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news roundup / January 2008

50th issue

February 2012


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HRH The Duke

of York visits Thailand

The aims of the visit were to strengthen royal ties as well as enhance trade and investment between Thailand and the UK. In this connection, during his stay in Thailand, The Duke of York attended an audience with Their Majesties The King and Queen on 29 February 2012 to present the congratulatory message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty’s 84th Birthday Anniversary, as well as having an audience followed by dinner with Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 1 March 2012 at Sra Prathum Palace. Continued on page 8

London Fashion Week

Spring 2012, 17-22 February

London Fashion Week 2012 shook off its traditional image as a mere playground for quirky emerging talent with a display of grown-up elegance for the autumn/winter 2012 season that had leaders of the global fashion pack singing the British capital’s praises. Continued on page 19


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ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧᵋ¹ŒÍ¡çÅ´¾Ø§ÂŒÍÂä´Œ´Õ ¼Å¨Ò¡¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉҢͧ¹Ñ¡ÇÔ¨ÑÂã¹ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ ·Õè㪌àÇÅÒ¹Ò¹ËÅÒ»‚ã¹ËÅÒ»ÃÐà·È ¾ºÇ‹Ò¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ à¾Õ§äÁ‹¡Õè¹Ò·Õµ‹ÍÊÑ»´Òˏ¡çÁռŷÓãˌËҧ¡Ò¿µáÅÐÊØ¢ÀÒ¾´Õ¾Íæ ¡Ñº¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ¡ÒÂẺ¸ÃÃÁ´Ò ໚¹ªÑèÇâÁ§ à¤Å索ͧ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧãËŒÃٻËҧÂѧ¤§¼ÍÁà¾ÃÕÂÇÍÂÙ‹µÃ§·Õè ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡áçÍ‹ҧ˹ѡã¹àÇÅÒ ª‹Ç§ÊÑé¹æ ËÃ×Í·ÕèàÃÕÂ¡Ç‹Ò High Intensity Training (HIT) Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ 8

amthaiRoyal Projects

ÃÐËÇ‹ Ò §ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 4-10 ÁÕ¹Ò¤Á 2555 ʶҹ àÍ¡ÍѤÃÃÒª·Ùµ ³ ¡Ãا Å͹´Í¹ ä´Œ¨´Ñ â¤Ã§¡Òà àªÔ޼ٌ᷹ªØÁª¹ä·Âã¹ ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ áÅÐ äÍÏᏴàÂ×͹»ÃÐà·È ä·Â à¾×è Í àÊÃÔ Á ÊÃŒ Ò § ¤ Ç Ò Á ÃÙŒ ¤ Ç Ò Á à ¢Œ Òã ¨ à¡Õè Â Ç¡Ñ ºâ¤Ã§¡ÒõÒÁ á¹Ç¾ÃÐÃÒª´ÓÃÔÏ áÅÐÍѵÅѡɳ¢Í§ªÒµÔ â´ÂÁÕ ¼ÙŒá·¹à¢ŒÒËÇÁ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 21 ¤¹ (Íѧ¡ÄÉ 15 ¤¹ àÇÅʏ 2 ¤¹ Ê¡ç͵Ᏼ 2 ¤¹ äÍÏᏴ 2 ¤¹) Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ 20

amthaiTravel: Emerald Global Group The Emerald Global Group has been established for 35 years. They have a main base in the West End as well as premises in Regent Street and a walk-in store in Baker Street which covers a lot of destinations worldwide. They have a Thai section where Thai-speaking staff serve Thai customers’, offering special fares when they want to return home to visit friends and family in Thailand. Continued on page12 and 16


amthaipaper / January 2008



news roundup / January 2008


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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008

politics / November 2011


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¹Ò¡Ïâ´´»ÃЪØÁÊÀÒ â¼Å‹Ç.5 âçáÃÁâ¿Ã«Õ«Ñè¹ ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ¹Çѵà ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕËÞÔ§¡ÅÒ ໚¹·Íŏ¤ÍÍ¿à´ÍзÒǹÀÒÂËÅѧ¹ÒÂàÍ¡ÂØ·¸ ÍÑުѹºØµÃ ¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ䴌à¼ÂÇ‹Ò¾º¹Ò§ÊÒÇÂÔ§è Åѡɳ ·ÕèâçáÃÁâ¿Ã«Õ«Ñè¹ àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 8 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ àÇÅÒ »ÃÐÁÒ³ 14.00 ¹. ¡ÅѺÍÍ¡ÁÒàÁ×Íè àÇÅÒ»ÃÐÁÒ³ 16.00 ¹. ÍÂÙ·‹ ¹èÕ ¹èÑ »ÃÐÁÒ³ 2 ªÑÇè âÁ§àµçÁ ¾ÃŒÍÁ ¡Ñº¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ˹؋ÁãËÞ‹¤¹Ë¹Öè§



ÍÁÒ¹ÒÂàÈÃÉ°Ò ·ÇÕÊÔ¹ ¡ÃÃÁ¡Òüٌ¨Ñ´¡Òà ãËÞ‹ ºÃÔÉÑ· áʹÊÔÃÔ ¨Ó¡Ñ´ (ÁËÒª¹) ä´Œ ÍÍ¡ÁÒÂÍÁÃÑ º Ç‹ Ò à»š ¹ ¼ÙŒ ä »¾º¡Ñ º ¹.Ê.ÂÔè § ÅÑ ¡ ɳ µÒÁÇÑ ¹ áÅÐàÇÅÒ´Ñ § ¡Å‹ Ò Ç¨ÃÔ § ·Ò§´Œ Ò ¹¹.Ê. ÂÔ§è Åѡɳ áÁŒ¨ÐÂÍÁÃѺᵋ¡ÅѺºÍ¡Ç‹Ò໚¹ÀÒáԨ ÅѺ ¨Ö§ ¶Ù ¡ µÑé § ¢Œ Í Ê§ÊÑ Â ·Ñ ¹ ·Õ à ¾ÃÒÐÇÑ ¹ áÅÐàÇÅÒ ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇÁÕ¡ÒûÃЪØÁÊÀÒ¼Ùጠ·¹ÃÒɮà ¡Òû¯ÔºµÑ Ô ÀÒáԨʋǹµÑÇ·ÕèªÑé¹ 7 âçáÃÁâ¿Ã«Õ«Ñè¹à»š¹àÃ×èͧ ÊÁ¤ÇÃËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ áÁŒÇÒ‹ ã¹ÀÒÂËÅѧ¹ÒÂàÈÃÉ°Ò ä´ŒÃкØÇÒ‹ ¡Òþº»Ð ¡Ñº¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ à»š¹¡ÒÃËÒÃ×ÍËÇÁ¡Ñº ¡ÅØ‹Á¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ äÁ‹ãª‹¡Òþº»ÐʋǹµÑǵÒÁÅӾѧ Êͧµ‹ÍÊͧ Í‹ҧäáçµÒÁÂѧ䴌à¡Ô´»ÃÐà´ç¹µÒÁ ÁÒÍÕ¡Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃà¨Ã¨ÒËÒÃ×͹ѹé ໚¹àÃ×Íè §¼Å»ÃÐ⪹ ·Ñº«ŒÍ¹ã¹àªÔ§¸ØáԨËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ â´Â੾ÒÐã¹»ÃÐà´ç¹ àÃ×èͧ¹âºÒÂÊÔè§áÇ´ÅŒÍÁ ·Õèà¡ÕèÂÇ¢ŒÍ§¡Ñº¸ØáԨ ÍÊѧËÒÃÔÁ·ÃѾ ¼ÙµŒ ÃǨ¡ÒÃἋ¹´Ô¹¨Ö§ä´ŒÁËÕ ¹Ñ§Ê×Í ãËŒ ¹ .Ê.ÂÔè § ÅÑ ¡ ɳ ªÕé á ¨§¡Ã³Õ ´Ñ § ¡Å‹ Ò ÇÀÒÂã¹ 30 Çѹ ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ä´ŒÂ×¹ÂѹNjҡÒþٴ¤ØÂã¹Çѹ¹Ñé¹äÁ‹ ÁÕàÃ×èͧʋǹµÑÇ â´Â¹Ò¡ԵµÔÃѵ¹ ³ Ãйͧ Ãͧ¹ÒÂ¡Ï áÅÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕÇ‹Ò¡ÒáÃзÃǧ¡Òà ¤ÅѧÂ×¹Âѹ´ŒÇÂÇ‹Òµ¹ÍÂÙ‹¡Ñº¹ÒÂ¡Ï ´ŒÇÂÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ ËÒÃ×͡Ѻ¡ÅØÁ‹ ¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ â´Â¡ÒÃ仾º¹Í¡·Óà¹Õº à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡¡ÅØ‹Á¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ¡ÅÑǶ١ÁͧNjÒàÍÒ㨪‹Ç ÃÑ°ºÒÅ ¨Ö§äÁ‹µŒÍ§¡ÒÃແ´à¼ÂµÑÇàͧ

´ŒÒ¹¾Ãä»ÃЪҸԻ»˜µÂ á¶Å§Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃËÒÃ×͹͡ Ãͺ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ ÍÒ¨ÁÕ¡Ò÷بÃÔµàªÔ§¹âºÒÂáÅÐÁÕ ¼Å»ÃÐ⪹·Ñº«ŒÍ¹ à¾ÃÒÐ໚¹¡ÒùѴËÁÒ ¡ÅØ‹Á¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨÍÊѧËÒÃÔÁ·ÃѾ 6-7 ¤¹¹Ñé¹ÁÕ¹Ò ͹ѹµ ÍÑÈÇâÀ¤Ô¹ »ÃиҹáÅСÃÃÁ¡Òü٨Œ ´Ñ ¡Òà ºÃÔÉÑ· Ᏼ á͹´ àÎŒÒʏ ¨Ó¡Ñ´ (ÁËÒª¹) ËÇÁ´ŒÇ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕéÂѧÁÕºÃÔÉÑ· àÍÊ«Õ áÍÊàÊ· ¤ÍÏ»ÍàêÑè¹ ¨Ó¡Ñ´ (ÁËÒª¹) «Öè§à»š¹ÅÙ¡¹ŒÍ§ ࡋҢͧ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳàͧ â´Â 1 ã¹ËÑÇ¢ŒÍ·Õè¾Ù´ ¤Ø¡ѹ¡ç¤×Í¡ÒûÃÐàÁÔ¹ÃÒ¤Ò·Õè´Ô¹ãËÁ‹ã¹»‚ 2555 áÅСÒûÃСÒȼѧàÁ×ͧãËÁ‹ ¾ÃŒÍÁÂѧµÑ駢ŒÍÊѧࡵ´ŒÇÂÇ‹Ò ¡ÃÁ¸¹ÒÃѡɏà¾Ôè§ àÅ×è Í ¹»ÃСÒÈÃÒ¤Ò»ÃÐàÁÔ ¹ ·Õè ´Ô ¹ ÍÍ¡ä»ÍÕ ¡ 6 à´×͹ »ÃСͺ¡Ñº¡ÃзÃǧÁËÒ´ä·ÂãËŒ¢ÂÒ ÃÐÂÐàÇÅÒ¡Òúѧ¤ÑºãªŒ¼Ñ§àÁ×ͧÃÇÁãËÁ‹ 12 áË‹§ «Öè§ÁÕ¡·Á.ÃÇÁÍÂÙ‹´ŒÇÂÍ͡仨ҡà´ÔÁ·Õè¨ÐºÑ§¤ÑºãªŒ ã¹Çѹ·Õè 15 ¾.¤.2555 àÅ×è͹ä»à»š¹Çѹ·Õè 15 ¾.¤.2556 ¨Ö§ÍÂÒ¡¶ÒÁÇ‹Ò¹ÒÂ¡Ï ä»ºÍ¡¢ŒÍÁÙÅ

·Õè´Ô¹·Ó¿ÅÑ´àǏËÃ×Í á¡ŒÁÅÔ§ËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ ËÃ×Í ÁÕ¡Òõ‹ÍÃͧ¢ÍàÅ×è͹ ¡ÒûÃÐàÁÔ ¹ ÃÒ¤Ò ·Õè´Ô¹ãËÁ‹ËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ ¶ŒÒ àÍ¡ª¹ÃÙŒ ¢Œ Í ÁÙ Å ¡‹ Í ¹ ¨Ð仫×éÍ·Õè´Ô¹´Ñ¡Ë¹ŒÒ â´Â¼Ù·Œ ÃèÕ ºÑ ·ÃÒº¢ŒÍÁÙÅ ÀÒÂã¹ ¨ÐÁÕàÇÅÒÍÕ¡ 1 »‚㹡ÒÃà¡ç§¡Óäà ÊÓËÃѺ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ¹.Ê.ÂÔè§Åѡɳ ªÔ¹Çѵà 䴌Â×¹ÂÑ¹Ç‹Ò µ¹äÁ‹ä´Œ Ë¹Õ ¡ ÒûÃÐªØ Á ÊÀÒ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ à¾×è Í ä»ËÒÃ× Í ¡Ñ º ¹Ñ ¡ ¸Ø à ¡Ô ¨ ·Õè â çáÃÁâ¿Ã «Õ «Ñè ¹ ʏ ᵋ à ¹×è Í §¨Ò¡·ÃÒº ŋǧ˹ŒÒÇ‹ÒÇÒÃлÃЪØÁã¹Çѹ ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ໚¹ÇÒÃÐ ÃÑ º ·ÃÒºàÃ×è Í §µ‹ Ò §æ ᵋ ä Á‹ ÁÕ » ÃÐà´ç ¹ ·Õè ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕµŒÍ§à¢ŒÒ»ÃЪØÁà¾×èͪÕéᨧµ‹ÍÊÀÒÏ Ê‹Ç¹¡ÒÃËÒÃ×͡Ѻ¹Ñ¡¸ØáԨ·ÕèâçáÃÁâ¿Ã«Õ«Ñè¹Ê¡ç ໚¹Ê¶Ò¹·Õàè »´à¼Â áÅÐä»à¾×Íè ÃѺ¿˜§ÊÀÒ¾»˜ÞËÒ ·Õàè ¡ÕÂè Ç¢ŒÍ§¡ÑºàÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨áÅÐʶҹ¡ÒóºÒŒ ¹àÁ×ͧ «Öè § ໚ ¹ »ÃÐ⪹ ÊÙ § ÊØ ´ µ‹ Í ¡ÒúÃÔ Ë ÒÃÃÒª¡Òà Ἃ¹´Ô¹ »ÃСͺ¡Ñº¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§ä»¡çÁÕ¼ÙŒ¾ºàËç¹ à赯 ¡ Òó ¨ ӹǹÁÒ¡ Ê‹ Ç ¹ÊÒà赯 ·Õè ä Á‹ á ¨Œ § Ê×èÍÁÇŪ¹à¾ÃÒмٌ·ÕèÁÒ¾ºËÒÃ×ÍäÁ‹µŒÍ§¡ÒÃ໚¹ ¢‹ÒÇ

Ê×Íè ÁÇŪ¹Ç‹Ò ËÅѧ¼‹Ò¹Ã‹Ò§ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞáÅŒÇ ¾Ãä »ÃЪҸԻµ˜ ¨ÐÊÙ޾ѹ¸Øä »¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·Èä·Â ¢³Ð ·Õè Í ´Õ µ ¹ÒÂ¡Ï ¨Ð¡ÅÑ º »ÃÐà·ÈÍ‹ Ò §Ê§‹ Ò §ÒÁ áÅÐÇ‹Ò¡ÒÃãËŒÍÓ¹Ò¨Ê.Ê.Ã.·ÓÍÐäáçä´Œ ෋ҡѺ ໚¹¡ÒÃà«ç¹àªç¤à»Å‹ÒãËŒ Ê.Ê.Ã. ËÃ×ͶŒÒÊ.Ê.Ã.ä» á¡ŒÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ¡ÃзºÊ¶ÒºÑ¹ ÃÑ°ºÒŨдÓà¹Ô¹ ¡ÒÃÍ‹ҧäà ´ŒÒ¹¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â â´Â¹ÒÂà©ÅÔÁ ÍÂÙ‹ºÓÃا Ãͧ ¹Ò¡ÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ ªÕéᨧâ´ÂÂÍÁÃѺNjÒ໚¹¹âºÒ ËÅÑ¡¢Í§¾Ãä·Õè¨Ðá¡ŒÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ©ºÑºà¼´ç¨¡Òà ÃÇÁ·Ñ駻¯ÔÃÙ»ÈÒŠઋ¹ÈÒŮաÒá¼¹¡¤´ÕÍÒÞÒ ¢Í§¼ÙŒ´ÓçµÓá˹‹§·Ò§¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ à¾×èÍãˌ໚¹ ͧ¤¡Ã·ÕèÊÒÁÒöµÃǨÊͺ䴌

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¤ÃÁ.µÃÒ¾.Ã.¡.¢Öé¹ÁÒâ´ÂäÁ‹ÊبÃÔµ ËÃ×Í㪌´ØžԹԨ ºÔ´àº×͹ËÅÑ¡¡ÒÃÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ Í‹ҧäáçµÒÁµØÅÒ¡ÒÃÏ àÊÕ§¢ŒÒ§¹ŒÍ 2 àÊÕ§·Õè àËç¹Ç‹Ò¾.Ã.¡.â͹˹Õé¡Í§·Ø¹¿„œ¹¿ÙÏ ãËŒ¸¹Ò¤Òà áË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·Â äÁ‹à»š¹ä»µÒÁÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞÁÒµÃÒ 184 ¤×͹ÒªѪ ªÅÇà áÅйÒ¨ÃÑÞ ÀÑ¡´Õ ¸¹Ò¡ØÅ â´ÂàËç¹Ç‹Ò¾.Ã.¡.´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇäÁ‹ãª‹àÃ×èͧà˧ ´‹ Ç ¹ ÊÒÁÒöÍ͡໚ ¹ Ë Ò §¾.Ã.º.ãËŒ Ê ÀÒ ¼Ùጠ·¹ÃÒÉ®ÃËÇÁ¾Ô¨ÒóÒÍÀÔ»ÃÒÂã¹ÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´ à¹×éÍËÒä´Œ ÍÕ¡·Ñ駾.Ã.¡.´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒǶ١µÃÒ¢Öé¹ã¹¢³Ð ·ÕèÃÑ°ºÒÅÂѧäÁ‹ÁÕá¼¹§Ò¹·ÕèªÑ´à¨¹´ŒÇÂ

¼‹Ò¹¾.Ã.¡.à§Ô¹¡ÙŒ 2 ©ºÑº

·Õè»ÃЪØÁÊÀҼٌ᷹ÃÒɮà 䴌¾Ô¨ÒóҾÃÐÃÒª ¡Ó˹´ (¾.Ã.¡.) ãËŒÍÓ¹Ò¨¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ¡ÙŒ à§Ô¹à¾×èÍ¡ÒÃÇÒ§Ãкº¡ÒúÃÔËÒèѴ¡ÒùéÓáÅÐ ÊÌҧ͹Ҥµ»ÃÐà·È ¾.È.2555 áÅо.Ã.¡.¡Ó˹´ »ÃѺ»Ãا¡ÒúÃÔËÒÃ˹Õéà§Ô¹¡ÙŒ·Õè¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ¡ÙŒ à¾×è Í ª‹ Ç ÂàËÅ× Í ¡Í§·Ø ¹ à¾×è Í ¡Òÿ„œ ¹ ¿Ù á ÅÐ¾Ñ ² ¹Ò ÃкºÊ¶ÒºÑ¹¡ÒÃà§Ô¹ ¾.È.2555 ·Õ褳ÐÃÑ°Á¹µÃÕ à»š¹¼ÙŒàÊ¹Í áÅÐä´ŒÁÕÁµÔ¼‹Ò¹¡®ËÁÒ·Ñé§ 2 ©ºÑº ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ


ä´Œà¡Ô´à˵ØÃÐàºÔ´¢Öé¹ 3 ¨Ø´ã¹«Í»ÃÕ´Õ ¾¹Á§¤ 31-35 «Öè§à»š¹«Í‹ͧ͢«ÍÂÊØ¢ØÁÇÔ· 71 àÁ×èÍ Çѹ·Õè 14 ¡.¾. 2555 ã¹·Õèà¡Ô´à˵ؾº¹Ò«ÒÍÔ´ âÁÃÒ´Ô ªÒÇÍÔËËҹ䴌ÃѺºÒ´à¨çºáÅоÂÒÂÒÁ àÃÕ¡öá·ç¡«Õèà¾×èÍËÅºË¹Õ áµ‹àÁ×èÍöá·ç¡«ÕèäÁ‹ ¨Í´¹Ò«ÒÍÔ´¡çä´Œ»ÒÃÐàºÔ´ãʋöá·ç¡«Õè ·ÓãËŒ¤¹ ¢Ñº¤×͹ÒÂÊÑުѠºØÞÊÙ§à¹Ô¹ ä´ŒÃѺºÒ´à¨çº àÁ×èÍ à¨Œ Ò Ë¹Œ Ò ·Õè µ ÓÃǨ¾ÂÒÂÒÁࢌ Ò ÃÐ§Ñ º à赯 ¹Ò ·Ò§´ŒÒ¹ÃÑ°ºÒŵ‹Ò§ÍÀÔ»ÃÒÂʹѺʹع¾.Ã.¡.à§Ô¹¡ÙŒ «ÒÍÔ´ä´Œ¤ÇÑ¡ÃÐàºÔ´¨Ò¡¡ÃÐ້ҨТnjҧãʋ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·Õè à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡µŒÍ§à˧Ãպᡌ䢻˜ÞËÒ áÁŒ¨ÐÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ 20 Å‹ Ò ªŒ Ò ä»ºŒ Ò § à¾ÃÒн† Ò Â¤Œ Ò ¹ä´Œ Â×è ¹ ãËŒ È ÒÅ amthaiteam ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞµÕ¤ÇÒÁ áÅÐàª×èÍÇ‹ÒÃÑ°ºÒŪش¹Õé¨Ð ÊÒÁÒö㪌 à §Ô ¹ §º»ÃÐÁÒ³·Õè ä ´Œ ¡ÙŒ Á ÒÍ‹ Ò §ÁÕ Honorary Consultant »ÃÐÊÔ·¸ÔÀÒ¾·ÕèÊØ´ áÅÐàª×èÍÇ‹Ò¨ÐàÍ×éÍ»ÃÐ⪹ H.E. Mr. Kitti Wasinondh, Thai Ambassador to the Uk, 㹡ÒÃá¡Œä¢ÃкºãËŒ¶Ù¡·ÔÈ·Ò§ à¾×èÍ»‡Í§¡Ñ¹¡Òà Dr.Phitoon Triwichitkasem, à¡Ô´ÇԡĵÍØ·¡ÀÑÂä´Œ

