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news roundup / January 2008

41st issue

May 2011

amily Fun Days are back! At Wimbledon Park, LONDON SW19 7HX

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12th June 2011 11 am – 7 pm

of winning the return ticket to Thailand with








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supported by: Trayvale Travel Other Prizes: supported by:

Entry for Children (height no exceed 120 cm.) Tickets are on sale, Buy online at, and will be available in selected stores in London and UK.

email: call 0788 635 9750, 0795 017 9321

Entry Ticket BUY NOW! £1.50 On the door £2

Thai food & products Thai Massage Thai performances Thai classical and modern music Thai boxing show Fun fair many more...

Wimbledon Park Home Park Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 7HX

amthaipaper proudly presents ‘The Thai event of the year’ AMTHAI FESTIVAL 2011 at (Athletic Stadium) K, WIMBLEDON PARK, K, X LONDON SW19 7HX please visit our website at for further information. www a

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amthaipaper / January 2008


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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008 / December 2010

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amthaifestival à¿ÊμÔÇÑÅä·Âã¹ÂÙठ2nd year

11th - 12th June 2011

At Wimbledon Park’s Athletic Stadium

The first Thai festival in London this summer Tickets are available on the door, or can be bought in advance through for children (Height not to exceed 120cm) One day pass Adults: £2 (Advance tickets £1.50) Weekend pass Adults: £3 (Advance tickets £2)

Entry Ticket BUY NOW! £1.50 On the door £2


ant to experience Thailand without having to pay thousands of pounds to go there… For one weekend only, Wimbledon Park becomes Thailand! If you’re a fan of cuisine, culture and fun – everything that’s creative about classical and contemporary Thailand – you will not want to miss our festival.

We have all sorts of activities lined up for you throughout the weekend, including: • Thai contemporary music (Thai Sakon) on Saturday • Thai country music (Look Thung/More Lam) on Sunday • Traditional performances, with dancing styles from all across Thailand • Thai boxing demonstrations • A funfair (for the kids AND the kids at heart) • Thai massages to help you unwind... • Food and beverages from some of the finest Thai restaurants in London • And many more…

Wimbledon Park’s Athletic Stadium

As an additional incentive, we’re offering lucky ticket holders as following: 1st Prize – a return ticket to Thailand supported by Trayvale Travel 2nd Prize – Two prizes of one weekend voucher for 2 persons in Millennium Gloucester Hotel, inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons and dinner for 2 persons in Bugis Street up to the value of £60

AMTHAI FESTIVAL 2011 will be held on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June 2011 from 11AM to 7PM at Wimbledon Park’s Athletic Stadium SW19 7HX in London. “Wimbledon Park is south London’s best kept secret.” Boasting water features, tennis courts and acres of beautiful scenery, there is no better place to enjoy Thailand right on your doorstep.

3rd Prize – £100 voucher to spend at Mango Tree Restaurant SW1X 7EQ

A fun food festival, plus live music, dancing shows, etc. TRAVEL DIRECTIONS London Underground: Wimbledon Park Station (for Home Park Road) Southfields Station (for Wimbledon Park Road) Train: Wimbledon Station Tram: Wimbledon Station Buses: 39, 156 Email or call 0788 635 9750, 07733 444 815, 07950 179 321

4th Prize –Two of assorted gift sets from Manning Impex 5th Prize –Bottles of Sangsom and Mekhong from Chang Beer 6th Prize –Six of Monsoon Valley T-shirts (Monsoon Valley)

Remember to keep those tickets safe!

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amthaipaper amthaipaper

technology economics

โทรทางไกลระหวางประเทศ จากราคาเพียง 1 เพนนี ตอนาที / January 2008 / April 2011



See all our supporters at amthai festival 2011 on page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20 and 23

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Muay Group à Ðàº×ÍÂѹàÃ×Í

Fresh Fruit, Vegetable every Thursday from Thailand KRUNGTAP



227-229 Old Brompton Road., Earl’s Court, London, SW5 0EA ¡ŽÇ¨Ñêº ¡ŽÇÂàμÕëÂÇËÁÙ¹éÓμ¡ ¢ŒÒÇËÁÙá´§ ¢ŒÒÇÁѹ䡋 ËÁÙ»œ§ ¢ŒÒÇà˹ÕÂÇ ÍÒËÒÃÍÕÊÒ¹ Tel: 0207-259-2314 Fax: 0207-244-6490

8A Hogarth Road., Earl’s Court, London, SW5 0PT (à´Ô¹ 1 ¹Ò·Õ ¨Ò¡Ã¶ä¿ãμŒ´Ô¹) Áռѡ¾×鹺ŒÒ¹¹Ò¹Òª¹Ô´ ÁÒ¨Ò¡ä·Â·Ø¡Çѹ¾ÄËÑʺ´Õ Tel: 0207-341-3599 Fax: 0207-244-1142 Mobile: 0771-974-4661

·Ó¼Á ·Ó¤ÔéǶÒÇà 231 Old Brompton Road., Earl’s Court, London, SW5 0EA Tel: 0207-373-7862 16 Kenway Road., Earl’s Court London, SW5 0RR Tel: 02027-373-8811 ** ਍ËÁÇÂÁըѴ·ÑÇÏäËÇŒ¾ÃзÑé§ã¹áÅй͡ UK ʹã¨μÔ´μ‹Í**

news roundup

amthaipaper / January 2008



amthaipaper amthaipaper

technology politics / January 2008

6 / May 2011



â´Â: ·ÕÁ¢‹ÒÇáÍÁä·Â

à ¹¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ 䴌ᡋâ¤Ã§¡Òø¹Ò¤Òà ઋ ÍÍÒ¤ÒÃʧà¤ÃÒÐˏ¡ÙŒ«×éͺŒÒ¹ËÅѧááÃÒ¤ÒäÁ‹à¡Ô¹ 3 ŌҹºÒ· ´Í¡àºÕé 0% ǧà§Ô¹ 25,000 Ōҹ ººÒ· ʋǹ¡ÃзÃǧÇÔ·ÂÒÈÒÊμÏáÅÐà·¤â¹âÅÂÕ ä á ¡‹ ⠤ç¡Òá‹ Í ÊÃŒ Ò §¾Ô ¾Ô ¸ ÀÑ ³ ± ¾ ÃÐÃÒÁ 9 ä´Œ à Á ¾ÃÐà¡Õ  ÃμÔ Ç§à§Ô ¹ 1,800 ÅŒ Ò ¹ºÒ·, à©ÅÔ â â¤Ã§¡Òá·Á.àÁ× Í§»ÅÍ´ÀÑ ˋҧä¡ÅÍÒªÞÒ¡ÃÃÁ ¨Ó ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 123 ŌҹºÒ·

»ÃСÒÈÂغÊÀÒ àÅ×Í¡μÑé§ 3 ¡.¤ ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÂÙ‹ËÑÇ ·Ã§ÁÕ¾ÃкÃÁ ÃÒªâͧ¡ÒÃâ»Ã´à¡ÅŒÒ Ï ãËŒ μ ÃÒ¾.Ã.®.ÂغÊÀÒ ¼Ùጠ·¹ÃÒɮà â´ÂÁռźѧ¤ÑºãªŒμ§éÑ áμ‹Ç¹Ñ ·Õ»è ÃСÒÈ ã¹ÃÒª¡Ô¨¨Ò¹ØມÉÒ ËÃ×ÍÇѹ·Õè 10 ¾.¤. áÅШѴ ãËŒÁÕ¡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μÑ駷ÑèÇä»ã¹Çѹ·Õè 3 ¡.¤. Ò§´Œ Ò ¹Ê¶Ò¹àÍ¡ÍÑ ¤ ÃÃÒª·Ù μ ³ ¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ¢ÍàªÔ Þ ªÇ¹ªÒÇä·Âã¹ÊË ÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ áÅÐäÍÏᏴÅ§·ÐàºÕÂ¹ãªŒÊ·Ô ¸Ô àÅ×Í¡μÑé§ã¹μ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È à¾×èÍ㪌ÊÔ·¸Ô㹡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡ ¼ÙŒ á ·¹ÃÒɮà â´Â¼ÙŒ ÁÕ ÊÔ · ¸Ô à Å× Í ¡μÑé § ¹Í¡ ÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ¤×ͼÙÁŒ ÊÕ Þ Ñ ªÒμÔä·Â ËÒ¡ä´ŒÊÞ Ñ ªÒμÔ ä·Ââ´Â¡ÒÃá»Å§ÊÑÞªÒμÔμŒÍ§ä´ŒÃѺÊÑÞªÒμÔÁÒ áÅŒÇäÁ‹¹ŒÍÂ¡Ç‹Ò 5 »‚ áÅÐÁÕÍÒÂؤú 18 »‚ ºÃÔºÃÙ ³ ã¹Çѹ·Õè 1 Á¡ÃÒ¤Á ¢Í§»‚·ÁèÕ ¡Õ ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μѧé ÃÇÁ·Ñé§μŒÍ§ÁÕª×èÍÍÂÙ‹ã¹·ÐàºÕ¹ºŒÒ¹ã¹à¢μàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ ÁÒ¹Ò¹áÅŒÇäÁ‹¹ÍŒ Â¡Ç‹Ò 90 Çѹ ¹Ñº¶Ö§ÇѹàÅ×Í¡μÑ§é ¼ÙŒÁÕÊÔ·¸ÔμÒÁ¤Ø³ÊÁºÑμԴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇÊÒÁÒöᨌ§¤ÇÒÁ »ÃÐʧ¤¢Íŧ·ÐàºÕ¹໚¹¼ÙŒÁÕÊÔ·¸ÔàÅ×Í¡μÑ駹͡ ÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÀÒÂã¹Çѹ·Õè 1 ÁԶعÒ¹ 2554 ·Ñ駹ÕéʶҹàÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÃÒª·ÙμÏ ¨Ð¨Ñ´¡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ ¼‹Ò¹·Ò§ä»ÃɳՏ â´Â¨Ð¨Ñ´Ê‹§ºÑμÃàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ãËŒ μÒÁ·Õè‹ÍÂÙ‹·Õè䴌ŧ·ÐàºÕ¹äÇŒ áÅТÍãˌʋ§¡ÅѺ¶Ö§ ʶҹàÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·ÙμÏ ÀÒÂã¹Çѹ·Õè 23 ÁÔ¶¹Ø Ò¹ 2554 ÊÓËÃѺ¢ŒÍÁÙÅà¾ÔèÁàμÔÁ¡ÃسÒμÔ´μ‹Í·ÕÁ§Ò¹ àÅ×Í¡μÑé§ Ê¶Ò¹àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùμ ³ ¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ ä´Œ·èÕ 075-8787 -1658 ËÃ× Í μÔ ´ μ‹ Í ÈÙ ¹  »ÃÐÊÒ¹§Ò¹ ¡ Ò Ã à Å× Í ¡ μÑé § ¹Í¡ÃÒª ÍҳҨѡà ¡ÃÁ ¡Òá§ÊØÅ +66 (0)-25751039 ¶Ö§ 44




¹ÔÃâ·É¡ÃÃÁãËŒ¡Ñº ¾.μ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³ ¾ÃŒÍÁá¹ÐãËŒ ·Ø ¡ ¤¹ªÑè § ã¨Ç‹ Ò ¨ÐàÅ× Í ¡ã¤ÃÃÐËÇ‹ Ò §¾Ãä »ÃЪҸԻ˜μ¡Ñº¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â “¡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ ¤ÃÑ駹Õé ËÒ¡à»ÅÕè¹ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ÊÔè§ááàžÕ蹌ͧμŒÍ§ ¤Ô ´ Ç‹ Ò ¨Ð·ÓÍ‹ Ò §äà ¨Ð໚ ¹ àËÁ× Í ¹·Õè ¾ Ãä »ÃЪҸԻ˜μ·ÓËÃ×ÍäÁ‹... àÁ×èÍÇÒ¹ (16 ¾.¤.) ¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â¡ç¾Ù´Ç‹Ò ˹Öè§ã¹¹âºÒ·Õèà¢Ò¨Ð ·Ó¹âºÒ»Ãͧ´Í§ÊÁÒ¹©Ñ¹· ¤§μŒÍ§ÁÒŌҧ ¤ÇÒÁ¼Ô´μ‹Ò§æ... ·Ñ¡ÉÔ³ºÍ¡Ç‹Ò¶ŒÒà¾×èÍä·Â໚¹ ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ÍÕ¡ 6 à´×͹¨Ð¡ÅѺÁÒ ¶ÒÁÇ‹Ò¡ÅѺÁÒ¡ç μŒÍ§ÍÍ¡¡®ËÁÒÂŌҧ¤ÇÒÁ¼Ô´ ºŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧ¡çǹ‹Ø ÇÒ ÍÕ¡ ¶ÒÁNjҡNjҨзÓμç¹Ñ¹é àÊÃç¨ à¡ÕÂè Ç¢ŒÒÇàÊÃç¨ ä»¡ÕÃè ͺ ໚¹àÃ×Íè §·Õ¾è ¹èÕ ÍŒ §μŒÍ§μÑ´ÊÔ¹ã¨Ç‹ÒÍ¹Ò¤μ »ÃÐà·Èä·Â¨Ð໚¹Í‹ҧäÔ

·Ò§´ŒÒ¹ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈ¡ÒÃÃѺÊÁѤÃÊ.Ê.ẺºÑÞªÕ ÃÒª×èÍ «Ö觡¡μ.ແ´ÃѺÊÁѤÃÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Çѹ·Õè 19-23 ¾.¤.¹Ñ¹é »ÃÒ¡¯Ç‹ÒÇѹááÁÕ¾Ãä¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧÁÒÊÁѤà ·Ñé§ÊÔé¹ 30 ¾Ãä ÂÍ´¼ÙŒÊÁѤà 1,105 ¤¹ «Öè§ ºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈ໚¹ä»´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁ¤Ö¡¤Ñ¡ â´Â੾ÒÐ ª‹Ç§·ÕèÁÕ¡ÒèѺÊÅÒ¡ËÁÒÂàŢNjҾÃä㴨Ðä´Œ ËÁÒÂàŢ㴠«Öè § ¼Å»ÃÒ¡¯Ç‹ Ò ¾Ãäà¾×è Íä·Â (¾·.) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 1, ¾Ãä»ÃЪҸԻ˜μ (»ª».) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 10, ¾ÃäÀÙÁÔã¨ä·Â (À·.) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 16, ¾ÃäªÒμÔä·Â¾Ñ²¹Ò (ª·¾.) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 21, ¾ÃäªÒμԾѲ¹Òà¾×èÍἋ¹´Ô¹ (ª¾¹.) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 2, ¾Ãä¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧãËÁ‹ (¡.Á.Á.) ä´ŒàºÍÏ 20, ¾Ãä¡Ô¨Êѧ¤Áä´ŒàºÍÏ 14, ¾ÃäÁÒμØÀÁÙ äÔ ´ŒàºÍÏ 26, ¾Ãä¾ÅѧªÅä´ŒàºÍÏ 6, ¾ÃäªÙÇ·Ô Âä´ŒàºÍÏ 5, ¾ÃäÃѡɏÊѹμÔä´ŒàºÍÏ 12, ¾Ãäà¾×èÍ¿‡Ò´Ô¹ ¡ÒÃ͹ØÁÑμÔ§º»ÃÐÁÒ³¨Ó¹Ç¹ÁËÒÈÒŴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ä´ŒàºÍÏ 18 ÏÅÏ ¢Ñ ´ áÂŒ § ¡Ñ º ÊÔè § ·Õè ¹ ÒÂÍÀÔ ÊÔ · ¸Ôì àǪªÒªÕ Ç Ð ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹μÃÕä´ŒÂ×¹ÂѹäÇŒ¡‹Í¹Ë¹ŒÒ¹ÕéÇ‹Ò ¨ÐäÁ‹ÁÕ ÊÓËÃѺºÑÞªÕÃÒª×èÍ Ê.Ê.ẺÊѴʋǹ¢Í§¾Ãä ¡ÒÃ͹ØÁÑμÔâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃμ‹Ò§æ Ẻ·Ô駷ǹ à¾ÃÒÐ à¾×èÍä·Â ¹Í¡¨Ò¡ÁÕ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ¹ÇÑμà ÍÂÙ‹ ¡ÓÅѧ¨ÐࢌÒÊÙª‹ Ç‹ §àÅ×Í¡μѧé áÅŒÇ μŒÍ§¤Ó¹Ö§ÁÒÃÂÒ· ÅӴѺ·Õè 1 áÅŒÇ ÂѧÁÕ᡹¹Ó¤¹àÊ×éÍá´§ÍÂÙ‹ã¹ ·Ò§¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ áÅÐà¤Òþà¨μ¹ÒÃÁ³¢Í§¾Õ蹌ͧ ºÑÞªÕ´ŒÇ¨ӹǹÁÒ¡»ÃÐÁÒ³ 15 ¤¹ ઋ¹¹Ò »ÃЪҪ¹ «Ö觡ÓÅѧμÑ´ÊÔ¹ã¨Ç‹Ò¨ÐàÅ×Í¡¾Ãä㴠¨μؾà ¾ÃËÁ¾Ñ¹¸Ø ÍÂÙ‹ÅӴѺ 8, ¹Ò³ѰÇØ²Ô ãÊÂà¡×éÍ ÅӴѺ 9, ¹¾.àËǧ âμ¨ÔÃÒ¡Òà ÅӴѺ ࢌÒÁÒºÃÔËÒúŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧμ‹Íä» 19, ¹Ò§Ã¾Ô¾Ãó ¾§ÈàÃ×ͧÃͧ ÀÃÃÂÒ¹ÒÂÍÃÔÊÁÑ¹μ ¾§ÈàÃ×ͧÃͧ ÅӴѺ 27, ¹.Ê.¢ÑμμÔÂÒ ÊÇÑʴԼŠÅÙ ¡ ÊÒǾÅ.μ.¢Ñ μ μÔ Â Ð ÊÇÑ Ê ´Ô ¼ Å ËÃ×Íàʸ.á´§ ÅӴѺ 42, ¹Ò ÇÔÀáÙ ¶Å§ ¾Ñ²¹ÀÙÁäÔ ·Â ÅӴѺ 46, ¹Ò¡‹Íá¡ŒÇ ¾Ô¡Øŷͧ ÅӴѺ 54, ¹ÒªԹÇѲ¹ ËÒºØÞ¾Ò´ ÅӴѺ 72, ¹ÒÂྪÃÇÃÃμ ÇѲ¹¾§ÈÈÔÃÔ ¡ØŠ᡹¹Ó¡ÅØ‹ÁÃÑ¡àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ 51 ÅӴѺ 86 ໚¹μŒ¹ ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ¹ÇÑμà ¹Ò¨μؾà ¾ÃËÁ¾Ñ¹¸Ø¸ ¹Ò¨μ¾Ã

