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Clean Air Prozone generators utilize a proprietary Photohydrionization process, which targets high intensity uv light on a hydrated quad metallic target in an ozone atmosphere creating hydro-peroxides, ozonide ions, hydroxides and super oxide ions. Clean Air Prozone generators are designed for professional use and produce high-level ozone for non-occupied areas.

How does the Clean Air Prozone generator work? Most unpleasant odours are caused by organic compounds containing carbon (C). When these compounds meet the produced oxidisers, they are converted into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). All smells disappear permanently and do not return. Any remaining ozone soon converts back to oxygen. Clean Air Prozone generators are designed for professionals to use in destroying – not covering up – unpleasant smells caused, for example, by fire and smoke, paints, sewage, cooking, volatile organic compounds, rotting food, pets, fungi, bacteria, viruses, urine, vomit, ammonia, thinner, garlic, tobacco smoke, human remains etc.

Clean Air Prozone generators are ideal for: Specialist cleaning companies • Fire- and water damage restoration companies • Food industry • Storage companies • Transport companies • Cold storage facilities • Storage of cheese and fruit • Housing companies • Building management • Waste containers • Rental companies • Carpet cleaners • Car cleaning and detailing companies • Car hire companies • Water damage repair companies • Ozone rooms (for dry cleaners, fire restoration, mattress cleaning)

Characteristics: • Permanently removes smells • Simple to use • No use of chemicals • Leaves no chemical residue • Kills airborne bacteria, mould, mildew and viruses • No side effects

Technical specifications Clean Air Pro 20SS Clean Air Pro 10SS Clean Air Mobil Pro Ozone concentration* 13,5ppm 13,5ppm 8 ppm Ozone volume 9090 mg/hour 1870 mg/hour 580 mg/hour Method of production** UV target on a “Quad Metallic”coating idem idem Ultraviolet Chamber** Electrically Excited Krypton Gas idem idem Cells 2x36”HOA 2x14”HOA 1x11”HOA Ventilator 111 m3/hour 76m3/hour Voltage 230 volt 230 Volt 12/230volt Amps 2 1,25 0,5 Controls on/off/timer/hour meter on/off/timer/hour meter on/off Dimensions hxdxw 33x31x109 cm 33x31x66 cm 10x10x45 cm Weight 14 kg 8kg 2 kg Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel *at the outlet with a relative atmospheric humidity of 40% **patented ***supplier reserves the right to technical modifications without further notice

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Clean Air mobil pro  

Clean Air mobil pro