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2011-10 Style Analysis men, Elingsbo Cosmetics & Education 2011-09 - 2012-06 Stratford Career Institute, USA Fashion Merchandising & Design 2011-06 Colour Analysis, Elingsbo Cosmetics & Education 2011-04 Style Analysis, Elingsbo Cosmetics & Education


2009-01 - 2009-06 Halmstad University Distance course in Business English 2008-09 - 2009-01 Växjö University Distance course in business accounting and budgeting 2008-01 - 2008-06 Blekinge Institute of Technology Distance course in general commercial law 2007-08 - 2008-01 Gotland University Distance course in overview law IT: - Pyramid ERP - Illustrator CS5 - Fortnox ERP - Indesign CS5 - Photoshop CS5 - Microsoft Office Literature in addition to training: Stylingguiden - Jessica Berghult Personlig stil - Mia Berg Ebbas stil - Ebba von Sydow En skönhetsstylists hemligheter Marina Thorzelius Finn din stil - Mary Spillane Vacker med färg - Carole Jackson Fashionista - Martina Bonnier

2013-10 - Styling & Event by Anna Styling and event management 2013-05 - Checkmark Sverige AB Marketing and adminstration 2013-01 - Modekampanj Stylist and CMO 2012-06 - 2013-05 AB Sigfrid Stenberg Project Management and Marketing

Language: Swedish - fluent English - very good German - a little

Courses: Writing Course Spring / Fall 2011 - Nordic Writers’ Development Sewing course spring/fall 2011 - Franzéns tyger

2011-08 - 2013-04 AM Inspiration Managing a webshop with accessories 2011-07 - 2012-06 United Media Group Merchandiser L’oréal 2011-08 - 2012-06 CPM Scandinavia AB Perfume Ambassador Kicks 2010-10 - 2012-06 Neira Accessories Ltd Seller 2004-02 - 2011-05 Koneo Jönköping AB Service and Administration

Fashion Merchandising & Design Assignments from this education

Assignment 1 Create a photo essay with written photo description about why people wear clothes.




Status Beauty

Pictures sources:

Assignment 2

Create a storyboard showing the basic apparel designs in fashion this year.





Long dress

Cape Pictures sources:

Assignment 3 Collect photos for some of the garments styles and parts described in chapter 3

Empire dress A-line dress

Asymmetrical adresss

Boat neckline Bolero Umberella skirt V neckline

Pleasant sleeve Bell sleeve Flared skirt

Harem pants

Pictures sources:

Assignment 4 Show the fashions of three current well-known designers.

Pictures sources:

Assignment 5

After researching apparel production, prepare a flowchart that diagrams apparel production from fabric to garment.


Garment Pressing Cutting

Making markers

Sewing - The tailor system or the Piecework system



Pattern Design idea From



Assignment 6 Collect samples of fabrics listed in this chapter and make a description.



Fabric of diamond design with contrasting, diagonal overstgripes. Orginally knitted, now also woven or printed.

Fine cloth, originally of silk or wool, with a broken-rib pattern.


A strong fabric of heavy wool or cottonwrap yarns and lengthwise ribs, often in stripes


Thin, sheer open-weave fabric.


Sheer, lightweight fabric that has high texture, softness and fine plain-weave construction.


Plain-weave, cotton fabric in colored plaids, stripes or checks, with dyes that run together during washing.

Assignment 7 Illustrate each of the six different color schemes for clothing described in this chapter. Analogous Monochromatic

Different tints, shades and intensities of the same hue.

Neighboring or adjacent colors on the wheel.


Opposite hues on the color wheel.

Accent neutral Split-complementary


Combines white, black and gray with a bright color accent. Combines one color with the two colors on the sides of its complement.

Combines three colors equidistant on the wheel.

Pictures sources:

Assignment 8

Show four pictures. Analyze the elements of design in the garments.

Slim silhouette with jagged and straight lines that are verticals makes the person loook taller and thinner. Shinny textures makes people look larger, however in this case she look smaller because of the lines and silhouette.

A wide silhouette that makes the person look larger. The horizontal line that is created with different colors ont the topp and skirt makes the person look wider.

Straight and wide silhouette. Makes the person look tall and larger. Light color makes the person look larger as well.