¢ ¡è ÃзÃǧ·ÕÍè ÂÙã‹ ¹¤ÇÒÁ´ÙáŢͧ¾ÃäÀÙÁãÔ ¨ ¢³Ð·Õ ä ä·Âä´Œ §ºÏ ·Ñé§ÊÔé¹¡Ç‹Ò 46,000 ŌҹºÒ·àª‹¹ ¡¡ÃзÃǧ¤Á¹Ò¤Á 䴌ᡋâ¤Ã§¡ÒèѴ¡ÒÃÃкº μÑÇë ËÇÁâ¤Ã§¢‹ÒÂÃкºÃ¶ä¿¿‡Ò¢¹Ê‹§ÁÇŪ¹ ǧà§Ô¹ ¡¡Ç‹Ò 752 ŌҹºÒ·, â¤Ã§¡ÒèѴËÒËÑÇö¨Ñ¡Ã ááÅÐÅŒ Í àÅ×è Í ¹ ǧà§Ô ¹ ¡Ç‹ Ò 14,000 ÅŒ Ò ¹ºÒ· ÊÓ º ¡ÃзÃǧ·Õè Í ÂÙ‹ ã ¹¤ÇÒÁ´Ù á Ţͧ¾Ãä ÊÓËÃÑ ª ä·Â¾Ñ²¹Ò ä´Œ§ºÏ ¡Ç‹Ò 2,000 ŌҹºÒ· ªÒμÔ àª‹ ¹ ¡ÃзÃǧ¡Ò÷‹ Í §à·Õè  ÇáÅÐ¡Õ Ì Ò ä´Œ á ¡‹ â¤Ã§¡Òá‹ÍÊÌҧÈٹ»ÃЪØÁáÅÐáÊ´§ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ ¹Ò¹ÒªÒμÔ ¨.àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ ǧà§Ô¹ 382 ŌҹºÒ· Ê‹ Ç ¹¡ÃзÃǧ·Õè Í ÂÙ‹ ã ¹¤ÇÒÁ´Ù á Ţͧ¾Ãä ªÒμԾѲ¹Òà¾×èÍἋ¹´Ô¹ ä´Œ§ºÏ ¡Ç‹Ò 2,470 ŌҹºÒ·

à¾×èÍä·ÂàºÍÏ 1 »ª».àºÍÏ 10

¶Í¹»ÃСѹ ¨μؾÃ-¹ÔÊÔμ

¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·ÂÁÕÁμÔàÍ¡©Ñ¹·Ê‹§ ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ ¹ ÇÑ μ Ãŧ»ÒÏ μÕé ÅÔ Ê μ Å Ó´Ñ º ·Õè 1 à¾×è Í à»š ¹ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ ° Á¹μÃÕ Ë Ò¡ä´Œ ¨Ñ ´ μÑé § ÃÑ ° ºÒÅ ¢³Ð·Õè ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ແ´ã¨à»š¹¤ÃÑé§ááμ‹Í·Õè»ÃЪØÁ Ê.Ê.¾Ãä â´ÂÂ×¹ÂѹNjҾÃäà¾×Íè ä·ÂäÁ‹¤´Ô ᡌᤌ¹ á싨Ðá¡Œä¢ ¾ÃŒÍÁ¢ÍãËŒÊÁÒªÔ¡¾ÃääÁ‹μŒÍ§Ë‹Ç§ àÃ×èͧ¤ÇÒÁ໚¹¼ÙŒËÞÔ§ à¾ÃÒÐμ¹¨Ð·Ó§Ò¹Í‹ҧ àμçÁ·Õè ÃÇÁ·Ñ駨Ð㪌¤ÇÒÁ໚¹¼ÙŒËÞÔ§à¾×è͹Óä»ÊÙ‹ ¤ÇÒÁ»Ãͧ´Í§áÅÐãËŒ»ÃÐà·Èà´Ô¹ä»¢ŒÒ§Ë¹ŒÒä´Œ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Õé ÂÑ § ¾ÃŒ Í ÁÃÑ º ¡ÒÃμÃǨÊͺ¨Ò¡ ÊÒ¸Òóª¹μÒÁ¡μÔ¡Ò ÁÒÃÂÒ· áÅФÇÒÁÂØμ¸Ô ÃÃÁ ·Ñ§é ¹Õ¹é .Ê.ÂÔ§è ÅѡɳÂ§Ñ 䴌ʧ‹ ÊÑÞÞÒ³ªÑ´à¨¹ã¹àÇÅÒ μ‹ÍÁÒÇ‹Ò˹Öè§ã¹à§×è͹䢡ÒûÃͧ´Í§´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ¡ç ¤×Í ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡®ËÁÒ¹ÔÃâ·É¡ÃÃÁãËŒ ¾.μ.·. ·Ñ¡ÉÔ³ ªÔ¹ÇÑμà ¾ÕèªÒÂμÑÇàͧ â´Â¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ à¼ÂÇ‹ÒäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡ãËŒÁͧNjÒ໚¹¡ÒùÔÃâ·É¡ÃÃÁãËŒ ¾.μ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³ áμ‹ÍÂÒ¡ãËŒÁͧàÃ×èͧËÅÑ¡¹ÔμÔ¸ÃÃÁ áÅÐäÁ‹ãª‹¹ÔÃâ·É¡ÃÃÁãËŒ¾.μ.·.·Ñ¡ÉÔ³¤¹à´ÕÂÇ áμ‹à»š¹¡Ò÷Óà¾×Íè ·Ø¡¤¹ «Ö§è ËÒ¡¨Ð·Ó¤§μŒÍ§¶ÒÁ »ÃЪҪ¹¡‹Í¹

ÈÒÅÍÒÞÒ¶¹¹ÃѪ´ÒÀÔàÉ¡ ä´ŒÁÕ¤ÓÊÑè§à¾Ô¡¶Í¹ ÊÑÞÞÒ»ÃСѹ¢Í§¹Ò¨μؾà ¾ÃËÁ¾Ñ¹¸Ø Í´Õμ Ê.Ê.ÊѴʋǹ¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â áÅÐ᡹¹Ó¹»ª. áÅйÒ¹ÔÊÔμ ÊÔ¹¸Øä¾Ã à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡ÈÒžÔà¤ÃÒÐˏ ¾ÂÒ¹ËÅÑ¡°Ò¹â´ÂÅÐàÍÕ´áÅŒÇàËç¹Ç‹Ò ¾ÄμÔ¡Òó áÅФӾٴ¢Í§¨ÓàÅ·Ñé§ÊͧÁÕÅѡɳÐÊ‹Íä»ã¹ ·Ò§·Õè Í Ò¨¨Ð·ÓãËŒ » ÃЪҪ¹·Ñè Ç ä»ÊÑ º ʹ㹠¢Œ Í à·ç ¨ ¨ÃÔ § ¨¹¶Ö § ¢Ñé ¹ ¡‹ Í ¤ÇÒÁÇØ‹ ¹ ÇÒ¢Öé ¹ ã¹ ºŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧ ¹ÑºÇ‹Ò໚¹¡Òá‹ÍàËμØÍѹμÃÒÂáÅÐ໚¹ ÀÑ Â ÃŒ Ò ÂáÃ§μ‹ Í ¤ÇÒÁÁÑè ¹ ¤§¢Í§ÃÑ ° ÀÒÂã¹ ÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃ

·Ñ§é ¹Õ¾é ¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ÍÑ¡Òý†Ò¤´Õ¾àÔ ÈÉ 1 Â×¹è ¤ÓÌͧ¢Í ãËŒÈÒÅà»ÅÕè¹á»Å§à§×è͹䢡ÒÃ͹ØÞÒμ»Å‹ÍÂμÑÇ ªÑèǤÃÒÇ 9 ᡹¹Ó¡ÅØ‹Áá¹ÇËÇÁ»ÃЪҸԻäμ μ‹ÍμŒÒ¹à¼´ç¨¡ÒÃáË‹§ªÒμÔ (¹»ª.) ËÅѧ¨Ò¡¨ÓàÅ ·Ñé§ 9 ¤¹ä´Œ¢Öé¹àÇ·Õ»ÃÒÈÃÑÂàÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 10 àÁ.Â.·Õè ¼‹Ò¹ÁÒ ã¹§Ò¹¤ÃºÃͺ 1 »‚àËμØ¡ÒóÊÅÒ ¡ÒêØÁ¹ØÁºÃÔàdzÊÕèᡤ͡ÇÑÇ «Öè§à¨ŒÒ˹ŒÒ·Õè¡ÃÁ ÊͺÊǹ¤´Õ¾àÔ ÈÉ (´ÕàÍÊäÍ) áÅо¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ÍÑ¡Òà àËç¹Ç‹Ò¤Ó»ÃÒÈÃѺҧμ͹ËÁÔè¹àº×éͧÊÙ§ ¨Ö§¢ÍãËŒ ·Ñé § ¹Õé ¡ ÃзÃǧ·Õè Í ÂÙ‹ ã ¹¤ÇÒÁ´Ù á Ţͧ¾Ãä ´ŒÒ¹¹ÒÂÍÀÔÊÔ·¸Ôì àǪªÒªÕÇÐ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹μÃÕ ÈÒŶ͹»ÃСѹ᡹¹Ó ¹»ª.·Ñé§ 9 ¤¹ °Ò¹ »ÃÐªÒ¸Ô»μ˜ Âä´ŒÃºÑ §ºÏ ä»¡Ç‹Ò 28,000 ŌҹºÒ· áÅÐËÑÇ˹ŒÒ¾ÃääÁ‹àËç¹´ŒÇ¡Ѻ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡®ËÁÒ ¢Ñ´¤ÓÊÑ觢ͧÈÒÅ·Õè͹ØÞÒμãËŒ»Å‹ÍÂμÑǪÑèǤÃÒÇ

ã¹·Õè»ÃЪØÁ¤ÃÁ.¹Ñ´ÊØ´·ŒÒÂàÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 3 ¾.¤. ä´Œ ºÃèØÇÒþԨÒóÒà¾ÔèÁ¢Ö鹨ҡ 162 ÇÒÃР໚¹ 206 ÇÒÃÐ «Öè§ÁÒ¡Í‹ҧäÁ‹à¤Â»ÃÒ¡¯ÁÒ¡‹Í¹ã¹ »ÃÐÇÑμÔÈÒÊμÏÃÑ°ºÒÅä·Â â´Â¤ÃÁ.䴌㪌àÇÅÒ »ÃЪØÁẺ¢ŒÒÁ¤×¹ μÑé§áμ‹Çѹ·Õè 3 ¾.¤. ¡ÃзÑè§ ´Ö¡Å‹Ç§à¢ŒÒÇѹ·Õè 4 ¾.¤. ÃÇÁàÇÅÒ¡Ç‹Ò 15 ªÁ. ã¹·ÕèÊØ´ÁÕÁμÔ͹ØÁÑμÔâ¤Ã§¡ÒÃμ‹Ò§æ ¤Ô´à»š¹Ç§à§Ô¹ 137,000 ŌҹºÒ·

áμ‹ ËŒ Ò ÁÂØ Â §»ÅØ ¡ ÃдÁËÃ× Í ¡‹ Í ¤ÇÒÁÇØ‹ ¹ ÇÒÂã¹ ºŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧ ÀÒÂËÅѧÈÒÅÁÕ¤ÓÊÑ觴ѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ¹Ò¨μؾÃä´Œ¶Ù ¡ ¤Çº¤ØÁμÑÇã¹àÃ×͹¨Ó·Ñ¹·Õ à¹×Íè §¨Ò¡·Õ¼è Ò‹ ¹ÁÒ¹Ò ¨μؾÃ㪌àÍ¡ÊÔ·¸ÔÊ.Ê.¤ØŒÁ¤Ãͧ ·Óãˌ䴌ÃѺ¡Òà »ÃÐ¡Ñ ¹ μÑ Ç äÁ‹ μŒ Í §¶Ù ¡ ¤Ø Á ¢Ñ §ã¹àÃ× Í ¹¨ÓàËÁ× Í ¹ ᡹¹Ó¹»ª.¤¹Í×è ¹ æ áÅÐáÁŒ Ç‹ Ò ·¹Ò¤ÇÒÁ ¹Ò¨μؾà ¨Ð䴌¹è× ¤ÓÌͧ¾ÃŒÍÁËÅÑ¡·ÃѾà§Ô¹Ê´ 2 ŌҹºÒ· à¾×è͢ͻÃСѹμÑǹÒ¨μؾÃáÅÐ ¹Ò¹ÔÊÔμÍÕ¡¤ÃÑé§ â´ÂÃѺ»Ò¡Ç‹Ò¾ÃŒÍÁ¨Ð»¯ÔºÑμÔ μÒÁà§×è Í ¹ä¢μ‹ Ò §æ ËÒ¡ä´Œ ÃÑ º ¡ÒûÃÐ¡Ñ ¹ μÑ Ç ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕÂé §Ñ ÍŒÒ§¤ÇÒÁ໚¹Ê.Ê.áÅÐÍ´ÕμÊ.Ê.ËÅÒ ÊÁÑ »ÃСͺ¡Ñº¡ÓÅѧ¨ÐÁÕ¡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μѧé ã¹Í¹Ò¤μ Íѹã¡ÅŒ¹Õé ¨Ö§¢ÍâÍ¡ÒÊ㹡ÒûŋÍÂμÑǪÑèǤÃÒÇÍÕ¡ ¤ÃÑé§ áμ‹ÈÒžÔà¤ÃÒÐˏáÅŒÇÁÕ¤ÓÊÑè§Â¡¤ÓÌͧ¢Í »ÃÐ¡Ñ ¹ μÑ Ç ºØ ¤ ¤Å·Ñé § Êͧ à¹×è Í §¨Ò¡àËç ¹ Ç‹ Ò ËÒ¡ »Å‹ÍÂμÑǪÑèǤÃÒÇ ÍҨ仡ÃзÓÍѹμÃÒÂÍ‹ҧÍ×è¹ ÍÕ¡ μ‹ÍÁÒ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·ÕèÃÒª·Ñ³±ä´Œ¹ÓμÑǺؤ¤Å·Ñé§ Êͧ令ØÁ¢Ñ§·ÕèàÃ×͹¨Ó¾ÔàÈÉ¡Ãا෾ÁËÒ¹¤Ã ´ŒÒ¹¾Ãäà¾×Íè ä·Ââ´Â¹Ò»ÅÍ´»ÃÐʾ ÊØÃÊÑ Ç´Õ ÃͧËÑÇ˹ŒÒ¾Ãä ¡çÂ×¹ÂÑ¹Ç‹Ò ¾Ãä¨ÐÂѧ¤§Ê‹§ ¹Ò¨μؾÃŧÊÁѤÃÃѺàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ áÁŒà¨ŒÒμÑǨж١ ¤Ø Á ¢Ñ § ÍÂÙ‹ ã ¹àÃ× Í ¹¨Ó¡ç μ ÒÁ à¾ÃÒÐàª×è Í Ç‹ Ò ¡ÃÁÃÒª·Ñ³±¨Ð͹ØÞÒμãËŒ¹Ò¨μؾÃÍÍ¡¨Ò¡ àÃ×͹¨ÓÁÒŧÊÁѤÃÃѺàÅ×Í¡μÑé§ä´Œàª‹¹à´ÕÂǡѺ·Õ à¤Â͹ØÞÒμãËŒ¹Ò¡‹Íá¡ŒÇ ¾Ô¡Øŷͧ ÍÍ¡¨Ò¡ àÃ×͹¨ÓÁÒŧÊÁѤÃÃѺàÅ×Í¡μÑ駡‹Í¹Ë¹ŒÒ¹Õé ¹Ò »ÅÍ´»ÃÐʾ ÂѧªÕé´ŒÇÂÇ‹Ò¡ÒÃÊÑ觢ѧ¹Ò¨μؾà ¨Ð·ÓãËŒ¤¹àÊ×éÍá´§ÍÍ¡ÁÒàÅ×Í¡¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â Í‹ҧ¶Å‹Á·ÅÒÂṋ¹Í¹ ‘amthai’ amthaiteam Honorary Consultant H.E. Mr. Kitti Wasinondh, Thai Ambassador to the Uk, Dr.Phitoon Triwichitkasem, Police Major General Amnuay Nimmano, Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner Police Major General Vichai Sangprapai, Metropolitan Police Division 1 Commander Editor Sittikorn Meesukul Director Ramida Vijitphan Operations Manager Charlie Ercilla Co-Editor in General Pasha Prabpal, Jongjin Jitjang, Editorial Team J Wichiratheep, Pongsatorn Sobsathien, Patcharin Hayes, Pukchanok Pattanatabud, Ramon Chiratheep, Jatuporn Sheppard, Mukkarin Thitavaranun Distribution/Advertising Manager Charlie Ercilla, Panida Sutatchutoe, Nawin Sattawatkul Photographers Charlie Ercilla, Ramida Vijitphan, Anekapol Lertromyananda Contributors Jelert Jesadawal, Sermsak Narinwong, Dr.Kriengsak Chaleonwongsak, Fang Feng Ting, Muanfun Tharanatham, Suchard Panakitsuwan, Art Director Ramida Vijitphan Graphic Designers Chanwut Sangsok, Anekapol Lertromyananda, Kanittha Mairaing, Vilasinee Israbhakdi, Anan Buranapattana Contact for Advertising/Editorial 0788 635 9750, 0785 2771 709, 0794 1647 886 Contact for Membership/Discount Card Charlie Ercilla, Sitthi Nithiwannaratch 0794 1647 886, 0786 6920 131,


news roundup / January 2008

New Loon Moon Supermarket One of the Best Oriental Supermarkets in London Chinatown Ìҹ«Ø»à»ÍÏÁÒÏà¡çμàÍàªÕ·ÕèãËÞ‹·ÕèÊش㹠䪹‹Ò ·Òǹ ¾º¡ÑºÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â·Õè¤Ø³ª×蹪ͺËÅÒÂÃŒÍÂÃÒ¡Òà ¹ÓࢌҨҡàÁ×ͧä·Ââ´Âμç Ê´ ãËÁ‹ ÊÐÍÒ´

Çѹ¹Õé·Õè ¹ÔÇ ÅÙ¹ ÁÙ¹

New Loon Moon Supermarket 9a Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PN, UK Tel: 020 7734 3887 Fax: 020 7439 8880



amthaipaper / January 2008

“¡Ãлء...ÁÑ蹤§»ÅÍ´ÀÑ ©ÑºäÇ㹺ÃÔ¡ÒÔ


¢Í§ ÃÒŒ ¤¹ä ¹â͹ ·Â à§¹Ô 1 à ÃÒŒ ¹ ´Õ áá Çã¹ UK

Ìҹ¡Ãлء Ìҹâ͹à§Ô¹áË‹§ááã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ½Ò¡ÁÒ ¢Íº¤Ø³·Ø¡·‹Ò¹·ÕèËÇÁºÃÔ¨Ò¤à§Ô¹¡ÑºÃŒÒ¹à¾×èͪ‹Ç¼ٌ»ÃÐʺÍØ·¡ÀÑ ã¹ÀÒ¤ãμŒ ·Ò§ÃŒÒ¹ã´ŒÊ‹§Áͺà§Ô¹ãËŒ¡Ñº¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ¢‹ÒÇÊÒÁ ໚¹·Õè àÃÕºÌÍÂáŌǤÃѺ ¢Íº¤Ø³·Ø¡æ ¹éÓã¨ÍÕ¡¤ÃÑ駹ФÃѺ

·ÓäÁμŒÍ§ÂØ‹§ÂÒ¡àÃ×èͧàÍ¡ÊÒà ·ÓäÁμŒÍ§àÊÕÂàÇÅÒ仡Ѻ¡ÒÃâ´¹Êͺ¶ÒÁÁÒ¡ÁÒ àÁ×èÍâ͹à§Ô¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ·ÓäÁμŒÍ§... »˜ÞËÒàËÅ‹Ò¹Õé¨ÐËÁ´ä» àÁ×èÍ㪌ºÃÔ¡Òà ¡Ãлء

