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All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke

President’s Message March 2007 Greetings and salutations! It has been a while since the last newsletter, and I hope everyone has weathered the winter with little or no negative effects. As many of you know, we are losing the current Immediate Past President, Jeff Smoot so that he can tend to his new duties as National Member at Large. Jeff, thank you for your years of service to the Oklahoma Chapter of the AMTA, and good luck on the National Board! In reflection, one thing that Jeff taught me, and that I hold very close is how important it is to understand the mission statement of the AMTA – to promote the art science and practice of massage therapy; and to appreciate how diverse the field of massage therapy is, especially in Oklahoma. We are the leaders in the massage therapy community, and being that, we draw a lot of fire and criticism from a lot of directions for our stances on issues, our pursuit of just legislation, and the fact that no other national massage organization has elected leadership. I am proud to be a member, and to volunteer with the organization. Granted, there are issues that I feel we need to pay more attention to, but that is my opinion – but that is another facet of our organization I feel that we need to appreciate

- open meetings where the membership can discuss and agree, disagree, or agree to disagree, but most importantly, listen to each other just the same. No other massage organization can claim to address this the way that the AMTA does. We thrive on communication, and we need to address the needs of our members. We list our email addresses and phone numbers in each newsletter, hoping you will contact us. We are thrilled when you do. As you can see in Scott’s GR report, a lot of our focus has been on legislation, but there are other things going on. We have many volunteer opportunities to participate in; sports massage events and On-Site Massage Events, and there are meetings planned to discuss the future direction of our chapter. I hope you can become part of the process and join us at one of the upcoming meetings in Tulsa or OKC. We have some great members and the attention that the legislation has provided is giving us an opportunity to answer the question “what exactly is the AMTA?”. That is a question I think that we, as members should ask ourselves – and pay attention to how we answer. Understand, we have members that have experienced a lot of things in this industry, and we need to listen and learn from them. We have members who are new to the field that bring their enthusiasm and fresh ideas that we need to listen to as well. We need to realize that it is everyone one of us each day, each massage session, each continuing education class, each opportunity we have to represent the field that we all strive to innovate and blaze trails in this quickly evolving profession. Christopher Deery, NCTMB President, AMTA-OK

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. ~Aristotle

Congratulations Jeff! It is a great honor to have one of our own members achieve a seat at the big table. Jeff has worked diligently for over 7 years for the benefit of our local chapter. We are now proud to know him as Member-at-Large. Jeff Smoot, NMCMT

I first joined the AMTA in 1991 while attending the Stress Massage Institute in Colorado Springs. I was a student looking to be the best I could be and I was impressed with the passion and devotion that AMTA volunteers had for their profession. They wanted rules, regulations, standards of education and licensing in every state. They were interested in advancing the profession and creating ethical guidelines. The AMTA was recognized as the premier group, the best, and sixteen years later, they still are. I believe that our society will become better educated and realize there are other options, besides medication and surgery, when dealing with pain and dysfunction. I believe the AMTA will successfully convince the public that our members are competent, educated and able to provide the consumer with help and relief. I will continue the progress that has been made to expand the use of massage therapy in our healthcare system. With research and the ability of

our members to provide repeatable results for specific problems, we will attain the respect and referrals of the medical community. I believe that by focusing energy and intent, we create endless possibilities. I appreciate the privilege of experiencing what this organization has to offer to those that choose to volunteer, it has definitely enriched my life. I consider it an honor to serve and from my experience in the AMTA, your voice does matter and your vote does count.

No single therapeutic agent can be compared in efficiency with this familiar, but perfect tool.‌ the human hand. It is preeminently the instrument of the artist in all departments. The hand is an ever present agent of skill... It is capable of infinite adaptations... If half as much research had been expended on the principles of governing manual treatment as upon pharmacology, the hand would be esteemed today on a par with drugs in acceptability and power. J. Madison Taylor M.D. 1869

AMTA-OK Board of Directors President: Christopher Deery 918-810-8798 Immediate Past President: Open 1st Vice President: Scott Rayburn 405-528-4840 2nd Vice President: Rocky Chen 405-923-9615 or 3rd Vice Pres: Marcy Matney(918)407-6911 Treasurer: Gayla Henderson 918-527-5900 Secretary: Lynne Kincaid 918-809-2105 Page 2

