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Jeannette Pols

Care at a Distance On the Closeness of Technology



WAR of WORDS Dutch Pro-Boer Propaganda and the South African War (1899-1902) AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

The Holocaust and Other Genocides An Introduction

Maria van Haperen Wichert ten Have Ben Kiernan Martin Mennecke ˘ Üngör Ugur Ton Zwaan




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Sergei M. Eisenstein


Notes for a General History of Cinema


Naum Kleiman and Antonio Somaini (eds)




One of the iconic figures of the twentieth-century cinema, Sergei Eisenstein is best known as the director of The Battleship Potemkin, Alexander Nevskii and Ivan the Terrible. His craft as director and film editor left a distinct mark on such key figures of the Western cinema as Nicolas Roeg, Francis Ford Coppola, Sam Peckinpah and Akiro Kurosawa. This comprehensive volume of Eisenstein’s writings is the first-ever English-language edition of his newly discovered notes for a general history of the cinema, a project he undertook in 1946-47 before his death in 1948. In his writings, Eisenstein presents the main coordinates of a history of the cinema without mentioning specific directors or films: what we find instead is a vast genealogy of all the media and of all the art forms that have preceded cinema’s birth and accompanied the first decades of its history.

Cinema appears here as the heir of a very long tradition that includes death masks, ritual processions, wax museums, diorama and panorama, and as a medium in constant transformation, that far from being locked in a stable form continues to redefine itself. The texts by Eisenstein are accompanied by a series of critical essays written by some of the world’s most qualified Eisenstein scholars across the world. naum kleiman is director of the Film Museum in Moscow, director of the Eisenstein Center, actor and filmmaker. antonio somaini is professor of film and visual culture studies at the University of Venice in Italy.

film theory in media history • isbn 978 90 8964 283 7 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 711 4 • december 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 296 pages • €32.50 / £27.50

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Robrecht Vanderbeeken, Christel Stalpaert, David Depestel and Boris Debackere (eds)

Bastard or Playmate?

Bastard or Playmate? Adapting Theatre, Mutating Media and Contemporary Performing Arts


Edited by Robrecht Vanderbeeken, Christel Stalpaert, David Depestel and Boris Debackere AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Artistic media seem to be in a permanent condition of mutation and transformation. Contemporary artists often investigate the limits and possibilities of the media they use and experiment with their crossing, upgrading and mutilation. Others explicitly explore the unknown space between existing media, searching for the hybrid beings that occupy these inbetweens. This fascinating volume explores the theme of mutating and adapting media in its relation to theatre and performance. Bringing together international scholars and artists, the editors offer a comprehensive overview of the subject sensitive to the cross-disciplinary use of key concepts such as remediation,

Adapting Theatre, Mutating Media and Contemporary Performing Arts digitisation, interactivity, corporeality, liveness, surveillance, spectacle, performativity and theatricality. robrecht vanderbeeken is postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University College Ghent. christel stalpaert is professor of theatre, performance and media studies at Ghent University. david depestel is a freelance translator and editor. boris debackere is a multimedia artist, researcher at Transmedia in Sint-Lukas, Brussels, and lab manager at V2 in Rotterdam.

theater topics • isbn 978 90 8964 258 5 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 317 8 • april 2012 • paperback 160 x 240 mm • 264 pages • 57 b/w illustrations • €27.50 / £22.50

Belén Vidal

Figuring the Past FILM



Figuring the Past Period Film and the Mannerist Aesthetic belén vidal Amsterdam University Press

This definitive work offers a new approach to the period film at the turn of the twentyfirst century, examining the ways in which contemporary cinema recreates the historical past. This book explores the relation between visual motifs and cultural representation in a range of key films by James Ivory, Martin Scorsese and Jane Campion, among others. Looking at the mannerist taste for citation, detail and stylisation, the author argues for an aesthetic of fragments and figures central to the period film as an international genre. Three key figures – the house, the tableau

Period Film and the Mannerist Aesthetic and the letter – structure a critical journey through a selection of detailed case studies, in relation to changing notions of visual style, melodrama and gender. Figuring the Past seeks to place this popular but often undervalued genre in a new light and to rethink its significance in the context of key debates in film studies. belén vidal is lecturer in film studies at King’s College London.

film culture in transition • paperback • isbn 978 90 8964 281 3 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 353 6 april 2012 • 156 x 234 mm • 256 pages • 20 b/w illustrations • €29.90 / £24.95

film culture in transition • hardback • isbn 978 90 8964 282 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 353 6 april 2012 • 156 x 234 mm • 256 pages • 20 b/w illustrations • €59.90 / £49.95

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Found Footage: Cinema Exposed This inspiring work is published to commemorate the opening of the new building of the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam in the spring of 2012. Found Footage, the first exhibition in the new building, takes as its theme the museum’s vast and valuable collection by showing how recent and historical footage, derived from both archive material and the internet or DVDs, is constantly reused by filmmakers and artists in order to create new works and generate different meanings. Thus, narrative structures are unravelled to create new stories, images are removed from their original context and

placed in a different one, new soundtracks are added, different edits are used to allow, for instance, political meanings to emerge, or the physical qualities of the original material are emphasised or altered.