A garment that is straight, slim, dark with a flat texture make the person look taller and thinner. Pictures sources:

Assignment 9 Obtain four pictures of complete outfits. Judge them as having good, medium or poor harmony.

Poor harmony. The jacket doesn´t goes with the skirt at all. It would look better if the blouse was one-colored. The shoes doesn´t belong here and the necklace doesn´t fit in.

Medium harmony. The garment goes together but the leggings makes her leg looks very short and the sweater could have been slimmer to that wide skirt.

Good harmony. The color looks really good on the model and the accessory fits well.

Good harmony. The color and the style goes together.

Pictures sources:

Assignment 10 Plan two warderobes with basic items, extenders and accessories. Plan one for a high school or collage student and one for a young business person.

High school student - Three par of jeans, two blue and one black - Four one-colored t-shirts - Three chemise - Three sweatshirts - Two cardigans - One blouse - Two tunics - Three par of leggings - Two everyday dresses - Two party dresses (one LBD) - Two skirts (one short and one longer) - Two jacket/coats (mc-jacket and one warmer for the winter) - Mittens and cap for the winter - One pair of boots - One pair of sneakers - One pair of ballerinas - One pair of pumps - One bigger bag for school - One bag for parties - Two scarfs - Jewellry (watch, necklaces, bracelets, ear rings)

Business person - Two par of jeans, one blue and one black - Two pair of trousers - Three one-colored t-shirts - Two chemise - Three cardigans - Three blouses - Two blazers - Two tunics - Three everyday dresses - Two party dresses (one LBD) - Three skirts (two pennskirts and one longer) - Two jacket/coats (trenchcoat and one for the winter) - One pair of boots - Three pair of pumps - One bigger bag for work - One bag for parties - Two scarfs - Gloves - Jewellry (watch, necklaces, bracelets, ear rings)

Assignment 11

Obtain some clothing ads that give written information and illustration. Describe any ads or statement that may be misleading or inflated.

I think this one is kind of cute but the focus is on the drinking and not on the dress.

I know that sex sells but this is ridiculous and vulgar. I want to be inspired with a clothing ad and this is not inspiring.

I understand the message with this ad but I don´t think any trademark should be associated with drugs.

Pictures sources:

Assignment 12

Make a list of five apparel that need special care or storage. Describe how to maintain and store them.

Leather bag - Needs to be lubricate or impregnate and stored in a dustbag when they not in use. Remove dirt with a damp cotton cloth and possibly green or saddle soap. Be sure to wash the whole bag without rubbing too hard or focusing on individual spots which can cause an uneven surface. This advice can of course be used on all leather products. Clothes that are made of wool - The best is to hand wash them and let them plan dry. Store them in a cabinet a drawer that not are near a house wall to avoid moth. Wool likes fresh air. Wind the garment after use. Fur - Do not use direct heat. Need to be store in cabinet that are dark and have air condition. Hang the garment on a broad hanger to keep the shoulders from loosing their shape. Avoid using hairspray or perfume when wearing the garment. Need to be cleaned by a professional fur cleaner Suede - Can´t be wet. Do not rubb on the apparel. Bruh with a soft brush repetitive. If you have a stain you can make it disappear with a special eraser for suede. After you have cleaned your apparel you can use a special spray for suede to fresh it up. Silk - Silk can not withstand high heat and hard working. It´s best to wash silk by hand or in a laundry bag. Do not dry the garment in direct sunlight because silk easily fades.

Assignment 13

Imagine you are a retail buyer for a specific department of a local department store. In a written report, describe items you would buy for your department to sell.

I amagine that I´m the retail buyer for bags on an exclusive department store. The first thing I would do is to check what our bestsellers are and if they are still in fashion for the current season. Then I would check other things there are in fashion for the season. I have been to many fashion shows and fairs. I believe that we have analyzed our target group before. That is a younger business woman, which always is in hurry. She has a good salary and she has no hobbies because of her busy job. She wants bags which are classy, in style and of good quality. I would buy bags in different sizes. Some big enough to carry laptops and a lot of papers. Some smaller to have when she go out with her friends and colleagues. I would buy them in different colors but focus on black and brown and the season’s color that we can put in the window for inspiration. I would buy bags quite more expensive with well-known trademarks and in real good quality. I would also buy some a little bit cheaper that covers some more wallets. I would buy a lot of classic bags usful for several seasons and then some that are in fashion. I would not buy to many different bags because we want it to look exclusive and nice.