Please email us or give us a call! O K L A HO M A U P D A T E

Massage Therapists Deserve Professional Respect The practice of massage therapy is focused on health and wellness. It can help alleviate the effects of a broad range of health conditions, including pain, stress and muscle injury. The growing popularity of massage therapy in recent years has attracted greater attention to the profession and its practitioners by the media and the public. While this increased attention has resulted in a wider recognition of the many benefits of massage, occasionally some public figures attempt to link the practice of massage therapy to sexual activity. Perpetuating this view not only demeans the profession of massage therapy, but also can threaten the physical safety of massage practitioners when an assumption is made that someone can demand sex from them. AMTA and its members understand good-natured humor, but call on the media and public figures to not allow their comments to denigrate the massage therapy profession, stereotype massage therapists, or threaten their safety. Public comments about the profession should never imply an expectation of or a connection with sexual activity. Massage therapists are trained professionals who have completed specialized education in their field. Those who belong to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), for example, have demonstrated a level of skill and knowledge through education and testing, adhere to a code of ethics and must meet continuing education requirements to retain membership. Š 2008 American Massage Therapy AssociationŽ

Delegates Report by Lynne Kincaid Dear AMTA-OK Chapter, Thank you so much for allowing me to represent our chapter as a delegate for Oklahoma at the National Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio 2007. I found myself extremely energized and also involved at the podium debating pros and cons to the bills that were being presented. This is the heart of AMTA National, this is the place where all changes are made for the good of all Chapters. It was a wonderful experience to be in a room full of enthusiastic Massage Therapists from all over the United States having the same goal, making rules and regulations for the greater of good. These are the Bylaw Amendments of the State Chapter Bills that were presented at the 2007 Delegates meeting: 1.) Georgia - Installation of Chapter Officers (for 104, against 29...our Chapter voted For same as voted at our Annual Meeting. 2.) Georgia - Duties of Nomination Committee (for 127, against 4...our Chapter voted For same as at our Annual Meeting. 3.) Illinois - Membership Requirements (for 25, against 104 ...our Chapter voted Against NOT the same as we voted at our Annual Meeting...REASON: A BILL CAN NOT BE CHANGED ONCE IT HAS BEEN PRESENTED ON THE FLOOR OF HOD. This bill was asked to be presented into committee and than be resubmitted on the floor (HOD) next year in 2008. 4.) New Jersey - Multiple State Membership (for 27, against 105 ...our Chapter voted Against NOT the same as we voted at our Annual Meeting...REASON: THIS BILL WILL HAVE TO BE REWRITTEN BECAUSE THERE WAS AN ISSUE AS TO HOW MANY VOTES A PERSON CAN HAVE IF THEY WERE TO PAY FOR MULTIPLE CHAPTER FEES. This bill will be resubmitted on the floor (HOD) next year in 2008. 5.) New Jersey - Business, Ethics, and Theory type CEU in the On-Line Site (for 101, against 30 ...our Chapter voted For same as we voted at our Annual Meeting)

All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. ~Pablo Neruda O K L A HO M A U P D A T E Page 3

Annual Membership Meeting June 28, 2008 Notice of Chapter Election of Officers and Delegates

Christopher Deery, NCTMB, Nominations Chair

President, Serving a two year term: 2008 - 2010 2nd VP, Serving a two year term: 2008 - 2010 Treasurer, Serving a two year term: 2008 - 2010 Delegate, Serving a one year term 2009

consider sending the same delegate two years in a row sometime in the future. Quite a few chapters do this and find that they create more experienced delegates that serve the chapter better in the complete process.

As the new Nominations & Awards Chair I am concerned about how we choose those who step forward to serve our chapter. In the past, we had members contact the Nominations Chair who would then make certain that they were qualified. If we did not have enough qualified members we would appoint new members. We were encouraged to recruit members to make certain we had a full board of officers and we would even entertain nominations from the floor. The problem is it hasn’t worked out too well. Without creating drama, what has occurred when we choose our officers and delegates in this manner is that we sometimes got people elected to office without ever having seen them perform or had an opportunity to otherwise verify their experience or ability to serve the membership. We even got people that did not want their position but, took it only as a means to get to a higher position or as a favor to their colleague. This has led to create less than perfect situations on the board and I feel actually discourage some of you that would be terrific board members from participating. Furthermore, in reference to our delegates that get elected to represent our Chapter at the national convention. It is not just a free trip that we should pass around and let everyone have a turn. Delegates have duties and advance preparation responsibilities, some have simply been unable to fulfill them. We have even had to go to alternate delegates as well in order to find someone who could serve. Unfortunately, it has presented more difficulties and the bottom line was that our state membership was not adequately represented. Anyone is able to do their best job if they fully understand it prior to undertaking it and it is not thrust on them at the last minute. Delegates must be elected each year and may only serve two terms in succession. We should be thinking about this and

