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Volume 5, Issue 43

6 - 12 NOVEMBER 2008 Brought to you by McCain’s Oven Fries. They’re Obamadoodle delicious.


‘Obama couldn’t have done it without us’

To safely land in a post-Bush world, Russell Shorto advises all sides to let go of dogmas. Page 8





Now that tactical media has been filed, will the revolution be televised?

Fokke & Sukke, our new comic stars, are a duck and a canary with ’tude.

We all know Bond. James Bond. But what the hell is a Quantum of Solace?

Ludovico Einaudi, Holland Animation festival, Hot Docks and Cold War Kids.

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Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

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City Second

By Peter Cleutjens

It’s hard to be a weekly paper sometimes. Especially when you have to go to press before the results are announced of this week’s single biggest global event (yes the US elections—surely you’ve heard about it?). We just can’t compete with the dailies or the internet when it comes to breaking news. Not even with Fox News, though we’ve been practising rabid indignation around the office for a few weeks already. Nope. Luckily, we do have a feature that is relevant no matter who the winner is. It’s just that it would be a more depressing read if McCain gets in. In fact, at first, we thought it would be a hoot to just splash ‘McCain wins by landslide’ across our front page—either it would be sadly true on that miniscule chance or it would be a hilarious blunder that everyone would talk about. But yes, as election day neared, the knot in our collective stomach couldn’t bear tempting fate. No matter the outcome, if it were up to us, we would have chosen our new comic heroes, Fokke & Sukke, who are making their Englishlanguage paper debut in these pages. Sure, they don’t have pants but they’ve got a lot of world-unifying ’tude. And that’s what counts most in these uncertain times.

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On the cover Photography by Danielle van Ark

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Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008



Medecine for the forgotten masses

Nature calling By Mark Wedin

Submitted by: MdM/Dokters van de wereld ( By: email Date Maandag 3 November 2008 14.29 Subject: Crisis op Museumplein For over three years, Dokters van de Wereld (Médecins du Monde) has been conducting a major campaign against the neglect of certain populations suffering from severe humanitarian crises in both France and abroad. We are convinced of the importance of the media as a source of information, and are aware of the role of NGOs as witnesses and key players in mobilising aid. As part of this campaign to create awareness and mobilise public opinion, Dokters van de Wereld, with the support of the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Commission (ECHO), has decided to create a photo exhibition, ‘34 views against neglect’, which was presented last week in Amsterdam on the Museumplein. We all know the amazing ability of the international media to prompt aid in the face of certain humanitarian crises, but it has to be said that they are just as amazingly able to neglect crises. Thus, according to a study by AlertNet, the level of media coverage of the tsunami during the six weeks following the disaster was the same as the coverage for 10 ‘forgotten crises’ during a whole year. Is the press just like a busy hen, going round in circles, incapable of anything more than a few moments of attention? Are the media responsible for certain crises being forgotten? The most common criteria for assessing the neglect that certain populations suffer make use of elements such as media visibility or the level of international financial aid. However, these indicators are particularly volatile and do not at all represent the actual needs of the populations. Logically, the term ‘forgotten’ raises the following questions: forgotten by whom and why? If the survival of populations depends on the presence of humanitarian NGOs, they must have already been neglected by those who are actually in power, or who are responsible for taking care of them! Indeed, it should be remembered that political, social, economic and other factors exist at the start of all humanitarian crises, undermining the security of whole populations and making them dependent on local or international aid. Making the front page of the newspapers rarely puts an end to the suffering of the victims, however, and does not necessarily mean international aid will be provided. However, the media still have a decisive role in appealing to the institutional backers (governments, UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, etc) who are responsible for resolving international crises, since they can represent an effective lobby and force them to take action. The partnership between the media and humanitarian NGOs has been a component of humanitarian aid since the start of the French Doctors Movement. ‘Independent’ humanitarian aid was intended to provide an impartial account of the suffering of populations, and to speak out for them to the international community and the public. Rallying public opinion may well be secondary in resolving humanitarian crises, but it is undeniable that it can be of help!

Got an opinion? We want to hear it.

Illustration by Aquil Copier

The latest hoopla Of all the creatures, who’s had more cases of mistaken identity than the hapless owl? Who? Hoo, indeed. Despite their distinct call of night, or maybe because of it, they’re regularly given credit or blame for a multitude of things. The Greeks, who decided that the goddess of wisdom, art and skill, Athena, often took the form of an owl, naturally attributed those talents to the bird itself—the wisdom part having stuck to this day. The Romans revered owls for having prophetic abilities—though they also associated them with death. Then came the middle ages. Everyone was feeling cold and crotchety, and the owls, among a host of other animals, got the brunt of folk superstition. Because they didn’t conduct their business in broad daylight when anyone could see them, owls were considered up to no good. People decided that nailing up dead ones would fend off both pestilence and lightning. Various cultures regularly cast them as demons in the night. And in Transylvania, farmers, blaming the owls for problems with their crops, walked around naked in their fields hoping to scare off the carnivorous birds. (Two facts: I once saw

a Transylvanian farmer naked. Owls have incredible eyesight. One likelihood: those Transylvanian owls must have been terrified.) All that said, leave it to modern Amsterdam tourists to discover new ways to bungle owl identity. A group of them recently mistook owls for vegetables. The story goes, at a cafe near Amsterdamse Bos (the forest being known for a healthy population of Tawny Owls, AKA bosuil), these twitcher tourists had the impression that a tosti was served with fresh pieces of baby owl, and they came very near to organising heavy protests. Of course, the menu simply stated spring onions (bosuitjes), not baby hooters (bosuiltjes). And who says history isn’t still being written? Hoo, indeed. Special thanks to Liza van der Klugt, nine-year-old owl enthusiast. Got nature tips?

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


New Media

By Jules Marshall

ANOTHER 5 MINUTES New online life for city’s Media Woodstock moment. The year 1993 was the high-water mark of oppositional critical thought and practice regarding the digital revolution that was rapidly evolving. Before then, this digital realm was the preserve of artists who had learned to code, hackers with a bit of artistic flair, cult-studs and anarchist net theorists. Wired magazine had launched, giving these disparate media nerds an in-house journal that could inspire and unite for a couple of years, before disappearing up its Long Boom Friction-Free Capitalism arse. The Next 5 Minutes (N5M) conference that year in Paradiso was the movement’s Woodstock, an epochal convergence of issues-based activism, culture and media that attracted participating artist-engineers, hackers, culture jammers, cyberpunks, VJs and academics from all over the world and allowed them—for, in retrospect, a very brief moment in time—to actually believe the revolution would be televised. By them.

The conference spawned the term ‘Tactical Television’ to refer to the alternative approach to TV taken by community public access groups, the hacking-squatter movement and sophisticated media and social action developed by organisations such as ACT-UP. It was conceived in opposition to the more ‘strategic’ corporate media. Scattered and mostly isolated from, if not ignorant of, each other, N5M brought dozens of such groups and hundreds of participants from Eastern and Western Europe, the US and Asia together for the first time, to learn, share and dream. It was a heady and inspirational few days that has never been matched, though the conference was repeated three times: in 1996, when the internet as we now know it was starting to take shape, in 1999 when it was becoming clear that IPOs and vulture capitalists were wresting control, and in 2003, when oppositional thought and practice were becoming increasingly marginalised.

The revolution won’t just be televised but also archived.


Along the way, the tactical emphasis broadened from television media. Despite the almost total absence of documentation, Eric Kluitenberg, head of the media program at De Balie, says the conference still has an amazing reputation. ‘Year after year, “Tactical Media” is the single most searched for term on De Balie’s website,’ he says, explaining the birth of the Tactical Media Files. The Tactical Media Files, launched on 31 October, is a ‘living archive’ for Tactical Media’s present, past and future. The launch included 250 hours of video culled from more than 2000 hours of tapes in various formats of the four events, physically archived at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam, and several hundred more stashed at De Balie. There are also hundreds of supporting essays and re-creations of original websites in all their Web 1.0 glory. Researchers working on the project scoured second-hand shops to find machines that could play all the ancient (15-year-old) tapes, then made a selection to digitise and index. Praising De Balie staff for having ‘brought this incredible event back from the grave,’ coeditor of the website David Garcia said at the launch that it is ‘not just an exercise in institutional nostalgia,’ which is why the Tactical Media Files has been conceived as a ‘living archive’. The aim is not to create a final, mute and unchanging reservoir, but an active resource that can be utilised to connect current practice to a memory of past events. Clearly, living archives are not just about conserving the past; Tactical Media’s history continues to hold a tremendous store of practices and social-political experiences. It also serves to remind us that mediation remains a central component of today’s politics of resistance, a living practice in a continuous process of renewal and re-invention. We’ve come a long way since 1993’s pragmatic idealism, and given the preponderance of skateboarding cats on the internet, the mass availability of media production tools has perhaps not been as revolutionary as the early proponents of tactical media might have expected. ‘The hope that simply putting these tools into people’s hands would transform society turned out to be a vain one,’ agrees Garcia, who was Professor of Design for Digital Cultures at the School of the Arts Utrecht when he co-organised the 1993 N5M and subsequent incarnations, and in July this year became Dean of the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. But he still believes it is time to ‘re-visit the original aspirations and re-think them,’ rather than becoming cynical. ‘Now “self-media” are not marginalised or fringe but core to our new culture,’ he says. ‘Witness the profusion of blogs, et cetera. In just a few years, “alternative” practices became central. Art and media are not used for mere agitprop, but are being turned into dialogue and a genuinely participatory culture.’ But, he points out, there was no lineage or documentation as to how they got here. ‘We needed to recuperate and retrieve this information, as there’s a continuity of impulse, and the living archive will ensure that the tinder remains re-ignitable.’

Christ, it’s cold! I blow first into my left fist, then my right, and pedal onward. Last week, I dug through my box of winter clothes and pulled out long underwear, thermal shirts, scarves. I was especially glad to see my trusty winter hat, the one that clasps under my chin and which everyone—even strangers on the streets—laughs at for being overkill when it comes to warm clothing. Laugh though they may, that hat keeps my whole head incredibly toasty while cruising the streets on my bike. But my gloves—there’s only one of them in the box. What happened to the other? Every year when the weather turns cold, there only ever seems to be one glove in the box. Why is my hat trusty but my gloves so untrustworthy? I scratched my toasty head trying to recall how my hands stayed warm through last winter. I have no answer. Now I’m riding around gloveless. I pass a woman who is riding with both hands in her coat pockets. That’s a solution. I stuff my hands in my pockets and ride on. It’s not a solution, though. At the next intersection, without pedal brakes, I have to pull out both hands to stop for the cross traffic. Christ, it’s cold, I think again. Then I cup my hands over my mouth and blow again pondering where my other glove could be.

More info:


Google this...

‘OV-chipkaart: misbruik simpel’ Amstergraph % of Dutch who

worry about global problems 53% about upcoming water shortage / 40% about upcoming food shortage Source: De Balie/Maurice de Hond

Graph by Nicole Martens

A quick bike fix By Pete Jordan



Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


 The people versus...

Street fashion

By Floris Dogterom

By Mo Veld

Illustration by Tomas Schats

Bow to the bow tie

In defence of the fence Sometimes the ways of the civil service are rather difficult to grasp. A friend of mine wanted to replace his houseboat in de Nieuwe Vaart in Centrum-Oost, near the windmill. But no new licenses for houseboats will be issued in the city centre any longer, in order to protect the historical cityscape. Interestingly, he lives directly across from a brightly illuminated Texaco gas station and a modern, quite tall apartment building. But that didn’t help his case. Rules are rules. The same applies to the houseboat—or rather, the fence in front of it—of Mirjam Sternheim, who lives on ‘s-Gravenhekje in stadsdeel Centrum, opposite the Amsterdam Weekly office. Shortly after moving in, the houseboat was burgled three times in a six–week period. On two occasions, she and her two young kids weren’t home. The third time she woke up to find two junkies at her bedside. Sternheim chased them out with a broomstick. The events terrified her kids, especially her boy, who initially didn’t dare to sleep on the boat any longer, and thus had to move in with his dad for a couple weeks. In order to protect her property and her family, Sternheim placed a fence on the gangplank, just as her neighbour had. But in recent years, a new law has been adopted: no new fences are permitted in stadsdeel Centrum. Dienst Binnenwaterbeheer (or BBA, the canals authorities) told her to remove the fence. If not, she would have to pay a €5000 penalty. Sternheim lodged an appeal, to no avail. By the time you read this, the fence will be gone, and burglars will be able to jump onboard again. As a result, Sternheim has decided to sell the houseboat. Sternheim says she just can’t understand why junkies are being condoned, but her fence isn’t. In a reaction, BBA spokesperson Greetje Oosting said that if Sternheim has problems with junkies, she should turn to the police. ‘I can only make a statement about the fence. By law, it cannot be higher than one metre. We are only applying the rules.’ Sure, the law is the law. But there’s also acting in the spirit of the law, a principle that BBA and Centrum, in this case, have failed to apply. Something to report?

I adore bow ties. Every time I see a man wearing a bow tie, something inside me goes ‘aww, that’s so cute.’ Think about it: there’s a man, usually of a serious, well educated breed decorating himself with this cute, girly ribbon, tied in a bow around his neck. The official bow tie is meant to be worn with serious black tie gear, James Bond-style. That’s always impressive. But I’m more taken by the ‘any day of the week’ bow tie, worn with slightly more scruffy garb, like jeans or chinos, a more casual shirt and a well worn-in suit jacket. The image of a soft-edged intellectual with a serious creative streak and wavy hair arises. Say the average antiques dealer in the Spiegel-quarter, or the wannabe Oxford professor type roaming the shelves at Athenaeum. You know, the felt slipper wearing, soft huggable husband who dips cookies in his coffee. These are the types of images we need to warm our hearts now that the papers are filled with so much bad financial news and the gruesome autumnal weather digs its claws in. Bow ties have something ‘old worldly’. They remind us of times when politics and business seemed a cultivated gentlemen’s affair. When there was something like an aristocracy, with its eccentric streaks to gossip about. I’m not saying these were the good old times; they’re just the old times.

Bow ties have been quite the iconoclastic fashion item for a couple of seasons already. They’re all over H&M and second hand stores like Episode. In fact, the whole nostalgic preppy dresscode described above has found new, younger admirers, mostly in scenes around art and skateboarding. There’s the just-out-of-bed bow tie simply hanging untied around the collar of an unbuttoned shirt—handy for those who have no clue how to tie the thing. Very rock ’n’ roll, not very soft-edged intellectual. The pre-tied bow is a solution, but those are for koorballen without a clue, or theme dress up parties. And speaking of dressing up, Dutch designer Corné Gabriels made a fun ‘trompe l’oeil’ bow tie printed on a white bandana. Also, stylist Ruud van der Peijl wore one when he won the ‘Dutch Fashion Icon Homme Award’ at the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Awards exactly one year ago, so that should count for something. The real Photo by Mo Veld thing, preferably made from some odd fabric, needs to be self-tied and self-styled to arouse the desired heart-warming eccentric cuteness and remind us that we’ll live through the current hard times just fine. React: inandout@amsterdamweekly.n


By Sarah Gehrke

Photo by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

OF SKULLS, COWS AND AN EIGHT-METRE MOP Several kilometres of people are queuing outside Rijksmuseum. It’s Museumnacht and they’re waiting to get inside to see a skull with diamonds stuck to it. Little do they know that long before that happens, they’ll get to see something quite different. Announced by the distant sound of music, a procession is coming round the corner. They carry lanterns, huge sculptures, flowers, signs and other items. Slowly, they pass by the skull queue. It’s raining hard. The skull crowd carry umbrellas. The procession folks wear plastic bags. ‘I think it looks marvellous,’ exclaims a woman standing nearby, ‘but it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.’ Assuming no prior knowledge,

it’s easy to understand her confusion. It’s basically a walking exhibition organised by W139—specifically by the artist Elena Beelaerts in collaboration with Floris Tilanus and Henk Jan Bouwmeester. The plan is to carry works by several artists all the way from Museumplein to the gallery in Warmoesstraat, where the artworks will be exhibited for a month. They’ve got themselves a little extra help from a torch-carrying army of friends, several performers and a marching band. The reason I’m here is that in the run-up to the event, it was announced that at the rear of the procession would be an eight-metre-long mop, cleaning up

the street behind it. The mop, they said, was then to be washed in a canal. This I really want to see. However, the procession has passed around Rijksmuseum and begins to make its way into Nieuwe Spiegelstraat, and there’s still no mop in sight. But then: ‘Catch up!’ someone shouts. The mop comes around the corner. It’s carried by several men. Because of the rain, it’s soaking wet and, by the looks of it, very heavy. Three hours later, as the procession makes its entrance into Warmoesstraat, the mop still hasn’t been washed. It was too heavy to lower into the canal. This, however, doesn’t have a deterring effect on the masses still hustling in the street. Strenuously, the procession makes its way to the gallery. A cow passes by. Though she hasn’t been seen before, it is highly probable that she is part of the procession, too, and thus, art. Then there are major problems in getting the mop through the door. The street is narrow and the mop has to make a right-angle turn—with a huge crowd of processionists, Museumnacht visitors, English tourists on drugs and me in the way. A guy shouts ‘Weg! Weg!’ Then we all get mopped up. The mop is now in a corner of the gallery, smelling pretty foul, along with trees. The cow is nowhere to be found. Ontferm U, W139, until November 30.