Jaap Guldemond, Marente Bloemheuvel and Giovanna Fossati (eds)

jaap guldemond is director of exhibitions at EYE Film Institute Netherlands, Amsterdam. marente bloemheuvel is associate curator at EYE Film Institute and freelance curator. giovanna fossati is head curator at EYE Film Institute.

isbn 978 90 8964 417 6 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 605 6 • april 2012 • paperback with flaps 260 x 210 mm • 256 pages • 200 colour illustrations • €35.00 / £29.95

Ian Christie (ed.) Defining and Researching Screen Entertainment Reception









Following previous volumes in the Key Debates series, Audiences engages with one of the most important shifts in recent film studies: the turn away from text-based analysis towards the viewer. Historically, this marks a return to early interest in the effect of film on the audience by psychoanalysts and psychologists, which was overtaken by concern with the ‘effects’ of film, linked to calls for censorship and moral panics rather than to understanding the mental and behavioural world of the spectator. Early cinema history has revealed the diversity of film-viewing habits, while traditional ‘box office’ studies, which treated the audience initially as a homogeneous market, have been replaced by the study of individual consumers and their motivations. Latterly, there has been a marked turn towards more sophisticated

economic and sociological analysis of attendance data. And as the fi lm experience fragments across multiple formats, the perceptual and cognitive experience of the individual viewer (who is also an auditor) has become increasingly accessible. This collection, including contributions from Gregory Waller, John Sedgwick and Martin Barker, spans the spectrum of contemporary audience studies, revealing work being done on local, non-theatrical and live digital transmission audiences, and on the relative attraction of large-scale, domestic and mobile platforms. ian christie is professor of film and media history at Birkbeck College, University of London.

european film studies – key debates • isbn 978 90 8964 362 9 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 505 9 september 2012 • 156 x 234 mm • 256 pages • 20 b/w illustrations • €29.50 / £25.00

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Valentina Fava

The Socialist People’s Car Drawing on the corporate and national archives of the former Czechoslovakia, this important volume contributes to the debate on the circulation of technical and organisational knowledge in twentiethcentury Europe. Fava examines in depth the transfer of Fordist practices from the US to Central Europe, using Škoda Auto, the leading Czechoslovak car manufacturer, as a case study. Along with the questions typical of company cases in business history and relative to Škoda corporate structure, performance, production processes and

Automobiles, Shortages and Consent in the Czechoslovak Road to Mass Production product quality, this much-needed study also addresses the issue of the Communist Party’s controversial approach to mass motorisation. valentina fava is a research fellow of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies at Helsinki University.

technology and european history • isbn 978 90 8964 399 5 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 563 9 may 2012 • paperback • 170 x 240 mm • 224 pages • 15 b/w illustrations • €30.00 / £25.00

Milena Veenis

Material Fantasies This engaging study of the East German fantasies of material abundance across the border, both before and after the fall of communism, shows the close and intricate relation between ideology and fantasy in upholding social life. In 1989, news broadcasts all over the world were dominated for weeks by images of East Germans crossing the Berlin Wall to West Germany. The images, representing the fall of communism and the democratic will of the people, also showed the East Germans’ excitement at finally being able to enter the western consumer paradise. But what exactly had they expected to find on the other side of the Wall? Why did they shed tears of joy when for the first time in their lives, they stepped inside West German shops?

Expectations of the Western Consumer World among the East Germans

Drawing on fifteen months of research in fast-changing post-communist East Germany, Veenis unravels the perennial truths about the interrelationships of fantasies of material wealth, personal fulfillment and social cohesion. She argues persuasively that the far-fetched socialist and capitalist promises of consumption as the road to ultimate well-being, the partial realisation and partial corruption thereof, the implicit social and psychological interests underlying the politicized promises in both countries, form the breeding ground for the development of fantasies, in which material well-being came to be seen as the place of “fulfillment and ultimate arrival”. milena veenis is lecturer at the Anthropology Department of the University of Amsterdam.

technology and european history • isbn 978 90 8964 400 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 565 3 march 2012 • paperback • 170 x 240 mm • 284 pages • 29 b/w illustrations • €30.00 / £25.00

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 6

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Dutch Pro-Boer Propaganda and the South African War (1899-1902)

War of Words


WAR of WORDS Dutch Pro-Boer Propaganda and the South African War (1899-1902) AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS

Between 1899 and 1902 the Dutch public was captivated by the war raging in South Africa between the Boer republics and the British Empire. Dutch popular opinion was on the side of the Boers: these descendants of the seventeenth-century Dutch settlers were perceived as kinsmen, the most tangible result of which was a flood of propaganda material intended as a counterweight to the British coverage of the war. The author creates a fascinating account of the Dutch pro-Boer movement from its origins in the 1880s to its persistent continuation well into the twentieth century. Kuitenbrouwer offers insights into

the rise of organisations that tried to improve the ties between the Netherlands and South Africa and in that capacity became important links in the international network that distributed propaganda for the Boers. He also demonstrates that stereotypes of the Boers and the British in Dutch propaganda material had lasting effects on nation building both in the Netherlands and in South Africa.


Vincent Kuitenbrouwer

vincent kuitenbrouwer is lecturer at the History Department of the University of Amsterdam.

isbn 978 90 8964 412 1 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 595 0 • may 2012 • paperback • 170 x 240 mm 408 pages • 12 b/w illustrations • €39.50 / £32.50

Carolyn Birdsall

Nazi Soundscapes Following the formation of the German National Socialist Party in the 1920s, various forms of sound (popular music, voice, noise and silence) and media technology (radio and loudspeaker systems) were configured as useful to the party’s political programme. Focusing on the urban ‘soundscape’ of Düsseldorf, the author makes a persuasive case for investigating such sound events and technological devices in their specific contexts of production and reception. Nazi Soundscapes identifies strategies for controlling space and reworking identity patterns, but also the ongoing difficulties in manipulating mediated sounds and the

