ»ÃÐà·È ªÒµÔ ò »ÃСÒà ¤×ÍÇÑ´¡ÑºÇѧ ËÃ×ÍÈÒʹҨѡà ¡ÑºÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ·Ñé§ ò ʶҺѹäÁ‹ÍÒ¨á¡ÍÍ¡ ¨Ò¡¡Ñ¹ä´Œ µ‹Ò§µŒÍ§ÍÒÈÑ«Ö觡ѹáÅСѹ à¾ÃÒÐÇÑ´ ã¹ÊÁÑ¡‹Í¹ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤ÑÞµ‹ÍÊѧ¤Áä·ÂÁÒ¡ ÇÑ´ ໚¹àÊÁ×͹ÈÒÅÒ»ÃЪҤÁ ÇѴ໚¹·Õè»ÃЪØÁ¢Í§ »ÃЪҪ¹·ÑèÇæ ä» ÇѴ໚¹áËÅ‹§¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒµ‹Ò§æ ໚¹âçàÃÕ¹·Õè¨ÐãËŒ¤¹·ÑèÇä»ä´ŒÈÖ¡ÉÒËÒ¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒ

ʧ¤ÃÒÁáÅÐʶҹ¡ÒóÀÒÂã¹»ÃÐà·È ËÒ¡ ·Ã§»Å‹ Í ÂäÇŒ ¨ Ðà¡Ô ´ ¤ÇÒÁàÊÕ Â ËÒÂÁÒ¡ÂÔè § ¢Öé ¹ äÁ‹Ç‹Ò¨Ð໚¹´ŒÒ¹¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒ¾ÃиÃÃÁÇԹѠàÃÕ¹ ¾ÃÐͧ¤¨§Ö ·Ã§¿„¹œ ¿ÙáÅзӹغÓÃا¾Ãоط¸ÈÒÊ¹Ò ÀÒÉÒä·Â ÀÒÉÒ¢ÍÁ ÀÒÉÒºÒÅÕ áÅÐÈÔŻР㹴ŒÒ¹µ‹Ò§æ ÁÒ¡ÁÒ ÍÒ¨á¡໚¹»ÃÐà´ç¹ËÅÑ¡æ ÇÔ·ÂÒ¡Òõ‹Ò§æ ઋ¹ »ÃеÔÁÒ¡ÃÃÁ ʶһ˜µÂ¡ÃÃÁ â´Â‹Íä´Œ´Ñ§¹Õé ¨ÔµÃ¡ÃÃÁ ÈÔŻСÒû‡Í§¡Ñ¹µÑÇ áÅÐÇÔªÒªÕ¾Í×è¹æ ·Õè໚¹»ÃÐ⪹µ‹Í¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹ªÕÇÔµ¢Í§»ÃЪҪ¹ ñ. ·Ã§¿„œ¹¿Ùà¡ÕèÂǡѺ¡®ËÁÒ¤³Ðʧ¦ãËŒÃÑ´¡ØÁ ã¹Âؤ¹Ñé¹ ÇÑ´¨Ö§à»š¹Ê¶Ò¹·Õè·Õè·Ø¡¤¹ÁÕÊÔ·¸ÔìࢌÒÁÒ ¡Ç´¢Ñ¹¤ÇÒÁ»ÃоĵԢͧ¾ÃÐʧ¦ãËŒÍÂً㹸ÃÃÁ ·Ó¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ ¤×Í¡ÒÃÊÌҧºØÞºÓà¾çÞ¡ØÈÅ ËÃ×Í ÇÔ¹ÑÂÍ‹ҧà¤Ã‹§¤ÃÑ´ ʶһ¹Ò¾ÃÐà¶ÃÒ¹Øà¶ÃТÑé¹ Ã‹ÇÁ¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ·Ò§»ÃÐླյ‹Ò§æä´Œ â´ÂäÁ‹ÁÕ¡Òà ¼ÙŒãËÞ‹ãËŒ´ÓçÊÁ³ÐÈÑ¡´Ôì´ÙáÅÃѺ¼Ô´ªÍº¡Ô¨¡Òà ẋ§ªÑé¹ÇÃóРÇÑ´¨Ö§à»š¹Èٹ¡ÅÒ§·Ò§¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´ §Ò¹ã¹ÈÒʹ¨Ñ¡Ã à¾×èͤÇÒÁà¨ÃÔÞÃØ‹§àÃ×ͧáË‹§ áÅСԨ¡ÃÃÁµ‹Ò§æ â´ÂÁÕ਌ÒÍÒÇÒÊáÅоÃÐÀÔ¡ÉØ ¾Ãоط¸ÈÒʹÒÂÔè§æ ¢Öé¹ä» ã¹ÇÑ´¹Ñé¹æ ·Ó˹ŒÒ·Õè໚¹¤ÃÙÍÒ¨ÒÏáÅÐ໚¹¼ÙŒ¹Ó ò. ·Ã§â»Ã´à¡ÅŒÒãËŒÊѧ¤Ò¹ҾÃÐäµÃ»®¡ãËŒ ¢Í§ªÒǺŒÒ¹ä´Œà»š¹Í‹ҧ´ÕÂÔè§ ºÃÔÊØ·¸ÔìÊÁºÙó¶Ù¡µŒÍ§ã¹»‚ ¾.È. òóóñ ¾ÃŒÍÁ ¡Ñ¹¹Õ¾é ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§¾ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹·ÃѾÊÇ‹ ¹¾ÃÐͧ¤ ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾Ãоط¸ÂÍ´¿‡Ò¨ØÌÒâÅ¡ ·Ã§ áÅзçÍØ»¶ÑÁÀ´ŒÒ¹ÀѵµÒËÒÃá´‹¾ÃÐʧ¦·Õèà¢ŒÒ àÅ×èÍÁãÊã¹¾Ãоط¸ÈÒʹÒ໚¹Í‹ҧÁÒ¡ ·Ã§ÁÕ Ã‹ÇÁ㹡Ò÷ÓÊѧ¤Ò¹ҴŒÇ ¾ÃÐÃÒªËÄ·ÑÂ㹡Ò÷Õè¨ÐÍØ»¶ÑÁÀºÓÃا¾Ãоط¸ ó. ·Ã§ºÙ à ³»¯Ô ÊÑ § ¢Ã³ ¾ ÃÐÍÒÃÒÁ¹Œ Í ÂãËÞ‹ ÈÒʹÒãËŒà¨ÃÔÞºÃÔÊØ·¸ÔìºÃÔºÙó à¾ÃÒÐËÅѧ¨Ò¡·Õè ·Ñé§ËÅÒ ¾ÃŒÍÁ·Ñ駷çÊÌҧÇÑ´µ‹Ò§æ ઋ¹ ÇÑ´ ¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§ÂŒÒÂÃÒª¸Ò¹Õ¨Ò¡¡Ãا¸¹ºØÃÕÁÒ໚¹ ¾ÃÐÈÃÕ ÃÑ µ ¹ÈÒÊ´ÒÃÒÁ ÇÑ ´ ¾ÃÐàªµØ ¾ ¹Ï ÇÑ ´ ¡ÃØ§à·¾Ï áÅŒÇ ¾Ãоط¸ÈÒʹÒÂѧÍÂÙ‹ã¹ÊÀÒ¾·Õè ÊØ·ÑȹÏ ໚¹µŒ¹ ‘amthai’ ¤Å͹á¤Å¹ÁÒ¡ÍÑ ¹ à¹×è Í § ÁÒ¨Ò¡¾Ô É ÀÑ Â ¢Í§ (ÂѧÁÕµ‹Í)

The Monarchic Institution in Thailand part 27: Chakri Dynasty

(King Rama I, Continued from last issue)

Royal wishes

In The reign of King Tak Sin the Great and the reign of King Buddha Yodfa the Great, if we compare Thailand (Siam) at that time with a person, it would be the person who is weak from illness and who has also been attacked by a gang. This could make him even weaker than usual. To recover the country is not easy for anyone who is in charge. King Buddha Yodfa knew this situation, he then, made a wish; To support and make Buddhism prosper, To defend the kingdom, and To govern the people and state,


his means that the King Buddha Yodfa was concerned with internal and external affairs. He supported Buddhism and looked after his people for their well being and happiness. As to the external multifarious’ duties, he defended the Thai kingdom to keep it free from all enemies. On the other

other. In the past the temple was essential for Thai society, such as for a place of meeting, a place of all kind of activities, a school for studying the Thai language, Pali language, BudGrand palace Chakri dhist study, a cenThose three wishes above, indicated that tre of all arts and cultures, and all other King Buddha Yodfa (King Rama I) was knowledge for people’s life. That would ambitious firmly to support Buddhism and create jobs and benefits to raise the living he used his ability to defend the country standard. All the people had the authority in order to made his people happy and to come and perform their activities at prosperous. This would make Thailand the temple without regard to their class. They could make any kind of ceremonies, strong and stable. for instance, for all merit making, funeral ceremonies and so on. The temple was the Support of Buddhist King Buddha Yodfa thought that there centre of thought and activities, the abbot were 2 significant aspects of the country, or monks at the temple were teachers and first was the Temple, and second was the leaders of those actions. Palace, or Buddhism and the Thai kingdom. These institutions depended on each King Buddha Yodfa was a devout Bud-

hand, first he looked after Buddhism well. Secondly, he kept Thailand safe and free. And thirdly, he gave his people equal opportunities, as well as making his people’s life peaceful.

dhist, after he established Bangkok as capital. Buddhism was not secure because of war and internal circumstances. If he let it be, it would get worse. So he ordered the recovery of Buddhism in order to make it stable and prosperous. In doing this, it was divided into 3 main subjects. Which were: - To modify the law of the Sangkha in order to make the monks follow the Buddha’s teaching. He also gave titles to senior monks and authority for them to administer the monk community. - To recover Buddhism by inviting senior monks to revise the Tripitaka for 5 months in 1788, and he fully supported those monks during this revisal. - To give support to the repair of the temples as well as creating the Royal temples such as Wat Phrasi Rattanasadsadaram, Wat Phra Chetupol and Wat Sutas etc. ‘amthai’

(To be continued)

Join us for a wonderful Sunday with God and with one another. @ 1.30pm @ The Old Cinema, University of Westminster 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW [next to Oxford Circus station]

1. Concert staff, Festival staff - IT skills (MS Word and Excel), etc 2. Graphic designers - Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. 3. Van driver - UK driving license, International driving license 4. MC - Self motivated, good personality, etc.

Contact: Tel. 077 33 444 815, 07950179321 email:

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Amthai Event Highlights

amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008 / August 2012


คุณสา Interne มารถโอนเง�น ละเอียด t Banking ห ผ‹านทางบร�ก าร ร ใน เว็บ ไซดธน �อ เขŒาไปดูราย าคารข องท‹าน


8 8

amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008

Chang Talk / October 2012


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Congratulation to the winner of Chang Beer top promotion

The first winner was khun Oil Panpetch Sirivegchakul from @Siam restaurant received the return tickets to Thailand after Chang Beer unveiled its latest promotion, giving restaurant staff the chance to win six trips to Thailand. On 17th October, Khun Jeoff Tirrell, MD of Chang Beer UK and Khun Joe, Chang Beer team surprised Khun Oil by lunch visiting and revealed the prize. Khun Tip , @Siam restaurant owner, was also pleased about the news. Jeoff said “Now it’s time to thank the loyalty of these restaurant owners, by rewarding staff with great prizes, which they will really appreciate.”

where Chang is currently served, containing posters and flyers to drive awareness. To be in with a chance of winning all that staff must to do is collect 50 Chang Beer bottle tops and send them to Chang HQ along with a completed entry form.


ÍáÊ´§¤ÇÒÁÂÔ¹´Õ¡Ñº¤Ø³ÍÍ ¼ÙŒâª¤´Õ¨Ò¡ Ìҹ @Siam â«âË ä´ŒÃѺµÑëÇà¤Ã×èͧºÔ¹ä» ¡ÅѺÅ͹´Í¹-¡Ãا෾ ¨Ò¡àºÕÂϪŒÒ§ ËÅѧ¨Ò¡·Õè àºÕÂϪŒÒ§à»´µÑÇâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃÅØŒ¹ÃѺ⪤µÑëÇà¤Ã×èͧºÔ¹ 仡ÅѺ Å͹´Í¹-¡Ãا෾ ·Ø¡à´×͹ à´×͹ÅÐ 2 ·Õ¹è §èÑ ¨¹¶Ö§Çѹ·Õè 10 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ 2556 à¾Õ§ÊÐÊÁ ½ÒàºÕÂϪŒÒ§ãËŒ¤Ãº 50 ½Ò ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡ÑºÊ‹§¡ÅÑºä» ÂѧºÃÔÉÑ·àºÕÂϪŒÒ§ÂÙठàÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 17 µØÅÒ¤Á To request your promotional Thai ¤Ø ³ ਿ ¼ÙŒ ¨Ñ ´ ¡ÒÃãËÞ‹ ºÃÔ ÉÑ · àºÕ  Ï ªŒ Ò §·Ó estaurant kits, advising staff of how restaurant kit, contact Chang Beer on surprise ¼ÙŒâª¤´Õ â´Â¡Òúء价ҹ¢ŒÒÇ¡ÅÒ§Çѹ ¶Ö§ÃŒÒ¹Â‹Ò¹â«âË ¾ÃŒÍÁ¤Ø³â¨Œ·ÕÁ§Ò¹àºÕÂϪŒÒ§ to enter the promotion, have been +44 (0) 1753 616 750 sent to Thai restaurants around the UK Chang’s bottle top campaign, which runs from September 2012 - February 2013, provides the chance to win a return flight to Thailand for two people, every month, for a six month period. Entrants can enter as many times as they like, to increase their chance of winning. ‘amthai’


¡‹Í¹·Õè¨Ðà©Å¡Ѻ¤Ø³ÍÍÂÇ‹Ò໚¹¼ÙŒâª¤´Õ ¡çáͺ ¡ÃЫԺºÍ¡¤Ø³·Ô¾Âà¨ŒÒ¢Í§ÃŒÒ¹ãËŒÍغäÇŒ ¨¹á·º ¨ÐäÁ‹ÍÂÙ‹ ·ÕÁ§Ò¹áÍÁä·Â¢ÍáÊ´§¤ÇÒÁÂÔ¹´Õ¡Ñº ¤Ø³ÍÍ ¡ÅѺàÁ×ͧä·Âà·ÕèÂÇà¼×èÍ´ŒÇ¹ФРÊÓËÃѺ·‹Ò¹·Õ赌ͧ¡ÒÃËÇÁÅØŒ¹âª¤ à¾Õ§ÊÐÊÁ½Ò àºÕÂϪŒÒ§ ¤Ãº 50 ½Ò ¾ÃŒÍÁÊ‹§ä»ÂѧºÃÔÉÑ·Ï ËÃ×͵Դµ‹Í਌Ò˹ŒÒ·Õ轆Ò¢Ò¢ͧàºÕÂϪŒÒ§ µÑé§áµ‹ Çѹ¹Õé - 10 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ 2556 ·ÕèàºÍÏâ·Ã +44 (0) 1753 616 750 ¢Íãˌ⪤´Õ¤Ð·Ø¡·‹Ò¹ ‘amthai’

WELCOME TO MEKHONG: Produced at the Bangyikhan Distillery, set in stunning scenery in one of the most beautiful parts of the Kingdom of Thailand. A time honoured fermentation process combines both molasses and rice which is unique. Throughout distillation the techniques used balance tradition with modernity to ensure we retain the age old character of Mekhong whilst ensuring a consistent and impeccably pure spirit. The final distilled spirit is then artfully blended with a secret recipe (still kept secret to this day) of Thai herbs and spices added in several traditional and symbolic stages which together gradually create the rich golden colour and mild mellow taste and aroma of Mekhong. Mekhong can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer or in cocktails, and of course it perfectly complements flavoursome Thai food. Mekhong encourages you to drink responsibly.

news roundup

amthaipaper / January 2008


10 amthaipaper 10 amthaipaper

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àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµä·Â»ÃШӡÃاÅ͹´Í¹ ¹Ò»Êѹ¹ à·¾Ãѡɏ

ã¹âÍ¡ÒÊ·Õè¼ÁÁÒÃѺ˹ŒÒ·Õè໚¹·Ùµä·Â»ÃÐ¨Ó Íѧ¡Äɤ¹ãËÁ‹ ¡çÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÂÔ¹´Õ·Õèä´ŒÁÒ·Ó§Ò¹ ÃѺ㪌¾Õ蹌ͧ¤¹ä·Â·ÕèÍÂÙ‹ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ·Õè¨ÐÁÒµÔ´µ‹Í §Ò¹¡ÑºÊ¶Ò¹·Ùµ ËÃ×Í·ÕèÁÒàÃÕ¹˹ѧÊ×Í ËÃ×ÍÁÒ »ÃСͺÍÒªÕ¾·Õè¹Õè ¶ŒÒÁÕÍÐä÷Õè·Ò§Ê¶Ò¹·Ùµ¨Ð ª‹ Ç ÂàËÅ× Í ä´Œ ¡ç ÂÔ ¹ ´Õ ¼ÁµÑé § ã¨Ç‹ Ò ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¨Ð ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×ͤ¹ä·ÂáŌǡç¨ÐÁÒÊÌҧâÍ¡ÒÊãËŒ¡Ñº ¸ØáԨ¢Í§ä·Â·Õè¨Ðä´Œà¨ÃÔÞàµÔºâµ¡ŒÒÇ˹ŒÒÂÔ觢Öé¹

ËÒ·Ò§¾Ñ²¹ÒÈÑ¡ÂÀÒ¾¢Í§ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â ÍÒËÒà ä·Â ¼ÅÔµÀѳ±¨Ò¡àÁ×ͧä·Â ãËŒÁÕ¤¹ä·ÂÁÒ ·Ó§Ò¹ã¹Íѧ¡ÄɡѹàÂÍÐæ ·Ó¡ÓäÃÊ‹§¡ÅÑºä» ºŒÒ¹àÃÒ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Ñ鹡礧¨Ðä´ŒÁÕâÍ¡Òʾº»Ð ¡Ñº¾Õ蹌ͧ¤¹ä·Â·ÕèÍÂÙ‹ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ ä´Œ¿˜§¤ÇÒÁàËç¹ ä´ŒàÍÒ¤Óá¹Ð¹Óµ‹Ò§æ ä»·ÓãËŒ¡Ò÷ӧҹ¢Í§ ¼Á·Óä´Œ´ÕÂÔ觢Öé¹ µÑé§ã¨Ç‹Ò¨ÐÁÒ·Ó˹ŒÒ·ÕèÍ‹ҧ àµçÁ¤ÇÒÁÊÒÁÒö à¾×Íè ·Õ¨è ÐÊÌҧºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒȢͧ

¤ÇÒÁ໚¹ÁÔµÃÀÒ¾Íѹ´ÕÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â¡ÑºÍѧ¡ÄÉ áÅЪ‹Ç¾Õ蹌ͧä·Â·ÕèÍÂÙ‹ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ¡Ô¹´ÕÍÂÙ‹´ÕÁÒ¡ ¢Öé¹ ÁÕÍÐä÷Õè·Ò§Ê¶Ò¹·Ùµ¨Ðª‹ÇÂàËÅ×Íä´Œ¡çÂÔ¹´Õ ÁÕÍÐä÷Õè¨ÐµÔ´µ‹ÍÊ‹§¢‹ÒÇ¢Íãˌ͋Òä´ŒÅѧàÅ ãËŒ Ê‹§¢‹ÒÇÁÒàŹФÃѺ ¢Íº¾ÃФس¤ÃѺ” ¹Ò »Êѹ¹ à·¾Ãѡɏ ‘amthai’

¹Ò»Êѹ¹ à·¾Ãѡɏ

ATBUK Committee meeting at the Royal Thai Embassy in London on 31 October 2012 by ATBUK

The meeting was an opportunity for Mr. Teparak to introduce himself to ATBUK committee members and learn about the activities of the Association over recent months. The new Ambassador stressed the importance of international businesses for Thailand and assured the committee of his full support in all aspects of their endeavours.


t was noted that, despite the efforts of ATBUK to convince MAC (The Migration Advisory Committee) that the occupation of chef should remain on the official UK immigration shortage list, it seems likely that the occupation is still under the threat of being removed. ATBUK recommitted itself to proving to MAC

that measures to train local residents in oriental cuisines are not meeting the demand for supply within the industry in good time and that these changes should be reconsidered. Elsewhere relative success was noted in relation to the issues regarding the import of fresh Thai vegetables and herbs to the UK. It was noted by representatives of the London Office of Commercial Affairs that the number of shipments entering Europe from Thailand had increased. The Office of Commercial Affairs were confident that increased shipments should lead to a reduction in costs and a more buoyant fresh Thai herb market becoming available to British-based businesses. ‘amthai’

On 13 November 2012, ATBUK committee

ATBUK Committee members met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on her visit to the UK on the morning of 13th November 2012 at The Grosvenor House Hotel.