¢³Ð·Õ轆Ò¤ŒÒ¹ªÕéᨧNjҡÒÃÂ×è¹¾.Ã.¡.·Ñé§ 2 ©ºÑº ãËŒÈÒÅÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞµÕ¤ÇÒÁà¾×èͶ‹Ç§´ØÅÍÓ¹Ò¨¡Òà µÃǨÊͺ áÅÐÂѧàËç¹Ç‹Ò¾.Ã.¡.Âѧ¢Ò´ÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´ ·ÕèàËÁÒÐÊÁµ‹Í¡Ãͺ¡Òáٌà§Ô¹¶Ö§ 3.5 áʹŌҹ ÊÀÒËÇÁÃѺËÅÑ¡¡Òà ᡌä¢Ã‹Ò§ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ ºÒ· áÅÐÀÒÃÐ˹ÕÊé ¹Ô ·ÕÃè °Ñ ºÒÅ仡ÙàŒ §Ô¹ÁÒ»ÃЪҪ¹ ÀÒÂËÅѧ¡ÒÃÍÀÔ»ÃÒÂËҧᡌä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ໚¹ ·Ø¡¤¹µŒÍ§ÃѺÀÒÃÐËÇÁ¡Ñ¹ ¨Ö§ÍÂÒ¡¨ÐÃÙŒã¹ÃÒ àÇÅÒ 2 Çѹ ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Çѹ·Õè 23-24 ¡.¾. 2555 ÅÐàÍÕ´ à¾×è͵ͺ¤Ó¶ÒÁ¢Í§»ÃЪҪ¹ãˌ䴌 ã¹·ÕèÊØ´ÁµÔàÊÕ§¢ŒÒ§ÁÒ¡ÂÍÁÃѺËÅÑ¡¡ÒÃÃ‹Ò§á¡Œä¢ ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ ÁÒµÃÒ 291 à¾×èÍãËŒÁÕ¡ÒõÑé§ Ê.Ê.Ã. ·Ñ駹ÕéÊ.Ê.¾Ãä»ÃЪҸԻ˜µÂ áÅÐ 68 Ê.Ç.䴌ʋ§ ¢Öé¹ÁÒËҧÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞãËÁ‹ â´ÂÁÕ¡ÒþԨÒóÒËҧ ¤ÓÌͧãËŒÈÒÅÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ¾Ô¨ÒóÒÇ‹Ò ¾.Ã.¡.ãËŒ á¡Œä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ·Ñé§ 3 ©ºÑº ¤×ÍËҧ¢Í§¾Ãä ÍÓ¹Ò¨¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ¡ÙŒà§Ô¹à¾×èÍ¡ÒÃÇÒ§Ãкº à¾×èÍä·Â, Ëҧ¢Í§ÃÑ°ºÒÅËÃ×ͤÃÁ. áÅÐËҧ¢Í§ ºÃÔËÒèѴ¡ÒùéÓáÅÐÊÌҧ͹Ҥµ»ÃÐà·È ¾.È. ¾ÃäªÒµÔä·Â¾Ñ²¹Ò â´ÂÂִËҧ¢Í§ÃÑ°ºÒÅ໚¹ 2555 ǧà§Ô¹ 3.5 áʹŌҹºÒ· áÅо.Ã.¡. ËÅÑ¡ ¨Ò¡¹Ñ¹é ä´ŒÁ¡Õ ÒÃµÑ§é ¤³Ð¡ÃÃÁÒ¸Ô¡ÒþԨÒÃ³Ò »ÃѺ»Ãا¡ÒúÃÔËÒÃ˹Õéà§Ô¹¡ÙŒ·Õè¡ÃзÃǧ¡ÒäÅѧ¡ÙŒ Ëҧᡌä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞÁÒµÃÒ 291 ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 45 à§Ô¹à¾×Íè ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×ͧ͡·Ø¹à¾×Íè ¡Òÿ„¹œ ¿ÙáÅоѲ¹Ò ¤¹ »ÃСͺ´ŒÇµÑÇá·¹¨Ò¡¾Ãäà¾×èÍä·Â 19 ÃкºÊ¶ÒºÑ¹¡ÒÃà§Ô¹ ¾.È.2555 ËÃ×Í ¾.Ã.¡.â͹ ¤¹, »ÃЪҸԻ˜µÂ 11 ¤¹, ÀÙÁÔã¨ä·Â 2 ¤¹, ˹Õé¡Í§·Ø¹¿„œ¹¿ÙÏ ãËŒ¸¹Ò¤ÒÃáË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·Â ªÒµÔ ä ·Â¾Ñ ² ¹Ò 1 ¤¹, ªÒµÔ ¾Ñ ² ¹Ò 1 ¤¹, ǧà§Ô¹ 1.14 ŌҹŌҹºÒ· ໚¹ä»µÒÁÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ ¾ÅѧªÅ 1 ¤¹ áÅÐÇزÊÔ ÀÒ 10 ¤¹ â´Â¡Ó˹´ ÁÒµÃÒ 184 ÇÃä˹Öè§áÅÐÇÃäÊͧËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ «Öè§ á»ÃÞѵµÔã¹ 30 Çѹ ÁÒµÃҴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇÃкØÇ‹Ò ¤ÃÁ.¨ÐµÃÒ ¾.Ã.¡.䴌㹠¡Ã³Õ©¡Ø à©Ô¹ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ¨Ó໚¹ÃÕº´‹Ç¹ÍѹÁÔÍÒ¨ËÅÕ¡àÅÕÂè § ¡ÃÐáÊ¡ÒÃá¡Œä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞ¶Ù¡¨ÑºµÒÁͧNjҨР䴌෋ҹÑé¹ ¡‹ÍãËŒà¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁ¢Ñ´áÂŒ§ÃͺãËÁ‹ â´ÂÁÕ¡ÒäѴ¤ŒÒ¹ ¡ÒÃá¡Œ ä ¢·Ñé § ¨Ò¡¡ÅØ‹ Á ¾Ñ ¹ ¸ÁÔ µ ûÃЪҪ¹à¾×è Í µ‹ÍÁÒ¤³ÐµØÅÒ¡ÒÃÈÒÅÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞä´ŒÇ¹Ô ¨Ô ©ÑÂáÅÐ »ÃЪҸԻäµÂ ¡ÅØ‹ÁàÊ×éÍËÅÒ¡ÊÕ ÃÇÁ·Ñ駡ÅØ‹Á 50 ÁÕ Á µÔ à Í¡©Ñ ¹ · Ç‹ Ò à»š ¹ä»µÒÁÃÑ ° ¸ÃÃÁ¹Ù Þ ÁÒµÃÒ Ê.Ç. ÃÇÁ·Ñé § ¤³Ð¡ÃÃÁ¡Òû¯Ô ÃÙ » ¡®ËÁÒ 184 ÇÃä˹Öè§áÅÐÇÃäÊͧáÅŒÇ Ê‹Ç¹ ¾.Ã.¡. (¤»¡.) ·ÕèÁÕ¹Ò¤³Ôµ ³ ¹¤Ã ໚¹»Ãиҹ ¨Ð â͹˹Õé¡Í§·Ø¹¿„œ¹¿ÙÏ 1.14 ŌҹŌҹºÒ·¹Ñé¹ Â×è¹Ë¹Ñ§Ê×ÍãËŒ»ÃиҹÃÑ°ÊÀÒªÐÅÍ¡ÒûÃЪØÁ µØÅÒ¡ÒÃÈÒÅÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞÁÕÁµÔ 7 µ‹Í 2 àÊÕÂ§Ç‹Ò ¾Ô¨ÒóÒËҧᡌä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞÍ͡仡‹Í¹ à¾×èÍ à»š¹ä»µÒÁÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙÞÁÒµÃÒ 184 ÇÃä˹Öè§ ÃÍãˌËҧᡌä¢ÃÑ°¸ÃÃÁ¹ÙޢͧÀÒ¤»ÃЪҪ¹à¢ŒÒ áÅÐÇÃäÊͧઋ¹¡Ñ¹ â´ÂàËç¹Ç‹Ò¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¾.Ã.¡. ÊÙ‹¡ÒþԨÒóÒ仾ÌÍÁ¡Ñ¹´ŒÇ ᵋ¡çäÁ‹à»š¹¼Å ·Ñé§ 2 ©ºÑºà»š¹ä»à¾×èÍ»ÃÐ⪹ã¹Íѹ·Õè¨ÐÃÑ¡ÉÒ ¤ÇÒÁÁÑ蹤§·Ò§àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨¢Í§»ÃÐà·È áÅÐ໚¹ 㹡ÒÃÍÀÔ»ÃÒ¾Ãä»ÃЪҸԻµ˜ 䴌ªÇéÕ Ò‹ ¡ÒÃàÊ¹Í ¡Ã³Õ ©Ø ¡ à©Ô ¹ ·Õè ÁÕ ¤ ÇÒÁ¨Ó໚ ¹ ÃÕ º ´‹ Ç ¹ÍÑ ¹ ÁÔ Í Ò¨ Ë Ò §á¡Œ ä ¢ÃÑ ° ¸ÃÃÁ¹Ù Þã¹¢³Ð¹Õé ÁÕ Ç ÒÃЫ‹ Í ¹àÃŒ ¹ ËÅÕ¡àÅÕè§䴌¨Ò¡Çԡĵ¡ÒóÍØ·¡ÀÑ «Ö觵ŒÍ§ãªŒ áÅÐÍÒ¨¹Ó»ÃÐà·Èä»ÊÙ‹¤ÇÒÁ¢Ñ´áÂŒ§áµ¡á¡ÍÕ¡ ÁҵáÒû‡Í§¡Ñ¹áÅÐàÂÕÂÇÂÒ¤ÇÒÁàÊÕÂËÒ·Õèà¡Ô´ ¤ÃÑé § à¾ÃÒÐÊ.Ê.¾Ãäà¾×è Í ä·ÂãËŒ ÊÑ Á ÀÒɳ ¢Öé¹ »ÃСͺ¡Ñºã¹ªÑé¹¹ÕéÂѧäÁ‹ÁաóշÕèªÕéãËŒàËç¹Ç‹Ò

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news roundup / January 2008

Happy Thai New Year 2012

New Loon Moon Supermarket ¾º¡ÑºÊÔ¹¤ŒÒä·Â·Õè¤Ø³ª×蹪ͺËÅÒÂÃŒÍÂÃÒ¡Òà ¹ÓࢌҨҡàÁ×ͧä·Ââ´ÂµÃ§ Ê´ ãËÁ‹ ÊÐÍÒ´

Çѹ¹Õé·Õè ¹ÔÇ ÅÙ¹ ÁÙ¹ One of the Best Oriental Supermarkets in London Chinatown Ìҹ«Ø»à»ÍÏÁÒÏà¡çµàÍàªÕ·ÕèãËÞ‹·ÕèÊش㹠䪹‹Ò ·Òǹ

New Loon Moon Supermarket 9a Gerrard Street, London W1D 5PN, UK Tel: 020 7734 3887 Fax: 020 7439 8880


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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008

royalty /February 2012

amthairoyalty (µ‹Í¨Ò¡µÍ¹·ÕèáÅŒÇ)

¼Å¢Í§¤ÇÒÁ»ÃÐÁÒ· ã¹ÊÁÑ Â ¡ÃØ § ÈÃÕ Í ÂØ ¸ ÂÒ ä·Â¡Ñ º ¾Á‹ Ò ä´Œ · Ó Ê§¤ÃÒÁ¡Ñ¹ÁÒµÅÍ´ ¼ÅÑ´¡Ñ¹á¾Œ¼ÅÑ´¡Ñ¹ª¹Ð àÃ×èÍÂÁÒ ¨¹¶Ö§Ê§¤ÃÒÁ·Õèä·ÂµŒÍ§àÊÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕ ÍÂظÂÒ¤ÃÑ駷ÕèÊͧãˌᡋ¾Á‹Ò ʧ¤ÃÒÁ¤ÃÑ駹Õé ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÁѧÃеŒÍ§¡Ò÷ÓÅÒÂŌҧä·ÂãËŒÊÔé¹ ªÒµÔ àËÁ×͹¡Ñº·Õàè ¤Â·ÓÁÒáŌǡѺÁÍÞ ·ËÒà ¾Á‹Ò¨Ð¢‹Á¢×¹¼ÙŒËÞÔ§ªÒÇÁÍÞ¡Õ褹¡çä´Œà¾×èÍãËŒ à¡Ô ´ ÅÙ ¡ àª×é Í ÊÒ¾Á‹ Ò µÒÁÇÔ ¸Õ ¡ Å× ¹ ་ Ò ¾Ñ ¹ ¸Ø ¤ÃÑé § ·Õè ÍÑ § ¡ÄÉºØ ¡ ÂÖ ´ ¾Á‹ Ò áÅеŒ Í §¡Ò÷Õè ¨ Рʶһ¹Ò»ÃÐà·ÈÁÍÞ áµ‹Í§Ñ ¡ÄÉ¡ç·ÓäÁ‹ÊÓàÃç¨ à¾ÃÒÐäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöËÒàª×é;ÃÐǧȏ¢Í§ÁÍÞ·Õè ¨Ð໚¹ÈٹÃÇÁ㨢ͧªÒÇÁÍÞä´Œ ¨¹¶Ö§ºÑ´¹Õé ÁÍÞÂÑ § äÁ‹ Ê ÒÁÒö¡ÙŒ ª ÒµÔ ä ´Œ ·Ñé § æ ·Õè ¡ ÃØ § ˧ÊÒǴբͧÁÍÞà¤ÂÂÔè§ãËÞ‹ÁÒáÅŒÇã¹Í´Õµ

ʶҺѹ¾ÃÐÁËÒ¡ÉѵÃԏä·Â µÍ¹·Õè òð ÃҪǧȏ¸¹ºØÃÕ â´Â: àÊÃÔÁÈÑ¡´Ôì ¹ÃÔ¹·ÃÇ§É

·Ò§ãµŒ ¢ ͧä·Â µÕ à Ã×è Í ÂÁÒ¶Ö § àÁ× Í §à¾ªÃºØ ÃÕ ¾ÃÐÂÒµÒ¡áÅоÃÐÂÒâ¡ÉÒ¸Ôº´Õ ä´Œ¹Ó¡Í§·Ñ¾ 仪‹ Ç ÂáÅÐµÕ ·Ñ ¾ ¾Á‹ Ò áµ¡¾‹ Ò Âä» ã¹»‚ ¶Ñ ´ ÁÒ (¾.È. òóðø) ¾Á‹ Òä´Œ  ¡¡Í§·Ñ ¾ ÁÒµÕ ä ·ÂÍÕ ¡ ¾ÃÐÂÒµÒ¡ÊÒÁÒöÃÑ¡ÉÒ¾Ãй¤Ãänj䴌 ´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁ ´Õ ¤ ÇÒÁªÍº¹Õé ¾ÃÐÂÒµÒ¡¨Ö §ä´Œ ÃÑ º àÅ×è Í ¹à»š ¹ ˵طèÕ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÁѧÃÐáÁ‹·¾Ñ ¾Á‹ÒµŒÍ§¡ÒáӨѴ ¾ÃÐÂÒǪÔûÃÒ¡ÒÃ਌ÒàÁ×ͧ¡Óᾧྪà 㹪‹Ç§ ä·ÂãËŒ ÊÔé ¹ ªÒµÔ ¹Ñé ¹ ÊÒàËµØ Ë ¹Öè § à¾ÃÒÐ àÇÅÒ¹Ñé ¹ ¡Í§·Ñ ¾ ÍÑ ¹ ÂÔè §ãËÞ‹ ¢ ͧ¾Á‹ Ò ¡ç à ¢Œ Ò ÅŒ Í Á ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÁѧÃÐÍÒ¦Òµâ¡Ã¸á¤Œ¹ä·Â·Õè¤ÃÑé§Ë¹Öè§ ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒã¹»‚ ¾.È. òóðù à¤ÂµÒÁàʴ稾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÅͧ¾ÞÒ (¾ÃкԴÒ) ÁÒµÕ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ áµ‹¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÅͧ¾ÞÒ¶Ù¡ ä·Â¡Ñº¾Á‹Ò䴌ú¡Ñ¹Í‹ҧÊÒÁÒö ᵋ»ÃÒ¡¯Ç‹Ò »„¹ãËދᵡµŒÍ§¾ÃÐÇáÒÂáÅÐÊÔé¹¾ÃЪ¹Á ¾ÃÐÂÒǪԻÃÒ¡Òà (¾ÃÐ਌ҵҡÊÔ¹) à¡Ô´·ŒÍá·Œ ÃÐËNjҧ¡·Ñ¾¡ÅѺ ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÁѧÃÐ㪌àÇÅÒã¹ ã¨à¾ÃÒлÃÐà´ç¹ááàÁ×èÍÍÍ¡ä»Ãº¹Í¡àÁ×ͧ¡Ñº ¡ÒÃÇҧἹµÕÍÂظÂÒ¤ÃÑ駹Õé¹Ò¹¶Ö§ ó »‚ ã¹ ¡Í§¡ÓÅÑ § ¢Í§¾Á‹ Ò ä´Œ ÃÑ º ªÑ  ª¹Ð ᵋ · Ò§¡ÃØ § ª‹Ç§àÇÅҴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ¾Á‹Ò䴌¡·Ñ¾ÁÒµÕàÁ×ͧµ‹Ò§æ ÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒäÁ‹Ê§‹ ¡ÓÅѧä»Ë¹Ø¹ ¾Á‹Ò¡çÊÒÁÒöµÕ¡ÅѺ


¤×¹ä´Œ »ÃÐà´ç¹·ÕÊè ͧàÁ×Íè Í͡ú·Ò§àÃ×͡Ѻ¾ÃÐÂÒ à¾ªÃºØÃÕ ¾ÃÐÂÒǪÔûÃÒ¡ÒÃàËç¹Ç‹Ò¡Í§·Ñ¾¾Á‹Ò ÁÕ¡ÓÅѧà˹×Í¡Ç‹Ò ¨Ö§¢ÍÌͧÁÔãËŒ¾ÃÐÂÒྪúØÃÕ Í͡ú ᵋ¾ÃÐÂÒྪúØÃÕäÁ‹àª×è֧ͨ¾‹ÒÂᾌᡋ ¾Á‹ Ò áÅÐàÊÕ Â ªÕ ÇÔ µ ã¹Ê¹ÒÁú ¾ÃÐÂÒÇªÔ Ã »ÃÒ¡Òö١¡Å‹ÒÇËÒÇ‹Ò·Í´·Ô駾ÃÐÂÒྪúØÃÕãËŒ ä´ŒÃѺÍѹµÃÒ¶֧µÒ áÅлÃÐà´ç¹·ÕèÊÒÁ¢³Ð·Õè ¾Á‹Ò»´ÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒÍÂÙ‹¹Ñé¹ ¾Á‹Ò¡¡ÓÅѧÁÒ ·Ò§´Œ Ò ¹µÐÇÑ ¹ ÍÍ¡ã¡ÅŒ ¡ ÓᾧàÁ× Í §·Õè ¾ ÃÐÂÒ ÇªÔûÃÒ¡ÒÃÃÑ¡ÉÒÍÂÙ‹ àÁ×èͶ֧¤ÃÒǤѺ¢Ñ¹¾ÃÐÂÒ ÇªÔûÃÒ¡Òè֧ÊÑè§ÂÔ§»„¹ãËÞ‹à¾×è͢Ѵ¢ÇÒ§â´ÂÁÔä´Œ ¢Í͹ØÞÒµ¡‹Í¹ ¤³ÐÈÒÅÒÅÙ¡¢Ø¹ÍÍ¡¡®äÇŒÇ‹Ò ¼ÙŒ ã ´ÂÔè § »„ ¹ ãËÞ‹ ⠴¾šÒüٌ ¹Ñé ¹ ÁÕ â ·É¶Ö § ¢Ñé ¹ »ÃÐËÒêÕÇÔµ à¾ÃÒШзÓãËŒ¹Ò§Ê¹Á¡Ó¹ÑÅã¹Çѧ à¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁ¡ÅÑÇ µ×è¹µÃÐ˹¡µ¡ã¨ ¾ÃÐÂÒǪÔÃ

The Monarchic Institution in Thailand part 20: Thonburi Dynasty

(Continued from last issue)

The result of carelessness Thailand and Burma used to go to war, they won and lost in turns throughout the Ayutthaya period. Until the war in which the Thai lost Ayutthaya for the second time, by this war King Mang-ra, the Burmese king wanted a permanent defeat as used to defeat the Mon permanently. When the British occupied Burma and wanted to create Mon as a country, but did not succeed, because of not having a person of Royal lineage to be on the throne, even though in the past Hongsavadi the capital of Mon used to be great.


ne of the many reasons why King Mang-ra wanted a permanent defeat was because some years ago he came along with his father, King Alongpaya, to war with Ayutthaya, but his father was wounded by big guns and died later. King Mang-ra kept anger in his heart, he prepared for this war for around 3 years.