Even a sheet of paper is lighter when two people lift it. ~Korean Proverb Page 4

I am hoping the solution is in a little more preparation. We are still required to accept nominations from the floor however, they will be examined and approved by the Nominations Committee prior to a membership vote. I also want to encourage everyone that wants to hold office or be elected as a delegate or participate on a committee to follow this process: 1. Call the Nominations Chair and ask any questions you have and share concerns. 2. Fill out the Candidate Application & Volunteer Search Form on page 5 and mail no later than May 15, 2008. 3. Show up and participate in the Annual Chapter Meeting and Elections. 4. Prepare to make a short statement (2 - 3 minutes) prior to the elections if you are running for a board postion. In fact, this is precisely the way other chapters of the AMTA do it‌ some take no nominations from the floor, no one is elected that does not go the full process. Perhaps this is just a great opportunity for us all to participate in a shift to more thoughtfulness about our chapter. Perhaps we can improve by applying their wisdom and following the lead of these larger chapters! It is my hope that approaching this with preparation, and giving the Nominating Committee an opportunity to do its job to qualify the candidates, the membership can be confident it will be voting for candidates that have clearly demonstrated their ability to serve. In larger chapters members have an opportunity to gain experience participating on committees prior to running for offices and participating in chapter leadership. In smaller chapters we have all been diligent to serve and wear many hats. Please take a moment to consider serving your profession‌This is your chapter, you have the power to participate and make it better. Things only change if you take an active role and consciously and courageously participate to create change.


Candidate Application & Volunteer Search Form Do you have talents, skills, time and energy to contribute to the Oklahoma Chapter? Are you interested in getting involved in any particular area or activities? If so, we need to know you better. To take the first step in participating in an active role in your Chapter, please fill out the form below and send it in with your resume`.

Name: _______________________________________AMTA Member ID: _______________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________ State: _____ Zip: ____________ Phone: _____________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ______________________________ Email: _________________________________ Please check the areas in which you are interested and qualified. I am available to volunteer: † 1 to 2 hours per month † 1 to 2 hours per week † 3 to 4 hours per month I have the following technical skills: † Bookkeeping † Computer Knowledge † Transcription

† Advertising

† Marketing

Chapter Committees (positions appointed for one year term) † Nominations & Awards † Events & Education † Government Relations † Newsletter † Website † Membership Chapter Delegate † (Position elected for a one year term and attends the National Convention) Chapter Board Member (Positions elected by the membership for a two year term of office): † President † 1st Vice President † 2nd Vice President † 3rd Vice President † Treasurer † Secretary Please attach a resume that is suitable for posting at the annual membership meeting prior to elections and a personal statement that explains: Why do you want to serve as a Chapter Volunteer? What experience do you have that would be valuable to the Chapter? If you have served as a Chapter officer or on a committee in the past or even in another state, please indicate when and in what capacity. Return to: Christopher Deery 7008 S. Utica Tulsa, OK 74136 Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 918-810-8798


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What’s Going On! Please join us at the AMTA OK Board Meeting April 19, 2008 12 noon Hampton Inn Sand Springs, Oklahoma Please call or email Scott Rayburn by April 12th to RSVP your lunch and class materials 405-528-4840 Free Lunch Free CEUs 4hrs Measurements & Measurable Outcomes for Massage with R. Todd Petty, RPT Enjoy the Sand Springs Herbal Affair in the morning and then join us for lunch and the board meeting and stay for the meeting, lunch and CEUs.

Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Sunday, April 27th, 2008 This year, the OKC Marathon Sports Massage Team is asking for YOUR help!! We'll need therapists between 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM on race day . Volunteer therapists will receive an "official" Marathon Sports Massage Team t-shirt.

We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are. ~AnaĂŻs Nin Oklahoma Academy of Family Practice Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly OAFP will be having their Annual Scientific Conference in OKC, June 12th & 13th, 2008. We will have a booth and be doing On-Site Massage for the Physicians and their families during the conference. Christopher Deery will be the luncheon speaker on Saturday. If you would like to join us please contact Xerlan Geiser at 918-810-8186 or These are terrific events with health professionals that support our practices by their utilization of Massage Therapy and referrals. What a wonderful opportunity to connect with them, meet other massage therapists and have fun. If you have an event you want listed please just send me a few lines, pics if you have them and I will do my best to get them in. ThanX! Xerlan 918-810-8186 or

If interested, please contact: Rocky Chen, CMT Massage Director, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