Gavin Little, UKTI Managing Director of Wanchai Poonum and Saipin Lee, ATBUK committee gave briefing seesion for Thai Investment Development private sector at Albermarle Suite, The Grosvenor House Hotel


¹×è Í §ã¹âÍ¡ÒÊ·Õè ÁÕ ¼ÙŒ á ·¹ÀÒ¤àÍ¡ª¹à´Ô ¹ ·Ò§ Ë Ç Á ¤ ³ Ð ¹ Ò Â ¡ ÃÑ ° Á ¹ µ ÃÕ ã ¹ ¡ Ò Ã à Â× Í ¹ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÍ‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡Òà ¼ÙŒá·¹ÀÒ¤ àÍ¡ª¹¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·Èä·Âࢌ Ò Ã‹ Ç Á¿˜ § ºÃÃÂÒ ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡Ñº¤³Ð¡ÃÃÁ¡ÒÃÊÁÒ¤Á¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨä·Âã¹ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÊÃØ»à¡ÕèÂǡѺ¤ÇÒÁËÇÁÁ×Í·Ò§ àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ ¡ÒäŒÒáÅСÒÃŧ·Ø¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ÀÒ¤àÍ¡ª¹ ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ³ ˌͧ Albermarle Suite âçáÃÁ The Grosvenor House â´ÂÁÕ Gavin Little ¡ÃÃÁ¡Òüٌ¨Ñ¡¡Òà UKTI

ºÃÃÂÒÂã¹ËÑÇ¢ŒÍ àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ, ÈÑ¡ÂÀÒ¾áÅÐâÍ¡ÒÊ㹡ÒÃÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¤ÇÒÁËÇÁÁ×Í ·Ò§àÈÃÉ°¡Ô ¨ ¡ÒäŒ Ò ¡ÒÃŧ·Ø ¹ ä·ÂÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ÃÇÁ¶Ö§·‹Ò·ÕáÅйâºÒ¢ͧ ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ õ‹ Í ÇÔ ¡ ĵàÈÃÉ°¡Ô ¨ ࢵÂÙ â à ËÅÑ § ¨Ò¡¹Ñé ¹ ¹ÒÂÇÑ Â ªÑ  ÀÙ‹ ¹Ø‹ Á Ãͧ»Ãиҹ ¤¹·Õè 1 áÅйҧÊÒ¾Գ· ÅÕ Ãͧ»Ãиҹ¤¹·Õè 2 ¢Í§ÊÁÒ¤Á¹Ñ ¡ ¸Ø à ¡Ô ¨ä·ÂÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ à (ATBUK) ºÃÃÂÂÒ¢ŒÍÁÙÅà¡ÕèÂǡѺ¡ÒûÃСͺ ¸ØáԨã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ‘amthai’

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Ò§ÊÒÇÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ¹ÇѵÃແ´à¼ÂÇ‹ÒÃÑ°ºÒÅ ä´ŒÁͺËÁÒÂãËŒ¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂ ´Óà¹Ô¹ ¹âºÒ¼ÅÑ¡´Ñ¹¡ÒÃÊ‹§ÍÍ¡¢ŒÒÇáÅÐÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒà ä·Â仵ÅÒ´µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·Èà¾ÔÁè ¢Ö¹é â´Â੾ÒеÅÒ´ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà «Öè§à»š¹µÅÒ´ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒÃä·Â ·Õè ã ËÞ‹ ·Õè ÊØ ´ ã¹ÂØ â û ã¹»‚ ·Õè ¼‹ Ò ¹ÁÒ (2554) ÊËÃÒªÍÒËÒèѡÃÁÕ¡ÒùÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒèҡ ä·ÂÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò 33,000 ŌҹºÒ· â´ÂÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒà ÊÓ¤ÑÞ·ÕèÁÕ¡ÒùÓࢌҨҡä·ÂÍÒ·Ôઋ¹ ä¡‹á»ÃÃÙ» ÍÒËÒ÷ÐàÅ¡Ãл‰Í§áÅÐá»ÃÃÙ» ¡ØŒ§Ê´áª‹àÂç¹ áª‹á¢ç§ ¼ÅäÁŒ¡Ãл‰Í§ à¹×éÍÊѵǏáÅТͧ»Ãاᵋ§ ¨Ò¡à¹×é Í ÊÑ µ Ǐ ¼ÅÔ µ ÀÑ ³ ± ¢Œ Ò ÇÊÒÅÕ á ÅÐÍÒËÒà ÊÓàÃç¨ÃÙ» ¢ŒÒÇ ÊÔ觻ÃاÃÊÍÒËÒà (ÍÒ·Ô «ÍÊ/ ¹éÓ»ÅÒ) ¼Ñ¡¡Ãл‰Í§áÅÐá»ÃÃÙ» ¼Ñ¡Ê´áª‹àÂç¹

᪋ á ¢ç § à¤Ã×è Í §´×è Á ¼ÅäÁŒ Ê ´áª‹ à Âç ¹ ᪋ á ¢ç § ÊÓËÃѺ¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â¡ÑºÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ¼ÅÔ µ ÀÑ ³ ¢Œ Ò Ç »ÅÒËÁÖ ¡ ʴ᪋ à Âç ¹ ᪋ á ¢ç § ã¹»‚·èÕ¼‹Ò¹ÁÒÁÕ»ÃÔÁÒ³¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¡Ñ¹ÁÙŤ‹Ò à¤Ã×èͧà·ÈáÅÐÊÁعä¾Ã ÏÅÏ à»š¹µŒ¹ 5,836.5 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ° â´Âä·ÂÊ‹§ÍÍ¡ä» ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÁÕÁÙŤ‹Ò 3,887.4 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞ ÃÑ°ºÒÅÁÑè¹ã¨Ç‹Ò ¡ÒèѺÁ×ÍËÇÁ¡Ñº¸ØáԨ¤ŒÒ»ÅÕ¡ ÊËÃÑ° ¹ÓࢌҨҡÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÁÙŤ‹Ò 1,949.1 ¢¹Ò´ãËÞ‹ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃà¾×èÍÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡Òà Ō Ò ¹àËÃÕ Â ÞÊËÃÑ ° áÅä·Âä´Œ à »ÃÕ Â º´Ø Å ¡ÒäŒ Ò ¨Ó˹‹ÒÂÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒÃä·ÂáÅмÅäÁŒä·Â໚¹»ÃÐ¨Ó ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 1,938.3 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ° ·Ø¡»‚ ¨ÐÊ‹§¼ÅãËŒ¡ÒÃÊ‹§ÍÍ¡·Ñé§ã¹ÃÙ»¢Í§ÁÙŤ‹Ò áÅлÃÐàÀ·¢Í§ÍÒËÒÃä·Â¢ÂÒµÑÇÍ‹ҧµ‹Íà¹×Íè § ¹ÒÂºØ Þ ·Ã§ àµÃÔ Â ÒÀÔ Ã Á ÃÑ ° Á¹µÃÕ Ç‹ Ò ¡Òà ÍÕ¡·Ñé§Âѧ໚¹¡Òûٷҧ¡ÒÃࢌÒÊÙ‹µÅÒ´¤ŒÒ»ÅÕ¡ã¹ ¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂä´Œà»´à¼ÂÇ‹Ò ã¹à´×͹¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È¢Í§ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â㹡ÅØ‹ÁÍÒËÒà ÃÇÁ·Ñé§ -ÁÔ¶¹Ø Ò¹ ໚¹ª‹Ç§·ÕÁè ¼Õ ÅäÁŒËÅÒª¹Ô´ÍÍ¡ÊÙµ‹ ÅÒ´ ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍØ»âÀ¤áÅкÃÔâÀ¤Í×è¹æ ´ŒÇ ÊÓËÃѺ¡Òà ໚¹¨Ó¹Ç¹ÁÒ¡ ´Ñ§¹Ñé¹ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÇ‹Ò¡ÒáÃзÃǧ ¹ÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â¢Í§ËŒÒ§ TESCO ã¹»‚ 2554 ¾Ò³Ô ª  ¨Ö § ÁͺËÁÒÂãËŒ ¡ ÃÁÊ‹ § àÊÃÔ Á ¡ÒäŒ Ò ÁÕÁÙŤ‹Ò»ÃÐÁÒ³ 12,500 ŌҹºÒ· áÅÐ¤Ò´Ç‹Ò ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ¼‹Ò¹Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ï ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹ ã¹»‚ 2555 ˌҧ TESCO ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡèР´Í¹ ¨Ñ´¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁÊ‹§áÊÃÔÁ¡ÒâÒ¼ÅäÁŒä·ÂËÇÁ ÁÕ¡ÒùÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ¨Ò¡ä·ÂäÁ‹µèÓ¡Ç‹Ò 500 Ōҹ ¡ÑºËŒÒ§ TESCO «Ö§è ໚¹¸ØáԨ¤ŒÒ»ÅÕ¡·ÕÁè ÊÕ Ç‹ ¹áº‹§ àËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°ËÃ×Í෋ҡѺ 15,000 ŌҹºÒ· ËÃ×Í µÅҴ໚ ¹ ÍÑ ¹ ´Ñ º ˹Öè § ¢Í§ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ à à¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹ÃŒÍÂÅÐ 20.0 ¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁÀÒÂ㹧ҹ»ÃСͺ´ŒÇ ¡ÒèѴÁØÁÊÒ¸Ôµ/ á¹Ð¹ÓÇÔ¸ÕÃѺ»ÃзҹáÅСÒêÔÁ¼ÅäÁŒ µÅÍ´ »ÃÐà·ÈÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡö×Í໚¹»ÃÐà·È¤Ù‹¤ŒÒ·Õè ¨¹¡ÒèѴÁØÁ¨Ó˹‹ÒÂÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ ³ ÊҢҢͧˌҧ ÊÓ¤ÑÞ»ÃÐà·È˹Ö觢ͧä·Âã¹ÊËÀÒ¾ÂØâûâ´Â TESCO ¡ÒÃᨡ¨‹Ò booklet à¡ÕèÂǡѺ¼ÅäÁŒ ä·ÂÊ‹§ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÍ¡ÁÒÂѧÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÁÕ¡Òà ¤Ø³»ÃÐ⪹·Ò§âÀª¹Ò¡ÒÃáÅеÓÃÒÍÒËÒÃá¡‹ ¢ÂÒµÑÇà¾ÔèÁÍ‹ҧµ‹Íà¹×èͧ ¡Å‹ÒǤ×ͨҡʋ§ÍÍ¡ ¼ÙŒ º ÃÔ â À¤ ÊÔ ¹ ¤Œ Ò ·Õè ¹ ÓÁÒÊ‹ § àÊÃÔ Á ¡ÒâÒÂä´Œ á ¡‹ ÁÙŤ‹Ò 3,237.0 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°ã¹»‚ 2552 à§ÒÐÅÔ鹨Õè ÅÓä áÅÐÁÐÁ‹Ç§ ÃÇÁ·Ñé§ÂѧÁÕ¡ÒèѴ à¾ÔÁè ¢Ö¹é ໚¹ 3,658.5 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°áÅÐÁÙŤ‹Ò ÁØÁÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â·ÕÁè ÇÕ Ò§¨Ó˹‹ÒÂÀÒÂã¹ËŒÒ§Ï ໚¹¡Òà 3,887.4 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°ã¹»‚ 2553 áÅÐ 2554 ੾ÒдŒÇ µÒÁÅӴѺ ¡ÒùÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ¨Ò¡ä·ÂÁÕ¡ÒâÂÒµÑÇà¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹

Í‹ҧµ‹Íà¹×èͧâ´Â੾ÒÐÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒëÖè§ä·ÂÊ‹§ ÍÍ¡ÁÒÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÁҡ໚¹Íѹ´ÑºË¹Öè§ã¹ ÊËÀÒ¾ÂØâû㹻‚ 2554 ÁÕ¡ÒùÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒà 1,105.1 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ° ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒ÷ÕÁè ÁÕ ÅÙ ¤‹Ò ¡ÒùÓࢌҷÕèÊÓ¤ÑÞ䴌ᡋ䡋á»ÃÃÙ» ÍÒËÒ÷ÐàÅ ¡Ãл‰Í§áÅÐá»ÃÃÙ» ¡ØŒ§Ê´áª‹àÂç¹áª‹á¢ç§ ¢ŒÒÇ ¼ÅÔµÀѳ±¢ŒÒÇÊÒÅÕáÅÐÍÒËÒÃÊÓàÃç¨ÃÙ»Í×è¹æ ¼Å äÁŒ¡Ãл‰Í§áÅÐá»ÃÃÙ» à¹×Íé ÊѵǏáÅТͧ»Ãاᵋ§·Õè ·Ó¨Ò¡à¹×éÍÊѵǏ ÊÔ觻ÃاÍÒËÒà ¼Ñ¡¡Ãл‰Í§áÅÐ á»ÃÃÙ» áÅмѡʴ᪋àÂç¹áª‹á¢ç§áÅÐáËŒ§à»š¹µŒ¹ «Öè§ËÒ¡¾Ô¨ÒóÒʶԵԡÒùÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ¢Í§ä·Âã¹ ÀÒ¾ÃÇÁáŌǾºÇ‹ÒÁÕá¹Ç⹌Á¢ÂÒµÑÇä´ŒÍÕ¡ÁÒ¡ â´Âã¹»‚ 2554 ¡ÒäŒ Ò ÃÐËÇ‹ Ò §ä·Â¡Ñ º ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡ ÃÁÕÁÙŤ‹Ò¡ÒäŒÒÃÇÁ 5,836.5 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°Ï àÁ×èÍà»ÃÕºà·Õº¡Ñº»‚ 2553 ¢ÂÒÂµÑ Ç à¾Ôè Á ¢Öé ¹ ÃŒ Í ÂÅÐ 4.86 ã¹¢³Ð·Õè ä ·Â Ê‹ § ÍÍ¡ÊÔ ¹ ¤Œ Ò ä·ÂÁÒÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ ÃÁÙ Å ¤‹ Ò 3,887.4 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°Ï áÅйÓࢌÒÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ ÁÙŤ‹Ò 1,949..1 ŌҹàËÃÕÂÞÊËÃÑ°Ï ·ÓãËŒä·Â à¡Ô¹´ØÅ¡ÒäŒÒÍÂÙ‹·Õè 1,938.3 ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ·Õèä·ÂÊ‹§ÍÍ¡ ÊÓ¤ÑÞ 5 ÅӴѺááÁÒÂѧÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ䴌ᡋ ÍÒËÒà ö¹µ á ÅÐÊ‹ Ç ¹»ÃСͺà¤Ã×è Í §¨Ñ ¡ à à¤Ã×èͧ㪌俿‡Ò áÅÐÍÑÞÁ³ÕáÅÐà¤Ã×èͧ»ÃдѺ ໚¹µŒ¹ ‘amthai’ Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ 14 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2555

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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008 / October 2012

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¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂÁͺ Thai Select Award ãˌᡋÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Âã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉà¾ÔèÁÍÕ¡ 39 Ìҹ Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ³ ¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ä´Œ ¨Ñ ´ ¾Ô ¸Õ Á ͺ Thai Select Award ãˌᡋÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Âã¹Íѧ¡Äɨӹǹ 39 ÃŒ Ò ¹ â´ÂÁÕ ¹ ÒÂºØ Þ ·Ã§ àµÃÔ Â ÒÀÔ Ã Á ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÇ‹Ò¡ÒáÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂà»š¹»Ãиҹ ·Õè âçáÃÁ Grosvenor House ã¹ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 14 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2555


»ÃСÒȹÕºѵÃà¤Ã×èͧËÁÒ Thai Select ãËŒ ᡋÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â à¾×èÍ໚¹¡ÒÃÃѺÃͧNjÒ໚¹ÃŒÒ¹ ÍÒËÒ÷Õè ÁÕ ¤Ø ³ ÀÒ¾ ÍÒËÒ÷Õè ¹ ÓàʹͻÃØ § ä´Œ Áҵðҹä·Âá·Œ ¡Òõ¡áµ‹§ÃŒÒ¹ÁÕÀÒ¾Åѡɳ·Õè ´Õ ¤Ø³ÀÒ¾¡ÒÃãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒÃ໚¹ä»µÒÁÁҵðҹÊÒ¡Å ¹ÒªÙÅÔµ ʶÒÇà ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ (½†Ò¡ÒþҳԪ) ³ ¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ¡Å‹ Ò ÇÇ‹ Ò â¤Ã§¡ÒÃÁͺ »ÃСÒȹÕºѵÃà¤Ã×èͧËÁÒ Thai Select ãËŒ ᡋÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â ÁÕÇѵ¶Ø»ÃÐʧ¤·ÕèÊÓ¤ÑÞ¤×Í (1).à¾×è Í à»š ¹ ¡ÒÃÊÃŒ Ò §ÁҵðҹÌ Ò ¹ ÍÒËÒÃä·Â ( 2 ) . à ¾×è Íã ªŒ à »š ¹ à ¤ Ã×è Í § Á× Íã ¹ ¡ Ò Ã »ÃЪÒÊÑ Á ¾Ñ ¹ ¸ ÃŒ Ò ¹ÍÒËÒÃä·Â·Õè ÁÕ ¤Ø ³ ÀÒ¾ãËŒ ¼ÙŒ ºÃÔâÀ¤·ŒÍ§¶Ôè¹·ÃÒº áÅÐà¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁʹã¨ã¹¡Òà ºÃÔâÀ¤áÅÐ㪌ºÃÔ¡ÒèҡÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â (3).à¾×è Í ¡Ãе، ¹ãËŒ ¼ÙŒ » ÃСͺ¡ÒÃÃŒ Ò ¹ ÍÒËÒÃä·Âµ×¹è µÑÇ áÅÐãËŒ¤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤ÑÞµ‹Í¡ÒþѲ¹Ò ¡ÃдѺÌҹÍÒËÒÃãËŒ´Õ¢Öé¹

ÒÂËÅÑ § ¾Ô ¸Õ Á ͺÃÑ ° Á¹µÃÕ Ç‹ Ò ¡ÒáÃзÃǧ ¾Ò³Ô ª  ä ´Œ à » ´ à¼ÂÇ‹ Ò ÃÑ ° ºÒÅ¨Ö § ÁÕ ¹âºÒ ʋ§àÊÃÔÁãËŒ»ÃÐà·Èä·Â໚¹¤ÃÑǢͧâÅ¡ (Kitchen of the World) â´ÂÁا‹ ´Óà¹Ô¹¡ÒÃÍ‹ҧ໚¹Ãкº ãËŒÁÕ¡ÒâÂÒµÑǢͧÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â¨Ó¹Ç¹ÁÒ¡ «Öè § ¨ÐÊ‹ § ¼Å´Õ µ‹ Í ¡ÒÃÊÃŒ Ò §ÀÒ¾ÅÑ ¡ ɳ ·Õè ´Õ ¢ ͧ »ÃÐà·È ÃÇÁ·Ñ駡ÒÃÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡Ò÷‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇä·Â ¡ÒÃÊ‹§ÍÍ¡ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍÒËÒÃáÅÐÊÔ¹¤ŒÒÍ×¹è æ â¤Ã§¡Òà ¤ÃÑÇä·ÂÊÙ‹âÅ¡ÁÕÇѵ¶Ø»ÃÐʧ¤ã¹¡ÒÃÁØ‹§Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁãËŒ ÍÒËÒÃä·Â໚¹Ë¹Öè§ã¹ÍÒËÒ÷Õèä´ŒÃѺ¤ÇÒÁ¹ÔÂÁä» ·ÑèÇâÅ¡ â´ÂµÑé§à»‡ÒËÁÒÂÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁÍÒËÒÃä·ÂãËŒ ໚¹ÍÒËÒ÷Õèä´ŒÃѺ¤ÇÒÁ¹ÔÂÁ¢Í§âÅ¡ ÊÓËÃѺã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡëÖè§ÃŒÒ¹ÍÒËÒÃä·Âä´Œ ÃѺ¡ÒÃÂÍÁÃѺáÅйÔÂÁ¡Ñ¹Í‹ҧá¾Ã‹ËÅÒ »˜¨¨Øº¹Ñ ¡ÃÁÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ¡ÃзÃǧ ÁÕÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·ÂÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò 1600 Ìҹ ੾ÒÐã¹ ¾Ò³ÔªÂ ä´Œ´Óà¹Ô¹¡ÒÃà¾×èÍʹͧ¹âºÒ¤ÃÑÇä·Â ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ÁÕÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·ÂÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò 600 Ìҹ ÊÙ‹¤ÃÑÇâÅ¡¢Í§ÃÑ°ºÒÅ â´ÂÁÕâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁÌҹ ÍÒËÒÃä·Âã¹µ‹ Ò §»ÃÐà·È ´Œ Ç Â¡ÒÃÁͺ ã¹»‚¹ÕéÁÕÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â·ÕèÊÁѤÃáÅм‹Ò¹à¡³±¡ÒÃ

¾Ô ¨ ÒóҢͤ³Ð¡ÃÃÁ¡ÒÃÏ à¾×è Í Áͺ (19). Sucheera »ÃСÒÈ¹Õ Â ºÑ µ Ãà¤Ã×è Í §ËÁÒ Thai Select (20). Tara Thai Restaurant ¨Ó¹Ç¹·Ñé§ÊÔé¹ ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 39 Ìҹ (21). Taste of Thai (22). Thai Nakorn ÃÒª×èÍÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â·Õèä´ŒÃѺà¤Ã×èͧËÁÒ Thai (23). Thai Pepper Select (24). Thai Rice (Brook Green) (1). Addie Thai Café (25). Thai Rice (Portobello) (2). Ba Siam (26). Thai Square (Covent Garden) (3). Baipo Thai Restaurant (27). Thai Square (Maidenhead) (4). Bangkok Boulevard (28). Thai Square (Marlow) (5). Eat Thai (Egham) (29). Thai Square (Richmond) (6). Esarn Kheaw (30). Thai Square (Sevenoaks) (7). Jintana Thai Restaurant (Ambleside) (31). Thai Square (St. Albans) (8). Jintana Thai Restaurant ( (32). Thai Square (Wig&Pen) Bowness-on-Windermere) (33). The Thai Terrace (9). Jintana Thai Restaurant (Kendal) (34). Thai Tho (Wimbledon) (10).Mai Thai Restaurant (Wimbledon) (35). Thai Upon Thames (11). Nahling Thai Restaurant (36). Bangkok Boulevard Express (12). Pad Thai (37). Blue Orchid (13). Pearl of Samui (38). SUDA Thai Café Resturant (14). Phetpailin (39). Janetira Eat Thai ‘amthai’ (15). Siam Food Gallery (Esher) (16). Siam Food Gallery (Virginia Water) Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È (17). Soho Thai ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ (18). Sohpita Thai Cusine 19 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2555