Sound, Technology and Urban Space in Germany, 1933-1945 spaces of listening reception, whether in the home, workplace, cinema, public rituals or with wartime siren systems. The study revises visualist notions of social control, and reveals the disciplinary functions of listening (as eavesdropping) as well as the sonic dimensions to exclusion and violence during the Nazi era. An essential title for everyone interested in the links between German political culture, audiovisual media and urban history. carolyn birdsall is assistant professor of media studies at the University of Amsterdam.

isbn 978 90 8964 426 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 632 2 • may 2012 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm 256 pages • 15 b/w illustrations • €39.50 / £32.50

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 7

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Peter Romijn, Giles Scott-Smith and Joes Segal (eds)

Divided Dreamworlds? With its unique focus on how culture contributed to the blurring of ideological boundaries between the East and the West, this important volume offers fascinating insights into the tensions, rivalries and occasional cooperation between the two blocs. Encompassing developments in both the arts and sciences, the authors analyse focal points, aesthetic preferences and cultural phenomena through topics as wideranging as the East- and West German interior design; the Soviet stance on genetics; US cultural diplomacy during and after the Cold War; and the role of popular music as a universal cultural ambassador. Well positioned at the cutting edge of Cold

The Cultural Cold War in East and West War studies, this important work illuminates some of the striking paradoxes involved in the production and reception of culture in East and West. peter romijn is Director of Research at NIOD, Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. giles scott-smith is Ernst van der Beugel Chair in Transatlantic Diplomatic History at Leiden University and senior researcher at the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg. joes segal is assistant professor in the Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University.

studies of the netherlands institute for war documentation • isbn 978 90 8964 436 7 e-isbn 978 90 4851 670 4 • june 2012 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm • 300 pages 15 b/w illustrations • €39.50 / £34.00

Hu Ping (translated by Philip F. Williams and Yenna Wu)

The Thought Remolding Campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-state The Thought Remolding Campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-state

The Thought Remolding Hu Ping

In the late 1970s Hu Ping’s trenchant essay On Free Speech startled readers with its radical reconception of the phrase “liberation of thought.” Now, more than three decades later, The Thought Remolding Campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-state provides us with a mature and panoramic analysis of the relation between words and thought in both the totalitarian and posttotalitarian phases of China’s recent history. perry link, professor emeritus of East Asian studies at Princeton University In its comprehensive analysis of a wide range of sources in both Chinese and Western languages, this authoritative work stands as the definitive study of the theory, implementation and legacy of the Chinese Communist Party’s thought-remolding campaign. This decades-long campaign involved the extraction of confessions from millions of Chinese citizens suspected of heterodoxy or disobedience to party dictates, along with their subjection to

various forms of “re-education” and indoctrination. Hu Ping’s carefully structured overview provides a valuable insider’s perspective, and supersedes the previous landmark study on this vastly engaging topic. hu ping is chief editor of the New Yorkbased monthly journal Beijing Spring, and is on the Board of Directors of the NGO Human Rights in China.

icas publications • isbn 978 90 8964 410 7 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 591 2 • may 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 308 pages • €59.00 / £49.95

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 8

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The Holocaust and Other Genocides The Holocaust and Other Genocides An Introduction

An Introduction


Wichert ten Have and Barbara Boender (eds)

Maria van Haperen Wichert ten Have Ben Kiernan Martin Mennecke ˘ Üngör Ugur Ton Zwaan

Amste Amst mst mste ster rdam da dam d am Unive Un versi Univ rsity sity it t Pres Press re r ress

Since Raphael Lemkin coined the term genocide after the destruction of the European Jewry during WWII, the United Nations signed the Genocide Convention in 1948. Though the convention intended to bolster the prevention of genocide in the future, large-scale mass murder returned on all continents, in Cambodia and Rwanda as some of the most notorious cases. For as this unsparing overview demonstrates, the genocidal processes are complex and deeply rooted in society. International courts and tribunals play an increasing role in bringing suspected perpetrators to justice. To deal effectively with the Holocaust and other genocides in the classroom, reliable knowledge about the courses of history is needed. This unique guidebook offers concise information about five twentieth-century cases of genocide as well as the response of international justice. By relevant

use of illustrations and references, and by using the most recent literature, this is an indispensable work offering new insight into processes of genocide. wichert ten have is director of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. barbara boender is public events and education coordinator at the NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

isbn 978 90 8964 381 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 528 8 • september 2012 • paperback • 170x 240 mm • 160 pages 50 b/w and colour illustrations • €14.50 / £12.00

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 9

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Vinzenz Hediger, Barbara Le Maître, Julia Noordegraaf and Cosetta Saba (eds)

Preserving and Exhibiting Media Art This important and first-of-its-kind collection addresses the emerging challenges in the field of media art preservation and exhibition, providing an outline for the training of professionals in this field. Since the emergence of timebased media such as film, video and digital technology, artists have used them to experiment with their potential. The resulting artworks, with their basis in rapidly developing technologies that cross over into other domains such as broadcasting and social media, have challenged the traditional infrastructures for the collection, preservation and exhibition of art. Addressing these challenges, the authors provide a historical and theoretical survey of the field, and introduce students to the challenges and difficulties of preserving and exhibiting

Challenges and Perspectives

media art through a series of first-hand case studies. Situated at the threshold between archival practices and film and media theory. This works also makes a strong contribution to the growing literature on archive theory and archival practices. vinzenz hediger is professor of film studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. barbara le maître is researcher at the Sorbonne III in Paris. julia noordegraaf is associate professor of media studies at the University of Amsterdam. cosetta saba is associate professor at DAMS Cinema, Gorizia at the University of Udine in Italy.