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

ho and what are you exactly? Sukke: Fokke is a duck, I’m a canary. We like to wear hats, but don’t own any pants. We like people to see our dicks though... Fokke: ...Since we’re probably the only cartoon duck and canary in the world that have them. Eat your heart out, Donald. Sukke: We probably have them because our creators dreamed us up in 1993, when they were still students. They had been trying to write longer comic albums for a while, but failed miserably. Things only started looking up when they were asked to submit a cartoon for the Amsterdam satirical student magazine Propria Cures. That’s when we saw the light of day. And now they’ve made a whole career out of us... Fokke: ...But they still haven’t gotten us any pants. Sukke: They first had this idea of doing a cartoon on aspiring Propria Cures editors, but decided to go more Disney instead. With dicks.


So who are these genitaliaobsessed creators of yours? Fokke: It took three men to come up with us two: John Reid (1968), Bastiaan Geleijnse (1967) and Jean-Marc van Tol (1967). John and Bastiaan were old school friends. They didn’t meet JeanMarc until they went to college in Amsterdam. And they desperately needed to befriend him. Sukke: He’s the only one who can actually draw. He also does a lot of the other stuff, because he’s a bit of a control freak. But the jokes come from all three of them. Fokke: Every morning at eight thirty they talk about us on the phone. It’s quite heart-warming really.


FOKKE & SUKKE The stars of Amsterdam Weekly’s new comic would like to be exposed to a global market.


Fokke & Sukke Born 1993 Occupation: Pantless duck and canary (Also see p. 23)

Fokke: He says we’re probably too Dutch, though he’s pretty vague about what that means exactly. Sukke: I don’t think he knows.

By Rebecca Wilson What did he manage to achieve, as far as launching your careers in other countries goes? Fokke: We had an exhibition in New York in 2002. It was part of a citywide project showcasing Dutch design, organised by the embassy. Sukke: It was just after Pim Fortuyn had been shot. I remember saying to Fokke at the time how wonderful it was to be in that old familiar ‘post 9/11 world’ when our country was in turmoil. Fokke: But the exhibition in the Art Directors Club hardly got any response. The whole trip was just an excuse for our creators to party in hip New York clubs with other Dutch people. They’d even brought our translators. Sukke: The best thing that came out of it, but not until 2005, was our English language book Fokke & Sukke. Fokke: It was only distributed in the Netherlands, but still sold a couple of thousand copies. Many expats must have brought one back home. Well, if you have to choose between us and a sealed Gouda... Sukke: ...We’re probably cheesier.

Fokke: ‘Well, if you have to choose between us and a sealed Gouda...’ Sukke: ‘...We’re probably cheesier.’

Are you happy with the personalities they gave you? Fokke: What personalities? They’ve deliberately made us characterless. Sukke: We can only be defined as indefinable. They say we’re just extras and they’re the directors. It’s an insufferable presumption. Fokke: Especially when we have so many hobbies. Like sitting on the couch, commenting on world affairs. Of course, we don’t feel it’s up to us to actually do anything about these world affairs. We usually have much more pressing matters to attend to... Sukke: ...Like chatting up girls in bars.

Do you at least feel they’ve succeeded in getting you out there? Fokke: Yes and no. Fair’s fair, they’ve done a great job in this country. Sukke: True. We’re extremely famous in Holland—can’t go anywhere these days. That’s partly why we stick to the couch. Fokke: We appear daily in the national newspaper NRC Handelsblad and its hip young counterpart, and weekly in university newspapers, a TV guide and many other publications. Sukke: We have a television career now on one of the most popular Dutch talk shows, De Wereld Draait Door.... Fokke: ...And we sell loads of books. These guys even got

to start their own publishing house, Catullus, because of us. Sukke: We’re wiped out to be honest. They work us like crazy. Just look at the stupefying amount of cartoons in our yearly survey Het afzien van 2008 when it appears at the end of the month. That's just a fraction of what we did this year. Fokke: And guess who forced us to just casually mention that book in passing? It all sounds impressive. So what are you complaining about? Fokke: Well, our international career hasn’t exactly skyrocketed. We made Bastiaan Geleijnse our head of international affairs, but so far, he hasn’t done a very good job. Sukke: Getting us published in the Weekly is basically a desperate attempt on his part to save his ass... Fokke: ...Before he’s out on it. Sukke: At least he doesn’t blame it on the other countries. It would be so easy for him to go: ‘Well, they’re just not ready for you guys in Hungary.’

Did you venture into any other countries? Fokke: We were part of a modern art exhibition in St Petersburg in 2006... Sukke: ...And a literary project in Hungary in 2007. Fokke: Which goes to show how versatile we are. Though one thing remained consistent... Sukke: ...There were hardly any follow-ups.

How come? Fokke: In Russia, several publications liked us, but didn’t dare publish us. You have total press freedom there... Sukke: ...As long as you don’t lose your license. Fokke: And Hungarians, dating from communist times, prefer their comedians to be so subtle... Sukke: ...That they can deny everything they said when they’re arrested. You came to the Weekly yourselves. Why? Fokke: Bastiaan hopes that by exposing our English language cartoons here, we’ll get picked up by someone with connections to British or American publications... Sukke: And we just like exposing ourselves to drunk English girls and getting picked up by them. What would your ideal Weekly reader look like? Fokke: Well, he would look sort of... Sukke: ...Exactly like the cartoon editor of the New Yorker. More info: www.


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


LEAPING INTO THE POST-BUSH WORLD After eight years of warring fundamentalisms, Russell Shorto says in his new book, Descartes Bones, it’s time for something new. By Julie Phillips / Photography by Danielle van Ark


ike so many mysteries, it started with a body. While Russell Shorto was working on The Island at the Center of the World, his best-selling history of New York City’s Dutch origins, he came across a footnote about René Descartes. Specifically, it was about what happened to the French philosopher’s body after his death in 1650. Descartes was one of the great minds behind modernism, the first to propose that the mind and the body, reason and faith, could be seen as two separate spheres. Yet when his remains were dug up in 1666, they were divided on the same lines as his own mind-body problem. His skull was stolen and kept in a cabinet of scientific curiosities. His bones were buried in a church in Paris, to be revered by his followers as if they were the relics of a saint. It was an improbable fate; clearly, the line between religion and the Enlightenment was not as clear as it seemed. With Descartes having spent much of his life in the Netherlands, Shorto researched here; and since 2007, has lived here full-time. Just back to his apartment on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal from a book tour in the US, he talks about history, modernity and why an atheist can’t win an American election. Why this book? I think I first encountered this fact about the bones in 2003, which is not long after September 11, 2001. Everybody was saying, ‘Apparently Western values are under attack.’ But what are Western values? This book was my non-standard way of trying to go at that question. The whole problem of September 11, and now basically the entire Bush years, has been this rise of fundamentalism around the world: Muslim, Christian and also secular atheist. You have people like [Richard] Dawkins and [Christopher] Hitchens saying, ‘Look, in the West, in the past few hundred years, we’ve developed these tools, this way of seeing things, and we’ve learned that religion is part of the infancy of our species. We need to grow up.’ But as I detail in the book, it’s not a black-and-white question of the theological versus the secular perspective. Really there are two secular perspectives, one radical and one moderate. And the moderate has always seen it as the job of reason to incorporate the irrational into our understanding of things. Because reason isn’t something that fits over all of reality, and certainly not over all of human experience. That’s what I think is the flaw in the whole Christopher Hitchens argument. It’s reductionist. It’s too wild a world. I can understand saying that organised religion has created more problems than it’s solved. But the underlying essence of trying to contemplate things that are beyond reason’s ability to contemplate—that’s why we have religion and art. Those things are valid.

I think this conflict helps explain why people are looking forward so much to this election. They see Bush as having very much been a player in this battle of fundamentalisms that egg each other on, and they are looking for some other way of approaching things. So which candidate represents the move away from fundamentalism? I think you can explain both Obama and McCain that way. McCain is a very strange choice for the Republicans; he’s a kind of non-Republican. He’s always kept the Christian conservative wing at bay—until recently. And I think Obama’s a pragmatist; he’s not a real ideologue either. In both of them, as well as in the overall spirit of the times, there’s this hunger to move on, past this kind of pointed dichotomy [between religion and atheism]. That’s Descartes’ bones in the election, as far as I’m concerned.

‘There’s this hunger to move on, past this kind of pointed dichotomy [between religion and atheism].’

Do you think we could have an American president who was an atheist or didn’t go to church? No. Why not? Well, there’s such a huge difference between Americans and Europeans, but—Americans’ faith is public, it’s part of the public discourse, and that’s held to be good. Because Americans are overwhelmingly religious, it’s part of your bio, part of your resume. It certainly doesn’t matter to me, but I think it would be very hard [for an atheist] to get elected. Maybe in ten or twenty years, but I don’t know. Americans are very stubborn on that point. Your first book was about the search for the historical Jesus, the second about religion and psychiatry. And you studied philosophy. Did you have personal reasons to want to write Descartes’ Bones? I was born and raised Catholic, and left it very dramatically when I was a teenager. So my first book was a way for me to come back at it from a rational perspective—and to

reach this conclusion, that you can be as rational as you want, but you’re not going to get that thing, that leap. So this basic divide between reason and faith has always been a challenge for me. And for some people, history matters. Like that building across the canal. [He points out his window.] Some people will walk by and say, ‘Oh, that’s nice.’ Others will feel, or want to feel, a connection to everything that’s come before. And I think I have that—at least intermittently. So that’s always an important part of what I do as a writer: try to find out what’s underneath. I don’t think I’m going to unearth anything of grand importance, but just for myself, if I’m going to try to know a thing, I want to get down as far as I can. You’re thinking of writing a book about Amsterdam now, right? Yes, one that would mix history with the present. And you’re working on a book with Geert Mak? A very small book. He and I have each written an essay about Henry Hudson for the Hudson Year, 2009 [the 400th anniversary of the discovery of New York]. He did the first part, using Hudson in Amsterdam as a way to talk about the Dutch world in the 17th century. And then he kind of pushes him out to sea, and I pick him up there and bring him to New York. The book will be given out free on KLM flights between Amsterdam and New York. What do you think of the recent claims that establishing a Dutch historical canon and teaching Dutch history in schools unfairly excludes immigrants? I think that’s completely silly. If you’re, say, Peruvian, and you come to the Netherlands, it’s absurd to think that Dutch history should somehow include the history of Peru, in order to make you feel that you’re part of things. Your job is to hold together your own personality and sense of things, and you do that by taking in what this culture gives you and blending it with what you learn from your parents, and the books your mother gives you about your home country and all of that. You have your own identity that you piece together, and what this society chooses to do in terms of reinforcing its history and culture is part of that. It’s not the whole thing. I think it’s useful to have some kind of canon, something that gives a basic awareness. All the information kids take in on the internet, for instance—that’s not education, that’s just stuff. It’s not the same as providing a framework. Canons are good even if mostly what you do is react against them. It’s good to have structure. That’s what you try to do in your book too: provide a framework for thinking about the Enlightenment. Exactly.

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

Excerpt from Descartes’ Bones: A Skeletal History

of the Conflict between Faith and Reason by Russell Shorto.


he American historian Carl Becker gave a shorthand account of the beliefs that the 20th century had inherited from the early modern era: ‘(1) man is not natively depraved; (2) the end of life is life itself, the good life on earth instead of the beatific life after death; (3) man is capable, guided solely by the light of reason and experience, of perfecting the good life on earth; and (4) the first and essential condition of the good life on earth is the freeing of men’s minds from the bonds of ignorance and superstition, and of their bodies from the arbitrary oppression of the constituted social authorities.’ This is the modern creed—or it was until a generation ago. Things changed in the 1960s and 1970s. After the Vietnam War and the social upheaval of that era, such a grandiose view of history began to seem precious and stale. Were the men and women of the 18th century really such paragons? Does history ever actually work that way? Is there really a march of progress, with each generation building on the work of the last and moving forward toward some ever-brighter future? If modern Western history was such a grand parade, how did one account for colonialism, Nazism, Soviet-style communism, for slavery and gulags and concentration camps? Postmodernism replaced progress with scepticism. Then a new millennium—to be precise, September 11, 2001— brought a sudden turn of thinking, and a reappraisal. The threat from some quarters has seemed bewilderingly ancient, as if a dinosaur had suddenly reared up from its prehistoric slumber. One statement of it came in the form of a letter written in 2006 by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to American President George W Bush: ‘Liberalism and Westernstyle democracy have not been able to help realise the ideals of humanity. Today, these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems.’ Instead of democracy, Ahmadinejad predicted, ‘the will of God will prevail over all things.’ Part of the inheritance of modernity has been the idea that its core values of democracy and individual liberty have the force of inevitability. They emerged in a given point in history, and now that they have arrived we tend to think that everyone acknowledges them as universal values. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Jose Casanova, a sociologist of religion at the New School for Social Research, told me that the idea used to be that Western development ‘was prescriptive for the rest of the world, that it would be a model for other societies, so that these other societies would follow a secular path. But now throughout the world you find religious revivals. We’re learning that more modern societies don’t necessarily become more secular.’ And whether in Western or non-

F E AT U R E Western tradition, theocracy has tended not to sit easily alongside concepts of democracy and individual freedom. The recognition of the sobering fact that these modern ideals are not necessarily spreading around the world— that, possibly, they are not inevitable at all, but could rather be fragile, ephemeral, temporary themes in world history—has coincided with a desire to look back at our own past to remind ourselves of what we are. I think that is good and necessary; I agree, for example, with the German

scholar Heinz Schlaffer when he says that ‘Western culture is also fundamentalist: Its fundament is called the Enlightenment’ and that ‘the paradox is that this fundament is the basis for our present society, but also half forgotten by it...’ When I had lunch with her in New York, Ayaan Hirsi Ali formulated her message for me in this way: ‘The only way to stand up to radical Islam is to revive the Enlightenment, the message of the Enlightenment, and make the people who inherited all of this’—and here she waved her hand toward the window and the skyscrapers of Manhattan— ‘realize that this all just didn’t fall out of the sky. There is a long history of struggle behind the development of this society. And religion, including Christianity, has most of the time hindered that development.’ I think this is largely true—and I think in its idiosyncratic way the history of Descartes’ bones sketches the long journey, filled with false starts and blind alleys that led to


modern society—but as it narrows, this line of thinking darkens. I suspect that much of the talk about valuing the western tradition is cover for a brutish us-or-them impulse. There was the theological camp, which held onto a world view grounded in religious tradition; the ‘radical Enlightenment’ camp, which, in the advent of the ‘new philosophy’, wanted to overthrow the old order, with its centers of power in the church and the monarchy, and replace it with a society ruled by democracy and science; and the moderate Enlightenment camp, which subdivided into many factions but which basically took a middle position, arguing that the scientific and religious world views aren’t truly inconsistent, but that perceived conflicts have to be sorted out. All three of these factions remain with us today. Their adherents express themselves on TV news talk shows, in blogs and opinion pieces and in court cases. Those who promote ‘intelligent design’ as a replacement for the theory of evolution are members of today’s version of the ‘theological party’ who are attempting to infiltrate the moderate camp. In his bestseller God Is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens sounded the trumpet for ‘radical Enlightenment’ warriors of the 21st century by using language that mirrors the Free Thinkers of three centuries ago: ‘...we distrust anything that contradicts science or outrages reason.... The person who is certain, and who claims divine warrant for his certainty, belongs now to the infancy of our species.’ Hirsi Ali ‘converted’ not just to secularism but to its radical form. She would have found a ready place for her ideas during the French Revolution, and indeed her ideas tend toward a similar extreme: she has declared that ‘we are at war with Islam’, and that, in the name of reason, not just Islamic terrorism but Islam itself, along with its 1.5 billion adherents, must be ‘defeated’ so that ‘it can mutate into something peaceful’. This is patently frightening talk, and I believe it exposes the flaws of radical secularism. I agree with the radical secularists that enormous ugliness has been done and is being done in the name of religion, and I think that we have to find an intelligent way not to tolerate religious intolerance, but I believe history shows that there is lethal error in radical secularism—or rather, two errors. First, it thinks too highly of reason, or of the ability of humans to employ it. The history of modernity, even the anecdotal version of it that comprises the story of Descartes’ bones— scientific stupidities proliferating majestically alongside real advances—makes plain that trying to follow reason is not the same thing as being right; and every successful demagogue of the 20th century has demonstrated how easy it is to manipulate reason and direct its course from the truth to something like its opposite.

More info: Descartes’ Bones is published by Doubleday. Russell Shorto will be signing copies at American Book Center, Sunday 9 November, 16.00-18.00. A Dutch translation published by Mouria will appear 8 December.



Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008




Wat’s Pig by Peter Lord

Holland Animation Film Festival, Thursday, various locations in Utrecht.

THURSDAY 6 NOVEMBER Dance: Entity Arts organisations around the Netherlands may be growing more conservative —thank you, o shredded budgets—but the ‘Guest Programming’ series at Het Muziektheater just keeps sharpening its razors. British choreographer Wayne McGregor has long studied human-technology interfaces, and in the two parts of Entity he uses angular, often anguished movement to capture emerging ideas from the limits of biology and the spot-knot where cybernetics, medicine and mindstudies mingle. Performed by fearless company Random Dance, this will surely be one challenging evening. But there’s nary a chance it’ll leave you unengaged —or unmoved. The music includes works for string quartet by Joby Talbot and electronica by Jon Hopkins. (Steve Schneider) Het Muziektheater, 20.15, €15-€30. Also on Saturday (20.15)and Sunday (14.00).

time for a charm offensive, with open studios, auctions, a market, music, tours and children’s events. In short, a perfect day to explore this apocalyptic wonderland. See for the full programme. (Steve Korver) NDSM-werf, 11.00-18.00, free.