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I Wayne: Thinking Aloud October 2012


¼ÁÇ‹Ò¤¹·Õè໚¹¡ÙÃÙ¨ÃÔ§æ ¤×ͤ¹·Õè·ÓãËŒàÃ×èͧÂÒ¡æ ໚¹àÃ×èͧ§‹Ò ¡µÑÇÍ‹ҧઋ¹ ¹Ñ¡»ÃҪޏ·‹Ò¹Ë¹Öè§ ´ŒÂÔ¹¹Ñ¡´¹µÃÕª×èʹѧ¤¹Ë¹Öè§ãËŒÊÑÁÀÒɳ·Ò§·ÕÇÕà¡ÕèÂǡѺà¾Å§¢Í§à¢Ò·ÕèµÑ駪×èÍÇ‹Ò Contortionist ÃдѺÃÒ§ÇÑÅâ¹àºÅºÍ¡Ç‹ÒÇÔ¸Õ¤Ô´¢Í§¤¹ÁÕÊͧẺ¤×ͤԴàÃçǡѺ¤Ô´ªŒÒ ¤Ô´àÃçÇà¾ÃÒÐÁÕ¢ŒÍÁÙŨÓà¾ÒзÕèÃÙŒ â´Â͸ԺÒÂÇ‹ÒËÁÒ¶֧ºØ¤¤Å·ÕèÊÒÁÒö»ÃѺµÑÇãˌࢌҡѺʶҹ¡Òó·ÕèÂÒ¡ÅÓºÒ¡ä´ŒàÊÁÍ Ê‹Ç¹ ´Õઋ¹ 2 ºÇ¡ 2 ෋ҡѺ 4 µÍºä´Œ·Ñ¹·Õ ᵋ¶ŒÒ¶ÒÁÇ‹Ò 74x74 ෋ҡѺ෋ÒäËË ¤ÓµÍº¨ÐÍÍ¡ÁÒªŒÒ ¤ÇÒÁËÁÒµÒÁ»¡µÔ¢Í§¤Ó¹Õé¤×͹ѡ¡Ò¡ÃÃÁ´Ñ´µ¹·ÕèÊÒÁÒö¨Ð»ÃѺËҧ¡ÒÂãËŒÊÒÁÒöŧä»ÍÂÙ‹ à¾ÃÒеŒÍ§ä»ËÒ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ·Õè«Ñº«ŒÍ¹ÁÒ»ÃСͺ ʋǹ¢Ñ鹵͹¡ÒäԴÍ‹ҧÍ×蹡çÍÂÙ‹µÃ§¡ÅÒ§ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Êͧ Ẻ¹ÕèáËÅÐ ¿˜§§‹Ò´ÕäËÁ¤ÃѺ 㹡ŋͧËÃ×Í·Õèá¤ºæ ª¹Ô´·Õ褹µÒÁ»¡µÔÁÑ¡¨Ð·ÓäÁ‹ä´Œ


¤ÇÒÁäÁ‹¸ÃÃÁ´Ò¢Í§¹Ñ¡¡Ò¡ÃÃÁ´Ñ´µ¹¨Ö§à»š¹¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ·ÕèÊÒÁÒö·ÓÁÒËҡԹ䴌áÅÐÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁºÑ¹à·Ô§ ¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡ á¡‹¼äŒÙ ´ŒªÁ ᵋ¡Ç‹Ò¨Ð·Óä´Œ¶§Ö ¢Ñ¹é ÍÒªÕ¾ºØ¤¤Å¼Ù¹Œ ¹éÑ ¡çµÍŒ §½ƒ¡½¹ÁÒÍ‹ҧ˹ѡ µ‹Íà¹×Íè §ÂÒǹҹ ¹Í¡à˹×Í ¨Ò¡·ÕèÁÕ¾ÃÊÇÃäËÃ×ͤÇÒÁ¡ÅŒÒ໚¹·Ø¹ ¹Ñ¡´¹µÃÕ·‹Ò¹¹Ñé¹¾Ù´µ‹Íä»Ç‹Ò¤¹àÃÒ·Ø¡¤¹ÅŒÇ¹à»š¹ contortionist ·Ñ駹Ñé¹à¾ÃÒеŒÍ§»ÃѺµÑÇãˌࢌҡѺ ʶҹ¡ÒóÅÓºÒ¡äÁ‹ÁÒ¡¡ç¹ŒÍÂ㹪ÕÇÔµ¹Õé áÅжŒÒäÁ‹µŒÍ§´Ñ´µ¹¡çµŒÍ§´Ñ´ã¨ ¤¹àºÕ鹌ÍÂË͹ŒÍ·Õèà¤Â ¹Ñè§à¤Ã×èͧºÔ¹ªÑé¹»ÈØÊѵǏ‹ÍÁ·ÃÒº´ÕÇ‹Ò¡ÒÃ໚¹¹Ñ¡¡Ò¡ÃÃÁ´Ñ´µ¹¹Ñé¹µŒÍ§ãªŒ¤ÇÒÁÊÒÁÒöáÅÐÍ´·¹ ¢¹Ò´ä˹ ¾Ù´¶Ö§Ê¶Ò¹¡ÒóÅÓºÒ¡¼Áàª×èÍÇ‹ÒËÅÒ¤¹¤§à¶Õ§NjÒäÁ‹¨ÃÔ§ ¶ŒÒÁÕã¤ÃºÍ¡Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃÃÇÂÍ‹ҧ¡ÃзѹËѹ ઋ¹¶Ù¡Å͵àµÍÃÕèÃÒ§ÇÑÅ·Õè˹Öè§à»š¹àÃ×èͧÅÓºÒ¡ (¼Á¨Ö§äÁ‹¡ÅŒÒ¶Ù¡Å͵àµÍÃÕèÃÒ§ÇÑÅ·Õè˹Öè§ÁÒ¨¹ºÑ´¹Õé·Ñé§æ ·ÕèÍÂÒ¡¨Ð¶Ù¡ÍÂÙ‹ËÅÒ¤ÃÑé§)

¤¹àÃÒ·Ø¡¤¹·Õèà¡Ô´ÁÒã¹âš㺹Õé‹ÍÁ¨Ðä´Œª×èÍ Ç‹ Ò à»š ¹ ¾ÅàÁ× Í §âÅ¡ (world citizen) ᵋ à´Õë  ǹÕé ÁÕ ºØ ¤ ¤ÅÍÕ ¡ ¡ÅØ‹ Á ˹Öè § ·Õè ¼ Á¢ÍàÃÕ Â ¡Ç‹ Ò ¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡ (global citizen) «Öè§ÁÕ ÅѡɳоÔàÈÉ¡Ç‹Ò¾ÅàÁ×ͧâÅ¡«Ö觨ÃÔ§æ áŌǡç ᤋà¡Ô´ÁÒã¹âšᵋ·ÓÍÐäÃã¹ÃдѺâÅ¡äÁ‹ä´Œ ¢³Ð·Õè¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡ÊÒÁÒö·Ó¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ ÃдѺâÅ¡ä´Œ

´Ñ§¹Ñ¹é ¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡¤×ͤ¹·ÕÊè ÒÁÒöà¤Å×Íè ¹ ÂŒÒÂä»ÍÂÙ‹·Õèä˹ã¹âÅ¡ä´Œ·Ø¡·ÕèµÒÁµŒÍ§¡ÒÃáÅÐ ÊÒÁÒö´ÓçªÕÇÔµÍÂً䴌͋ҧÊдǡʺÒÂà·‹Ò ¡Ñ¹·Ø¡áË‹§ ¤¹àËÅ‹Ò¹ÕÁé ¡Ñ ¨ÐÂŒÒÂ¶Ô¹è °Ò¹ä»àÃ×Íè Âæ ·ÓäÁ¶Ö§Ç‹ÒÅÓºÒ¡? à¾ÃÒСÒÃÃÇÂÍ‹ҧ¡Ð·Ñ¹Ëѹ໚¹àÃ×èͧ¼Ô´»¡µÔ ÍÐä÷Õè໚¹àÃ×èͧ¼Ô´»¡µÔ‹ÍÁµŒÍ§ÁÕ à¾×èÍáÊǧËÒÊÔ觷Õèµ¹µŒÍ§¡Òà áÅÐ䴌仾º»Ð¡Ñº ¡ÒûÃѺµÑÇ ËÅÒ¤¹¤§à¶Õ§NjһÃѺäÁ‹ÅÓºÒ¡ËÃÍ¡¢ÍãËŒÃÇ¡‹Í¹¡çáŌǡѹ ¹Ñ蹡çäÁ‹Ç‹Ò¡Ñ¹áµ‹Åͧ¹Ö¡ ·Ç¹¡ÅѺãËŒ´ÕÊÔ¤ÃѺNjÒáÁŒáµ‹¡ÒüԴ»¡µÔàÅç¡æ ¹ŒÍÂæ ºÒ§·Õ¡ÒûÃѺµÑÇÂѧÂÒ¡àÅ ¡ÒûÃѺµÑǤÃÑé§ ¤¹ã¹áǴǧà´ÕÂǡѹ ¾Ù´§‹ÒÂæ ¤×͵ŒÍ§à»š¹¤¹ÃÇÂÃдѺÁËÒàÈÃÉ°Õà·‹Ò¹Ñé¹ ¤¹àËÅ‹Ò¹ÕéʋǹãËÞ‹ÊÌҧ à¹×éÍÊÌҧµÑÇ´ŒÇµ¹àͧâ´Â»ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃ稨ҡ¸ØáԨÃдѺâÅ¡ ઋ¹â·Ã¤Á¹Ò¤Á ÍÔ¹àµÍÏàË¹ç´ ãËÞ‹Í‹ҧẺÃÇ¡ÃзѹËѹ‹ÍÁµŒÍ§¡ÒáÒûÃѺµÑÇ¢¹Ò´ãËÞ‹ (Í‹Òá¡ŒµÑÇÊС´¹Ð¤ÃѺ·‹Ò¹ º¡) ËÃ×͸¹Ò¤Òà ໚¹µŒ¹ ÊÔè§Ë¹Ö觷Õ褹 (à¤ÂÃÇÂ/ÃÇÂáÅŒÇ) á¹Ð¹ÓàÍÒäÇŒÊÓËÃѺ¤¹·ÕèÍÒ¨¨Ðä´Œà§Ô¹¡ŒÍ¹ãËÞ‹æ Ẻ»Øº»˜º¤×Í ááÊØ´ãËŒµÑé§ÊµÔ ʵԹÕèÊÓ¤ÑÞÁÒ¡äÁ‹Ç‹Òʶҹ¡Òó¨ÐºÇ¡ËÃ×Íź¡çµÒÁ ¾ÍµÑé§ÊµÔä´ŒáÅŒÇãËŒÁͧ仢ŒÒ§ ºØ¤¤Å·Õè¶×Í䴌NjÒ໚¹¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡ÁÕà¾Õ§ËÂÔºÁ×Íà´ÕÂǤ×Íᤋ¹Ñº¾Ñ¹ ᵋ¹ÑÂÇ‹Ò¶×Í·ÃѾÊÔ¹ÍÂÙ‹ã¹Á×Í ã¹ÊѴʋǹ·ÕèÊÙ§ÁÒ¡ ¡µÑÇÍ‹ҧã¹ÍàÁÃÔ¡Ò«Öè§ÁÕµÑÇàÅ¢·Õèàª×èͶ×Íä´ŒáÅÐÁÕàÈÃÉ°ÕÁÒ¡·ÕèÊØ´ »ÃЪҡà 1 ˹ŒÒãËŒÂÒÇ ¾Ù´áººÇÑÂÃØ‹¹¡ç¤×͵ŒÍ§Áͧ¢ŒÒÁÇѹ¹Õéä»Ë¹Ö觪ç͵ à»ÍÏà«ç¹µ¶×ͤÃͧ·ÃѾÊԹ໚¹ÁÙŤ‹Ò¶Ö§ 34 à»ÍÏà«ç¹µ¢Í§ºÃôҷÃѾÊÔ¹·Ñé§ËÁ´ã¹Á×ÍàÍ¡ª¹ ʋǹ㹻ÃÐà·È¹Õé (ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ) µÑÇàÅ¢·Õèແ´à¼Âã¹»‚ 2008 ÃкØÇ‹Ò»ÃЪҡà 10 à»ÍÏà«ç¹µ ¼ÁÅͧ¤Ô´àÅ‹¹æ Ç‹ÒÊÔè§áá·Õè¤Ç÷Ӿ͵Ñé§ÊµÔä´ŒáŌǤ×Í ¨ÐºÍ¡ã¤ÃÁÑè§ á¤‹¹Õé¡çÅÓºÒ¡áÅŒÇ ¾Õè¤Ð ¶×ͤÃͧ·ÃѾÊÔ¹ 44 à»ÍÏà«ç¹µ ¢³Ð·Õ褹¤ÃÖè§Ë¹Ö觢ͧ»ÃÐà·È¶×ͤÃͧ·ÃѾÊÔ¹à¾Õ§ᤋ 9 à»ÍÏà«ç¹µ äÁ‹·ÃÒº¤ÃѺ/¤Ð ÃÙËÃ×ͼٌÃÙŒ·‹Ò¹Ë¹Ö觺͡¡Ñº¼ÙŒÊ×èÍ¢‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò “¼ÁäÁ‹·ÃÒº¤ÃѺ” àÍÍ¿˜§áŌǪ×è¹ã¨ ʋǹ˹Ö觡ç assified ¼Áä´Œ ÁÒ໚¹ԹҡٹÕMuay ¤Ð ÒäÁ‹ª‹ÇÃÂÍ͡Ẻ artwork à¾ÃÒÐÇ‹ 袹Ҵ¡ÙÃÙàsize ¢ÒÂѧºÍ¡Ç‹ ÙŒàÅÂáŌǹѺ»ÃÐÊÒÍÐäáÐàÃÒ¨ÐÁÒ·ÓµÑ Ç໚¹¡ÃÙÃÙŒ ᵋ·ÕèºÍ¡Ç‹Ò ÊÔ觷Õè¡ÓÅѧ໚¹·ÕèÇԾҡɏÇÔ¨Òó¡Ñ¹ÍÂÙ‹ã¹ËÁÙ‹¹Ñ¡¤Ô´ã¹µÍ¹¹Õé¤×ÍÍÔ·¸Ô¾Å¢Í§¾ÅàÁ×ͧÃдѺâÅ¡à¾Õ§ËÂÔº ÂãÊ‹ Textª×µÒÁ¹Õ é¹Ð¤Ð¹¡ÙáÅŒ è¹ã¨à¾ÃÒÐàËç ÃÙ·Õè´Çѹʋ·Ø§Ã¡ÅÑ Ñ§¾Ù´ºàÃ×ÁÒãËŒ èͧ·ÕèµàÑǤŒäÁ‹Ò´ÙÃÙŒä¤Á‹Ð¶¹Ñ´áµ‹µŒÍ§¾Ù´à¾ÃÒÐä´ŒÃѺ¡Òá‹ͧàÊÕÂáÅŒÇÇ‹Òà¡‹§ Á×Íà´ÕÂǹÕé·Õè㪌·Ñ駻˜ÞÞÒáÅзÃѾÊÔ¹¢Í§µÑÇàͧà¾×èͼÅÑ¡´Ñ¹¹âºÒ·ҧÊѧ¤Áãˌ仵ÒÁá¹Ç¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´ ¢Í§µÑÇàͧ ·ÕèÍѹµÃÒ¤×Íá¹Ç¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´àËÅ‹Ò¹Ñé¹äÁ‹ÊзŒÍ¹¤ÇÒÁµŒÍ§¡Òâͧ¤¹¢ŒÒ§Å‹Ò§ (¼Á㪌¤ÓÇ‹Ò¡ÙÃÙµÒÁÊÁѹÔÂÁ ·Ñé§æ ·ÕèÍÂҡ㪌¤ÓÇ‹Ò¤ÃÙᵋ¡ÅÑǨе¡Âؤ)

¢Íº¤Ø ³¤Ð¡Çѹ¹ÕéàÃÒÁÕ¼ÙŒªÓ¹ÑÞã¹ÊÒ¢Òµ‹Ò§æ ã¹âÅ¡·Ø

ËÅÒ¡ËÅÒ¢Öé¹ ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒ¤Œ¹¤ÇŒÒàÃ×èͧµ‹Ò§æ ¡ç¨ÐŧÅÖ¡ã¹ Ê‹§·ŒÒ µÍ¹¤¹¡Ô¹äÁ‹Ãº¡Ñ¹ ¤¹Ãº¡Ñ¹µÍ¹äÁ‹ÁÕ¡Ô¹ àÃ×èͧ·Õè»Åա‹ÍÂÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ «Öè§ã¹¤ÇÒÁàËç¹áººäÁ‹ªÓ¹ÒÞ¡Òâͧ¼Á¡‹ÍãËŒà¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁÊѺʹ §§§ÇÂã¹ËÁÙ‹ ¼Ù»ØŒÃ‡ÂÙŒ¹ŒÍÂ

ange our wording as follows; Standard (Est. Since 2010) d Taxation Services by UK Qualified Accountants ¤¹ä·ÂáÅФ¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ)” ºÑÞªÕ¶Ù¡µŒÍ§µÒÁ¡®ËÁÒÂã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà 94) ã¹ England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland Ò÷ӺÑÞªÕáÅÐÂ×è¹ÀÒÉÕ Sole Traders, Partnership, Comn-Profit Organisation i.e. Charity etc ÇÁ·Ñ駺ÃÔ¡ÒÃÍ×è¹ æ 䴌ᡋ Ò¡ÒèѴµÑ駡Ò÷ӸØáԨ / ແ´ºÃÔÉÑ· ªÕã¹áÅй͡ʶҹ·Õè / Bookkeeping ll) Payslips/ PAYE /P60 / P45 / P11D ÀÒÉÕÁÙŤ‹Òà¾ÔèÁ VAT Returns Self Employed - Tax Return/ Partnership Returns) mpany Accounts/Corporation Tax/CT600 Ê‹§§ºãËŒ HMRC / Companies House VAT / PAYE ¨Ò¡ HMRC / Companies House ªŒ«Í¿µáÇϺÑÞªÕ㹡ÒèѴ·ÓºÑÞªÕ àª‹¹ Sage, Quickbook, Excel ໚¹µŒ¹

Á¹à«çÅ (UK Qualified Accountant) 5289 2519 & 074 2766 7598 Tel/FAX 020 7581 4445 Brompton Road, London, SW7 3DQ

¾‹Í¤ÃÑǪÒÇÍÔµÒàÅÕè¹໚¹¤¹¾Ù´ »ÃҪޏ¹ÔùÒÁ ‘amthai’

Accounts Standard (Est. Since 2010) “Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Taxation Services by UK Qualified Accountants (คนไทยและคนอังกฤษ)”

¨´·ÐàºÕ¹Êӹѡ§Ò¹ºÑÞªÕ¶Ù¡µŒÍ§µÒÁ¡®ËÁÒÂã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ÁÕ Public Practice Licence (No.8294) ã¹ England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland Êӹѡ§Ò¹ºÑÞªÕâ´Â¹Ñ¡ºÑÞªÕ·Õè¾ÃŒÍÁãËŒºÃÔ¡Ò÷ӺÑÞªÕáÅÐÂ×è¹ÀÒÉÕ Sole Traders, Partnership, Company Limited, Non-Profit Organisation i.e. Charity etc ÃÇÁ·Ñ駺ÃÔ¡ÒÃÍ×è¹æ 䴌ᡋ ãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ¡ÒèѴµÑ駡Ò÷ӸØáԨ / ແ´ºÃÔÉÑ· ·ÓºÑުըѴ·ÓºÑÞªÕã¹áÅй͡ʶҹ·Õè / Bookkeeping ¨Ñ´·Óà§Ô¹à´×͹ (Payroll) Payslips/ PAYE /P60 / P45 / P11D ¡ÒÃÂ×è¹ÀÒÉÕÁÙŤ‹Òà¾ÔèÁ VAT Returns ¡ÒÃÂ×è¹ÀÒÉÕÀÒÉÕʋǹºØ¤¤Å ˌҧËØŒ¹Ê‹Ç¹ (Self Employed - Tax Return/ Partnership Returns) ¡ÒÃÂ×è¹ÀÒÉչԵԺؤ¤Å Company Accounts/Corporation Tax/CT600 ¡ÒèѴ·Ó§º¡ÒÃà§Ô¹ & Ê‹§§ºãËŒ HMRC / Companies House ãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ á¡Œ»˜ÞËÒàÃ×èͧ Tax / VAT / PAYE ¨Ò¡ HMRC / Companies House ¡ÒÃͺÃÁãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒÃкººÑÞªÕ áÅÐ㪌«Í¿µáÇϺÑÞªÕ㹡ÒèѴ·ÓºÑÞªÕ àª‹¹ Sage, Quickbook, Excel ໚¹µŒ¹

µÔ´µ‹Í ¤Ø³ªØÅվà àÁ¹à«çÅ (UK Qualified Accountant) â·Ã.075 5289 2519 & 074 2766 7598 ËÃ×Í Tel/FAX 020 7581 4445 Office 98, 2 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3DQ

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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008 / October 2012


By: Pu

â´Â: ¡ÔÁàÅŒ§



ÓËÃѺÊÒÇæ ·Ø¡¤¹¤§¢Ò´à´ÃÊäÁ‹ä´Œ à¾ÃÒÐàÁ×èÍ ÊÇÁãÊ‹áŌǨÐà»ÅÕè¹Åؤ¢Í§¤Ø³ãËŒ´Ù໚¹ÊÒÇ¢Öé¹ ÁÒ·Ñ ¹ ·Õ ᵋ ¨ ÐÍÍ¡á¹ÇËÇÒ¹ á¹Çà»ÃÕéÂǹÑé¹ ¡ç¢Öé¹ÍÂÙ‹¡ÑºÃٻẺ áÅдÕ䫹 à´ÃÊÊÑé ¹ ÊÕ ´ Óࢌ Ò ÃÙ » ÂÑ § ¤§à»š ¹ ·Õè ¹Ô Â Á¡Ñ º ÊÒÇæ ¹Ñ ¡ ·‹ Í §ÃÒµÃÕ ·Ñé§ËÅÒ ÁҾÌÍÁ¡ÑºÃÍ§à·ŒÒ ÊŒ¹ÊÙ§ÊÕ´Ó ·ÕèàËÁÒСѺ¡ÒÃä» §Ò¹ Dinner ËÃÙ ËÃ×Í Hang out ¡Ñºà¾×è͹ã¹ÂÒÁÃÒµÃÕ ËÒ¡ªØ ´ ¹Õé ¨ Ðà»ÅÕè  ¹á¹ÇáÅÐ à¾Ôè Á ¤ÇÒÁÊÁÒÏ · ໚ ¹ ·Ò§¡Òà ¤Ø³ ÅͧËÒÊÙ ·ÊÕ Í‹Í ¹·ÕèµÑ´¡ÑºÊÕ ´ÓÊÇÁãÊ‹ §Ò¹¹Õé¨Ðà»ÅÕ蹤س໚¹ÊÒÇ·Ó§Ò¹·Õèà»ÃÕéÂÇ ¨Õê´¨Ò´àÅ·Õà´ÕÂÇ...