framing film • isbn 978 90 8964 291 2 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 383 3 • september 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 296 pages • 25 b/w illustrations • €29.95 / £25.00

Daniel Wojcik


Outsider Art Realms Visionary Worlds, Trauma, and Transformation DA N I E L WO J C I K

Amsterdam University Press

In recent years, scholars, art collectors, and the general public have become increasingly captivated by “outsider art.” Identified as intensely original artistic works, outsider art is produced by psychiatric patients, spiritualist trance mediums, reclusive eccentrics, apocalyptic visionaries, and other self-taught and untrained individuals who create things with little regard for mainstream artistic trends or the marketplace. Wojcik’s interdisciplinary study examines the history and primary issues in the field of outsider art, investigates the lives of significant artists, and explores the

Visionary Worlds, Trauma, and Transformation meanings of the creators’ works within specific cultural contexts. This analysis gives special attention to the influence of religious worldviews and vernacular tradition as well as experiences of tragedy and suffering that have inspired the artmaking process, triggering a creative transformation that has helped individuals confront and cope with traumatic life events. daniel wojcik is associate professor of folklore studies and English at the University of Oregon.

isbn 978 90 8964 363 6 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 506 6 • september 2012 • paperback • 148 x 210 mm 144 pages • 20 b/w and 20 colour illustrations • €24.50 / £17.50

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Sex and Drugs before the Rock ‘n’ Roll In contrast to other works which usually address groups of young people over a long period of time, this study focuses on a generation of young men who were born around 1600 and who came of age during the 1620s and 1630s, at the zenith of Holland’s Golden Age. Well-known cohorts from the generation such as Rembrandt van Rijn (born in 1606) are examined for how they expressed their youth culture and masculinity by upholding conservative norms and values or defying them. In this realm, the masculinity of young men is examined in the areas of appearance, drinking, the use

of violence, sexuality, drugs and recreational activities. This study reveals how this generation expressed their unique masculinity and youth culture as different from the previous generation by growing their hair long, wearing colourful clothing, drinking excessively, challenging city guards, being promiscuous, being the fi rst generation to start smoking and by singing lewd songs.


Youth Culture and Masculinity during Holland’s Golden Age

Benjamin B. Roberts

benjamin b. roberts is an independent American historian and journalist based in Amsterdam.

amsterdam studies in the dutch golden age • isbn 978 90 8964 402 2 e-isbn 978 90 4851 570 7 • july 2012 • paperback with flaps • 190 x 250 mm • 328 pages 10 b/w and 20 colour illustrations • €37.50 / £29.95

Monica Stensland

Habsburg Communication in the Dutch Revolt The rebels of the Dutch Revolt, their political thoughts and the media they used to express them, have long been a focus of historical attention. This book, however, focuses on the largely untold story of what the other side, the Habsburg regime and its local supporters, thought about the conflict and how they responded to rebel accusations. To this end, a variety of oral, written and theatrical media have been examined to discover how the regime made use of the different communication channels available. In addition, available sources have been used to document

ordinary people’s response to the conflict and the various messages they encountered in the public sphere. The result is a study that sheds new and sometimes surprising light on the Habsburg regime’s approach to communication and opinion-forming, while also providing a useful corrective to our understanding of rebel propaganda. monica stensland joined the Norwegian Foreign Service in 2009 and is currently serving as Second Secretary at the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi.

amsterdam studies in the dutch golden age • isbn 978 90 8964 413 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 377 2 may 2012 • paperback • 190 x 250 mm • 260 pages • 12 b/w illustrations • €34.50 / £29.50

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 11

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G E N D E R S T U D I E S / SC I E N C E

Eka Srimulyani

Negotiating Public Spaces

Women from Traditional Islamic Educational Institutions in Indonesia … The first book to provide a view of the lifeworld of women in the East Javanese pesantren showing that religious authority is not a monopoly of men and helping us understand why Muslim feminism has found much broader grassroots support in Indonesia than in most other countries. martin van bruinessen, Chair for the Comparative Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies at Utrecht University Until recently, there have been no specific publications, particularly in English, on women in traditional Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia, known as pesantren, which played a significant role in shaping the gender issues in the Indonesian Muslim community. This informative and insightful book contributes to two booming fields in Indonesian studies: the study of Islam and the study of Muslim women. It also adds a new perspective to

the English-language literature on Muslim women outside the Middle Eastern or Indian subcontinent communities context, which used to dominate the scholarly discussion and publications in this field. eka srimulyani lectures in sociology at the State Institute for Islamic Studies in Banda, Indonesia.

iias publications • isbn 978 90 8964 421 3 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 621 6 • april 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 188 pages • € 32.95 / £27.50

Frank Miedema

Science 3.0

Real Science, Real Knowledge

In the past few decades, science and scientists have lost much of their authority. Lack of scientific consensus in high-profile public debates such as the causes of climate change or correct response to a flu epidemic has further strengthened the impression in the media that science has less to offer than we were once led to believe. Science, especially the natural and life sciences, are a major driver of innovation in our modern knowledge economies involving a large number of people and huge capital investments. Miedema discusses how all these external forces have changed the practice of science and how this affects the life and career of

the scientist. He points out that the classical romantic view of science as a monolithic consensus machine and scientists as altruistic truth seekers must be openly revisited to better explain what the status of the products of science are and what scientists should do to enhance the impact and integrity of science in public debate and policymaking. frank miedema is professor of immunology and since 2009 dean of the Medical Faculty of Utrecht University and vice chairman of the board of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

isbn 978 90 8964 437 4 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 675 9 • april 2012 • paperback • 125 x 200 mm 168 pages • € 19.90 / £17.00

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 12

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Islam on the Move

The Tablighi Jama’at in Southeast Asia

This is an excellent, original study of an important transnational Islamic movement, based on a long-term acquaintance with the movement and a considerable period of participating observation in Indonesia, Malaysia and South Thailand. No one else has ever carried out extensive fieldwork and been able to study the movement from within as he does in this book. For this reason, this study represents a major step ahead in our understanding of the Tabligh.