Reggae: The Black Seeds New Zealand is to dub what Amsterdam is to bud, so you can bet when their powers combine—which is around 98 per cent of the time—it’ll be one smoked-out room as the Black Seeds take to the stage tonight. Adding a South Pacific flavour to the reggae roots sound, the bass-heavy collective create a groove that’s effortless and natural—traits so necessary to the genre, it’s no wonder New Zealand has made a name for itself in dub. Previously, the collective also featured Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords, but even without him, their sound is full of horns and percussion, and promising good vibrations. Support from Karmakonga and DJ Olly. (Colin Delaney) Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 21.00, €13 + membership.

Film: Holland Animation Film Festival Here’s the thing: Dutch animation is renowned throughout the world and Dutch animators win prizes by the boatload, yet it’s the most under-funded and unappreciated art form in the Netherlands, causing Dutch animators to flock to other countries. That’s why we at the Weekly want to direct you to the Holland Animation Film Festival (even if it’s in Utrecht). And it doesn’t hurt that the newest film by local boy Rosto, called Thee Wreckers: There’s No Place Like Home, will enjoy its world premiere there. The opening film Waltz With Bashir is proof that animation as a medium is definitively all grown up, as a former Israeli soldier explores his past with hallucinatory results. There’s also offerings like the wonderful Sita Sings the Blues, a special programme selected by Peter Lord of Aardman Animations fame, and a special workshop in 3D modelling and rigging, courtesy of the Amsterdambased Blender foundation. (Luuk van Huët) Various locations in Utrecht, various times and prices. Until 9 November.

SUNDAY 9 NOVEMBER Event: Hotdocks NDSM’s Kunststad, the country’s largest broedplaats for the arts, has been open for a year and the 250 participants have gotten on with some serious creating and interacting. But there are other interactions brewing: the wharf can be seen as an even larger ‘breeding ground’ where that universal battle between art and commerce still has to be fought out. And the artists are feeling threatened since their hall seems set to be sold by Amsterdam-Noord to project developers with unclear motives. So it’s

MONDAY10 NOVEMBER Pop: Stereolab Nowadays, neither weird moog sounds nor French vocals seem particularly special, but in 1996, when ‘Cybele’s Reverie’ popped up on radio stations next to all the Britpop battle testosterone, it was a refreshing wave. With their bleeps and blips and a strange voice singing undistinguishable words that were sometimes French and sometimes English, Stereolab were so confusing that firstly, they had their own genre invented for them —post rock—and secondly, they were accused of carrying Marxist messages in their lyrics. But don’t let yourself be deterred. ‘Marxist post rock’ might sound like a pretty terrible brand of music, but Stereolab actually make beautiful music. And while they’ve been doing so for almost 20 years, they’re still very valid. Which is more than you can say about Britpop battles. (Sarah Gehrke) Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €15 + membership.

Rock: Cold War Kids California’s raucous Cold War Kids sound kind of like The White Stripes fronted by a crazed evangelist speaking in tongues. First album Robbers & Cowards took the musical blogosphere by storm with its loose, wailing indie-blues-soul mix. Returning to Amsterdam on the back of new (yet not immediately as impressive) record Loyalty to Loyalty, expect a precisely shambolic set. Having played the Democratic Convention’s sideshow, Unconventional ’08, no doubt they’ll have something to say about a certain someone in power. If you’re still undecided, check out their set on from their ’06 show at the Paradiso before they take to the stage again. (Colin Delaney) Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €14 + membership.

Send details and images for listing consideration at least two weeks in advance to


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008



Music: Jazz

waves, too. All as part of Nederlandse Muziekdagen. Muziekgebouw, 20.30, €20.50 Singer-songwriter: Ron Sexsmith Earnest and underrated Canadian songwriter. New album Exit Strategy of the Soul is a nice slab of adult pop. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €17 + membership Electro rock: Ladytron Static electroclash from these Brits, who’ve grown from a shy indie outfit into icy dancefloor fillers across the evolution of their four albums—the newest of which is Velocifero. Melkweg, The Max, 21.00, €15 + membership

Thursday 6 November Electronica: Noodlanding! With the London electro pop of Metronomy. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 02.30, €8

Rock: DD/MM/YYYY Fill in the blanks. These eclectic Canadians enjoy hosting indie freak-out sessions. Support from Storm. Studio K, 21.30, €6

Bluegrass: Southern Tenant Folk Union Fingerpickin’, banjo-plucking bluegrass. Although they’ve mastered that authentic American folk sound, they’re actually sneaking across from the UK. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 20.00, €8.50 + membership

Pop: Gabriella Cilmi Aussie songstress who enjoyed a hit with the swinging single ‘Sweet About Me’. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 23.00, €16 + membership

Classical: Amsterdam Sinfonietta Violinist/concert master Candida Thompson welcomes bandoneón maestro Carel Kraayenhof for a sexy Argentineinspired programme of Ginastera, Piazzolla and Golijov. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 21.00, €15-€28 World: Femi Kuti The family of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti have been keeping the torch of his legacy burning strong in recent years. At the end of September, it was Seun Kuti. Tonight it’s the turn of eldest son Femi, so you’re sure of a sax-heavy, funky and percussive dance party. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 21.00, €25 + membership Rock: The Ik Jan Cremers Rabid indie guitar rock from the slightly confused but always entertaining Jan Cremers family. Support from Katadreuffe. Winston Kingdom, 21.00, €6 Experimental: Daniel Higgs A veteran of the American hardcore scene and singer with post punks Lungfish, now Higgs is getting more abstract with his solo experiments. OT301, 21.30, €6

Friday 7 November Opera: Marco Polo De Nederlandse Opera tackle Chinese composer Tan Dun’s 1996 ‘opera within an opera’, which portrays the Venetian explorer Marco Polo’s journey to the Far East as one of both physical and mental anguish. The premiere is this evening, with performances continuing throughout the month. Dun himself is in town to conduct until 21 November. Het Muziektheater, 20.00, €15-€105 Contemporary: Metropole Orchestra Contemporary classical, jazz and worldly influences collide in this performance of new works by Theo Loevendie, Guus Janssen, Maarten Altena, Willem Friede and Florian Maier. Muziekgebouw, 20.00, €28 Classical: Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw Mmmm... A tasty weekend of Beethoven on authentic period instruments, with Kristian Bezuidenhout on fortepiano and Frans Brüggen conducting. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €38.50/€45 Pop/Rock: Kora A curious outfit to peg, this New Zealand rock outfit blend reggae, electronics, hiphop and traditional Maori influences into a surprisingly melodic package. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 20.30, €8.50 + membership World: Miriam Makeba They call her Mama Afrika, but more crucially, who doesn’t wanna see someone who once appeared on The Cosby Show, even if for just one episode? Both a musical and political force over the years, South African Makeba has technically

Sunday 9 November

Roswell Rudd’s New Trombone Shout Band Bimhuis, Sunday 9 November. Roswell Rudd always manages to emphasise the unique character of the trombone, developing his energetic and playful approach since the 1960s through experiments and improvisation. Here he’s joined by trombonists Steve Swell and Deborah Weisz, tuba player Bob Stewart, bassist Henry Grimes and drummer Barry Altschul. It’s gonna be brassy and noisy. 20.30, €22

retired already, and officially bade farewell to the Netherlands at a jazz fest back in summer. But here she is again for one final fling. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €45 + membership Jazz: Teddy Charles & Walter Wolff Trio This 80year-old has been innovating with the vibraphone since the ’50s, playing with tons of greats along the way. Here he’s accompanied by pianist Walter Wolff’s trio. Bimhuis, 20.30, €16 Singer-songwriter: Andy Yorke Is it a hard life when your brother is one of the biggest music stars in the world, and everywhere you go, you turn up to find posters with big letters stating: ‘Brother of Thom Yorke’? Previously Andy fronted Brit band Unbelievable Truth, and he’s certainly not trying to make a living off the family name. Just don’t go shouting for ‘Creep’. Winston Kingdom, 21.00, €7.50 Electronica: CSS Suxxx? Course not. Well, Donkey hasn’t rocked our electronic souls anywhere near the way Cansei de Ser Sexy did, but yeah, it was a hard act to follow. There’s no reason why this won’t still be a glamorous, silly and fun dance party from Lovefoxxx and the gang. Melkweg, The Max, 21.30, €17.50 + membership

Saturday 8 November Classical: Ein Deutsches Requiem A wonderful interpretation of Brahms ‘Ein Deutsches Requiem’ for choir, soloists and piano à quatre mains, performed by vocal ensemble Multiple Voice. Noorderkerk, 14.00, €12

Singer-songwriter: Stevie Ann Rootsy adult pop from Limburg. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 19.30, €12.50 + membership Pop/Rock: Dommelsch Locals Only Sets from Airbag, Outerspace Overdose and Wilsum. Winston Kingdom, 20.00, free Classical: Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Some November melancholy with Schubert’s String Quintet in C. Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 20.15, €32.50 Classical: Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw See Friday. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €38.50/€45 Jazz: David Murray’s Black Saint Quartet Gospelrooted jazz from Californian tenor player Murray. Down the years he’s diversified, but this quartet pays homage to Italian jazz label Black Saint, for which he recorded 17 albums between 1978 and 1993. Bimhuis, 20.30, €22 Jazz: Lula Galvão Jazzy, virtuoso arrangements from one of Brazil’s top guitarists. Werkteater, 20.30, €15 World: Nils Fischer & Timbazo A New York/Cuba salsa feast that revisits the sound of Puerto Rican star Joe Cuba. KIT Tropentheater, 20.30, €21 Contemporary: Radio Filharmonisch Orkest Breaking from tradition, Micha Hamel conducts world premieres by Vriend, Brouwer and Hirs, plus recent works by Laman and Boehmer. Cellist Michael Müller and tenor Marcel Beekman guest, and there’s the bonus of electronics and raw sine

Traversing the Kuti family tree in search of the hottest Afrobeat. This Thursday it’s the turn of Femi at Melkweg.

Classical: Orkest van de Achttiende Eeuw See Friday. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 11.00, €14.25/€16.50 Classical: Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest Performing Brahms’ First Piano Concerto in D and Franck’s Symphony in D; conducted by Louis Langrée with Russian pianist Alexei Lubimov. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 14.15, €32/€37.50 Classical: Holland Symfonia Performing Hamburg’s ‘Wild Waters That Roar’, Jeths’ ‘Seanchai’ and Vriend’s ‘Echo 13.7’; conducted by Otto Tausk. Muziekgebouw, 16.00, €18.50 Hiphop: N*E*R*D Rapper and producer Pharrell Williams is getting back in the raw live groove, rather than the polished beats of his studio work as The Neptunes. Funky rock is the fave thing of this live rap/rock incarnation. Heineken Music Hall, 20.00, €39 Classical: Carmina Burana Carl Orff’s infamous dramatic choral piece, performed by the choir and orchestra of the State Philharmonic of Romania. As a bonus treat, there’s also Dvorák’s New World Symphony. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €52.50 Pop/Rock: The Ting Tings Ah, so much Ting Ting hype in 2008. Are they worth it? Well, the hit singles have been coming along like buses, with young audiences lapping up their catchy pop. Melkweg, The Max, 20.30, sold out Rock: Living in Oblivion With special guests Rezurex (US), who’s dark rock ’n’ roll mayhem blends the sounds of the ’50s and ’80s. Winston Kingdom, 21.00, €6 Reggae: The Black Seeds Bass-heavy, groovin’ Southern hemisphere dub. Support from local reggae experts Karmakonga. See Short List. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 21.00, €13 + membership

Monday 10 November Experimental: Chop Wood This new project by Odilo Girod of Coparck gets experimental with a mix of new music, projections and surprise twists, turning the hall into a surreal dreamscape. Try not to fall asleep though. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 19.30, €7 + membership Opera: Marco Polo See Friday. Het Muziektheater, 20.00, €15-€90

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

Classical: Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest See Sunday. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €32/€37.50

AGENDA: MUSIC/CLUBS 3 questions:

Pop/Rock: Cold War Kids Despite radio hits like ‘Hang Me Up to Dry’, these Californians are now being hung out to dry by the fickle music press, less impressed by new album Loyalty to Loyalty. See Short List. Paradiso, Grote Zaal, 20.30, €14 + membership

Ludovico Einaudi

Contemporary: Ludovico Einaudi A real character, as well as a musical talent, Italian pianist Einaudi masterfully blends contemporary classical sounds with electronic and ethnic influences. See 3 Questions. Muziekgebouw, 20.30, €28

The Italian composer/performer Ludovico Einaudi, grandson of the former Italian prime minister, is one of the big names of the contemporary music scene. His music, while rooted in classical composition, is a flexi-combination of minimalism, world music and contemporary pop, taking inspiration from the likes of The Beatles, Miles Davis, Radiohead, Toumani Diabaté (Mali), Jivan Gasparyan (Armenia), Henryk Grecki and Philip Glass. Arriving straight from the Royal Albert Hall in London, this evening he’ll dazzle in a solo perfomance.

Pop/Rock: Stereolab London-based indie pop featuring the unmistakable voice of Lætitia Sadier and their Moog melodies. See Short List. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €15 + membership Experimental: DNK-Amsterdam Electro acoustic session featuring Brandon Labelle’s ‘Language Games’—a sound performance comprising three bodies, a pair of headphones, CDs, some writing and a song. SMART Project Space, 21.30, €5


Muziekgebouw, Monday 10 November, 20.30

Music for rocking? ‘The song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by The Rolling Stones because of Mick Jagger’s sexy and rocking voice, the groove and one of the best guitar solos ever. It’s only rock ’n’ roll but I like it!’

Tuesday 11 November Classical: Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest See Sunday. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, 20.15, €32/€37.50 Pop/Rock: Los Campesinos! This bunch of socalled peasants have sneaked out of Wales, offering a noisy and energetic blast of girl-boy vocal indie pop. It’s been done a million times before, but they certainly do it well. The short-butwild blast of hit single ‘Death to Los Campesinos’ is still echoing in our heads, but already they’re back with a new album, titled We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed. Support from Lovvers and Sky Larkin. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €12 + membership

Wednesday 12 November Pop/Rock: London Calling Warming Up Ah, it’s that time of year again: invasion of the Brits (Canadians, Americans, Irish... and whatever). Tonight: Cajun Dance Party, John and Jehn, Van She and Hatcham Social. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, 20.00, €12.50 + membership

Music for mellowing? ‘Jivan Gasparyan’s album Moon Shines at Night throws me into a different world where time has a different pace and I suddenly don’t know where I am anymore.’ Music for loving? ‘The Beatles’ song ‘For No One’ from Revolver, opens my heart and my most romantic emotional side—like many songs by The Beatles. It’s a classic: with Paul McCartney’s voice so pure and elegant, and the piece is so perfectly arranged with the clavichord and the French horn solo.’



Full Spectrum Italoboyz make their debut on the Dutch club stage. Let’s see what they are like. Surely they’re blond, blue-eyed and really into dark-haired girls? Either way, their house, acid, techno and everything-in-between-sound is preceded by a dubstep set from Black Sun Empire. Flex Bar, 23.00, €10

there’s no specific demand as to the type of music: it varies from rock to funk, from reggae to soul and from punk to techno. Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina, 22.00, €5 Club Rascal Here’s the problem with indie discos: in order to dance to indie music one has to not care about what one looks like while dancing. That’s because it is impossible to look cool while dancing to indie music. Many people don’t understand this and shoot looks of contempt in the direction of those looking uncool while trying to dance in a cool way themselves thus looking even uncooler. Ignore them. Club 8, 22.00-late, €5, free before 23.00

Thursday 6 November

Hiphopcafe presents: Funkfest 2008 ‘Funkfest.’ There’s nothing to be added to that. Their all-star lineup is courtesy of hiphop organisation King Kong. Bitterzoet, 23.00, €7.50

Jazz: Bennink/Borstlap/Glerum Surprises and spontaneity galore as the piano, bass and drums trio present their new CD Monk. Bimhuis, 20.30, €18

Electrorated A dance night hosted by Electronation. Line-up includes Terry Toner, Doerrlebon, Mailman & Microove and others. Expect house, electro and techno. Winston Kingdom, 23.00, €5

klinch: Traffic Techno and electro in good old klinch tradition, with Christian Smith, Len Faki and District One. Also in the house: Lauhaus. Melkweg, The Max, 23.00, €13 + membership

Pop/Rock: Black Kids Danceable American post punk. Support from New Zealand electronica singer-songwriter Ladyhawke—not the Canadian indie band without the extra ‘e’. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 20.30, €12 + membership

WKND Ah, the new generation, proclaiming a school night to be the weekend using the strange language of SMS. Dancing to house music every Thursday. What oh what will become of them? Studio 80, 23.00, €5

Playground—5 Years! Five years—soon you’ll be too old to go to the playground. But before, make sure you have a great birthday party with your guests Nicolas Duvoisin of Swiss, Richard Parker and Eva Maria. Studio 80, 23.00, €10

Mr Stubnitz What kind of music would you expect to be played on a German motorboat? Right: minimal, techno, acid and house. The German word for this music, by the way, is Schranz—remember this. Though it won’t get you free entrance. Onboard DJs include Lauhaus, Jerome, Boris Werner, David Labeij and Daniel Sanchez. Stubnitz, 23.00, €12

Rock: Bone as Fuck! Garage rock night with French bands Magnetix and Jack of Heart. Winston Kingdom, 21.00, €6.66

Friday 7 November

Knockout Boooya, boooya—Bass! BrrrEEEEzin’ out, with DJ Jah, DJ Spitfire and DJ Royalee selecting, yes, reggae and dancehall tunes. Melkweg, Oude Zaal, 23.59, €12.50 + membership

Nada Nuttin’ but electro, ’80s tunes and indie with DJ M&M. Florence Fosters Fan Club (Croatia) will get onstage to deliver cranky vocals, Atari beats and buzzing synths. OCCII, 23.00, €6

Classical: Nederlands Blazers Ensemble See Saturday. Concertgebouw, Kleine Zaal, 20.15, €32.50

Electronica: Nitin Sawhney Global electronics for the Amsterdam India Festival. Acclaimed contemporary composer/songwriter Sawhney has explored diverse realms from cinematic soundtracks to opera over the past few years, but tonight it’s back to his Asian roots. Melkweg, The Max, 21.00, €15 + membership

Rollerdisco Meals on wheels. Studio K, 21.00-late, free Club Cornholio The organisers of this party promise free entrance for anyone with a David Hasselhoff tattoo. Sadly, they don’t promise actually playing David Hasselhoff tunes. Instead, it’s all about ska, punk, soul, funk and some rock ’n’ roll: isn’t it ironic... Club 8, 22.00, €5

No bollocks, shite or offal: Club Cut the Crap is back on Saturday.