405-923-9615 or

Oklahoma Athletic Training Association Annual State Meeting We will have a booth and be doing On-Site Massage at the OATA State Meeting, May 10th & 11th, 2008 in Stillwater, OK. If you would like to participate in the OATA meeting please Contact Christopher Deery at 918-810-8798 or Page 6

Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement. ~Florence Scovel Shinn O K L A HO M A U P D A T E

Government Relations Report Hi all, as you know we did not get our legislation passed last year. This was disappointing but not unexpected, it’s unlikely to have a bill passed the first year that it is submitted. And opposition was present as we expected. Ultimately our bill was deemed too “controversial” primarily due to dissent within our field. Differences of opinion regarding legislation has historically been the landscape in Oklahoma, but Oklahoma is not alone on this issue. As I said we were disappointed but licked our wounds, pulled up our bootstraps and set our resolve for the upcoming ‘08 legislative session. Our hopes were to have an easier road into successful legislation in ‘08. There were suggested amendments to our original bill brought forth by Oklahoma therapists, Oklahoma massage coalition members as well as national groups such as A.M.T.A., A.B.M.P., the Federation of Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork & Somatic Practice Organizations with interest in our bills language. For those

of you not familiar with this it, is a group of representatives forganizations representing the movement therapists, oriental body workers, and structural integration therapists. They seek exemptions from our licensing as many of these therapists have undergone specific training within their fields without having attended an approved school of massage therapy. In the end we introduced committee substitute H.B. 3199. You can view this language at . We feel that we have constructed a great bill which covers the best interest of Oklahoma therapists as well as national industry interest groups. Our legislation was submitted to the House, business and labor subcommittee on Tuesday, February 12th of 2008. Unpredictably we were surprised by last minute opposition from the D.O.s who had supported our legislation previously as well as assisted us with our language. This was due to a change in leadership on their board, they are opposing all licensure language this session. We do not expect for their stand to change until the current leadership terms out on the DO board. The M.D.s lobbyist also petitioned against us and apologized the following day as he had forgotten about our previous agreement on the bill. The lobbyist for the Chiropractic association also presented opposition and we were expecting this move without great concern. There was also opposition presented from individual therapists, a hypnotist/reflexologist and an N.D. and we anticipated this as well. This unexpected turn of events by the D.O.s and M.D.s though apparently had an impact on the legislators of the VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1

subcommittee and our bill was not passed to a vote. Plans are currently being put into place to continue pursuing our legislative efforts. In the past the AMTA Oklahoma board and the Oklahoma massage coalition have worked together as a team in pursuit of state legislation. At our recent board meeting it was voted to separate the coalition from the Oklahoma chapter board. It was agreed that this would serve as a positive strategic move in the future. Watch the Oklahoma chapter web page for updates on legislative efforts. Therapists living in Oklahoma City should be apprised of changes having taken place in the City massage law. Recently the wording of the law was updated to more accurately represent our field. Myself and others have been in contact with licensing office in the past as to concerns about the content of the existing law. I am not entirely happy with the updated content but it’s certainly better than what we have been living with. I feel unsure that the massage therapy community was actually consulted in the rewriting process. The cross gender restriction has been omitted, language has been included to allow for outcall massage (i.e. chair massage), and minors can be treated with consent of a parent or guardian. You still need to submit an O.S.B.I. background check but the fingerprints have been omitted as well as the requirement for a window in the treatment room door. After the May 1, 2008 enactment a therapist will be required to have 500 hours of massage therapy education at a state approved school or N.C.T.M.B. Certification to license. Previous to the enactment date a therapist can grandfather in under the existing law without those requirements if not already licensed. The best way to start the process is by picking up a license application at the Oklahoma City/county health department 921 N.E. 23rd phone 405-427-8651. You can contact the licensing office at 405-297-2606 their address is 420 W. Main Suite 5130. If you have any input or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Scott G. Rayburn, AMTAOK 1st VP Government Relations Chair 405-408-528-4840

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Treasurer’s Report By Gayla Henderson September 2007- January 2008 Total of Accounts: Checking $ 3,766.97 Saving $ 10,102.48

Income: AMTA National Dues $2,661.91 AMTA National – Small Chapter Assistance $395.00 AMTA National – Reimburstment for Chris $395.00 Coalition Events $130.00 Cafepress $27.60