During that time, the Burmese attacked Phetchaburi city, in the South of Thailand, Phraya Tak (Sin) and Phraya Kosathibodi came to help and defeat the Burmese. King Mang-ra A year later ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÁѧÃÐ (1765), Burma came to war again, but Phraya Tak was able to protect the city. At this result Phraya Tak was appointed as Phraya Vajira Phrakarn who ruled Kampheang Phet city. In 1766 a huge Burmese troop came to blockade Ayutthaya as well, Phraya Vajira Phrakarn came to help Ayutthaya in fighting with Burma. In the combat between the Thai and Burmese armies before Ayutthaya was lost, Phraya Vajira Phrakarn (King Tak Sin) was discouraged from fighting because, first when he won the combat with Burma in a region, Ayutthaya did not support him, then

technology Like us on Facebook »ÃÒ¡ÒÃ¨Ö § ¶Ù ¡ ¿‡ Í §áÅж٠¡ ŧâ·É ᵋ à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡·Ó¤Ø³§ÒÁ¤ÇÒÁ´ÕäÇŒÁÒ¡ ¨Ö§ãËŒ ÀÒ¤·Ñ³±äÇŒ ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Õé ¢³Ð·Ñ¾¾Á‹ÒÅŒÍÁ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ¾ÃÐ਌ Ò àÍ¡·Ñ È ¡ç ÂÑ § ·Ã§áÊǧËÒ¤ÇÒÁ ÊÓÃÒÞÍÂÙã‹ ¹¾ÃÐÃÒªÇѧ ÁÔä´Œ·Ã§ºÑÞªÒ¡Òà ·Ñ ¾ ´Œ Ç Â¾ÃÐͧ¤ à ͧ á¶ÁÂÑ § »Å‹ Í ÂãËŒ ¾ÃÐʹÁàÍ¡ÁÕÍÓ¹Ò¨à˹×͢ع¹Ò§ áÁ‹·Ñ¾ ¹Ò¡ͧ¨Ö§àÊÕ¢ÇÑÞáÅСÓÅѧ㨠¡ÒÃÊÑè§ ¡Ò÷Ѿ¨Ö§äÁ‹à»š¹àÍ¡ÀÒ¾ à¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁ»˜¹› »†Ç¹ ÀÒÂã¹ ´ŒÇÂà˵ؼŴѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ¾ÃÐÂÒǪÔà »ÃÒ¡ÒäԴNjÒäÁ‹ÁÕ»ÃÐ⪹ÍÐä÷Õè¨ÐÍÂÙ‹ ª‹Ç»‡Í§¡Ñ¹¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡Ñºàª×èÍÇ‹Ò ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒÍÒ¨µŒÍ§àÊÕÂá¡‹¾Á‹Ò à¾ÃÒÐ ¼ÙŒ¹ÓäÁ‹à¢ŒÁá¢ç§ ¡‹Í¹àÊÕ¡Ãا»ÃÐÁÒ³ ó à´×͹ ¾ÃÐÂÒǪÔûÃÒ¡Òè֧䴌ÃǺÃÇÁ Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ 20 royalty article

S. Narinwong

capital. Around 3 months before the Burmese defeated the Ayutthaya, he, then, with his 500 followers broke the Burmese blockade on the South East side, because those regions of Burma were not yet occupied. Later, on April 1767 the war was lost. As King Boromkode said Jaao Phaa Ekatas (King Ekatas) was not clever and not suitable to be a king, in the future he would take Ayutthaya kingdom into danger. So King Boromkode appointed his younger son, Jaao Phaa Utumporn, as viceroy to be king after his death, but Jaao Phaa Ekatas took over this post.

the Burmese could return to the attack and occupy the region again. Secondly when in combat on ships Phraya Petchaburi would not take his advice and died in the fighting, Phraya Vajira Phrakarn got the blame. Thirdly when he was guarding the East side of the Ayutthaya capital the Burmese soldiers rapidly attacked, Phraya Vajira Phrakarn ordered his soldier to shoot a big gun which would make members of the harem frightened According to jury regulations if anyone shot a big gun without permission he would be facing a serious punishment even death, but because he had done a lot for the country before, he, The Burmese wanted to extinguish the Thais, as the Burmese did with then was just suspended. Mon as mentioned earlier. The BurEven during the Burmese blockade of mese forcibly moved the throne Ayutthaya, King Ekatas was still enjoying around 2,000 people and at least himself in the palace, and not planning 30,000 ordinary people to Ang-va, or doing something to protect the capital. Burma. At the same time Burmese On top of this he let the favourite lady soldiers burned palaces, temples, all of the harem have more power over the buildings and people’s houses. Ayutpeers. This could cause the commander thaya was under fire for nine days and officers to lose will power. There was and nights, women were raped in no unity in the command of the way and front of their parents and relatives, this created turmoil inside the capital. monks and people were beaten and Phraya Vajira Phrakarn thought that there tortured if they did not tell where continue to page 20 was no point in staying and protecting the

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amthaipaper / January 2008


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amthaipaper amthaipaper / January 2008 / February 2012

amthainews round up By: Diamond Heart “´ÂØ¡áË‹§ÂÍÏ¡” àÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹ä·Â¡ÃЪѺ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸¾ÃÐÃҪǧȏ


¨Œ Ò ªÒÂá͹´Ã٠Ǐ ´ÂØ ¡ áË‹ § ÂÍÏ ¡ áË‹ § ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ à ¾ÃÐâÍÃÊͧ¤ ·Õè 2 ã¹ÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ ¹Õ ¹ Ò¶àÍÅÔ « Òຸ·Õè 2 áË‹§ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà àÊ´ç¨àÂ×͹ »ÃÐà·Èä·Â㹰ҹоÃÐÃÒª Í Ò ¤Ñ ¹ µØ ¡ Ð Ê‹ Ç ¹ ¾ Ã Ð Í § ¤ ã ¹ ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç ¨ ¾ÃÐ਌ Ò ÍÂÙ‹ ËÑ Ç ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§Çѹ·Õè 28 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ 3 ÁÕ ¹ Ò¤Á 2555 â´ÂÁÕ ¾ÃлÃÐʧ¤ËÅѡ㹡ÒáÃЪѺ ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¾ÃÐÃҪǧ¤ áÅÐÊ‹ § àÊÃÔ Á ¤ÇÒÁ໚ ¹ ËØŒ ¹ Ê‹ Ç ¹ ·Ò§¡ÒäŒÒáÅСÒÃŧ·Ø¹ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ ä·ÂáÅÐÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÂÙ‹ËÑÇ áÅÐÊÁà´ç¨¾Ãйҧ਌ÒÏ ¾ÃкÃÁ ÃÒªÔ¹Õ¹Ò¶ ¾ÃÐÃÒª·Ò¹¾ÃкÃÁÃÒªÇâáÒÊãËŒ´ÂØ¡áË‹§ÂÍϡࢌÒཇÒÏ à¾×èÍ·ÙÅà¡ÅŒÒÏ ¶ÇÒ ¾ÃÐÃÒªÊÒʏ¹¨Ò¡ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐÃÒªÔ¹Õ¹Ò¶àÍÅÔ«Òຸ·Õè 2 ¶ÇÒ¾ÃоÃá´‹¾ÃкҷÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐà¨ŒÒ ÍÂÙ‹ËÑÇã¹ÇâáÒÊà©ÅÔÁ¾ÃЪ¹Á¾ÃÃÉÒ 84 ¾ÃÃÉÒ ´ÂØ¡áË‹§ÂÍÏ¡·Ã§ª×蹪Á¡ÒþѲ¹Ò·Ñ駴ŒÒ¹¤ÇÒÁ ÁÑ蹤§·Ò§¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ ¡Òÿ„œ¹¿ÙáÅоѲ¹Ò¡ÒôŒÒ¹àÈÃÉ°¡Ô¨¢Í§ä·Â áÅÐàª×èÍÁÑè¹Ç‹Ò»ÃÐà·Èä·Â¨Ð ໚¹»ÃÐà·È·ÕèÁÕº·ºÒ·ÊÓ¤ÑÞã¹ÃдѺÀÙÁÔÀÒ¤áÅÐ¹Ò¹ÒªÒµÔ ÊÓËÃѺ´ŒÒ¹¡ÒäŒÒáÅСÒÃŧ·Ø¹ ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·ÂáÅÐÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà ´ÂØ¡áË‹§ÂÍÏ¡·Ã§àʹÍá¹ÐãˌʹѺʹع¹Ñ¡Å§·Ø¹ªÒÇä·Âä» Å§·Ø¹ã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡà à¾ÃÒÐÂѧÁÕ¸ØáԨáÅÐÍصÊÒË¡ÃÃÁ·Õ赌ͧ¡Òùѡŧ·Ø¹ãËÁ‹æ ·ÕèÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´ ÊÌҧÊÃäà¢ŒÒ仿„œ¹¿ÙÍÕ¡ÁÒ¡ ઋ¹¸ØáԨàËÅç¡áÅиØáԨàËÁ×ͧáË໚¹µŒ¹ ‘amthai’

´ÒÇÍÕ¡´Ç§·ÕèŋǧÅѺ ‘ÇÔ·¹Õ ÎØʵѹ’

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Ã×éͶ͹ൌ¹·¼ÙŒ»ÃзÑǧ “ÍçÍ¡¤ÔǾÒÂÅ͹´Í¹” áÅŒÇ µÓÃǨÍѧ¡ÄɹÓ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·ÕèºÑ§¤Ñº ¤´Õ à ¢Œ Ò Ã×é Í ¶Í¹àµç ¹ · ·Õè ¾Ñ ¡ ¢Í§ ¼ÙŒ»ÃзŒÇ§µ‹ÍµŒÒ¹·Ø¹¹ÔÂÁ ÁËÒ ÇÔ Ë ÒÃૹµ ¾ ÍÅ ¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ËÅѧà·Õ觤׹ËÃ×Í 00.05 ¹. ¢Í§ Çѹ·Õè 28 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ ¡ÒÃÃ×éͶ͹ ໚¹ä»Í‹ҧʧº ¡ÅØ‹Á¼ÙŒ»ÃзŒÇ§ ¨Ó¹Ç¹Ë¹Öè§Âѧ»ÃÐÊÒ¹Á×͡ѹ໚¹ ¡ÓᾧÁ¹Øɏ»¡»‡Í§ÊÔ§è »ÅÙ¡ÊÌҧ ¨Ò¡äÁŒ ᵋ ·Ø ¡ ÊÔè § ·Ø ¡ Í‹ Ò §¡ç ¶Ù ¡ Ã×Íé ¶Í¹¨¹àËÅ×Íᵋ¡Í§·Õ¹è ͹áÅÐ àµç¹·à¡‹Òæ ÀÒÂã¹àÇÅÒ 2 ªÑÇè âÁ§ ÁÕ¼¶ŒÙ ¡Ù ¨Ñº¡ØÁ 20 ¤¹ ¡ÅØÁ‹ ÍçÍ¡¤ÔÇ ¾Ò áÍÅàÍÊàÍ¡« àÃÔèÁªØÁ¹ØÁÇѹ·Õè 15 µØÅÒ¤Á»‚·ÕèáÅŒÇ µÒÁẺ©ºÑº¢Í§ÍçÍ¡¤ÔǾÒ ÇÍÅŏʵÃÕ· ¶Ù¡½†Ò»¡¤ÃͧÅ͹´Í¹¿‡Í§ÃŒÍ§¡Ã³Õ¡ÒõÑé§á¤Á»Š¤ŒÒ§áÃÁ Ç‹Ò໚¹º‹Íà¡Ô´¢Í§ÍÒªÞÒ¡ÃÃÁ ·ÓãËŒ ¸ØáԨ㹷ŒÍ§·ÕèàÊÕÂËÒ áÅС‹Í¤ÇÒÁäÁ‹Êдǡµ‹Í¤ÃÔʵÈÒʹԡª¹·Õèà´Ô¹·Ò§ä»âºÊ¶ ‘amthai’

¹éÓÁѹÅ͹´Í¹ÊÙ§ÊØ´Ãͺ 9 à´×͹¨Ò¡à˵ص֧à¤ÃÕ´ÍÔËËҹ ÃÒ¤Ò¹éÓÁѹµÅÒ´Å͹´Í¹Âѧ¢ÂѺ¢Öé¹µ‹Íà¹×èͧ ¨¹¾Ø‹§áµÐÃдѺÊÙ§ÊØ´ Ãͺ 9 à´×͹àÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 22 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸ µÒÁ¢‹ÒÇÊËÀÒ¾ÂØâûáÅÐ ¡ÃÕ«ºÃÃÅآ͌ µ¡Å§à¡ÕÂè ǡѺà§Ô¹ª‹ÇÂàËÅ×ÍÃͺãËÁ‹ ºÇ¡¡Ñº¤‹Òà§Ô¹»Í¹´ ÊàµÍÅԧ͋͹ŧ áÅÐʶҹ¡Òó¤ÇÒÁµÖ§à¤ÃÕ´¢Í§ªÒµÔµÐÇѹµ¡¡Ñº ÍÔËËҹ «Öè§à»š¹»ÃÐà·È¼ÙŒÊ‹§ÍÍ¡àª×éÍà¾ÅÔ§ÃÒÂãËÞ‹ «Ö觻˜¨¨ÑÂËÅѧ¹ÕéÊ‹§ 㹼šÃзºÍ‹ҧÃعá絋͵ÅÒ´¹éÓÁѹ ËÅѧ¨Ò¡¤³Ð¼ÙŒµÃǨÊͺ ¹ÔÇà¤ÅÕÂϢͧÂÙàÍç¹ ÂصÔÀÒáԨŋÒÊØ´ã¹ÍÔËËҹ ÀÒÂËÅѧ¡ÒÃËÒÃ×Í àµËÐÃÒ¹à¾×èÍ䢢ŒÍ¢ŒÍ§ã¨à¡ÕèÂǡѺ§Ò¹ÇÔ¨ÑÂÍÒÇظ»ÃÁÒ³ÙÅÑºæ ¢Í§ »ÃÐà·È¹Ñé¹ µŒÍ§»ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÅŒÁàËÅÇ ÃÒ¤Ò¹éÓÁѹäÃŒÊÒþ؋§·ÐÅØ ÊÙ§ÊØ´ 137.44 ྐྵ¹Õ/ÅԵà ÃÒ¤Ò¹éÓÁѹ´Õà«ÅÊÙ§¢Ö¹é àÃ×Íè Âæ ¶Ö§ 144.67 ྐྵ¹Õ/ÅԵà ÃÒ¤Ò¹éÓÁѹ¹Í¡àÁ×ͧÊÙ§¡Ç‹Òã¹àÁ×ͧ¶Ö§ 4 ྐྵ¹Õ ઋ¹·Õè à¾ÍÏ຤ ´ÍÏ૷ áÅÐäùà´Å ¹ÍÏ· ÂÍϤàªÕÂÏ ÃÒ¤ÒÍÂÙ‹·Õè 146.9 ྐྵ¹Õ/ÅԵà ʋǹÃÒ¤Ò´Õà«Å¶Ù¡·ÕèÊØ´ÍÂÙ‹·Õè 139.7 ྐྵ¹Õ/ ÅԵà ·Õèä·´ä«´ àºÍÏÁÔ§áÎÁ áÅÐ ´ÒÏ·¿ÍÏ´ µÐÇѹÍÍ¡à©Õ§㵌¢Í§Å͹´Í¹ ÃÒ¤Ò¹éÓÁѹ·ÕèÊÙ§¢Öé¹·ÓãËŒ»ÃЪҪ¹áÅиØáԨà´×ʹÌ͹ 仵ÒÁæ ¡Ñ¹ áÅзÓãˌö¹µ¡ÅÒÂ໚¹¤ÇÒÁ¨Ó໚¹·ÕèäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö¨‹ÒÂä´Œ ‘amthai’

ÇÔ·¹Õ ÎØʵѹ ¹Ñ¡ÃŒÍ§ªÒÇÍàÁÃÔ¡¹Ñ ਌ҢͧàÊÕ§Íѹ·Ã§¾ÅѧÇÑ 48 »‚ àÊÕ Â ªÕ ÇÔ µ áÅŒ Ç àÁ×è Í ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 12 ¡.¾. ·Õè ËŒ Í §¾Ñ ¡ ã¹âçáÃÁ ແ´µÑÇ “à´ÍÐ «Ñ¹” ©ºÑºÇѹÍҷԵ 26 ¡.¾. àºàÇÍÏ ÅÕ ÎÔ Å µÑ ¹ ¹¤ÃÅÍÊ áͧà¨ÅÔÊ ÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁµ×è¹µÐÅÖ§ ˹ѧÊ×;ÔÁ¾à´ÍЫѹ ËÑÇãËÁ‹©ºÑº ãËŒ á ¡‹ Ç §¡ÒÃáÅÐΌà¾Å§ ÇѹÍҷԵ¢Í§ºÃÔÉÑ·¹ÔÇʏ ¤ÍÏ» ÊÒà˵ءÒÃàÊÕªÕÇÔµ¢Í§ÎØʵѹÂѧ ¢Í§àÁÍÏ´çÍ¡« ແ´µÑÇàÁ×èÍÇѹ ÍÂÙ‹ ã ¹ÃÐËÇ‹ Ò §¡ÒÃÊ× º Êǹ¢Í§ ÍҷԵ·èÕ 26 ¡ØÁÀҾѹ¸·¼èÕ Ò‹ ¹ÁÒ µÓÃǨ áÅФ§ãªŒàÇÅÒäÁ‹µèÓ¡Ç‹Ò áµ‹¡çÂѧÂÒ¡·Õè¨ÐàÃÕ¡ÈÃÑ·¸Ò¨Ò¡ 3 à´×͹ 㹡ÒÃËÒÊÒà˵ءÒà ¼ÙŒÍ‹Ò¹¡ÅѺ¤×¹ÁÒ à¾ÃÒмٌ͋ҹÂѧ àÊÕªÕÇÔµ·Õèá·Œ¨ÃÔ§ ਌Ò˹ŒÒ·Õè´ÙáÅ ¢Ò´¤ÇÒÁàª×è Í ÁÑè ¹ µ‹ Í á·ºÅÍ´ ¤ÇÒÁ»ÅÍ´ÀÑ¢ͧâçáÃÁ¾ºÃ‹Ò§ ©ºÑº¹Õé à´ÍЫѹ ¨Ö§ÂÒ¡·Õè¨Ð¡ÅѺ ¢Í§à¸Íã¹Í‹Ò§ÍÒº¹éÓã¹ÊÀÒ¾·Õè ÁÒ໚¹Ë¹Ñ§Ê×;ÔÁ¾¢Ò´ÕÍѹ´Ñº ËÁ´ÊµÔ ᵋäÁ‹ÁÕ¡ÒÃÂ×¹ÂѹNjÒÇÔ·¹ÕàÊÕªÕÇÔµà¾ÃÒШÁ¹éÓ ¢‹ÒÇÅ‹ÒÊØ´à¡ÕèÂǡѺÊÒà˵ءÒÃàÊÕªÕÇÔµ¢Í§ 1 ÍÕ¡¤Ãѧé áÁŒÇÒ‹ ·Ò§ºÃÔÉ·Ñ ¨Ðµ‹ÍÊÙŒ à¸ÍÃкØÇ‹Ò¹‹Ò¨Ð໚¹ÍغѵÔà赯 ÇÔ·¹Õ ÎØʵѹ ໚¹¹Ñ¡ÃŒÍ§·ÕèÁÕª×èÍàÊÕ§ⴋ§´Ñ§ä»·ÑèÇâÅ¡ à¤Âä´ŒÃѺÃÒ§ÇÑÅ ¡Ñ º ¢‹ Ò ÇÍ×é Í ©ÒÇ·Ñé § ¡ÒÃ´Ñ ¡ ¿˜ § á¡ÃÁÁÕè 6 ¤ÃÑé§ ÃÒ§ÇÑÅ ºÔÅŏºÍÏ´ ÁÔÇÊÔ¤ ÍÇÍÏ´ 30 ÃÒ§ÇÑÅ ÃÇÁ¶Ö§ ÃÒ§ÇÑÅÍàÁÃԡѹ ÁÔÇÊÔ¤ ÍÇÍÏ´ ÍÕ¡ 22 ÃÒ§ÇÑÅ ÁÕÍÑźÑéÁÍ‹ҧ໚¹·Ò§¡Ò÷Ñé§ËÁ´ 7 ÍÑźÑéÁ â´ÂÍÑźÑéÁÊØ´·ŒÒÂÍÍ¡àÁ×èÍ»‚ â·ÃÈѾ· áÅСÒõԴÊÔ¹º¹à¨ŒÒ˹ŒÒ·Õè¢Í§ÃÑ°à¾×èÍ«×éÍ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ á·ºÅ͏´ à´ÍÐ «Ñ¹ ¨Ö§à»ÃÕºàÊÁ×͹ 2009 à¸Íᵋ§§Ò¹¡ÑººÍººÕ ºÃÒǹ ÈÔÅ»¹à¾Å§ÍÒÏá͹´ºÕ àÁ×èÍ»‚ 1992 áÅÐË‹ҢҴ¨Ò¡¡Ñ¹ã¹»‚ àËÅŒÒà¡‹Ò㹢ǴãËÁ‹ ·Õ袹àÍҹѡ¢‹ÒÇ˹ŒÒà´ÔÁ¨Ò¡ ¹ÔÇʏ ÍÍ¿ à´ÍÐ àÇÔÅ´ ˹ѧÊ×;ÔÁ¾¨ÍÁ´Ñ¡¿˜§·ÕèÁÕ »˜ÞËÒ·Õ»è ´ µÑÇä»àÁ×Íè »‚·áèÕ ÅŒÇ ÁÒ·Ó˹ŒÒ·Õãè ¹à´ÍЫѹ â©ÁãËÁ‹ àÁÍÏ´Íç ¡« ਌Ҿ‹ÍÊ×Íè ªÒÇÍÍÊàµÃàÅÕ 2006 à¹×èͧ¨Ò¡¾ÄµÔ¡ÃÃÁµÔ´ÂÒàʾµÔ´¢Í§·Ñ駤ً ‘amthai’ ¾ÂÒÂÒÁ·Ø‹Á¡ÒÃâ¦É³Òà¾×èÍ¿„œ¹ÈÃÑ·¸Ò»ÃЪҪ¹ ¤Ò´Ç‹Òà´ÍÐ «Ñ¹¨Ð·ÓÂÍ´¢ÒÂä´Œ»ÃÐÁÒ³ 1.8 Ōҹ©ºÑº ¹ŒÍ¡NjÒÂÍ´¢Ò¢ͧ¹ÔÇʏ ÍÍ¿ à´ÍÐ àÇÔÅ´ ¡‹Í¹»´µÑÇ «Öè§ÍÂÙ‹·Õè»ÃÐÁÒ³ 2.7 Ōҹ©ºÑº ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧᵋ¹ŒÍ¡çÅ´¾Ø§ÂŒÍÂä´Œ´Õ µ‹ÍÊÑ»´Òˏ ᵋ¡ç¹‹Ò¨ÐÊÙÊÕàÁ×èÍà»ÃÕºà·Õº¡Ñº¤Ù‹á¢‹§Í‹ҧ«Ñ¹à´Â ÁÔÏàÃÍÏ áÅÐàÁŏ©ºÑºÇѹÍҷԵ ᵋ ¼Å¨Ò¡¡ÒÃÈÖ¡ÉҢͧ¹Ñ¡ÇÔ¨ÑÂã¹ ¡Ç‹Ò¨ÐàÃÕ¡ÈÃÑ·¸Ò¡ÅѺ¤×¹ÁÒä´ŒàËÁ×͹à´ÔÁ ¤§µŒÍ§ãªŒàÇÅÒÍÕ¡¹Ò¹ ‘amthai’ ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ ·Õãè ªŒàÇÅÒ¹Ò¹ËÅÒ »‚ ã ¹ËÅÒ»ÃÐà·È ¾ºÇ‹ Ò ¡Òà ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑ¢ÒµÑÇ ¢ÒÂÂÒ à¾×èͨ‹Ò¤‹Òà·ÍÁ ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧà¾Õ§äÁ‹¡¹èÕ Ò·ÕµÍ‹ ÊÑ»´Òˏ ¡çÁ¼Õ Å·ÓãËŒÃÒ‹ §¡Ò¿µáÅÐÊØ¢ÀÒ¾ ¨Ò¡¡Ò÷ÕèÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑÂà¾ÔèÁ¤‹ÒàÅ‹ÒàÃÕ¹໚¹ 9,000 »Í¹´ ¨ÐÊ‹§¼Å ´Õ¾Íæ ¡Ñº¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ¡ÒÂẺ ãËŒ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒÁÕ˹ÕéÊÔ¹à¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹à»š¹ 70,000 »Í¹´ ¡ÒÃÁÕ˹ÕéÊÔ¹à¾ÔèÁ¢Öé¹ ¸ÃÃÁ´Ò໚¹ªÑÇè âÁ§ à¤Å索ͧ¡Òà ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ ·ÓãËŒ¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒᾷËÞÔ§¨Ó¹Ç¹ËÅÒÂÌͤ¹ã¹Íѧ¡ÄÉÁÕ ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅÑ § ãËŒ ÃÙ » Ë Ò §ÂÑ § ¤§¼ÍÁ ¾ÄµÔ¡ÃÃÁ¢ÒºÃÔ¡Ò÷ҧà¾È à¾×è͹Óà§Ô¹ä»¨‹Ò¤‹ÒàÅ‹ÒàÃÕ¹ áÅÐ à¾ÃÕÂÇ ÍÂÙµ‹ ç·Õ¡è ÒÃÍÍ¡áçÍ‹ҧ ¤‹Ò¤ÃͧªÕ¾·ÕèÊÙ§¢Öé¹ â´Â¾ÄµÔ¡ÃÃÁ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇÍÒ¨¶Ù¡¡Ãе،¹¨Ò¡Ê×èÍ àª‹¹ ˹ѡ ã¹àÇÅÒª‹Ç§ÊÑé¹æ ËÃ×Í·Õè «ÕÃÕʏ´Ñ§àÃ×èͧ “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” ¢Í§Íѧ¡ÄÉ ¨Ò¡¼Å àÃÕ Â ¡Ç‹ Ò High Intensity ÈÖ¡ÉÒ¾ºÇ‹Ò 1 ã¹ 10 ¢Í§¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒᾷ½ƒ¡§Ò¹ÍŒÒ§Ç‹ÒÃÙŒ¨Ñ¡à¾×è͹·Õè Training (HIT) ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ “¢ÒµÑÇ” â´ÂµÑÇàÅ¢¹Õé¶×ÍÇ‹ÒÊÙ§¡Ç‹ÒàÁ×èÍ 10 »‚¡‹Í¹ ¶Ö§ 10 à·‹Ò §Ò¹ ¡ÒÂẺ¹Õ¨é Ъ‹ÇÂà¼Ò¼ÅÒÞä¢Áѹ ·Õè¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒᾷËÞÔ§àËÅ‹Ò¹Õé¹ÔÂÁÁÒ¡·ÕèÊØ´¤×Íൌ¹ÃкÓÃÙ´àÊÒ µÒÁ ä´ŒÁÒ¡ÂÔ觡NjҡÒÃâËÁÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧÍ‹ҧàÍÒ¨ÃÔ§àÍҨѧã¹âçÂÔÁ¹Ò¹µÑé§ËÅÒÂæ ªÑèÇâÁ§àÊÕÂÍÕ¡ ¡Òà ´ŒÇ¡ÒÃà»Å×éͧ¼ŒÒ ¢³Ð·Õè¡ÒâÒµÑÇ໚¹¾ÄµÔ¡ÃÃÁ¾×é¹°Ò¹·Õè¹ÔÂÁ·ÕèÊØ´ ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧÍ‹ҧ˹ѡ˹‹Ç§ªÑèǪ‹Ç§ÊÑé¹æ ¨Ð»Å´»Å‹ÍÂÎÍÏâÁ¹·Õèà¼Ò¼ÅÒÞä¢Áѹ ¡Ó¨Ñ´ä¢Áѹ¢ŒÒ§àÍÇ·Õè ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕéÂѧ¾ºÇ‹Ò 1 ã¹ 7 ¢Í§¹Ñ¡ÈÕ¡ÉÒÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒÅÑÂà¤ÁºÃÔ´¨ äÁ‹¾Ö§»ÃÒö¹Ò ·Ñé§Âѧ»Å‹Í¡ÅÙâ¤Êã¹àÅ×Í´ä»àÅÕ駡ŌÒÁà¹×éÍáÅÐà¹×éÍàÂ×èÍ «Ö觨ж١à¼Ò¼ÅÒÞãˌ໚¹ ÂÍÁÃѺNjҢÒÂÊÒÃàʾµÔ´àª‹¹ ¡ÑÞªÒ â¤à¤¹ áÅÐÊÒÃàʾµÔ´Í×è¹æ ¾Åѧ§Ò¹ ·Ñ駡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧÍ‹ҧ˹ѡ¨Ðª‹ÇºÃÃà·Ò¤ÇÒÁËÔÇŧ ¼Ô´¡Ñº¡ÒÃÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ໚¹àÇÅÒ¹Ò¹ ãËŒà¾×è͹ à¾×è͹Óà§Ô¹ÁÒ¨‹Ò¤‹Òà·ÍÁ ¨Ò¡¡ÒÃÊÓÃǨ¨Ò¡¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ 434 ¤¹¾ºÇ‹Ò¹Ñ¡ÈÖ¡ÉÒ㪌ÂÒÁÒ¡ ¡ÅѺ·ÓãËŒ¡Ô¹¨Ø¢Öé¹ Í‹ҧäáçµÒÁÈÒʵÃÒ¨ÒÏà¨ÁÕè ·ÔÁÁ͹ʏ ÁËÒÇÔ·ÂÒàºÍÏÁÔ§áÎÁ¡Å‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò¡Òà ¢Öé¹à¾×èͼ‹Í¹¤ÅÒ¤ÇÒÁà¤ÃÕ´¨Ò¡¡ÒÃàÃÕ¹˹ѡ ‘amthai’ ÍÍ¡¡ÓÅѧ¡ÒÂÁռŵ‹ÍËҧ¡Ò¢ͧᵋÅФ¹µ‹Ò§¡Ñ¹¢Öé¹ÍÂÙ‹¡Ñº¾Ñ¹¸Ø¡ÃÃÁ ‘amthai’