Saturday 8 November Cut the Crap Cutting the crap in this case means emphasising classics, and only playing new stuff if it’s certified non-crap. Apart from being non-crap,

Stad van Spinoza Just music alone just doesn’t do it anymore these days. In order to win awards, you need to plug in philosophy, arts and performances into your party. But some music will be there too, provided by DJs Lin and La Rush. Sugar Factory, 23.00-late, €12


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

A G E N D A : G AY & L E S B I A N / S T A G E


Stage: Opening

Parisian dance troupe Compagnie La 20e Tribu combine styles such as breakdance, capoeira and African dance. De Brakke Grond, (Wed 21.00), €8.50 Theatre: Breakin’ Walls—Mijn naam is Rachel Corrie After hanging with an imaginary Lars von Trier for her last play, Van Dolron apparently isn’t ready to lift spirits. Her newest is about the American student and peace activist Rachel Corrie, who was run over by an Israeli bulldozer in Palestine. Frascati, (Wed 21.00), €8.50

Edited by Willem de Blaauw.

Thursday 6 November Thursday Stress Stopper Relax after your Thursday evening shopping spree. Sip a cocktail while having a rejuvenating chair massage. Getto, 21.00, free

Ongoing Performance: Bambie 13 On a crowded stage, the performers meet each other in a time different from their own. Frascati, (Thur-Sat 20.30), €16

Party: Lezzie Chill Out The name says it all. Chat, chill, dance and/or flirt. And sip sexy cocktails. Cafe Sappho, 21.00, free

Theatre: Prinsessendrama’s Dood Paard play a selection of Elfriede Jelinek’s Dramas of Princesses: Death and the Maiden. Associative monologues from three Western icons: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Jackie. De Brakke Grond, (Thur-Sat 20.30), €14

Friday 7 November DJ night: Friday Weekend Madness Start the weekend with a bang at this happy homo hang-out. Audio host DJ Danny spins electric beats from today and yesteryear. Getto, 17.00, free Twisted French Sixties Tunes Ooh la la... DJ RAF spins super sexy ’60s tunes from French icons such as Françoise Hardy, Johnny Hallyday, Brigitte Bardot and the one and only Serge Gainsbourg. PRIK, 20.00, free Party: Furball Another edition of this popular fur-fest for hairy guys in all shapes and sizes, and their admirers. Beats by DJ Mike Kelly and DJ Yuangas, visuals by Eddy Bal. Westerunie, 22.00-04.00, €12.50/€15 Party: 4 Play Start your weekend with some funky 4 Play. Hosted by Rachel O’Neill and DJs Jerry Black and MBC, plus live shows. Special Guest DJ Glaucio Duarte (Reflexxx/Rapido). Exit, 23.59-05.00, €10

Saturday 8 November

India Festival—Call Cutta in a Box Lloyd Hotel, Wednesday 8 November. The Berlin collective Rimini Protokoll specialise in ‘reality theatre’. In this case, that means setting up a live connection with an Indian call centre. It means that you will check in at reception, receive a key to a hotel room and have an hourlong telephone conversation with an Indian call-centre worker. (hourly between 13.00 and 20.00), €10


Party: (Z)onderbroek Drop your pants and dance in your most sexy briefs/Y-fronts/boxers or jockstrap at this men-only afternoon fun cruise party. DJs Abraxas and Conrad. Church, 16.00-20.00, €8 Party: Military Action Time to act out your favourite boot camp fantasies at this men-only military fetish party. Dress code: army and uniform. Yes, Sir! Church, 23.0004.00, €10/€12.50

Music/Dance: Breakin’ Walls—Geboeid A timeless story about love: a young girl has to choose between two men and two worlds. De Brakke Grond, (Wed 19.30), €8.50


Party: Rapido After Party Those who can’t stop dancing after the main party head to this Rapido afterparty with DJs Dikky Vendetta and Pagano. Exit, 01.00-10.00, €10

Dance: Entity In collaboration with a number of artists and scientists, Wayne McGregor and his Random Dance Company present a dance performance with a scientific approach tackling the issues of artificial intelligence and human psychology. See Short List. Het Muziektheater, (Thur, Sat 20.15, Sun 14.00), €15-€30

Party: Rapido There’s no doubt this autumn edition of the most popular gay dance party in town will make you sweat and the walls soaking wet. Good thing shirts are simply not needed then. Featuring DJs Ralphi Rosario, Abel, Giangi Cappai and Jack Chang. Paradiso, 15.0002.00, €30/€35

Theatre: Vrouw met de baard Koos Terpstra’s farewell show, after ten years of directing the Noord Nederlands Toneel in Groningen, is a fast performance filled with colours and music, like a day at the funfair. Stadsschouwburg, (Fri 20.30), €10.50 - €27.50

Sunday 9 November

Theatre: The Wall Ulrike Quade’s play brings together puppets, real people and three historical personalities with very different outlooks on life: Ulrike Meinhof, Göring and Medea. Theater Bellevue, (Tues, Wed 20.30), €16

Performance: Breakin’ Walls—Into the Black Hole The young mime collective Orange Guinea Pigs invite you to a performance about the infamous post-university depression: The—duh-duh-duh-dummm— quarter-life crisis. De Engelenbak, (Wed 19.30), €8.50 Theatre/Dance: India Festival—Kathakali Sadanam Balakrishnan and his dance company present two episodes of the Mahabharata-epos, performed in the Kathakali tradition. And no whining please—you’ll have to get used to all these complicated names and terms, as this is the official opening event of the Amsterdam India Festival. Concertgebouw, Grote Zaal, (Wed 20.15), €32.50-€38 Dance: Breakin’ Walls—Horizon Versatility is their second (or third? Fourth? Ah, whatever) name: The

Jump into the festival world yet again: Amsterdam India Festival and Breakin’ Walls open on Wednesday.

Performance: Het Meer A lecture/performance by Marjolijn ven Heemstra and Keez Duyves (PIPS:lab) about ‘the more’ that is between heaven and earth—that mysterious bit that makes spoons bend, broken clocks tick and dreams come true. Frascati, (Thur-Sat 21.00), €10 Theatre: Amateurs A play about a couple. They used to want to change the world with their art, but never exceeded amateurism. Thus the new world never came, their dreams grew old and so did their love. Frascati, (Thur-Sat 21.00), €11 Performance: Blue Man Group Percussion show, multimedia spectacle, and people that paint themselves blue. Heineken Music Hall, (Thur 19.00), €39-€59 Theatre: DesiLucy When trying to find a producer for their show about themselves and their marriage, an artist couple realise that 1950s America doesn’t believe in the concept of reality TV just yet. But their show becomes a surprise hit. Meanwhile, the couple file their divorce. And 1950s America is soon to realise that reality on TV doesn’t necessarily mean truth. Theater Bellevue, (Thur 20.30), €16 Theatre: Waterkou A random meeting between an old, dying man and a young woman grows into friendship, or maybe even love. They lie to each other about their identities, but it’s only because they find more truth in those lies than in their reality. Theater Bellevue, (Thur, Fri, Sun, Tues, Wed 12.30), €12 Music/Dance: Wonderland Improv dance and music fun for the whole family. OT301, (Sun 16.00), €4 Theatre: De Kopvoeter A play about a disabled artist who paints with her mouth. As her popularity begins to surge and her works become known, she feels it crucial to keep her handicap a secret. In Dutch. Frascati, (Wed 20.30), €8.50

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008




The Gospel According to Brian O’Blivion Art by Laser 3.14 and soundscapes by Pieter van Nooten. Chiellerie (Daily 14.00-18.00), opens Saturday, closing Thursday Theo de Feyter: Beelden uit Syrië Paintings. Galerie de Rietlanden Exposities (Wed-Sun 13.00-17.00), opens Saturday, until 18 January 2009 Three is a Nice Couple Installations by three Amsterdam-based artists. De Veemvloer (Wed-Sat 13.00-18.00, Sun 15.00-18.00), opens Saturday, until 30 November

Lecture/Debate: Erasmus Prize 2008: The New Cosmopolitan To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Erasmus Prize, members of The People Network will debate the meaning of what it takes to be a good cosmopolitan citizen. Felix Meritis, (Thur 14.00), free; Reservation necessary.

Up Close & Personal Twenty artists present new works. Walls Gallery (Wed-Sat 12.00-17.00), opens Wednesday, until 9 January 2009

Lecture: Women’s Activism in Turkey: Pushing the Boundaries Against the backdrop of recent political and socioeconomic developments in Turkey, Yakin Ertürk, a sociology professor and the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, will speak about the role of women and woman activists in contemporary Turkish society. Felix Meritis, (Fri 20.00), free

Museums Censuur! Exhibition offering an overview of groups, institutions and individuals who’ve had dealings with censorship and the various forms of resistance against it, dating from the 17th century to the present. Persmuseum (Tues-Fri 10.00 -17.00, Sun 12.00-17.00), closing Sunday

Lecture/Debate: Global Financial Crisis ‘The end of neo-liberalism?’ Credit crunch: just a horrible neologism or the end of the financial and political world order as we know it? Susan George of Attac France and others discuss. In English. Transnational Institute, (Fri 20.15) Game: City Ragas Make the city your playground and random strangers your game buddies at this mobilephone-based game. Players in Amsterdam and Delhi are sent on a fun-filled, scavenger-hunt-like adventure through their respective cities, with the goal of learning more about what it means to be an Amsterdammer, or a Delhiite. De Waag, (Sat 09.30, 11.30), free; sign up at Game: 1e NK Koehandel Who cares about football? Board games are what it’s all about. Witness the first Dutch Championship of Koehandel (or ‘You’re Bluffing’ in English). Canvas, (Sat 13.00-18.00) Market: Slow Food Market A market like they used to be, offering fresh, seasonal products grown in Holland. The vendors give full information about where their products come from, and they’ll even let you try before you buy. But because a market like they used to be apparently isn’t enough in the Westergas world, this one also has workshops, demonstrations, special activities for the kids and a fancy name. Westergasterras, (Sun 11.00-18.00), free Art/Auction: Hotdocks They say it’s a charm offensive. In fact, those artists just wanna flog their wares. But they do so on an action-packed family fun day, complete with music, performances, sausages and whatnot. See Short List. NDSM-werf, (Sun 11.0018.00), free Art/Film: Sprocket Sounds The finest cinematic leftovers from 1920-1980, on double-8, super-8 and 16mm. OT301, (Sun 20.30), €4 Lecture: Now is the Time: Globalisation An ongoing lecture series about art and theory in the 21st century, today with the topic ‘globalisation’ discussed by Julian Stallybrass (UK) and Hou Hanru (China). Oude Lutherse Kerk, (Tues 20.00), €7.50 Party: Lijst Liefde Lijst Liefde, a new initiative to bring more love to the city by means of a poster campaign, special events and more, celebrate their launch tonight with lots of love. Paradiso, Kleine Zaal, (Tues 21.30), €7

If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to be Part of Your Revolution III The third edition of this travelling platform for performance-related art embraces the theme of ‘masquerade’, with an exhibition and, of course, an ongoing performance series (see for schedule). Curated by Frederique Bergholtz and Annie Fletcher. De Appel (Tues-Sun 11.00-18.00), closing Sunday

Kees Scherer: Photographic Explorations Foam, opens Friday 10 November until 18 January. Kees Scherer: Photographic Explorations A selection of vintage prints from Scherer’s extensive oeuvre. As a photojournalist, in the ’50s and ’60s he published numerous reports of his global travels in Dutch newspapers and magazines, belonging to a generation of photographers that opened up photographic reporting to the wider public. (Sat-Wed 10.00-18.00, Thur, Fri 10.00-21.00)


3MIX Paintings by Miguel Rivas (Dominican Republic), Sara Nettel (Mexico) and Blanca Torres (Mexico). De Stoker (Fri, Sat 11.00 -17.00), opens Saturday, until 3 December


Between Dark and White III The third instalment of this series inspired by ‘mental space’. This time Anami Schrijvers takes charge, with support from Erik Olofsen and Erica van Loon. P/////AKT (Thur-Sun 14.00 -18.00), opens Saturday, until 30 November

112 Ambulance Amsterdam—Too close for comfort Between 2004 and 2007, photographer Willem Poelstra caught a few rides in ambulances, resulting in this wounded series. Melkweg Galerie (Wed-Sun 13.00 -20.00), opens Thursday, until 30 November

Nicky Hoberman: Girls Series Big-headed, large-eyed gals populate the paintings of this English artist, who presents her first solo show in the Netherlands. Galerie Hof & Huyser (WedSat 13.00 -18.00), opens Saturday, until 19 December

Puking Roses for.../Romance Stills from a dramatic video performance by Marieke Coppens. De Kijkkasten (daily), opens Friday, until 12 December

Set #3 A site-specific media installation by Jacqueline Kooter. Pakhuis Wilhelmina (Sat, Sun 14.00-19.00), opens Saturday

Willem Poelstra offers a new visual take on ambulance chasing at Melkweg Galerie.

Cy Twombly: Photographs 1951-2007 Photos by the renowned American artist, in celebration of his 80th birthday, As a photographer, Twombly still has the eye of a painter, who explores rather than captures his subjects—still lifes, flowers, interiors, seascapes. His ‘dry prints’, a specialised version of colour prints from a copy machine, are being shown for the first time in the Netherlands. Huis Marseille (Tues-Sun 11.00-18.00), until 23 November Hendrik Werkman: The Blue Barge Exhibition containing Werkman’s preparatory studies for the suites of prints he made as an act of resistance for The Blue Barge during WWII. The most famous of these is Chassidische Legenden. Joods Historisch Museum (Daily 11.00-17.00), until 30 November Erik van der Weijde: Siedlung Siedlung, German for ‘settlement’, features 220 black-and-white photos of detached houses. In Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the National Socialist Party set up a huge construction programme to provide these Seidlung houses for workers who agreed to become party members. Foam (Sat-Wed 10.00 -18.00, Thur, Fri 10.00-21.00), until 10 December Damien Hirst: For the Love of God It’s Indiana Jones and the diamond-encrusted skull. Or something. With this Amsterdam premiere of Hirst’s latest attention-grabber, it’s a good time to ponder whether, like Indy, Hirst’s past his best. Still, this is as cutting edge as the Rijksmuseum gets. To accompany the exhibition, he’s also chosen a personal selection from the museum’s collection of 17th-century art. Rijksmuseum (Daily 09.00-18.00), until 15 December De wereld van Christiaan Andriessen A chance to view a hundred pages from the sketch diaries of Dutch artist Andriessen, originating from 1805 to 1808. Stadsarchief Amsterdam (Tues-Sat 10.00 17.00, Sun 11.00-17.00), until 11 January 2009


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


125 Favourites The Rembrandt Association celebrates its 125th anniversary with a five-part exhibition: key purchases from its history; returned Dutch artworks; old (non-Dutch) masters; comparatively modern works (Chagall, Matisse and De Kooning); and acquisitions from the last ten years. Van Gogh Museum (Mon-Thur, Sat, Sun 10.00-18.00, Fri 10.00-22.00), until 18 January 2009 Helen Levitt: In the Street A retrospective of work by the renowned American street photographer Helen Levitt, famed for portraying the dynamics of New York street life from 1930 onwards, paying special attention to the innocent and adventurous world of children at play. Foam (Sat-Wed 10.00-18.00, Thur, Fri 10.0021.00), until 18 January 2009 Vodou A grand exhibition about voodoo on Haiti, featuring more than 250 spectacular objects from one of the most important collections in the country: the Lehmann collection. The exhibition aims to show how these objects and their accompanying rituals are a part of the daily life. Tropenmuseum (Daily 10.00-17.00), until 10 May 2009

Galleries [onderzoek] Sculptures by Erik Buijs which look like confused, hairless little people but are in fact an ironic commentary on humanity and its surroundings. Galerie Bart (Thur, Fri 11.00-18.00, Sat 12.00-17.00), closing Saturday LAND Photos by André Mérian showing the landscape of humanity, with overflowing cities, shopping centres and the like. Maison Descartes (Mon-Thur 10.00-18.00, Fri 10.00-17.00), closing Saturday Susanne Boger Jewellery and decorative pieces. OT301 (Daily 16.00-19.00), closing Sunday Michiel van der Zanden Young painter from Brabant taking inspiration from digital ideas. Galerie Smits (Wed-Sat 13.30-17.30), closing Wednesday Geert Bartelink: Het rijk der fabelen Colourful and artistic tales of the rich. AYAC’S (Fri, Sat 13.00-17.30), until 15 November High Five Five weeks, five screens and five audio-visual remixes. High Five transports you into the tripped-out headspace of audio-visual sampling gurus Addictive TV, inviting you to become absorbed into the artists domain of what you see is what you hear. Concrete Image (Thur 12.00-21.00, Mon-Wed, Sat 19.00, Sun 13.00-18.00), until 15 November Régine de Festes: Creation & Mythology Paintings and sculpture by the French artist. Paule Carre (Mon 13.00-18.00; Tue, Wed, Fri 10.00-18.00; Thur 10.0020.00; Sat 10.00-17.00), until 20 November Artists’ Biopic Cinema The first Dutch solo exhibition by French artist Matthieu Laurette. Transforming six gallery spaces into mini-cinemas, Laurette succinctly presents the mythologised life of world famous artists by screening 18 specifically chosen feature films each day. SMART Project Space (Mon-Sat 12.00-22.00, Sun 14.00-22.00), until 20 November