Expenses: BOK – Deposit Slip $22.39 TD Information Service- Website $240.00 Allegra Printing – Newsletter $240.31 AMTA 1 to 1 Foundation & Research $164.00 National Convention in OH Hilton $727.80 Hyatt $884.58 Lynne Kincaid $414.95 Scott Rayburn - Travel $390.91 Scott Rayburn – Reg. $395.00 Coalition Meetings Lynne Kincaid – AMTA & Coalition Meeting OKC $131.98 Meeting Owasso $59.35 Ken Horton – Meeting OKC $74.39 Meeting Owasso $51.50

Worthy are the labors which give us a sign other than age to show that we have lived. ~Leon Batista Alberti

Advertising Rates Ad Size AMTA Member 1/8 Page $10 1/4 Page $25 1/2 Page $50 Full Page $75

Non-AMTA Member $15 $35 $60 $85

For more information please contact Xerlan Deery Page 8


“The Best” by Xerlan Deery, NCTMB, Newsletter Editor I had one of those days recently. Those sweet days where everything went well. My first client said it was the best massage she ever had and wanted me to move to her state with her and even offered me a free office in a building her husband owns. My next client also raved and said it was the best one she ever had. This went on all day. No one was late. Every thing I did seemed to be the exact right thing. I must have been in the zone. Don’t you love those days?

If you attend Chapter meetings and/or participate in events you will definitely meet more therapists. These therapists will definitely have different skill sets and training than you. You may even get to participate in a class gaining knowledge, skills and CEUs. You will even find that there are some volunteer opportunities that you might even enjoy. One of the new committee chairs recently asked me “what could someone possibly do if they could only volunteer an hour a month?”

Did you even realize anyone else had days like that? I am a curious sort and called 10 other therapists and polled them. All of them had a had days like that. It was actually a lot more common than not. All of them said that 4 out of 5 days a week at least one client raves that they are the best. This didn’t surprise me.

I had a list very quickly:

In a field such as ours when so many practitioners work solo or in very small groups we tend to get isolated very easily. The new graduate who experiences one of those days can easily get the big head fast. The sooner we all realize we all have those days the better. We are after all….all THE BEST. Many clients are still getting the first massage today. Many clients have only had a few massages. We are all so different and diverse we need to embrace that and understand the beauty in that. The beauty that for many people the last massage they received is THE BEST one ever. This is not only a compliment to the individual but, to our profession as it continues to grow and mature. We gain more skilled practitioners and colleagues. We all want to be THE BEST. Here are a few things that can help us in our own self-assessment process. •

Have you done anything different in your practice in the last year?

Have you met another massage therapist in the last 6 months?

Have you attended any classes in the last year?

Have you volunteered for any organization in the last year?

Have you taken time to focus on defining and growing your practice in the last year?

Have you taken any time just for yourself, for no other reason than you need this?

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Drop by a massage school in their area and see if they need any new AMTA Materials or are interested in having a speaker from our organization.

Call two other members and remind them their membership is almost due.

Tell two other therapists about our Café Press Website.

Fill out the paperwork to nominate one member for an award.

Contact a local business and inquire if there was any possibility of them donating a prize for a drawing at one of our meetings.

Contact two other members to encourage them to attend the next meeting or event.

Write an article for the newsletter or for the AMTA OK website.

Contact possible advertisers for the newsletter.

They could proofread the newsletter.

If any of these things sound remotely amusing, or even if they don’t, please take a look at the form on page 5 and consider getting more active with YOUR Chapter. We are all THE BEST when we can work together to make OUR Chapter THE BEST it can be.

Use what talents you possess; The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. ~Henry Van Dyke O K L A HO M A U P D A T E


7008 South Utica Tulsa , OK 74136

Newsletter Publication Schedule March, July & November All ads, articles and submissions must be in no later than the 15th of the month prior to publication.

Calendar of Events AMTA OK Board Meeting April 19, 2008 Hampton Inn 12 noon 7852 W. Parkway Blvd Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127 Tel: 918-245-8500 Free Lunch 4hrs Free CEUs Measurements & Measurable Outcomes for Massage with R. Todd Petty, RPT All Members Welcome! Please RSVP For lunch and class materials by April 12! Scott Rayburn 405-528-4840

AMTA 4 State Conference Hosted by AMTA Kansas Chapter June 6 - 8, 2008 Holiday Inn Lenexa, KS Contact: Tiffany Phillips 913-530-8478 AMTA OK Annual Membership Meeting & Elections June 28, 2008 OKC Location TBA Watch your mail and email for more information in May

National Convention Phoenix, Arizona September 17 - 20, 2008 National Massage Therapy Awareness Week October 19 - 25, 2008

Be fair with others, but keep after them until they're fair with you. ~Alan Alda

AMTA March 2008 Newsletter  

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