´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁÁÑ蹤§¢Í§ºÃÔÉÑ·áÅÐÁÕºÃÔ¡Ò÷Õèໂ›ÂÁ´ŒÇ»ÃÐÊÔ·¸ÔÀÒ¾ ¨Ö§·ÓãËŒÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ·Ø¡·‹Ò¹ÃÙŒÊÖ¡ÍØ‹¹ã¨ã¹¡ÒÃâ͹à§Ô¹¡ÑºàÃÒ äÁ‹Ç‹Ò·‹Ò¹¨Ð ÍÂÙ‹·Õèã´ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ àÃÒÂÔ¹´ÕãËŒºÃÔ¡Ò÷‹Ò¹àÊÁÍ ´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁÁØ‹§ÁÑè¹ã¹¡ÒþѲ¹Ò·Ò§´ŒÒ¹¡ÒÃâ͹à§Ô¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È àÃÒ¨Ö§ÊÒÁÒöμͺʹͧ·Ø¡¤ÇÒÁμŒ§Í¡ÒâͧÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ·Ø¡·‹Ò¹ä´Œ Í‹ҧÃÇ´àÃçÇ àÃÒÁÕ·ÕÁ§Ò¹·Õè¤ÍÂãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒôŒÇ¤ÇÒÁͺÍØ‹¹ ໚¹¡Ñ¹àͧà¾×èÍÍӹǤÇÒÁÊдǡʺÒÂá¡‹ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ·Ø¡·‹Ò¹·Õè㪌 ºÃÔ¡ÒáѺàÃÒ

â»ÃâÁªÑè¹¾ÔàÈÉ©Åͧແ´ÃŒÒ¹ãËÁ‹¨Ò¡¡Ãлء ¤‹Òâ͹à¾Õ§ÌÍÂÅÐ 2 »Í¹´ *ÍÑμÃÒáÅ¡à»ÅÕè¹μÒÁ¸¹Ò¤Ò÷ÕèàÁ×ͧä·Â*

à¾×èÍà¾ÔèÁ¤ÇÒÁÁÑè¹ã¨ã¹¡ÒÃâ͹à§Ô¹¢Í§·‹Ò¹áÅÐà¾×èÁ¤ÇÒÁ ÊдǡʺÒÂ㹡ÒÃμÔ´μ‹ÍàÃÒ·‹Ò¹ÊÒÁÒöà´Ô¹·Ò§ÁÒ·ÕèÌҹ ¢Í§àÃÒà¾×èÍ ÊÁѤÃÊÁÒªÔ¡ËÃ×Íâ͹à§Ô¹àÃÒÁÕ¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ ·Õè¤ÍÂãËŒºÃÔ¡Òà ãËŒ¤Óá¹Ð¹ÓáÅÐÍӹǤÇÒÁÊдǡ á¡‹·‹Ò¹ã¹¡Ò÷ӸØáÃÃÁμ‹Ò§æ ¡ÑºàÃÒ áÅзҧÌҹÂѧÁÕ ¾×é¹·Õèâ¦É³ÒãËŒ¡Ñº·Ø¡ ·‹Ò¹·Õèʹã¨μÔ´â¦É³Ò˹ŒÒÌҹ ¿ÃÕ äÁ‹Ç‹Ò¨Ð໚¹  ¡ÒÃËÒ§Ò¹  ÃѺÊÁѤþ¹Ñ¡§Ò¹  ˌͧãËŒàª‹Ò  ËÃ×ÍÌҹÍÒËÒÃä˹·ÕèÁÕàÁ¹Ùà´ç´ ªÇ¹ÅÔéÁÅͧÍÂÒ¡àÍÒàÁ¹ÙÁÒÇÒ§ ·ÕèÌҹàÃÒ àÃÒ¡çÂÔ¹´Õ¤ÃѺ â´Ââ¦É³Ò 1 ªÔ鹨ÐμŒÍ§ÁÕ¢¹Ò´äÁ‹à¡Ô¹ ¡ÃдÒÉ A4 ¹Ð¤ÃѺ

μÔ´μ‹ÍËÒàÃÒä´Œ·Õè 94 Caledonian Road, London N1 9 DN Tel. : 0207 837 6122 Fax : 0207 837 6122 Mobile : 0774 882 6513, 0793 157 7137 email : Monday-Friday 10.00 am - 18.00 pm Saturday 10.00 am - 17.00 pm ·Ò§ÃŒÒ¹ËÂØ´ ·Ø¡æ ầ¤ÎÍÅÔà´Â ¢Í§»ÃÐà·ÈÍѧ¡ÄÉ

news roundup


amthaipaper / January 2008


(That's (That's 600 600 gm's gm's for for the the price price of of 500) 500)

Why Choose Thai Crown Shrimp Chips? Thai Crown Shrimp Chips are a product of Thailand using the finest quality Thai ingredients to give you an authentic Thai flavour. Contains 27% fresh shrimp. That’s 3 times more than the closest competitor. Manufactured using the latest in laser sorting technology, to ensure reduced broken and uneven pieces, resulting in a less waste and a consistent product. For a limited period only, we are offering an amazing 20% EXTRA FREE. Thai Crown Shrimp Chips are available NOW from your local Thai food stockist and wholesale restaurant supplier.

So what are you waiting for?

·ÓäÁàÅ×Í¡¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº¡ØŒ§ Thai Crown? ¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº¡ØŒ§μÃÒ “Thai Crown” ¤×Í ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒ¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·Èä·Â·Õè㪌 ʋǹ¼ÊÁ¤Ø³ÀÒ¾¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·Èä·Âà¾×èÍãˌ䴌ÊØ´ÂÍ´¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº¡ØŒ§ ·Õè¡ÃͺÍËÍÂä´ŒÃʪÒμÔμŒ¹μÓÃѺä·Âá·Œæ 㪌ʋǹ¼ÊÁ¨Ò¡¡ØŒ§Ê´¶Ö§ 27% ÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕºÂÕèËŒÍÍ×蹶֧ 3 à·‹Ò ãªŒà·¤â¹âÅÂÕàÅà«ÍϷѹÊÁÑÂÅ‹ÒÊش㹡ÒüÅÔμ à¾×èÍÅ´¡ÒÃáμ¡ áÅТ¹Ò´·ÕèäÁ‹à·‹Ò¡Ñ¹¢Í§¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº·Õè·Í´áÅŒÇ䴌໚¹Í‹ҧ´Õ ·ÓãËŒ¼ÅÔμ ÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä´Œ¤Ø³ÀÒ¾μÒÁÁÒμðҹÍ‹ҧṋ¹Í¹ ÊÓËÃѺª‹Ç§ÊÁ¹Ò¤Ø³¹Õéà·‹Ò¹Ñé¹ àÃÒÂÔ¹´ÕÁͺ»ÃÔÁÒ³ãËŒ¤Ø³ à¾ÔèÁ¢Ö鹿ÃÕ¶Ö§ 20% ¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº¡ØŒ§ “Thai Crown” ÁÕ¨Ó˹‹ÒÂáÅŒÇ ·ÕèÌҹ¤ŒÒ¨Ó˹‹Ò ÍÒËÒÃä·Âã¡ÅŒºŒÒ¹ áÅÐμÑÇá·¹¢ÒÂÊ‹§ÊÓËÃѺÌҹÍÒËÒâͧ·‹Ò¹



Asco Foods Limited Unit 3b, Corinium Industrial Estate, Raans Road, Amersham, Bucks HP6 6JQ, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1494 434953 Fax: +44 (0)1494 726387 Email: Web:

10 amthaipaper 10 amthaipaper

technology Chang Talk / January 2008 / May 2011

amthaiChang Talk

At the end of the game both teams shook hands and with smiles all round, Khun Poom Kunplin from the Samaggi Samagom team added: “On behalf of the LSE team that played against Thai UK, I would like to thank you, your family, and

Beer Chang for organising, sponsoring and being part of the event. Of course it was a shame that we lost on penalties, but we enjoyed the game and hold our heads up high. Please pass on our best wishes to Thai UK come 23rd May.” ‘amthai’

The Elephant School Songkran Art Competition In March Chang Soda teamed up with Everton in the Community to run a Songkran, Thai New Year art competition with local primary school Arnot St Mary’s near Goodison Park.

were then able to vote for their favourite Chang Songkran drawing enabling one lucky lady the chance to be the Chang mascot for the last game of the season against Chelsea.

he pupils were taught all about Songkran, its traditions and the significance of ‘water’ during the New Year’s celebration. The aim was to educate the children about Songkran sharing with them different cultures and traditions and also to bring the Songkran celebrations home to Everton Football Club.

The winner who received the most votes was Leah who beamed as she met the Everton premiership players and proved to be a Everton good luck mascot on the day as Everton went on to end the season with a win beating Chelsea 1-0.


The Chang Cup Tournament On Sunday 15th May Samaggi Samagom (LSE FC) and Thai-UK football clubs battled it out to see which team would be travelling to Goodison Park to compete in the Chang Cup. The match was held in Maida Vale at the Paddington Sports Centre and in a spirited match, with plenty of shots on goal both teams played with determination, so much so that the end result was a draw.

The children were asked to produce an A4 piece of artwork to mark Thailand’s biggest ith only one team to be put forward festival and with the help of Everton star for the tournament, penalties were Tim Cahill three entrants; Jenny, Amy and taken and the winners were the Thai-UK Leah were short listed for the final. Fans team. The Thai-UK team and supporters will be travelling up to Goodison Park on the 23rd May to Play against Kitbag, Le Coq Sportif, Thomas Cook, Sportech and Total Fitness.


The Changi the elephant Songkran art competition is just one example of the numerous ways Chang and Everton in the Community work together to engage with the local community across Liverpool and Merseyside. ‘amthai’

Leah with Mikel Arteta (EFC Premiership Player) and Leah with Geoff Tirrell (General Manager, Chang UK)

amthair royaltyμ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 18


·Ã§»¯Ôàʸ ¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§¨Ö§Â¡·Ñ¾ãËÞ‹á¡໚¹Ë¡·Ñ¾´ŒÇ¡ѹÁÒμÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒã¹»‚ ¾.È.òñðö ·Ñ¾¢Í§¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ¡ÁÒ»‡Í§¡Ñ¹ áÅлзСѺ¡Í§·Ñ¾¾Á‹Ò áμ‹ÊÙŒäÁ‹äËǨ֧¶Í·ѾࢌҡÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ·Ñ¾¢Í§¾Á‹ÒμÒÁÁÒ»´ÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÏ äÇŒ ¾ÃŒÍÁÂÔ§»„¹ãËދࢌҡÃاÈÃÕÏ ·Ø¡Çѹ ã¹·ÕèÊØ´ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËÒ ¨Ñ¡Ã¾ÃôÔμŒÍ§àÊ´ç¨ÍÍ¡ÁÒʺÈÖ¡ÂÍÁ໚¹ÁÔμÃäÁμÃÕ â´ÂÁͺªŒÒ§à¼×Í¡ ô àª×Í¡ ¾ÃŒÍÁ´ŒÇ¾ÃÐÂÒ ¨Ñ¡ÃÕ ¾ÃÐÃÒàÁÈÇÃáÅоÃÐÊع·Ãʧ¤ÃÒÁãˌᡋ¾Á‹Ò â´Âμ‹ÍÃͧ¢Í´Ô¹á´¹·Õè¾Á‹ÒÂÖ´äÇŒ·Ñé§ËÁ´¤×¹ ¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§ÂÍÁ¶ÇÒ¤׹¾ÃŒÍÁ¶Í¹·Ñ¾¾Á‹Ò¡ÅѺ˧ÊÒÇ´Õ àÃÕ¡ʧ¤ÃÒÁ¤ÃÑ駹ÕéÇ‹Ò “ʧ¤ÃÒÁ ªŒÒ§à¼×Í¡” »‚ ¾.È.òñðö – òñð÷ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԷç¡ÅÑ´¡ÅØŒÁà¡ÕèÂǡѺºŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧáÅоÃÐÃҪǧȏ ¨Ö§·Ã§àÊ´ç¨ÍÍ¡¼¹ÇªÍÕ¡¤ÃÑé§ â´ÂãËŒ¾ÃÐÁËÔ¹·ÃÒ¸ÔÃÒª ¾ÃÐâÍÃÊÇ‹ÒÃÒª¡ÒÃá·¹ ¾ÃÐÁËÔ¹·ÃÒ¸Ô ÃÒª·Ã§ÃÐáǧ㹤ÇÒÁ¨§ÃÑ¡ÀÑ¡´Õ¢Í§¾ÃÐÁËÒ¸ÃÃÁÃÒªÒ¸ÔÃÒªáË‹§àÁ×ͧ¾ÔɳØâÅ¡ ·Õèä»Ê¹Ô·Ê¹Á¡Ñº ¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§ ¡ÉÑμÃԏ¾Á‹Ò ¨Ö§·Ã§Ã‹ÇÁ¡Ñº¾ÃÐäªÂàªÉ°Ò¸ÔÃҪࢌÒμÕ¾ÔɳØâÅ¡áμ‹äÁ‹ÊÓàÃç¨ ¨Ö§ä´Œ ·ÙÅàªÔÞãËŒÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôÔÅÒ¼¹Çª à¾×èÍ¡ÅѺÁÒ¤ÃͧÃҪઋ¹à´ÔÁ ʧ¤ÃÒÁàÊÕ¡Ãا㹻‚ ¾.È.òñññ ¾Á‹Ò䴌¡¡Í§·Ñ¾ãËÞ‹à¨ç´·Ñ¾ â´ÂÁշѾ਌ÒàÁ×ͧ¾ÔɳØâÅ¡ÃÇÁÍÂÙ‹ ´ŒÇ ·Ñ¾Ë§ÊÒÇ´Õࢌҷҧ´‹Ò¹áÁ‹ÅÐàÁÒ μÕËÑÇàÁ×ͧ·Ò§´ŒÒ¹à˹×Íà¾×èÍμÑ´¡ÓÅѧª‹Ç¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ áÅдŒÒ¹·ÔÈμÐÇѹÍÍ¡à¾×èÍμÑ´¡ÓÅѧáÅСÒÃμÔ´μ‹Í·Ò§¹éÓ¨Ò¡·Ò§ãμŒ áŌǻ´ÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒäÇŒ·Ñé§ÊÕè ´ŒÒ¹ ã¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¡Òû´ÅŒÍÁ¹Õé ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԷç»ÃЪÇÃÍÂÙ‹à¡×ͺà´×͹ áÅÐàÊ´ç¨ ÊÇÃäμã¹àÇÅÒμ‹ÍÁÒ ¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§¤ÃͧÃҪ䴌 òð »‚ ¨Ò¡¹Ñé¹ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËÔ¹·ÃÒ¸ÔÃÒª (¾ÃÐ âÍÃÊͧ¤·Õè ò ¢Í§ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԡѺÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÈÃÕÊØÃÔâ·ÑÂ) ¢Ö鹤ÃͧÃҪμ‹Í¨Ò¡¾ÃÐ ÃÒªºÔ´Ò ໚¹¡ÉÑμÃԏͧ¤·Õè ñö áË‹§¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ·Ñ¾¾Á‹Ò»´ÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒÍÂÙ‹ËŒÒà´×͹¡çÂѧäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöμÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒä´Œ ¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§·Ã§ÍÍ¡ ÍغÒ â´ÂÁÕ¢ŒÍáÅ¡à»ÅÕè¹¢ÍμÑǾÃÐÂÒÃÒÁ ¼ÙŒÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊÒÁÒö㹡ÒÃÃÑ¡ÉÒ¡ÃاÈÃÕÏ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËÔ ¹·ÃÒ¸ÔÃÒª·Ã§ÂÔ¹ÂÍÁ áμ‹¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§¡ÅѺμÃкѴÊÑμá¶ÁÂѧà˧¡ÓÅѧμÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒÁÒ¡¢Öé¹

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amthaipaper amthaipaper

news roundup Chang Talk / January 2008 / May 2011

amthaiChang Talk

Lunch at the Whole Foods Market organised by Thai Trade On 12th April the Ambassador of Thailand to the tropical popular foodie paradise of and various guests were invited to a Thailand without leaving London. guided tour around the shop to view all the different array of Thai products. Thai cuisine is one of the UK’s most popular choices when eating out – or in here was a large selection of fresh – but many British food lovers rely on a fruits that had the smell of fresh fruit small selection of dishes they know. To just like you find in a Thai village market expand their shoppers’ knowledge, Whole in Thailand .There was a huge selection Foods Market has partnered with the Thai of different rice and various Thai coconut Trade Centre to help shoppers explore a milk varieties and some Thai alcoholic new world of undiscovered Thai cooking. beverages including Chang beer, Monsoon Thai cuisine will be highlighted for one week each month, with focuses on fruits, Wine, etc. herbs & spices and dishes from different The Fresh Whole Foods Market Kensington Thai regions. takes two months celebrating foods from around the world. The first week started on Shoppers will be able to buy a wide Tuesday 12th April to bring the customers selection of Thai fruits and vegetables


for a limited time; from the sweet but crunchy Dragon fruit or the delicious Thai Pineapple to the more exotic Rambutan or Mangosteen - which is often referred to as the queen of Thai fruit. Whole Foods Market has sourced an appealing range of products which you will rarely come across in a London supermarket!