P O L I T I C A L SC I E N C E / R E L I G I O N

Farish A. Noor

martin van bruinessen, Chair for the Comparative Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies, Utrecht University Farish Noor is an extraordinary thinker: cosmopolitan, Asian, Muslim, humanist, truth-teller. Here we get him at his best, looking at the rise and spread of one of the most important missionary Muslim organizations, the Tablighis. Highly recommended!

omid safi, Professor of religious studies and Islamic studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Much nuance and variability have been lost in the process of the reductivist analysis of Islam post 9/11 and, as this study amply demonstrates, we are all the poorer as a result. This exhaustive examination of the rise and spread of the Tablighi Jama’at, arguably the world’s largest Islamic missionary movement, locates it in the larger perspective of global Islam and developments in the Muslim societies. Combining an overview of the history and current sociopolitical perception of the Tablighi Jama’at with a more analytical and philosophical approach to fundamental questions of identity, subject-positioning and representation, the author creates a comprehensive resource of interest to all scholars and students of Islam. Drawing on exhaustive research and records of conversion narratives of the new members of Tablighi Jama’at, cited

here at length, the author creates a unique perspective on this complex phenomenon from both an internal and external viewpoints. Noor locates the spiritual framework of the movement in the context of its perception in the eyes of the political and religious authorities of the countries where it has a following, as well as the Western ‘securocrat’ approach. farish a. noor is Senior Fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS) at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and member of the United Nations’ Alliance of Civilizations Panel of Global Experts on Religion and Politics in Asia.

isbn 978 90 8964 439 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 682 7 • september 2012 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm 220 pages • €39.95 / £28.50

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Nico Roymans, Guido Creemers and Simone Scheers (eds)

Late Iron Age Gold Hoards from the Low Countries and the Caesarian Conquest of Nothern Gaul This richly illustrated volume analyses eight new Celtic gold hoards from the southern Netherlands and Belgium. The study of these hoards provides a wealth of new information on the archaeological contexts in which they were found, on the dating of many coin types and jewelry, and on the social role of gold in pre-Roman society. All these hoards seem to have been buried in the 50s BC, thus making a direct association with the historical context of Caesar’s war campaigns in Northern Gaul very plausible. This makes

the volume important for archaeologists as well as numismatists and historians. nico roymans is professor of Roman archaeology and prehistory at VU University Amsterdam. guido creemers is chief curator at the Gallo-Roman Museum at Tongres, Belgium. simone scheers is emeritus professor of numismatics at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

amsterdam archaeological studies • isbn 978 90 8964 349 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 484 7 april 2012 • hardback • 210 x 297 mm • 256 pages • 80 colour illustrations • €55.00 / £45.00

Sjoerd J. Kluiving and Erika Guttmann-Bond (eds)

From a Multi- to an Interdisciplinary Approach

Landscape Archaeology between Art and Science This important volume sheds new light on the main theme of the conference: the definition of landscape as used by processual archaeologists, earth scientists, and most historical geographers, and that favoured by postprocessual archaeologists, new cultural geographers and anthropologists. Divided over six themes: 1) How did landscape change?, 2) Improving temporal, chronological and transformational frameworks, 3) Linking landscapes of lowlands with mountainous areas, 4) Applying concepts of scale, 5) New directions in digital prospection and modelling techniques, and 6) How will landscape archaeology develop in the

future?, the study demonstrates that interest in landscape archaeology is worldwide, and is emerging in new places which have not previously had much support for such studies. sjoerd kluiving is assistant professor at the Institute for Geo- and Bioarchaeology at VU University Amsterdam. erika guttmann-bond is senior lecturer at the School of Archaeology, History and Anthropology at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the UK, as well as professor of landscape archaeology at VU University Amsterdam.

landscape & heritage proceedings • isbn 978 90 8964 418 3 • e-isbn 978 90 485 1 60 70 may 2012 • paperback • 190 x 250 mm • 524 pages • 200 b/w and 50 colour illustrations • €55.00 / £45.00

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A True History Full of Romance

Mixed Marriages and Ethnic Identity in Dutch Art, News Media, and Popular Culture (1883-1955)

“This is a highly sophisticated, multi-disciplinary exploration by an art historian of the impact of artistic and media images on the perception and experiencing of inter-racial marriage. Organized and written in a very engaging manner, it is a valuable start of a discourse that is sure to expand as questions of ethnic identity intensify apace with increasing cultural diversity in many twenty-first century societies.” allison blakely, professor of African American Studies, Boston University

This important study of ethnically mixed marriages in the Netherlands of the 1883-1955 period offers a rich overview of the nature and experience of ethnicity from a wide range of scholarly perspectives. Drawing on exhaustive research in the Netherlands, Europe and the Americas, Altena offers illuminating new insights into mixed-marriage families as they were depicted in the arts and in news media; and how the families themselves in turn reacted to, and influenced those images. Focusing on well-documented individuals, the author shows how they gained a coherent voice in Dutch culture. Altena attributes to them conscious agency in their own self-presentation, rather than just viewing them as victims of racial prejudice.