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amthaipaper / January 2008


10 amthaipaper 10 amthaipaper / January 2008

Chang Talk / February 2012

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The winner of amthai vip tickets to bodyslam was Chotiros Pam Kaewka (in the pink). Her name was drawn from the amthai paper fans that clicked the like button

Bodyslam Live in London ¤Ø³áÎÁ ´Ò¹ÙÊ (Haim Danous) ਌ҢͧÌҹ ÍÒËÒÃä·ÂáʤÇÏ 1 7ÊÒ¢Òã¹»ÃÐà·ÈÍÑ § ¡ÄÉ áÅÐàºÕ  Ï ªŒ Ò §Ã‹ Ç Á¡Ñ ¹ ¨Ñ º Á× Í ¨Ñ ´ ¤Í¹àÊÔ Ã µ Bodyslam Live in London ä´ŒÃºÑ ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃç¨ Í‹ҧÁÒ¡ÁÒÂ㹤׹ÇѹÍҷԵ·1èÕ 1 ÁÕ¹Ò¤Á 2012 ³ HMV Forum, Kentish Town §Ò¹¹Õ¹é Í¡¨Ò¡ µŒÍ§¢Íº¤Ø³àºÕÂϪŒÒ§Ê»Í¹à«ÍÏãËÞ‹áÅŒÇ ·Ò§ ¼ÙŒ ¨Ñ ´ ¢Í¢Íº¤Ø ³ ¤ÇÒÁª‹ Ç ÂàËÅ× Í ¨Ò¡¤Ø ³ ÇÔ ª ޏ ¡Ô ¨ ¨Ò·Ã¼ÙŒ ¨Ñ ´ ¡ÒÃãËÞ‹ º.¡ÒÃºÔ ¹ä·Â ¨Ó¡Ñ ´ (ÁËÒª¹) »ÃÐà·ÈÍѧ¡ÄÉ·Õ誋ÇÂàËÅ×Í¡ÅØ‹ÁÈÔÅ»¹ ãËŒà´Ô¹·Ò§Í‹ҧÃÒºÃ×è¹ÁҹзÕè¹Õé´ŒÇÂ

March 10 before jetting to Australia for concerts in Melbourne on March 16 and Sydney on March 18. They then go to New York on March 21 and to Los Angeles on March 24.

“It’s the first time Bodyslam is setting off on a world tour,” says Sorrakrit Lathitham, marketing manager of Thai Beverage Marketing. “We have more than 50 branches around the world including in the three countries where he expat Thai community finally gets Bodyslam is playing. We would like something to cheer about this month overseas Thai fans to experience the as the Kingdom’s hottest rock band rock band’s full-scale concert.” Bodyslam heads to three continents with its “Sang Sudthai World Tour 2012”. “We’ve partnered together with Bodyslam many times before, for the ‘Live in The rock band kicked off its overseas Kraam’ at Rajamangala Stadium, which gigs with a show on Sunday night at draw an audience of almost 70,000 fans HMV foreham Kenstist town in London and for the recent acoustic ‘Nang Len’


show. The world tour shows are already million,” reveals Sorrakrit, who just sold out so the demand is there.” sponsored for Carabao’s “30 Years World Tour”, which took in Europe, the US, Asked what he means by “full-scale” Asia as well as all 77 provinces. concert, the marketing manager explains that the overseas concerts will be “Toon said on stage that he will have “normal”, not acoustic. They’ll also feature to exercise because of the time the entire band - vocalist Athiwara change,” he says. “Toon” Khongmalai, guitarist Thanachai The world tour is a collaboration between “Yod” Tantrakul, bassist Thanadol promoter Thai Beverage Marketing and “Pid” Changsawek and drummer GMM Grammy. How does it support Suchuch “Chad” Chaneed along with Chang branding? keyboardist Ohm Plengkham - plus a crew of 15. Each concert will be played “We support the new generation’s in front of about 2,000 fans. lifestyle and Bodyslam is an inspiration for the new generation. It’s not only “The overall budget is Bt10 million Thais who love the band: Laotians and covering marketing, promotion, the rock Cambodians are fans too,” says Sorrakrit band’s remuneration as well as overseas with a smile. ‘amthai’ accommodation and travelling expenses. Each venue is costing about Bt1-2

WELCOME TO MEKHONG: Produced at the Bangyikhan Distillery, set in stunning scenery in one of the most beautiful parts of the Kingdom of Thailand. A time honoured fermentation process combines both molasses and rice which is unique. Throughout distillation the techniques used balance tradition with modernity to ensure we retain the age old character of Mekhong whilst ensuring a consistent and impeccably pure spirit. The final distilled spirit is then artfully blended with a secret recipe (still kept secret to this day) of Thai herbs and spices added in several traditional and symbolic stages which together gradually create the rich golden colour and mild mellow taste and aroma of Mekhong. Mekhong can be enjoyed straight, with a mixer or in cocktails, and of course it perfectly complements flavoursome Thai food. Mekhong encourages you to drink responsibly.

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amthaipaper / January 2008


12 amthaipaper 12 amthaipaper / January 2008

Amthai Travel: Emerald Global Group / February 2012

amthai Travel: Emerald Global Group

à´Ô¹·Ò§ÊºÒÂ仡Ѻ ºÃÔÉÑ·àÍàÁÍÃÑÅ´ ¡Ã؍»

Bruce Taylor The Emerald Global Group has been established for 35 years. They have a main base in the West End as well as premises in Regent Street and a walk-in store in Baker Street which covers a lot of destinations worldwide. They have a Thai section where Thai-speaking staff serve Thai customers’, offering special fares when they want to return home to visit friends and family in Thailand. The company also has different divisions in order to serve customers from other countries. If people are travelling to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, China or Japan, there are skilled staff who can assist in booking a holiday.


nder Emerald Global Group’s umbrella, there are

Emerald Travel Ltd.

Bruce Taylor Commercial Director, Emerald Travel Amthai : People come to Emerald Travel and get a reasonably priced ticket? Bruce: Correct, Emerald travel is focused on community travel for people who have particular destinations. We have special fares to lots of destinations. Amthai : What is the best selling section? Bruce: The busiest section is the Thai community. There are a lot of Thai people live in the UK and English who would like to go to Thailand. Amtha i: Are more British people buying tickets now? Bruce: All ranges of different things so people coming to us might just want the flights then we also add value to the trip. People are not looking for just community fares but particular fares. We have other areas which are a little bit different. We also handle with a cooperative business which is a small business. Because of the requirements, people may have to go to buy for important special group that might be travelling to Thailand or China or Indochina. We also handle cooperate customers as well within the e-tours brand. You can go to the website, we

have specific requirements holiday to send customers all over the world, whether to visit relatives or on exciting holidays to various destinations. Amthai : What is the different between eTours and Peoplestravel ? Bruce: Peoplestravel is a store, a shop retails in-store so people can come at anytime they like without making an appointment. They just come in and talk to one of the staff whatever they want. The staff can arrange to support their requests. Amthai : Is it the internet based on tailormade travel service which is offer services more than Emerald Travel which is sales focus on community fares? Bruce: Correct, Peoplestravel will cover any type of holidays, including destinations beyond Indochina or Thailand - basically worldwide destinations. Amthai : If people in the UK want to go to America or Europe can they contact you? Bruce: Yes, we can do that. We’ve got a website: if someone wants a return flight you can go and check the flight and price on the website. If people want more arrangements like car hire and hotel or more arrangements, peoplestravel will handle that. So they can go to shop, talk to some of them face to face about what are they planning to do and then we put it together according to their requests.

áÍÁä·Â : ¨ÐºÍ¡ÍÐäáѺÅÙ¡¤ŒÒºŒÒ§ à¾ÃÒÐ »‚¹Õé¨ÐÁÕ¡ÒÃᢋ§¢Ñ¹¡ÕÌÒâÍÅÔÁ»¡·ÕèÅ͹´Í¹ ÍÒ¨ ¨ÐÁÕ¤¹à´Ô¹·Ò§ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ ÍÂÒ¡ºÍ¡ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ·Ø¡¤¹Ç‹Ò¶ŒÒ¨Ðà´Ô¹·Ò§ª‹Ç§à´×͹ ÁԶعÒ¹ãËŒÃÕº¨Í§ à¾ÃÒе͹¹ÕéàÃÒÂѧ¢ÒµÑëÇä» ¡ÅѺÍÂÙ‹·Õè»ÃÐÁÒ³ 500 »Í¹´ à´×͹˹ŒÒ¡çÍÒ¨ ¨ÐäÁ‹ÁÕáÅŒÇà¾ÃÒÐ àÁ×èÍã¡ÅŒà´×͹ÁԶعÒ¹¨Ð໚¹ à´×͹·Õ褹ÍÂÒ¡¨ÐÁҡѹàÂÍÐ áÍÁä·Â : ¶ŒÒÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ¨ÐÍÍ¡¹Í¡»ÃÐà·ÈÂѧâÍठÍÂÙ‹äËÁ ¶ŒÒ໚¹ª‹Ç§ÁԶعÒ¹¾Õè¨ÐãËŒÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ·ÕèÃÙŒÇѹà´Ô¹·Ò§ ·Õèṋ¹Í¹ãËŒÃÕºÍÍ¡µÑëÇ áÍÁä·Â : ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ໚¹Í‹ҧäúŒÒ§ ʋǹÁÒ¡ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ¡çâÍठà¢Ò¾Í㨡Ѻ¡ÒúԹä·Â µÍ¹¹Õé · Ò§àÃÒ¡ç ¾ ÂÒÂÒÁá¹Ð¹Ó¡ÒÃºÔ ¹ ä·Â à¾ÃÒÐÇ‹Ò Ë¹Öè§à¢ÒÁըͷÕÇÕ·Ø¡·Õè¹Ñè§ Êͧà¢ÒÁÕµÑëÇ á¶ÁÀÒÂã¹»ÃÐà·È áÅТͧÍÕÇÒáÍÏ ·Õèà¢Òá¶Á ¹éÓ˹ѡ »¡µÔà¢ÒãËŒ 20 ¡ÔâÅ à´ÕëÂǹÕéá¶Áãˌ໚¹ 30 ¡ÔâÅ áÍÁä·Â : àËç¹ÁÕºÃÔ¡ÒèͧâçáÃÁ´ŒÇ ÁÕ¤‹Ð ÁÕÅÙ¡¤ŒÒµŒÍ§¡ÒèͧâçáÃÁˌҴÒÇ·Õè¡ÃкÕè ¡ÃØ§à·¾Ï ËÃ×Í·Õèä˹·Ò§àÃÒ¡çÊÒÁÒö¨Ñ´ãˌ䴌 áÍÁä·Â : ½Ò¡ÍÐäö֧¤¹ä·Â ãËŒÁҨͧµÑÇë ¡ÑºàÍàÁÍÃÑÅ´àÂÍÐæ ¨Ð¤Ô´ÃÒ¤Ò¾ÔàÈÉ ¤‹Ð ࢌÒÁÒàÂÕÂè ÁÍÍ¿¿È¢Í§àÃÒ¡çä´Œµ§éÑ áµ‹Ç¹Ñ ¨Ñ¹·Ã ¶Ö§ÇѹàÊÒÏ ËÃ×ͶŒÒâ·ÃàºÍÏ·àèÕ Ëç¹ã¹Ë¹Ñ§Ê×;ÔÁ¾ áÍÁä·Â»¡ËÅѧ ¡ç¨Ð໚¹àºÍϵç·Õèâ·ÃࢌÒÁÒ á¼¹¡ä·ÂàÅ Travel Consultant- Thai Department 207 Regent Street London W1B 4ND T: 0844 472 3177

technology Like us on Facebook For example, we have a program for India; for people who want to travel to India and want to put an itinerary together, etours will help them to do that. Japan is the same so we put the holiday together which include travel insurance, transfer, hotel, day tours, etc. Amthai : Is this based on the internet only? etours is not an actual live booking engine. It is a website that you can put in whatever you want so it tailor-made/ bespoke. We are pointing towards destinations that we believe are hot and exciting. Thailand is very strong. People always want to return to Thailand for holiday. It’s very strong in the market. Royal Institutions between the queen of the United Kingdom and the king of Thailand is very strong connection. People who want to go to Thailand because they know it, trust it as a great place to visit, and get good food. Obviously, there’re lots of different things that people can do. They have cities, the mountains, there’re a lot of activities that people can get involved. Visiting Thailand is a key for us as well. Amthai : When people have a look at the information on the etours website and fill in what they need, then could they make inquiry by phone? Bruce : Within Emerald Global Group, there are teams of people who are highly skilled so we know all about the destinations. There are phone numbers that customers can phone up, our teams and they have specialised knowledge to handle the customer requests. e-tours is a part of Emerald Global Ltd., but the target for e-tours is focused on specific destinations. On the other hand, Peoplestravel is for anyone who want to go anywhere and we advise and make arrangement. Peoplestravel is like a traditional storefront, a traditional travel agency. People can walk in, and don’t have to make appointment.


eConsol have a website which going to be renew with 2-3 weeks. We provide the most competitive airfares with over 50 airlines and are also an AirAsia appointed SkyAgent.

Emerald Corporate

Travel Consultants-Thai Department Sales & Marketing

Emerald Travel: Thai section


¡¤Œ Ò ¢Í§àÃÒÁÕ Á ÒµÅÍ´ Ê‹ ǹãËÞ‹ ¨ ÐÃÙŒ¨ Ò¡ ¹Ê¾.áÍÁä·Â à¾ÃÒÐàË繨ҡâ¦É³Ò»¡ËÅѧ ¢Í§Ë¹Ñ§Ê×;ÔÁ¾ ʋǹÁÒ¡ÁÕÅÙ¡¤ŒÒµ‹Ò§¨Ñ§ËÇÑ´¡ç àÂÍдŒÇ áÅжŒÒã¹Å͹´Í¹ ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ¡ç¨ÐÁÒáÇÐ ·ÕèÍÍ¿¿ÈàÃÒºŒÒ§ «Öè§àÃÒÊÒÁÒöãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒÃä´Œ¶Ö§ ÊͧÍÍ¿¿ È ã¨¡ÅÒ§¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ¤× Í ·Õè ÃÕਹ·ÊµÃÕ· áÅÐàºà¡ÍÏʵÃÕ· ·Õèä˹·ÕèÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ à´Ô¹·Ò§ÁÒÊдǡ ¡çÊÒÁÒöáÇÐࢌÒÁÒä´Œà¾×èÍ ÁÒÃѺºÃÔ¡ÒÃËÃ×ÍÍÍ¡µÑëÇ


Amthai : How about etours? Bruce: etours is very specific. There’re particular destinations that we believe are very great and exciting. For example, at the moment Vietnam is very key focus for us. The Vietnam Airlines just launched a non-stop flight to Hanoi. So we can push in to confirmation. That is why the etours brand is very specific and country-based.

The corporate businesses do regular trips, Emerald Corporate can handle that business for those clients. They have business plans and itineraries. Quite often the booking can change because of meeting requests. Basically, Emerald Corporate has specialized team of people to deal with corporate requirements. They have a corporate division where they sell the travel business arrangement.

Namste Travel

Jagnesh Shah Director-Specialist Tours, Namaste Travel & Tours This company is unique. It is basically based on Asian born market. They want to travel like British born Asians. Their parents came here from other countries Continue on page 16

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ແ´¢ÒÂÍÒËÒõÑé§áµ‹º‹ÒÂâÁ§ “äÁ‹ÁÕàºÃ¡”  ¾º¡ÑºàÁ¹ÙãËÁ‹ Lunch at Heron  ÃѺ¨Ñ´ Private Party  ÍѾഷà¾Å§ãËÁ‹æ Ê‹§µÃ§¨Ò¡àÁ×ͧä·Â  ¾ÔàÈÉÊØ´æ ¡Ñº “¨ÔéÁ-¨Ø‹Á-à«ç·”



thai pub & karaoke.... ແ´ãËŒºÃÔ¡Ò÷ءÇѹ äÁ‹ÁÕÇѹËÂØ´

New Menu ¢ÒËÁÙ·Í´ »Ù¼Ñ´¾ÃÔ¡à¡Å×Í ÂӼѡºØŒ§ ÂӤйŒÒ¡ØŒ§Ê´ »ÅÒ´Ø¡¼Ñ´©‹Ò


àÁ¹Ùá¹Ð¹ÓÊÓËÃѺÁ×éÍ¡ÅÒ§Çѹ ¡ŽÇÂàµÕëÂÇËÁٵ؎¹ ¡ŽÇÂàµÕëÂÇËÁÙ¹éÓµ¡ ¡ŽÇÂàµÕëÂÇÊØ⢷Ñ ¡ŽÇÂàµÕëÂǤÑèÇä¡‹ ºÐËÁÕèà¡ÕêÂÇËÁÙá´§ ÃҴ˹ŒÒËÁÙËÁÑ¡ ºÐËÁÕèà¡ÕêÂÇËÁÙá´§ ¢ŒÒÇËÁÙá´§ / ËÁÙ¡Ãͺ ¢ŒÒÇ¢ÒËÁÙ ¢ŒÒÇÁѹ䡋µŒÁ / ä¡‹·Í´ ¢ŒÒǤÅØ¡¡Ð» ËÍ·ʹ ¡Ðà¾ÒлÅÒ àÂç¹µÒâ¿ ¾º¡Ñº¢¹ÁËÇÒ¹ - à¤Ã×èͧ´×èÁ¾ÔàÈÉ»ÃШÓÇѹ

N O R F O L K C R E S C E N T P A D D I N G T O N L D N W 2 2 D N. . . .0 2 0 7 7 0 6 9 5 6 7

Served all day long!! from 1 pm - till late


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¤Ø¡Ѻ»‡Ò¨Øºá¨§ @: ¾Ñ¡¹Õé àÃÔèÁä´ŒÂÔ¹ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹Ç‹ÒÁÕ¤¹ä·Â¢Í´Óà¹Ô¹¡Òà ·Ò§¡¯ËÁÒ¢ÍÅÕéÀÑÂà¾ÔèÁÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ «Öè§ËÒ¡¿˜§Í‹ҧ ¼ÔÇà¼Ô¹áÅŒÇÍÒ¨àËç¹à»š¹àÃ×èͧ·ÕèäÁ‹¹‹Ò¨Ð໚¹ä»ä´Œ à¾ÃÒлÃÐà·Èä·Â äÁ‹¶×ÍÇ‹ÒÍÂÙ‹ã¹¢‹Ò»ÃÐà·È ÍѹµÃÒÂÊÓËÃѺ»ÃЪҪ¹·ÑèÇä» (µÒÁÊÒµҢͧ ¤¹µ‹ Ò §ªÒµÔ ) ͹Öè § ÊËÃÒªÍÒ³Ò¨Ñ ¡ Ã໚ ¹ ˹Öè § »ÃÐà·È·Õè à ¤ÒþÂÖ ´ ¶× Í áÅл¯Ô ºÑ µÔ µ ÒÁ¡¯ºÑ µ à ÊË»ÃЪҪҵÔÇ‹Ò´ŒÇ¡ÒÃÅÕéÀÑ «Öè§ÁÕ¢ŒÍ¡Ó˹´ àÍÒäÇŒÇÒ‹ ¨ÐµŒÍ§Í¹ØÞÒµãËŒÁ¡Õ ÒÃÅÕÀé ÂÑ ä´Œ ¶ŒÒËÒ¡Ç‹Ò¼ÙŒ ¢ÍÁÕËÅÑ¡°Ò¹ÁÒ¾ÔÊÙ¨¹ãËŒÈÒÅ·Õè´ÙáÅà¡ÕèÂǡѺ¤¹ ࢌÒàÁ×ͧ ËÃ×Í immigration court àª×èÍä´ŒÇ‹Ò äÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö¡ÅѺ»ÃÐà·È¢Í§µ¹ä´Œ à¾ÃÒжŒÒ¡ÅѺ ËÃ×Ͷ١ʋ§µÑÇ¡ÅѺ¡ç¨ÐµŒÍ§¶Ù¡Å§â·ÉËÃ×ͤء¤ÒÁ ¢Á¢ÙÍ‹ ¹Ñ à¹×Íè §ÁÒ¨Ò¡à˵ؼŷҧàª×Íé ªÒµÔ ¡ÒùѺ¶×Í ÈÒÊ¹Ò ÊÑÞªÒµÔ ¤ÇÒÁ¤Ô´àËç¹·Ò§¡ÒÃàÁ×ͧ ËÃ×Í ¡ÒÃ໚ ¹ ÊÁÒªÔ ¡ ¡ÅØ‹ Á ËÃ× Í Í§¤ ¡ ÷ҧÊÑ § ¤Áã´æ ·Ñé§ËÁ´·Õè¡Å‹ÒÇÁÒ¹Õé ÊÒÁÒö㪌໚¹à˵ؼÅ͌ҧ㹠¡ÒâÍÅÕéÀÑÂã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃä´Œ