Besides fruit carving, Whole Foods M will also showcase some new special dishes available to taste and buy along cooking demonstrations by well known chefs. In addition, shoppers will be e tained by a traditional Thai dance, ‘Ra Dao-Va-Duang’. The dancers dress u a God and Goddess to welcome and everyone prosperity and good luck in For those who not ready to try Thai cuisine coming Thai New Year (13th April). at home just yet, Whole Foods Market has an array of Thai events taking place Whole Foods Market is also holding on various dates throughout the months special Supper Clubs offering diners of April and May to inspire you. Shop- opportunity to taste two modern Thai pers will be able to admire and learn the courses (starter and main) created by speciality Thai craftsmanship of fruit known Thai restaurants including Pa Carving and Sugar Carving in the foyer at Eat Thai and Mango tree. ‘amthai’ Whole Foods Market.

amthair royalty μ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 10 »ÃСͺ¡Ñºã¡ÅŒÄ´Ù½¹ ¾ÃÐ਌ҺØàç¹Í§¨Ö§·Ã§ à¡ÅÕé¡ŋÍÁãËŒ¾ÃÐÂҨѡÃÕ «Ö觢ÍμÑÇ仾ÌÍÁ¡Ñº ¾ÃÐÃÒàÁÈÇÃáÅоÃÐÊع·Ãʧ¤ÃÒÁ àÁ×èÍ·Ó Ê§¤ÃÒÁ¤ÃÑ駡‹Í¹ ໚¹äÊŒÈÖ¡ãËŒ¾Á‹Ò ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ ÁËÔ¹·ÃÒ¸ÔÃÒª·Ã§àËç¹Ç‹Ò¾ÃÐÂҨѡÃÕ à¤Â໚¹ áÁ‹·Ñ¾áË‹§¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒÁÒ¡‹Í¹ ¨Ö§·Ã§â»Ã´ãËŒ ໚¹¼ÙŒ¨Ñ´¡ÒôÙáÅáÅл‡Í§¡Ñ¹¾Ãй¤Ã ·Ñ¾¾Á‹Ò ¨Ö § ࢌ Ò ÂÖ ´ ¡ÃØ § ÈÃÕ Í ÂØ ¸ ÂÒä´Œ à Á×è Í »‚ ¾.È. òññò ËÅѧ¨Ò¡·Õäè ´Œ»´ ÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ÍÂÙ¶‹ §Ö ù à´×͹ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËÔ¹·ÃÒ¸ÔÃÒª àÊ´ç¨ÊÇÃäμã¹»‚ òññò »‚à´ÕÂǡѹ¡Ñº·Õèä·ÂàÊÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒãËŒ á¡‹¾Á‹Ò ¢³Ð·Õè¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§¾ÃЪ¹ÁÒÂØä´Œ óð ¾ÃÃÉÒ áÅзç¤ÃͧÃҪ䴌à¾Õ§ ñ »‚ áÅÐ ¶×Í䴌NjҾÃÐÁËÒ ¡ÉÑμÃԏã¹ÃҪǧȏÊؾÃóÀÙÁÔ amt mth hai’ ä´ŒÂØμÔŧà¾Õ§¹Õé ‘amt continue from page 18 athiraj and attacked Pitsanulok, but did not succeed. Then he went to ask Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti to give up the monkhood and was on the throne once more. In 1568 Burma marched seven armies, including the Pitsanulok’s ruler, to war with Ayutthaya, and later blockaded Ayutthaya in four directions, but could not defeat Ayutthaya. At this time Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti was ill for about a month, and then died. He was on the throne for 20 years. Then Phra Mahintrarathiraj the second son of Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti

Burma (Phra Jaao Bu-reng nong) had an idea to exchange Phraya Ram because he was able to protect Ayutthaya, Somdej Phra Mahintrarathiraj agreed, but the Burmese king dishonoured the deal, the rainy

season approached, so the Burmese king persuaded Phraya Chakkri to became a spy in Ayutthaya. Somdej Phra Mahintrarathiraj thought that Phraya Chakkri used to be a commander of Ayutthaya

before, and gave him authority to pr Ayutthaya, but later the Burmese army the war and occupied Ayutthaya comp in 1569. This war lasted for 9 month ‘amt amt m ha

amthaipaper 12 12 amthaipaper

technology amthai festival 2011 / January 2008 / May 2011

Rundown Program

Rundown Program

Date : 11th June 2011 Event : Amthai Festival 2011







Date : 12th June 2011

Venue : Wimbeldon Park’s Athletic Stad

Program Welcome to “Amthai Festivel 2011”

Event : Amthai Festival 2011







*Introduce stalls



Program Welcome to “Amthai Festivel 2011” *Introducing stalls

*Music B

Venue : Wimbeldon Park




MC Introduce



Opening Speech



Show (1) Joe Louise puppets



Show (2) Ton Worrachet



1st Prize Draw






Live Band Music






Live Band Music













MC Introduce




Show (1) Welcome to Thailand



Show (2) Thailand once in a life time



Mor lum by Elae Luk Toong






1st Prize Draw



Show (3) The beautiful Ancient Dances of Thailand



Show (4) Thailand the land of smile



2nd Prize Draw



Muay Thai Show

Show (4) Serng Gala





2nd Prize Draw



Muay Thai Show



Muay Thai Show



Mor lum by Elae Luk Toong









Muay Thai Show



Final Prize Draw



3rd P rize Draw



Close - See you next year :)



Close => See you tomorrow :)


Mixed fighting

Saturday 11th - Sunday 12thJune 2011 11 am – 7 pm BUY THE TICKET ALSO ENTER PRIZE DRAW of winning the return ticket to Thailand

Faamily Fun Days are bback!k At Wimbledon A i bl d Park, k LONDON O O S SW19 7HX HX



amthaipaper amthaipaper

news roundup amthai festival 2011 / January 2008 / May 2011

Exhibitor Lists-on the day No.

Exhibitor lists

B01 B02 A01 A02 A03 A04 A05 A06 A07

Chang Beer Chang Beer Manning Impex Manning Impex Trayvale Travel Edu Plus Lebara TAT Amthaipaper Raffle Ticket and VIP


Exhibitor lists


Siam Thai Produce



Exhibitor lists


Romwa Coffee


Coffee Massage

FOOD STALLS F01 F02 F03 F04 F05 F06 F07

Patcharee Siam City (Muay) Siam City (Muay) Thai Express Wan Thai Cuisine Thai BBQ Kitchen Malaysian Thai

Thai Charm Amphorn & Associates

C01 C02 C03 C04 C05

Little Miss tj shop UK Funky-Chicboutique Wan Jewelry Buddha Magic Herbal products


Money Transfer MT01 AB Money

M01 M02

Drink & Dessert DD01 Wan-Yen Shave Ice

Travel T01


West East Travel

To01 Double Bubble

Dessert D01 D02 D03

Mae Ying & Ploy Thai Desserts Lek Crepes Angie Thai Homemade Ice Cream


GROCERY STALLS- Marquees CRAFT STALLS- Marqueess ess MASSAGE STALLS- Marquees DRINK STALLS- Marquees Chang Beer Area – Marquees

TO01, MT01

A06, C02, C03-4,C01

Chang Beer Garden




M01, C05


B01 Sitting area


Chang Beer Garden

B02 Sitting area



Drink & Wine, D02, C01

A01-2,G01, A04,A05, A03

D01, D03,F07, F06, F05, F04,F02-3, F01

Information/ Catering GRANDSTAND Toilets Thailand


 Thai food & dessert stalls  Thai grocery stalls  Thai handicraft stalls  Iced tropical drinks stalls  Thai specialist fresh vegetables & fruit stalls  Thai premium beer - for free tasting only by Chang Beer  Fruits and vegetable carving demonstrations  Thai massage  Traditional Thai dance performance  Thai martial arts & Thai Boxing demonstrations  Thai performance of live music  Fun Fair  Face painting and many more...

Buy Ticket online




a fe Pou w

Entry for Children (height no exceed 120 cm.) For both days ticket sale at £2 in advance and £3 on the door

k Tel:

0788 635 9750, 07950 179 321

Created by:


14 amthaipaper 14 amthaipaper

technology event highlights / January 2008 / May 2011

amthaievent highlights by Charlie Ercilla

CFAB International Spring Fair, charity. The work of the charity is to support children and families who are adversely affected by globalisation. It is also supports the agencies to ensure the best possible outcome for each child through the International Social Service Network, children and families across borders strives to reunite children and families who are separated by international borders.

CFAB International Spring Fair opened it door for the 52nd time on May 11th 2011 at Kensington Town Hall. There were over 80 countries took part by hosting the stall which sells products that are exclusive to their nations, from jewellery, textiles and scarves to designers handbags . HRH Princess Alexandra attended the event for an hour and a half on Wednesday and visited all the worldwide stalls. hildren and Families Across Borders’ (CFAB) World Market has been running continually since 1959 providing successful Fairs to raise funds for the UK branch of International Social Service (ISS UK) It has become a London’s favorite events and HRH Princess Alexandra attends the World Market every year as its patron.


or donation please contact net CFAB International Spring Fair opened it door for the 52nd time on May 11th 2011 at Kensington Town Hall. There were over 80 countries took part by hosting the stall which sells products that are exclusive to their nations, from jewellery, textiles and scarves to designers handbags . HRH Princess Alexandra attended the event for an hour and a half on Wednesday and visited all the worldwide stalls.

adversely affected by globalisation. It is also supports the agencies to ensure the best possible outcome for each child through the International Social Service Network, children and families across borders strives to reunite children and families who are separated by international borders. We live in a society that is increasingly diverse with families often separated voluntarily or involuntarily between the countries. War, famine, ethic persecution, divorce or separation and changing work patterns all take their toll on the family structure. Children can become homeless , abandoned, abused, orphaned or separated from their parents by international boundaries.

Children and Families Across Borders’ (CFAB) World Market has been running continually since 1959 providing successful Fairs to raise funds for the UK branch of International Social Service (ISS UK) It has become a London’s favorite events and HRH Princess Alexandra attends the World Market every year as its patron. Additional one off events can be viewed The primary purpose of CFAB International on to offer support Spring Fair is to raise income for the or donation please contact We live in a society that is increasingly charity. The work of the charity is to net ‘amthai’ diverse with families often separated support children and families who are voluntarily or involuntarily between the countries. War, famine, ethic persecution, divorce or separation and changing work patterns all take their toll on the family structure. Children can become homeless 020 7788 5265 Mob: 078 9498 1397 , abandoned, abused, orphaned or separated from their parents by Fast Track Same Day Service, Obtain Your New Visa Within 24 Hours! international boundaries.

The primary purpose of CFAB International Additional one off events can be viewed Spring Fair is to raise income for the on to offer support

ALL SORTS OF VISA SERVICE บรการเกี่ยวกับว ซาทุกรูปแบบ FREE CONSULTATION, ปรกษาฟร

ª‹ÇÂã¹àÃ×èͧ¡ÒâÍÇÕ«‹Ò¶ÒÇà Massag

e Thera


d Wante §Ò¹¹Ç´



Tel: 020 8947 6600

Tier 1 Entrepreneur, Investor, PSW ÊÓËÃѺ¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨŧ·Ø¹ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà Tier 2 Work Permit, Sponsor Lessons ÊÓËÃѺÅÙ¡¨ŒÒ§ ¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ Tier 4 Student ÊÓËÃѺ¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ ILR: 2/5/10/14 Years Indefinite leave to Remain

Others All types of Visitor Visa, Refusals & Appeal Í×è¹æ ¤×ÍÇÕ«‹ÒªÑèǤÃÒǪ¹Ô´μ‹Ò§æ ËÃ×Í¡Òö١»¯ÔàʸÇÕ«‹ÒáÅТÍÂ×蹤ÓÌͧãËÁ‹

Email: Website:

äÁ‹ä´Œ¼Å äÁ‹¤Ô´à§Ô¹!

All Kinds of Uni Applications

26& Discount


All TYPES OF LEGAL DOCUMENTS Contact Us 23 Leopold Road, Wimbledon, London UK SW19 7BB


No Win No Fees!

μÔ´μ‹Í: Email: Web: Call Leo Wang on Tel: 020 7788 5265 Mob: 078 9498 1397

ÃѺÊÁѤüٌª‹ÇÂ: ÊÒÁÒö ¾Ù´ÀÒÉÒä·Â, ¨Õ¹, Íѧ¡ÄÉ ä´Œ Recruit: a Thai and Chinese/English bilingual assistant

news roundup

amthaipaper / January 2008


16 amthaipaper 16 amthaipaper / January 2008

amthaieducation : ÁØÁ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒáÅФÃͺ¤ÃÑÇ / May 2011

technology education

àÃÕºàÃÕ§â´Â: ¾ÑªÃÔ¹·Ã ǧȏàʶÕÂÃ

iTunes U ¢Í§ Apple ແ´âÍ¡ÒÊ ãËŒ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ´ÒǹâËÅ´¡ÒúÃÃÂÒ º·àÃÕ¹áÅТŒÍÁÙÅ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒ¿ÃÕ·ÇèÑ âÅ¡ ¢‹ÒÇ´ÕÊÓËÃѺ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ·ÑèÇâÅ¡ ºÕºÕ«ÕÃÒÂ§Ò¹Ç‹Ò ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¨ÐÊÒÁÒö´ÒǹâËÅ´ÀҾ¹μÏ ËÃ×Í à¾Å§·Ò§ iTune U ä´ŒáÅŒÇ Apple ÂѧàÊ¹Í ÁͺºÃÔ ¡ ÒáÒÃÈÖ ¡ ÉÒ¨Ò¡ÁËÒÇÔ · ÂÒÅÑ Â ·Ñé §ã¹ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃáÅÐÊËÃÑ°ÍàÁÃÔ¡ÒãËŒ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ ä´ŒÁâÕ Í¡ÒÊà¾ÔÁè ¾Ù¹ÈÑ¡ÂÀҾ㹡ÒÃàÃÕ¹·Ò§Í͹䬏 ÍÕ¡´ŒÇ ·Õ輋ҹÁÒÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅѪ×èʹѧ Íѹ䴌ᡋ Massachusetts Institute of Technology áÅÐ Harvard ã¹ÊËÃÑ° áÅÐ Oxford áÅÐ Cambridge ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà 䴌»‡Í¹¢ŒÍÁÙÅ àËÅ‹Ò¹ÕéãËŒÊÒÁÒö´ÒǹâËÅ´¡Ñ¹ä´Œ¿ÃÕ·Ò§ºÃÔ¡Òà iTune U

ແ´ Open University «Öè§ÁÕ¡ÒôÒǹâËÅ´¡Ñ¹ ¡Ç‹ Ò 31 ÅŒ Ò ¹¤ÃÑé § ·Ñè ÇâÅ¡ áÅÐ¤Ô ´ ໚ ¹ 10 à»ÍÃà«¹μ¢Í§¡ÒôÒǹâËÅ´·Ñ§é ËÁ´·Ò§ iTune â´ÂʋǹãËÞ‹´ÒǹâËÅ´¨Ò¡¹Í¡ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ºÕºÕ«Õ ¡Å‹ÒÇ´ŒÇÂÇ‹ÒËÅѧ¨Ò¡·ÕèÁÕ¡ÒûÃСÒÈ¢Öé¹ ¤‹Òà·ÍÁ¢Í§ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ â´ÂºÒ§áË‹§»ÃСÒÈ Ç‹Ò¨Ð¢Öé¹Í‹ҧàμçÁ¾Ô¡Ñ´·ÕèÃÑ°ºÒÅ¡Ó˹´Í¹ØÞÒμ ¤×Í»‚ÅÐ 9,000 »Í¹´ ·ÓãËŒ OU ÁչѡÈÖ¡ÉÒÃØ‹¹ àÂÒǏà¾ÔèÁÁÒ¡¢Ö鹡NjÒã¹Í´Õμ »˜¨¨ØºÑ¹Ë¹Öè§ã¹ÊÕè¢Í§ ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ OU ÁÕÍÒÂØμèÓ¡Ç‹Ò 25 »‚ áÅÐÁÕà¾Õ§ 10 à»ÍÏ à «ç ¹ μ à ·‹ Ò ¹Ñé ¹ ·Õè ÁÕ Í ÒÂØ 50 »‚ ¢Öé ¹ ä» ¤Ò´Ç‹Ò¨Ó¹Ç¹¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ·Ò§Í͹䬏¨ÐÁÕà¾ÔèÁÁÒ¡ ¢Öé¹ à¾ÃÒÐÊÒÁÒöàÃÕ¹¨Ò¡ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅѪ×èʹѧ Í‹ҧઋ¹ Harvard ä´Œ¨Ò¡·Õºè ÒŒ ¹â´ÂäÁ‹μÍŒ §¨Ó໚¹ à´Ô¹·Ò§ä»ÊËÃÑ°ÍàÁÃÔ¡ÒãËŒàÊÕÂàÇÅÒáÅФ‹Ò㪌¨Ò‹ Â

‘»ÃÔÞÞÒ Self-service’ ¨Ð໚¹·Ò§

¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉÒÍѧ¡ÄÉ àËç¹Ç‹Ò໚¹à¾Õ§ÃٻẺ¡Òà ÈÖ¡ÉÒ˹Öè§à·‹Ò¹Ñé¹ à¾ÃÒÐμ‹Íä»ÍÒ¨ÁÕ¡ÒÃàÊ¹Í ¡ÒÃÈÖ ¡ ÉÒÃÙ » ẺãËÁ‹ ·Õè á μ¡á¢¹§ÍÍ¡ä» Í‹ҧઋ¹ part-online áÅÐ past-campus ËÃ×Í¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹»ÃÐàÀ·àÃÕ¹·Ò§Í͹䬏¤Çº¤Ù‹ 仡Ѻ·Ò§àÃÕ¹·Ò§ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ «Ö觡ÒÃàÃÕ¹ ã¹ÃٻẺ¹Õé ແ´âÍ¡ÒÊãËŒ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒä´ŒÊÑÁ¼ÑʡѺ ¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹ẺÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ·ÑÇè ä»áÅзҧÍ͹䬏 ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡Ñ¹ä» ໚¹¡ÒûÃÐËÂÑ´àÇÅÒáÅзÃѾÂҡà 䴌໚¹Í‹ҧÁÒ¡

μŒÍ§¡ÒÃÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´à¾ÔèÁàμÔÁ㹡ÒÃ㪌 iTune U ·Ò§ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ ºÍ¡Ç‹ÒμŒÍ§¡Òýƒ¡½¹¾‹Í¤ÃÑÇ ËÃ×Í´ÒǹâËÅ´â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¿ÃÕ ä´Œ¨Ò¡ http:// ÍÒËÒÃÍÔ¹à´ÕÂà¾×èÍ»‡Í¹ÃŒÒ¹ÍÒËÒ÷ÑèÇ»ÃÐà·Èâ´Â äÁ‹¨Ó໚¹μŒÍ§Ëѹ仾Öè§áç§Ò¹¨Ò¡ÍÔ¹à´Õ«Ö觡ç¨Ð à·‹ Ò ¡Ñ º ໚ ¹ ¡ÒâҹÃÑ º ¡Ñ º ¹âºÒ¢ͧÃÑ ° ºÒÅ â´Â¨Ðແ ´ Ê͹¼‹ Ò ¹ International Food Academy

Lord Jim Knigh

àÅ× Í ¡ãËÁ‹ ¢ ͧ¹Ñ ¡ ÈÖ ¡ ÉÒãËÁ‹ ¢ ͧ¹Ñ ¡ Bradford College ແ´¤ÍÏÊãËÁ‹ Ê͹ÇÔ¸·Õ ÓᡧÍÔ¹à´Õ μͺʹͧ¤ÇÒÁ μŒÍ§¡Ò÷Õ辋ͤÃÑÇÍÔ¹à´ÕÂàÃÔèÁËÒÂÒ¡

ºÕ «Õ ¡Å‹ Ò ÇÇ‹ Ò ¢Œ Í ÁÙ Å ¡ÒÃÈÖ ¡ ÉÒ·Õè ÁÕ ¡ Òà ÈÖ¡ÉÒËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ ´ÒǹâËÅ´ÁÒ¡·ÕÊè ´Ø ¤×ͨҡ¢Í§ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ ¤Ó¶ÒÁ¹Õé Lord Jim Knight Í´ÕμÃÑ°Á¹μÃÕª‹ÇÂ



μÑÇá·¹¨Ò¡ Bradford College ¡Å‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò¡Òà ¡Ç´¢Ñ¹áÅÐࢌÁ§Ç´àÃ×èͧÃкºÇÕ«‹ÒࢌһÃÐà·È Ê‹§¼Å¡Ãзºμ‹ÍÀÑμμÒ¤ÒÃáÅÐÌҹÍÒËÒÃÍÔ¹à´Õ ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ·ÓãËŒËÒ¾‹Í¤ÃÑÇà¡‹§æ ÅÓºÒ¡ ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ ´Ñ§¹Ñé¹·Ò§ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅѨ֧䴌¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´·Õè ¨Ð¼ÅÔμ¾‹Í¤ÃÑÇËÃ×Í chef ÀÒÂã¹»ÃÐà·Èâ´Â chef ÃдѺ¤Ø³ÀҾ㹠Bradford ¨Ð໚¹¼ÙÅŒ §Á×Í Ê͹ãËŒ »˜¨¨ØºÑ¹ Bradford ä´ŒÃѺ¡Òâ¹Ò¹¹ÒÁ ãˌ໚¹ ‘àÁ×ͧËÅǧ¢Í§á¡§ÍÔ¹à´ÕÂáË‹§Íѧ¡ÄÉ’ ËÃ×Í ‘England’s curry capital’