Marga Altena

A timely contribution to the debate surrounding ethnicity and integration in Dutch society, this work demonstrates how that process was mediated by the various agencies, while placing special emphasis on the marginal groups within central news media as crucial in the opinion making. marga altena is assistant professor in the Department of Art and History at the University of Amsterdam.

isbn 978 90 8964 425 1 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 672 8 • april 2012 • paperback with flaps • 170 x 240 mm • 184 pages 50 b/w illustrations • €30.00 / £25.00

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Gregory Bracken (ed.)

Aspects of Urbanization in China

Aspects of Urbanization in China Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou

Among burgeoning studies on urban globalization, Aspects of Urbanization stands out as genuinely interdisciplinary. These lavishly detailed local accounts of three major Chinese cities by experts in architectural and cultural studies produce a refreshingly intimate knowledge of global metropolitan typologies. robin visser, associate professor of Asian studies at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill

Edited by Gregory Br acken

amsterdam university press

China’s rise as a global power is one of the transformative events of our time. Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty thanks to the country’s rapid industrialisation. One seemingly inevitable outcome of industrialisation is urbanisation, and this definitive study examines some of the key aspects of China’s massive wave of urbanisation, which is the largest the world has ever seen. With contributions from scholars from a variety of disciplines, including architecture, urbanism, social sciences, area studies, geography and anthropology, the point of departure for each chapter is always the city – in this case the cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The study creates a resonant portrait of the cities’ global ambitions, their cultural and architectural expression, as well as the cinematic representation of the country’s

massive rural-urban migration. China’s miraculous economic growth has had its downsides, something that is often most painfully apparent in its cities. It is the concern for the citizens of a city that unifies the papers of this book, where the authors all seek to try and understand what life is like for the people who call them home. gregory bracken is research fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University.

iias publications • isbn 978 90 8964 398 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 306 2 • april 2012 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm 212 pages • €49.50 / £39.50

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From Civilians to Soldiers and from Soldiers to Civilians This case study about Sudan is a critical contribution to conflict theory and a valuable tool for post-conflict reconstruction. jan pronk, former Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation, and Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in Sudan


Saskia Baas

Mobilization and Demobilization in Sudan

One of the strengths of the book is that it extends its discussion to include other less known rebel groups that participated in the conflict rather than restricting to SPLA/M, the most commonly known. This adds value to the work in terms of adding a broader comparative analysis of the different groups. monica dorothy aciru and stephan parmentier, Leuven Institute of Criminology

A fascinating and disturbing study of the entrances and exits of boys and men involved on all sides of the armed conflict in Sudan, providing a vivid insight into the dynamics of the civil war. Drawing on extensive research and personal accounts, this hard-hitting work investigates the processes of mobilisation and demobilisation of fighters from all the involved factions during the long-drawn civil war in Sudan. Why do civilians, at some point or other during an armed conflict, decide to participate in the violence of the war? What are the consequences of becoming part of a guerilla movement? And, once a civil war has come to an end, how can former fighters be reintegrated into civilian life? In seeking answers to these questions affecting a number of African countries, Saskia Baas draws on in-depth interviews she conducted with

current and former combatants in Sudan. She paints a vivid picture of the militants, providing new insights into the dynamics of violent conflict as it appears through the eyes of those directly involved. saskia baas is a lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Amsterdam. She worked for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Sudan in 2006. In 2008, she returned to Sudan for fieldwork among former combatants in different areas of the country. In 2010, she worked as a political observer for the Carter Center Democracy Program in the disputed border region of Abyei.

isbn 978 90 8964 396 4 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 300 0 • february 2012 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm • 240 pages • €45.00 / £37.50

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 17

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S C I E N C E / P H I LO S O P H Y / H I S TO RY

Christoph Lüthy

David Gorlæus (1591-1612) This study of the life and works of David Gorlæus (1591-1612) throws new light on the mystery surrounding this early modern Dutch thinker. When Gorlæus died aged 21, he left behind two highly original manuscripts, published posthumously in 1620 and 1651. As his identity was unknown, his seventeenthcentury readers understood him as an antiAristotelian thinker, an atomist and a precursor of Descartes. The aim of this work is to shed light on his family circumstances and life, his education at Franeker and Leiden, and on the virulent Arminian crisis which

An Enigmatic Figure in the History of Philosophy and Science provided the context within which Gorlæus’ work was written. The author further places Gorlæus in the history of Dutch philosophy and assesses his possible influence in the early Cartesian circles. christoph lüthy is professor of the history of philosophy and science at Radboud University Nijmegen.

history of science and scholarship in the netherlands • isbn 978 90 8964 438 1 e-isbn 978 90 4851 680 3 • april 2012 • hardback • 170 x 45 mm • 240 pages • €34.50 / £29.00

Suzanne Lommers

Europe-On Air Radio broadcasting may seem old-fashioned nowadays, but early radio infrastructures and programmes in Europe were the real social media of their time. They laid the foundation for how we experience European unification and global interconnectedness today. This spirited and timely volume takes the reader on a tour of the early days through broadcasting. Rarely studied sources from international organisations reveal a wide variety of new actors, activities and debates that together shaped broadcasting and society institutions. These stories often remain underexposed in histories of technology, broadcasting, and Europe. Through to contemporary sources, the author illustrates how people in

broadcasting were debating issues ranging from institutionalising radio to wireless and wired network construction. This book specifically acknowledges how the rivalries were solved between various broadcasters such as Radio Luxembourg and the International Broadcasting Union, the attempts to save Europe’s civilisation amid the chaos of war and peace, and the creation and distribution of truly international programmes as early as 1926. suzanne lommers is educational strategy manager and web editor for the Inventing Europe Virtual Exhibit and researcher for the Making Europe Book Project.