ÓËÃѺÃÒ¤¹ä·Â·Õèà¤Âà¨ÍÁÒ¹Ñé¹ Ê‹Ç¹ãËÞ‹ ¨Ð¢ÍµÍ¹·Õè ¶Ù ¡ µÓÃǨ¨Ñ º ã¹¢Œ Í ËÒÍÂÙ‹ ã ¹ »ÃÐà·ÈÍ‹ҧ¼Ô´¡¯ËÁÒ äÁ‹àËÁ×͹¡Ñº¼ÙŒÅÕéÀÑ ¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·ÈÍ×è¹æ ·ÕèʋǹãËÞ‹¨Ð¢ÍµÍ¹à´Ô¹·Ò§ ࢌÒÁÒ¶Ö§»ÃÐà·È «Öè§ÍÒ¨¨Ð໚¹·Õè·‹ÒÍÒ¡ÒÈÂÒ¹ ËÃ×͵ÒÁ´‹Ò¹µÃǨ¤¹à¢ŒÒàÁ×ͧ·Ò§º¡áÅзҧ ·ÐàÅÍ×è¹æ ʋǹà˵ؼŷÕ褹ä·Â·Õèà¤Â¾ºÁÒ͌ҧ 㪌¹Ñ鹡çÁÕ ÍÒ·Ô ¡ÅѺ»ÃÐà·Èµ¹àͧäÁ‹ä´Œà¾ÃÒÐ ä»Â×Á˹ÕéÂ×ÁÊÔ¹¾Ç¡á¡§ÍÍ¡à§Ô¹ãËŒ¡ÙŒ¨ÍÁâË´ ¶ŒÒ äÁ‹ÁÕà§Ô¹ä»ãªŒ¡çÍÒ¨¶Ù¡Å‹Ò໚¹ÍѹµÃÒµ‹ÍªÕÇԵ䴌 ÁÕ Ã ÒÂ˹Öè § »ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃç ¨ä´Œ Ê ¶Ò¹Ð¼ÙŒ ÅÕé ÀÑ Â áµ‹¡‹Í¹·Õè¨Ðä´Œà¸Í䴌㪌àÇÅÒµ‹ÍÊÙŒ·Ò§ÈÒÅÍÂÙ‹¹Ò¹

¾ÍÊÁ¤Çà áÅж١¡Ñ¡¡Ñ¹·ÕèÈٹ¡Ñ¡¡Ñ¹µÑÇ Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre ·Õè Á³±Å Bedford ÍÂÙ‹ËÅÒÂà´×͹ ʋǹà˵ؼŷÕè à¸Í»ÃÐʺ¤ÇÒÁÊÓàÃ稹ѹé ໚¹à¾ÃÒÐà¤ÂÁÕ»ÃÐÇÑµÔ ãËŒ¡ÒÃ໚¹¾ÂÒ¹ãËŒ¡ÑºµÓÃǨ㹡ÒôÓà¹Ô¹¤´Õ¡Ñº ¾Ç¡·Õ袹¼ÙŒËÞÔ§¢ŒÒÁ»ÃÐà·ÈࢌÒÁÒ¤ŒÒ»ÃÐàÇ³Õ áÅÐÊÒÁÒö¾ÔÊÙ¨¹ãËŒÈÒÅàª×èÍÇ‹Ò à¸Í¡ÓÅѧ¶Ù¡ µÒÁÅ‹ÒµÑÇ·Õè»ÃÐà·Èä·Â¨ÃÔ§æ à¾ÃÒÐ仡ٌà§Ô¹à¾×èÍ ·Õè ¨ зÓàÃ×è Í §ÁÒ·Ó§Ò¹¤Œ Ò »ÃÐàÇ³Õ ã ¹ÊËÃÒª ÍҳҨѡà ¼ÙŒ·Õèä´ŒÃѺʶҹÀÒ¾¡ÒÃ໚¹¼ÙŒÅÕéÀѨÐÁÕ ÊÔ·¸Ôàì ·Õº෋ҡѺ»ÃЪҪ¹·ÑÇè ä» áµ‹¨ÐäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö ¡ÅѺºŒÒ¹à¡Ô´ä´Œà»š¹àÇÅÒÍ‹ҧ¹ŒÍÂˌһ‚ ¹Ñ蹡ç໚¹ÃÒ·Õè⪤´Õ·Õèä´ŒÃѺʶҹÀÒ¾ áÅÐäÁ‹¶Ù¡ Ê‹ § µÑ Ç ¡ÅÑ º ·Õè ¾ ºàËç ¹ ÁÒÁÕ ÍÕ ¡ ÊͧÊÒÁÃÒ·Õè ã ªŒ à˵ؼÅàËÁ×Í¹æ ¡Ñ¹ ¤×Í¡Òö١¢‹Á¢Ù‹¨Ò¡¼ÙŒ·Õè¾Ç¡ à¢Ò仡ٌà§Ô¹ÁÒ«Ö觶ŒÒäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöªÓÃеÒÁ¡Ó˹´¡ç ÍҨ໚¹ÍѹµÃÒµ‹ÍªÕÇÔµ ÊÔè§Ë¹Ö觷ÕèÈÒÅÂéÓ¶ÒÁ¤×Í ¡Ãкǹ¡Ò÷ҧ¡¯ËÁÒ·Õè»ÃÐà·Èä·Â «Öè§à¡Ô´ ¤Ó¶ÒÁ¢Öé¹ÁÒÇ‹Ò¶ŒÒ໚¹àÃ×èͧ¨ÃÔ§ ·ÓäÁµÓÃǨ·Õè »ÃÐà·Èä·Â¶Ö §äÁ‹ ã ËŒ ¤ ÇÒÁ¤ØŒ Á ¤Ãͧ»ÃЪҪ¹ »Å‹ÍÂãËŒ¶Ù¡¤Ø¡¤ÒÁàÍÒªÕÇÔµ ÊÓËÃѺ¤ÓµÍº¶Ö§äÁ‹ ¾Ù´¡ç¤§à´ÒàÍÒä´Œ à¾ÃÒÐʋǹãËÞ‹¨ÐºÍ¡Ç‹ÒµÓÃǨ ä·ÂËÇѧ¾Ö§è äÁ‹ä´Œ ´ÕäÁ‹´ÍÕ Ò¨¨ÐÊÁÃÙÃŒ Ç‹ Á¤Ô´¡Ñº¼ÙÃŒ ÒŒ  ´ŒÇÂàÊÕ´ŒÇ«éÓä» áµ‹Í‹ҧäáçµÒÁÊÓËÃѺ¤´Õ´Ñ§ ¡Å‹ÒÇ ÈÒÅ immigration ·Õè¹ÕèàËç¹Ç‹ÒËÅÑ¡°Ò¹ ÂѧäÁ‹à¾Õ§¾Í â´Â੾ÒÐàÃ×Íè §¡ÒûÃÑ¡»ÃÓµÓÃǨ ä·Â¹Ñ¹é ÈÒÅàËç¹Ç‹Ò àÍ¡ÊÒ÷Õàè »š¹¡ÒÃÃÒ§ҹ¢‹ÒÇ äÁ‹à¾Õ§¾Í·Õè¨ÐÂ×¹ÂѹNjҵÓÃǨä·Â໚¹´Ñ§ÍŒÒ§ ¨ÃÔ § «Öè § ·Œ Ò ÂÊØ ´ ºØ ¤ ¤Å·Ñé § Êͧ¡ç ¶Ù ¡ µÑ ´ ÊÔ ¹ ãËŒ Ê‹§µÑÇ¡ÅѺ

ÁÕ¤¹ä·Â¨Ó¹Ç¹äÁ‹¹ŒÍ·ÕèࢌÒÁÒÍÂÙ‹·ÕèÍѧ¡ÄÉáÅÐ µŒÍ§ÁÒà¨Í¡Ñº»˜ÞËÒàÃ×èͧÇÕ«‹Ò ºÒ§ ¤¹ä´ŒÇÕ«‹ÒÁҷӧҹÌҹÍÒËÒà ᵋ¶¡Ù ¨ÑºµÍ¹·Ó§Ò¹¤ŒÒ»ÃÐàÇ³Õ «Öè § ¡ç ÁÕ ·Ñé § ÃÒ·Õè à »š ¹ ¼ÙŒ Ë ÞÔ § áÅмٌªÒ ÁÕ¼ÙŒªÒÂÃÒ ˹Öè § ä´Œ ÇÕ «‹ Ò ·Ó§Ò¹ ÌҹÍÒËÒÃÊÕ軂 ᵋ ¶Ù ¡ ¨Ñ º ä ´Œ ·Õè «‹ Í § ¤Œ Ò »ÃÐàÇ³Õ ª Ò áÅж١ʋ§µÑÇä»·Õè ʶҹ¡Ñ¡¡Ñ¹à¾×èÍ ãËŒ · ¹Ò¤ÇÒÁ á ¨Œ § ÊÔ · ¸Ôì á Å Ð Êͺ¶ÒÁ¤ÇÒÁ ¨Ó¹§Ç‹ÒµŒÍ§¡Òà ÊÙŒ ¤ ´Õ Ë Ã× Í ¨ Ðã ËŒ Ê‹§µÑÇ¡ÅѺ»ÃÐà·È ᵋ â ´Â´Õ ·¹Ò ¢Í§ªÒ¼ٌ ¹Õé º Í¡ ¡Ñºà¢ÒÇ‹Ò ¶Ö§áÁŒ¨Ð ÁÕÇÕ«‹Ò·Ó§Ò¹Í‹ҧ¶Ù¡¡¯ËÁÒ ᵋ¶ŒÒÇÕ«‹ÒÃкØÇ‹Ò໚¹§Ò¹ª¹Ô´ã´ ¡ç¨ÐµŒÍ§·Ó§Ò¹ª¹Ô´¹Ñ¹é ¶ŒÒ¢ŒÒÁä»·Ó§Ò¹ »ÃÐàÀ·Í×蹶×ÍÇ‹Ò¼Ô´¡¯ËÁÒ ªÒ¤¹¹Ñé¹¡ç§§æ §Ñ¹æ äÁ‹Ã¨ŒÙ зÓÍ‹ҧäà ·ŒÒ·ÕÊè ´Ø à¢ÒÂÍÁ¶Ù¡Ê‹§µÑÇ ¡ÅÑ º »ÃÐà·Èä·Âã¹ÇÑ ¹ ÃØ‹ § ¢Öé ¹â´ÂäÁ‹ ÁÕ à ÇÅÒËÃ× Í âÍ¡ÒÊä»à¡çºàÊ×éͼŒÒËÃ×Í¢ŒÒǢͧàÊÕ´ŒÇ«éÓ ‘amthai’

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©ºÑ º ¹Õé ¢ ÍàÍÒã¨ÊÒÇªØ ´ ´Ó·Ñé § ËÅÒ “Blacklight” ¡Ñ¹Ë¹‹Í¨ŒÒ



ÃÔè Á ¡Ñ ¹ ·Õè Ê ÒǪÒÇàÍàªÕ  ¼ÁºÍÏ ¹ ¡Ñ º ÊäµÅ à ¨á»¹ à¨á»¹ ¤×ÍʋǹãËÞ‹ªÍº¡ÒÃÁÔ¡«á͹´áÁ·«·Ø¡ Í‹ҧࢌҴŒÇ¡ѹ â´Â¡ÒÃãÊ‹àÊ×éͼŒÒËÅÒÂæ ªÔé¹ áµ‹ÅÐ ªÔ¹é ¨ÐÁÕÊäµÅâ´Âà¸ÍàÃÔÁè ¨Ò¡àÊ×Íé Â×´¸ÃÃÁ´Òæ ÊÕ´Ó ¾ÃŒÍÁ¡ÑºãÊ‹àÊ×éͤÅØÁ¼ŒÒ¸ÃÃÁ´ÒÍÕ¡ 1 ªÑé¹ áŌǵÒÁ´ŒÇÂá¨ç¤à¡çµà¡Žæ ÊÕ´Ó ¢ÒÇ »´·ŒÒ´ŒÇ¼ŒÒ¾Ñ¹¤ÍÊÕ´Ó·ÓãËŒà¾ÔÁè ¤ÇÒÁͺÍØ‹¹ä´ŒÁÒ¡ áÅдÙÊäµÅ¡Òà ᵋ§µÑÇÁÕÍÐäÃÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ (äÁ‹àËÁÒСѺ àÁ×ͧä·Â¹Ð¤Ð Ẻ¹Õé) áÁ·«ªÔè§ à¢ŒÒ¡Ñº¡Ò§à¡§àŤ¡Ô駷ÕèãÊ‹ áŌǷÓãËŒ ª‹Ç§Å‹Ò§´Ùà¾ÃÕÂÇÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ áÅÐÁҾÌÍÁ¡ÑºÃͧ෌ҺٸÊմӪش¹Õé äÁ‹ µŒ Í §ÊоÒ¡ÃÐ້ ÒãºãËÞ‹ ¹ ФРᵋËÒ¾Ã;»ÃдѺࡎæ ઋ¹¡ÅŒÍ§âÅ âÁ‹á¹Çæ ¶×Íá·¹¡çà¡Ž¤Ð


¡ÊäµÅ¡ºÑ ÊÒǾѧ¤ÃÍç ¤à»ÃÕÂé Çæ ¾ÍàËç¹ ÀÒ¾¹Õé»Øˆº¡ç¹Ö¡¶Ö§µÅÒ´ Camden ¢Öé¹ Áҷѹ·Õ (äÁ‹ÃÙŒ¤Ô´¤¹à´ÕÂÇ»†ÒǹФÐ) ¶Ö§¨Ð ໚¹á¹Ç¾Ñ§¤ÃçͤÂѧ䧡çÂѧÁÕËÅÒÂæ ¤¹ ʹ㨠â´Â੾ÒÐÍ‹ҧÂÔ§è ªÒǵ‹Ò§ªÒµÔ â´Â Ê‹ Ç ¹ãËÞ‹ ¨ ÐÁҾÌ Í Á¡Ñ º àÊ×é Í Ë¹Ñ § ÊÕ ´ Ó à¤Ã×Íè §»ÃдѺà§Ô¹Ãͧ෌һ˜¡ËÁش໚¹µŒ¹ â´Â¹Ò§áººªØ´¹Õéàͧ¡çઋ¹¡Ñ¹ à¸ÍãÊ‹ àÊ×éÍ¡ÅŒÒÁÊÕ¢ÒÇ áµ‹ÁÕ´Õà·Å§Ò¹ª‹Ç§ ¤ÍàÊ×Íé áÅСҧࡧ¢ÒÊѹé ᵋãÊ‹¶§Ø ¹‹Í§ ÊÕ´Ó¡ÃÐ້ÒÊÒÂÊоÒÂÂÒÇÊÕ´ÓÁÕÃÔéÇ ËŒÍ áÅÐÃͧ෌ÒÊŒ¹µÖ¡áººÁÕËÁØ´ à§Ô¹»˜¡ ᵋ§µÑÇä´ŒµÒÁá¹Ç¨ÃÔ§æ ¢Ò´¡çᵋ ÊÕ¼Á¹ÕèáËÅФР¾Ñ§¤µÑǨÃÔ§¼ÁµŒÍ§ ÁÕËÅÒ¡ÊÕæ ¹Ð¤Ð


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07941 647886 07886 231129 0788 6514799

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amthaientertainment â´Â: ¡ÔÁàÅŒ§


ÍÅÅ‹ Ò à·Â à ÅÍÏ à¼Â º·ºÒ·¤Ø³áÁ‹ÂѧÊÒÇ ÃѺ áʹà˹×Íè Âáµ‹Ê¢Ø ã¨·ÕÊè ´Ø ´ŒÒ¹ ਌ Ò µÑ Ç ¡ÓÅÑ § ¨Ðແ ´ àÇç º 䫵 “¾ÍÅÅ‹ Ò á͹´ à ººÕé ” à¾×è Í ÃǺÃÇÁ»ÃÐʺ¡Òó ¡ Òà àÅÕ駹ŒÍ§äÅÅÒãˌᡋ¤Ø³áÁ‹ ¤¹Í×è¹ä´ŒÃѺÃÙŒ


¢ÂÔº¢Ö¹é ÁÒÍÕ¡ÊäµÅ·ÊèÕ ÒÇæ Ëع‹ à¾ÃÕÂÇËÃ×ÍäÁ‹à¾ÃÕÂÇ ¡çãÊ‹ä´Œ¨ŒÒ ¡Ñºá¹ÇʵÃÕ·áÇÏ ÎÔ»æ à·‹Ëæ ·ÕèäÁ‹ÁÕ ÇÑ ¹ àÍÒ· à ¾ÃÒÐãÊ‹ á ºº¹Õé á ÅŒ Ç ¨Ð·ÓãËŒ ´Ù à ¾ÃÕ Â Ç à·‹Ë¤‹Ð... â´Âà¸ÍãÊ‹ ªØ ´ ·Õè ¤‹ Í ¹¢Œ Ò §ËÒä´Œ §‹ Ò Â à»š ¹ ¡Ò§à¡§ÂչʏÊÕ´ÓÁÕÅÒÂàËÁ×͹ÊÕ¢ÒÇË´ áÅÐàÊ×é Í Â× ´ ÊÕ à ·Ò áÅÐãÊ‹ à Ê×é Í⤌ ª µÑ Ç ¹Í¡áÅ´Ù à ËÁ× Í ¹ÊÙ · ÊÕ ´ Ó áÅÐ ¡ÃÐ້Ò˹ѧ㺢¹Ò´¡ÅÒ§·ÓãËŒ´àÙ »š¹ ¼ÙŒ ã ËÞ‹ ä Á‹ ¡ ÃÐâ»âÅ á¶ÁÂÑ § áͺ ÎÔ¾´ŒÇÂËÁÇ¡ÊÕ´ÓÁÕ¤ÇÒÁà¡Ž·Õ軂¡ ªØ´¹Õàé »ÅÕÂè ¹á¹Çä´Œ 2 ÊäµÅâ´Â ¡ÒÃà»ÅÕè  ¹Ãͧ෌ Ò ËÒ¡ãÊ‹ Ãͧ෌ Ò ÁÕ ÊŒ ¹ ËÃ× Í Ãͧ෌ Ò ÊŒ ¹ ÊÙ § ¨Ð´Ù à »š ¹ ¼ÙŒ ã ËÞ‹ ã Ê‹ ªØ ´ ã¹ÇÑ ¹ ʺÒÂæ ᵋ Ë Ò¡à»ÅÕè  ¹ ໚¹Ãͧ෌ҼŒÒ㺨зÓãËŒ´Ù¡ÃЪҡÇÑ ໚¹ÇÑÂÃØ‹¹ ÁÕ¤ÇÒÁ¤Å‹Í§á¤Å‹Ç¹Ð¨Ð

¹Ñ ¡ ÃŒ Í §´Ñ § ÁÍÊ»¯Ô À Ò³ »°ÇÕ ¡ Ò¹µ ÊØ ´ »Å×é Á ÀÃÃÂÒÊÒÇ à¡Á-´Ç§¾Ã ¤ÅÍ´ÅÙ¡ÊÒǹ‹ÒÃÑ¡ ¹‹ÒªÑ§ ´ŒÒ¹Ë¹ØÁ‹ ÁÍÊµÑ§é ª×Íè ÅÙ¡ÊÒÇ ´ŒÇµ¹àͧÁÕªÍè× àÅ‹¹Ç‹Ò “¹ŒÍ§âʹ” Ê‹ Ç ¹ª×è Í ¨ÃÔ § Ç‹ Ò ´.Þ.ÊÔ Ê ÃÒÞ á»ÅÇ‹ÒÁÕ¤ÇÒÁÊØ¢ÁÒ¡·ÕèÊØ´

Ç‹ Ò ·Õè ¤Ø ³ áÁ‹ »‡ Ò Âá´§ ÍŒ Í Á ¾ÔÂ´Ò à»´à¼Â¡ÑºáËÅ‹§¢‹ÒÇÇ‹Ò ·ŒÍ§ä´Œ 6 à´×͹áÅŒÇ Ê‹Ç¹¼Å ÍÑŵÃÒ«ÒÇ´ä´ŒÅÙ¡ÊÒÇ §Ò¹ã¹ ǧ¡ÒÃÂѧÃѺ»¡µÔ ¡Ó˹´¤ÅÍ´ ¡ÅÒ§à´×͹¾ÄÉÀÒ¤Á»‚¹Õé


´ÓÂÑ §äÁ‹ Ë Á´à·‹ Ò ¹Õé á µ‹ §ä´Œ Ë ÅÒ¡ÊäµÅ Á Ò¡æ ÁÒ»´·ŒÒ¡ѹÍաẺ·ÕèàËŋҤس¼ÙŒËÞÔ§ Êѧ¤ÁäÎâ« ªÍºãÊ‹ÍÍ¡§Ò¹·Ñé§ËÅÒ ໚¹ ªØ´·ÕèãËŒ¤ÇÒÁà«ç¡«Õè´Ù´ÕÁÕÁÕàʹ‹ËÍÕ¡´ŒÇ ¡ÑºªØ´¹Õéà¸ÍÁҾÌÍÁ¡ÃÐâ»Ã§·Õè¡ÓÅѧ ¹Ô  Áã¹ÊÒÇæ ÊŒ ¹ 4 ¹Ôé Ç ¡Ñ º ¡ÃÐâ»Ã§¢ŒÒ§Ë¹ŒÒÊѹé à˹×Íà¢‹Ò ¢ŒÒ§ ËÅѧÂÒÇà¹×éͼŒÒäÁ‹Ë¹Ñ¡áÅоÃÔéÇ ÊÓËÃѺàÊ×éÍ㹪‹Ç§ÍÒ¡ÒÈ˹ÒÇæ Ẻ¹Õé¡çµŒÍ§áÁ·«à¢ŒÒ¡Ñº¼ŒÒà¿ÍÏ ËÃÙ æ ·Õè §Ñ ´ ÍÍ¡¨Ò¡µÙŒ Á ÒãÊ‹ ⠪Ǐ ¡Ñ ¹ Í‹ Ò § äÎâ« ÊÓËÃѺ¡ÃÐ້Ò໚¹ÊÔè§ÊÓ¤ÑÞ·Õè¢Ò´äÁ‹ä´Œã¹ ¡ÒÃÍÍ¡§Ò¹Ê‹Ç¹ãËÞ‹¨ÐÊоÒÂáºÃ¹´à¹Á ·Õè¹ÓÁÒâªÇ¡Ñ¹áººÇ‹ÒäÁ‹á¾§äÁ‹ËÔéÇÁÒ¨ŒÒ