Nobody in the Chair. Nobody in the Books. Nobody in the Rain Spacious and surreal oil paintings by Sebastian Burger and Heide Nord. Galerie Gabriel Rolt (Wed-Sat 12.00-18.00), until 22 November Tia Ryan: Absentia Photographic portraiture that tries to bridge the gap between familiar iconography and the social reality of living in a covertly sexually-stratified and overtly multi-ethnic culture. Gallery WM (Thurs-Sat 14.00-18.00), until 22 November Group Exhibition Diverse works from the likes of Zilvinas Landzbergas and Alex Winters. Galerie Fons Welters (Tues-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 22 November Aquil Copier: I Haven’t Sent You Any Air Mail Beautiful painted landscapes (diverse techniques) as seen from the air. 2x2projects (Wed-Sat 13.00-18.00), until 29 November

ADDRESSES 11 Oosterdokskade 3-5, 625 5999 2x2projects Veemkade 350, 489 7471 ABC Treehouse Voetboogstraat 11, 423 0967 De Appel Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10, 625 5651 Aromatique Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 11b, 624 0044 De Ateliers Stadhouderskade 86, 673 9359 AYAC'S Keizersgracht 166, 638 5240 Bimhuis Piet Heinkade 3, 788 2150 Bitterzoet Spuistraat 2, 521 3001 Blijburg Bert Haanstrakade 2004, 416 0330 Blow Up Gallery Hazenstraat 67, 665 3435 De Brakke Grond Nes 45, 626 6866

Iva Gueorguieva & Matthew McGarvey For the third episode of guest curator project CrossRoads, visual artist Iva Gueorguieva and her husband, sound artist Matthew McGarvey present the installation Echolalia, including large double-sided drawings, small paintings, a video projection and a sound installation. OUTLINE (Thur-Sat 13.00-17.00), until 29 November

Cafe Pakhuis Wilhelmina Veemkade 576, 419 3368

Ontferm U Translated as ‘Have Mercy Upon Us’, this is a multidisciplinary project by Elena Beelaerts in cooperation with Floris Tilanus and Henk Jan Bouwmeester. It deals with the rituals associated with the transportation of works from the artist’s workspace into the public eye. W139 (Daily 11.0019.00), until 30 November

Club 8 Admiraal de Ruyterweg 56B, 685 1703

Mexicaans Dodenaltaar Expositie A deathly Mexican theme for Día de los Muertos, featuring an altar and paintings by Adelina Reyes and José Guadalupe Posada, and photos by Alejandra Nettel. Kortsluiting (Daily 10.00-22.00), until 30 November The Art of Pushing Pixels A brief overview of the craft of CGI development, showcasing the work of Dutch and international artists who use computer graphics as a creative tool for artistic expression. ABC Treehouse (Thur-Sun 13.00-18.00), until 30 November David Goldblatt Works by the renowned South African photographer. Galerie Paul Andriesse (Tues-Fri 11.00-18.00, Sat 14.00-18.00), until 6 December Structures Group exhibition that examines the structure of the art world from the perspective of the artist. Souterrain (Thur-Sun 12.00-17.00), until 7 December Ies Schute An installation of mixed techniques. Consisting of walls of paper, built up from small creations, the separate drawings, texts and photographs work to form a uniform view. Ververs Gallery (Thur, Fri 13.0017.30, Sat 14.00-17.30), until 19 December Bart van Leeuwen Marking forty years of distinctive and atmospheric fashion photography by the Dutch artist (b.1950). Blow Up Gallery (Thur, Fri 14.00-18.00, Sat 13.00-18.00), until 27 December The Touch of Dick Evers Action and body painting. Aromatique (Fri-Sun 12.30 -17.30), until 16 January 2009

Forty-eight other art listings can be spied online at

Cafe Sappho Vijzelstraat 103, 423 1509 Canvas Wibautstraat 150 Carré Amstel 115-125, 524 9452 Chiellerie Raamgracht 58, 320 9448 Church Kerkstraat 50-52 CoBrA Museum Sandbergplein 1-3, Amstelveen, 547 5050 Concertgebouw Concertgebouwplein 2-6, 671 8345 Concrete Image Spuistraat 250, 625 2225 Consortium Veemkade 570, 06 2611 8950 Cruise Inn Zuiderzeeweg 29, 692 7188 Desmet Studios Plantage Middenlaan 4A, 521 7100 De Engelenbak Nes 71, 626 3644 English Reformed Church Begijnhof 48, 624 9665 Exit Reguliersdwarsstraat 42, 625 8788 Felix Meritis Keizersgracht 324, 626 2321 Flex Bar Pazzanistraat 1, 486 2123 Foam Keizersgracht 609, 551 6546 Frascati Nes 63, 626 6866 Galerie Bart Bloemgracht 2, 320 6208 Galerie de Rietlanden Exposities Rietlandpark 193, 419 4705 Galerie Fons Welters Bloemstraat 140, 423 3046 Galerie Gabriel Rolt Elandsgracht 34, 785 5146 Galerie Hof & Huyser Bloemgracht 135, 420 1995 Galerie Paul Andriesse Withoedenveem 8, 623 6237 Galerie Smits Fokke Simonszstraat 29, 06 43001833 Galerie Wies Willemsen Ruysdaelkade 25, 470 1073 Gallery WM Elandsgracht 35, 421 1113 Getto Warmoesstraat 51 Heineken Music Hall ArenA Boulevard 590, 0900 300 1250

Kortsluiting 1e Schinkelstraat 16 Lloyd Hotel Oostelijke Handelskade 34, 419 1840 Maison Descartes Vijzelgracht 2A, 531 9500 Maloe Melo Lijnbaansgracht 163, 420 4592 Melkweg Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 531 8181 Melkweg Galerie Marnixstraat 409, 531 8181 Mezrab 2de Laurierdwarsstraat 50 Motive Gallery Elandsgracht 10, 330 3668 Muziekgebouw Piet Heinkade 1, 788 2010 Het Muziektheater Amstel 3, 625 5455 NDSM-werf TT Neveritaweg 15, 330 5480 Noorderkerk Noordermarkt 44, 626 6436 OBA Oosterdokskade 143, 0900-2425468 OCCII Amstelveenseweg 134, 671 7778 OT301 Overtoom 301, 779 4913 Oude Lutherse Kerk Singel 411, 623 1572 OUTLINE Oetewalerstraat 73, 693 1389 P/////AKT Zeeburgerpad 53, 06 5427 0879 Pakhuis Wilhelmina Veemkade 570-596, 645 5941 Paradiso Weteringschans 6-8, 626 4521 Paule Carre Cornelis Schuytstraat 44, 675 6800 Persmuseum Zeeburgerkade 10, 692 8810 PRIK Spuistraat 109, 06 4544 2321 Rembrandthuis Jodenbreestraat 4, 520 0400 Rijksmuseum Jan Luykenstraat 1, 674 7000 SMART Project Space Arie Biemondstraat 105-113, 427 5953 Souterrain Messinastraat 38 Stadsarchief Amsterdam Vijzelstraat 32 Stadsschouwburg Leidseplein 26, 624 2311 De Stoker Witte de Withstraat 124, 612 3293 Stubnitz Odinakade, NDSM-werf Studio 80 Rembrandtplein 17, 521 8333 Studio K Timorplein 62, 692 0422 Sugar Factory Lijnbaansgracht 238, 627 0008 Theater Bellevue Leidsekade 90, 530 5301 Toomler Breitnerstraat 2, 670 7400 Transnational Institute 25 De Wittenstraat Tropenmuseum Linnaeusstraat 2, 568 8200 UvA: Special Collections Library Oude Turfmarkt 129, 525 2141 Van Gogh Museum Paulus Potterstraat 7, 570 5200 De Veemvloer Van Diemenstraat 410, 638 6894 Ververs Gallery Hazenstraat 54 Volkskrantgebouw Wibautstraat 150 W139 Warmoesstraat 139, 622 9434 De Waag Nieuwmarkt 4, 557 9898 Walls Gallery Prinsengracht 737

Huis Marseille Keizersgracht 401, 531 8989

Werkteater Oostenburgergracht 75, 330 8832

Joods Historisch Museum Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2-4, 531 0310

Westergasterras Klönneplein 3, 475 1412

De Kijkkasten Sint Nicolaasstraat

Winston Kingdom Warmoesstraat 129, 623 1380

KIT Tropentheater Mauritskade 63, 568 8711

Zaal 100 De Wittenstraat 100, 688 0127

Westerunie Klönneplein 4-6

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


Film review

By Luuk van Huët

Quantum of Solace Opens Thursday at Pathé Arena, Pathé de Munt, Pathé Tuschinski

BOND ON STEROIDS The 007 franchise ramps up the action but at what cost? Smashing products? A new Bond film is more than a mere cinematic experience: whenever 007 is called into service, it’s a merchandising event of great magnitude. Every brand worth its salt wants to take a ride on the Bond bandwagon for some primo product placement opportunities, and the newest instalment is

FILM Amsterdam Weekly recommends.

Festival Cinemissimo! A new event on Italian Cinema, organised by Quelli di Astaroth. Several new titles from the likes of Italian masters Bellocchio, Avati and Salvatores, all of them somehow unreleased in the Netherlands, will be presented along with a selection of short films, documentaries and debates on new trends. Opening day is 5 November, with a homage to the short films of Frans Weisz and a screening of The Wedding Director by Marco Bellocchio. All films in Italian with English subtitles. Melkweg Cinema

New this week All God’s Children Can Dance A messy adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s novel of the same title, whose story is centred on Kengo’s (Jason Lew) obsession with learning who his biological father is. To quiet him down, his mother (Joan Chen) tells him he’s the son of God. Apparently, God has been extremely generous with Kengo as far as private measurements are concerned—leading to lines like ‘God gave me this huge cock!’—but lacking in other sectors, such as brains. Still, it’s a piece of curiosa for the cult video shelf. 84 min. Kriterion Baby Mama Overachieving health food executive who can’t conceive a child (Tina Fey) contracts with a fertility agent (Sigourney Weaver) to have one of her eggs hatched by a knucklehead from the wrong side of the tracks (Amy Poehler). Saturday Night Live veteran Michael McCullers wrote and directed this vehicle for long-time co-stars Fey and Poehler, who get the most from his dialogue with their sharp timing. Funny character work from Dax Shepard as Poehler’s numskull boyfriend and Steve Martin as Fey’s health-guru boss (‘I was swimming this morning with the dolphins of Costa Rica when I realised something: I am a great man’). (JJ) 99 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt

no exception. What keeps Quantum of Solace from becoming an overlong commercial is the wanton destruction of said placed products: the film kicks off with a riveting car chase in which Bond’s signature Aston Martin is shot to pieces. This doesn’t deter Bond (Daniel Craig, in his sec-

Cloud 9 This German entry at the latest Cannes Film Festival presents the classic love triangle we’ve seen so often in other films, only this time we get to see old folks get down and dirty. Dressmaker Inge (Ursula Werner) has been married with Werner (Horst Rehberg) for more than 30 years. However, she falls for Karl (Horst Westphal), a 76year-old customer. It’s a very touching and realistic portrayal of love and sex, that can apparently take you to ‘Cloud Nine’, no matter the age. It can also make a good double-header companion with recent documentary release Young@Heart. In German with Dutch subtitles. 98 min. Pathé Tuschinski, De Uitkijk Quantum of Solace James Bond gets louder, darker, blonder. See review above. 106 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski Waltz With Bashir The opening film of the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, Waltz With Bashir follows in the steps of Persepolis with its use of animation to deal with adult, political and contemporary themes—in this case the 1982 Lebanon war. Director Ari Folman attempts to share his personal experience of the war by interviewing friends and witnesses, whom he turns into animated figures, thus creating a visual hybrid of documentary and fiction. See Short List. In Hebrew and German with Dutch subtitles. 90 min. Rialto

Still playing Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis A smash box office hit in France, this effervescent comedy is about prejudices and the differences between the north and south of France. To help his depressed wife, post office manager Philippe Abrams (Kad Merad) tries to cheat his way into a transfer to the Côte d’Azur, but when he’s discovered, he’s relegated to the dreaded Nord-Pas-de-Calais region with its freezing cold weather and inhabitants who speak the ‘Ch’timi’ dialect. But lo and behold, Abrams actually likes the North, and befriends locals, especially postman Antoine (Dany Boon, who also co-wrote and directed the film). Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis loses parts of its fun for non-francophone audiences, but there’s still enough left to enjoy this gentle and hilarious story. In French and Ch’timi with Dutch subtitles. (GR) 106 min. Studio K

Gods and cocks: It’s all action go in weird flick All God’s Children Can Dance.

ond 007 outing) from delivering Mr White, his intended target, to the loving arms of the local Italian headquarters of MI6 for some rigorous questioning. Mr White, as you may recall, was one of the head honchos of the shady organisation that killed off Bond’s true love Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, making Quantum of Solace the first true sequel among the many Bond films. Of course, Mr White isn’t so easily detained: one of the MI6 agents guarding him turns out to be on his payroll, prompting another lengthy chase sequence over crumbling rooftops. By now it’s clear that Quantum of Solace features a boatload of action compared to its predecessor, as Bond travels the globe in a quest for vengeance on the nasty people who were responsible for Vesper’s death. His persuit puts him on the trail of an eco-friendly philanthropist called Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), who uses his good causes as a front for nefarious activities. The inevitable Bond girls are naive but charming: agent Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton) and the revenge-driven femme fatale Camille (Olga Kurylenko). Casino Royale marked a return to a grimmer, more realistic spy film without invisible cars, zany gadgets or Madonna, and Quantum follows closely in its footsteps, even if the ramped-up action quotient means your suspension of disbelief will be tested more thoroughly. Apparently MI6 has sent its agents on a refresher course in the art of free running,

The Black Balloon This teenage drama from Down Under scooped up the Crystal Bear for best teen-aimed flick at the latest Berlinale. It’s the story of Thomas (Rhys Wakefield), a teenager moving to a new neighborhood with his family, which includes an autistic brother, and their problems trying to fit in. Yarn is all here, but it’s definitely well made. Featuring the onscreen debut of wide-eyed Aussie supermodel Gemma Ward. 97 min. Studio K Bride Flight To escape personal drama and the suffocating environment of post-WWII Netherlands, three young families decide to emigrate to New Zealand. The husbands leave first to look for work and accomodation, and their brides meet on a fateful 1953 trip from London to Christchurch. Directed by Ben Sombogaart from a script by Marieke van der Pol, with Karina Smulders, Anna Drijver and Elise Schaap as the three young women, and a special appearance by Rutger Hauer. 130 min. The Movies, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski

Burn After Reading The latest offering of the Coen brothers is many things at once: it’s a spy film spoof, a comedy of errors, a great metaphor for the paranoia brought about by the war on terror and a clever deconstruction of narrative film-making itself. But it’s the stellar cast including Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Frances McDormand, who all get to behave like knuckleheaded dumbasses, pompous nerds and slick sleazeballs, that will probably draw the bulk of the crowd, and rightfully so. If you don’t mind being subjected to a little cinematic horseplay by those rascally Coens, you’re in for a treat. (LvH) 96 min. Cinecenter, The Movies, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt, Pathé Tuschinski Cafe De Los Maestros For all you tango lovers out there comes this documentary about a group of legendary Argentinian tango musicians from the ’40s and ’50s, who gather for a concert in Buenos Aires. True, the premises are the same as Buena Vista Social Club, minus Ry Cooder and Wim Wenders calling the shots, but director Miguel Kohan keeps the music flowing like fine wine, and you’ll have a hard time sitting still in the theatre chair. Produced, among others, by Gustavo Santaolalla, the Argentinian Oscar-winning composer of Brokeback Mountain and Amores Perros. In Spanish with Dutch subtitles. 90 min. Kriterion Caos calmo Pietro (Nanni Moretti), while enjoying a day out at the beach with his brother Carlo (Alessandro


as 007 has become decidedly more nimble, acrobatically hopping from eroding rooftop to dinky balcony in the first foot chase. Let’s blame it on the burgeoning vengefulness. The most obvious influence on Quantum is that Yankee upstart from the Bourne trilogy. In fact, Dan Bradley, the 2nd Unit director (who is responsible for the bulk of the action) comes straight from shooting The Bourne Ultimatum. That means choppy, handheld camerawork and quick successions of cuts give the action a frantic feel which may turn some off. Unsurprisingly, the biggest asset here is Craig, who seems to be destined to make the Connery versus Moore debate obsolete. He’s never afraid to show the more disturbing aspects of the character, from the scarily efficient violence that’s always bubbling below his composed, cool demeanor, to his ruthless, amoral state of mind. Judi Dench reprises her role of M, with an air of calculating briskness in which glimpses of maternal care for Bond occasionally shine through. Her chemistry with Craig gives a hyperactive film some well-deserved moments of rest. Apart from jokes made at the expense of the CIA and the overall gritty feel, Quantum of Solace is essentially escapist fare for the unwashed masses. But it’s escapist blockbuster fare, expertly made by master craftsmen. So get dirty with a clean conscience. ___