Style and color analysis

Elingsbo Cosmetic & Education

My styling

I perform various assignments in styling. Examples are: - Colour Consultancy - Style Advice - Personal Shopping - Wardrobe Cleanup - Makeup For private individuals. I also arranges a lot of mingling-, themes- and styling evenings where I also sell makeup and clothes. I help clients to find what suits them best in terms of their style, body shape and colors. I also have my own stylingteam with girls who works with sales and styling.

My styling,,,,, fashionphile.,,, com,,,,,,,,,,,,,

My own design

Webshop Shop with jewelry, bags, belts, hats, etc. that I have been managing from August 2011 to April 2013.

Modekampanj I work at Modekampanj with styling and marketing. Modekampanj is a fashion community.

Events Beauty Mingel

I helped a salon in Stockholm to organize an evening mingling. My responsibilities were marketing, printed materials, planning and project management. We had an evening with sample treatments, makeup by makeup artists, exclusive products, good drinks and snacks.

Events Blog party

In may 2011 I arranged a blog party in Jรถnkรถping with a friend. There was bloggers from all over Sweden. 50 bigger bloggers for a VIP-party and about 150 others for the after-party. We had competitions, fashion show, stations with hair, makeup and nails, snacks, drinks and other funny things during the evening. It was a great response from the media, the participants and the sponsors. We had got things together for a value of SEK 400,000 from our sponsors. The goodie bags had a value of SEK 5,000 per piece.

Events Beauty event

I arranged a beauty event in April 2014, it was a number of major brands in hair, skin, makeup and nails that exhibited and talked about interesting topics. I arranges everything, from invitions to planning, goodiebags and the food/drinks. Guests were beauty salons from several parts of Sweden. We served afternoon tea, had VIP mingle for bloggers, contests and a lot more.


I am a fashion writer for I also write a lot on my blog:

Writing course

References “Jag har inte arbetat med Anna så länge men det krävs inte heller lång tid för att förstå styrkan av Annas engagemang och hängivenhet för sitt arbete. Anna är en sådan person som har en unik förmåga att bidra till en rik och positiv anda till alla möjliga arbetsplater. Jag rekommenderar Anna varmt eftersom Annas sätt att arbeta och bemöta arbetskollegor, kunder och leverantörer är något som bör eftersträvas hos alla medarbetare.” Mato Pilipovic-Colleague ( “Anna är en otroligt glad och social person som sprutar ut idéer och alltid har koll på läget. Hon trivs med att vara navet i en organisation.” Stefan Thudén - Former colleague ( “Anna är en mycket varm, glad om omtänksam person som gärna ställer upp och offrar sin tid för andra. När jag behöver bolla idéer för nästa steg är Anna en av de personer som jag rådfrågar först. Att komma med spontana idéer och hålla många bollar i luften samtidigt är något som jag ser som Annas bästa styrka. Om ni vill ha en person som man blir glad av att umgås med så är ert första val helt klart Anna.” Michael Jenkler - Partners ( “Anna är en supertrevlig, glad och mycket driven person med många järn i elden. Hon älskar att ha många projekt igång och ser även till att genomföra dem på bästa sätt. Vi har jobbat ihop och det förhöjde hela upplevelsen. Har Du möjligheten att göra det, ta då chansen! Jag hoppas att jag får fler tillfällen till samarbete med Anna!” Veronica Johansson - Partners ( ”Jag har jobbat med Anna på två av hennes event. Hon är verkligen den som har koll på läget och får alltid saker och ting gjorda. Dessutom har hon en sprudlande energi som lätt smittar av sig på andra.” Jonas Hubbe - Supplier ( “Anna var duktig på att se vad jag skulle klä i och fick dessutom mig att känna mig riktigt snygg i kläderna. Hon är en mycket glad person, jag kan verkligen se att hon har framåtanda och hon är INTE rädd för att jobba.” Karolina Johansson - Customer (!/karolina.johansson.96)

Contact information Blog:

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