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¹Ò¸Ò¹ âÍÁÒ¹ ¡ÅѺ¤×¹Êًǧ¡Òà ºÑ¹à·Ô§¾ÃŒÍÁª×Íè ãËÁ‹ “ÊØ¸Þ Ñ ” à¼Â à»ÅÕ蹪×èͶ×Íà¤Åç´Á§¤Å àµÃÕÂÁ ÍÍ¡¾çͤࡵºØ¤ à¤Åç´ÅѺ¡ÒÃâ¡Ë¡ ਌ҵÑǺ͡ÍÒ¨ÁռŧҹËÁÍÅÓ àÃçÇæ ¹Õé ‘amthai’

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I Wayne: Thinking Aloud February 2012


͸ԺÒÂ䴌͋ҧªÑ´à¨¹ ᵋ·Õ蹋ҡÅÑǤ×ͤӶÒÁẺ¹ÕéÍÒ¨¹Óä»ÊÙ‹¤ÇÒÁºÒ´ËÁÒ§ ËÃ×ͤÅÒ§á¤Å§ã¨¡Ñ¹ä´Œ ¶ŒÒ¼ÙµŒ ŒÍ§µÍºäÁ‹ÊÒÁÒöËÃ×ÍäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡µÍº


§Ë¹Öè§ã¹ªÕÇÔµ·ÕàÃÒ¢Ò´äÁ‹ä´Œ¤×Í “¼ÙŒÃŒÒ” ·Ñé§æ ·ÕèäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡ÁÕᵋ¡ç˹ÕäÁ‹¾Œ¹ ªÕÇÔµàÃÒà¨Í¼ÙŒÃŒÒÂá·ºµÅÍ´àÇÅÒ¡çÇ‹Òä´Œ ¼ÙŒÃŒÒÂÁÒã¹ËÅÒÂÃٻẺ ᵋʋǹ ˹Ö觤×ÍÍÐäáçµÒÁ·ÕèàÃÒäÁ‹¶Ù¡ã¨ËÃ×ÍʺÍÒÃÁ³ à¾ÃÒЩйÑ鹼ٌÌÒ¨֧໚¹ÊÔ觷ÕèÍÂÙ‹ ã¹ã¨¢Í§àÃÒÁÒ¡â¢ÍÂÙ‹ ʋǹ¼ÙŒÃŒÒ·ÕèÍÂÙ‹¹Í¡à˹×͵ÑÇàÃÒËÃ×Íã¹Ë¹Ñ§ã¹ÅФà ¹Ñ蹡ç ÍÕ¡¨Ó¾Ç¡Ë¹Ö觫Öè§àÃÒ¤ØÁäÁ‹ä´Œ



à¤Â¹Ö¡ËÇÑè¹ÁÑè§äËÁ¤ÃѺNjҶŒÒàÃÒÊ‹§ÍÒËÒ÷ÕèÊÑ觤׹¤ÃÑÇàÇÅÒ仡Թ·ÕèÌҹáŌǨÐä´Œ ¨Ò¹¹Ñ鹤׹ÁÒÍÕ¡¾ÃŒÍÁ¡Ñº¹éÓÅÒ¢ͧáÁ‹¤ÃÑÇËÃ×ͤ¹àÊÔÏ¿ ¼ÁàͧäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡¤Ô´ä¡Å ¢¹Ò´¹Ñé ¹ ᵋ à ¤Âä´Œ ÂÔ ¹ àÃ×è Í §àÅ‹ Ò ·Ó¹Í§¹Ñé ¹ ¨Ò¡à¾×è Í ¹½Ù § ºÒ§¤¹·Õè ÍŒ Ò §Ç‹ Ò à¤ÂÁÕ »ÃÐʺ¡Òóã¹ÃŒÒ¹ÍÒËÒèչºÒ§ÃŒÒ¹

¼ÙŒÃŒÒ·ÕèÍÂً㹤ÇÒÁ¤Çº¤ØÁËÃ×;ͷÕè¨Ð¤ØÁä´Œ¡ç¤×ͼٌÌÒÂã¹ã¨ ¤¹¾Ù´äÁ‹à¢ŒÒËÙà¡Ô´ âÁâË¡çàÃÕ¡NjÒâ´¹¼ÙŒÃŒÒ·ÓÌҠᵋ¶ŒÒàÃÒäÁ‹ãÊ‹ã¨àÊÕ¼ٌÌÒ¹Ñ鹡çÍÒ¨¨Ð·ÓÍÐäà àÃÒäÁ‹ä´Œ

»ÃÐʺ¡Òóáºº¹Ñ¹é ¼Á (¤Ô´Ç‹Ò) äÁ‹à¤Âà¨ÍáÅÐäÁ‹ÍÂÒ¡àª×Íè Ç‹Ò¨ÃÔ§ ᵋ»ÃÐʺ¡Òó ·Õ赌ͧʋ§ÍÒËÒä׹¤ÃÑÇà¤Âà¡Ô´áÅШÓ䴌NjÒÁÕà¾Õ§ÊͧËÃ×ÍÊÒÁ¤ÃÑé§à·‹Ò¹Ñé¹áÅРŧàÍ´ŒÇÂ´Õ à¾ÃÒмٌãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒÃàËç¹»˜ÞËÒ¨ÃÔ§

¼ÙŒÃŒÒÂ໚¹ÊÔ觨Ó໚¹ã¹Êѧ¤Á ÅͧäÁ‹ÁռٌÌÒ´ÙÊÔ¤ÃѺ ¤¹´ÕËÃ×ͼٌ´Õ¨ÐËÒÂä»ËÁ´ àÅ à¾ÃÒÐäÁ‹ÁÕÍÐäèÐÁÒà»ÃÕºà·ÕºáÅкѴ¹Ñ鹪ÕÇÔµàÃÒ¡ç¨ÐäÃŒ¤ÇÒÁËÁÒÂŧ 价ѹ·Õ µÍ¹·Õèà¢Õ¹àÃ×èͧ¹ÕéÍÂÙ‹¡ÓÅѧ´ÙÅФ÷ҧâ·Ã·Ñȹ·Õ褹áÊ´§à»š¹¼ÙŒÃŒÒÂµÕ ä´Œáµ¡ ·ÓãËŒ¾ÃÐàÍ¡´Ù´ÕÁÒ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

¤ÇÒÁ¢Ñ´áÂŒ§ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§¼ÙŒãËŒºÃÔ¡ÒáѺ¼ÙŒÃѺºÃÔ¡ÒËÍÁà¡Ô´¢Öé¹ä´ŒàÊÁÍáÅÐ໚¹àÃ×èͧ »Ã¡µÔ ¡ÒÃá¡Œ»˜ÞËҢѴáÂŒ§äÁ‹Ç‹Ò¨Ð·ÕèÌҹÍÒËÒÃËÃ×Í·ÕèäË¹æ ¡çµÒÁ¨ÐŧàÍ´ŒÇÂ´Õ Åͧ¶ŒÒàÃÒäÁ‹ÁÕÍÐäÃÁÒà»ÃÕºà·Õº¡ÑºÊ¶Ò¹Ð·ÕèàÃÒ໚¹ÍÂÙ‹ã¹¢³Ð¹ÕéàÃÒ¨ÐÃٌ䴌Í‹ҧäÃÇ‹ÒàÃÒÂ×¹ÍÂÙ‹·ÕèµÃ§ ¡çµ‹ÍàÁ×èًͤ¢Ñ´áÂŒ§¾ÂÒÁÂÒÁá¡Œ´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁÊØÀÒ¾ ͋͹¹ŒÍÁµ‹Í¡Ñ¹ áÅÐà¤Òþã¹ÊÔ·¸Ôì¢Í§¡Ñ¹áÅСѹ ä˹ ´ŒÇÂà˵عÕéÁ¹Øɏ¨Ö§ä´Œ¤Œ¹¤Ô´ÁÒµÃÇÑ´¤‹Òµ‹Ò§æ¢Öé¹ÁÒà¾×èÍËÒ¤Ó¹ÔÂÒÁ¤ÇÒÁÊØ¢


ÊÔè § ˹Öè § ·Õè ¼ Á¾ÂÒÂÒÁ·ÓàÇÅÒÊÑè § ÍÒËÒÃ¤× Í ¢Í¤ÓÍ¸Ô º Ò¨ҡ¤¹àÊÔ Ã ¿ àÁ×è ÍäÁ‹ à ¢Œ Òã¨àÁ¹Ù Ë Ã× Í ÍÂÒ¡ÃÙŒ ¹Ñè§Ã¶àÁŏÍÂÙ‹Çѹ˹Öè§ä´ŒÂÔ¹àÊÕ§à´ç¡¶ÒÁáÁ‹à»š¹ÃÐÂÐæ Ç‹Ò ËÇÒ ËÇÒ ËÇÒ (¼Áá¼Å§ÁÒ¨Ò¡¤ÓÇ‹Ò à§×è͹䢺ҧÍ‹ҧઋ¹ÇÔ¸Õ¡ÒûÃاËÃ×Íà¤Ã×èͧ»Ãا·ÕèàÃÒäÁ‹á¹‹ã¨ à¾ÃÒÐàÃÒà´Ò㨤¹·ÓäÁ‹ä´ŒáÅФ¹·Ó¡ç Why? Why? Why?) ºÒ§¤ÃÑ駤سáÁ‹¡çÍÖ駡NjҨеͺ䴌 ᵋà¸Í¡ç¾ÂÒÂÒÁµÍº·Ø¡¤Ó¶ÒÁ ¼ÁàËç¹ã¨ à´Òã¨àÃÒäÁ‹ä´Œ à¾×èͤÇÒÁṋã¨àÃҺ͡¡Ñ¹àÊÕ¡‹Í¹¨Ð´Õ¡Ç‹Ò¨ÐàÍÒÍÐäÃËÃ×ÍäÁ‹àÍÒÍÐäà ¤¹·Ó¡ç¨Ð ºÍ¡ä´ŒÇ‹Ò·Óä´ŒËÃ×Í·ÓäÁ‹ä´Œ ¼Á¨Ö§ÁÑ¡ä´ŒÍÒËÒö١㨵ÒÁÊÑè§àÊÁÍ ¤Ø³áÁ‹¤¹¹Ñé¹ÁÒ¡·ÕèÅÙ¡ª‹Ò§¶ÒÁᵋÃÙŒÊÖ¡ª×蹪Áà¸Í·Õè¾ÂÒÂÒÁµÍº ¤¹·ÕèàÃÕ¹ÇÔªÒ¡ÒÃ˹ѧÊ×;ÔÁ¾¨Ðä´ŒÃѺ¡ÒÃÊÑè§Ê͹ãËŒà¢Õ¹¢‹ÒÇâ´ÂµÍº¤Ó¶ÒÁËÅÑ¡ 5-6 ¤Ó¶ÒÁ ¤×Í ¢Í§ÁÕ¤‹Ò ã¤Ã ·ÓÍÐäà ·Õèä˹ àÁ×èÍäËË ·ÓäÁ áÅÐÍ‹ҧäà ÊÕè¤Ó¶ÒÁááÁÑ¡µÍº§‹ÒÂà¾ÃÒоÂÒ¹ËÅÑ¡°Ò¹ÁÕãËŒ ÁÕ¤¹¹ÔÂÒÁ¢Í§ÁÕ¤‹ÒàÍÒäÇŒ¹‹Òʹ㨼Á¡çÍÂÒ¡àÍÒÁÒàÅ‹Òµ‹Í¡Ñ¹¿˜§¤×ͺ͡NjÒ໚¹¢Í§·Õ誋ÇÂãËŒ¨´¨ÓÊÔ觷Õè´Õ §ÒÁ ËÃ×ÍÊÔè§ÊÓ¤ÑÞã¹Í´Õµ ËÃ×Í໚¹¢Í§·Õè¢Ò¡Թ䴌 ËÃ×Í·ÓãËŒà¡Ô´¤ÇÒÁ¼Ù¡¾Ñ¹ËÃ×Í໚¹¢Í§·ÕèáÊ´§ àËç¹ËÃ×;ͻÃÐÁҳ䴌 ᵋ¤Ó¶ÒÁ·ÕèµÍºÂÒ¡·ÕèÊØ´¼ÁÇ‹Ò¤×Í ·ÓäÁ ¤ÇÒÁâ´´à´‹¹ ËÃ×ÍáÊ´§¤ÇÒÁᵡµ‹Ò§·ÕèªÑ´à¨¹ ‘amthai’ ¡Òõͺ¤Ó¶ÒÁÇ‹Ò ·ÓäÁ ¤¹µÍºµŒÍ§ÃÙŒ·ÕèÁÒ·Õè仢ͧàÃ×èͧ ࢌÒã¨à¹×éÍËÒÊÒÃТͧàÃ×èͧ áÅÐÊÒÁÒö

amthaiTravel: Emerald Global Group Continued from page 12

Jagnesh Shah their children now are a second generation. These people want to go back to India, their parents went there all the time when they younger. When they grow up and do business they want to go somewhere else. They might want to travel to South America, Australia or New Zealand, China, or Japan. We put together a tour for special request for small groups. These specific groups fly together and have special requirements such as special meals - diet meals. This is targeting a very niche market. Amthai : How large of the market? Bruce : Hugh, it’s massive and still growing. There are a lots of second genera-

Andy Kirk

tion where their parents came to Britain when they were very young or born and go to school here. They are now British citizens. They like to travel with us. This small group tour is quite specific, they have very special requirement, specific reasons. They might want to visit places that they are interested, for example Budha trial. There is, for example, a group of Thai community here. One have their own business and are British citizen. They might want to go back to Thailand and there may be the other time they want to go to America. This kind of thing we can put it together. Smaller group is a good market to look at. For more information on any of our packages featured, please call Holidays reservations : +44 (0) 207 312 1742 Peoples Travel Andy Kirk Senior Travel Consultant

Peoples Travel offers lots of good holidays deals and competitive flights to destinations like the Far East, Dubai, Australia, China, Europe and many more. Peoples travel is a part of the Emerald Global Group, they have more than 35 years experience in the travel industry. Escape the cold with their winter sun holidays or long haul holidays to tropical regions like the Far East. They also offer travel extras such as travel insurance, car parking and car hire, etc. Amthai : Tell us more about peopletravel. Andy : peoplestravel is part of Emerald Global Group. However, we’re an ordinary high street travel agency. We sell everything from trains to Europe, Eurostar and flights all over the world. We can make tailor-made holidays. Amthai : Do you have offers? Andy : Yes, we have. For places in Asia such as Indochina, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, there is a new airline going directly from the UK called Vietnam Airlines. The return flight to Vietnam including tax is only 430 pounds Amthai : How do you respond to the economic crisis in the UK? Andy : We look for new markets. The crisis has mainly affected the middle market. The top end of the market is still ok. People are looking for business class

flights and 5 stars hotels as their income has not been affected. That high end of the market isn’t badly affected at all and is actually increasing. Now, there are many new airlines doing business class. Vietnam Airline is based on business class which is 1400 compare to Thai Airways which is about 1700 pounds plus taxes. They have a middle class as well and like EVA Air which has Deluxe Premium class. Vietnam Airlines is going to be a very popular airline of choice. A lot of people have been to Thailand, they are now wanting to do some other things. If they like Thailand they can go from Vietnam as well. Amthai : Any message to the Thai community? Andy : Yes, we can arrange not only flights aboard but holidays in the UK, Devon, Cornwall, Eurostar to France even car hire if required. The price is competitive. Booking with us you will have very personal service. Join our peoplestravel club now and be the first to find out about our special holiday offers and travel events. ‘amthai’ peoplestravel 56 Baker Street London W1U 7BU T: 0844 472 3416

amthaipaper amthaipaper

news roundup Follow us on Twitter amthairestaurant @amthaipaper / January 2008 /February 2012

amthairestaurant review â´Â : ÁÐÁ‹Ç§Áѹ

17 17


Greenleaf is a modern Chinese restaurant

thai pape rate r :

situated on Red Lion Street just off High Holborn.

restaurant review Sponsored by

Tiger Beer

Tai-Chi Lobster and Spinach Soup The menu combines traditional Chinese food with several innovative dishes. We began with pork dim sum and charcoal grilled scallops, both quite traditional Chinese dishes, and combined this with fried soft shell crab with is more typically a part of Thai cuisine. For the main course we had Szechuan boiled fish, which came with chilli, tofu, cauliflower and pickled vegetables. This we combined with a delicious mixed fofu pot, in which stewed tofu is served with chicken, pork, scallops and pork. All were extremely well prepared and delicious.

Stir-fried fish pieces on a bed of choi sum


he service was very polite and attentive. The restaurant also contains a karaoke bar, though we were both too full to try to sing! Highly recommended. ‘amthai’ ¡ÓÅѧ¨Ðà´Ô¹·Ò§ä»¨Õ¹ Çѹ¹ÕéàÅ¢ÍÁÒ warm up µÑ Ç àͧ´Œ Ç Â¡ÒÃä»àÂÕè  ÁªÔ Á ÍÒËÒÃ¨Õ ¹ (Ẻ âÁà´ÔϹæ) ÍաÌҹËÅѧ¨Ò¡äÁ‹¡Õèà´×͹¡‹Í¹ àÃÒä´Œ ä»àÂ×͹Ìҹ¨Õ¹·Õè‹ҹ Notting Hill ÁÒáÅŒÇ Çѹ ¹Õ¢é ;ҷ‹Ò¹ÁÒÍÕ¡½˜§› Ë¹Ö§è ¢Í§ã¨¡ÅÒ§¡ÃاÅ͹´Í¹ á¶Çæ Holborn ¤×ÍÌҹ Greenleaf Restaurant


¹ÇѹàÊÒϋҹ Holborn ÌҹÍÒËÒ÷ءÌҹ ÍÒ¨¨ÐÁÕÅÙ¡¤ŒÒäÁ‹Ë¹Òṋ¹à·‹Òª‹Ç§¡ÅÒ§Çѹ ËÃ×ÍàÂç¹Çѹ¨Ñ¹·Ã¶Ö§ÈءÏ à¾ÃÒе¡àÂç¹Ê‹Ç¹ãËÞ‹ ¤¹·Õè·Ó§Ò¹ËÃ×ÍàÃÕ¹á¶Çæ ¹ÕéÍÒ¨ÁÕ·Ò§àÅ×Í¡ä» ·Ò¹¢ŒÒǡѹ㹠West End ÁÒ¡¢Öé¹ áµ‹ÃŒÒ¹¹Õé¡çÁÕ ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒ½ÃÑè§ÁÒàÂ×͹໚¹¡ÅØ‹ÁãËÞ‹æ ã¹Çѹ¹Õé¤ÅŒÒÂæ ¡ÑºÇ‹Ò¡¤¹·Ñé§ÍÍ¿¿µÁÒ·Ò¹·Ñé§á¼¹¡ ‹ҧ¡ŒÒÇ à¢ŒÒÁÒ¨ÐàËç¹Ç‹Ò໚¹ÃŒÒ¹Ë¹Ö觤ÙËÒ ªÑé¹Å‹Ò§¨Ð໚¹ ˌͧ¤ÒÃÒâÍà¡Ð ࢌÒã¨Ç‹Òà¾×èͺÃÔ¡ÒÃãËŒ¡Ñº¤¹¨Õ¹ Ό¤ÅѺ໚¹Ê‹Ç¹ãËÞ‹ ʋǹµÑÇáÅŒÇÍÂÒ¡Í‹Ò¹ áÅÐÌͧÀÒÉҨչ䴌 ᵋ·Ç‹Ò...áÁŒ¨Ð¿˜§¡çÂѧ¿˜§äÁ‹ ÍÍ¡ àŤԴNjҹÑè§à¨ÕÂÁµÑǪÔŪÔÅ áÅŒÇÊÑè§ÍÒËÒà ¨Õ¹µÒÁʺÒÂÊäµÅà´ÔϹæ ÍÂÙ‹¢ŒÒ§º¹¨Ð´Õ¡Ç‹Ò.. äÁ‹ ¾Ù ´ ¾Ãè Ó ·Óà¾Å§ÁÒ¡¢Íແ ´ µÑ Ç ´Œ Ç Â «Ø » ¼Ñ ¡ ä·à¡ç ¡ Åç Í ºÊàµÍÏ (Tai-Chi Lobster and Spinach Soup topped with egg white and flying fish roe) ¿˜§ª×èÍáŌǴÙÇ‹Ò¨Ð໚¹ ÍÒËÒèҹÊØ¢ÀÒ¾ ¡ÒùÓàʹͧ͢«Ø»¶ŒÇ¹Õéä» ä´Œà¡Ž à¾ÃÒÐàÅ‹¹ÃҴ䢋¢ÒǵѴ¡Ñº¹éӼѡâ¢ÁÊÕà¢ÕÂÇ ¢¨Õ໚¹ÃٻËҧËÂÔ¹ËÂÒ§ â´Â¹Ó䢋¡ØŒ§âÃÂ໚¹¨Ø´ ¡ÅÁæ ÍÂÙ‹µÃ§¡ÅÒ§·Ñé§Êͧ¢ŒÒ§ ÁÕà¹×éÍÅçͺÊàµÍÏ ©Õ¡à»š¹ªÔé¹àÅ硪Ôé¹¹ŒÍ¨ÁÅÖ¡ÍÂÙ‹¡Œ¹¶ŒÇ ·Ò¹á¤‹ ¤Óááà¹×Íé ÅçͺÊàµÍÏ¡Ëç Á´Í‹ҧÃÇ´àÃçÇ ·Õàè ËÅ×Í ÃʪҵԤŌÒÂæ ¡Ñº sweet and sour soup ¢Í§¨Õ¹·ÑèÇæ ä» áµ‹¡ç´Ù໚¹«Ø»ÊØ¢ÀÒ¾´Õ à¾ÃÒÐÁÕ