Gassman), saves a woman from drowning. When they head home, he finds out his wife has died unexpectedly. His grief takes him from his TV executive desk to a bench, where he sits every morning waiting for his tenyear-old daughter to finish classes. Life circles around him, and Pietro starts observing all the little bits of action happening in the square, trying to find a new meaning to his existence. Look out for a cameo by Roman Polanski. Based on the award-winning novel by Sandro Veronesi. In Italian with Dutch subtitles. (MB) 105 min. Rialto Cidade dos homens Fernando Meirelles’s City of God (2002) turned plenty of heads with its harsh look at the mountain slums of Rio de Janeiro. Now that it’s spawned the TV series City of Men and this big-screen follow-up, the focus has shifted from the setting to the characters. Two pals (Douglas Silva and Darlan Cunha) do their best to stay on the sidelines as the slum’s reigning gang is rent by insurrection. Meanwhile, one of them tries to track down the father he never knew and the other wrestles with the responsibility of being a father himself. The story might have been lifted from an old Warner Brothers melodrama, though it’s smartly paced, sincerely delivered, and consistently absorbing. In Portuguese with Dutch subtitles. (JJ) 106 min. Kriterion

The Darjeeling Limited A year after their father’s funeral, brothers Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody) and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) meet aboard a train for a journey of spiritual healing. The fact that they have not spoken to each other in a year doesn’t prevent them from getting straight into the family’s old dynamics, which involve manic tics, substance abuse and sexual escapades. But soon both the emotional and the physical baggage starts to fall away. Wes Anderson’s delicious comedy is a rich plate for filmgoers, entertaining and poignant, just as it should be. (MB) 108 min. Kriterion Il Dolce e l’Amaro When his father dies in prison, Saro Scordia (Luigi Lo Cascio) is taken under protection by a powerful mafia boss (Renato Carpentieri). Growing up in Sicily in the 1980s, Saro leads a regular life, falling for a local school teacher, Ada (the lovely Donatella Finocchiaro) and having a distant friendship with Stefano (Fabrizio Gifuni), who’s ‘on the other side’ and studies to become a judge. But whenever the boss needs him, Saro meets his duties as a criminal, until one day he’s forced to make a choice. More than


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


self-consciously simple as this. Catherine Deneuve loses her fiance to the draft; he’s wounded and doesn’t write, so she reluctantly marries someone else. In French with Dutch subtitles. (DK) 91 min. Rialto

Special screenings 3-Iron Illicit lovers in this eerie South Korean drama communicate whole worlds without ever speaking, and the woman’s single line of dialogue, directed at her cuckolded husband, is almost certainly a lie. A young man (Jae Hee) drives around on his motorcycle, breaking into homes while the owners are on vacation and inhabiting their lives for a while. During one such invasion he’s caught red-handed by an abused wife (Lee Seung-yeon), and their wordless romance is like a cathedral held in cupped hands. Kim falters toward the end, and a concluding epigram about dreams versus reality seems banal compared to the deep emotional lives he’s rendered on-screen. In Korean with English subtitles. (JJ) 90 min. De Nieuwe Anita Biùtiful cauntri Mozzarella will never taste the same after you’ve seen this documentary by Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D’Ambrosio and Peppe Ruggiero. Biùtiful cauntri takes us to the Hell of Naples and its surroundings, where illegal asbestos dumps poison the land, Camorra runs the show and children play with dead animals. A few citizens try to straighten things up, but there’s not much to say or do. Far from being formally perfect, the film is nonetheless a powerful remainder of how desperate the situation is in Southern Italy. 83 min. Melkweg Cinema Bullitt Peter Yates directed this 1968 feature starring Steve McQueen as a tres chic San Francisco cop, though the real star is his sports car. There isn’t much here, and what there is is awfully easy. With Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Vaughn, Robert Duvall and a chase sequence that achieved classic status mainly by going on too long. (DK) 113 min. Kriterion De droomfabriek Compilation of films with the theme of dreams, including works by Bruce Conner, Matthias Müller, Barbara Hammer and Stan Brakhage. Principal feature though is Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Jr (1924), a cinematic ‘dream within a dream’ (and a very funny one), presented with live music. Filmmuseum

traditional Italian mafia movies, Il Dolce e L’Amaro resembles Goodfellas (plot, voice-over structure) or a good episode of The Sopranos, so it can’t be that bad. (MB) 98 min. The Movies, Rialto Eagle Eye Working in the finest tradition of braindead blockbusters, director DJ Caruso (Disturbia) and producer Steven Spielberg take a script riddled with absurdities and throw millions and millions of dollars at it. Two Chicagoans who don’t know each other (Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan) are coerced into carrying out a terrorist plot by a mysterious and omnipotent organisation that communicates with them by cell phones, manipulates their movements with split-second timing, and controls almost every electrical device in their path. Caruso and Spielberg probably wanted to revive the paranoid style of ’70s political thrillers, but their story is so implausible it barely provokes a tremor. (JJ) 118 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt Elegy Adapted from Philip Roth’s novella The Dying Animal, this film charts the older man/younger woman dynamic. After work, sixtyish, self-centred and hedonistic professor of literature David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) has three things on his mind: sex, sex and more sex. When he meets dazzling young student Consuela (Penélope Cruz) he starts rhapsodising about her breasts, but Consuela wants a true relationship. Kepesh, mesmerised by her and acutely aware of his age, veers between possessiveness and his desire not to get emotionally involved. Elegy has classy performances and is nicely shot, but is also quite gloomy and prone to philosophical platitudes. Roth’s humour is sorely missed. Written by Roth and Nicholas Meyer and directed by Isabel Coixet, with Patricia Clarkson, Dennis Hopper and Deborah Harry. 107min. (GR) 107 min. Cinema Amstelveen, Studio K Estômago Drifter Raimundo Nonato (João Miguel) arrives penniless in a big Brazilian city and lands a job at a snack bar for food and lodging. But when he ends up in the kitchen, it turns out Raimundo is surprisingly talented, working miracles with the simplest of ingredients. His cooking not only wins him the affection of prostitute Íria, who is happy to sleep with him in return for good food, but a wealthy restaurant owner offers him a dream job. Course, things are never as they seem in this delicious comedy drama from Brazil. In Portuguese with Dutch subtitles. 100 min. Pathé Tuschinski

Profit Motive And The Whispering Wind Inspired

by Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, this beautiful documentary by John Gianvito documents not only graves and memorials across the US for people—both famous and unknown—who died in political struggles but also the surrounding landscapes that nestle and sometimes hide these largely unmarked sites. The casual way Gianvito introduces us to these settings via sound and image, the varying cinematic means employed, and the powerful maximal effects he achieves from his supposedly minimalist agenda are all essential elements of the film’s haunting poetry. (JR) 58 min. SMART Cinema

Must see:

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg Rialto, Sunday and Tuesday

The Summer of Aviya Eli Cohen’s 1988 Israeli feature—set in Israel in 1951 and based on a true story—covers a summer in the life of a ten-year-old girl with a depressive mother and a dead father. Starring Gila Almagor, whose story is the basis for the film. A classic of Israeli cinema. In Hebrew with English subtitles. 95 min. Het Ketelhuis

Wild Strawberries An archetypal Ingmar Bergman L’Année

dernière à Marienbad This radical experiment in form by director Alain Resnais and screenwriter Alain Robbe-Grillet was a surprising commercial success in 1961, and it’s been a rallying point for the possibilities of formal film-making ever since. A parable about seduction, it’s set in and around a baroque European chateau, where the nameless hero (Giorgio Albertazzi) tries to persuade the nameless heroine (Delphine Seyrig) that they met the previous year. Shot by Sacha Vierny in otherworldly black-and-white ‘Scope, it oscillates ambiguously between past, present and various conditional tenses, mixing fantasy, fear and desire. For all its notoriety, this masterpiece has never really received its due. In French with English subtitles. (JR) 93 min. Filmmuseum


Hunger The directorial feature debut from artist

Steve McQueen tells the story of IRA member Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) who led the 1981 Irish hunger strike in the Maze prison. But the history lesson is all in the opening titles. What follows next is an incredible filmic tour de force, both for the filmmakers and the audience, as we’re taken into the hell of Sands and his inmates. Imagery and events portrayed here are definitely not for the squemish. As far as we know this is fiction, while, by contrast, the Abu Ghraib images were not, yet we can’t help but being profoundly disturbed by McQueen’s work. 96 min. Cinecenter, The Movies

Korean horror flick Into the Mirror (2003). Like The Haunting (1963) and The Shining (1980), this is a thriller in which a vulnerable character is menaced by a building that pulsates with malevolence. Sutherland plays a former detective, disgraced and alcoholic, who now works the night shift patrolling a fabled department store gutted by fire. After he’s attacked by distorted images in the store’s many mirrors, the evil follows him across town to threaten his family. Director Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) keeps the suspense tight for most of the movie, only to fritter it away in an overblown ending. The real star of the movie is the towering production design of Joseph Nemec III (Terminator 2). (AG) 110 min. Pathé ArenA

Lake Tahoe A teenager crashes his family car and desperately looks for a way to fix it before going home. On his way, he meets a bizarre parade of characters who provide some mild, dry comedy bits. Borrowing heavily from the likes of Jim Jarmusch, Hal Hartley and Aki Kaurismaki, Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke is able to bring in a laugh or two, but ultimately his Lake Tahoe lacks the concrete sense of humor to be a successful comedy, while it doesn’t have enough depth for a strong social observation on Mexican youth. In Spanish with Dutch subtitles. 85 min. Filmmuseum

My Best Friend’s Girl Dustin (Jason Biggs) asks his roommate and pal Tank (Dane Cook) for his services, which consist of giving women the worst date of their life, so that they reconsider and take their former lovers back. But, of course, things go differently with Dustin’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis (Kate Hudson). Formulaic Hollywood romantic comedy from Howard Deutch, who directed one of the seminal films of the ’80s, Pretty in Pink. Boy, that was a long time ago. 103 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt

Last Days of Shishmaref In Alaska, there are things that are even worse than Sarah Palin. Take for example what’s happening to the Inupiaq Eskimo community of Shishmaref, in the north-west corner of the state. Their native land is threatened by the sea as a result of global warming, and the 600 inhabitants of Shishmaref will soon be forced to move to the mainland and become the first community of ‘climate refugees’. This documentary by Jan Louter is part of a larger project that draws attention to the situation in this part of the world, which also includes a website, a photography book, an exhibition and an educational course. (MB) De Uitkijk Max Payne After his wife and baby daughter are killed by a criminal group addicted to a new drug called Valkyr, New York City cop Max Payne (Mark Whalberg) swears revenge and joins DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency. While operating undercover to infiltrate inside the drug lords’ organization, he is wrongly accused of murder, and both Mafia and Police are after him. Based on the popular videogame series by the same name, directed by John Moore (The Omen... the ugly remake). 99 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt Mirrors Kiefer Sutherland stars in this remake of the

According To Agfa This black-and-white 1992 feature won nine Israeli academy awards and is considered one of the best Israeli films ever made. Set in a Tel Aviv bar over a dozen hours, it concerns the promiscuous bar owner, a terminally ill producer, a compulsive photographer, a philandering policeman, waitresses, right-wing soldiers, a pop singer and a couple of Israeli Arabs. In Hebrew with English subtitles. 100 min. Het Ketelhuis

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Jacques Demy’s 1964 ‘film opera’, with music by Michel Legrand, has a reputation for sappiness it doesn’t deserve. The chief feature of Demy’s direction is his deft avoidance of the past, the obvious, and the sentimental, which is no mean feat when you’re dealing with material as

El Olvido New documentary by director Heddy Honigmann (The Underground Orchestra, Forever) focuses on old waiters and bartenders working in Peru, telling stories from their lives and their country. We all know bartenders know a lot of jokes, but they are also masters in the art of surviving with style, dignity and poetry in a world which is out of control. Honigmann makes them talk about the gigantic inflation in Peru, the fall of the middle class, the corruption, the violence of Shining Path and that of the local Army. You’ll definitely feel like having a cocktail afterwards. In Spanish with Dutch subtitles. 92 min. Rialto, De Uitkijk Radeloos Paco (Marius Gottlieb) has to cope with the death of his father. Yara (Marloes van der Wel) wants to go to art school, but her mother (Renée Soutendijk) pushes for her to become a model and starve herself. The two try and look for comfort in each other. Adapted from Carry Slee’s novel by director Dave Schram and screenwriter Maria Peters, Radeloos brings a faithful portrait of troubled adolescents to the screen. 110 min. Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt Rocknrolla Guy Ritchie probably thinks of himself as the British Quentin Tarantino. His latest is simply another revisit of the gangster picture genre, filled with somewhat sharp dialogue, funky characters and unbri-

The best Israeli film ever? Life According to Agfa screens on Thursday at Ketelhuis, so decide for yourself.

film, and one of his best (1957). An ageing professor (Victor Sjöström) making a long journey by car takes the opportunity to rummage through his past, wondering for the first time what kind of man he was. There’s a lot of allegorical baggage on board, but the film’s virtues lie in its relative simplicity. In Swedish with Dutch subtitles. (DK) 90 min. Filmmuseum Xaviera Hollander, The Happy Hooker The full title reads ‘Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary’, and no definition could be better for identifying Xaviera Hollander, sexual icon and world renowned author of books such as The Happy Hooker’s Guide to Sex: 69 Orgasmic Ways to Pleasure Your Woman. This biographical documentary by Robert Dunlap tries to set the record straight on this remarkable woman who calls Amsterdam her home. (MB) 68 min. Het Ketelhuis

5 word movie review

Old People Fucking In Germany Cloud 9, Pathé Tuschinski, De Uitkijk

dled violence. One Two (300’s Gerard Butler) is a London scam artist learning the ropes from shark Lenny Cole (Tom Wilkinson). The underworld gallery around them is populated with all kinds of colourful peeps providing, if not plot, at least overacting and expensive costume design. The best is crooked accountant Stella (Thandie Newton at her sexiest), the rest is rather forgettable, even if not as bad as Mr Ritchie’s most recent oeuvre. I know you’re all waiting for a Madge joke, but I am not going to give you one. (MB) 114 min. Kriterion, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt Un Secret Based on the autobiographical novel by Philippe Grimbert, Un secret tells the tragic story of Holocaust-survivor Maxime Grinberg (Patrick Bruel) as seen through the eyes of his son François (Mathieu Amalric). Maxime and his wife Tania (Cécile de France) seem a perfectly happy couple. As a child, François adores his beautiful, athletic parents and paints an idyllic picture of them. But at fifteen he discovers a family secret and learns that, in fact, his parents were brought together by tragic circumstances. Directed By Claude Miller. In French with Dutch subtitles. (MM) 105 min. Pathé Tuschinski Shanghai Trance The feature debut of Dutch filmmaker David Verbeek is made up of three separate love stories edited together, all taking place in contemporary Shanghai. Poor boy Xu Yu watches his love interest leave when her suddenly rich family moves to a chic new district. Popular nightclub DJ Calvin and his girlfriend realize that their party lifestyle must come to an end. And Dutch architect Jochem (Tygo Gernandt) relocates to Shanghai and falls for the beautiful Zhang Yi. In Chinese with Dutch subtitles. 100 min. Filmmuseum

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

Son of Rambow A delicate balance of sweetness and absurdity marks this British comedy by Garth Jennings (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), about lonely schoolmates who forge an unlikely friendship as they collaborate on a video sequel to the brutal Sylvester Stallone flick First Blood. Directing the project is a rebellious bully (Will Poulter) who’s been abandoned by his rich father to the care of a neglectful older brother. His Rambo is a meek artist (Bill Milner) whose widowed mother is raising him under the strict doctrine of a pacifist Christian sect. Jennings’s film, with its missing fathers, sometimes threatens to become cloying, but it’s almost always righted by a healthy dose of slapstick or the spectacle of little kids posing as muscle-bound killers. I can’t imagine a better movie for children and adults to enjoy together. (JJ) 96 min. Het Ketelhuis Vox Populi The latest film from Eddy Terstall (Simon) deals with an ambitious and flamboyant leftwing politician in a midlife crisis, Jos Fransen (Tom Jansen). Some weeks before the election, his daughter, young actress Zoë (Tara Elders) becomes involved with the simple and straightforward military policeman Sjef (Johnny de Mol). Not only is Tom whole-heartedly welcomed by his daughter’s new in-laws, he also becomes influenced by their outspoken ideas on immigrants and demagogic political views. Due to Fransen’s refusal to take a position in these matters he is losing votes, so he realizes that uttering the opinions of the common man could be a guarantee to political success. A satire on the current Dutch political scene. 100 min. Het Ketelhuis, Kriterion, Pathé Tuschinski W Oliver Stone strives for Greek tragedy, but his take on Dubya’s life story and his first term owes more to Freudian psychoanalysis than to Sophocles. According to Stone’s overly sympathetic account, George W became president and invaded Iraq because of his troubled relationship with his daddy. While the fragmented narrative and the “psychobabble” don’t do the film any favors, the outstanding performances by the cast are a sight to behold. Josh Brolin’s performance in the title role, Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice and Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell manage to save the film from the dustbin its subject is destined for. (LvH) 131 min. Kriterion, Pathé ArenA, Pathé De Munt

La Zona A Mexican gated community is entered by

three petty thieves trying to stage a robbery. Two are killed by the locals, while the third gets trapped inside La Zona and can’t escape. Moral and logistical dilemmas hit the community, as they try to cover up the events from the State Police to keep their status quo. Amazing feature film debut by Mexican film-maker Rodrigo Pla, definitely a name to watch. In Spanish with Dutch subtitles. (MB) 97 min. Studio K