Í¡¨Ò¡à´ÃÊÊÓËÃѺä»à·ÕèÂÇáÅŒÇ ¹Õè ¡ç໚¹ÍÕ¡ÊäµÅÊÓËÃѺà´Ãʢͧ¤¹ ·Ó§Ò¹áºº Working woman ¡Ñ ¹ ˹‹ Í Â ¡Ñ º à·Ã¹´ ªØ ´ á«¡ÊÕ ¾×é ¹ ᢹÊÑé¹áÅСÃÐâ»Ã§á¤º ª‹Ç§¹Õé ¨ÐàËç ¹ ´Õ ä «¹ á ººµÑ Ç àÊ×é Í ÁÕ Ã ÐºÒ ·ÓãËŒà¾ÔèÁ¤ÇÒÁËÇÒ¹ãËŒªØ´¢Í§¤Ø³ ´Ù¹‹ÒÃÑ¡¢Öé¹ á¹Ç¹Õàé ËÁÒСѺà¢çÁ¢Ñ´àÊŒ¹àÅç¡ÊÕࢌÁ ·Õµè ´Ñ ¡ÑºªØ´ÊÕ¿Ò‡ ¹éÓ·ÐàÅ ª‹Ò§´ÙàÃÕº æ ᵋÊØÀÒ¾áÅШÐÂÔ觷ÓãËŒ¤Ø³´Ù à¾ÃÕÂÇ Í‹ÒÅ×ÁÊÇÁÃͧ෌ÒÊŒ¹ÊÙ§ ÊÕࢌҡѺà¢çÁ¢Ñ´¹Ð¤Ð à·Ã¹´áºº¹ÕéàËç¹·ÕèàÁ×ͧä·Â¡Ñ¹áŌǨŒÒ

§Áͺ¤ÇÒÁ¾Ô à ÈÉã¡ÅŒ ÊÔé ¹ »‚ ¡Ñºà·Ã¹´¡ÒÃᵋ§¡Ò¢ͧ ÊÒÇæ ÇÑ·ӧҹÍÕ¡á¹Ç ¡Ñ º ¤ÇÒÁªÔ ¤ ·Õè ¶Ù ¡ 㨠ÊÒÇà»ÃÕéÂÇ·Ñé§ËÅÒÂ

ÊдشµÒ¡ÑºàÊ×Íé ÅÒ·ҧÁÒÅÒ ¢ÒǴӾÌÍÁàÊ×éÍÃкÒÂÁÕÊÕÊѹ áÅÐÂÑ § ¤§¤ÇÒÁ໚ ¹ ÍÑ § ¡ÄÉ ´ŒÇ¡ÃÐâ»Ã§´Ó áÅÐàŤ¡Ôé§ ÊÕ´Ó´ŒÒ¹ã¹ áËÁ!! ÊдشµÒ·Ñ§é Ãͧ෌ÒáÅСÃÐà»‰Ò àËç¹áÅŒÇà´Òä´ŒàÅÂÇ‹ÒµŒÍ§à»š¹¤¹ã¹Ç§¡Òà ῪÑè¹á¹‹æ àŤÐ


ÍÒŋФÐ!! »´·ŒÒ¡ѺÊÒÇæ á¹ÇʵÃÕ· ·Ñé§ËÅÒ·ÕèºÒ§¤¹¡çÂѧÃѡ㹡ÒÃÊÇÁ ãÊ‹Âչʏ ໚¹·Õ·è ÃÒº¡Ñ¹´ÕäÁ‹ÇÒ‹ ¨ÐãÊ‹Â¹Õ Ê¡ºÑ ÍÐäà ¡ç´Ùä´Œ á¶ÁÂѧ´Ù¤Å‹Í§µÑÇàËÁ×͹ÊÒÇ ¤¹¹Õé ·Õè à ¾Õ Â §á¤‹ Ê ÇÁãÊ‹ à Ê×é Í ÍµÑ Ç㹠ʺÒÂæ ¾ÃŒÍÁá¨ç¤à¡çµÁÕÅÇ´ÅÒÂÊÕ Í‹Í¹ áÁ·ªà¢ŒÒ¡ÑºÃͧ෌ÒáÅСÃÐà»‰Ò à¡Žæ Êѡ㺧‹ÒÂᤋ¹Õé¡çÍÍ¡¨Ò¡ºŒÒ¹ ä´ŒáŌǹФÐ

¹ØÁ‹ »‰Í ³Ñ°ÇØ²Ô ÊСԴ㨠ແ´à¼ÂÍ‹ҧ ´Õ㨡Ѻ¼ÙŒÊ×èÍ¢‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò µÍ¹¹Õé¼ÅÍÑŵÃÒ «ÒÇ´ÍÍ¡ÁÒÇ‹ÒÀÃÃÂÒÊÒÇ àÍŽ ¾Ã·Ô¾Â ¡ÓÅÑ § µÑé § ¤ÃÃÀ ÅÙ ¡ ªÒÂãËŒ µ ¹ÍÂÙ‹ ਌ Ò µÑ Ç ¶Ö§¡Ñº¤ØÂâÇÇ‹Òµ¹àͧäÁ‹¸ÃÃÁ´ÒÊÑè§ä´Œ´Ñ§ã¨ µÍ¹¹ÕÊé ¹Ø¡¡Ñº¡ÒÃµÑ§é ª×Íè ÅÙ¡ÍÕ¡·Ñ§é ÂѧãËŒÊÒÇ àÍŽ¾¡Ñ §Ò¹áÊ´§·Ñ¹·Õà¹×Íè §¨Ò¡¹éÓ˹ѡà¡Ô¹ ÁÒ˹Ö觡ÔâÅ਌ҵÑÇÍÂÒ¡ãËŒ·Ñé§ÅÙ¡áÅÐáÁ‹ á¢ç § áç·Õè ÊØ ´ ÊÓËÃÑ º ¡Ó˹´¤ÅÍ´ ໚¹¡ÅÒ§à´×͹àÁÉÒ¹»‚˹ŒÒ ¹Ò§àÍ¡àºÍÏ˹Öè§áË‹§ÇÔ¡ ËÁͪԵ ÍÑéÁ ¾ÑªÃÒÀÒ äªÂàª×éÍ ÁÕ¢‹ÒÇ ¶Ù ¡ ·Òº·ÒÁÂŒ Ò ÂÇÔ ¡ ÁÒÍÂÙ‹ ½ Ò¡ª‹ Í §ÊÒÁ ¾ÃÐÃÒÁÊÕè ¢‹ÒǹÕé´Ñ§¢Öé¹àÁ×èÍÁÕ¡ÒÃÃÒ§ҹ Ç‹Ò Í´Õµ¹ÒÂãËÞ‹áË‹§ª‹Í§ÊÒÁ¹Ñ¹é ä´ŒªÇ¹ ÊÒÇÍÑéÁÁÒáÊ´§ÅФÃËÅѧ¨Ò¡¹Ò§àÍ¡ ÊÒÇËÁ´ÊÑ Þ ÞÒ¡Ñ º µŒ ¹ ÊÑ § ¡Ñ ´ ¤Ø ³ »ÃÐÇԷàÁ×èÍä´ŒÃѺ·ÃÒº¢‹ÒÇ¡çÃÕºÍÍ¡ ÁÒ»¯ÔàʸNjÒäÁ‹à»š¹¤ÇÒÁ¨ÃÔ§ µ¹äÁ‹à¤Â ·Òº·ÒÁÍÑé Á Í‹ Ò §·Õè ÁÕ ¢‹ Ò ÇÅ× Í áµ‹ Í‹ҧ㴠ÍÕ¡·Ñé§Âѧ¡Å‹ÒÇÍÕ¡Ç‹Ò·Ñé§Ë¹Ø‹Á ¡ÃêÑ áÅÐàÁ à¿„›Í§ÍÒÃÁ³ «Öè§ Ê¹Ô·¡ÑºÊÒÇÍÑéÁ¡ç¤§äÁ‹¤Ô´ªÇ¹à¾×è͹ŒÒª‹Í§ÁÒÍ‹ҧṋ¹Í¹ ˹؋ÁËÅ‹Í¢Ñé¹à·¾ “â´Á »¡Ã³ ÅÑÁ” ä´Œ ÍÍ¡ÁÒແ´ã¨Ç‹ÒµÍ¹¹Õé䴌ˋҧ¡Ñºá¿¹ÊÒÇ ÃØ‹ ¹ ¹Œ Í § “¡Ñ Ê ¨Ñ § ¨Ô ÃÑ ¹ ¸¹Ô ¹ ¾Ô ·Ñ ¡ ɏ ¾ à µÃСÙÅ” ਌ҵÑÇ»˜´äÁ‹à¡ÕèÂǡѺÁ×Í·ÕèÊÒÁ ໚¹»˜ÞËÒ¤ÇÒÁäÁ‹à¢ŒÒã¨ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§µ¹¡Ñº ΌÊÒÇÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò ÍÕ¡·Ñ§é ä´Œ¡Å‹ÒǶ֧ “ãËÁ‹ ´ÒÇÔ¡Ò âÎÏ๋” Ç‹ÒäÁ‹ä´ŒÁÕÍÐäù͡¨Ò¡ ¾Õ¹è ÍŒ § ˹ØÁ‹ â´Á¡Å‹Òǵ‹Íä»Ç‹ÒÊÓËÃѺ¡Ã³Õ Ê‹ § ¢Œ Í ¤ÇÒÁʹ·¹ÒäÍÁÔ Ê ÂÙ ã ¹äŹ ¹éÑ ¹ ¡ç໚¹àÃ×èͧ¸ÃÃÁ´Ò·Õ褹·Ó§Ò¹Ã‹ÇÁ¡Ñ¹ ໚¹àÇÅÒ 7 à´×͹¨ÐÊ‹§Ëҡѹ ˹ØÁ‹ â´Á ¡Å‹ÒÇ»´·ŒÒ »´·ŒÒ¤ÇÒÁ«Ö駴ŒÇ¾ԸÕËÁÑ鹢ͧ “˹؋Á »Å×Áé ÊØú¶ ËÅÕ¡ÀÑ” áÅÐ “ÊÒǷѺ·ÔÁ ÁÑÅÅÔ¡Ò ¨§ÇѲ¹Ò” ¶Ù¡¨Ñ´¢Öé¹·ÕèâçáÃÁ ૹ·ÃÒÃÒá¡Ã¹´ §Ò¹¹Õé˹؋Á»Å×éÁ¡Å‹ÒÇ Ç‹Ò¶Ö§áÁŒµ¹¨ÐÍÒÂØÂѧ¹ŒÍÂᵋ¡çÁÑè¹ã¨Ç‹Ò ¨ÐÊÒÁÒö໚ ¹ ¼ÙŒ ¹ ÓáÅÐËÒàÅÕé  § ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇä´Œ µ¹¡Å‹ÒÇNjҨдÙáÅÊÒÇ ·Ñº·ÔÁãËŒ´Õ·ÕèÊØ´ ·Ñ駹Õé§Ò¹¢Í§·Ñ駤ً䴌ÁÕ á¢¡¹Ñ¡¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ´Ñ§à¢ŒÒÁÒËÇÁ¾Ô¸ÕËÁÑé¹ ¢Í§·Ñ駤ًÍ‹ҧ¤Ñº¤Ñè§ ½†ÒÂÍ´Õµ¹Ò¡ “ªÇ¹ ËÅÕ¡ÀÑ” ¡Å‹ÒÇÇҷдѧ»´·ŒÒ ÊÒÁ¤Ó “µÒÁ㨻Å×é Á ” ·Ñé § ¹Õé ¾Ô ¸Õ ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ´Óà¹Ô¹ä»´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁª×è¹Á×蹢ͧ¤Ù‹ÃÑ¡ ‘amthai’



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öá·ç¡«Õè áÅÐö¢¹ÂŒÒºŒÒ¹ ÃÒ¤Ò»ÃÐËÂÑ´ ÃѺʋ§áÍϾÍÏ· ¾Òà·ÕèÂÇ ¾Ò·ÑÇÏ ·ÑèÇÍѧ¡ÄÉ - ʡ͵áŹ´ â·ÃµÔ´µ‹Í 24 ªÁ.


16 amthaipaper 16 amthaipaper / January 2008

Amthai Event Highlights / October 2012

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amthaiEvent Highlights

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra official visited to the UK 12-14 November 2012

13 November- Breakfast meeting with H.E. Prime Minister Yingluck and Thai Delegates at the Ballroom, The Grosvenor House

àÁ×Íè Çѹ·Õè 13 ¾.Â. 2555 ³ ˌͧºÍÅÃÙÁ âçáÃÁ The Grosvenor House ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ¾º»Ð ËÒÃ×͡Ѻ»Ãиҹ¤³Ð¡ÃÃÁ¡ÒÃËÇÁÀÒ¤àÍ¡ª¹ 3 ʶҺѹ ÃÇÁ·Ñé§ ¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨä·Â¨Ò¡ÊÒ¢Òµ‹Ò§æ ·ÕèËÇÁà´Ô¹·Ò§ä»¡Ñº¤³ÐÏ ä´Œá¡‹ÊÒ¢Ò¡ÒÃà§Ô¹ ¡Òø¹Ò¤Òà ÍÒËÒÃáÅÐÊÔ¹¤ŒÒà¡ÉµÃ ¾Åѧ§Ò¹ ¡Ò÷‹Í§à·ÕÂè Ç ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ´Õ䫹áÅÐàÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ÊÌҧÊÃä ÍÑÞÁ³ÕáÅÐà¤Ã×Íè §»ÃдѺ ªÔ¹é ʋǹÂҹ¹µ µÅÍ´ ¨¹ÊÁÒ¤Á¸ØáԨä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ

ÃÒÂÊÒ¢Ò ·Ñ§é ¹Õàé ¾×Íè ËÒÃ×͡Ѻ¸ØáԨä·Â·ÕÃè Ç‹ Áà´Ô¹·Ò§ ä»¡Ñ º ¤³ÐÏ áÅÐÊÁÒ¤Á¸Ø à ¡Ô ¨ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒª ÍҳҨѡà à¾×èÍáÊǧËÒá¹Ç·Ò§¢ÂÒ¡ÒäŒÒ¡Òà ŧ·Ø¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Êͧ»ÃÐà·È áÅÐä´ŒÁͺ¹âºÒ ᡋ·ÕÁ»ÃÐà·Èä·Â «Ö觻ÃСͺ仴ŒÇ¢ŒÒÃÒª¡Òà áÅÐ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·Õèã¹Ê¶Ò¹àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡Ãا Å͹´Í¹ ʶҹ¡§ÊØÅãËÞ‹ 7 áË‹§ Êӹѡ§Ò¹ ¼ÙªŒ Ç‹ ·ٵ½†Ò·ËÒà Êӹѡ§Ò¹áç§Ò¹ Êӹѡ§Ò¹ Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒ Êӹѡ§Ò¹·Õè»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ½†ÒÂàÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ áÅСÒäÅÑ § ÊÓ¹Ñ ¡ §Ò¹µÑ Ç á·¹¸¹Ò¤ÒÃáË‹ § ´Â¼ÙŒ á ·¹ÀÒ¤àÍ¡ª¹ä·Âä´Œ º ÃÃÂÒÂÊÃØ » á¡‹ »ÃÐà·Èä·Â ÊÓ¹Ñ ¡ §Ò¹¼ÙŒ ´Ù á Å¹Ñ ¡ àÃÕ Â ¹ä·Âã¹ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕà¡ÕÂè ǡѺ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹¡Ô¨¡Òà Íѧ¡ÄÉ Êӹѡ§Ò¹¡Ò÷‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇ ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ¾ÃŒÍÁ·Ñé§áÅ¡à»ÅÕ蹤ÇÒÁ ¤Ô ´ àËç ¹ à¡Õè Â Ç¡Ñ º ¡ÒÃÊ‹ § àÊÃÔ Á ¤ÇÒÁË Ç ÁÁ× Í ´Œ Ò ¹ â´Â¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕä´Œ¡Å‹ÒǶ֧Çѵ¶Ø»ÃÐʧ¤¢Í§ àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â¡ÑºÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡõÒÁ ¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§àÂ×͹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ㹤ÃÑ駹Õé áÅÐ


áÊ´§¶Ö§¤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤Ñޢͧ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸·ÕèÁÕµ‹Í¡Ñ¹ ÁÒÍ‹ҧÂÒǹҹ 㹡ÒùÕé¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕä´Œ¡Å‹ÒÇ Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹¸ØáԨä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà à¾×èÍà¾ÔèÁÁÙŤ‹Ò¡ÒäŒÒáÅмŻÃСͺ¡ÒëÖ觨Р໚¹»ÃÐ⪹ã¹¡ÒâѺà¤Å×è͹àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ä·Âã¹ µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È â´ÂʹѺʹع¡Ò÷ӧҹ¢Í§ÊÁÒ¤Á ¸ØáԨä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ·Õè¨ÐÁÕº·ºÒ·ª‹Ç ʋ§àÊÃÔÁ¸ØáԨä·Â ÃÇÁ¶Ö§Áا‹ ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×Í㹡ÒÃá¡Œä¢ »˜ Þ ËÒáÅÐÍØ » ÊÃ䵋 Ò §æ ·Õè ¸Ø Ã ¡Ô ¨ ä·Âã¹ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà µÅÍ´¨¹Ê¹ÑºÊ¹Ø¹¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ Íѹ໚¹¡ÒÃÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁÀÒ¾Åѡɳ·Õè´Õ¢Í§ä·Â ÊÌҧ ¤ÇÒÁàª×èÍÁÑè¹ã¹»ÃÐà·Èä·Â áÅлÃЪÒÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸ ÍÒËÒà ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ ÈÔÅ»ÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁä·ÂÍÕ¡´ŒÇÂ

àÍ¡ª¹ä´Œ ¹ ÓàʹͻÃÐà´ç ¹ ·Õè Í ÂÙ‹ ã ¹¤ÇÒÁʹ㨠ÃÇÁ·Ñ駻˜ÞËÒÍØ»ÊÃ䵋ҧæ ઋ¹¢ŒÍ¨Ó¡Ñ´ã¹¡Òà ¹ÓࢌÒÍÒËÒÃä·Â à¾×Íè ·Õ¨è Ðä´Œ¹Óä»ËÒÃ×ÍáÅÐá¡Œä¢ ã¹ÃдѺÃÑ°ºÒÅ ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡Ñ¹¹Õé¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÁͺ ¹âºÒ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹¡ÒÃàªÔ§Ãء㹡ÒÃÊÌҧàÊÃÔÁ ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸ áÅСÒâÂÒÂáÅÐà¾ÔèÁ¾Ù¹¡ÒäŒÒ áÅСÒÃŧ·Ø ¹ ¡Ñ º ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ ÃáÅÐÂØ â û ÃÇÁ·Ñ§é ä´ŒÃºÑ ¿˜§·ÕÁ»ÃÐà·Èä·Âà¡ÕÂè ǡѺ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹ §Ò¹áÅл˜ÞËÒÍØ»ÊÃ䵋ҧæ â´Â¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ àʹÍãËŒÁÕ¡ÒÃá¡Œ»˜ÞËÒẺͧ¤ÃÇÁ áÅÐÃÑ°ºÒÅ ¾ÃŒÍÁ·Õè¨Ð´Óà¹Ô¹§Ò¹Í‹ҧàµçÁ·Õè áÅТÍãËŒÀÒ¤ àÍ¡ª¹Ê͹ÂØ·¸ÈÒʵÏà¾×è͹ÓÁÒ¾Ô¨ÒóÒËÇÁ ¡Ñº¢Í§ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ¡ÒèѴÅӴѺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤ÑÞ »˜ÞËÒ ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ â´Â¢ÍãËŒÀÒ¤àÍ¡ª¹Ã‹ÇÁ¡Ñ¹¡ÑºÀÒ¤ÃÑ°áÅÐ ã¹âÍ¡ÒʹÕé ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ䴌ແ´âÍ¡ÒÊãËŒÀÒ¤ ¶×Í໚¹ÇÒÃÐáË‹§ªÒµÔ ·Õè¨ÐàµÔºâµä»´ŒÇ¡ѹ ‘amthai’

amthaiEvent Highlights

¹ÒÂ¡Ï ÂÔè§Åѡɳ¾º»Ð¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹·Ø¹ÃÑ°ºÒÅä·Â ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ³ Imperial College ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹

On the 14 th November, Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra visited The Royal School of Mines greeted by President and Rector, Sir Keith O’Nions and had a meeting with the Thai students from the Office of Educational affairs

the students have an opportunity to ask any questions direct to the Prime Minister. The visit was a success in strengthening the already robust Anglo Thai relationships. The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron also announced that from Dec 1 2012 Thai students will be able to access the n which all the students present were priority visa service which is already able to raise questions to the Thai Prime available to Thai business people and Minister, the Prime Minister gave a 15 general visitors. ‘amthai’ minutes talk and then 20 minutes were


Ͼ³Ï ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ ¹Ò§ÊÒÇÂÔ§è Åѡɳ ªÔ¹Çѵà ¾º¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ


¹ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 14 ¾ÄÈ¨Ô ¡ Ò¹ 2555 ³ ËŒ Í § Lecture Theatre, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London â´Âʶҹ àÍ¡ÍÑ ¤ ÃÃÒª·Ù µ ä·ÂË Ç Á¡Ñ º ÊÓ¹Ñ ¡ §Ò¹¼ÙŒ ´Ù á Å ¹Ñ ¡ àÃÕ Â ¹ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ à áÅÐ ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ Imperial College London ËÇÁ ໚¹à¨ŒÒÀҾ㹡ÒèѴ§Ò¹ã¹¤ÃÑ駹Õé ¡Òþº»Ð ¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹㹤ÃÑ駹Õéä´ŒËÅѧ¨Ò¡·Õè¹ÒÂ¡Ï ¡Å‹ÒÇãËŒ âÍÇÒ·á¡‹ºÃôҹѡàÃÕ¹·Ø¹áÅŒÇ ¨Ö§à»´âÍ¡ÒÊ ãËŒ¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹«Ñ¡¶ÒÁ¢ŒÍʧÊѵ‹Ò§æ â´ÂµÃ§ ·Ñ駹Õé â´Â¼ÙŒµÔ´µÒÁ¹ÒÂ¡Ï ÁÒàÂÕèÂÁ¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ä·Â㹤ÃÑé§ ¹Õé¤×͹ÒÂÊØþ§É âµÇԨѡɳªÑ¡ØÅ Ãͧ¹ÒÂ¡Ï áÅÐÃÁµ.¡ÃзÃǧ¡Òõ‹ Ò §»ÃÐà·È, ¹ÒÂ

¡ÔµµÔÃѵ¹ ³ Ãйͧ Ãͧ¹ÒÂ¡Ï áÅÐÃÁµ. ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ, ¹ÒºØ޷ç àµÃÔÂÒÀÔÃÁ ÃÁµ.¡ÃзÃǧ¾Ò³ÔªÂ, àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ¹Ò»Êѹ¹ à·¾Ãѡɏ, ¹Ò¹¹·Ô¡Ã ¡ÒÞ¨¹Ð¨ÔµÃÒ àÅ¢Ò¸Ô¡Òà Êӹѡ§Ò¹¡.¾. ÏÅÏ Í¹Öè § ËÅÑ § ¨Ò¡·Õè ¹ ÒÂ¡Ï ÂÔè § ÅÑ ¡ ɳ ä ´Œ à ¢Œ Ò ¾º¡Ñ º ¹ÒÂ¡Ï à´ÇÔ¤ ¤ÒàÁÃ͹ ã¹Çѹà´ÕÂǡѹ¡‹Í¹Ë¹ŒÒ¹Õé à´ÇԤᨌ§Ç‹Ò䴌ແ´âÍ¡ÒÊãËŒ¤¹ä·Â·Õ赌ͧ¡ÒÃ¢Í ÇÕ«‹Ò¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ÊÒÁÒöÂ×蹢ͺÃÔ¡ÒÃẺà˧´‹Ç¹ä´Œ â´ÂàÃÔèÁµÑé§áµ‹Çѹ·Õè 1 ¸Ñ¹ÇÒ¤Á È¡¹Õé àËÁ×͹¡Ñº ¡ÒÃ͹ØÞÒµ¡ÒâÍÇÕ«‹Ò¸ØáԨáÅÐÇÕ«‹Ò·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇ ‘amthai’

amthaipaper amthaipaper

news roundup Follow us on Twitter amthairestaurant @amthaipaper / January 2008 /October 2012

17 17

amthaiRestaurant Review â´Â : ÁØ¡Íѹ´ÒÁѹ

Panasia Thai Oriental Restaurant

amthai paper rate Food :4.5 Price Value : 4 Service : 4 Atmosphere : 4.5

restaurant review Sponsored by

Tiger Beer


anasia is a contemporary Thai restaurant located in the famous city of Bath. The restaurant has two seating areas. The ground floor seats 40 people, and the basement (which is popular for private functions) seats 35. The design is a unique mix of Thai-Chinese-Japanese styles. The most outstanding decoration is a golden wooden craft made in

»ÅÒËÁÖ¡ªØºá»‡§·Í´ Togarashi Pepper Squid ÁÒàÁ× Í §ºÒ¸·Õ ä õŒ Í §¹Ö ¡ ¶Ö §âçÍÒº¹é ÓâÃÁÑ ¹ ( Roman Bath) º‹Í¹éÓÌ͹ÍѹàÅ×èͧÅ×Í·Ø¡·Õ ໚¹ ʶҹ·Õè¨Ãԧ㹡ÒÃÍÒº¹éӢͧªÒÇâÃÁѹâºÃÒ³ ÊÒÁÒöÁͧàËç¹Ê¶Ò¹·ÕèÍÒº¹éÓˌͧ·Ó¤ÇÒÁÌ͹ áÅСÃкǹ¡ÒÃáÅÐÇÔ¸Õ¡Ò÷ÓÍ‹Ò§ÍÒº¹éÓâºÃÒ³ Çѹ¹Õäé Á‹ä´ŒÁÒàÁ×ͧ¹Õàé ¾×Íè ÁÒÍÒº/´×Áè ¹éÓ áµ‹ÁÒàÂÕÂè Á ªÁÌҹä·Âª×èʹѧ¢Í§àÁ×ͧ¹Õé à¾ÃÒзҧÌҹ䴌ÃѺ ÃÒ§ÇÑÅ BATH GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2011 WINNER ໚¹à¤Ã×Íè §ÃѺ»ÃСѹ¤ÇÒÁÍËÍ ¹‹ÒÀÙÁÔã¨á·¹¤¹ä·ÂÂÔ觹ѡ ¢ÑºÃ¶ÍÍ¡¨Ò¡Å͹ ´Í¹ÁÒ»ÃÐÁÒ³ 2 ªÁ. äÁ‹¹Ò¹¡ç¨Ð¶Ö§àÁ×ͧºÒ¸ «Ö觷Õè¹ÕèÁÕʶһ˜µÂ¡ÃÃÁ¨ÍÏà¨Õ·Õèà´‹¹æ ¨Ò¡ÊÁÑ·Õè ÊÃŒ Ò §¨Ò¡ËÔ ¹ ºÒ¸·Õè à »š ¹ ËÔ ¹ ÊÕ à ËÅ× Í §¹ÇÅ໚ ¹ àÍ¡ÅѡɳáÅÐÊǧÒÁ


¤Ãä»à·ÕèÂÇàÁ×ͧºÒ¸áÅŒÇÍÂÒ¡·Ò¹ÍÒËÒÃä·Â ÍËÍÂẺÃʪҴä·Âæ Ìҹµ¡áµ‹§¹‹ÒÃѡẺ ÁÕ à Í¡ÅÑ ¡ ɳ à ©¾ÒÐµÑ Ç Åͧ价Õè ÃŒ Ò ¹ Panasia Thai Oriental Restaurant ࢌÒÁÒÀÒÂã¹ÃŒÒ¹ µ¡áµ‹§·Ñ¹ÊÁÑÂẺá»Å¡µÒ Áͧà»ÃÂæ áÅŒÇ àËÁ×͹໚¹ÃŒÒ¹¨Õ¹ÊÁÑÂãËÁ‹ ᵋàÁ×èÍàËç¹ÅÇ´ÅÒ ä·Âá¡ÐÊÅÑ¡»ÃдѺ¡ÓᾧáÅŒÇ µŒÍ§à»š¹ä·Âá·Œ à¾ÃÒÐ¤Ø ³ ÍØŽ  ਌ Ò ¢Í§ÃŒ Ò ¹ÈÔ É Â à ¡‹ Ò ÁÑ ³ ±ÈÔ Å »Š ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑÂÈÔÅ»¡Ã ÊÑ觷ÓäÁŒá¡ÐÊÅÑ¡ÊÕàËÅ×ͧ

Thailand which features characters from Thai classical literature, including a portrait of a Japanese woman dressed in a Kimono, and Chinese lanterns tidily on the ceiling. This sumptuous design complements the tasty menu, which covers Thai, Japanese and Chinese dishes. We would recommend you to visit this Award Winning Restaurant by Guide2 BATH.

Panasia Thai restaurant Central Bath 2 George Street Bath Somerset BA1 2EH Tel: +44 (0) 1225 481001


ࢌһҡÅÔéÁÃʪҴ¨ÐÃÙŒÊÖ¡¶Ö§¤ÇÒÁ á«‹º¢Í§¹éÓÂÓ ½ÃÑ觹ŒÍ¤¹¤§ äÁ‹ÁÕâÍ¡ÒÊ䴌ࢌҶ֧ÃʪҴà¼ç´ á«‹ºÃдѺ¹Õé䴌ᵋã¤Ã·ÕèÍÂÒ¡ÁÕ âÍ¡ÒÊä´ŒÅÔéÁÅͧàÁ¹Ù¹ÕéäÁ‹¤Çà ¾ÅÒ´ ¨Ò¹·ÕèÊÒÁËÍÂàªÅŏ¼Ñ´ ¾ÃÔ¡ä·Â´Ó Atlantic Scallops (Stir-fried with asparagus in black pepper sauce) Í‹ҧáá ·ÕèàË繨ҡ¨Ò¹¹Õé¤×ÍËÍÂàªÅŏµÑÇãËÞ‹ ÁÒ¡ ÃÊà¤çÁ͋͹æáÅСÅÔè¹ËÍÁ¢Í§ à¤Ã×èͧ»ÃاáÅÐËÍÂàªÅŏ·ÕèÊ´áÅй؋Á·ÓãËŒ à¾ÅÔ¹·Ò¹ËÁ´¨Ò¹ã¹àÇÅÒÍѹÃÇ´àÃçÇ ¨Ò¹·ÕèÊÕè ᡧà¼ç´à»š´Â‹Ò§ÅÔ鹨Õè Ly-Chee Duck (Red curry with pineapple lychee and cherry tomato) àÁ¹Ù¹·éÕ Ò§ÃŒÒ¹ä´Œ»ÃѺ»ÃاÃʪҴãËŒÍËÍ ࢌÁ¢Œ¹¢Öé¹´ŒÇÂÅÔ鹨ÕèáÅÐ໚¹ÊٵþÔàÈÉâ´Â੾ÒÐ ¾Å‹Ò¡ØŒ§ Plah-Koong ·Ò¹áÅŒÇÃÙŒÊÖ¡ä´Œ¶Ö§ÃʪҵÔËÍÁÁѹࢌÁ¢Œ¹µÑ´¡ÑºÃÊ (Prawn with Thai sweet and sour sauce) à»ÃÕéÂǾʹÕæ ¢Í§ÅÔ鹨Õè ᵋäÁ‹¨Ñ´¨ŒÒ¹àÃÕÂ¡ä´ŒÇ‹Ò ¢ŒÒǼѴ䢋 (Egg Fried Rice) àÁ¹Ù¸ÃÃÁ´Ò·ÕèÃÊ ·Í§·Ñé§á¼§à»š¹¾ÔàÈÉÁÒ¨Ò¡àÁ×ͧä·Â ©Ð¹Ñé¹ÃŒÒ¹ ÍËÍÂẺä·Âá·Œ ªÒ´ÍËÍÂäÁ‹¸ÃÃÁ´Ò ¢ŒÒÇÊǹÓ仼Ѵ¡Ñºä¢‹¨¹ ¹Õ¡é Òõ¡áµ‹§ÀÒÂ㹨֧á»Å¡µÒ໚¹¾ÔàÈÉäÁ‹àËÁ×͹ ¨Ò¹·Õ Ë è Ò Œ ¼Ñ ´ ä·Â¡Ø § Œ Ê´ (Prawn Pad Thai) àÊŒ ¹ àËÅ×ͧ·ÑèÇàÁç´¢ŒÒÇà´Œ§ÃŒÍ¹æ »ÃاÃʹԴ˹‹Í¨¹ ã¤Ã ¼ÊÁ¼ÊÒ¹ÈÔÅ»ÐÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â-¨Õ¹ 㪌Êշͧ á¡ÐÊÅÑ¡àËÅ×ͧÍËÒÁÊÇ‹Ò§µÒ ࢌÒÁÒáÅŒÇÃÙŒÊÖ¡¶Ö§ à˹ÕÂǹ؋Á¡ØŒ§Ê´ÃʪҴÍËÍÂẺ´Ñé§à´ÔÁ·Ò¹áÅŒÇ ä´ŒÍÍ¡ÁÒ໚¹¢ŒÒǼѴ䢋·Õè໚¹àÁ¹Ùâ»Ã´¢Í§ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ ¤ÇÒÁâÍ‹Í‹ÒËÃÙËÃÒ ÊдشµÒ¡Ñº¾¹Ñ§ÅÒµÑÇÅФà ¹Ö¡¶Ö§¼Ñ´ä·Â»ÃÐµÙ¼Õ á¶ÇÃÒª´Óà¹Ô¹ ¨Ò¹·ÕèË¡ ËÅÒ¤¹·Õè¹Õè ‘amthai’ ã¹ÇÃó¤´Õä·ÂÊзŒÍ¹ÊշͧÊäµÅ¨Õ¹ ÃÇÁ¶Ö§ ÀÒ¾»ÃдѺ»Ãдҵ¡áµ‹§´ŒÇÂÃÙ»ËÞÔ§ÊÒÇãÊ‹¡âÔ Áâ¹ ÞÕ»è ¹†Ø à¾ÔÁè ࢌÒÁÒà¾×Íè àÊÃÔÁÃʪҵԤÇÒÁ໚¹àÍàªÕ ËÇÁÊÁÑÂÍ‹ҧ᷌¨ÃÔ§ ¨Ò¹áá»ÅÒËÁÖ¡ªØºá»‡§·Í´¤ÅØ¡¡Ñºà¤Ã×èͧ»Ãا ¾ÃÔ¡ Togarashi Pepper Squid (with chili) ÊÕÊѹàËÅ×ͧ¡Ãͺ¡ÅÔè¹ËÍÁáÅТ¹Ò´¾Í´Õ¤Ó¢Í§ »ÅÒËÁÖ¡¨Ò¹¹Õé¶Ö§äÁ‹ËÔÇ¡ç·ÓãËŒÍÂÒ¡ÅͧËÂÔºªÔÁ ÊÑ¡ªÔé¹ ¤ÇÒÁ¡Ãͺ¢Í§á»‡§áººäÁ‹á¢ç§¡ÃдŒÒ§ ¤ÇÒÁ¹Ø‹ Á ¢Í§»ÅÒËÁÖ ¡ áÅÐÃʪҴࢌ Á ¢Œ ¹ ¢Í§ à¤Ã×èͧ»Ãا¾ÃÔ¡àÁ×èͷҹᤋ¤Óáá¡çࢌÒã¨áÅŒÇÇ‹Ò ·ÓäÁ¨Ò¹¹Õé¶Ö§ä´Œà»š¹àÁ¹Ùâ»Ã´¢Í§ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒËÅÒÂæ ¤¹·Ñ駽ÃÑè§áÅФ¹ä·Â¢Í§·Õè¹Õè ã¤Ã·ÕèªÍº´×èÁàºÕÂÏ àÂç¹æ ¡ÑºàÁ¹Ù¹Õ餧ࢌҡѹ´Õ ¨Ò¹·ÕèÊͧ¾Å‹Ò¡ØŒ§ Plah-Koong (Prawn with Thai sweet and sour sauce) ¡ØŒ § Ê´æ ÅÇ¡¾Íà¹×é Í ¡ØŒ § Êд، § ¤ÅØ¡à¤ÅŒÒ´ŒÇ¹éÓÂÓÃÊࢌÁ¢Œ¹ àÁ¹Ù¹ÕéÊÒÁÒöºÍ¡ ·Ò§ÃŒÒ¹Ç‹Ò¢ÍÃʪҴà¼ç´á«‹ºáºº¤¹ä·ÂàÁ×è͵ѡ

ËÍÂàªÅŏ¼Ñ´¾ÃÔ¡ä·Â´Ó Atlantic Scallops

¼Ñ´ä·Â¡ØŒ§Ê´ (Prawn Pad Thai)

ᡧà¼ç´à»š´Â‹Ò§ÅÔ鹨Õè Ly-Chee Duck

¢ŒÒǼѴ䢋 (Egg Fried Rice)



technology / January 2008

82% Coconut Exract No Artificial Flavouring No Preservatives No Colouring

The Premium Coconut Milk for most any dish Sole Distributor: MANNING IMPEX LTD. Email: Tel: +44(0) 1276 406887/8

amthaipaper amthaipaper

news roundup Follow us on Twitter amthaiKathina Festivsl @amthaipaper / January 2008 /October 2012

19 19

amthaiKathina Festivsl

Royal Kathina Festival at §Ò¹¤ÃºÃͺ 10 »‚¡Òá‹ÍµÑé§ÇÑ´ 11/11/12 - Sanghapadipa §Ò¹¡°Ô¹ÊÒÁѤ¤Õ ·ÕÇè ´Ñ ¾Ø·¸ÒÃÒÁ Wat Mahathat Kings áÅС°Ô¹ÇÑ´ÍçÍ¡«¿ÍÏ´¾Ø·¸ÇÔËÒà Temple ÇÑ´Êѧ¦»·Õ» Wat Buddharam, London Bromley on 04 November ÇѹÍҷԵ·‹Õè 11 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ á¤ÇŒ¹àÇÅʏ on 04 November 2012 2555 2012

¾ÃÐÃÒª¾Ô¸Õ¶ÇÒ¼ŒÒ¾ÃС°Ô¹ â´Â¢ºÇ¹¾ÂØËÂÒµÃÒ·Ò§ªÅÁÒä àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 09 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2555 photo by: Chusak Voraphitak Royal Kathina Festival he Kathina Festival happens every the Vinaya require the monks to remain of discarded material found in cemetery year at the end of the three month at their temple and concentrate on their grounds or along the roadside and so Buddhist Rainy Retreat. The Rainy Retreat practice. In the Buddha’s time, monks’ forth. At the end of the rainy season (from the end of July to the end of robes used to be made of patchwork these robes were in a sorry state and it October) is the time that the rules of material sewn together from fragments became the established practice at the


end of the retreat for the lay community to offer monks new robes in appreciation of their devoted practice. (Written by Uppasaka Colin) ‘amthai’

amthaiHaunted House (part1) by Soikaimook

The Haunted House 35 Stonegate, York ᤋˌͧáá¡çàÃÔèÁ¡ÅÑǡѹáÅŒÇ ¡Ç‹Ò¨Ðà´Ô¹ä»ËŒÍ§ ·Õè 2 ¡çº‹ÒÂàºÕè§â¹¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅÑǡѹä»ÁÒ¨¹à·» à§ÕÂºä» áÅÐáŌǡçµÑ´ÊÔ¹ã¨à»´»ÐµÙºÒ¹·Õèã¹à·» ºÍ¡ àÁ×èÍແ´à¢ŒÒä»à»š¹ËŒÍ§·ÕèÁ×´ÁÒ¡áÅСÅÔè¹ÍѺ Ãعáç¡Ç‹Òˌͧáá ແ´»ÃеÙᵋäÁ‹ÁÕã¤ÃÂÍÁ à´Ô ¹ ࢌ Òä»áÅÐàÃÒ¡ç ä Á‹  ÍÁ» ´ »ÃÐµÙ à ¾ÃÒÐÂÑ § µŒÍ§¡ÒÃáʧ¨Ò¡ËŒÍ§áá ¾Ù´§‹ÒÂæ Ç‹ÒàÃÒà¡Ô´ÍÒ ¡ÒûˆÍ´¡Ñ¹¢Öé¹ÁÒ¹Ñè¹àͧ à¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁʧÊÑÂÇ‹ÒàÃÒ ¨ÐµŒÍ§ÍÂً㹤ÇÒÁÁ״ˌͧ·Õè 2 ¹Õè¨ÃÔ§æ ËÃ×Í

A real Haunted House, over 700 years old. Countless visitors have felt the icy touch of invisible fingers and heard eerie screeching from the attic. When ITVs’ Most Haunted came to film, the crew ran out screaming. Restless spirits still wander the rooms…