¹ÒÂGraham Fleming ¼ÙŒ´ÙáŤÍÏʴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ºÍ¡Ç‹Ò ·Õ¼è Ò‹ ¹ÁÒ¾ºÇ‹ÒÌҹÍÒËÒúҧáË‹§¨Ó໚¹ μŒÍ§»´¡Ô¨¡ÒÃŧ à¾ÃÒÐËÒ¾‹Í¤ÃÑÇà¡‹§æ äÁ‹ä´Œ ª‹Ç§áá·Ò§Ê¶ÒºÑ¹¨Ðແ´ÃѺ¼ÙŒÊ¹ã¨¨Ó¹Ç¹ 50 ¤¹¡‹Í¹ ¨Ò¡¹Ñ鹡ç¨Ð¢ÂÒÂμÑÇແ´ÃѺà¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹à»š¹ ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 100 ¤¹ ÊÓËÃѺÃÐÂÐàÇÅÒ¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹ »‚ áá¨Ð໚¹¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹¡ÒÃÊ͹¢Ñé¹¾×é¹°Ò¹ ¨Ò¡¹Ñé¹ ¤‹ÍÂà¢ÂÔº¢Öé¹à»š¹ÃдѺÊÙ§ËÃ×Í advanced áÅÐ ¨Ð㪌 à ÇÅÒàÃÕ Â ¹·Ñé § ËÁ´Êͧ»‚ ¤ ÃÖè § ¶Ö § ¨Ðä´Œ ÃÑ º 㺻ÃСÒÈ¹Õ Â ºÑ μ Ã໚ ¹ ¾‹ Í ¤ÃÑ Ç ÍÒËÒÃÍÔ ¹ à´Õ  ¢Ñé¹ÊÙ§μ‹Íä» ‘amthai’

I Wayne: Thinking Aloud May 2011

Å×Á:Í‹ҤԴNjÒäÁ‹ÊÓ¤ÑÞ ã¤Ã¨ÓÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´ªÕÇÔμ¢Í§μÑÇàͧàÁ×èÍμ͹ÍÒÂØˌҢǺËÃ×ÍÊÔº¢Çºä´Œ äÁ¤ÃѺ ÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´¹Ð¤ÃѺäÁ‹ãª‹àËμØ¡Òóà©¾ÒÐÍ‹ҧã´Í‹ҧ ˹Öè§ àª‹¹àÍÒ¼ŒÒ¢ÒÇÁŒÒÁÒ·Ó໚¹àÊ×éͤÅØÁ«Ø»à»ÍÏáÁ¹áÅŒÇàËÒÐŧ ÁÒ¨Ò¡à¡ŒÒÍÕ騹ÊÅºä» Í‹ҧ¹ÕéäÁ‹¹Ñº ¼Á¾¹Ñ¹ä´ŒàÅÂÇ‹ÒÌͷÑé§ÃŒÍ äÁ‹ÁÕã¤Ã¨ÓÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´·Ø¡Í‹ҧ¢Í§ªÕÇÔμã¹Í´Õμä´Œ·Ñé§ËÁ´ áÅÐ ¹Õ¤è Í× ¤Ø³ÊÁºÑμÍÔ ¹Ñ ÅéÓ¤‹ÒÍÂ‹Ò§Ë¹Ö§è ·Õ¸è ÃÃÁªÒμÔãËŒàÃÒÁÒ ¸ÃÃÁªÒμÔ ãËŒàÃÒÊÒÁÒöźŌҧ¤ÇÒÁ·Ã§¨Ó·ÕèäÁ‹¨Ó໚¹¨Ó¹Ç¹ÁÒ¡ÍÍ¡ ä»àÊÕÂà¾×Íè ¾×¹é ·Õãè ¹ÊÁͧ¨Ðä´ŒÁªÕ Í‹ §à¡çº¢ŒÍÁÙŤÇÒÁ¨Ó·Õ¨è Ó໚¹ μ‹Í¡ÒÃÍÂÙ‹ÃÍ´ Åͧ¹Ö¡àÅ‹¹æ ´Ù¹Ð¤ÃѺNjÒËÑǤ¹àÃÒ¨ÐãËÞ‹ âμ¢¹Ò´ä˹¶ŒÒμŒÍ§ÊÑè§ÊÁ¤ÇÒÁ¨ÓäÇŒÁÒ¡ÁÒ ¤ÓÇ‹ÒËÑÇË¡ ¡Œ¹¢ÇÔ´¤§ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁËÁÒÂÍÕ¡Í‹ҧ˹Öè§


Ç‹Òä»áŌǡÒÃÅ×Á·ÓãËŒªÕÇÔμÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊØ¢â´Â੾ÒÐÍ‹ҧ ¡ÒÃÅ×ÁàÃ×èͧÌÒÂæ ¼ÙŒÃÙŒºÒ§·‹Ò¹ºÍ¡Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃÅ×Áª‹ÇÂãËŒà¡Ô´ ¤ÇÒÁÁÑè¹ã¨ã¹μÑÇàͧ ·Õè¾Ù´Í‹ҧ¹Õé¡çà¾ÃÒÐàª×èÍã¹·ÄɯշÕè Ç‹Ò¤¹àÃÒÁÑ¡¤Ô´à¢ŒÒ¢ŒÒ§μÑÇàͧÍÂÙ‹àÊÁÍÇ‹ÒàÃÒà¡‹§ ·Õ¹Õé¶ŒÒ Âѧ¨Ó䴌NjÒËÅÒÂæ ¤ÃÑ駷Õ輋ҹÁÒàÃÒäÁ‹ä´Œà¡‹§¨ÃÔ§ ¤ÇÒÁ ÁÑè¹ã¨¡çῺŧ㹾ÃÔºμÒ áŌǤÇÒÁË´ËÙ‹¡çÍÒ¨¨ÐࢌÒÁÒ á·Ã¡á«§ ·ÓäÁ¤¹àÃÒ¶Ö§Å×Á? ¼ÁÅͧ»ÃÖ¡ÉÒÍÒ¨ÒÏ¡Ù(à¡ÔéÅ) áÅŒÇä´Œ ÁÒËÅÒ·ÄÉ®Õ à¢ŒÒ㨺ŒÒ§äÁ‹à¢ŒÒ㨺ŒÒ§ áμ‹ÁÕÍÂÙ‹·ÄÉ®Õ˹Ö觷Õè ¾Í¿˜§ÃÙŒàÃ×èͧ¤×ͨÃÔ§æ áŌǢŒÍÁÙÅ·Õ輋ҹàÃÒÁÒÁѹäÁ‹ä´ŒËÒÂä» ä˹áμ‹ÁѹÍÂÙ‹Å֡ࢌÒä»ã¹¡Œ¹ºÖ駢ͧÊÁͧÁÒ¡æ ¨¹ËÒäÁ‹à¨Í ËÃ×ͶŒÒà¨Í¡çªŒÒä» áÅФ¹ÂÔè§á¡‹¡Ò䌹ËÒ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ¡çÂÔ觪ŒÒ ¤¹àÃÒ¹Ñ¹é ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¨ÐÅ×Áâ´Â¸ÃÃÁªÒμÔáÅŒÇ àÃÒÂѧÁ×Íà¤Ã×Íè §Á×Í·Õ¤è ´Ô ¤Œ¹ ¢Öé¹ÁÒà¾×èÍÊ‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒÃÅ×Á´ŒÇ »ÃÒ¡¯¡ÒóºÒ§Í‹ҧ·ÕèàÃÕ¡䴌NjÒ໚¹ à¤Ã×èͧª‹ÇÂÅ×ÁÁÕÍÒ·Ô “àÍÒËÙä»¹Ò àÍÒμÒä»äË” “äÁ‹ÃÙŒäÁ‹ªÕé” “àÁÔ¹à©Â” “äÁ‹Ê¹” ÏÅÏ ¤¹·Õàè ¢ÒÈÖ¡ÉÒàÃ×Íè §¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹ÃÙጠÅÐ ¡Òè´¨Ó à¢ÒºÍ¡Ç‹Òà¤Ã×Íè §Á×Í ª‹ÇÂÅ×ÁàËÅ‹Ò¹Ñé¹àÃÕ¡â´ÂÃÇÁÇ‹Ò ¡ÒÃËÅÍ¡μÑÇàͧ ¡Ò÷Óઋ¹¹Õéã¹ËÅÒÂæ¡Ã³Õª‹ÇÂãËŒ ªÕÇÔμÃÒºÃ×è¹ ¼ÙŒÃÙŒ·‹Ò¹Ë¹Öè§Â¡μÑÇÍ‹ҧªÕÇÔμÊÁÃÊ ·‹Ò¹ºÍ¡Ç‹Ò¤Ù‹ÊÁÃÊ·ÕèÍÂÙ‹´ŒÇ¡ѹ䴌Â×´à¾ÃÒÐμ‹Ò§ËÅÍ¡μÑÇàͧNjÒÂѧ ª×è¹Á×è¹àËÁ×͹¤ÃÑ駾ºÃÑ¡¡Ñ¹ãËÁ‹æ ã¤ÃÃÙŒμÑÇÇ‹ÒÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ»ÃоÄμÔẺ¹Õ騧»¯ÔºÑμÔμ‹Íä»

ã¹·Ò§¡ÅѺ¡Ñ¹¡ÒÃÅ×Á¡çÁÕ¢ŒÍàÊÕÂËÅÒÂæ Í‹ҧ Í‹ҧ·ÕèÃÙŒæ ¡Ñ¹ Å×ÁäÁ‹ãªŒË¹ÕéÍÒ¨ ¨Ðà¨çºμÑÇ äÁ‹ÁÒμÒÁ¹Ñ´ÍҨⴹμÑ´ÃÑ¡ ÏÅÏ áμ‹¼Å¨Ò¡¡ÒÃÅ×Á·ÕèÃŒÒÂÍ‹ҧ ˹Ö觤×Í·ÓãËŒËŧμ¹μÑÇàͧ Íѹ¹ÕéÂ×¹Âѹ䴌¨Ò¡»ÃÐʺ¡ÒóÊ‹Ç¹μÑÇ ¤ÃѺ ¤×Í·Ø¡¤ÃÑ駷ÕèÂ׹˹ŒÒ¡ÃШ¡¼Á¡ç¨Ð¤Ô´ÍÂÙ‹àÊÁÍÇ‹ÒμÑÇàͧÂѧ˹؋Á ¹Õè·Ñé§æ ·ÕèÅ×ÁμҹФÃѺ

¤¹ÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡ Íѹ¹Õé¡çμ‹Íà¹×èͧÁÒ¨Ò¡àÃ×èͧÅ×Á ¤Ø³à¤Â¶ÒÁμÑÇàͧäÁ¤ÃÑºÇ‹Ò μÑé§áμ‹ ¨Ó¤ÇÒÁä´Œ¤Ø³à¤ÂÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡¤¹ÁÒáŌǡÕ褹 ¤¹ÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡ã¹·Õè ¹Õé¼ÁËÁÒ¶֧¤¹·Õèä´ŒÁÕ¡ÒÃá¹Ð¹ÓμÑǡѹ¨Ðâ´ÂÇÔ¸Õã´¡çμÒÁ ·Õ·è §éÑ Êͧ½†ÒÂÃÙ¨Œ ¡Ñ ª×Íè àÊÕ§ àÃÕ§¹ÒÁ¡Ñ¹ äÁ‹ãª‹Ã¨ŒÙ ¡Ñ à¾ÃÒÐ àË繪×èÍ ËÃ×ÍÃÙ»ã¹Ê×èÍ Ê‹Ç¹μÑǼÁàͧ¹Ñ鹤Ðà¹Ç‹ÒÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡¤¹ äÁ‹μèӡNjҾѹ¤¹ μÑÇàÅ¢¹Õé¡¢Öé¹ÁÒàͧ¨Ò¡ÊÙÞÞÒ¡ÒÈ áμ‹¡çÁÕËÅÑ¡§‹ÒÂæ Ç‹ÒãËŒ¹Ñº¨Ò¡¤¹ã¡ÅŒμÑÇ·ÕèÊØ´ÍÍ¡ä»·ÕÅÐ ¢Ñé¹æ â´Â¨Ñ´à»š¹ËÁÇ´ËÁÙ‹μ‹Ò§æ àÃÔÁè ¨Ò¡¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇ ÞÒμÔ¾¹èÕ ÍŒ § ·Ñ§é ã¡ÅŒ·§éÑ ä¡Å à¾×Íè ¹ºŒÒ¹ à¾×è͹ËÇÁªÑé¹àÃÕ¹ à¾×è͹ËÇÁâçàÃÕ¹ à¾×è͹ËÇÁ§Ò¹ ਌Ò˹Õé ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ Å١˹Õé à¾×Íè ¹Ã‹ÇÁ·ÑÇÏ à¾×Íè ¹Ã‹ÇÁ¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ à¾×è͹¡Ô¹ à¾×è͹ (·Õè) μÒ (áÅŒÇ) à¾×è͹¢Í§à¾×è͹ à¾×è͹ ¢Í§¾Õè à¾×è͹¢Í§¹ŒÍ§ à¾×è͹¢Í§¾‹Í-áÁ‹ à¾×è͹¢Í§á¿¹ ¹Õè à »š ¹ ËÁÇ´ËÁÙ‹ ·Õè ¾ Í¹Ö ¡ ÍÍ¡¹Ð¤ÃÑ º Ê‹ Ç ¹»ÃÐàÀ·Í×è ¹ æ ·‹Ò¹Í×è¹æ ¤§á¡áÂÐä´ŒÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò¹Õé áÅжŒÒÅͧ»ÃÐÁÒ³ ¤Ã‹ÒÇæ Ç‹Ò»ÃÐàÀ·ÅÐ 10-15 ¤¹ ¡çä´ŒËÅÒÂÃŒÍÂáÅŒÇ Ê‹Ç¹ ËÁÙ‹ä˹Áҡᤋä˹¤§¢Öé¹ÍÂÙ‹¡ÑºÍÒªÕ¾´ŒÇ ઋ¹ ¤¹·Õè·ÓÁÒ ¤ŒÒ¢ÒÂμÑÇàÅ¢¤§Ë¹Ñ¡ä»·Ò§ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ áÅÐ਌Ò˹Õé ¤¹·ÓÃÒª¡ÒÃ¡ç ¤§Ë¹Ñ¡ä»·Ò§à¾×è͹ËÇÁ§Ò¹ ¹Ò ËÃ×ÍÅÙ¡¹ŒÍ§ ໚¹μŒ¹ ÊÓËÃѺ ¤¹Ë¹ØÁ‹ æÍ‹ҧ¼Áà¾×Íè ¹μÒÂÁչ͌  áμ‹à¹×Íè §¨Ò¡à»š¹¤¹ªÍº¡Ô¹à¨ŒÒ˹Õé ¨Ö§¤‹Í¹¢ŒÒ§àÂÍРʋǹÅ١˹ÕéäÁ‹ÁÕàÅÂ

ÊØÀÒÉÔμÂØâûμÐÇѹÍÍ¡ ä»Í‹Ò¹à¨ÍÊØÀÒÉÔμ¢Í§ªÒμÔÂØâûμÐÇѹÍÍ¡·ÕèÁÕ¤¹Â¡¢Öé¹ÁÒ͌ҧ ¿˜§áÅŒÇࢌҷ‹Ò¢Í ¹ÓÁÒàÅ‹Òμ‹Í¤ÃѺ à¢ÒÇ‹Ò “¤¹ÃǤ×ͤ¹·ÕèÁÕ¾ÍáÅŒÇ ¼ÙŒÁÕà¡ÕÂÃμÔ¤×ͤ¹·ÕèãËŒà¡ÕÂÃμÔ¼ÙŒÍ×è¹ áÅÐ ¤¹©ÅÒ´¤×ͼٌ·ÕèàÃÕ¹ÃÙŒ¨Ò¡ ·Ø¡¤¹” ‘amthai’


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technology royalty / January 2008 / May 2011

amthair royalty ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃÃ´Ô (¾ÃÐà±ÕÂÃÃÒªÒ) ¡ÉÑμÃԏͧ¤·Õè ñõ áË‹§¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ·Ã§ÁÕ ¾ÃÐÁàËÊÕ¤×ÍÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÈÃÕÊØÃÔâ·Ñ ·Ã§ÁÕ ¾ÃÐÃÒªâÍÃÊáÅоÃÐÃÒª¸Ô ´ ÒÃÇÁ õ ¾ÃÐͧ¤ ËÅѧ¨Ò¡¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§¢Ö鹤ÃͧÃҪ ã¹»‚ ¾.È.òðùñ ¾ÃÐͧ¤ä´Œ¾ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹¤ÇÒÁ ´Õ¤ÇÒÁªÍºãˌᡋàËŋҢع¹Ò§·Ñé§ËÅÒ·Õèä´Œ ʹѺʹعáÅЪ‹ÇÂãËŒ¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§¤ÃͧÃҪ ÍÒ·Ôઋ¹ ¢Ø¹¾Ôàù·Ãà·¾ ໚¹ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ ÁËÒ¸ÃÃÁÃÒªÒ¸ÔÃÒª ¢Ø¹ÍÔ¹·Ãà·¾ ໚¹ ¾ÃÐÂÒÈÃÕ¸ÃÃÁÒâÈ¡ÃÒª ໚¹μŒ¹