Edited by Massimo Benvegnù. This week's films reviewed by Jennifer Lyon Bell (JLB), Massimo Benvegnù (MB), Angela Dress (AD), Kate Eaton (KE), Andrea Gronvall (AG), Luuk van Huët (LvH), JR Jones (JJ), Joshua Katzman (JK), Dave Kehr (DK), Marie-Claire Melzer (MM), Mike Peek (MP), Gusta Reijnders (GR), Jonathan Rosenbaum (JR) and Bregtje Schudel (BS). All films are screened in English with Dutch subtitles unless otherwise noted


FILM TIMES Thursday 6 until Wednesday 12 November. Times are provided by cinemas and are subject to last-minute changes. Cavia Van Hallstraat 52-I, 681 1419 Sous le Sable Thur, Fri 20.30. Cinecenter Lijnbaansgracht 236, 623 6615 Brideshead Revisited daily 16.00, 19.00, 21.45, Sun also 11.15; Burn After Reading daily 16.00, 19.15, 21.45, Sun also 11.00, 13.30; Hunger daily 19.30, 22.00, Sun 11.00, 13.45 Il y a longtemps que je t'aime daily 16.15, 19.00, 21.45 Young@Heart daily 16.00, Sun also 11.00, 13.30. Cinema Amstelveen Plein 1960 2, Amstelveen, 547 5175 Cordero de Dios Tues, Wed 20.30 Elegy Thur-Sat 20.30, Sun 15.45 Sinterklaas en het Geheim van het Grote Boek Sat, Wed 13.30, Sun 11.30 De Zeven van Daran: De Strijd om Pareo Rots Sat, Wed 15.45, Sun 13.45. Filmhuis Griffioen Uilenstede 106, Amstelveen, 444 5100 As It Is in Heaven Fri 19.30 Meat the Truth Thur 19.30 Sneak Preview Tues 19.30. Filmmuseum Vondelpark 3, 589 1400 De droomfabriek Tues 21.45 Fietsmug en Dansmug Sun, Wed 13.45 Hoppet Sun, Wed 14.00 L'Année dernière à Marienbad Thur-Sun, Mon, Wed 19.15 Lake Tahoe Thur 17.15, Sat 17.15, Sun 21.15, Tues 17.15 The Mourning Forest Thur-Sun, Wed 21.15 Shanghai Trance Sat 14.30, Wed 17.00 Tejut Thur-Sun, Wed 19.30 Wild Strawberries Tues 19.30 Wonderful Town Fri, Mon, Wed 17.15. Het Ketelhuis Haarlemmerweg 8-10, 684 0090 Aanrijding in Moscou Thur, Fri 16.45, Sat, Mon, Tues 16.45, Tues also 21.45 Body And Soul Sun 21.15 De brief voor de koning Sat, Wed 13.00 Fietsmug & Dansmug Sat, Wed 13.15 Film|Spiegel: Kroko Tues 21.30 Hoppet Sat, Wed 15.00 Il y a longtemps que je t'aime Thur- Sat, Mon, Wed 17.00, Mon, Wed 21.30 Infamous Wed 20.00 Het kleine spookje Laban Sat, Wed 15.15, Sun 11.15, Kung Fu Panda Sat, Wed 12.45, Sun 11.30 Life According To Agfa Thur 21.15 Orthodox stance Fri 19.45 The Prisoner or: How I Planned to Kill Tony Blair Fri, Sat 20.00, Sun 16.15 Son of Rambow Sat, Wed 14.45 The Summer of Aviya Thur 21.45, Sun 16.00 Ver van familie Tues 18.45 Vox Populi Thur-Sat, Mon, Wed 17.15, Mon, Tues, Wed 19.30, 21.45 Xaviera Hollander, The Happy Hooker Thur 20.00, Sat 21.30, Sun 19.45 Het Zusje van Katia Mon 19.45. KIT Tropentheater, Kleine Zaal Linnaeusstraat 2, 568 8500 Lage Raho Munnabhai Tues, Wed 20.30. Kriterion Roetersstraat 170, 623 1708 All God's Children Can Dance daily 19.30 Bullitt Mon 22.00 Cafe De Los Maestros daily 17.15 Cidade dos homens daily 17.30, Fri, Sat also 0.00 The Darjeeling Limited daily 17.45, Fri, Sat also 0.15 Fietsmug & Dansmug Sat, Sun, Wed 13.45 Hoppet Sat, Sun, Wed 14.45 Into the Wild daily 21.15 Het kleine spookje Laban Sat, Wed 15.15 Rocknrolla Thur-Mon, Wed 22.15, Fri, Sat also 0.30 Sneak Preview Tues 22.15 Vox Populi daily 20.00, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed 22.00 W daily 19.45

Wall-E (NL) Sat, Sun, Wed 15.00. Melkweg Cinema Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 624 1777 Biùtiful cauntri Thur 18.00, 20.00 Cinemissimo! Wed 18.00 La Seconda Notte Di Nozze Thur 22.00 La Terra Fri, Sun 22.00. The Movies Haarlemmerdijk 159-165, 638 6016 Anubis en het pad der 7 zonden Sat, Sun, Wed 14.45, Sun 12.45 Bride Flight daily 16.45, 19.15, 21.45, Sat, Sun, Wed also 14.15 Brideshead Revisited daily 19.15, Sun also 11.45 Burn After Reading daily 16.00, 18.00, 20.00, 22.00, Sat, Sun, Wed also 14.00, Sun also 12.00 Il Dolce e l'Amaro daily 16.45, 21.45 Hunger daily 21.30, Sun-Wed 17.00, Sat, Sun, Wed also 15.00 Into the Wild daily 18.45. De Nieuwe Anita Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 06 4150 3512 3-Iron Mon 20.30. OT301 Overtoom 301, 779 4913 Im Lauf der Zeit Tues 20.30 Sprocket Sounds Sun 20.30. Pathé ArenA ArenA Boulevard 600, 0900 1458 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging daily 13.50 Anubis en het pad der 7 zonden Fri-Sun, Wed 12.10, 13.10, 14.20, 15.15, 16.20, Sat, Sun also 10.00, 10.50 Atonement Tues 13.30 Baby Mama daily 19.40, 22.00, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.35, 14.45, 17.10, Sat also 0.20 Bride Flight daily 20.20, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 17.40, FriSun, Tues, Wed also 11.50, 14.50 Burn After Reading daily 12.20, 14.40, 16.50, 19.15, 21.30, Sat also 23.55, Sat, Sun also 10.05 Death Race Sat 22.40 Eagle Eye daily 17.20, 19.50, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.00, 14.30 Eagle Eye (Imax) Thur-Tues 18.20, 21.00, Thur-Sun, Tues also 12.50, 15.40 Evenement Thur 12.00 Heroes daily 20.50 Max Payne daily 18.50, Fri-Mon, Wed also 21.20, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 11.35, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.45, 16.20, Sat also 23.30 Mirrors Mirrors daily 21.50, Sat also 0.15 My Best Friend's Girl daily 18.10, 20.40, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.20, 15.50, Sat also 23.20 Quantum Of Solace daily 11.30, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 15.00, 15.30, 16.00, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30, 19.00, 20.00, 21.15, 21.45, Thur-Sun, Tues, Wed also 18.00, 20.30, Sat also 10.30, 22.30, 23.00, 23.45, 0.30, Sat, Sun also 10.00, 11.00, Mon also 22.00 Radeloos Fri-Sun, Wed 12.00, 14.30, 17.00 Roadside Romeo daily 11.45, 18.40 Rocknrolla daily 19.10, 21.40, Thur, Mon, Tues also 11.40, 14.10, 16.40, Sat also 0.10 Sex Drive Sat 23.50 Sinterklaas en het Geheim van het Grote Boek Fri-Sun, Wed 13.45, 16.15, Sat, Sun also 11.10 Sneak Preview Tues 21.30 Space Chimps (NL) Fri-Sun, Wed 12.05, 14.05, 16.05, Sat, Sun also 10.05 Tropic Thunder daily 16.10 W daily 19.05, Thur, Mon, Tues also 16.15, Thur, Mon also 12.40 Wall-E (NL) Fri-Sun, Wed 14.15, 16.45, Fri also 11.55, Sat, Sun also 11.20, Wed also 11.55. Pathé De Munt Vijzelstraat 15, 0900 1458 Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Fri-Sun, Wed 13.00, Sat, Sun also 10.40 Anubis en het pad der 7 zonden Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 14.20, 16.30, Thur, Fri, Mon-Wed also 12.10, Sat also 10.15, 12.20, 14.45, 17.00, Sun also 10.15, 12.15 Baby Mama Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 17.20, 19.45, 22.10, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.30, 14.50, Sat 18.10, 20.30, 23.00 The Bank Job Thur, Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed 21.20, Sat 22.00 Bride Flight Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.20, 15.00, 18.00, 21.00, Sat 10.20, 13.15, 16.30, 19.45, 22.40 De brief voor de koning Fri, Sun, Wed 15.30, Sat 16.40 Burn After Reading Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.00, 14.15, 17.00, 22.00, Thur, Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed also 19.30, Sat 12.15, 15.00, 17.45, 20.30, 23.10, Tues also 19.15 Eagle Eye Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 13.15, 16.00, 18.50, 21.40, Sat


11.30, 14.15, 17.30, 20.15, 23.15, Sun also 10.30 Max Payne Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 19.15, 21.50, Sat 21.15, 23.40 My Best Friend's Girl Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 15.20, 17.45, 20.15, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.00, Sat 16.00, 18.45, 21.30 Quantum Of Solace daily 12.00, 12.30, 13.30, 14.30, 15.15, 16.15, 17.15, 18.00, 20.45, 21.45, Thur-Tues also 19.00, Thur, SatWed also 20.00, Thur also 0.05, Sat also 10.45, 22.45, 23.30, Sun also 10.45 Radeloos Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.05, 14.40, 17.30, Sat 12.10, 15.00, 17.45 Rocknrolla Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 12.45, 15.45, 18.30, 21.30, Sat 11.15, 14.00, 16.45, 19.30, 22.15, Sun also 10.15 Sex Drive Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 16.45, Thur, Mon, Tues also 13.50, Fri, Wed also 12.15, Sat 15.50, 18.30 Sinterklaas en het Geheim van het Grote Boek Fri, Sun, Wed 12.10, 14.45, Sat 10.15, 12.45, 15.30 Sneak Preview Tues 21.30 Space Chimps (NL) Fri, Sun, Wed 14.40, Sat 11.20, 13.45, Sun also 12.20 Tropic Thunder Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 20.30, Sat 21.00 W Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 18.15, 21.10, Thur, Mon, Tues also 12.40, 15.30, Sat 19.40, 22.30 Wall-E (NL) Fri, Sun, Wed 13.10, Sat 11.45, 14.10, Sun 10.50 Wanted 21. Pathé Tuschinski Reguliersbreestraat 34, 0900 1458 Alles is liefde Thur, Tues 13.30 Anubis en het pad der 7 zonden Sat, Sun, Wed 12.15, 15.15 Bride Flight daily 17.45, 20.45, Fri, Mon also 14.30 Brideshead Revisited daily 21.45 Burn After Reading daily 15.30, 18.00, 20.30, Fri-Wed also 12.45 Cloud 9 daily 16.00, 19.00 Entre Les Murs Thur 19.00 Estômago daily 13.00 Into the Wild Fri-Wed 21.30 Mamma Mia! The Movie daily 15.45 Quantum Of Solace Thur-Sat, Mon-Wed 12.00, 15.00, 18.15, Thur, Sat, Mon-Wed also 21.00, Thur also 21.15, Sun 12.50, 15.30, 18.30, 21.15 Un Secret Thur-Tues 12.15, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tues 16.15, Thur also 15.15, Sun also 19.00, Wed 16.15 Le Silence de Lorna daily 12.30 Vox Populi Fri-Wed 18.45, 21.30, Thur also 22.00. Rialto Ceintuurbaan 338, 676 8700 Aanrijding in Moscou Thur, Fri, Sun-Wed 17.45, Sat 13.15 Caos calmo daily 17.15 Il Dolce e l'Amaro Sat, Sun 12.45 Joy Division Sat 16.00 El Olvido daily 21.30, Thur-Tues 19.30, Fri-Sun, Wed also 15.15 Les Parapluies de Cherbourg Sun 11.00, Wed 19.30 Le Silence de Lorna daily 17.00, 21.20, Fri-Sun, Wed 14.45 Waltz With Bashir daily 20.00, 22.00, Fri, Sun, Wed also 15.30, Sun also 11.30, 13.15 Young@Heart daily 19.15, Sat also 12.30, Sun also 12.15. SMART Cinema Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat 20, 427 5951 1000 Journals Wed 20.00 Chicago 10 Fri, Tues 22.00 Lynch: One Fri 22.15, Tues, Wed 20.15 One Night in One City Thur, Sat-Mon 22.00 The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, Parts 1, 2 & 3 Mon, Tues 19.00 Planet B-Boy Fri-Sun 20.15 Profit Motive And The Whispering Wind Wed 22.00 Unknown White Male Sat, Sun, Tues, Wed 22.15 White Lies Black Sheep Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 20.00. Studio K Timorplein 62, 692 0422, Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis daily 19.45, 22.00 The Black Balloon daily 17.15 Brideshead Revisited Thur 17.00, Fri-Wed 17.00, 19.30 Elegy daily 21.45 Het kleine spookje Laban Sat, Sun, Wed 15.30 Wall-E (NL) Sat, Sun, Wed 15.00 La Zona Fri-Wed 22.15. De Uitkijk Prinsengracht 452, 623 7460 Cloud 9 daily 21.15, Thur-Sat also 17.00, Sun also 13.00 Last Days of Shishmaref Sun-Wed 17.00 El Olvido daily 19.15 Wall-E (NL) Sat, Sun, Wed 15.00.


Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008


The Mouth

By Nanci Tangeman

Unhip and bad for the hips Van Velze’s Chocolaterie & Patisserie Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7, 337 4125 Open: Mon-Sat, 08.00-18.00 Cash only This place is not hip. I know because Deborah behind the counter just told me. Van Velze’s Chocolaterie and Patisserie has hardwood floors, trendy furniture and a big window with a stylish logo. You could even say it’s in an edgy neighbourhood. But I can see Deborah’s point. The edgiest aspect of the street is that it’s on the periphery of an area where families can still afford to live. That big window welcomes neighbours into the new shop to perch on the high modern chairs and peer into the glassed-in chocolate kitchen in back. The wooden floors are probably just easier to mop after the chocolatemaking workshops (€35/person) Van Velze’s is beginning to host. I concede. Deborah is right. And she certainly should know. She’s the woman behind everyman Robbert van Velze, whose family has been making chocolate longer than the Heinekens have been making beer. Robb (30) and Irishwoman Deborah Kilroy (20) were backpacking through Australia when they met. Van Velze’s is the culmination of a long-held dream. For months they’ve been fattening up co-workers at their day jobs, getting ready to go full-time at the shop. Now their dream is their day job (and their evening job, and their weekend job). To be honest, I’m usually incognito when I go some place to review it. But one of those fattened-up co-workers drags me in to

taste Robb’s creations. My cover’s blown. Immediately I worry about what I’m going to write if I don’t like the place. Especially when Robb gives me a chocolate with creamy elderberry filling to taste. I don’t like creams; they’re usually too sweet. But this one tastes like chocolate and elderberries. Robb and his mom hand-picked the elderberries! Not in the Vondelpark, he assures me, but in a monastery garden. The filling is mixed with the elderberry juice and covered with white chocolate. The raspberry cream with dark chocolate is just as distinctive. So are the port and cranberry combination, the fennel chocolates and the Guinness-filled creations—yes, you read correctly. (€1/piece; 5 for €3.15; €45/kilo.) Robb tells me that the Costa Rican cocoa they use is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. I feel good inside (and it’s not just the chocolate). Now we’re moving on to the patisserie half of the shop. I try the cappuccino mousse (€3.25). It’s Robb’s grandfather’s recipe made from brewed Illy espresso; no mocha flavouring here. I can taste the difference—a lot like a cup of coffee (a really, really creamy cup of coffee). The cake that takes the cake, however, is Robbert’s Heavenly Chocolate Tart (€3.50). It is. For chocolate haters there is baked cheesecake, carrot cake or a lemon-mango or fruits of the forest tart (all €3.25). They’re good enough to make you hate chocolate. (Somebody else’s chocolate). I’m relieved that I’m not going to have to pan the place—especially since Robb and Deborah are so darn adorable. I say my goodbyes with my professional integrity intact. Too bad I can’t say ___ the same for my waistline.

The filling is mixed with the elderberry juice and covered with white chocolate.

A night in the life...