Ò¹¼ÕÊÔ§·ÕèàÁ×ͧÂÍϤ໚¹ºŒÒ¹à¡‹Òá¡‹·Õèà¤ÂÁÕ ¤¹ÍÒÈÑÂÍÂÙ¨‹ ÃÔ§áÅÐÁÕàÃ×Íè §ÃÒÇÁÒ¡ÁÒ·Õàè »š¹ µÓ¹Ò¹àÅ‹Òµ‹Í¡Ñ¹ÁÒÁÕÍÒÂØÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò 300 »‚áÅŒÇ »˜¨¨Øº¹Ñ 䴌ແ´à»š¹Ê¶Ò¹·Õãè ËŒ¤¹·ÑÇè ä»à¢ŒÒªÁÊÑÁ¼ÑÊ ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈËÅ͹æ Ẻ¢Í§¨ÃÔ§ Çѹ¹Õäé ´ŒÁâÕ Í¡ÒÊ à¢ŒÒä»ÊÑÁ¼ÑʺÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈÍѹ¹‹Òµ×è¹àµŒ¹¡Ñºà¾×è͹ÃØ‹¹ ¾ÕèÍÕ¡ 1 ¤¹·ÕèºÍ¡Ç‹ÒäÁ‹à¤Â¡ÅÑÇ¡ÒÃࢌҺŒÒ¹¼ÕÊÔ§ àÅ à¾ÃÒÐࢌÒÁÒáÅŒÇËÅÒµ‹ÍËÅÒºŒÒ¹µÑé§áµ‹ á´¹à¹ÃÁԵà Âѹ ´ÔʹÕè ẺªÔÇ ªÔÇ ¾Í´Õ¡Ñº·Õè Çѹ¹Õ龹ѡ§Ò¹·Õèà¤Ò¹àµÍÏàÃÕ¡ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒãËŒÁÒ (໚¹ ˹Ù) ·´ÅͧÃкºãËÁ‹¢Í§¡Ò÷ÑÇϪÁÀÒÂã¹µÑÇ ºŒÒ¹ ¡Ò÷ÑÇÏᵋÅФÃÑ駨Ð㪌ÃкºÍѵâ¹ÁѵÔẺ ແ´à·»ºÃÃÂÒÂàÃ×èͧÃÒǵ‹Ò§æ ¢Í§áµ‹ÅÐˌͧ㹠ᵋÅÐÊÁÑ ÃÇÁ·Ñé§ÁÕáʧÊÕ àÊÕ§ Background µ‹Ò§æ àÊÕ§à´ç¡ÃŒÍ§ àÊÕ§ËÁÒàË‹Ò áÅÐàÊÕ§¨ÍᨠáÇ‹Çæ ¨Ò¡ã¹µÃÍ¡ÅÐáÇ¡¹Ñé¹·ÓãËŒàËÁ×͹àÃÒä´Œ ࢌÒä»ÊÑÁ¼ÑʺÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈÊÁÑ¡‹Í¹¨ÃÔ§æ àÁ×Íè ÊÔ¹é ÊØ´ ¡ÒúÃÃÂÒ¢ͧᵋÅÐˌͧ¡ç¨ÐµŒÍ§à´Ô¹ä»Âѧˌͧ µ‹Ò§æ µ‹Í仵ÒÁ·Õèà·»ºÍ¡ãËŒ·Ó »¡µÔ¼ÙŒãËÞ‹¨Ð µŒÍ§àÊÕ¤‹ÒࢌҪÁ¤¹ÅÐ 10 »Í¹´ ʋǹà´ç¡¨Ð µŒÍ§àÊÕ¤‹ÒࢌҪÁ¤¹ÅÐ 5 »Í¹´ ÃÐÂÐàÇÅÒ ¡ÒêÁ·ÑÇÏ㪌àÇÅÒ·Ñé§ËÁ´»ÃÐÁÒ³¤ÃÖ觪ÑèÇâÁ§

áŌǡç¤Ô´ä»µ‹Ò§æ ¹Ò¹ÒÇ‹Ò¨ÐãËŒàÃÒ·´ÅͧÃкº ãËÁ‹ÍÐäÃà¹ÕÂè ... àÁ×Íè ࢌÒä»ËŒÍ§áá໚¹ËŒÍ§ÃѺᢡ ¨Ðä´ŒÃѺ¿˜§¡ÒúÃÃÂÒ¶֧»ÃÐÇѵԢͧºŒÒ¹áÅÐ àÃ×èͧÃÒǢͧ਌ҢͧºŒÒ¹¤¹Å‹ÒÊØ´ ·ÕèÁÕÍҪվ໚¹ ª‹ Ò §·ÓË¹Ñ § Ê× ÍäºàºÔé Å «Öè § ÁÕ Ë ÅÑ ¡ °Ò¹·Õè ¢Ø ´ ¤Œ ¹ à¨Í ÀÒÂ㹺Œ Ò ¹¡‹ Í ¹¨Ðແ ´ ໚ ¹ ʶҹ·Õè ã ËŒ ¤ ¹·Ñè Çä» à¢ŒÒªÁ ÍÕ¡·Ñé§ÂѧÁÕÃÙ»ÀÒ¾¢ÒǴӢͧÅÙ¡ËÅÒ¹·Õè à¤Â¹Ñè§ÍÂÙ‹µÒÁ¢ÍºË¹ŒÒµ‹Ò§ áÅТͧ¨ÃÔ§¡çÂѧ¤§ ໚¹¢ÍºË¹ŒÒµ‹Ò§à´ÔÁÍÂÙ‹Í‹ҧ¹Ñé¹·ÓãˌʹäÁ‹ä´Œ·Õè ¨Ð¹Ö ¡ ÀÒ¾áÅÐÃÙŒ ÊÖ ¡ àÊÕ Â ÇÊÑ ¹ ËÅÑ § ¶Ö § ¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒ ÊÖ ¡ ·ŒÒ·ÒÂáÅе׹è ൌ¹ ÀÒÂ㹺ŒÒ¹Âѧ¤§ÁÕ¡ÅÔ¹è äͧ͢ à¹×éÍäÁŒáÅÐà¿ÍϹÔà¨ÍϢͧ´Ñé§à´ÔÁµÑé§áµ‹à¨ŒÒ¢Í§ ¤¹áᨹ¶Ö§à¨ŒÒ¢Í§¤¹ÊØ´·ŒÒÂÍÂÙ‹ ¢³Ð·Õ还§¤ÓºÃÃÂÒÂàÃÒÊÒÁÒö¹Ñè§Å§º¹â«¿Ò ËÃ×ͨÐÅͧແ´´ÙµÙŒáµÐµŒÍ§ÊÔ觢ͧ䴌µÒÁ¤ÇÒÁ

ÍÂÒ¡ÃÙŒÍÂÒ¡àËç¹ áµ‹ã¤Ã¨Ðä»ÃٌNjҷÕèæ àÃÒ¹Ñè§ËÃ×Í ·ÕèàÃÒÂ×¹¿˜§ÍÂÙ‹ÍÒ¨¨Ð໚¹·ÕèÊØ´·ŒÒ·Õè਌Ңͧà´ÔÁ à¤ÂÁÒ¹Ñè§ÍÂÙ‹¡çä´Œ ˌͧáá㪌àÇÅÒ»ÃÐÁÒ³ 5 àÃÒÊͧ¤¹àÅÂä´Œ à ¢Œ Ò ·Ñ Ç Ã ª Á¿ÃÕ ä´Œ ÂÔ ¹ ´Õ ¤ ÓÇ‹ Ò ¹Ò·ÕáÅŒÇàÊÕ§ã¹à·»¡çä´ŒºÍ¡ãËŒàÃÒà´Ô¹à¢ŒÒä»ã¹ ࢌ Ò ¿ÃÕ ¡ç ´Õ ã ¨¡Ñ ¹ ¡ãËÞ‹ ᵋ ¾ Íࢌ Òä»ËŒ Í §áá ˌͧ·Õè 2 â´ÂµŒÍ§à»´»Ãеٺҹ·ÕèÍÂÙ‹¢ŒÒ§Ë¹ŒÒ ¨ÃÔ§æ ¡çÃÙŒÊÖ¡Ç‹ÒÊͧ¤¹ÁѹÇѧàǧÍ‹ҧºÍ¡äÁ‹¶Ù¡ àÃÒ¡çàÃÔèÁÁͧ˹ŒÒ¡Ñ¹Ç‹Ò¨Ð仵‹Í¡Ñ¹´ÕäËÁà¾ÃÒÐ

¢ÍàÇÅÒÊÑ¡ 5 ¹Ò·ÕऌҨÐä»ËÒàËÂ×èÍ à͌ ¤¹ ÁÒ·ÑÇÏà¾ÔèÁãËŒ ÊÑ¡¾Ñ¡ÁÕ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑǾ‹ÍáÁ‹ÅÙ¡ 4 ¤¹ ¤Ù‹ÃÑ¡ 2 ¤¹ áÅÐËÞÔ§¡ÅÒ§¤¹ÍÕ¡ 1 ¤¹ ÁÕ àÃÒÍÕ¡ 2 ¤¹ÃÇÁ໚¹·Ñ§é ËÁ´ 9 ¤¹ ¨Ö§ÃÙÊŒ ¡Ö 㨪׹é áÅЪÔÅæ ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹Áҷѹ·Õ áÅÐáŌǡçÁÒàÃÔèÁ·ÑÇÏ µÑé§áµ‹ËŒÍ§·Õè 1 ãËÁ‹ÍÕ¡¤ÃÑé§ àÁ×èÍà·»ºÍ¡ãËŒà´Ô¹ ä»à»´»ÃеÙˌͧ·Õè 2 àÃÒÃÕººÍ¡¤¹Í×è¹Ç‹Ò After you! áÅÐÂÔÁé ÍÍ¡à¾ÃÒФÇÒÁ¡ÅÑÇÁѹäÁ‹Áҡ෋ҡѺ ¤ÃÑé§áá

¤ÃÒǹÕéàÁ×èÍÁÕ¼ÙŒ¡ÅŒÒËÒÞ¤×ÍËÞÔ§¡ÅÒ§¤¹·‹Ò·Ò§ ·ÐÁÑ´·ÐáÁ§à»š¹¼ÙŒà»´»Ãе١ÅҧࢌÒÊًˌͧ·Õè 2 ໚¹¤¹áá·ÓãËŒ¾Ç¡àÃÒ¾ÅÍÂÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅŒÒËÒÞ ¢Öé¹ÁÒáÅÐÃÕºà´Ô¹µÒÁä»ã¹·Ñ¹·Õ Ãкºà·»¨Ö§äÁ‹ µŒÍ§Ã͹ҹàËÁ×͹¤ÃÒÇ¡‹Í¹áÅзÓãËŒÃٌNjҶŒÒàÃÒ ÁÒແ´»ÃеÙàÃçÇ¡Ç‹Ò¤ÃÒÇáá¡ç¨ÐÁÕä¿à»´ÊÅÑÇæ ãËŒâ´ÂÍѵâ¹ÁѵäÔ Á‹µÍŒ §·¹·ÃÁÒ¹¡ÅÑǡѹÍÂÙã‹ ¹¤ÇÒÁ Á״ઋ¹¹Ñé¹ áµ‹¡Ò÷Õèä´ŒÁÒ¶Ö§ ³ ˌͧà´ÔÁᵋ ໚¹¡ÒÃÁҶ֧㹺ÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈ 2 Ẻ·ÓãˌࢌÒ㨠NjÒàÁ×èÍà¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅÑǡѹ¢Öé¹ÁÒ¨ÃÔ§æ áÅŒÇàÃҨРµÑ´ÊԹ㨡ѹÂÑ§ä§ ¨Ö§¢Íá¹Ð¹ÓÇ‹Ò¶ŒÒã¤ÃÍÂÒ¡¨Ð ÁÒ·´Êͺ¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅŒÒ¢Í§µ¹àͧãËŒªÇ¹à¾×è͹ÁÒ ´ŒÇÂᤋ 1 ¤¹áŌǶŒÒ·ÑÇÏÃͺä˹·ÕÁè ¤Õ ¹à¢ŒÒàÂÍÐ ãËŒ à ÍÃͺ·Õè ÁÕ ¤ ¹¹Œ Í ÂËÃ× Í äÁ‹ ÁÕ ¤ ¹àŨÐ໚ ¹ ᵋàÁ×Íè ¾Ô¨ÒóҴÙáŌǨ֧àËç¹Ç‹Òˌͧ·Õè 2 ໚¹à¾Õ§ »ÃÐʺ¡Òó·Õ蹋Ҩ´¨ÓÁÔÃÙŒÅ×Á ·Ò§à´Ô¹¨Ò¡»Ãеٷ¨èÕ Ðà´Ô¹ÍÍ¡ä»Êǹ«ŒÒÂÁ×ÍáÅÐ ·Ò§¢ÇÒÁ×Í໚¹ºÑ¹ä´äÁŒ·¨èÕ Ð¢Ö¹é ä»ªÑ¹é º¹ ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ àÁ×èÍ¢Öé¹ÁÒªÑé¹ 2 ¨ÐÁÕˌͧ¹Í¹ 2 ˌͧ ˌͧ˹Öè§ ·Ò§à´Ô¹Áյˌ٠¹Ñ§Ê×ͷçÊÙ§ãʋ˹ѧÊ×Íà¡‹Òæ ÍÂÙà‹ ¡×ͺ ÁշҧࢌÒàÅç¡áÅÐ᤺ÁÒ¡ÅѡɳФŌÒ¨Ð໚¹ àµçÁµÙŒ ´ŒÒ¹ËÅѧºÑ¹ä´à»š¹ËŒÍ§à¡çº¢Í§·ÕèÁÕ»ÃеÙäÁŒ ˌͧ¢Í§ºØ¤¤Å·ÕèäÁ‹¤‹ÍÂÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊÓ¤ÑÞ㹺ŒÒ¹¹ÕéÊÑ¡ ແ´á§ŒÁÍÂÙà‹ ÊÁ×͹¨ÐãËŒ¼¤ŒÙ ¹à¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁÍÂÒ¡ÃÙÍŒ ÂÒ¡ à·‹Ò㴹ѡ à´Ô¹·ÑÇÏ¢¹éÖ ÁÒ¶Ö§ªÑ¹é 2 ¨Ð໚¹à¾ÃÒÐÇ‹Ò àËç¹ÊÔ觢ͧ·ÕèÍÂÙ‹ÀÒÂã¹ËŒÍ§¹Ñé¹áÅСçÁÕËØ‹¹ãÊ‹ªØ´ ÃÙŒ ÊÖ ¡ä»àͧËÃ× Í à»Å‹ Ò Ç‹ Ò ÍØ ³ ËÀÙ ÁÔ ã ¹ºŒ Ò ¹¹Õé à Âç ¹ æ à¡ÃÒÐÍÑÈÇÔ¹¢¹Ò´à·‹Ò¤¹¨ÃÔ§Â×¹»´·Ò§à¢ŒÒÍÂÙ‹ µÑ§é ᵋËÍŒ §áá·Õàè ¢ŒÒÁҷѧé æ ·ÕÍè Ò¡ÒÈ¢ŒÒ§¹Í¡ÍºÍع‹ ¢ŒÒ§æ ºÑ¹ä´·Ò§¢Öé¹ ¢¹Ò´áÅФÇÒÁã¡ÅŒ¢Í§ËØ‹¹ ʺÒÂËÃ× Í ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈÍ‹ Ò §¹Õé ·Õè à ¤Œ Ò àÃÕ Â ¡Ç‹ Ò ÍÑ È ÇÔ ¹ µÑ Ç ¹Õé ÁÕ ¼ Å·ÓãËŒ ¾ ͨÐÃÙŒÊÖ ¡ä´ŒÇ‹Ò ¶ŒÒËØ‹¹à¡Ô´ ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈẺàÂç¹ÂÐàÂ×Í¡ ᵋµÃҺ㴷Õè¡Ã؍» ¡ÒâÂѺ¢Öé¹ÁÒàÁ×èÍäÃàÃÒ¡ç¾ÃŒÍÁÇÔè§àÁ×è͹Ñé¹·Ñé§æ ·Õè ¢Í§àÃÒÂѧÁÕ¼ÙŒ¡ÅŒÒÍ‹ҧËÞÔ§¡ÅÒ§¤¹·Õè໚¹¼ÙŒ¹Ó ÃÙÍŒ ÂÙá‹ ¡‹ã¨Ç‹ÒËع‹ äÁ‹ÁªÕ ÇÕ µÔ ´ŒÇÂà¾ÃÒФÇÒÁÁ×´áÅРແ´»Ãеٽ†Ò¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅÑÇ໚¹¤¹áá䴌µÅÍ´Í‹ҧ ¤ÇÒÁàÊÕÂÇÊѹËÅѧÍÕ¡·Ñ駡ÅÔè¹·Õè໚¹àÍ¡Åѡɳ¢Í§ ¹Õ¶é §Ö ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒȨÐàÂç¹ÂÐàÂ×͡ᤋä˹àÃÒ¡ç处 à¡ÒÐ ºŒÒ¹à¡‹Òæ ·ÓãËŒàÃÒ㪌àÇÅÒÂ×¹ÍÖ駡ѹÍÂÙ‹¾Ñ¡ãËÞ‹ ¡ÅØ‹Á仡ѹµ‹Í䴌͋ҧà˹ÕÂÇṋ¹µÒÁÊØÀÒÉÔµÃÇÁ ¨¹à·»ºÃÃÂÒÂà§Õºŧà¾ÃÒÐÃкº¤§¤Ô´Ç‹ÒäÁ‹ÁÕ ¡Ñ¹àÃÒÍÂÙ‹ (á¡ËÁً˹Ù་¹) ã¤ÃÍÂÙ‹áÅŒÇ ÊØ´·ŒÒÂàÃÒ·¹¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅÑÇäÁ‹äËÇ ÃÇÁ ¶Ö§Ãع‹ ¾Õ·è ºèÕ Í¡Ç‹ÒäÁ‹à¤Â¡ÅÑÇ་¹¡ÅѺ价Õàè ¤Ò¹àµÍÏ ¶Œ Òã¤ÃáÇÐÁÒá¶ÇàÁ× Í §ÂÍÏ ¤ Í‹ Ò Å× Á ÁÒÊÑ Á ¼Ñ Ê ¡‹Í¹àÅ ÇÔ§è Í͡仺͡¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹Ë¹ŒÒµ×¹è Ç‹ÒãËŒªÇ‹  ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈẺËÅ͹¹Õéä´Œ ©ºÑºË¹ŒÒàÃÒ¨Ð¾Ò à¢ŒÒÁÒà´Ô¹·ÑÇÏ໚¹à¾×è͹¡Ñ¹´ŒÇÂà¾ÃÒÐᤋ 2 ¤¹ ¤Ø³ä»ËŒÍ§Í×è¹æ ઋ¹ËŒÍ§âµÐ¡ÅÁáÅÐˌͧ㵌´Ô¹ ÁѹËÅ͹¡Ñ¹à¡Ô¹ ¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹Áͧ˹ŒÒàÃÒẺ¢Óæ ¨ÐÁÕÍÐäÃãËŒËÅ͹ÍÕ¡â»Ã´µÔ´µÒÁµÍ¹µ‹Íä» ‘amthai’ áŌǺ͡NjÒऌҵŒÍ§ÍÂÙ‹·Ó˹ŒÒ·ÕèµÃ§à¤Ò¹àµÍÏᵋ