ʶҺѹ¾ÃÐÁËÒ¡ÉÑμÃԏä·Â â´Â: àÊÃÔÁÈÑ¡´Ôì ¹ÃÔ¹·ÃÇ§É

¾ÃÐ਴Տ ¾ÃÐÇÔËÒà ¾ÃŒÍÁ¾ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹Ê¶Ò¹·Õè ¡Òû‡Í§¡Ñ¹»ÃÐà·È àÊÃÔÁÊÌҧ¡ÓÅѧú´ŒÒ¹·ËÒà ¹»‚ ¾.È.òðùñ ¾ÃÐ਌ÒμÐàºç§ªÐàÇμÕé ¹Õé à »š ¹ ¾ÃÐÍÒÃÒÁ à¾×è Í à»š ¹ Í¹Ø Ê Ã³ Ç‹ Ò ÇÑ ´ ãˌࢌÁá¢ç§ ÍÒ·Ôઋ¹ ÊÌҧ¡ÓᾧÃͺ¾Ãй¤Ã ¡ÉÑμÃԏ¾Á‹ÒàËç¹à»š¹âÍ¡ÒÊ·Õè·Ò§¡ÃاÈÃÕ ÊºÊÇÃä »˜¨¨ØºÑ¹¤×Í ÇÑ´ÊǹËÅǧʺÊÇÃä ´ŒÇ¡Òá‹ÍÍÔ°¶×ͻٹ໚¹¤ÃÑé§ááμÒÁẺμ‹Ò§ »ÃÐà·È ¡Òâش¤Åͧ μÑé§àÁ×ͧãËÁ‹à¾×èÍ໚¹·Õè ÍÂظÂÒ¡ÓÅѧà»ÅÕè¹¾ÃÐÁËÒ¡ÉÑμÃԏ ¨Ö§Â¡ ·Ñ ¾ãËÞ‹ Á Ò·Ò§´‹ Ò¹à¨´Õ ÂÊ ÒÁͧ¤ ¨Ñ§ËÇÑ´ ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÍÕ¡¤ÃÑé§ã¹»‚à´ÕÂǡѹ ¾Á‹ÒàËç¹Ç‹Ò¨ÐàÊÕ·Õè ÃÇÁ¾Å â´Â¡μÅÒ´¢ÇÑÞ໚¹àÁ×ͧ¹¹·ºØÃÕ áº‹§ ¡ÒÞ¨¹ºØÃÕ áÅзѾÊÓ¤ÑÞÍÕ¡ËÅÒ·Ѿà¾×èÍ ¨Ö§¶Í·Ѿ¡ÅѺ ¡Í§·Ñ¾¨Ò¡ÍÂظÂÒμÔ´μÒÁä» áμ‹ àÍÒà¢μàÁ×ͧÊؾÃóºØÃÕáÅÐàÁ×ͧÃÒªºØÃÕ໚¹àÁ×ͧ ¢ÂÒÂÍÓ¹Ò¨ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԷç ¶Ù ¡ ¡ÅÅǧ¨Ò¡·Ñ ¾ ¾Á‹ Ò áÅÐÅŒ Í Á¨Ñ º ¾ÃÐ ¹¤ÃªÑÂÈÃÕ ¡ÒèѴ·ÓºÑÞªÕÊÓÃǨÊÓÁÐ⹤ÃÑÇ ¨Ñ´àμÃÕÂÁ·Ñ¾äÇŒμ‹ÍÊÙŒ ã¹»‚¶Ñ´ÁÒ (¾.È.òðùò) ÁËÒ¸ÃÃÁÃÒªÒ ¾ÃŒÍÁ¾ÃÐÃÒàÁÈÇÃänj໚¹àªÅ μÒÁËÑÇàÁ×ͧªÑ¹é ã¹à¾×Íè ¨Ðä´Œ·ÃÒº¨Ó¹Ç¹ªÒ©¡Ãè ʧ¤ÃÒÁä´Œà¡Ô´¢Öé¹ ·ÓãËŒ¾ÃÐͧ¤μŒÍ§ÊÙÞàÊÕ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԷç¢ÍÍ‹ÒÈÖ¡ ´ŒÇ ·Õè¨Ðࡳ±ÁÒ໚¹¡ÓÅѧ㹡ÒÃú ¡Ò÷Óʧ¤ÃÒÁ ¾ÃÐÁàËÊÕ¤×ÍÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÈÃÕÊØÃÔâ·Ñ ¢³Ð·Õè ¡ÒÃ䶋 μÑ Ç ¤× ¹ ¤× Í áÅ¡¡Ñ º ªŒ Ò §ª¹Ð§ÒÊͧàª× Í ¡ ¡Ñºà¢Áà ¡ÒþѲ¹ÒàÃ×;ÒÂ໚¹àÃ×Í·ÕèμÔ´»„¹ãËÞ‹ ãªŒÂ§Ô ã¹àÇÅÒ·Óʧ¤ÃÒÁ áÅÐàÃ×Í·ÕÁè ËÕ ÇÑ ÊÑμǏ áÅÐ äʪŒ Ò §à¢Œ Ò ÁÒª‹ Ç Â¾ÃÐͧ¤ ã ¹¢³Ð¡ÃÐ·Ó ¡ÒÃÈÖ¡¡Ñº¾Á‹Ò¨Ö§ä´ŒÂØμÔ »ÃѺ»Ãا໚¹àÃ×Í·Õè㪌㹾ÃÐÃÒª¾Ô¸Õã¹»˜¨¨ØºÑ¹ ÂØ·¸ËÑμ¶Õ¡ºÑ ¾ÃÐ਌Òá»Ã ³ ºŒÒ¹ãËÁ‹ÁТÒÁ Ë‹ͧ àÁ×èÍàÊÃç¨È֡ʧ¤ÃÒÁ¨Ö§·Ã§â»Ã´ãËŒ ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§»‚ ¾.È. òðùò – ¾.È. òñðö ÊÁà´ç¨ ¾ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹à¾ÅÔ § ¾ÃÐȾÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐ ¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôÔâ»Ã´à¡ÅŒÒÏ ãËŒàÊÃÔÁÊÌҧ 㹪‹Ç§àÇÅҴѧ¡Å‹ÒǾÃÐÈÃÕÈÔÅ»Š (ËÅÒ¹ªÒÂ) ÈÃÕÊØÃÔâ·Ñ ³ ÊǹËÅǧ áÅÐâ»Ã´ãËŒÊÌҧ ºŒÒ¹àÁ×ͧãËŒà¨ÃÔÞÁÑ蹤§ »ÃѺ»ÃاÂØ·¸ÈÒÊμÏ㹠«Öè§ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃôԷçãËŒºÃþªÒ໚¹

The Monarchic Institution in Thailand Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti (Phra Thean Raja) was the 15th king of Ayutthaya. His wife was Somdej Phra Sisuriyothai. They had 5 children. In 1548 he was on the throne and gave titles to the peers who had helped him to become king, such as Khun Pirentratep became Somdej Phra Maha Dhammaraja, Khun Intratep became Phraya Sidhammasokaraj.

ÊÒÁà³Ã áμ‹ ¾ ÃÐÈÃÕ ÈÔ Å »Š ¡ ÅÑ º ÇҧἹ ¡‹ Í ¡º¯áÅж٠¡ ¨Ñ º ä´Œ ÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐÁËÒ ¨Ñ ¡ þÃÃ´Ô · çãËŒ ¤ Ǻ¤Ø Á μÑ Ç äÇŒ ·Õè ÇÑ ´ ¸ÃÃÁÔ¡ÃÒª àÁ×è;ÃÐÈÃÕÈÔÅ»ŠÁÕ¾ÃЪ¹ÁÒÂØ òð ¾ÃÃÉÒ ¨Ö§·Ã§ãËŒÍØ»ÊÁº·à»š¹¾ÃÐ áμ‹ ¾ ÃÐÈÃÕ ÈÔ Å »Š ¡ ÅÑ º Ë¹Õ ä »«‹ Í §ÊØ‹ Á ¡ÓÅÑ § áÅС¡Í§¡ÓÅѧÁÒμÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÏ ÇѹÃØ‹§¢Öé¹ ¾ÃÐÈÃÕÈÅÔ »Š ࢌҡÃاÈÃÕÏ ä´Œ áμ‹¡¶ç ¡Ù ÂÔ§´ŒÇ »„¹¨¹ÊÔé¹¾ÃЪ¹Á

or Wat Soun Louang Sobsawan in the present. They were in combat again in the same year, this time the Burmese’ king thought the war could ÇÑ´ÊǹËÅǧʺÊÇÃä not be won, Wat Sobsawan or Wat so he moved Soun Louang Sobsawan his army back and made ambushes on the way, the Ayutthaya army followed up and found a blockade, so Phra Maha Dhammaraja and Phra Ramesoun were captured. Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti had to deal with the Burmese king, he exchanged two persons who were captured with 2 white elephants. They all agree with this deal.

hen Ayutthaya changed kings in 1548. The king of Burma (Phra Jaao Tabengchavety) marched an army against Ayutthaya, the year after this, they were to fight in hand to hand combat on elephant-back. Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti’s elephant lost control, his wife who wore man’s dress, moved to help him, but was killed by the Burmese king. After the war was finished, he ordered that his wife should be cremated at the Royal garden, and he made a Pagoda, Vihara in her memory, this was called Wat Sobsawan During the years 1549 to 1563 Somdej

Phra Maha Cakkapatti tried to make the country more stable by modifying the army, he built a modern wall, created canals, and also new towns such as Nontaburi, Nakonchaisi, he made a population census in order to know how many strong men would be available when needed in war, he also modified paddle boats to be used as gun boats for war and he put the artificial heads of animals on the prow of the boats, which were developed for use in Royal ceremonies as in the present. At the period above, Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti asked Phra Sisin (his nephew) to ordain as a novice, but Phra Sisin planned to rebel, but he was caught and confined at Wat Dhammikaraj. When he was 20 years old, he told him to ordain as a Buddhist monk, but he escaped and started to assemble men for starting a guerrilla war, later he attacked Ayutthaya capital, but he was shot dead.

ÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐÁËÒ¨Ñ ¡ þÃÃ´Ô ÁÕ ª×è Í ÍÕ ¡ ¾ÃйÒÁ˹Öè § Ç‹ Ò “¾ÃÐ਌ Ò ªŒ Ò §à¼× Í ¡” à¾ÃÒоÃÐͧ¤·Ã§ÊÒÁÒö¨ÑºªŒÒ§à¼×Í¡ä´Œ ¶Ö § ÷ àª× Í ¡ ¤ÇÒÁ·ÃÒº¶Ö § ¾ÃÐ਌ Ò ºØàç¹Í§ ¡ÉÑμÃԏáË‹§Ë§ÊÒÇ´Õ ¨Ö§ä´ŒÊ‹§ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÊҹʏÁҢ;ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹ªŒÒ§à¼×Í¡ Êͧàª×Í¡ áμ‹ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÁËҨѡþÃÃ´Ô Í‹Ò¹μ‹Í˹ŒÒ 20 royalty article

S. Narinwong

was “Phra Jaao chang pherk”. The King of Burma knew, and begged 2 elephants, but Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti refused him. The King of Burma made war, but Ayutthaya could not be defeated then the Burmese army blockaded Ayutthaya capital and shot guns into the capital every day, eventually Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti had to finish the war by giving 4 white elephants and Phraya Chakri as well as Phra Ramesoun, king of Burma agreed to give back all the regions which he had seized before, and this finished the war. This war we call “Songkram Chang pherk” or the white elephants war, of 1563.

In Ayutthaya conditions were not peaceful, Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti gave authority to Phra Mahintrarathiraj (his son) to rule Ayutthaya, then he himself went to ordain again. Phra Mahintrathiraj did not trust Phra Maha Dhammarajathiraj’s loyalty who ruled Pitsanulok, which was friendly with the king of Burma. Somdej Phra Maha Cakkapatti had 7 white So he joined with Phra Chaichethcontinue to page 20 elephants, so he had another name which

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news roundup news round up / January 2008 / May 2011

amthainews round up By: Diamond Heart ¤ÇÕ¹àÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹‘äÍÏᏴ’¤ÃÑ駻ÃÐÇÑμÔÈÒÊμÏ Áà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ ¹Õ àÍÅÔ « Òຸ·Õè 2 ¾ÃŒÍÁ´ÑÇÂ਌ҪÒ¿Å»Ô ¾ÃÐÊÇÒÁÕ àÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹ äÍÏᏴ¤ÃÑé§áá໚¹ àÇÅÒ 4 ÇѹàÃÔèÁμÑé§áμ‹ ÇѹÍѧ¤Òà (17) â´Â ¡ÒÃàÊ´ç ¨ àÂ× Í ¹¢Í§ ¾ÃÐͧ¤ à »š ¹ ä»μÒÁ ¤ Ó à ªÔ Þ ¢ Í § »ÃÐ¸Ò¹Ò¸Ô º ´Õ á ÁÃÕ áÁ¤ÍÐÅÕ« ·Õè㪌àÇÅÒ ã¹¡ÒüÅÑ ¡ ´Ñ ¹ àÃ×è Í §¹Õé ¶Ö§ 14 »‚ ¡ÒÃàÂ×͹ ¤ÃÑ駹Õé¾ÃÐͧ¤àÊ´ç¨ä» ÇÒ§¾Ç§ËÃÕ´·Õè “Êǹ áË‹§¤ÇÒÁ·Ã§¨Ó” (Garden of Remembrance) 㹡Ãا´ÑºÅÔ¹ «Öè§à»š¹Í¹ØÊóÊ¶Ò¹ÇÕê¹äÍÃÔª·Õè ÊÅЪÕÇÔμ à¾×èͻŴ»Å‹Í»ÃÐà·Èãˌ໚¹ÍÔÊÃШҡÍѧ¡ÄÉ áÁŒÍѧ¡ÄÉäÁ‹à¤Â¢Íâ·ÉËÃ×ÍÂÍÁÃѺÊÔ觷Õè à¡Ô´¢Öé¹ã¹Í´Õμ áμ‹¡Ò÷ÕèÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÃҪԹշç¡ŒÁ¾ÃÐàÈÕÂÃʧº¹Ôè§à¾×èÍäÇŒÍÒÅÑ·ÕèÊØÊÒ¹áË‹§¹Õé ¹ÑºÇ‹ÒÁÕ ¤ÇÒÁËÁÒÂÍ‹ҧÂÔè§μ‹Í»ÃЪҪ¹ªÒÇäÍÏᏴ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Õé¾ÃÐͧ¤·Ã§àÊ´ç¨Ê¹ÒÁ¡ÕÌÒ â¤Ã¡ ¾ÒϤ ʹÒÁ¿ØμºÍÅẺäÍÃÔª (à¡ÅÔ¤ ¿ØμºÍÅ) ÊÑÞÅѡɳÊÓ¤ÑÞ·ÕèÊØ´áË‹§Ë¹Ö觢ͧ¡ÒÃμ‹ÍÊÙŒà¾×èÍàÍ¡ÃÒª¢Í§ ªÒÇäÍÃÔª ¨Ò¡àËμØ¡Òó “ÇѹÍÒ·Ôμ¹Í§àÅ×Í´” ã¹»‚ 1920 ·Õè¡Í§¡ÓÅѧ¢Í§Íѧ¡ÄÉÂÔ§ãÊ‹½Ù§ª¹·Õè ¡ÓÅѧªÁ¡ÒÃᢋ§¢Ñ¹ ·ÓãËŒÁÕ¾ÅàÃ×͹ªÒÇäÍÃÔªàÊÕªÕÇÔμä» 14 ¤¹ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ¹ÕÍÅÔ«Òຸ·Õè 2 ·Ã§à»š¹ ¾ÃлÃÐÁآͧ¤áááË‹§Íѧ¡ÄÉ·ÕèàÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹äÍÏᏴ ËÅѧäÍÏᏴä´ŒÃѺàÍ¡ÃҪ㹻‚ 1921 ¡Òà àÂ×͹¤ÃÑ駹Õé໚¹ÊÑÞÅѡɳ¢Í§¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸·Õèṋ¹á¿‡¹¢Öé¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ 2 »ÃÐà·È áμ‹¡ÃйÑ鹡çÁÕ¡ÒÃ㪌 ÁÒμáÒÃÃÑ¡ÉÒ¤ÇÒÁ»ÅÍ´ÀÑÂÍ‹ҧࢌÁ¢Œ¹ â´Â੾ÒÐÍ‹ҧÂÔè§ÀÒÂËÅѧ·Õè਌Ò˹ŒÒ·Õ辺ÃÐàºÔ´áÊǧ à¤Ã×èͧ·ÕèÁÕ¼ÙŒÇÒ§äÇŒã¹Ã¶â´ÂÊÒäѹ˹Ö觷ÕèÁØ‹§Ë¹ŒÒࢌҡÃا´ÑºÅÔ¹ 㹤׹¡‹Í¹·ÕèÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ¹Õ¨ÐàÊ´ç¨ ä»¶Ö§ ‘amthai’


ÂØâûμÑÇàμç§ÈÖ¡ªÔ§à¡ŒÒÍÕé¼.Í.IMF ËÅѧÊàμÃÒʏ-¤Òˏ¹ÅÒÍÍ¡ â´ÁÔ¹¡Ô ÊàμÃÒʏ-¤Òˏ¹ Í´Õμ ¡ÃÃÁ¡Òü٨Œ ´Ñ ¡Òáͧ·Ø¹¡ÒÃ à §Ô ¹ Ã Ð Ë Ç‹ Ò § » Ã Ð à · È (äÍàÍçÁàÍ¿) ªÒǽÃÑè§àÈÊÇÑ 62 »‚ ä´ŒÂ×蹨´ËÁÒÂÅÒÍÍ¡ ¨Ò¡μÓá˹‹§¡ÃÃÁ¡Òüٌ¨Ñ´ ¡ÒÃäÍàÍçÁàÍ¿áÅŒÇàÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 18 ¾.¤. â´ÂãËŒàËμؼÅÇ‹Ò à¢ÒμŒÍ§¡ÒÃÍØ·ÔÈàÇÅÒ㹡Òà μ‹ÍÊÙŒ¤´Õà¾×è;ÔÊÙ¨¹Ç‹Òμ¹àͧ ¹Ñ鹺ÃÔÊØ·¸Ôì ËÅѧ¶Ù¡μÑ駢ŒÍËÒ ·ÓÃŒÒÂËҧ¡ÒÂáÅоÂÒÂÒÁ ¢‹Á¢×¹¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹ËÞÔ§¢Í§âç áÃÁã¹¹ÔÇÂÍÏ¡àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 15 ·Õ輋ҹÁÒ ¡ÒÃÅÒÍÍ¡¢Í§ÊàμÃÒʏ-¤Òˏ¹ ·ÓãËŒÈ֡ዧªÔ§à¡ŒÒÍÕé·Õèà¾Ôè§Ç‹Ò§ ŧ¹Õéແ´©Ò¡¢Öé¹Í‹ҧࢌÁ¢Œ¹ â´ÂªÒμÔÂØâûμŒÍ§¡Òä§à¡ŒÒÍÕé¹Õéãˌ໚¹¢Í§ªÒÇÂØâû«Öè§ÂÖ´¶×ÍÁÒμÑé§áμ‹»‚ 1945 ໚¹μŒ¹ÁÒ ¼ÙŒ´ÓçμÓá˹‹§·Ñé§ 10 ¤¹ÅŒÇ¹ÁÒ¨Ò¡ÂØâû·Ñé§ÊÔé¹ áÅÐ㹨ӹǹ¹Õé໚¹ªÒǽÃÑè§àÈÊ 4 ¤¹ ¼ÙŒà»š¹μÑÇàμç§ã¹¤ÃÑ駹Õé¤×͹ҧ¤ÃÔÊμÔ¹ÅÒ¡ÒÏ´ ÃÁÇ.¤Åѧ½ÃÑè§àÈÊ áμ‹¡ÅØ‹ÁªÒμÔ¡ÓÅѧ¾Ñ²¹Ò¡ç ¼ÅÑ¡´Ñ¹μÑÇà¡ç§ÍÕ¡¤¹Ë¹Ö觤×Í ¹ÒÂà¤ÁÒÅ à´ÍÏÇÔÊ Í´ÕμÃÁÇ.¤ÅѧμØÃ¡Õ »ÃÐÇÑμÔ‹ͧ͢ â´ÁÔ¹Ô¡ ¡ÒÊμ§ Íçͧ´Ã ÊàμÃÒʏ-¤Òˏ¹; à¡Ô´ 25 àÁÉÒ¹ ¤.È. 1949 ໚¹¹Ñ¡àÈÃÉ°ÈÒÊμÏ ·¹Ò¤ÇÒÁ áÅÐ ¹Ñ¡¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧªÒǽÃÑè§àÈÊ ÊàμÃÒʏ-¤Òˏ¹à»š¹¹Ñ¡¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧá¹ÇÊѧ¤Á¹ÔÂÁ¼ÙŒà¤Â´ÓçμÓá˹‹§ÃÑ°Á¹μÃÕ ¤Åѧ¡‹Í¹ÁÒÃѺ§Ò¹·ÕèäÍàÍçÁàÍ¿ àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 28 ¡Ñ¹ÂÒ¹ ¤.È. 2007 ¨¹¶Ö§Çѹ·Õè 18 ¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á ¤.È. 2011 ໚¹àμç§ã¹¡Òê‹Ç§ªÔ§μÓá˹‹§»ÃиҹҸԺ´Õ½ÃÑè§àÈÊ㹡ÒÃàÅ×Í¡μÑ駷ÑèÇä»à´×͹àÁÉÒ¹áÅÐ ¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á»‚˹ŒÒ¹Õé ¡‹Í¹¶Ù¡¨ÑºáÅÐÈÒÅÍÒÞÒáÁ¹ÎÑμμѹμÑ´ÊÔ¹ãËŒ»ÃСѹμÑÇ´ŒÇÂà§Ô¹Ê´ 1 Ōҹ ´ÍÅÅÒÏ â´ÂÁÕ¡Ó˹´ä»¢Öé¹ÈÒŹѴμ‹Íä»ã¹ 6 ÁÔ.Â. ‘amthai’

¼ÙŒ¹ÓÊËÃÑ°ÏáÅÐÀÃÔÂÒ àÂ×͹Íѧ¡ÄÉ »ÃÐ¸Ò¹Ò¸Ô º ´Õ º ÒÃÑ ¤ âͺÒÁÒàÂ×͹Íѧ¡ÄÉ Í‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡ÒäÃÑé§ áá ËÅÑ § ¨Ò¡·Õè »ÃÐ¸Ò¹Ò¸Ô º ´Õ ¨ ÍÏ ¨ ºØ ª ÁÒàÂ× Í ¹ã¹»‚ 2003 ·Ñ§è ¹Õ¼é ¹ŒÙ ÓÊËÃÑ°Ï áÅÐÊμÃÕËÁÒÂàÅ¢ 1 ÁÔ à ªÅ âͺÒÁÒÁÕ ¡ Ó Ë ¹ ´ ¡ Ò Ã à Â× Í ¹ Íѧ¡ÄÉ 3 ÇѹÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 24 – 26 ¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á ¡‹ Í ¹¨Ð à´Ô¹·Ò§ä»Ã‹ÇÁ»ÃЪØÁ ÊØ ´ Â Í ´ ¼ÙŒ ¹ Ó ª Ò μÔ