Tai-Chi Lobster and Spinach Soup

Red Oil Won Ton à¹×éͼѡâ¢ÁÍÂÙ‹´ŒÇ Å× Á ºÍ¡ä»Ç‹ Ò à¼ÍÔ Þ ÇÑ ¹ ¹Õé Á Ò·Ò¹¡Ñ º ¤Ø ³ à¾×è Í ¹ áÁ‹¾ÃÐ à¾×è͹¤¹¹Õé໚¹¤¹ã¨ºØÞäÁ‹ªÍº¦‹ÒÊѵǏ µÑ´ªÕÇÔµ à¸Í»¯ÔÞÒ³µ¹µÑé§áµ‹µŒ¹»‚Ç‹Ò¢ÍäÁ‹·Ò¹ à¹×éͧ͢ÊѵǏ (·ÕèÁÕ¢Ò) ÍÕ¡àÅ ᵋ¨ÐÅСԹºŒÒ§ ¶ŒÒ໚¹»ÅÒËÃ×ÍÍÒËÒ÷ÐàÅÍ×è¹æ ÁÒ´ŒÇ¡ѹÇѹ¹Õé à¸ÍàËÅ×ͺàËç¹àÁ¹Ù ¡çàÅç§à¡ÕêÂǹÖè§à¨ (Steamed Dumplings) ·ÕèÁÕ·Ò§ãËŒàÅ×͡ẺäÁ‹ÁÕãÊ‹äÊŒËÁÙäÇŒ áÅÐÃÕºÊÑè§áººäÁ‹ÃÕÃÍ Ê‹Ç¹àÃÒ¹Ñ鹡çªÍºà¡ÕêÂÇᵋ ẺÁÕà¹×éÍËÁÙËÃ×Í¡ØŒ§¡çä´Œ ¨Ö§ÊÑè§à¡ÕêÂǹéÓÁѹᴧ Red Oil Won Ton (Minced pork, prawn and leek won ton served in chilli oil) ¾ÍÊÑè§á¤‹¹Õé¡çºÍ¡ãˌऌÒä»ÊÑè§ã¹¤ÃÑÇ¡‹Í¹ä´ŒàÅ à¾ÃÒШТÍàÇÅÒÈÖ¡ÉÒàÁ¹Ù main course µ‹Í ËÅѧ¨Ò¡¹Ñ鹷ҧÌҹàÊÔÏ¿¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº¿ÃÕ àËÁ×͹ Ìҹä·ÂºÒ§ÃŒÒ¹ ´ŒÇ¤ÇÒÁËÔÇà¾ÃÒСNjҨж֧ Ìҹ¡ç»ÃÐÁÒ³ÊÒÁ·Ø‹ÁáÅŒÇ ¨Ö§ËÂÔº¢ŒÒÇà¡ÃÕº·Õè Çҧ㹵ÃСÌÒãºà·‹ÒªÒÁàÅç¡æ Í‹ҧà˧ÃÕº ·Ò¹ ä»à¾ÅÔ¹æ äÁ‹¹Ò¹¹Ñ¡ÍÒËÒèҹà¡ÕêÂÇ·Õè¾Ç¡àÃÒ à¾Ô§è ÊÑ§è ¡çÁҵç˹ŒÒË¹Ö§è ¨Ò¹ àËç¹à»š¹à¡ÕÂê ÇÊÕàËÅ×ͧ ÁÕ¹éÓ«ÍʹͧÍÂً㹨ҹ ¤Ø³à¾×è͹·ÕèÁÒ´ŒÇ¨֧äÁ‹ ÃÕÃÍ à¾ÃÒÐà¸Í¡çËÔÇàËÁ×͹¡Ñ¹ ᵋ¡çà¡Ã§ã¨àÃÒ ºÍ¡Ç‹ Ò àªÔ Þ ªÔ Á ä´Œ à¡Õê  Ǩҹ¹Õé Ã ÊªÒµÔ à ¢Œ Á ¢Œ ¹ ¹éÓ«ÍʤŌÒÂæ ¡ÑºãÊ‹¼ÊÁ¡Ñº chilli oil ÃÊªÒµÔ äÁ‹Ë¹Ñ¡ÁÒ¡¤×ÍäÁ‹à¤çÁä»ËÃ×Í¨×´ä» »Ãاᵋ§¡Ñº ¹é Ó «ÍÊ¡ÓÅÑ § ´Õ äÁ‹ ¶Ö § ˹Öè § ¹Ò·Õ à ¡Õê  ǻÃÐÁÒ³ ÊÔºªÔé¹ã¹¨Ò¹¡çËÒÂ仡ѺµÒ ᵋṋ¹Í¹àÃÒÂѧÃÍ à¡ÕêÂǢͧàÃÒÍÕ¡¨Ò¹ ¤Ô´äÁ‹·Ñ¹àÊÃ稴պÃÔ¡Ãã¹ÃŒÒ¹ ¡ç¶×ͨҹãÊ‹µÃСÌÒàËÁ×͹¢¹Á¨Õº¹Öè§ÁÒÇÒ§·ÕèⵍРáÅŒÇແ´ºÍ¡Ç‹Ò¹Õè¤×Íà¡ÕêÂÇਹÖè§....¹Ô觡ѹä»ÊÑ¡¾Ñ¡ à¾ÃÒй֡¡Ñ¹Ç‹Ò·Õè¾Öè§ÃØÁ·Öé§àÊÃç¨ä»µÐ¡Õé¤×Íà¡ÕêÂÇਠ¹Öè§ áµ‹áŌǷÕèà¾Ôè§àÊÔÏ¿ËÁÒ¤ÇÒÁÇ‹Ò....¤Ø³à¾×è͹

Steamed Dumplings

Egg Fried Rice áÁ‹¾ÃÐàÃÔèÁ˹ŒÒàÊÕ à¾ÃÒÐàÃÔèÁÃÙŒµÑÇÇ‹Ò ¨Ò¹·ÕèàÃÒ ¡ÃÐÁÔ´¡ÃÐàÁÕé¹¢Íዧà¾×è͹µÐ¡Õé·Ò¹ä»á¤‹Êͧ ªÔé¹¹Ñé¹à»š¹ÍÒËÒèҹ·ÕèàÃÒÊÑ觹Ñè¹àͧ àΌͷÕè§§ä» ¡Ç‹Ò¹Ñ鹤سà¾×è͹à¸Í¡çµ¡ã¨à¾ÃÒÐà¸Í¡ç¿Ò´àÃÕº 件֧ỴªÔé¹ ÂÑ´äÊŒËÁÙ¡ØŒ§ä»´ŒÇ NjÒáÅŒÇ New Year resolution ·Õèà¸Í¡ÐÇ‹Ò¨ÐäÁ‹·Ò¹à¹×éÍÊѵǏ ÁÕ¢Ò¡çÈÕÅ¢Ò´àÊÕÂÁ¹µã¹Çѹ¹Õé àÍÒà¶ÍÐäÁ‹à»š¹äà à¾ÃÒзء¨Ò¹à¡ÕêÂÇ·Ò¹áŌǡçÍËͨÃÔ§æ ÃÇÁ¶Ö§ à¡ÕêÂǹÖ觨ҹ¹Õé´ŒÇÂ

bed of choi sum) «Öè§ÃʪҵԼѴ¡ÅÁ¡Å‹ÍÁ ÍËÍ â´Â੾ÒÐªÔ¹é »ÅҪغệ§¼Ñ´ ¹éÓà¡ÃÇÕ¼è ÊÁ ¡Ñºá»‡§ÁѹàÅ硹ŒÍ ࢌҡѺ¼Ñ¡¡ÇÒ§µØŒ§ÅÇ¡ÊØ¡ ·Õè¹ÓÁÒ»Ù¾×鹨ҹ ÊÃػNjҺÃÃÂÒ¡ÒÈ ÍÒËÒà ÃÊªÒµÔ ä»´ŒÇ¡ѹ䴌 à¾ÃÒзءÍ‹ҧä»ä´ŒÊÇÂËÁ´...¢ÍàªÔÞ·‹Ò¹¼ÙŒÍ‹Ò¹ ÁÒÅÔéÁÅͧªÔÁÍÒËÒÃä´Œ·ÕèÌҹ¡ÃÕ¹ÅÕ¿ Greenleaf – London ‘amthai’

¨ÃÔ§æ áÅŒÇÁÒàÂ×͹¡ÃÕ¹ÅÕ¿ Greenleaf ¡çäÁ‹¡ÅŒÒ Tel: 020 7242 1515 ËÇѧÍÐäÃÁÒ¡ à¾ÃÒÐàËç¹Ç‹Ò໚¹ÃŒÒ¹¨Õ¹·Õ赡ᵋ§ e-mail: ẺâÁà´Ôù «Ö§è ʋǹãËÞ‹ÃÒŒ ¹¾Ç¡¹ÕÃé ʪҵÔÍÒËÒà 48 Red Lion Street, Holborn, ÍÒ¨¨Ð໚¹ÃͧÌҹÍ×è¹ã¹ China Town à¾ÃÒÐ London, WC1R 4PF à¡Ã§Ç‹ÒÃʪҵÔÍÒ¨äÁ‹ãª‹¢Í§á· ᵋÃÙŒÊÖ¡Ç‹Òà¡Ô¹ ¤Ò´à¾ÃÒзÑé § ÍÒËÒ÷Õè ¶Ù ¡ àÊÔ Ã ¿ ˹Œ Ò µÒ ÊǧÒÁáÅÐÍËÍÂäÁ‹á¾Œã¤Ã §Ñé¹àÃÒ ÁÒµ‹Í¡Ñ¹àÅÂ´Õ¡Ç‹Ò ´ŒÇÂÍÒËÒèҹ ËÅÑ¡¤×Í ÊµÙµØŽ¹àµŒÒËÙŒ¡Ñº¡ØŒ§, ä¡‹ , ËÍÂàªÅŏ á ÅÐà¹×é Í ËÁÙ Mixed Tofu Pot) ÊÓËÃѺ ¤Ø³à¾×è͹·ÕèäË¹æ ¡çµÐºÐ ᵡáŌǡçÊÑè§ÊµÙÃÇÁÎÔµ ¹Õé « Ð áÁŒ ¨ ÐÁÕ Ã ÇÁà¹×é Í ÊѵǏ (ÁÕ¢Ò) ࢌÒä»´ŒÇ ᵋ ÂÑ §ä§¤Ø ³ à¾×è Í ¹ºÍ¡ Ç‹ÒÍËÍÂÊÁ¡Ñºà»š¹àÁ¹Ù »ÃÐàÀ·ËÁŒÍ´Ô¹ (Clay Pots) µØŽ¹¨ÃÔ§æ à¾ÃÒÐ «ÍÊࢌҡÑê¹à¢ŒÒ¡Ñ¹¡Ñºà¹×éÍ µ‹Ò§æ ʋǹàÃÒÅͧµ‹Í´ŒÇ ÅÙ¡ªÔé¹»ÅÒ·Í´¡Ñº¼Ñ¡¡ÇÒ§µØŒ§ Mixed Tofu Pot (Stir-fried fish pieces on a

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event highlights / February 2012

amthaievent highlights

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Destinations: The Holiday and Travel Show At Earls Court 2-5 February 2012


estinations: §Ò¹áÊ´§à¾×èÍ¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇ ¨Ñ´â´Â ˹ѧÊ×;ÔÁ¾ä·Á ã¹»‚¹Õé໚¹¤ÃÑ駷Õè 18 ã¹Å͹´Í¹ «Öè§ÁÕ ¹Ñ¡·‹Í§à·ÕèÂǼٌʹã¨à¢ŒÒªÁ§Ò¹¶Ö§ 50,000 ¤¹ «Öè§ã¹§Ò¹¹Õé¹Í¡¨Ò¡ ¨Ðä´ŒÃѺ¢ŒÍÁÙÅ¢‹ÒÇÊÒÃáÅÐâ»ÃâÁªÑè¹´Õæ ¨Ò¡µÑÇá·¹µ‹Ò§æ ã¹ ËÅÒÂæ àÇ·Õ àª‹ ¹ ÂÑ § ÁÕ · Íŏ ¤âªÇ ઋ ¹ ¡ÒÃá¹Ð¹Ó»ÃÐà·È à«ÍÏàºÕÂ, »‚¹à¢Òã¹à¹»ÒÅ, ÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁàÁâÊâ»àµàÁÕÂã¹ÍÔÃÑ¡, ¡Òà ·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇã¹ÍÔÂÔ»µ áÅÐÍÔ¹â´äª¹‹Ò ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹ÕéÂѧÁÕ¡ÒÃáÊ´§âªÇ ÈÔÅ»¡ÒÃáÊ´§»ÃÐ¨ÓªÒµÔ ¨Ò¡»ÃÐà·Èµ‹Ò§æ ઋ¹ ÍԹⴹÕà«Õ µØáյÐÇѹÍÍ¡ ¡ÅÒ§ áÅÐÞÕè»Ø†¹ áÅСÒ÷´ÅͧªÔÁÍÒËÒà áÅÐ à¤Ã×èͧ´×èÁ¨Ò¡¹Ò¹Ò»ÃÐà·È ÃÇÁ·Ñ駡ÒêÔÁäǹ Monsoon Valley «Ö觨Ѵâ´Â¡Ò÷‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇáË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂÍÕ¡´ŒÇ ·Ñ駹ÕéÂѧÁÕºÙ¸¢Í§ ¡ÒúԹä·Âä»Ã‹ÇÁ§Ò¹´ŒÇ ઋ¹à¤Â ¹Í¡¨Ò¡¹Õé㹧ҹãËÞ‹ÂѧÁÕ¡Òà ¨Ñ´áÊ´§ÀÒ¾¶‹Ò¨ҡ¡ÒûÃСǴ Wanderlust Travel Photo ¤ÃÑ駷Õè 16 «Öè§à»š¹ÀÒ¾¶‹ÒÂâ´Âª‹Ò§ÀÒ¾ÊÁѤÃàÅ‹¹¨Ò¡·ÑèÇâÅ¡ à¾×èÍ ªÔ§ÃÒ§ÇÑÅ·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇ»ÃÐà·Èâ¤ÅÑÁàºÕÂÍÕ¡´ŒÇ ‘amthai’ estinations: The holiday & Travel Show is the UK’s leading consumer presented by The Times, this travel event was celebrating its 18th year in London and launching for the first year in Manchester in 2012. The shows not only attracted over 50,000 travel experts craving inspiration, information and exclusive deals, but also performed as a hub of consumer travel information for discerning travellers. The visitors can absorb themselves in flavours, colour, and culture from around the world; absorbing sights and sound with dedicated areas around the Show and on the World Entertainment Stage which had showcasing vibrant and captivating performance.


World Entertainment Stage played host to some of the most vibrant and colourful performances from around the world. Such as, Indonesian dance, Turkish dance, Samba, Japanese Taiko Drumming and Middle Eastern dance. Also The Meet the Expert Theatres were essential for feeding the passion for travel, for example, explorer, historian, writers, news correspondents, and many more exciting and inspirational array of talks, such as an introduction to Serbia, and overview of Trekking in Nepal, A cultural advantage Mesopotamia Irag and tourism in the new Egypt and Indochina explorer. Moreover, In the Show, there were many traditional arts and crafts, and the basic skills learning from the professionals in the interactive workshop area. And the visitor will get excited with tropical animal such as macow parrots. In addition, the visitors had advantage to taste the global food and drink, including Monsoon Valley Wine tasting presented by Tourism Authority of Thailand, As well as, watched masters at work demonstrate their skills and took up the opportunity to sample international treats on stage. Thai Airways International also joined the event where their booth was located next to Tourism Authority of Thailand’s one.

Finally, the Show held the 16th Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year competition, the UK’s leading amateur travel photography competition. Photographers from all over the world entered their best travel shots to win a fantastic photographic commission to Many stages in the Show played hosts to many interesting shows. For example, the Colombia. ‘amthai’

ที่พักสำหรับคนไทยใจกลางเมืองลอนดอน  บานพักสไตลอังกฤษ จัดแตงอยางลงตัว สะอาด ปลอดภัย บรรยากาศเงียบสงบเหมาะแกการพักผอน  ทำเลที่ตั้งตรงขามสวนสาธารณะไฮดปารค ใหทานไดเดินเลนออกกำลังกาย สูดอากาศบริสุทธิ์ของกรุงลอนดอนไดเต็มปอด และยังใกลถนน Oxford Street เพียง 10 นาที ทานจะไดเดินไปชอปปงอยาง สะดวกสบาย Room A หองน้ำ และระเบียงสวนตัว พักได 4 ทาน Thai Guest Rooms พักเดี่ยวหองละ 90 ปอนด / เหมาหองสุดคุมเพียง 120 ปอนด Room B แชรหองน้ำ พักได 3 ทาน พักเดี่ยวหองละ 70 ปอนด / เหมาหองสุดคุม เพียง 90 ปอนด  รวมอาหารเชาแบบเบาๆ ใหทานไดเติมพลังกอนออกลุย  เราบริการชุดเครื่องนอน และผาเช็ดตัว จาก Cath Kidston  สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวกรอบๆ บานครบครัน Tesco, Sainsbury's, Oyster Card Shop  จากบานพักเดินทางไปยังสถานที่ทองเที่ยวตางๆ ในลอนดอนแสนสะดวก โปรโมชั่นพิเศษสำหรับผูเขาพักทุกทาน (ตั้งแต 3 คืนขึ้นไป ) 

รถรับจากสนามบินถึงที่พัก และโปรแกรมทองเที่ยวเมืองใกลเคียง Day Trip ราคาพิเศษ

ติดตอ คุณติ๊ก: 07435595888, 07938755551 Address: Hyde Park Area / Email: Guest Rooms

amthaipaper amthaipaper

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Traditional English fabrics like felts, velvets, tweed and tartan found favour

“Britishness is just a way of putting things together and a certain don’t care attitude about clothes. You don’t care, you just do it and it looks great. What we do always looks British even if we’re inspired by Africa or the North Pole or whatever,” Westwood said. ‘amthai’

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y the close of the shows, top British designers such as Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton and Burberry’s Christopher Bailey had presented catwalk collections which more than suggested that the “edgy” London of yesteryear had matured into a sleek and sophisticated luxury powerhouse. Military styles, bright prints, furs and quintessentially English looks dominated the catwalks, while bejewelled, sequined and embroidered creations also featured prominently this season.Designers accentuated the female figure by nipping coats and jackets in at the waist to create an hourglass silhouette -- Burberry used colourful bows to achieve this look while McQ from Alexander McQueen chose leather military-style belts with gold buckles.

with designers who sought to overturn London’s reputation for young creativity, avant garde trends and edgy designs by opting for elegant tailored creations. Burberry creative director Bailey combined country and town styles at a show packed with celebrities including Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the British Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron. His models sashayed down the runway in quilted jackets, peplum skirts and tiered fringe dresses teamed with brogue lace-up angle boots before a clap of thunder was heard and water emulating rain gushed down the sides of the transparent marquee in which the event was hosted. Vivienne Westwood also championed the British cause with her Red Label collection which saw tattooed models don tweed suits, baggy jodhpur-like trousers and tailored creations inspired by tribal prints.

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London Fashion Week 2012 shook off its traditional image as a mere playground for quirky emerging talent with a display of grown-up elegance for the autumn/ winter 2012 season that had leaders of the global fashion pack singing the British capital’s praises.

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ÐËÇ‹Ò§Çѹ·Õè 4-10 ÁÕ¹Ò¤Á 2555 ʶҹ àÍ¡ÍÑ ¤ ÃÃÒª·Ù µ ³ ¡ÃØ § Å͹´Í¹ ä´Œ ¨Ñ ´ â¤Ã§¡ÒÃàªÔÞ¼Ùጠ·¹ªØÁª¹ä·Âã¹ÊËÃÒªÍҳҨѡÃÏ áÅÐäÍÏᏴàÂ×͹»ÃÐà·Èä·Â à¾×èÍàÊÃÔÁÊÌҧ ¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒ¤ÇÒÁࢌÒã¨à¡ÕèÂǡѺâ¤Ã§¡ÒõÒÁá¹Ç¾ÃÐ ÃÒª´ÓÃÔÏ áÅÐÍѵÅѡɳ¢Í§ªÒµÔ â´ÂÁռٌ᷹

amthaipolitics µ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 3

ࢌÒËÇÁ¨Ó¹Ç¹ 21 ¤¹ (Íѧ¡ÄÉ 15 ¤¹ àÇÅʏ ࢌÒ㨷Õè¶Ù¡µŒÍ§à¡ÕèÂǡѺʶҹ¡Òóã¹»ÃÐà·È 2 ¤¹ Ê¡ç͵Ᏼ 2 ¤¹ äÍÏᏴ 2 ¤¹) ä·Âã¹¢³Ð¹Ñé¹ áÅÐã¹»‚ 2554 ä´Œ¹Ó¼ÙŒá·¹ àÂÒǪ¹ä·Â¨Ó¹Ç¹ 22 ¤¹ à´Ô¹·Ò§àÂ×͹»ÃÐà·È ¡Ô¨¡ÃÃÁ´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇä´Œ¨Ñ´µ‹Íà¹×èͧ໚¹¤ÃÑ駷Õè 3 â´Â ä·Â à¾×èÍ»ÅÙ¡½˜§¤ÇÒÁÃÙŒ¤ÇÒÁࢌÒ㨷Õè¶Ù¡µŒÍ§à¡ÕèÂÇ ¤ÃÑé § áá㹻‚ 2553 ä´Œ à ªÔ Þ ¼ÙŒ á ·¹ªØ Á ª¹ä·Â ¡ÑºÍѵÅѡɳáÅÐÇѲ¹¸ÃÃÁä·Â â»Ã´µÔ´µÒÁ à´Ô¹·Ò§àÂ×͹»ÃÐà·Èä·Âà¾×èÍàÊÃÔÁÊÌҧ¤ÇÒÁ ÃÒÂÅÐàÍÕ´à¾ÔèÁàµÔÁ㹹ʾ.áÍÁä·Â©ºÑºË¹ŒÒ ‘amthai’

·‹Í§à·ÕèÂÇã¹»ÃÐà·Èä·Â â´Â੾ÒСÃØ§à·¾Ï àªÕ§ãËÁ‹ àªÕ§ÃÒ ¢Í¹á¡‹¹ ÍغÅÃÒª¸Ò¹Õ áÅÐ ÍØ´Ã¸Ò¹Õ â´ÂÃкØÇ‹ÒÁÕ¤ÇÒÁàÊÕ觷Õè¨Ðà¡Ô´à赯 ¡‹Í¡ÒÃÌҠ·Ò§´ŒÒ¹Êӹѡ§Ò¹µÓÃǨáË‹§ªÒµÔ á¶Å§Ç‹Òà赯 ÃÐàºÔ´´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇàª×èÍÁ⧡Ѻà˵ØÅͺÇÒ§ÃÐàºÔ´ ਌ Ò Ë¹Œ Ò ·Õè ·Ù µ ÍÔ Ê ÃÒàͧã¹ÍÔ ¹ à´Õ  áÅШÍÏ à ¨Õ Â â´Â໚¹ÃÐàºÔ´áÊǧà¤Ã×èͧ·ÕèÁÕᶺáÁ‹àËÅç¡á»Ð µÔ ´ ÇÑ µ ¶Ø Ë Ã× Í ÊµÔê ¡ ºÍÁº à ª‹ ¹ à´Õ Â Ç¡Ñ ¹ ᵋ ¢ Í »ÃЪҪ¹Í‹ҵ×è¹µ¡ã¨à¾ÃÒФ¹ÃŒÒÂÁÕ໇ÒËÁÒ ·ÕèºØ¤¤Å੾ÒСÅØ‹Á äÁ‹ä´ŒÁØ‹§¡‹Í¡ÒÃÌҷÓÅÒ ʶҹ·ÕèËÃ×Í¡ÅØ‹Á¤¹¨Ó¹Ç¹ÁÒ¡

â´Â: ·ÕÁ¢‹ÒÇáÍÁä·Â

µ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 3 ᵋ¾ÅÒ´·ÓÃÐàºÔ´µ¡¡ÃÐá·¡¾×é¹ ¨Ö§à¡Ô´ÃÐàºÔ´ ãÊ‹¢ÒµÑÇàͧ䴌ÃѺºÒ´à¨çºÊÒËÑÊ¢Ò¢Ò´·Ñé§ 2 ¢ŒÒ§ µÑé§áµ‹ËÑÇࢋÒŧÁÒ à¨ŒÒ˹ŒÒ·Õè¨Ö§¾ÒÊ‹§âç¾ÂÒºÒÅ ¨ØÌÒŧ¡Ã³ ÊÓËÃѺà˵ØÃÐàºÔ´·Ñé§ 3 ¨Ø´ä´ŒÊ‹§¼Å ãËŒÁÕ¤¹ä·Âä´ŒÃѺºÒ´à¨çºÃÇÁ 4 ÃÒÂ