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¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ¢ÍÃѺà§Ô¹Ê§à¤ÃÒÐˏºØµÃ»ÃÐÁÒ³ £20.30 µ‹ÍÊÑ»´ÒˏÊÓËÃѺÅÙ¡¤¹áá áÅÐ £13.40 ÊÓËÃѺÅÙ¡¤¹¶Ñ´ä» ã¹à´×͹Á¡ÃÒ¤Á·Õè¨Ð¶Ö§¹Õé ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ·ÕèÁÕÃÒÂä´Œà¡Ô¹ £60,000 ¨ÐäÁ‹ä´ŒÃѺà§Ô¹¹Õé ÒÂÇÔÅàÅÕÂÁ àΡ ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ áÅÐä´ŒºÒ§Ê‹Ç¹ÊÓËÃѺ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ·ÕèÁÕÃÒÂä´ŒÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ £50,000 - £60,000 ‘amthai’ Ç‹ Ò ¡ÒáÃзÃǧ¡Òõ‹ Ò § »ÃÐà·ÈáË‹ § ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ à 48% ¢Í§¤¹Íѧ¡ÄɤԴ¨ÐÂŒÒÂä»ÍÂÙ‹»ÃÐà·ÈÍ×è¹ à´Ô¹·Ò§ä»àÂ×͹»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂÍ‹ҧ ໚¹·Ò§¡Òà ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Çѹ·Õè 6-7 ¾ÄȨԡÒ¹ 2555 ËÅѧ¨Ò¡Ã‹ÇÁ »ÃÐªØ Á ¼ÙŒ ¹ ÓàÍàªÕ  -ÂØ â ûËÃ× Í ASEM ³ ¡ÃØ § àÇÕ Â §¨Ñ ¹ ·¹ ¹Ñºà»š¹¤ÃÑé§áá¢Í§¡ÒÃàÂ×͹㹠°Ò¹ÐÃÑ ° Á¹µÃÕ Ç‹ Ò ¡ÒáÃзÃǧ ¡Òõ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È â´ÂÁÕ¡Ó˹´¡Òà ࢌҾº»Ð¡Ñº¹Ò§ÊÒÇÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ ¹ ÇÑ µ à ¹Ò¡ÃÑ ° Á¹µÃÕ ä ·Â ¨Ò¡¡ÒÃÊÓÃǨ¢Í§ YouGov ³ ·Óà¹ÕºÃÑ°ºÒÅ à¾×è;ٴ¤ØÂà¡ÕèÂǡѺ¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§ÁÒàÂ×͹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃã¹°Ò¹Ðᢡ¢Í§ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ¾ºÇ‹Òà¡×ͺ¤ÃÖ觢ͧ¤¹Íѧ¡ÄɤԴ ËÒÃ×Í´ŒÒ¹¡ÒäŒÒ¡ÒÃŧ·Ø¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Êͧ»ÃÐà·È áÅÐàÃ×èͧ¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹¡ÒÃÊ͹ÀÒÉÒÍѧ¡ÄÉÊÓËÃѺ ¨ÐÂŒÒÂä»ÍÂÙ‹µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È Íѹ´Ñº ªÒÇä·Â ¨Ò¡¹Ñé¹ä´Œ¾º»Ð¡Ñº¹Ò¡ԵµÔÃѵ¹ ³ Ãйͧ Ãͧ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕáÅÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÇ‹Ò¡Òà ˹Ö觢ͧ·ÕèËÁÒ¤×ÍÍÍÊàµÃàÅÕ ¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅÑ § ¹ÒÂÊØ Ã ¾§É âµÇÔ ¨Ñ ¡ ɳ ªÑ  ¡Ø Å ÃÑ ° Á¹µÃÕ Ç‹ Ò ¡ÒáÃзÃǧ¡Òõ‹ Ò §»ÃÐà·È µÒÁ´ŒÇÂÍàÁÃÔ¡Ò ¹ÔÇ«ÕᏴ à˵ؼŷշè ÓãËŒÍÂҡ仨ҡÍѧ¡Äɤ×ͤ‹Ò¤ÃͧªÕ¾ ÍÒ¡ÒÈ §Ò¹ ÍÒªÞÒ¡ÃÃÁ ¹ÒÂÍÀÔÊÔ·¸Ôì àǪªÒªÕÇÐ ¼ÙŒ¹Ó½†Ò¤ŒÒ¹ µÅÍ´¨¹µÑÇá·¹¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨä·ÂáÅÐÍѧ¡ÄÉ à»š¹»ÃÐ¸Ò¹ã¹¾Ô¸Õ ¼Å¡ÒÃÊÓÃǨ¨Ò¡ ªÒÇÍѧ¡ÄÉ 1,650 ¤¹ ¾ºÇ‹Ò 1 ã¹ 3 àËç¹¾ŒÍ§Ç‹Ò¤Ø³ÀÒ¾ªÕÇÔµÊÓËÃѺà´ç¡æ ŧ¹ÒÁã¹ÊѵºÃó¡Òõ‹ÍµŒÒ¹¡Ò÷بÃÔµ¤ÍÏÃÑ»ªÑè¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ºÃÔÉÑ·Íѧ¡ÄÉ·Õè´Óà¹Ô¹¸ØáԨ㹻ÃÐà·È á‹ŧ¡Ç‹Òà´ÔÁ 6% µÑ´ÊÔ¹ã¨ÂŒÒÂä»ÍÂÙ‹»ÃÐà·ÈÍ×è¹áÅŒÇ ¢³Ð·Õè 42% ¡ÓÅѧÍÂÙ‹ã¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¡ÒõѴÊԹ㨠ä·ÂáÅÐÊÁÒ¤ÁÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÃÃÁ¡ÒúÃÔÉÑ·ä·Â ËÃ×Í Thai IOD ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕéÂѧ䴌à´Ô¹·Ò§ä»àÂÕèÂÁªÁ ´ŒÇÂà˵ؼÅÍѹ´Ñºáá¤×ÍàÃ×èͧ¤‹Ò¤ÃͧªÕ¾ 52% âÍ¡ÒÊ㹡ÒÃËÒ§Ò¹ 31% áÅÐÍÒªÞÒ¡ÃÃÁ 27% ¡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹§Ò¹¢Í§ºÃÔµÔª à¤Ò¹«ÔÅ »ÃÐà·Èä·Â ³ Êӹѡ§Ò¹ãËÞ‹ ÊÂÒÁÊá¤ÇÏ â´Â¾º»Ð¾Ù´¤Ø à˵ؼÅÍ×蹤×ÍÁҵðҹ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒ ÁžÔÉ ÊÀÒ¾áÇ´ÅŒÍÁ áÅзÕèäÁ‹¹‹Òàª×èͤ×Í ¤¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ´ŒÇ¡ѹàͧ·Õè ໚¹áç¼ÅÑ¡ãËŒ¤Ô´¨ÐŒҶÔè¹ÁÕà¾Õ§ 11% à·‹Ò¹Ñé¹·ÕèºÍ¡Ç‹ÒäÁ‹ÁÕà˵ؼÅã´·Õè¨ÐŒҠ¡ÒÃÊÓÃǨÂѧ¾ºÇ‹Ò ¡Ñº¹Ò¾§Èà·¾ à·¾¡ÒÞ¨¹Ò ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÇ‹Ò¡ÒáÃзÃǧÈÖ¡ÉÒ¸Ô¡Òà ‘amthai’ ÅѡɳÐÊÓ¤ÑޢͧªÕÇÔµã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉá‹ŧÁҡ㹪‹Ç§ 20 »‚·Õ輋ҹÁÒã¹àÃ×èͧÁÒÃÂÒ· ¤ÇÒÁÊØÀÒ¾ àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ ÍÒªÞÒ¡ÃÃÁáÅСÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒ ‘amthai’ âͺÒÁÒª¹ÐàÅ×Í¡µÑé§à»š¹»ÃиҹҸԺ´ÕÊÁÑ·Õè 2



ºÒÃÑ ¤ âͺÒÁÒ ä´Œ à »š ¹ »ÃиҹҸԺ´ÕÍÕ¡ÊÁѪ¹Ð¤Ù‹á¢‹§ ÁÔ µ µ ÃÍÁ¹Õ  ä´Œ à ¾Õ Â § 206 ¤Ðá¹¹ «Öè § ¶× Í Ç‹ Ò ÊÙ ÊÕ ·Õè ÊØ ´ ã¹ »ÃÐÇѵÔÈÒʵÏ¡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡µÑé§ÊËÃÑ°Ï ¶Ö§áÁŒ¼Å§Ò¹ã¹ª‹Ç§ 4 »‚·¼èÕ Ò‹ ¹ÁÒ à¢ÒÂѧäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö·Ó¹âºÒÂËÅÒ Í‹ҧãËŒÊÓàÃç¨ä´ŒµÒÁ·ÕèËÒàÊÕ§äÇŒ àÁ×èÍ»‚ 2008 ᵋ¼Å§Ò¹¡ÒÃÍÍ¡ ¡®ËÁÒ»¯Ô ÃÙ » Ãкº»ÃÐ¡Ñ ¹ ÊØ¢ÀÒ¾áÅСÒÃÊѧËÒà âÍ«ÒÁÒ ºÔ¹ ÅÒà´¹ àÁ×Íè »‚¡Í‹ ¹ ÃÇÁ¶Ö§¡Òà ¶Í¹·ËÒÃÍàÁÃÔ¡¹Ñ ã¹ÍÑ¿¡Ò¹Ôʶҹ ·ÓãËŒ»ÃЪҪ¹ÂÍÁãËŒâÍ¡ÒÊà¢Ò໚¹»ÃиҹҸԺ´Õµ‹Íä»ÍÕ¡ 4 »‚ à¾×èÍ·Ó¹âºÒ·ÕèËÒàÊÕ§äÇŒãˌ໚¹ ¨ÃÔ§ ¹âºÒ·Õè·ÓãËŒâͺÒÁÒä´Œ¤Ðá¹¹¨Ò¡¡ÅØ‹Á¤¹ÍÒÂعŒÍÂÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ ¤×Í¡àÅÔ¡¡ÒÃà¹Ãà·È¼ÙŒÍ¾Â¾à¢ŒÒ àÁ×ͧ¼Ô´¡®ËÁÒ·ÕèࢌÒÁÒã¹ÊËÃÑ°Ï µÑé§áµ‹Âѧ໚¹à´ç¡ ¢³Ð·Õ轆ÒÂÃÍÁ¹Õµ‹ÍµŒÒ¹Í‹ҧÊÔé¹àªÔ§ ·Ñ駹Õé »ÃиҹҸԺ´ÕºÒÃѤ âͺÒÁÒ àÃÔèÁ§Ò¹·Ñ¹·ÕËÅѧ·ÃÒºªÑª¹Ð â´Â¨Ðà˧ᡌ»˜ÞËÒàÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨Íѹ´Ñº áá ʋǹ¡ÒÃÃÑ´à¢çÁ¢Ñ´¤‹Ò㪌¨‹ÒÂÀÒ¤ÃÑ° áÅТÖé¹ÀÒÉÕµÒÁ·ÕèËÒàÊÕ§¨ÐºÑ§¤ÑºãªŒã¹à´×͹Á.¤.»‚˹ŒÒ à¾×èÍÅ´¡ÒâҴ´Øŧº»ÃÐÁÒ³ »ÃиҹҸԺ´ÕâͺÒÁÒ áÅйҧÎÔÅÅÒÃÕ ¤ÅÔ¹µÑ¹ ÁÕËÁÒ¡Ó˹´¡Òà àÂ×͹»ÃÐà·Èä·Âã¹Çѹ·Õè 17 ¾.Â. ¡‹Í¹¨Ðä»à¢ŒÒËÇÁ»ÃЪØÁÊØ´ÂÍ´¼ÙŒ¹ÓÍÒà«Õ¹¤ÃÑ駷Õè 21 ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ Çѹ·Õè 15-20 ¾.Â. ·Õè»ÃÐà·È¡ÑÁ¾ÙªÒ «Öè§âͺÒÁÒÅФ³Ð¨Ðà´Ô¹·Ò§¶Ö§¡Ãا¾¹Áà»Þã¹Çѹ·Õè 18 ¾.Â. áŌǨ֧à´Ô¹·Ò§à¢ŒÒ¾º»ÃиҹҸԺ´Õàµç§ àÊ‹§ áË‹§¾Á‹Ò áÅйҧÍͧ «Ò¹ «Ù¨Õ ᡹¹Ó½†Ò¤ŒÒ¹ ¢Í§¾Á‹Òã¹Çѹ·Õè 19 ¾.Â. ‘amthai’

¾‹ÍáÁ‹·ÕèäÁ‹ÁÕ§Ò¹·Ó¨Ð¶Ù¡¨Ó¡Ñ´ÊÔ·¸Ôà§Ô¹ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×ͺصöŒÒÁÕÅÙ¡à¡Ô¹ 2

ÍÕ¡·Ò§àÅ×Í¡Ë¹Ö§è ¢Í§¤³ÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ ã¹¤ÇÒÁ¾ÂÒÂÒÁ·Õè ¨ ФǺ¤Ø Á ÃÒ¨‹ Ò Â§ºÊÇÑ Ê ´Ô ¡ ÒâͧÃÑ ° ¹Ò嫄 ¹ ᤹ ÊÁÔ ¸ ·Õè » ÃÖ ¡ ÉÒ ¡ÃзÃǧáç§Ò¹áÅÐÊÇÑÊ´Ô¡Òà ¡Å‹ÒÇàÁ×Íè à´×͹·Õ¼è Ò‹ ¹ÁÒÇ‹Ò ¾‹ÍáÁ‹ ·ÕèäÁ‹ä´Œ·Ó§Ò¹ÍÒ¨¨ÐàÊÕÂÊÔ·¸Ôã¹ ¡ÒÃÃѺà§Ô¹Ê§à¤ÃÒÐˏºØµÃ¶ŒÒÁÕÅÙ¡ à¡Ô ¹ 2 ¤¹ â´ÂÁÕ â ¨·¡ Ç‹ Ò ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ·ÕèäÁ‹ä´Œ·Ó§Ò¹ÊÒÁÒö ¢ÍÃѺà§Ô¹Ê§à¤ÃÒÐˏ䴌Í‹ҧäÁ‹ÁÕ ·Õè ÊÔé ¹ ÊØ ´ ã¹¢³Ð·Õè ¤ Ãͺ¤ÃÑ Ç ·Õè ·Ó§Ò¹äÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöÁÕÅÙ¡à¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹ÍÕ¡ ᵋ·ŒÒ·ÕèÊØ´áŌǤÇÒÁ¤Ô´¹Õé¡çäÁ‹ãªŒ ᤋ¡ºÑ ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ·Õäè Á‹Á§Õ Ò¹·Ó෋ҹѹé ᵋÃÇÁ·Ø¡¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ ÊÔ§è ÊÓ¤ÑÞ¤×;‹ÍáÁ‹·¡Ø ¤¹µŒÍ§ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÃѺ¼Ô´ªÍºÇ‹Ò ÊÒÁÒö´ÙáÅàÅÕ駴ÙÅÙ¡æ ä´Œ äÁ‹ãª‹ËÇѧ¾Öè§áµ‹ÃкºÊÇÑÊ´Ô¡Òà ¤Ó¶ÒÁ·ÕèÇ‹ÒÃÑ°¨ÐãËŒà§Ô¹ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×ͺصà à¾Õ§ 2 ¤¹ááËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ ¢³Ð¹Õ餳ÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ¡ÓÅѧ´ÙÃÒ¨‹Ò§º»ÃÐÁÒ³´ŒÒ¹¹ÕéÍÂÙ‹ à¾×èͨÐãËŒÃкº ÊÇÑÊ´Ô¡ÒÃÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÂصԸÃÃÁÍ‹ҧ·ÕèÊØ´¡‹Í¹·Õè¨Ð»ÃСÒÈÍ‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡Òà µÑÇàŢ㹢³Ð¹Õé 7.8 Ōҹ

¤¹¹ÑºËÁ×蹨ҡ·ÑèÇâšŧª×èÍÍ͹䬏àÃÕ¡Ìͧàʹͪ×èÍ ´.Þ.ÁÒÅÒÅÒÃѺâ¹àºÅ

´.Þ.ÁÒÅÒÅÒ ÂÙ « Ò¿ä« ¹Ñ ¡ àÃÕ Â ¡ÃŒ Í §ÊÔ · ¸Ô ª ÒÇ»Ò¡Õ Ê ¶Ò¹ ÇÑ Â 15 »‚ ·Õè ¶Ù ¡ ÅØ‹ Á µÒÅÕ ºÑ ¹ ÂÔ § ·ÕèÈÃÕÉÐ àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 9 µØÅÒ¤Á·Õè ¼‹ Ò ¹ÁÒ ¡ÅÒÂ໚ ¹ ÊÑ Þ ÅÑ ¡ ɳ Íѹ·Ã§¾Åѧ¢Í§¡Òõ‹ÍµŒÒ¹¡Òà ¡´¢Õè ÊÔ · ¸Ô Ê µÃÕ ªÒÇÍÑ § ¡ÄÉ¡Ç‹ Ò 60,000 ¤¹ä´Œ à ÃÕ Â ¡ÃŒ Í §ãËŒ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕà´ÇÔ´ ¤ÒàÁÃ͹ áÅÐ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·ÕèÃдѺÊÙ§ àʹͪ×èÍ ¢Í§à¸ÍࢌÒÃѺÃÒ§ÇÑÅ â¹àºÅÊÒ¢Ò ÊѹµÔÀÒ¾ à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡à¸ÍʹѺʹع ãËŒ à ´ç ¡ ¼ÙŒ Ë ÞÔ § ä´Œ ÃÑ º ¡ÒÃÈÖ ¡ ÉÒ ÁÒÅÒÅÒáÅÐà¾×è͹ÍÕ¡ 2 ¤¹ ¶Ù¡Âԧ͋ҧàÅ×Í´àÂç¹ã¹Ã¶¢³Ð¡ÅѺ¨Ò¡âçàÃÕ¹·ÕèÁÔ¹â¡ÃÒÀÒ¤µÐÇѹµ¡ à©Õ§à˹×ͧ͢»Ò¡Õʶҹ à¸Í¶Ù¡Ê‹§ä»ÃѺ¡ÒÃÃÑ¡ÉÒ·Õèâç¾ÂÒºÒŤÇÕ¹àÍÅÔ«Òຸ àºÍÏÁÔ§áÎÁã¹ Íѧ¡ÄÉ ¢³Ð¹Õéà¸Í»ÅÍ´ÀÑ´ÕáÅеŒÍ§¡Òú͡·Ø¡¤¹Ç‹Òà¸ÍÃÙŒÊÖ¡«Òº«Öé§ã¨áÅлÃÐËÅҴ㨷Õè¼ÙŒ¤¹·Ñé§ ¼ÙªŒ Ò¼ÙËŒ ÞÔ§áÅÐà´ç¡¨Ò¡·ÑÇè âÅ¡ µ‹Ò§Ê¹ã¨ã¹¤ÇÒÁ»ÅÍ´ÀÑ¢ͧà¸Í áÅТ͢ͺ¤Ø³µ‹Í¤ÇÒÁ»ÃÒö¹Ò´Õ·èÕ äÁ‹ÁÕ¡ÒÃẋ§ªÑé¹ ÇÃóРÊÕ¼ÔÇ ËÃ×Íàª×éÍªÒµÔ Í´Õµ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ¡Íϴ͹ ºÃÒǹã¹°Ò¹Ð·Ùµ¾ÔàÈÉ ´ŒÒ¹¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉҢͧ ÊË»ÃЪҪҵԻÃСÒÈãËŒÇѹàÊÒÏ໚¹ÇѹÁÒÅÒÅÒ (Malala Day) ‘amthai’

¨ŒÒ§áç§Ò¹¼Ô´¡®ËÁÒ¶١»ÃѺËÑÇÅÐ £10,000

¨Ò¡¡ÒÃµÔ ´ µÒÁ¢‹ Ò Ç¢Í§Ë¹‹ Ç Â µÃǨ¤¹à¢ŒÒàÁ×ͧËÃ×Í UKBA 㹪‹Ç§à´×͹·Õ輋ҹÁÒ àËç¹ä´ŒªÑ´ Ç‹ ÒâÎÁÍÍ¿¿ È Ã‹ Ç Á¡Ñ º ᤻ µ Ò ·Ó¡ÒõԴµÒÁµÃǨ¨Ñºµ‹Ò§ªÒµÔ·Õè ÍÒÈÑ Â áÅзӧҹã¹ÊËÃÒª ÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ Ã¼Ô ´ ¡®ËÁÒ Í‹ Ò § àÍÒ¨ÃÔ§àÍҨѧ ÁÕ¢‹ÒÇ¡ÒèѺ¡ØÁ ¼ÙŒ ·Õè · Ó§Ò¹áÅмٌ Í ÒÈÑ Â Í‹ Ò §¼Ô ´ ¡®ËÁÒÂâ´Â਌ Ò Ë¹Œ Ò ·Õè µ Á.áÅÐ ºÃÔÉ·Ñ àÍ¡ª¹á¤»µÒ·Õâè ÎÁÍÍ¿¿È ·ÓÊÑ Þ ÞÒÇ‹ Ò ¨Œ Ò §ÁÒâ´Â੾ÒРࢌ Ò µÃǨ¤Œ ¹ ¨Ñ º ¡Ø Á ªÒǵ‹ Ò §ªÒµÔ µÒÁºÃÔÉÑ· âç§Ò¹ ÌҹÍÒËÒà áÅÐʶҹ»ÃСͺ¡Òà àÁ×è;º¼ÙŒ·ÕèࢌÒàÁ×ͧ¼Ô´¡®ËÁÒ ËÃ×Í·Ó§Ò¹â´ÂäÁ‹ÁÕãºÍ¹ØÞÒµÔ¡ç¨ÐࢌҨѺ¡ØÁ áÅÐÊ‹ § ¡ÅÑ º »ÃÐà·È·Ñ ¹ ·Õ â ´ÂäÁ‹ ÁÕ ¡ ÒÃÍØ · ¸Ã³ ਌ Ò ¢Í§¡Ô ¨ ¡Ò÷Õè ÃÑ º ¤¹à¢Œ Ò ·Ó§Ò¹¶Ù ¡ »ÃÑ º ËÑ Ç ÅÐ £10,000 ʵտ ¿ªàªÍÏ ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·ÕèµÁ.¡Å‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò “àÃҨл¯ÔºÑµÔ¡ÒÃࢌҵÃǨ¨Ñº¼ÙŒ·Ó¼Ô´¡¯ËÁÒ·ÑèÇ Å͹´Í¹áÅŒÇÊ‹§ÍÍ¡¹Í¡»ÃÐà·È à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡áç§Ò¹¼Ô´¡¯ËÁÒÂÁռšÃзºÍ‹ҧÁÒ¡µ‹ÍªØÁª¹ ÁÒ á‹§§Ò¹¢Í§¼ÙŒ·Õèä´ŒÃѺ͹ØÞÒµ·Ó§Ò¹ Í‹ҧäáçµÒÁ¡çÂÔ¹´ÕãËŒ¤ÇÒÁËÇÁÁ×͡Ѻ¸ØáԨ·Õ赌ͧ¡ÒõÃǨ Êͺ¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ ¼ÙŒã´½†Ò¼×¹¨ÐÁÕâ·É»ÃѺ˹ѡ” ‘amthai’

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amthaiMessage / January 2008 / October 2012

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Message from Ambassador Kitti Wasinondh Upon completion of his term of duty in the United Kingdom

Sawasdee Krub, Upon completion of my term of duty as the Thai Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, I and my wife wish to extend our profound appreciation and heartfelt thanks to the Thai community in the United Kingdom for your warm hospitality, constant support and friendship during my tenure. The past five years and a half have been marked by many milestone events, celebrations and commemorations. We have witnessed the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of Royal State Visit to the United Kingdom in 2010, the 7 Cycle (84th) Birthday Anniversary of HM.King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the Diamond Jubilee of HM the Queen, the Royal Wedding and the London Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games.