technology and european history • isbn 978 90 8964 435 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 665 0 april 2012 • paperback • 170 x 240 mm • 324 pages • 34 b/w illustrations • €35.00 / £26.00

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The University Socialist Club and the Contest for Malaya The University Socialist Club and the Contest for Malaya Tangled Strands of Modernity

Tangled Strands of Modernity

This is an immensely compelling and skillfully written account, informed by recent research, on the role of a formidable student movement in colonial Malaya and Singapore during the Cold War era and its active engagement in liberal democratic principles, the socialist ideology and the making of a new nation. cheah boon kheng, (retired) professor of history at Universiti Sains Malaysia

K a h Seng Loh, Edg a r L i ao, Ch eng T j u L i m a n d Guo - Qua n Seng

Using a small group of left-wing student activists as a prism, the author explores the complex politics that underpinned the making of nation-states in Singapore and Malaysia after World War Two. This pursuit of nationalist modernity was characterised by desire to replace the colonial system with a new state and mobilise the people into a new relationship with the state, according them new responsibilities as well as new rights. This book, based on student writings, official documents and oral history brings to life various modernist strands – liberal-

amsterdam university press

democratic, ethnic-communal, and Fabian and Marxist socialist – seeking to determine the form of postcolonial Malaya. kah seng loh is a postdoctoral fellow at Kyoto University. edgar liao is a history tutor at the National University of Singapore. cheng tju lim is an educator in Singapore who has written about history, popular culture and the arts. guo quan seng is a history PhD candidate at the University of Chicago.


Kah Seng Loh, Edgar Liao, Cheng Tju Lim and Guo-Quan Seng

iias publications • isbn 978 90 8964 409 1 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 589 9 • april 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 348 pages • €45.95 / £39.50

Barak Kalir and Malini Sur (eds)

Ethnographies of Human Mobilities in Asia

Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities Ethnographies of Human Mobilities in Asia Edited by Ba r a k K a lir a nd M a lini Sur

amsterdam university press

Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities is a must-read volume exploring the subtle connections among human mobility, uneven state regulations, and complex transnational practices that enrich and challenge relationships and identities in ways rarely imagined. david kyle, Executive Director of the Gifford Center for Population Studies and Associate Professor of Sociology at UC Davis This important study is a collection of ethnographies of transnational migration and border crossings in Asia. Interdisciplinary in scope, it addresses issues of mobility and diaspora from various vantage points. Unique to this volume is an emphasis on studying globalisation from below, privileging the narratives and views of “people on the move” – or the transnational underclass – and their sense of belonging to places and communities. The collection is further

distinguished by its focus on the sources of authority and the social configurations that are created in the intersections between legality and illegality across Asia. barak kalir is assistant professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam and co-director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies. malini sur is a doctoral candidate at the Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam.

iias publications • isbn 978 90 8964 408 4 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 587 5 • june 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 264 pages • €47.50 / £39.95

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 19

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Joop de Beer

Transparency in Population Forecasting Population projections are based on assumptions about future changes in fertility, mortality and migration. This book describes methods that can be used for making these assumptions. The book shows how international comparisons can be helpful in making population projections. For international migration studies, international comparisons can help improve estimates of the size and direction of immigration and emigration flows. For projecting fertility, international comparisons can show in what direction the future level of fertility may

Methods for Fitting and Projecting Fertility, Mortality and Migration

move. Projections of mortality can be based on the estimation of an average trend in life expectancy over a group of countries. joop de beer is head of the Population Dynamics Department at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute.

nidi books • isbn 978 90 6984 637 8 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 737 4 • january 2012 • paperback 150 x 225 mm • 276 pages

Jeannette Pols

Care at a Distance Jeannette Pols

Care at a Distance

On the Closeness of Technology

The book frames urgent questions about the future of telecare and the ways in which innovative care practices can be built on facts rather than hopes, hypes or nightmares. sally wyatt, director of the Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture

On the Closeness of Technology


This widely researched study demonstrates that neither grandiose promises nor nightmare scenarios have much to do with actual care practices employing telecare. Combining detailed ethnographic studies of nurses and patients involved in telecare with theory from various disciplines, the author concludes that these practices lead to more rather than less intense caring relations, resulting from a spectacular rise in the frequency of contacts between nurses and patients. Patients are much taken with this,

not because they feel they are finally able to manage themselves, but because they can ‘leave things to the experts’. By listening to the experiences of those who use the technologies, as healthcare providers or as patients, Pols provides a much-needed balance to the usual focus on efficiency. jeannette pols is senior researcher at the Amsterdam Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam.

care & welfare • isbn 978 90 8964 397 1 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 301 7 • march 2012 • paperback 156 x 234 mm • 204 pages • €39.95 / £35.50

AUP prospectus najaar 2012 GB v7.indd 20

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iGovernment A valuable resource for researchers and scholars seeking to understand the possibilities, dilemmas and challenges of bringing the Internet and related technologies to centre stage in government and public services. helen margetts, professor of society and the internet and director of the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

iGovernment Corien Prins, Dennis Broeders, Henk Griffioen, Anne-Greet Keizer & Esther Keymolen


This timely study analyses the developments of networking information and concludes that in everyday practice an iGovernment has gradually come into existence, overtaking the old paradigm of the eGoverment. The iGoverment, running at full speed on information flows and networks is, however, seriously out of step with the self-image of the digital government, and the existing structure and division of responsibilities. The authors offer an insightful analysis of the problems