19 19

ÍØμÊÒË¡ÃÃÁËÃ×Í G8 ·Õè»ÃÐà·È½ÃÑè§àÈÊ ¼ÙŒ¹ÓÊËÃÑ°ÏáÅÐÀÃÔÂÒä´ŒÃѺ¡ÒÃμŒÍ¹ÃѺÍ‹ҧÊÁà¡ÕÂÃμÔ¨Ò¡ ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ¹Õ àÍÅÔ«Òຸ·Õè 2 áË‹§Íѧ¡ÄÉ áÅдÂؤáË‹§àÍà´¹àºÔÏ¡ ¡‹Í¹ãªŒâÍ¡ÒʹÕé¶ÇÒÂáÊ´§ ¤ÇÒÁÂÔ¹´ÕÍ‹ҧ໚¹Ê‹Ç¹μÑÇμ‹Í´Âؤ áÅдѪàªÊʏ áË‹§à¤ÁºÃÔ´¨ ·Õèà¾Ô觼‹Ò¹¾Ô¸ÕàÊ¡ÊÁÃÊàÁ×èÍ 29 àÁ. Â.·Õ輋ҹÁÒ «Ö觡Òþº»Ð¡Ñ¹ãªŒàÇÅÒ 20 ¹Ò·Õ ¡‹Í¹ÃÑ°ºÒÅÍѧ¡ÄɨѴ¾Ô¸ÕμŒÍ¹ÃѺÍ‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡Òà ºÃÔàdzÊǹÀÒÂã¹¾ÃÐÃÒªÇѧ ã¹Çѹ·Õè 2 ¢Í§¡ÒÃàÂ×͹âͺÒÁÒä´Œ¡Å‹ÒÇÊع·Ã¾¨¹μ‹ÍÃÑ°ÊÀÒÍѧ¡ÄÉ â´ÂÂ×¹ÂѹNjÒÍÔ·¸Ô¾Å¢Í§ÊËÃÑ° Íѧ¡ÄÉ áÅоѹ¸ÁÔμÃÂØâû Âѧ໚¹ÊÔ觨Ó໚¹ã¹¡ÒÃáÊ´§º·ºÒ·¼ÙŒ¹Ó ¼ÙŒ¹ÓÊËÃÑ°ÏáÅÐÀÃÔÂÒà¤ÂÁÒËÇÁ»ÃЪØÁ G20 ·ÕèÍѧ¡ÄÉã¹»‚ 2009 ·Õè¾Ñ¡ã¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¡ÒÃàÂ×͹Í‹ҧ ໚¹·Ò§¡ÒäÃÑ駹Õé¤×;ÃÐÃÒªÇѧºÑ¡¡Ôé§áÎÁ ‘amthai’

ඌҶ‹Ò¹¨Ò¡ÀÙà¢Òä¿ã¹äÍ«áŹ´»†Ç¹¡ÒúԹã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉáÅÐÂØâû ÀÙ à ¢Òä¿¡ÃÔ Á ʏ Ç Íμ ·Ò§ÀÒ¤μÐÇÑ ¹ ÍÍ¡ à©Õ§ãμŒ¢Í§äÍ«áŹ´ à¡Ô ´ ¡ÒÃ»Ð·Ø Í Â‹ Ò § ÃعáçμÑé§áμ‹ÇѹàÊÒÏ ·Õè 21 ¾.¤. ¾‹¹à¶ŒÒ ÀÙà¢Òä¿¢Ö¹é ÊÙÍ‹ Ò¡ÒÈÊÙ§ à¡×ͺ 20 ¡ÔâÅàÁμà ඌ Ò ¶‹ Ò ¹¨Ò¡ÀÙ à ¢Òä¿ ÅÍÂÁÒ»¡¤ÅØ Á àË¹× Í ¹‹ Ò ¹¿‡ Ò Ê¡ÍμᏴ áÅÐäÍÏ á Ź´ à Ë¹× Í áŌǿ؇§¡ÃШÒ¨¹á¼‹ »¡¤ÅØ Á ÍÑ § ¡ÄÉáÅÐ ·Ò§μ͹àË¹× Í ¢Í§ ÂØâû ͧ¤¡Ã¤Çº¤ØÁ ¡ÒèÃҨ÷ҧÍÒ¡ÒȢͧÂØâûà¼ÂÇ‹Ò ¨¹¶Ö§º‹ÒÂÇѹ·Õè 24 ¾.¤.ÁÕà·ÕèÂǺԹ¶Ù¡Â¡àÅÔ¡áÅŒÇ 252 à·ÕèÂÇ àÂÍÃÁ¹Õ»ÃСÒÈ»´Ê¹ÒÁºÔ¹ºÒ§áË‹§·Ò§μ͹à˹×ͧ͢»ÃÐà·È ¡ÅØ‹ÁඌҶ‹Ò¹¨Ò¡ÀÙà¢Òä¿Âѧ໚¹ ÊÒàËμØãËŒà¡Ô´»˜ÞËÒ·Ò§¨ÃÒ¨ÃÍÒ¡ÒÈã¹¹ÍÏàǏ áÅÐà´¹ÁÒÏ¡μŒÍ§»´¹‹Ò¹¿‡ÒºÒ§Ê‹Ç¹ ʋǹÊӹѡ§Ò¹ ÍØμعÔÂÁÇÔ·ÂҢͧäÍ«áŹ´ÃÒÂ§Ò¹Ç‹Ò ¡ÒûзآͧÀÙà¢Òä¿¡ÃÔÁÊÇçÍμ䴌ŴÃдѺŧáÅŒÇ ¨Ò¡·Õèà¤Â ¾Ç¾؋§ä»ä¡Å¶Ö§ 20 ¡ÔâÅàÁμà àËÅ×Íà¾Õ§ᤋ 2 ¡ÔâÅàÁμà ¤ÇѹඌҶ‹Ò¹ÀÙà¢Òä¿Âѧ·ÓãËŒà¤Ã×èͧºÔ¹ »ÃШÓμÓá˹‹§ “áÍÏ ¿ÍÏ« Çѹ” ¢Í§»ÃиҹҸԺ´ÕºÒÃѤ âͺÒÁÒ «Öè§ÍÂÙ‹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¡ÒÃàÂ×͹ÂØâû μŒÍ§ÃÕºà´Ô¹·Ò§¨Ò¡äÍÏᏴä»¶Ö§Íѧ¡ÄÉàÃçÇ¢Öé¹ 1 Çѹ ¨Ò¡¡Ó˹´à´ÔÁã¹ÇѹÍѧ¤Ò÷‹Õ 24 ¾.¤. ໚¹ ¤×¹Çѹ¨Ñ¹·Ã 23 ¾.¤. ¤Ò´Ç‹Ò¨ÐäÁ‹ÃŒÒÂáç෋ҡѺ¡ÒÃÃÐàºÔ´¢Í§ÀÙà¢Òä¿ “äÍÂҿ⨤ØÅŏ” àÁ×èÍà´×͹ àÁ.Â.»‚·‹ÕáÅŒÇ «Ö觷ÓãËŒà·ÕèÂǺԹ¡Ç‹Ò 100,000 à·ÕèÂǶ١¡àÅÔ¡ ¼ÙŒâ´ÂÊÒÃà¡×ͺ 10 Ōҹ¤¹μ¡¤ŒÒ§ ÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁÊÙÞàÊÕÂ¡Ç‹Ò 1,700 Ōҹ´ÍÅÅÒϹÑé¹

âäËÑ´ÃкҴ˹ѡ àμ×͹¹Óà´ç¡ÃѺÇѤ«Õ¹ Êӹѡ¤ØŒÁ¤ÃͧÊØ¢ÀÒ¾ËÃ×Í HPA àμ×͹¼ÙŒ»¡¤Ãͧã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ áÅÐàÇÅʏ¹ÓºØμÃ仩մÇѤ«Õ¹â´Â·Ñ¹·Õ àËμØà¹×èͧ¨Ò¡ã¹Ãͺ 4 à´×͹·Õ輋ҹÁÒÁÕ¼ÙŒ»†ÇÂâäËÑ´¶Ö§ 334 ÃÒÂà¾ÔèÁ¨Ò¡»‚·ÕèáÅŒÇ 10 à·‹ÒËÃ×Íà¾Õ§ 33 ÃÒ â´ÂàÃÔÁÃкҴ¨Ò¡½ÃÑè§àÈʪÕè§μÑé§áμ‹ à´×͹Á¡ÃÒ¤Á໚¹μŒ¹ÁÒÁÕ¼ÙŒ»†Ç¶֧ 7,000 ÃÒ ʋǹãËދ໚¹¼ÙŒ ·ÕèÍÒÂØ 25 ŧÁÒ äÁ‹à¤Âä´ŒÃѺÇѤ«Õ¹ áÅоºã¹¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹ÃдѺ ÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ âçàÃÕ¹ ËÃ×ͼٌ·Õèà´Ô¹·Ò§ä»μ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È ¾×é¹·Õè·ÕèÁÕ¼ÙŒ »†ÇÂÁÒ¡·ÕèÊØ´ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉ㹪‹Ç§ 3 à´×͹áá¤×Í Å͹´Í¹ 104 ÃÒ áÅзҧμÐÇѹÍÍ¡à©Õ§ãμŒ 102 ÃÒ âäËѴ໚¹âä·Õè μÔ´μ‹Í¡Ñ¹§‹ÒÂáÅÐá¾Ã‹¡ÃШÒÂàÃçÇáÅÐÍѹμÃÒ ໚¹àª×éÍäÇÃÑÊ·Õè ·ÓãËŒÁÕ䢌μÑÇÌ͹ áÅÐÁÕ¨ÐÊÕá´§-¹éÓμÒź¹¼ÔÇ˹ѧ ÇÔ¸Õ»‡Í§¡Ñ¹ ¤×Í¡ÒéմÇѤ«Õ¹»‡Í§¡Ñ¹âäËÑ´áÅФҧ·ÙÁ ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà à´ç¡¨Ðä´ŒÃѺÇѤ«Õ¹¹Õé 2 ¤ÃÑ駤×ÍàÁ×èÍÍÒÂØ 1 ¢ÇºáÅС‹Í¹à¢ŒÒ àÃÕ¹ ¨Ö§¨Ð»‡Í§¡Ñ¹ä´Œ´Õ·ÕèÊØ´ ͧ¤¡ÒÃ͹ÒÁÑÂâÅ¡á¶Å§Ç‹Ò¢³Ð¹Õé ½ÃÑè§àÈÊ¡ÓÅѧãËŒ ã ÇѤ«Õ¹Õ ¡Ñºà´ç¡ç ÍÒÂØμÑé§áμ‹ 8 à´×͹ áÅмٌ·ÕäÁ‹ÁÕÀÙÁÔμŒÒ¹·Ò¹áÅŒÇ ‘amthai’

຺Õé¾ÕºÍÊ ªÒÃ͹ ªÙÊÁÔ· ª¹Ð¡ÒÃÍØ·¸Ã³ ËÅѧ¡ÒÃàÊÕªÕÇÔμ¢Í§à´ç¡ªÒ»‚àμÍÏ ¤Í¹à¹ÅÅÕè ÇÑ 17 à´×͹àÁ×èÍà´×͹ÊÔ§ËÒ¤Á 2007 ·ÕèÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁ â¡ÅÒËÅãˌᡋ˹‹Ç§ҹáÅкؤ¤Å·ÕèÃѺ¼Ô´ªÍºÍ‹ҧ ÁÒ¡ÁÒ ÃÇÁ·Ñé § Í´Õ μ ¼Í.ÊÓ¹Ñ ¡ §Ò¹ºÃÔ ¡ ÒÃà´ç ¡ ÎÒÃÔ§à¡Ã ªÒÃ͹ ªÙÊÁÔ· «Ö§è ¶Ù¡»Å´¡¨Ò¡μÓá˹‹§ ¡ÅÒ§ÍÒ¡ÒÈâ´ÂäÁ‹·Ñ¹μÑé§μÑÇ á실ÇÒÁ¾ÂÒÂÒÁã¹ ¡ÒÃμ‹ÍÊÙàŒ »š¹àÇÅÒ 2 »‚¤ÃÖ§è ·Õ¶è ¡Ù »Å´Í‹ҧäÁ‹à»š¹¸ÃÃÁ ¡ç»ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃç¨ã¹·ÕÊè ´Ø àÁ×Íè ÈÒÅÍØ·¸Ã³»ÃСÒÈ Ç‹Òà¸ÍäÁ‹ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ¼Ô´ áÅÐÂѧÊÒÁÒöÃѺà§Ô¹ª´àªÂ ¡ŒÍ¹ãμ Í‹ҧäáçμÒÁ㹡ÒÃãËŒÊÑÁÀÒɳ·Ò§Ê¶Ò¹Õ ÇÔ · ÂØ ºÕ ºÕ «Õ 4 à¸Í¡ç  ÍÁÃÑ º ¶Ö § ¤ÇÒÁ¼Ô ´ ¾ÅÒ´¢Í§ ˹‹Ç§ҹáÅÐáÊ´§¤ÇÒÁàÊÕÂ㨡Ѻ¡ÒÃàÊÕªÕÇÔμ¢Í§ à´ç¡¹ŒÍ «Öè§à»š¹àÃ×èͧà˹×Í¡ÒäǺ¤ØÁ¢Í§à¸Í áÅÐ ¡ÒÃäÅ‹à¸ÍáÅÐ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·ÕÍè ¡Õ 4 ¤¹ÍÍ¡ à¾×Íè Å´¤ÇÒÁ â¡Ã¸¢Í§ÁÇŪ¹ â´ÂäÁ‹ãËŒâÍ¡ÒÊ͸ԺÒ¡ç໚¹àÃ×èͧ ·ÕèäÁ‹à»š¹¸ÃÃÁ ¤´Õ຺Õé¾Õ໚¹¤´Õ·ÕèÊÐà·×͹㨷ÕèÊØ´¤´Õ ˹Öè§ã¹Âؤ¹Õé à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡à´ç¡¹ŒÍÂã¹ÇÑ·ÕèÂѧäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö ¾Ù´ËÃ×Í»¡»‡Í§μÑÇàͧ䴌 μŒÍ§μ¡à»š¹àËÂ×Íè ·ÒÃس¡ÃÃÁ ¨Ò¡¤¹ã¹¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑǤ×ÍáÁ‹ ¾‹ÍàÅÕé§áÅйŒÍ§ªÒ¢ͧ¾‹ÍàÅÕéÂÕ §


20 amthaipaper 20 amthaipaper

technology fashion / January 2008 / May 2011

amthaifashion a a ash hiiio on o n

ts n et Fashion comme Stre

By: Karen

Entertainment â´Â: Pook

ºÑ¹à·Ô§ áÍÁä·Â

´àÂ×é͡ѹÁÒ¹Ò¹áÃÁ»‚ÊÓËÃѺ¤Ù‹¢Í§¸ÑÞÞÒ “¸ÑÞÞÒàÃÈ” ¡ÑºÊÒÁÕ “່¡ ÊѳªÑ àͧ μÃС٠μ Å” ã¹·ÕèÊØ´¸ÑÞÞ‹Òä´ŒÂ×蹿‡Í§ËÂ‹Ò “່¡” ÊÒÁÕ àÃÕ¡à§Ô¹ÊÙ§¶Ö§ 124 ŌҹºÒ· ¾ÃŒÍÁ ¡ÑºÂ×蹿‡Í§¹Ò§àÍ¡ÊÒÇ “¾Ô駡Õé ÊÒÇÔ¡Ò äªÂ à´ª” ã¹¢ŒÍËҺؤ¤Å·Õ·è ÓãËŒ¤Ãͺ¤ÃÑÇàÊÕÂËÒ áÅÐáμ¡á¡ àÃÕ¡ÍÕ¡ 20 ŌҹºÒ· áμ‹¼‹Ò¹ä»äÁ‹¡ÕèÇѹ ¸ÑÞÞ‹Òä´Œ¤Ç§¤Ù‹ ່¡ÍÍ¡ÁÒá¶Å§ÂÍÁÃѺNjÒä´ŒàÅÔ¡ÃҡѹÍ‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡ÒÃáÅŒÇ à¾Õ§áμ‹ ÂѧäÁ‹´Óà¹Ô¹¡ÒÃË‹ҡѹ·Ò§¡®ËÁÒ ʋǹàÃ×èͧ¿‡Í§ “່¡” ¡Ñº “¾Ô駡Õé” ¹Ñé¹ ¸ÑÞÞ‹Òà¼ÂÇ‹Òä´ŒμÑ´ÊԹ㨶͹¿‡Í§ä»áÅŒÇà¹×èͧ¨Ò¡ÍÂÒ¡ãËŒàÃ×èͧ·Ø¡ Í‹ Ò §¨º ¢ÍÂØ μÔ ¤ ÇÒÁÊÑ Á ¾Ñ ¹ ¸ ã ¹°Ò¹ÐÊÒÁÕ - ÀÃÃÂÒ á싨Ð໚¹ ¾‹ÍáÁ‹·Õè´ÕãËŒ¡ÑºÅÙ¡.....