ÊÒûÃСͺÃÐàºÔ´ÍÕ¡ºÒ§Ê‹Ç¹ µ‹ÍÁÒä´Œ¨Ñº¡ØÁ ¹ÒÂâÁÎÑÁËÁÑ´ ÎÒ«ÒÍÔ «Öè§à»š¹ 1 ã¹ 2 ¼ÙŒ µŒ Í §ËÒ·Õè ¾ ÂÒÂÒÁËÅºË¹Õ ä´Œ ·Õè ·‹ Ò ÍÒ¡ÒÈÂÒ¹ ÊØÇÃóÀÙÁÔ â´Âä´Œ¾ººÒ´á¼Å¨Ò¡ÊÐà¡ç´ÃÐàºÔ´ àÅ硹ŒÍ·բè Ò¢ÇÒ â´Â¾ºÇ‹Ò¹ÒÂÎÒ«ÒÍÔ ä´Œà´Ô¹·Ò§ ࢌ Ò ÍÍ¡»ÃÐà·Èä·ÂËÅÒÂÃͺ¾ÃŒ Í Á¡Ñ º ¹Ò ਌ Ò Ë¹ŒÒ·ÕèµÓÃǨá¶Å§Ç‹Ò¤¹ÃŒÒÂ㪌ÃÐàºÔ´Á×Í·Õè «ÒÍÔ´ â´ÂÅ‹ÒÊØ´à´Ô¹·Ò§à¢ŒÒÁÒàÁ×èÍÇѹ·Õè 8 ¡.¾. ºÃèØänj㹡ÃÐ້Ò໇ äÁ‹ãª‹ÃÐàºÔ´·Õè¼ÅÔµ¢Öé¹àͧ ·ÕèʹÒÁºÔ¹¹Ò¹ÒªÒµÔÀÙà¡çµ ᵋ໚¹ÃÐàºÔ´ÊѧËÒà áÅÐ䴌ࢌҵÃǨÊͺºŒÒ¹·Õè à¡Ô´à˵ثÖ觹Ò«ÒÍÔ´áÅÐà¾×è͹ªÒÇÍÔËËҹÍÕ¡ 2 ¨Ò¡à˵ØÃÒŒ ´ѧ¡Å‹ÒÇ ËÅÒ»ÃÐà·Èä´ŒÍÍ¡»ÃСÒÈ ¤¹àª‹ÒäÇŒ ä´Œ¾ºÃÐàºÔ´«Õâ¿ÃÍÕ¡ 2 ÅÙ¡ áÅÐ àµ×͹¾ÅàÁ×ͧ¢Í§µ¹ãËŒÃÐÇѧ¡ÒÃà´Ô¹·Ò§à¢ŒÒÁÒ ÊÍ´¤ÅŒ Í §¡Ñ º ¹ÒÂÂÔ µ «ÎÑ ¤ â«ÎÑ Á àÍ¡ÍÑ ¤ Ã

ÃÒª·ÙµÍÔÊÃÒàÍÅ»ÃШӻÃÐà·Èä·Â ä´ŒÃкØÇÒ‹ ¡Òà â¨ÁµÕã¹ä·Â໚¹ÃٻẺà´ÕÂǡѺ¡ÒÃÅͺÊѧËÒà ¹Ñ ¡ ¡Ò÷٠µ ÍÔ Ê ÃÒàÍÅã¹ÍÔ ¹ à´Õ  áÅÐàµÃÕ Â Á㪌 ÃÐàºÔ ´ à¾×è Í ÅͺÊÑ § ËÒÃ¹Ñ ¡ ¡Ò÷٠µ ÍÔ Ê ÃÒàÍÅã¹ ¨ÍÏà¨Õ ´Ñ§¹Ñé¹áÁŒà»‡ÒËÁÒ¨ÐÂѧäÁ‹á¹‹ªÑ´ ᵋ¡ç ¹‹Òàª×èÍÇ‹Òʶҹ·ÙµÍÔÊÃÒàÍŵ¡à»š¹à»‡Ò¢Í§¡Òà ¡‹Í¡ÒÃÌҤÃÑ駹Õé â´ÂÁÕÍÔËËҹ໚¹¼ÙŒÍÂÙ‹àº×éͧËÅѧ ¢³Ð·Õè ¡ ÃзÃǧµ‹ Ò §»ÃÐà·ÈÍÔ Ë Ã‹ Ò ¹ä´Œ á ¶Å§ »¯Ô à ʸ¢Œ Í ¡Å‹ Ò ÇËÒÇ‹ Ò ÁÕ Ê‹ Ç ¹à¡Õè  ǢŒ Í §¡Ñ º à赯 ÃÐàºÔ´ã¹ä·Â ¾ÃŒÍÁ͌ҧNjÒà˵ءÒó´Ñ§¡Å‹ÒÇ à»š ¹ ½‚ Á× Í ¢Í§¡ÅØ‹ Á ä«Í͹¹Ô Ê µ ·Õè ÁÕ à »‡ Ò ËÁÒ à¾×èÍ·ÓÅÒ¤ÇÒÁÊÑÁ¾Ñ¹¸ÃÐËÇ‹Ò§ä·Â-ÍÔËËҹ ‘amthai’

amthairoyalty µ‹Í¨Ò¡Ë¹ŒÒ 6 ÊÁѤþÃä¾Ç¡»ÃÐÁÒ³ õð𠤹 áÅеս†Ò ǧŌÍÁ¢Í§¾Á‹ÒÍÍ¡ä»·Ò§·ÔȵÐÇѹÍÍ¡à©Õ§㵌 à¾ÃÒÐËÑÇàÁ×ͧᶺ¹Õé¾Á‹ÒÂѧÁÔä´ŒÂÖ´¤Ãͧ ¡ÃзÑè§ à´×͹àÁÉÒ¹ »‚ òóñð ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒ¡çᵡÊÅÒ ໚¹ä»µÒÁ¤ÇÒÁ¤Ò´¡Òó¢Í§ ¾ÃÐ਌ÒÍÂÙË‹ ÇÑ ºÃÁ â¡È (¾ÃÐÃÒªºÔ´Ò) ·ÕèµÃÑÊäÇŒ¡‹Í¹ÊÇÃäµÇ‹Ò “਌ҿ‡Ò¡ÃÁ¢Ø¹Í¹ØÃѡɏÁ¹µÃÕ (਌ҿ‡ÒàÍ¡·ÑÈ) ໚ ¹ ¤¹â©´à¢ÅÒ äÃŒ Ê µÔ »˜ Þ ÞÒ ËÒ¡ä´Œ ¤ Ãͧ Ἃ¹´Ô¹¨Ð·ÓãˌἋ¹´Ô¹à¡Ô´ÀѾԺѵԔ ¾ÃÐͧ¤ ¨Ö§·Ã§áµ‹§µÑé§ãËŒ¡ÃÁ¢Ø¹¾Ã¾Ô¹Ôµ (਌ҿ‡ÒÍØ·ØÁ¾Ã) ໚¹¡ÃÁ¾ÃÐÃÒªÇѧºÇÃʶҹÁ§¤Å à¾×èͨÐä´Œ Continued from page 6 there was money or jewellery. Some Buddha images were burned to melt them to solid metal such as gold etc. to send to Burma.

Phra Jaao Tak Sin ÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐ਌ҵҡÊÔ¹ ÁËÒÃÒª

໚¹¾ÃÐÁËÒ¡ÉѵÃԏ ͧ¤µÍ‹ ä» áµ‹»ÃÒ¡¯ Ç‹ Ò à¨Œ Ò ¿‡ Ò àÍ¡·Ñ È ÍÒÈÑ·Õè¾ÃÐͧ¤à»š¹ ¾ÃÐàªÉ°Ò ¾ÕèªÒÂ) ¨Ö § ÂÖ ´ Í Ó ¹ Ò ¨ ¨ Ò ¡ ਌ Ò ¿‡ Ò ÍØ ·Ø Á ¾Ã ÁÒ ·Ã§¤Ã᷹ͧ

µŒÍ§¡ÒÃãËŒä·Â໚¹àËÁ×͹¡ÑºÁÍÞ µÒÁ·Õè¡Å‹ÒÇ ¢ŒÒ§µŒ¹ ¾Á‹Ò¨Ö§ä´Œ¡ÇÒ´µŒÍ¹àª×é;ÃÐǧȏ·Ñé§ËÁ´ ¢Í§ÍÂظÂÒ äÁ‹¹ŒÍ¡NjÒÊͧ¾Ñ¹ªÕÇÔµ áÅÐÃÒɮà ·ÑèÇæ ä»ÍÕ¡ÊÒÁËÁ×蹡NjҤ¹ ä»ÂѧàÁ×ͧÍѧÇÐ à¾×èÍÁÔãËŒä·ÂËÃ×ÍÍҳҨѡÃÍÂظÂÒ¡ÅѺ¿„œ¹ÁÒä´Œ ÍÕ¡ ¨Ò¡¹Ñé¹¾ÃÐÃÒªÇѧ ÇÑ´ÇÒÍÒÃÒÁ ºŒÒ¹àÃ×͹ ÃÒɮáç¶Ù¡·ËÒþÁ‹Òà¼Ò໚¹¡Í§à¾ÅÔ§¹Ò¹à¡ŒÒ ÇѹࡌҤ׹ (µÒÁºÑ¹·Ö¡) ¼ÙËŒ ÞÔ§¶Ù¡¢‹Á¢×¹µ‹Í˹ŒÒ ¾‹ÍáÁ‹ ¾ÃÐʧ¦áÅЪÒǺŒÒ¹·ÕèäÁ‹ÂÍÁºÍ¡·Õèà¡çº àÁ×è Í ¡ÃØ § ÈÃÕ Í ÂØ ¸ ÂÒ ·ÃѾ ÊÁºÑµÔ¡ç¶Ù¡·ÃÁÒ¹áÅж١¦‹Ò ¶Ö§ºÍ¡¡ç¦‹Ò ¾‹ÒÂᾌᡋ¾Á‹Ò ¾Á‹Ò ÍÂÙ‹´Õ Çѵ¶Ø·Õè໚¹âÅËÐÁÕ¤‹Ò ËÃ×;Ãоط¸ÃÙ»µ‹Ò§æ

This war would make about 200,000 Thais lose their lives, while about 5,000 Burmese soldiers died. There were dead bodies lying down everywhere, and they gave an

SenSpa, an award winning, authentic Thai spa located at Careys Manor Hotel in the heart of the New Forest, has the following opportunities available: Chefs We are seeking 2 experienced, talented chefs to work full time in the Zen Garden Thai restaurant. An opportunity to work with high quality produce in a friendly, supportive team. Spa Therapists Full/part time Therapists required to join our friendly team. Seeking customer focussed, team players to provide high quality, friendly service. Relevant experience desired delivering treatments within a hotel/spa environment and relevant qualifications. Benefits include uniform, Thai & English meals, staff accommodation.

SENSPA refresh your senses

Application forms available on request, or please send your CV with covering letter to Human Resources Dept, SenSpa, Careys Manor Hotel, Brockenhurst, Hants, SO42 7RH or via email to:

¡ç¶Ù¡à¼Òà¾×èÍËÅÍÁàÍҷͧ¤Ó¡ÅѺ¾Á‹Ò ¡Å‹ÒÇ¡Ñ¹Ç‹Ò Ê§¤ÃÒÁ¤ÃÑ駹Õ餹ä·ÂµÒ»ÃÐÁÒ³ Êͧáʹ¤¹ ¢³Ð·Õè·ËÒþÁ‹ÒµÒ»ÃÐÁÒ³ÊÒÁ ÊÕè¾Ñ¹¤¹ ¨Ö§·ÓãËŒ¡ÃاÈÃÕÍÂظÂÒã¹¢³Ð¹Ñ鹵ź ͺÍÇÅä»´Œ Ç Â¡ÅÔè ¹ ๋ Ò ¢Í§È¾·Õè ¹ ͹µÒÂÍÂÙ‹ ¡ÅÒ´à¡Å×Íè ¹ ¨¹·ËÒþÁ‹Ò·¹äÁ‹äËÇ ¨Ö§äÁ‹ÊÒÁÒö ¢¹·ÃѾÊÁºÑµÔáÅÐÊÔ觢ͧÁÕ¤‹Ò·ÕèÂѧ«Ø¡«‹Í¹ÍÂÙ‹ä» ä´ŒäÁ‹ËÁ´ ᵋä·ÂÂѧ⪤´Õ ·ÕèÁÕÊÁà´ç¨¾ÃÐà¨ŒÒ µÒ¡ÊÔ¹ÁËÒÃÒª (Í‹Ò¹µ‹Í©ºÑºË¹ŒÒ) ‘amthai’

unpleasant smell in the Ayutthaya capital. in having Phraya Vajira Phrakarn (King Because of this bad smell the Burmese Tak Sin) at that time. ‘amthai’ soldiers could not take all the valuable things to Burma. But, Thailand was lucky

ORCHID OF SOIANMSUULTKANTS IMMIGRATION C ใหบริการดานวีซาทุกประเภท ทองเที่ยว เยี่ยมญาติ คูหมั้น แตงงาน EEA Family นักเรียน วีซาเด็ก ขอวีซาถาร ตอวีซาชั่วคราว การสัญชาติอังกฤษ การอุทธรณ การขึ้นศาล ปญหาดานอิมมิเกรชั่น แปล ลาม โดยผานการตรวจสอบและลงทะเบียนกับ OISC ของ Home Office และ UK Border Agency Appeal Advocates at the First & Upper Tier Tribunals Visa Appeals, UK Entry Visas, Further & Indefinite Leave To Remain, British Citizenship. Illegal Immigrants & Overstays.

Offices in UK & Bangkok 24, Digdens Rise, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7DL. Mon-Friday 09.00-18.00 Tel: 01372210361-2 or 07956059792 For Thai: 078147260615 In Thailand: 66 816957532

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If you would like us to post it to you monthly in any countries, One Year Membership fee £ 30 for postal expenses directly to your door plus more discounts on shop & restaurants, business services, etc.

ÊÒÁÒö¨Ñ´Ê‹§ãËŒ·‹Ò¹¿ÃÕ·Ø¡à´×͹·ÑèÇâÅ¡ ¶ŒÒ·‹Ò¹ÊÁѤÃ໚¹ÊÁÒªÔ¡»‚ÅÐ 30 »Í¹´ ¾ÃŒÍÁÃѺÊÔ·¸Ô¾ÔàÈÒ Å´ÃÒ¤ÒÌҹáÅкÃÔ¡Òõ‹Ò§æ To Collect our Newspaper for Free at : Thai Offices in UK

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Thai Massage staff Thai Massage shop looking for (part time/ full time) Thai massage therapist, guarantee pay available. Please call 0752 8160 576 For more information.

µÔ´µ‹Í¤Ø³ ÊÔ·¸Ô 0785 2771 709 email:


ACCOUNTS STANDARD (Licence&Regulated) ãËŒºÃÔ¡Ò÷ӺÑÞªÕáÅÐÂ×è¹ÀÒÉÕ ÊÓËÃѺ Sole Traders, Partnership & Company Limited ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒªÒÇä·Â ÂÔ¹´ÕãËŒ¤Ó»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ¿ÃÕ

in the UK and Abroad, looking for friendship, romance, love and marriage. Call: 0208 9806 500, 0798 9909 044

Mobile no.0755 2892 519

Off.98, 2 Old Brompton, London

STA Travel, Thailand, Educational Travel Center (ETC)

Buddhapadipa Temple 14 Calonne Road London SW19 5HJ 020 8946 1357

Êӹѡ§Ò¹¼ÙŒ´ÙáŹѡàÃÕ¹ä·Âã¹»ÃÐà·ÈÍѧ¡ÄÉ ÊÒÁѤ¤ÕÊÁÒ¤Á 28 Prince’s Gate, London SW71QF Tel: 0207 5844 3839

Sevendays Holiday Co., Ltd.

Êӹѡ§Ò¹Ê‹§àÊÃÔÁ¡ÒäŒÒã¹µ‹Ò§»ÃÐà·È (Thai Trade Center)

11 Herdfort Street, LondonW1Y7DX Tel: 0207 4935 749

491/22 Silom Plaza Building, 1st Floor, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 233 6969

Thai National Shipper’s Council (ÊÀҼٌʋ§ÍÍ¡áË‹§»ÃÐà·Èä·Â)

(Thai Airways International) 41 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BF Tel: 0207 4917 953

21/8 Krungthonburi Road, Klongtonsai, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2 4401 971 ext.107

1168/97, 32nd, Floor Zone C Lumpini Tower Blg., Rama IV Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2679 7555

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All your needs catered for... Fast Friendly Service.

079 4164 7886

Looking for an experience Thai staff

Ìҹ Spa Tara

໚¹Ê»Òແ´ãËÁ‹ ·Õè Brighton µÍ¹¹Õ鵌ͧ¡ÒÃÃѺÊÁѤà ¾¹Ñ¡§Ò¹¹Ç´á¼¹ä·Â ¹Ç´Ê»Ò ¹Ç´à·ŒÒ  ÁÕ㺻ÃСÒȹÕºѵÃÇÔªÒªÕ¾ ÀÒÉÒÍѧ¡ÄÉÊÒÁÒöÊ×èÍÊÒþÍ㪌䴌 à§×è͹ä¢áÅÐÊÇÑÊ´Ô¡Òà  ÁÕ guarantee ¢Ñé¹µèÓ·Õè 50 GBP µ‹ÍÇѹ ·Ó§Ò¹ full-time áÅÐ part-time  ÁÕÍÒËÒÃãËŒã¹àÇÅÒ¡Ò÷ӧҹ  äÁ‹ËÑ¡·Ô»

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ºÃÔ¡Òà ÃѺ Ê‹§ ʹÒÁºÔ¹ ÃѺ¨Ñ´·ÑÇÏʋǹµÑÇ áÅзÑÇÏ¡Ã؍»ãËÞ‹ ÊÙ§ÊØ´¶Ö§ 50 ·‹Ò¹ ¾ÒªÁ¿ØµºÍÅ áÅоҪÁʹÒÁ¿ØµºÍÅ ÃѺ Ê‹§ ¤³Ð»ÃЪØÁ áÅкؤ¤ÅÊÓ¤ÑÞ ´ŒÇÂö Mercedes Benz VIP ·ÑÇÏ ä»àªŒÒ àÂ繡ÅѺ ·ÑÇÏ·Ò§ä¡Å·ÑèÇÍѧ¡ÄÉ Ê¡ÍµáŹ´ ´ŒÇÂö 7 ·Õè¹Ñè§áÅÐ 9 ·Õè¹Ñè§ãËÁ‹ ÊдǡʺÒ »ÅÍ´ÀÑ ÃÒ¤Ò¾ÔàÈÉ

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AB Money

&B Money ½Ò¡ÁҺ͡Njҵ͹¹Õ·é Ò§ºÃÔÉ·Ñ ä´Œ¨´Ñ á¤Áà»Þ¾ÔàÈɵŒÍ¹ÃѺʧ¡ÃÒ¹µ â´Â ÁͺàÍ¡ÊÔ·¸Ôì㹡Òà “â͹à§Ô¹¿ÃÕ” µÑé§áµ‹Çѹ¹Õé 仨¹¶Ö § ÇÑ ¹ ·Õè 15 àÁÉÒ¹ ÅÙ ¡ ¤Œ Ò ÊÒÁÒö â͹à§Ô¹¨Ó¹Ç¹µÑé§áµ‹ 1 »Í¹´ 仨¹¶Ö§Ë¹Öè§ ÅŒÒ¹»Í¹´ä´Œ¿ÃÕ **â´ÂàÍ¡ÊÔ·¸Ô¾ì àÔ Èɹբé ÍʧǹÊÔ·¸Ôì ãËŒ¡ºÑ ÅÙ¡¤ŒÒÊÁÒªÔ¡¢Í§ A&B Money ෋ҹѹé

Songkran at Kings Bromley



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(Tourism Authority of Thailand) 1 st Floor, 17-19 Cockspur Street London SW1Y5BL Tel: 0207 9257 823

254 Chulalongkorn Soi 64, Siam Square,Phyathai Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Tel: +66 (0) 2652 5480-9

From £150 all day events charged at £25 per hour, family parties, concerts ,theatre portraits, etc. Prices for weddings start at £150 and hourly rate to cover events. parties. concerts etc, start at £25 per hour depending on job, location and hours.

Í‹ҧÅÐàÍÕ´·Ø¡àÃ×èͧ ⪤ÅÒÀ ¡Òçҹ ¤ÇÒÁÃÑ¡ áÅÐàÃ×èͧÍ×è¹æ ÃѺ»ÃÖ¡ÉÒ·Ò§â·ÃÈѾ· â·ÃËҤس¨ÔëÁ 0797 3656 517

Contact: Rassel 0786 1713 074

British Council in Thailand


ºÃÔÉÑ·¡ÒúԹä·Â¨Ó¡Ñ´ (ÁËÒª¹)

British Embassy in Thailand 14 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2305 8333 ext: 2334, 2318

Weddings covered put on DVD


Looking for an experience Thai chef & waiter at London for newly opening restaurant.

29-30 Queen’s Gate London SW75JB Tel: 020 7589 2944 Ext. 5502-5507 Fax : 020 7823 7492

Contact: 0788 6359 750, 0795 0179 321 E-mail:

ÍàªÔÞËÇÁ§Ò¹»ÃÐླÕʧ¡ÃÒ¹µ ³ ÇÑ´¾Ø·¸ÇÔËÒà ¤Ô§ÊºÃÍÁÅÕè Eastfield House, Alrewas Road, Kings Bromley Staffordshire DE13 7HR ã¹ÇѹÍҷԵ ·Õè 22 àÁÉÒ¹ 2555 àÇÅÒ 10.00 ¹. ໚ ¹ µŒ ¹ ä» ÀÒ¤ºÑ ¹ à·Ô § àÃÔè Á µÑé § ᵋ à ÇÅÒ 13.30 ¹. ÃѺÊÁѤüٌ»ÃСǴ෾Õʧ¡ÃÒ¹µ (à´ç¡áÅмٌãËÞ‹) â·Ã. 07852218969


news roundup / January 2008

Tiparos- Thailand’s First Fish Sauce Factory


A century of development in quality- where quality becomes a legend.

MANNING IMPEX LIMITED 2 Doman Road, Camberley Surrey GU15 3DF Tel: 01276 406 887/8 | Fax: 01276 406 889 Email: |

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technology / January 2008

d n a l i a h T o t s e r a Saver F

London Bangkok return ber 2012 vem No 30 st gu Au 11 & 12 20 y Jul 15 ril Ap 15 g: Departin from Book by: 19 March 2012


rn tu re k o k g n a B to n o d n o L Book by: 31 March 2012 Departing: 01 March - 30 June 2012


Departing: 23 July - 31 August 2012 (High Season)


£575 £640

al £5 and £30 high season ion dit ad an m fro ns tio na sti de c sti me do Fly onto Thailand Chiang Rai / Surat Thani / Udon Thani / Khon Kaen / / Hat Yai / Ubon Phuket / Koh Samui / Chiang Mai / Krabi

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