ÁÒ ©ºÑº¹ÕéáÍÁä·Â¢Í¹ÓÊÒèҡ·‹Ò¹·ÙµÏ ¡ÔµµÔ ¡‹Í¹à´Ô¹·Ò§¡ÅѺ»ÃÐà·Èä·Âà¹×èͧã¹âÍ¡Òʤú The Royal Thai Embassy also organised wide range of activities encompassing ÇÒÃСÒôÓçµÓá˹‹ § à¾×è Í áº‹ § »˜ ¹ ÊÙ‹ ¾Õè ¹Œ Í § politics, trade and cultures with the effort to further promote the close and cordial Thai-UK relations and to showcase Thailand’s rich heritage, dynamic economy and »ÃЪҪ¹ªÒÇä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà the artistic nature of our people. Among the many initiatives in this regards are the establishment of the Association of Thai Businesses in the UK (ATBUK), the holding of a number of Thai festivals such as Taste of Thailand in Taste of London , Thailand@Trafalgar. Square, and the participation of Thailand in major events in àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ ã¹âÍ¡ÒʤúÇÒÃСÒôÓçµÓá˹‹§ the UK such as the Chelsea Flower Show, just to name a few. I am pleased that ÊÇÑÊ´Õ¤ÃѺ we have received inherent support from the Thai community in these endeavours all along. It should therefore be rightly to say that the growing partnership between ã¹âÍ¡ÒÊ·Õè¼Á¡ÓÅѧ¨Ð¤ÃºÇÒÃСÒôÓçµÓá˹‹§àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ ¼ÁáÅÐÀÃÃÂÒ¢Í Thailand and the United Kingdom is underpinned by increasing support and participation ¢Íº¤Ø³ªØÁª¹ªÒÇä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ ·ÕèãËŒ¤ÇÒÁàÍ×éÍà¿„œÍáÅСÒÃʹѺʹع§Ò¹¢Í§Ê¶Ò¹ from our people. àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·ÙµÏ Í‹ҧµ‹Íà¹×èͧ µÅÍ´¨¹ÁÔµÃÀÒ¾·ÕèÁͺãˌᡋàÃÒµÅÍ´àÇÅÒ·Õ輋ҹÁÒ 5 »‚·Õè¤ÃÖ觷Õè ¼‹Ò¹ÁÒ¶×Í໚¹ª‹Ç§·ÕèÁÕà˵ءÒóÊÓ¤ÑÞæ áÅСÒÃà©ÅÔÁ©ÅͧÇâáÒʵ‹Ò§æ ÁÒ¡ÁÒ ·Ñé§ã¹»ÃÐà·È It is with grateful and sincere appreciation that I bid you all farewell as I end my ä·ÂáÅÐÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ äÁ‹Ç‹Ò¨Ð໚¹âÍ¡ÒʤúÃͺ 50 »‚¡ÒÃàÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ tour of duty. Nevertheless, I am certain that the Thai community here in the United ¢Í§¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÂÙ‹ËÑÇ áÅÐÊÁà´ç¨¾Ãйҧ਌ҾÃкÃÁÃÒªÔ¹Õ¹Ò¶ àÁ×èÍ»‚ 2553 âÍ¡ÒÊ Kingdom would continue to support the Royal Thai Embassy in our activities in ÁËÒÁ§¤Åà©ÅÔÁ¾ÃЪ¹Á¾ÃÃÉÒ 7 Ãͺ (84 ¾ÃÃÉÒ) ¢Í§¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÂÙ‹ËÑÇã¹»‚·Õ輋ҹ years to come. With this, I wish you all good health, success and happiness. ÁÒ ¡ÒÃà©ÅÔÁ©Åͧ¡ÒäÃͧÃҪ ¤Ãº 60 »‚¢Í§ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃкÃÁÃÒªÔ¹Õ¹Ò¶àÍÅÔ«Òຸ·Õè 2 ¡ÒÃàÊ¡ ÊÁÃʢͧ਌ҪÒÂÇÔÅàÅÕÂÁ¡Ñº´ÑªàªÊáË‹§à¤ÁºÃÔ´¨ áÅСÒÃ໚¹à¨ŒÒÀÒ¾¡ÒÃᢋ§¢Ñ¹¡ÕÌÒâÍÅÔÁ»¡ Kitti Wasinondh áÅоÒÃÒÅÔÁ»¡·Õè¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ã¹»‚¹Õé Ambassador

ÅÑ § ¨Ò¡ä´Œ ÃÑ º µÓá˹‹ § àÍ¡ÍÑ ¤ ÃÃÒª·Ù µä·Â »ÃШӡÃاÅ͹´Í¹ ä´Œ 5 »‚¤ÃÖè§ ·‹Ò¹·ÙµÏ ¡ÔµµÔ ÇÐÊÕ¹¹· àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ áÅÐÀÃÔÂÒ - ¤Ø³¹Øª¹Òö ÇÐÊÕ¹¹· à´Ô¹·Ò§ ¡ÅѺä·ÂàÁ×Íè ¤èӤ׹Çѹ·Õè 31 µØÅÒ¤Á 2555 ·Õ¼è Ò‹ ¹

ÊÒèҡ ¹Ò¡ԵµÔ ÇÐÊÕ¹¹·

¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕéʶҹàÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹Âѧ䴌¨Ñ´¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ «Ö觤Ãͺ¤ÅØÁÁÔµÔ·Ò§¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ ¡ÒäŒÒ ÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁ «Öè§ÅŒÇ¹ÁÕÇѵ¶Ø»ÃÐʧ¤à¾×èÍÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸·Õèã¡ÅŒªÔ´ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â¡ÑºÊË ÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ áÅÐà¾×èÍáÊ´§ÍÍ¡¶Ö§Áô¡·Ò§ÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁ·ÕèËÅÒ¡ËÅÒÂáÅоÅÇѵ÷ҧàÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨ ¢Í§ä·Â ÃÇÁ¶Ö§¤ÇÒÁÁÕÈÔŻТͧ¤¹ã¹ªÒµÔ ÃÇÁ·Ñ駡Òá‹ÍµÑé§ÊÁÒ¤Á¸ØáԨä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ (ATBUK) ¡ÒèѴ§Ò¹à·È¡ÒÅä·Â ઋ¹ §Ò¹ Taste of Thailand in Taste of London, Thailand@Trafalgar Square áÅЧҹÊÓ¤ÑÞÍ×è¹æ ·Õè»ÃÐà·Èä·Â䴌ࢌÒËÇÁ ÍÒ·Ô the Chelsea Flower Show áÅÐÍÕ¡ÁÒ¡ÁÒ ¼ÁÃÙÊŒ ¡Ö ÂÔ¹´Õ·ªèÕ ÁØ ª¹ªÒÇä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ ä´ŒãËŒ¡ÒÃʹѺʹع㹠¡ÒèѴ¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁµ‹Ò§æ àÊÁÍÁÒ ¨Ö§¡Å‹ÒÇä´ŒÇÒ‹ ÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸äÁµÃÕ·àèÕ ¾ÔÁè ¾Ù¹¢Ö¹é ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â¡ÑºÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ ¹Ñé¹ÁÕÃÒ¡°Ò¹ÁÒ¨Ò¡¡ÒÃʹѺʹعËÇÁÁ×͡ѹ¢Í§¾Õ蹌ͧªÒÇä·Â·Ø¡¤¹

£30 per year membership fee in UK, £40 per year membership fee in Europe, £50 per year membership fee outside Europe

¼Á¢ÍÍÓÅÒ¾Õ蹌ͧ·Ñé§ËÅÒÂã¹âÍ¡ÒʤúÇÒÃйÕ鴌ǤÇÒÁ¨ÃÔ§ã¨áÅЫҺ«Öé§ÂÔè§ ¼Áàª×èÍÇ‹ÒªØÁª¹ªÒÇ ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ ¨ÐãËŒ¡ÒÃʹѺʹع¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁµ‹Ò§æ ¢Í§Ê¶Ò¹àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·ÙµÏ µ‹Íä» ã¹Í¹Ò¤µ ÊØ´·ŒÒ¹Õé¼Á¢ÍãËŒ·Ø¡·‹Ò¹ÁÕÊØ¢ÀÒ¾á¢ç§áç»ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃç¨áÅÐÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊØ¢·Ñ駡ÒÂáÅР㨵ÅÍ´ä» ¹Ò¡ԵµÔ ÇÐÊÕ¹¹· àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹

amthaipolitics â´Â: ·ÕÁ¢‹ÒÇáÍÁä·Â µ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 4

äÁ‹ÁÕà§Ô¹¡ÙŒãˌᡋà¡ÉµÃ¡Ã㹡Ò÷ӡÒüÅÔµ ÃÑ°ºÒŤԴᤋÇÒ‹ àÁ×Íè ´Ö§¢ŒÒÇÍÍ¡¨Ò¡µÅÒ´áÅŒÇÃÒ¤Ò ¨Ð¢Öé¹ ´ŒÇÂàËç¹Ç‹Òµ¹àͧ໚¹¼ÙŒÊ‹§ÍÍ¡ÃÒÂãËÞ‹ ᵋ·¨èÕ ÃÔ§áÅŒÇÂÍ´Ê‹§ÍÍ¡àÃÒäÁ‹¶§Ö 10% àÁ×Íè à·Õº ¡Ñº¢ŒÒÇã¹âÅ¡ ©Ð¹Ñ鹡Òô֧¢ŒÒÇÍÍ¡¹Ñé¹ ã¹µÅÒ´ âÅ¡à·Õº´ÙáŌǻÃÔÁÒ³à¾Õ§¹Ô´à´ÕÂÇà·‹Ò¹Ñé¹ äÁ‹ 䴌ʋ§¼Å¡ÃзºÍÐäà ´Ñ§¨ÐàËç¹ä´ŒÇ‹ÒÃÒ¤Ò¢ŒÒÇäÁ‹ ä´Œ¢Öé¹ áµ‹¡ÅѺŴŧ´ŒÇ«éÓ ÂÔ觢Ҵ·Ø¹ÁËÒÈÒÅ ¢³Ð·ÕèÃÑ°ºÒÅÂѧ¤§à´Ô¹Ë¹ŒÒâ´ÂÁµÔ¤ÃÁ.͹ØÁѵÔÇ‹Ò ã¹»‚˹ŒÒ¨Ðà´Ô¹Ë¹ŒÒâ¤Ã§¡Òõ‹ÍÍÕ¡ 3.3 ŌҹµÑ¹ ·Ñ駹Õé¤Ò´¡ÒóÇ‹ÒàÁ×èÍ»‚˹ŒÒ·Óà¾ÔèÁÍÕ¡ 3.3 Ōҹ µÑ¹¨Ð¢Ò´·Ø¹ÍÕ¡ 2 áʹŌҹºÒ· áÅТŒÒǡͧ ãËÞ‹ àÁ×èÍÃкÒÂäÁ‹ÍÍ¡¤§µŒÍ§àÊÕÂËÒ»‚ÅÐ¡Ç‹Ò 2 áʹŌҹºÒ· »˜¨¨ØºÑ¹°Ò¹Ð¡ÒÃà§Ô¹¡ÒäÅѧ ¢Í§ä·Â¹ÑºÇ‹Ò´Õ¡Ç‹ÒÂØâû àÃÔèÁµŒ¹ÁÕ˹ÕéÊÒ¸ÒóРà·Õº¡Ñº¨Õ´Õ¾Õ 42% ¶×ÍÇ‹Ò»ÅÍ´ÀÑ ¨Ò¡¢Õ´àÊŒ¹

·ÕÍè ¹Ñ µÃÒ¤×Í 60% ¢Í§¨Õ´¾Õ Õ áµ‹à´Ô¹Ë¹ŒÒâ¤Ã§¡Òà µ‹Íä»àÃ×èÍÂæ ˹Õé¨ÐàÅÂä»ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹æ ËÇÑè¹Ç‹Ò¨Ð«éÓ Ãͺ¡ÃÕ«áÅÐÍÔµÒÅÕ ¶Ö§Çѹ¹Ñé¹µ‹Ò§ªÒµÔ¨ÐàÃÔèÁäÁ‹ àª×èÍ àÃҨСٌà§Ô¹äÁ‹ä´ŒáÅФ‹Òà§Ô¹àÃҨе¡ áÁŒÇ‹ÒÇزÔÊÁÒªÔ¡áÅн†Ò¤ŒÒ¹¨ÐÂ×è¹ÍÀÔ»ÃÒÂäÁ‹ ÇÒ§ã¨ÃÑ°ºÒÅã¹àÃ×èͧâ¤Ã§¡ÒèӹӢŒÒÇ ÃÇÁ·Ñé§ ÂѧÁÕÁÇŪ¹Ã‹ÇÁªØÁ¹ØÁ¢ÑºäÅ‹ÃÑ°ºÒŨҡ¡ÒÃ¹Ó ¢Í§¾Å.Í.ºØÞàÅÔÈ á¡ŒÇ»ÃÐÊÔ·¸Ôì ËÃ×Í àʸ.͌Ҡ·ÕèÁÕ¡ÒêØÁ¹ØÁä»áÅŒÇ¡Ç‹Ò 5 ËÁ×蹤¹·ÕèºÃÔàdz ʹÒÁÁŒÒ ᵋNjҷÑé§ÈÖ¡ã¹áÅÐÈÖ¡¹Í¡ÊÀҡ礧·Ó ÍÐäÃÃÑ°ºÒÅäÁ‹ä´Œ ¹Ñºà»š¹àÃ×èͧ·Õ赌ͧÃʹټŵ͹ ¨ºÇ‹Ò¾.µ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³¨Ð¾Ò»ÃÐà·Èä·Âä»ÊÙ‹¼Å¡Óäà º¹¹âºÒ»ÃЪҹÔÂÁ ËÃ×ͨе¡ÁŒÒµÒµ͹ ¨ºÍ‹ҧ·ÕèËÅÒ½†Ò¤Ҵ¡ÒóàÍÒäÇŒ ‘amthai’

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If you would like us to post it to you monthly in any countries, One Year Membership fee £ 30 for postal expenses directly to your door plus more discounts on shop & restaurants, business services, etc.

ÊÒÁÒö¨Ñ´Ê‹§ãËŒ·‹Ò¹¿ÃÕ·Ø¡à´×͹·ÑèÇâÅ¡ ¶ŒÒ·‹Ò¹ÊÁѤÃ໚¹ÊÁÒªÔ¡»‚ÅÐ 30 »Í¹´ ¾ÃŒÍÁÃѺÊÔ·¸Ô¾ÔàÈÒ Å´ÃÒ¤ÒÌҹáÅкÃÔ¡Òõ‹Ò§æ To Collect our Newspaper for Free at : Thai Offices in UK Royal Thai Embassy London

The new restaurant in north east of England Wanted

1. Head chef 2. Second chef 3. Head waitress / waiter With accomodation, salary depend on the experience.

Please contact 07565420368


ÃѺµÃǨ´Ç§ªÐµÒàÅ¢ 7 µÑÇ 9 °Ò¹ 例ÂÔ»«Õ ·Ó¹Ò´ǧªÐµÒ ¤ÇÒÁÃÑ¡ ¡Òçҹ à¹×éًͤ á¡Œ´ÒǾÃÐà¤ÃÒÐˏ ¾ÃÐÃÒËÙ

ÃѺ»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ·Ò§â·ÃÈѾ· Line ID Sanirat 07898106161

ÃѺ¾ÂҡóªÐµÒªÕÇÔµ Í‹ҧÅÐàÍÕ´·Ø¡àÃ×èͧ ⪤ÅÒÀ ¡Òçҹ ¤ÇÒÁÃÑ¡ áÅÐàÃ×èͧÍ×è¹æ ÃѺ»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ·Ò§â·ÃÈѾ· â·ÃËҤس¨ÔëÁ 0797 3656 517 MEET THAI LADIES & BRITISH GENTLEMEN in the UK and Abroad, looking for friendship, romance, love and marriage. Call: 0208 9806 500, 0798 9909 044

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Thai restaurant for quick sale

36 seats, in Gloucester city main road, near new shopping outlet and city docks Rent £11, 500+vat, Rate £840/year (Now £0), 12 years leasehold, without accommodation have a sponsership license class A to employ chef from Thailand sale £35,000

contact Ukrit 07944846630


ºÃÔàdz Bethnal Green ã¡ÅŒ Liverpool Street ໚¹ÃŒÒ¹ÍÒËÒ÷Õè¢ÒÂ´Õ à¤Âä´ŒÃѺÃÒ§ÇÑÅ Time Out áÅÐä´ŒÃѺ¡ÒÃá¹Ð¹Ó¨Ò¡¹ÔµÂÊÒà áÅÐ˹ѧÊ×͵‹Ò§æ ઋ¹ Good Food Guide, Evening Standard, AA. ÏÅÏ Rate ÃÒ¤Ò¶Ù¡ÁÒ¡ 580 »Í¹´ µ‹Í»‚ ਌Ңͧ´Óà¹Ô¹¡Ô¨¡ÒÃàͧÁÒµÅÍ´ 23 »‚ áÅеŒÍ§¡ÒÃà¡ÉÕ³

µÔ´µ‹Í 075 5712 8569

29-30 Queen’s Gate London SW75JB Tel: 020 7589 2944 Ext. 5502-5507 Fax : 020 7823 7492


(Tourism Authority of Thailand) 1 st Floor, 17-19 Cockspur Street London SW1Y5BL Tel: 0207 9257 823

Buddhapadipa Temple 14 Calonne Road London SW19 5HJ 020 8946 1357

Êӹѡ§Ò¹¼ÙŒ´ÙáŹѡàÃÕ¹ä·Âã¹»ÃÐà·ÈÍѧ¡ÄÉ ÊÒÁѤ¤ÕÊÁÒ¤Á 28 Prince’s Gate, London SW71QF Tel: 0207 5844 3839

Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒã¹µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È (Thai Trade Center)

11 Herdfort Street, LondonW1Y7DX Tel: 0207 4935 749

ºÃÔÉÑ·¡ÒúԹä·Â¨Ó¡Ñ´ (ÁËÒª¹)

(Thai Airways International) 41 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BF Tel: 0207 4917 953

Offices in Thailand British Embassy in Thailand 14 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2305 8333 ext: 2334, 2318

British Council in Thailand 254 Chulalongkorn Soi 64, Siam Square,Phyathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Tel: +66 (0) 2652 5480-9

STA Travel, Thailand, Educational Travel Center (ETC) 21/8 Krungthonburi Road, Klongtonsai, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2 4401 971 ext.107

Sevendays Holiday Co., Ltd. 491/22 Silom Plaza Building, 1st Floor, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 233 6969

Thai National Shipper’s Council (ÊÀҼٌʋ§ÍÍ¡áË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·Â) 1168/97, 32nd, Floor Zone C Lumpini Tower Blg., Rama IV Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2679 7555

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IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS ãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒôŒÒ¹ÇÕ«‹Ò·Ø¡»ÃÐàÀ· ·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇ àÂÕèÂÁÞÒµÔ ¤Ù‹ËÁÑé¹ áµ‹§§Ò¹ ¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ Visa Appeals, UK Entry Visas, Indefinite Leave To Remain, British Citizenship. Illegal Immigrants & Overstays. Tel: 01372210361-2 or 07956059792 For Thai: 078147260615

Weddings covered put on DVD Weddings put on DVD, option 1 wedding only on dvd £150, option 2 wedding and reception on dvd £200, option 3 wedding & reception put on DVD plus Album of carefully selected prints £ 300. fashion shoots and portfolios, parties, concerts, christening all covered too starting from £25 per hour

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The Restaurant run by family business over 3 year and have genuine reason for quick sale only 47,500 ¢ÒÂÌҹÍÒËÒÃä·Â໚¹ÃŒÒ¹ä·ÂÌҹà´ÕÂÇã¹àÁ×ͧ¹Õé ¢Ò¾ÌÍÁ Website ÃÇÁÍØ » ¡Ã³ à ¤Ã× è Í §Á× Í à¤Ã× è Í §ãªŒ ¤ ú¤ÃÑ ¹ ÃÇÁ·Ñ é § ʵçÍ¡ÍÒËÒà à¤Ã×èͧ´×èÁ office 1 ˌͧ´Ñ´á»Å§à»š¹ËŒÍ§¹Í¹ä´Œ ÊÒÁÒö´Óà¹Ô ¹ ¡Ô ¨ ¡Òõ‹ Íä´Œ · Ñ ¹ ·Õ »˜ ¨ ¨Ø º Ñ ¹ ÃŒ Ò ¹à» ´ ·Ó¡Òà 5 Çѹ¤ÃÖè§/ÊÑ»´Òˏ ÂÍ´¢ÒÂà©ÅÕ赋ÍÊÑ»´Òˏ»ÃÐÁÒ³ 3,000 »Í¹´ ¢¹Ò´ÃŒÒ¹»ÃÐÁÒ³ 80 ·Õè¹Ñè§ (ÃÇÁ private function) Rent 13,500»Í¹´/»‚ Business rate 1,824»Í¹´/»‚ ਌ҢͧµŒÍ§¡ÒáÅѺä·Â ʹã¨Êͺ¶ÒÁÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´䴌·Õè ¤Ø³´Å 0742 946961 ËÃ×Í 0776 9222818 ´ÙÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´Ìҹ䴌·Õè

+ ÃѺÊ͹¾ÔàÈÉ ¤³ÔµÈÒʵÏ (MATHS) ÍÒÂØ 7-16 ãËŒ¶Ö§ºŒÒ¹ ã¹ÃÒ¤Ò¤¹ä·Â ÃѺ»ÃСѹàËç¹¼ÅÀÒÂã¹ 3 à´×͹ (aree, SW, W TW) + ÃѺµÔÇࢌÁ¡‹Í¹Êͺ KS2, 11+, KS3 and GCSE (äÁ‹ä´Œ Level ÊÙ§ÊØ´ÂÔ¹´Õ¤×¹à§Ô¹)

Ê͹â´ÂµÔÇàµÍÏÁ×Íâ»Ã »ÃÐʺ¡ÒóÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò 8 »‚ - MSc (1st Hon.), A*-A level Maths.


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à͋¹ÒÁ¨Ñ§ËÇÑ´àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ äÁ‹ÁÕã¤ÃäÁ‹¹Ö¡¶Ö§ÇÑ´¾ÃиҵشÍÂÊØà·¾ÃÒªÇÃÇÔËÒà ÈÒʹʶҹÊÓ¤ÑÞã¹´ŒÒ¹»ÃÐÇѵÔÈÒʵÏ ´ŒÒ¹¡ÒÃ໚¹ÈٹÃÇÁ¨Ôµã¨¾Ø·¸ÈÒʹԡª¹ ໚¹ÇÑ´¤Ù‹ºŒÒ¹¤Ù‹àÁ×ͧàªÕ§ãËÁ‹ áÅÐÃÇÁ¶Ö§¡ÒÃ໚¹Ê¶Ò¹·Õ跋ͧà·ÕèÂÇÊÓ¤ÑÞ ¢Í§àÁ×ͧä·Â


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