Ò §μÑÇ´ÙàÃÕºæ äÁ‹ËÇ×ÍËÇÒ ÒÃáμ‹ ááμ‹ ´Ù à »š ¹ ·Ò§¡Òà áÅÐ ·ÐÁÑ´·ÐáÁ§´ŒÇÂÃͧ෌ҤѷªÙ˹ѧ ÊÕ ¹é Ó μÒÅ áÅ´Ù à »š ¹ ÊÒÇËŒ Ò Ç àÅç ¡ æ áμ‹ ä ´Œ ¼Œ Ò ¾Ñ ¹ ¤ÍÊÕ Ë ÇÒ¹ ·Ó ´ÙäÁ‹ËŒÒÇÁÒ¡à¡Ô¹ä» ·ÓãËŒ ¨ §æ áŌǪش¹Õªé ´Ñ ਹ´ŒÇÂâ·¹ ¨ÃÔ ÊÕ´Ó ãÊ‹áÅŒÇ´Ù´Õ áÁªμ¡Ñ¹·Ñé§ àÊ×éÍáÅСҧࡧ ËÒ¡à»ÅÕè¹ÊÕ ¾Ñ¹¤Í ໚¹ÊÕ¹éÓμÒÅ͋͹ ¨Ð·ÓãËŒ´Ù àËÁÒÐ¡Ñ àËÁÒ ºÃÍ§à·ŒÒ áÅÐÊÕ¼Á à¾ÔèÁ ¤ÇÒÁ¤ÅÒÊÊÔ ¤ã¹μÑÇà¸ÍÁÒ¡¢Ö¹é ËÒ¡ ¤ÇÒÁ¤ ໚¹¤¹ ¤¹·Õè Prop àÂÍÐ ¢Ò´äÁ‹ä´Œ ÍÂ‹Ò Å×ÁËÂÔºÍÍÍ¡ÁÒà¾ÔÁè ¤ÇÒÁ¡Ôºê àÅ×Í¡ËÁÇ¡ à¡Žæ ÊÊѡ㺠ËÃ×Í¡ÃÐ້Ҷ×Í㺡ÅÒ§ μÒÅ¡ç´Ùࢌҡѹ´Õ ÊÕ¹Óé μÒ


ÅÒÊÊÔ¤äÁ‹ÁÕà»ÅÕ蹡ѺªØ´ÊÕ´ÓáÅÐ ÅÒ ¡Ò§à¡§Âչʏ ãÊ‹ª´Ø ¹Õáé ÅŒÇ Fur ·Ó ·ÓãËŒ¤Ø³´Ùà´ç¡μÅÍ´¡ÒÅ àÊ×é͡ѹ Ë˹ÒÇ â¤ŒªÂÒÇÊÕ´Ó ¼ŒÒÊÒÁÒö ¡¡Ñ¹½¹ä´Œ àËÁÒСѺ·Ø¡âÍ¡ÒÊ äÁ‹Ç‹Ò¨Ð˹ŒÒ˹ÒÇ Ë¹ŒÒ½¹ ¡Ò§à¡§àŤ¡Ôé § μŒ Í §ÁÒ¤Ù‹ ¡Ñ º ¡¡Ò§à¡§ÂÕ ¹ ʏ ¢ ÒÊÑé ¹ ãÊ‹ á ÅŒ Ç ´Ù ¤Å‹ Í §μÑ Ç ËÃ× Í ¨Ðà»ÅÕè  ¹à»š ¹ ¡ÃÐâ»Ã§Âչʏ ¨Ð·ÓãËŒ´ÙËÇÒ¹ÁÒ¡ ¡ÃÐâ ÂÔ觢Öé¹ ÊÓËÃѺ¤¹·ÕèäÁ‹ªÍºãÊ‹ÊŒ¹ÊÙ§ ͹Ãͧ෌Һٸ áÅÐÃͧ෌ҤѷªÙ·Õè ṋ¹Í¹ äÁ‹ÁÕÊŒ¹ ¡ç໚¹ÍÕ¡·Ò§àÅ×Í¡·ÕèãʋʺÒ àËÁ ºªØ´¹Õ鴌ǨŒÒ à¡Ž àËÁÒСÑ


Chidchanok Ch hidchanok (Boa) (B

Pearll Satawarawong Satawaraw

Job: Student Hobby: visiting the Temple

Job: Student Hobby: reading

ËÅѧ¨Ò¡ÃÑ¡æ àÅÔ¡æ ¡Ñ¹ÁÒËÅÒÂÃͺ ¤Ù‹ÃÑ¡ ¹Ò§àÍ¡ÊÒÇ ÍÑéÁ (¾ÑªÃÒÀÒ äªÂàª×éÍ) ⹌μ (ÇÔàÈÉ ÃѧÉÕÊԧˏ¾Ô¾Ñ²¹) ·Õèà¾Ô觤ǧ¤Ù‹ÁÒÊÇÕ· ª‹Ç§ÇѹËÂشʧ¡Ò¹μ¶Ö§Å͹´Í¹ áμ‹Á¹μ àʹ‹ËáË‹§à¡ÒÐÍѧ¡Äɤ§äÁ‹ª‹ÇÂÍÐäà μ͹ ¹Õé ÍÑéÁ»ÃСÒȪѴNjÒâʴʹԷ à¾ÃÒÐà¾Ôè§àÅÔ¡¡Ñºâ¹ŒμÁÒà´×͹¡Ç‹Òæ áÅŒÇ ¨ŒÒ àËμØà¾ÃÒÐà˹×Íè Â㨡Ѻ¤ÇÒÁ਌Ҫ٢Œ ͧΌ˹ØÁ‹ ¾ÃŒÍÁແ´ã¨¾Ô¨ÒÃ³Ò Ë¹Ø‹Á¤¹ãËÁ‹ ÍÑéÁ½Ò¡ÁҺ͡NjÒäÁ‹¢ÍÍÐäÃÁÒ¡ äÁ‹¢Í¤ÓÊÑÞÞÒ äÁ‹¢Í¤Ó ¾Ù´ ¢ÍᤋÁÕμÒ·ÕèÁͧÍÑéÁᤋ¤¹à´ÕÂÇ μ‹Í仢ͤ¹ÍÒÂØÁÒ¡¡Ç‹Ò áμ‹äÁ‹á¡‹ ÁÒ¡ μ͹¹Õé¡çࢌÒÁÒä´ŒàÅÂ...... ʋǹ¡ÃÐáÊÃÑ¡¹Í¡¨Í¢Í§ Ᾱऌ¡ (à¢Á¹Ô¨ ¨ÒÁÔ ¨ ¡Ã³) ¡Ñº ໇ (ÍÒÃѡɏ ÍÁÃÈØÀÈÔÃÔ) ¨Ò¡ ÅФÃà¸Í¡Ñ ºà¢ÒáÅÐÃÑ¡¢Í§àÃÒ ·ÕèáÁŒÅФà Š¨ÐÅÒ¨Íä»áÅŒÇ áμ‹·Ñé§Êͧà¾Ô觨ÐÂÍÁÃÑºÇ‹Ò ¡ÓÅѧÈÖ¡ÉÒ´Ù㨡ѹÍÂÙ‹ μ͹¹ÕéÂѧäÁ‹¢Í㪌¤ÓÇ‹Ò á¿¹ áμ‹ ¢ Í¾Ñ ² ¹Ò¤ÇÒÁÊÑ Á ¾Ñ ¹ ¸ á ºº ¤‹ÍÂ໚¹¤‹ÍÂä» §Ò¹¹Õ餧¶Ù¡ã¨á¿¹¤ÅѺ·ÕèÅØŒ¹¡Ñ¹ÁÒ¹Ò¹…..

´¹Õé´Ù´Õ áͺ¡Ôêºà¡Ž ´ŒÇÂÊäμŏËÁÇ¡·Õè ¡ÓÅÑ § à·Ã¹μÒÁÅÐ¤Ã´Ñ § (àÃÂÒ) â´´à´‹¹´ŒÇÂàÊ×éÍ⤌ªÂÒÇÊÕ¹éÓà§Ô¹ ÂÒÇ ¤ÅØÁàÍÇ ¹‹Ò¨Ð໚¹¼ŒÒ Wool ·ÕèãËŒ ¤ÇÒÁͺÍØ‹¹ ÊÕàÊ×éÍ´Ùáμ¡μ‹Ò§¨Ò¡ªÒÇ Å͹´Í¹·Õè à ¹Œ ¹ ÊÕ ´ Ó Ãͧ෌ Ò áÅÐ ¼Œ Ò ¾Ñ ¹ ¤Í ãËŒ Í ÒÃÁ³ ¶Ö § ¤ÇÒÁÇÔ ¹ à·¨ ʋǹ¶Ø§Á×͡Ѻ¡Ò§à¡§àŤ¡Ôé§ÊÕ´Ó äÁ‹á‹§ «Õ¹àÊ×éÍ⤌ª ·Ñé§ 3 ÊÕ ¨Ö§áÁªμ¡Ñ¹Í‹ҧ ŧμÑ Ç ¤ÅØ Áâ·¹ÊÕ à ¢Œ Á ä»·Ò§à´Õ Â Ç¡Ñ ¹ ªØ´¹Õàé ËÁÒСѺª‹Ç§ÍÒ¡ÒÈàÂç¹æ ¤‹Í¹¢ŒÒ§ ˹ÒÇ ¨Ñ ´ä´Œ Ç‹ Ò ªØ ´ ¹Õé ¨Ñ ´ ÁÒàμç Á ¤Ð ËÒ¡ à»ÅÕè¹ÍÒÃÁ³ ¤ØÁâ·¹´Ó¹éÓà§Ô¹ ÅͧãÊ‹ºÙ¸ ¡Ñº¼ŒÒ¾Ñ¹¤ÍÊÕ´Ó áÅзÒÅÔ»ÊÕᴧʴ ¨Ð·Ó ãËŒÅؤ´Ùà»ÃÕéÂÇÁÒ¡¢Öé¹áÅÐàÊ×éÍÊÕ¹Õé¨Ðà´‹¹¢Öé¹ Áҷѹ·Õ ºÍ¡ä´Œ¤Óà´ÕÂÇÇ‹ÒàÅÔȤÐ!!


à«ç ¡ «Õè à Åç ¡ æ μç·Õè à Ť¡Ôé § ÊÕ ´ Ó ¹Õè á ËÅÐ... àÊ×é Í⤌ ª ÂÒÇÊÕ ´ Ó໚ ¹ ÍÐäÃ·Õ Í è´Ù´Õ áÅÐ໚¹·Ò§¡Òà áÁªμ¡Ñº ¼ŒÒ¾Ñ¹¤ÍÊÕ¢ÒÇ ·Õè¾Ñ¹ÍÂÙ‹ÀÒÂã¹àÊ×éÍ äÁ‹ ä » Å‹ Í ÂªÒÂËŒ Í ÂÍÍ¡ÁÒ ¨Ö § ´Ù ä Á‹ ÅØ‹ÁÅÒÁ áͺà«ç¡«Õè´ŒÇÂàŤ¡Ôé§ ÊÕ´Ó ¾ÃŒÍÁÃͧ෌Һٸ ¨Ðä»à·ÕèÂÇËÃ×Íä» ·Ó§Ò¹¡çä´Œ ËÒ¡¨ÐãÊ‹ªØ´¹Õéä»·Ó§Ò¹ ÍÒ¨à»ÅÕ è¹àÊ×éÍμÑǹ͡໚¹áººÊÑé¹à·‹Ò ÍÒ àÍÇÊÕ´Ó ãÊ‹¡ÃÐâ»Ã§á¤ºáººÊѹé ÊÕ´Ó ·ÓãËŒ ´Ù´Õ ··Ò§¡Òà ÊÒÁÒöãʋ价ӧҹ䴌


Natpornee Nat tpornee Srisamautnak (Nat)

Vannapon (Air )

Occupation: advanced diploma

Occupation: Sales assistant

ʹã¨Ã‹ÇÁŧ㹤ÍÅÑÁ¹¹Õé Ê‹§ÃÙ»¶‹ÒÂàμçÁμÑǢͧ·‹Ò¹ ¾ÃŒÍÁª×èÍáÅÐÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´ÁÒ·Õè

Mango Tree @ Harrods

amthaitalk ´Œ¢‹ÒÇÁÒÇ‹ÒÌҹáÁ§â¡·ÃÕ¨Ðແ´ÊÒ¢ÒãËÁ‹ÍÕ¡ ÊÒ¢Òã¹ËŒÒ§áÎÃÍ´àÃçÇæ ¹Õé §Ò¹¹Õμé ÍŒ §¢ÍáÊ´§ ¤ÇÒÁÂÔ¹´Õ¡Ñº¤Ø³àÍç´´Õé ÅÔÁ ਌ҢͧÌҹ à¾ÃÒÐ ¶×ÍÇ‹ÒäÁ‹¸ÃÃÁ´Ò¨ÃÔ§æ ·ÕèÊÒÁÒö¹ÓÍÒËÒÃä·Âä» à»´¢ÒÂã¹ËŒÒ§ËÃÙ㨡ÅÒ§¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ª×èʹѧ䴌 ÊÓàÃç¨à»š¹à¨ŒÒáááÅÐ਌Òà´ÕÂÇ §Ò¹¹ÕéʧÊÑÂàÇÅÒ ¾Ç¡àÃÒªÒÇä·Â仪Í»»œ§ã¹ËŒÒ§¨¹Á×ÍËÂÔ¡¶×Í ¢Í§äÁ‹ËÇÑè¹äÁ‹äËÇ ¡çÊÒÁÒöáÇйÑ觾ѡªÔÁÍÒËÒà ä·Â¢Í§àÃÒä´Œ·ÕèÌҹáÁ§â¡·ÃÕ áÎÃÍ´ ä´ŒμÅÍ´ ¹Ð¤Ð ‘amthai’

ango Tree, Belgravia’s fine-dining Thai restaurant, announces the launch of its new restaurant ‘Mango Tree @ Harrods’ set to open this summer. Located in Harrods historic Food Halls, this new eatery promises to serve the very best that Thai cuisine has to offer.


‘Mango Tree @ Harrods’ will be an enclosed dining space in the Food Halls with a sleek and contemporary interior,

ÃÑ¡¹Í¡¨ÍÍÕ¡¤Ù‹ ¤ÃÔμ “ªÒ¤ÃÔμ áÂŒÁ¹ÒÁ” ËÅѧàªÔÞÇÕà¨ÊÒÇÊÇ “ÇعŒ àÊŒ¹” ÁÒËÇÁÃÒ¡ÒäÃÑÇáÅŒÇá실ÃÔμ ·Õè¤ØÂ¡Ñ¹ä» ËÂÍ¡¡Ñ¹ä»ã¹ÃÒ¡Òà ¤ÃÔμ ºÍ¡Ç‹ÒáÁŒäÁ‹ä´Œ¨Õº¡Ñ¹ à¾ÃÒÐÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡¡Ñ¹ÁÒ¹Ò¹ ÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡ÇØŒ¹ã¹áºº·Õè໚¹ÇØŒ¹ ËÇҹ෋ҹÕé áÁ¹áºº¹Õé ʹءẺ¹Õé áÅŒÇà¢Ò¡ç໚¹¢Í§à¢ÒẺ¹Õé äÁ‹ μŒÍ§ä»à»ÅÕè¹á»Å§ÍÐäà ¢ÍàÃÕ¡໚¹á¿¹àÅÂÅСѹ “àÁ×èÍ¡‹Í¹ªÍº á«ÇÊÒÇæ àÃ×èͧºÔê¡ÍÒ ¢ÒÊÑé¹ áÅŒÇ໚¹ä§Å‹Ð μ͹¹Õé䴌Ό¤Ãº·Ø¡ Í‹ҧ·Õèá«Ç¤¹Í×è¹äÇŒàÅ” ¿Ò¡¾ÃÐà͡˹؋ÁࢌÁ»‰Í “³Ñ°ÇØ²Ô Ê¡Ô´ã¨” ·Õèà¾Ôè§ÂŒÒÂÇÔ¡¨Ò¡ª‹Í§ 7 ÁÒª‹Í§ 3 ¡ç¡ÇÒ´àÃμμÔé§ä»äÁ‹¹ŒÍ·Ñ駨ҡÅФÃàÃ×èͧáá ¤Ù‹à´×Í´ áÅРǹÒÅÕ ·Ò§ª‹Í§àÅÂàμÃÕÂÁÅФÃμ‹Í¤ÔǷѹ·ÕÍ¡Õ ÊͧàÃ×Íè § ¤×Í ÃÑ¡»ÃСÒÈÔμ »ÃСº¹Ò§àÍ¡ÊÒÇ áÍ¿ “·Ñ¡ÉÍà ÀÑ¡´ÔìÊØ¢à¨ÃÔÞ” ¡ÑºË§ÊÊкѴÅÒ ¤Ù‹¡Ñº ¾ÅÍ “à¬ÍÁÒŏ ºØÞÂÈÑ¡´Ôì” ‘amthai’

to have secured one of the most famous addresses in London. We know Harrods which mirrors the decor of its Belgravia clientele appreciate fine food from across venue. The restaurant will also have an the globe and I’m sure they will value open kitchen with a live wok and grill, Mango Tree’s exquisite Thai cuisine.” ‘amthai’ where guests can watch the chefs freshly Mango Tree at Harrodss prepare their food. 87-135 Brompton Road Eddie Lim, owner of the Mango Tree brand Knightsbridge says: “This an exciting time for us and London SW1X 7XL we have high expectations for this new 020 7730 1234 restaurant. For many restaurateurs, loca- tion is everything and we are privileged



ÍÍ¡ÁÒâμŒ ¢‹ Ò ÇÅ× Í àÃ×è Í §¶Ù ¡ ¨Ñ º μÔ ´ ¤Ø ¡ ·Õè ÍÑ § ¡ÄÉ ¿ÅÁ “ÃÑ°ÀÙÁÔ â줧·ÃѾ” Â×¹ÂѹNjÒäÁ‹ãª‹ àÃ×èͧàÅ‹¹ÂÒ áμ‹¶Ù¡¨Ñº¨ÃÔ§ μÔ´¤Ø¡¨ÃÔ§ 1 Çѹ ã¹¢ŒÍËÒáͺ¶‹ÒÂ˹ѧ⻈ à¾ÃÒдѹä»áͺ ¶‹ÒºÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈã¹ä¾ÃàÇ·»ÒÏμé·Õ è¼Õ ѺáË‹§Ë¹Öè§ âª¤´Õ ·Õè ä ´Œ Ê ¶Ò·Ù μ ª‹ Ç ÂÃÑ º ÃͧãËŒ à ÅÂμÔ ´ ᤋ Çѹà´ÕÂÇ.....

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¡ÒÃᢋ§¢Ñ¹áº´ÁÔ¹μѹ ·ÕèäÁ‹à¡‹§¡çŧᢋ§¢Ñ¹ä´Œ.....㪋áÅŒÇ

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໚¹¡ÒÃᢋ§¢Ñ¹·ÕèÁդú·Ø¡ÃʪҴ ËÇÒ¹, à´ç´, à¼ç´, Áѹ ÇѹÍÒ·Ôμ ·Õè 26 ÁԶعÒ¹ 2011 μÑé§áμ‹ 12-20.00¹ ·Õ Kensington Leisure Centre, London W11 4PQ ¢ÍÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´áÅÐãºÊÁѤÃä´Œ·Õè tel 07738 214985 / 07407 303145 ÃѺ¨Ó¹Ç¹¨Ó¡Ñ´á¤‹72·‹Ò¹ (16·ÕÁ) »‚·ÕèáÅŒÇÊÁѤêŒÒä» 12 ·‹Ò¹ ©¹Ñé¹Í‹ҪŒÒ »´ÃѺÊÁѤà 4 ÁԶعÒ¹ ÊÁѤá‹Í¹ÊÓÃͧ·Õ衋͹ ¶ŒÒàμçÁáÅŒÇäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöà¾ÔèÁä´Œ.... ·‹Ò¹ ·Õ¾è ÅÒ´àÁ×Íè »‚·áèÕ ÅŒÇ Í‹ÒãËŒ¾ÅÒ´àªÕÂÇ ¹Ðã¹»‚¹Õé áÁ‹»ÃйÍÁ¢Íàμ×͹ ãËŒ¡ÒÃʹѺʹع

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¤Ø³ÊÃÞÒ 0207 372 3849, 078 460 91786 ʹã¨Êͺ¶ÒÁÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´䴌·Õè


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Want to eat somewhere really

Nice & Authentic ? Ask us for our special, authentic, regional cuisine from the North-East (Isan) and South of Thailand where the flavours may be a little more...exotic! Afterwards, relax at the bar until late over delicious cocktails and an extensive wine list. Do let us know if you would like us to create a menu for you. Our lounge bar is also open if you are only looking for a place to relax over a few drinks and nibble ขาวขาหมู £7.95

เนื้อแดดเดียว (หมู) £ 6.95

The above prices is part of Promotional Discount for amthai-readers, please inform the staff when order.

สมตำปูมา £6.75

กวยเตี๋ยว เนื้อตุน £7.65

ยำเปดกรอบ £7.95

บัวลอย £3.50

Where to find us The nearest underground station is Ravenscourt Park on the District Line


Private Party arrangement All regional Thai cuisine as order Outside catering

The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 12 pm to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm. The lounge bar is open all day from 12 pm until close.

Charm Restaurant 270-272 King Street, London, W6 0SP Tel. 0208 741 8863 Email:, Website:

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Bangkok Return



Depart from 9th August- 5th December Must book from 13th June-19th June. Taxes applicable are £240 and may vary.

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