By Sarah Gehrke

Getting over Paul De Koe Marnixstraat 381 Open Sun-Thur 16.00-01.00, Fri, Sat 16.00-03.00 Cash, PIN ‘People just don’t know anything about music anymore!’ exclaims the guy who’s standing outside Cafe de Koe with his friend. He’s complaining about the internet age. ‘Everybody just googles everything!’ We shrug, not really capable of sharing his worries, and walk inside. I didn’t really want to go in here, although there’s no objective reason for the disinclination. De Koe is a cool place, its location is handy, the people both behind and in front of the bar are usually friendly. A much-loved restaurant downstairs provides for the necessary soakage should one choose to need it. Upstairs, living-room cosiness combines with a bit of stylish interior, like 1970s wallpaper. And then there are the many decorative cows. But there are several structural issues. Firstly, the cigarette machine is situated directly underneath the dartboard. This is not only highly annoying for darters as well as smokers, but also quite dangerous, at least for members of the latter group. Furthermore, the toilet

Beer price: €2.10 for a vaasje (Bavaria) Emergency food: Wasabi nuts and Underberg. Special interior feature: Tough. Contenders are the cow horns above the bar and the cow mosaic opposite it. But, the Elvis pinball machine wins. Predominant shoe type: This is not the kind of place where shoe types matter much. Typically ordered drink: Beer. Smoking situation: Cooking pots as ashtrays. Outside. Tune of the night: Not The La’s. Mingling factor: Low. State of toilets near closing time: Dunno, never dared to go in cause I thought someone else might be in there.

door windows and handles are designed such that you can never tell if somebody’s inside or not, if the doors are locked or not, et cetera. A third motive for animosity is that whenever there’s talk about De Koe, someone will mention that it’s Paul Weller’s favourite place in Amsterdam and how he always comes here when he’s in town. Never been a big fan, so the notion isn’t too appealing. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter so much: for me, the Weller karma would always be hanging there like a dark, slightly dull cloud. But then, that night suddenly much fun is had in De Koe. Maybe it has to do with the fact that throughout our whole dart game, nobody tries to buy cigarettes. Maybe it’s the fact that we won said dart game. Or maybe it’s just the large number of beers we consumed. Either way, Weller is surprisingly absent both mentally and physically, and the night is a full success. As we leave, we pass by two guys that are standing outside, smoking. They too are talking about music. One of them sings a line from a song. ‘What was that again?’ says his friend. ‘Is it The Dicks?’ ‘Yeah maybe,’ says the singing guy. ‘Either The Dicks or The Big Boys.’ Then they realise how stupid that sounds, although they were being perfectly serious, and they have to laugh. The Weller cloud is still nowhere to be seen.

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008




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GROW YOUR BUSINESS Would you like to attract more clients and grow your business? Grab your free special report, ‘7 Steps to Attract More SERVICES Clients in Less Time!’ plus a REMOVALS/TRANSPORT bonus of monthly profits tips White van man offers the best at http://www.fireflycoachservice for any removals (big written by Life & Busi-

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Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008

Amsterdam Weekly_6-12 November 2008



WEEKLY CLASSIFIEDS ness Coach Stephanie Ward. DOCTOR SERVICE Cambridge Medicals Doctor Service offers office/email consultations, hotel/home visits,prescriptions. Fully registered multilingual physicians. This service is covered by most insurance companies. Email: or call 0204275011 / 0627235380(mob) Locations: 112 Bloemgracht & 30 Rapenburg GRAPHIC DESIGNservices offered: business cards, flyers, T-shirts. Photoshop lessons for begginers! Tel. 0628 163 169 IMMIGRATION LAWThinking about staying? Verliefd op een buitenlander? Get expert advice from a US-born Dutch legal advisor in Amsterdam. Specialized in partnership/marriage with Dutch or other EU citizens, permanent residence permits and naturalization. Mr. Jeremy B. Bierbach - tel: 020-7173975 RESUME MAKEOVER Improve your chances of landing the perfect job with a professionally written CV or Cover Letter from CV Guru. For a CV makeover or a resume from scratch - we offer a range of services for entry level through to senior management. STUNNING WEBSITES NEED A STUNNING WEBSITE? Experienced web designer builds professional, unique sites for surprisingly reasonable prices. Online links to past projects available. Jordan: tel: 06 3034 1238 EXPAT MEDICAL CENTRE Expat Medical Centre offers medical service in your own language by experienced registered professionals dedicated to meet your needs. We are located in Central Amsterdam, offering Doctor service, Physio & Psycho therapy, etc. Register or book an appointment at: or call 0204275011 NANNY A sunny mind, caring, friendly, consistent, certain, flexible, down-to-earth, well educated, experienced in private household, german kindergarden teacher(26)is offering for a nanny job in Asterdam. You are a family with 1-3 children,also amiable&cheerful dispositions. UNHAPPY AT WORK?Lookingforacareerchange?Unsure what you want to do? Career coaching will move you into your heart’s direction! Invest time in your future! Just 100.for 1.5 hours (10% discount for 4x). Free intake!Call Marianne Korten: 06-49988986;;; Soul at Work

HEALTH & WELLNESS FREE CLASSIFIEDSReach 45,000 active, cosmopolitanminded Amsterdammers every week through Weekly Classifieds. Ads are free, space permitting, and go both

in print and online. For Hosted by: Laura Catherine 061.0057806 details, visit www.amster- Marks REIKI HEALING Are you ways or call 693 4250. MUSIC PRODUCER/REMIX TALKING IN DUTCH? Dis- Producer available to breathe cussing everyday topics? new life into your tracks! Understanding Dutch radio, Remixes and original tracks television and people? If that for your project at competiis what you wish, PRACTICE tive rates. Visit these web links DUTCH in a group of three. for examples http://www.mysMore info: or 14715372. erweapons LEARNING DUTCH? YOU CAN DO IT! New evening ONE MINUTE CONCERT Win a one-minute concert in courses at JOOST WEET your living room! A profesHET!. Classes 2x2 hrs/wk sional concert pianist will (Mon and Wed). Fun Classcome to your house and play es, Good Grammar, Emphafor exactly one minute. And sis on Conversation and inexit’s free! Sign up at pensive. Price: about €9 per and hour. Visit http://www.joostfind out about the One Minute or email More project. Concerts will or call be in Utrecht and Amster020 420 8146. dam on November 22.

feeling low in energy or out of balance? A Reiki healing helps to restabilize your energetic system on an emotional,physical, mental and spiritual level by hand positions on the body.Contact: Anouk Lambrechts, 06-52305738,,,

YINYANG IN MOVEMENT This series of workshops is a Master Class for those who study human body movement through yoga, dance or any other performing, healing or martial art. Conviniently located in Dancestreet. To view the program browse to FOOT REFLEXOLOGYIf you please call 020-5241645 or feel low in energy or out of balance, foot reflexology can TAROT CARD READINGS help to restabilize your ener- for Inner Wellbeing. Spiritugetic system(applying pres- al insight on practical matsure to the areas on the feet ters by Bhasha. Private sesthat reflect the organs of the sions & public events. Bhasha entire body) Anouk Lam- also gives readings in varibrechts, 06 52305738, ous restaurants - visit her there for a shorter version of washing, her private readings. Check REPAIRING machines, dryers and or call YOGACRUISENew dates for 0204000260 or 0641485880 washers. All brands. No vis2009. iting costs charged. SPIRTUAL GUIDANCEFeel- SESSOES EM PORTUGUES REPARATIE, wasmachines, ing stuck in old belief sys- Curso de Reiki Sistema Usui, drogers en vaatmachines. tems, how to move smooth- prox turma inicio dez. Ses- Alle merken. Geen voorily to the new? spiritual coach soes e Tratamentos. Reiki, jkosten. Tel. 0643404534. and healer empowers you Massagem, Terapia CranRENO-BOUW-RAJCZYK with your soul purpose. Mar- iosacral, Regressao de Memo- HOUSE RENOVATIONS! Do ria e Vivencias Passadas, entacao em Parapsicolo- you need cost-effective and CREATIVE EXPRESSION gia.Port,Ingl,Esp. Danielle high-quality full house renHow to nuture your creativ- Ferrari Fabri, healingit- ovation? Professional, expeity, blend it with your logic - 0628310125 rienced and with excellent references. Online links to and express it in your world: past projects. Call now and MASSAGE ask for appointment: 06 4451 EXPAT MEDICAL CENTRE QUEER PUNK MASSEUR 7410 or 029 42 66 585, Expat Medical Centre offers Swedish cool dude gives, karolmedicalserviceinyourownlan- lent relaxation. Full body guage by experienced regis- sage with sensual ayurvedic tered professionals dedicated oils and herbal energy cleans- DECORATING ? Need help to meet your needs. We are ing. In/out calls Amsterdam. on a remodeling or decoratlocated in Central Amsterdam, I’m a real nice being. Wel- ing project for your home or offering Doctor service, Physio come to connect with Kevin. office? WE CAN HELP! We take care of the whole pro& Psycho therapy, etc. Regis- Tel: 06 - 24 59 34 29 ter or book an appointment IRONJOHNDifferentfullbody cess from design to compleat: or call massages for men, after sports, tion to make it as smooth as possible for you! Please call 0204275011 chakra’s healing and tao erot- us at 0645662160 or check ic. Check the ‘menu’ at PSYCHIC CONSULTANT our website, www.harlingStop walking around in cir- for examples cles. The difficulties that you m or call 06-2022 4973 Fran- of what we can do! are experiencing are in real- cisco. COMPUTERS ity your life’s lessons. Learn IL CIELO NEW STUDIO how to take positive advan- Opening 30 Nov. - 2de Hugo de PC HOUSE DOCTOR PC tage out of them! Interest- grootstr.7 treatments:cran- HOUSE DOCTOR Specialise ed? Learn more at www.mar- iosacral,footreflex, ayurveda in virus/spyware removal, refund by health insurances. h/w, s/w repair, data recovery, wireless, cable/ADSL THE PATHWAYS with LAU- Osho RA CATHERINE MARKS. meditation,books,music,ayurv installation and computer Transformational Sacred Psy- edic products. Courses: cran- lessons from friendly and chology, Holistic Wellness & iosacral, massage, footreflex experienced Microsoft proDetox, Integrative Healing, and more. OPEN DAY FOR fessional for reasonable price. Supportive Counselling, COURSES ON TUESDAY 16 Contact Mario: 06 1644 8230. Reflective Art Therapy, DEC. AT 6.30 PM. LAPTOP FOR 2 WEEKS I Sacred Circle, Living-Life or 0630049738 need to rent a laptop for 2 Retreats, Dynamic Workweeks. No special needs just HOME shops. Individuals & Groups office and internet. TIME OUT OFFERTime Out Welcome. Call 061.005.7806 has arrived in Amsterdam! PC HELP OFFEREDFixing today with our spe- computers: Virus & spyware athways cial introductory offer: 12 removal, Hardware upgrades, BACP PSYCHOTHERAPY issues for €12. Go to Internet installation, NetMoved to Amsterdam and working, Wire less and othbrought a shadow with you? er PC related stuff. Good We are qualified, experienced PAINTING Professional sevice, affordable prices. andprofessionalEnglish-speak- Painting and plastering 25 0643658000 ing therapists. We help with years experience,for advice COMPUTER REPAIRAvailanxiety, depression, phobias, and estimates please call 06 able and experienced IT 232 459 57 low self-esteem, addictions, expert provides both hardeating disorders and trauma. CLEANING/IRONING Effi- ware and software cient and flexible couple is nance, computer repair and 0204651063www.nextstepther- looking for more house clean- services, computer KvK No 34300550 ing/ironing work in amster- working and internet setup, MEDITATION & BEYOND dam/amstelveen.Good ref- virus removal, data recovery, ìI SHUT MY EYES IN ORDER erences and excellent work website design and proTO SEE’ (Gauguin). United is guaranteed.Tel:0643658000 gramming. Call Guma: We Sit in a Sacred Circle Open PLUMBERS/ELECTRICIAN 0646250083 to Breathing the Gift of Life required to renovate large COURSES Deep into Our Being. Mind, house in France. 3/4 month Body & Spirit One; Fully Pre- project, starts late Oct. Price INVESTMENT FOR LIFE! sent in the NOW; We Become negotiable Board & Lodgings Want to raise confident kids, Reflections of Peace for All. included. ready for the real world?

Find what you are looking for:

MUSIC Learn how kids will listen and get responsible without you using anger or powerstruggles! Love and Logic makes parenting easier and more fun! 5 wk course,next one starting 19 Nov. More info-contact:, ph 0636313716 WORKSHOP DUTCHCAREER Like to start your Dutch career well prepared? Participate in the workshop ‘How to start my Career in The Netherlands’ for the right career tools, inspiration and your personal career action plan. A 1-to-1 consultation is included. Date: 24 november. Price:80,- euro. Please visit

groups. Oud-Zuid. Classes in English and Dutch. Call us for a free trial session 0616009060 or visit

LANGUAGES FRENCH COURSES New various French courses at Maison Descartes French Institute - Vijzelgracht 2A. From nov to jan. Different levels. Free test levels: take an appointment on 020 531

CHINESE LESSONS Native Experienced Chinese teacher. Guaranteed qualities with free books and teachings materials. Individually customised service. Contact: AYURVEDIC MASSAGE learn and experience IMPROVE YOUR DUTCH! ayurvedic massage, 5 private Private classes, small groups, lessons of 3 hrs for 2 students intensive courses, conversaper course, great also for tion, all levels, starting every couples.50euro p.p for les- week, professional approach, son or 200 for basic 5 lessons Vijzelgracht 53C, linktaalcourse. for more info pls call, call Anja khushi 0610337501 for more info 0641339323 CLOWN AWAKENINGWork- INTENSIVE DUTCHCOURSshop 8/9 november.With ES at JOOST WEET HET! Christina EON(FR) Over- Classes 4 times per week durtoom 301. More info:06 50 99 ing 4 hours. Good teachers, 80 32 Don,t miss your fun classes and energetic athchance... mosphere. Small groups, perWORK-LIFE BALANCE sonal approach with emphaCome and take the unique sis on conversation. 2,3,4 and opportunity to focus on you! 8 wks courses. Price: E 8 /hr. Your energy, your work-life bal- Visit ance ...your ‘preferred future’. email: Workshop 6 November 19h30 tel: 020-4208146 to 22h00 at Centrum de Roos, EXCELLENT DUTCHGroup Amsterdam. Costs €65 (Incl. lessons in Amsterdam&RandVAT). Please register by mail- stad-PROFICIENCY in coning or versation with solid base of calling 0651879234. pronunciation,grammar & PILATES LESSONS I’m a certified pilates instructor and will travel to you to for a 1 hour lesson. Lessons include exercises to strengthen the core, lengthen and tone legs and arms, and improve posture. Lessons are 40 euros an hour, with discounts for 2 or 3 persons in one lesson. E-mail if you are interested!

PIANO TUNING Piano tuning, toning, regulating and repairing by specialized Technician. Former Chappell pianoforte manufacturers piano tuner for London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Albert Hall. Call 0617497681. Amsterdam. SING ALONG TRACK WTD Excellent Sing Along Tracks (pop&jazz) wtd in exchange for Excellent Dutch Lessons.06-36122870

DRAWING AND PAINTING Workshops on Saturdays by professional and experienced artist, various techniques, all styles, from scratch to painting with oils. Reasonable rates. Contact DUTCH COURSES New MONTESSORI UNDER 3 evening courses starting in Courses for toddlers and babies Nov., centre of A’dam (close in a Montessori environment. to Heineken Brewery). €200Qualified teacher. Small 250 for 20 hrs. Visit www.mer-

GROUPS & CLUBS PARTY WITH THE BEST! Join the fun at the 51st state of the Democratic Party, with pub nights, issues, voting and more.

GUITARLESSONS Guitarand Basslessons at your place! Electric &acoustic (incl.classical&flamenco)Also:-songwriting -vocalcoach-musictheory.E

EMETOPHOBIADo you suffer from emetophobia, the irrational fear of vomiting? Do you avoid things like socializing, partying, eating out, travelling in bus or tram, etc. just because you fear that THE NEXT LEVEL Guitar doing this will cause you to get sick? I’d like to start a lessons for ALL levels (Jazz, self-help group. 06 123 88 645 Brasilian, Funky, Folk, Pop), / in improvisation, composing, accompany in different music KIDS WANTED!Robbeburg styles, music harmony, ear International Playgroup has training & solfege. This & availability for kids aged 0 to much more from experienced 4 each weekday morning international performer & 10am to 12noon. See teacher. For more details: or visit us at Jekerstraat 84. 0629564595. DRUM LESSONS Drums lessons professional player studying at the Amsterdam conservatory. Teaching and performing experience;Different Styles. First lesson half price. Contact : 0650433880

DRUM LESSONS Drums lessons professional player studying at the Amsterdam Conservatory.Teaching and Performing experience; Different Styles. All levels,all ages.First lesson half price. Contact Francesco at or call spelling. Beginner:every Fri., 0650433880 19:00- 21.00, start 03-10-08/ € DO YOU LIKE DRUMS!!! 12,00 p.h,small groups. Also Drums lessons with a proprivate: €16p.h,private inten- fessional player studying at sive and on-line, 06-36122870, the Amsterdam ry.Teaching and Performing PREPARATION FOR THE state Dutch examination. In Nov/Dec, Nedles will offer a short but intensive course to prepare you for one or more of the four parts of the Staatsexamen NT2-II. Tue/Thu 18.00-18.30 at the Central Library at the Oosterdokskade 143. Info and application:, 0625585653,

THE ARTS ART LAB Looking to rent out studio hours on a regular basis to any kind of conceptual artist. Write to us at

PERSONALS PLEASURE SEEKERAttractive, athletic, African-American, Aries male (188/70/41) looking for buddies, friends, dates and lovers to hang out with. Interested in all cultures and conversing about many topics, especially travel. I’m open-minded, confident, cool, calm and collected. Contact DATING COACH gain confidence in the world of dating, make it fun and playful. energize your current relationship:

NOTICES TIME OUT OFFERTime Out has arrived in Amsterdam! Subscribe today with our special introductory offer: 12 issues for 12 euros. Go to

experience; Different Styles. All levels,all ages.First lesson half price. Contact Francesco at or call VOICE ACTORS I am look0650433880 ing for people who would be SAXOPHONE LESSONSfor interested to read a short diabeginners and advanced, logue and be recorded, for young and old. Internation- an art project about comcontact al teaching and performing munication. experience. Speaking english,dutch,german,french ,spanish. Why not learn how to play a great instrument? Kirstin. call 0643429453 or email to

TRY OUTSLooking for future porn female actrees between 20 and 25. For application and try outs please contact prodution...,subject...try outs

Amsterdam Weekly: Vol 5 Issue 43, 6-12 Nov 2008  

Elected! Russell Shorto and Fokke & Sukke get elected.

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