Corien Prins et al

that ongoing digitisation poses for citizens and the government itself (such as creeping loss of data quality), while placing highly valuable markers for the decisions that must be taken on the challenging path that lies ahead. corien prins is professor of law and informatisation at Tilburg University and member of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR).

wrr • isbn 978 90 8964 394 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 298 0 • october 2011 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm 264 pages • €39.95 / £35.00

From Accommodation to Confrontation

Justus Uitermark

Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics Dynamics of Power in Dutch Integration Politics From Accomodation to Confrontation


Solidarity and Identity

Justus Uitermark

This meticulously researched and theoretically sophisticated book develops an original, provocative sociological interpretation of contemporary political struggles in the Netherlands around ‘integration politics’. Uitermark frames his interpretation not only in relation to the specificity of Dutch trends but as a broader contribution to theories of power in modern society. His book offers a brilliant analysis of a key dimension of early 21st century political life.” neil brenner, professor of urban theory, Harvard University Integration politics in the Netherlands has changed dramatically between 1990 and 2005. Whereas ethnic and religious differences were hitherto pacified through accommodation, a new and increasingly powerful current in Dutch politics problematized the presence of minorities. Arguing that extant approaches are better at explaining continuity than change, this

book develops a distinct approach to the study of dynamic power relations to understand drastic transformations in the national debate as well as urban governance. justus uitermark is assistant professor at the Sociology Department at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

solidarity and identity • isbn 978 90 8964 406 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 583 7 • oktober 2012 paperback • 156 x 234 mm • 344 pages • €47.50 / £35.00

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journals Journal of Dutch Literature The Journal of Dutch Literature is the first English-language periodical dedicated to the study of Dutch and Flemish literature from the Middle Ages to present day. isbn 2211-0879 • open access online • paper copies available as pod at €19.95

Quotidian Quotidian is an interdisciplinary journal focused on the study of everyday life and featuring theoretical, empirical and historical research on a broad range of cultural practices. issn 1879-534 • 1 issue per year (april) • open access online

Taal & Tongval

Language Variation in the Low Countries

A journal devoted to the scientific study of language variation in the Netherlands and Flanders, in neighboring areas and in languages related to Dutch. All types of variation are covered, including but not restricted to geographical, social, ethnic, stylistic and diachronic variation. The journal welcomes both empirical work as studies linking language variation to developments in theoretical linguistics. issn 0039-8691 • 2 issues per year (februari and october) open aacces online



ARCHAEOLOGY 70-6 . &    t NUMBER 1 t   NOVEMBER 2 012

Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries The Journal of Archaeology in the Low Countries (JALC) covers the full archaeological timescale, from the earliest Palaeolithic to investigations of subrecent times.



issn 1877-7015 • 2 issues per year (may and october) • open access online paper copies available as pod at €19.95

dissertations Jo Heirman Space in Archaic Greek Lyric City, Countryside and Sea uva dissertations • isbn 978 90 5629 700 8 • paperback • 156 x 234 mm • 226 pages • january 2012 • €30.00 / £26.00

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Bestselling titles from Amsterdam University Press Philippe Aigrain Culture and the Economy in the Internet Age

Sharing Philippe Aigrain writes a brave book, venturing out into difficult territory. He explores what can be done in practice to sustain creativity in the new digital landscape. charles nesson, the Weld Professor of Law at Harvard University

Christopher D.M. Atkins

2012 • isbn 978 90 8964 385 8 e-isbn 978 90 4851 534 9 • paperback 244 pages • €29.00 / £25.00

Painting, Subjectivity, and the Market in Early Modernity

The Signature Style of Frans Hals Atkins’s probing study explores the specific ways in which the painter’s brushwork functioned for his contemporaries, and simultaneously, for himself, both as a marker of his skill and of the commercial value of his work. Future studies of Hals, and, indeed, of facture in seventeenthcentury Dutch painting will have to take into

account Atkins’s many findings. wayne franits, professor of art history at Syracuse University 2011 • isbn 978 90 8964 335 3 • e-isbn 978 90 4581 459 5 paperback with flaps • 324 pages • 129 colour illustrations • €45.00 / £39.00

Henk Tromp

A Real Van Gogh An endlessly fascinating book. (...) Time after time, Tromp discovers that key agents allow their judgment to be guided by their own financial interest. In day-to-day practice, the ethics of this behavior is not questioned either in the courts, the art trade or the art-historical literature. gary schwartz, art historian

How the Art World Struggles with Truth

2011 • isbn 978 90 8964 176 2 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 141 9 paperback • 352 pages • 42 b/w illustrations €35.00 / £29.50

Joost Willink

The Fateful Journey This compelling, richly illustrated work recounts the African journeys of the intrepid Dutch heiress Alexine Tinne and her German travel companion.

Available from your bookshop Distributed by NBN International AMSTERDAM UNIVERSITY PRESS Herengracht 221, 1016 BG Amsterdam The Netherlands

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The Expedition of Alexine Tinne and Theodor von Heuglin in Sudan (1863-1864)

2011 • isbn 978 90 8964 352 0 • e-isbn 978 90 4851 490 8 paperback with flaps • 456 pages 100 colour, 9 b/w illustrations • €49.50 / £42.50

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AUP Autumn 2012 Catalogue  

New Autumn 2012 titles from Amsterdam University Press.

AUP Autumn 2012 Catalogue  

New Autumn 2012 titles from Amsterdam University Press.