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From Padi States to Commercial States Asian Cities: Colonial to Global Shanghai Literary Imaginings Mobilizing Labour for the Global Coffee Market

MEDIEVAL STUDIES 3 Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World 4 Bibliographic Guide to the Study of the

Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature 4 Vernacular Traditions of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae 5 The Final Book of Giovanni Villani's New Chronicle 5 Nicholas of Lyra, Literal Commentary on Galatians 6 Richard Coer de Lyon 6 John Hardyng, Chronicle 7 The Vulgate Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book 1 7 Accessus ad auctores 7 Aribo, De musica and Sententiae


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By Willem Middelkoop


The Big Reset (revised edition) War on Gold and the Financial Endgame Amid the turmoil in the Eurozone, economic problems in Russia, stagnation in Japan, and rumblings that China may slip into recession, the one reliable asset is the American dollar. While it may encounter ups and downs, investors for decades have been confident that it will never lose a substantial part of its value. That may be about to change. In The Big Reset, Willem Middelkoop lays out the case for an inevitable monetary reset, one that will be designed to keep the United States in the driver’s seat, but will include strong roles for the Euro and China’s Renminbi—and, crucially, gold. This fully revised edition of Middelkoop’s book takes into account developments since its original publication, which have only strengthened the case for the coming return of gold. Willem Middelkoop is a journalist covering finance and economics and the founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund.

‘A readable, persuasive book. … Recommended.’ — Choice ‘An outstanding book. … Willem Middelkoop’s best so far.’ — Louk de Wilde, former CEO Fortis Switzerland SEPTEMBER

ISBN 978 90 6298 027 3


e-ISBN 978 90 4852 950 6

135 x 210 mm

€19.95 / £15.99

261 pages



Edited by Cees W. de Jong and Patrick Spijkerman

Rijksmuseum The Building, the Collection and the Outdoor Gallery Few art collections in the world can rival that of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Built in 1885, the iconic museum holds more than a million works, with a particular focus on Dutch masters—its collection of works by Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt are unparalleled. The museum recently reopened after a ten-year renovation that cost more than $400 million, and the result is stunning: never before has the Rijksmuseum’s collection been displayed so well. This book offers a lavishly illustrated chronicle of both the collection and the building that houses it. Though nothing can replace an actual trip to the Rijksmuseum—as the more than two million annual visitors can attest—this book comes as close as possible, taking art lovers on a virtual tour of the greatest masterworks of Western art in a building that is brilliantly designed to show them at their best. Cees W. de Jong and Patrick Spijkerman are authors and editors of a number of books on architecture.


110 colour, 15 b/w illustrations


ISBN 978 90 8964 900 3

210 x 270 mm

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 767 0

96 pages

€19.95 / £15.99

Forthcoming in 2016:

Rembrandt The Painter Thinking By Ernst van de Wetering

‘Clearly our overall view of Rembrandt is now on a new plateau and it is appropriate to salute Ernst van de Wetering for his remarkable achievement’ — Christopher White, The Burlington Magazine, February 2015



Edited by Arianna Traviglia


Across Space and Time


Papers from the 41st Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, Perth, 25-28 March 2013

340 pages

This volume presents a selection of the best papers presented at the forty-first annual Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. The theme for the conference was “Across Space and Time”, and the papers explore a multitude of topics related to that concept, including databases, the semantic Web, geographical information systems, data collection and management, and more.

Hardback 156 x 234 mm 3 colour, 15 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 19 4240 100 1 e-ISBN 978 19 4240 101 8 €79.00 / £64.00

Edited by Monica H. Green

Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World

Arianna Traviglia is a Research Associate of the

Rethinking the Black Death

University of Sydney, Australia.


It was only in 2011, thanks to ancient DNA recovered from remains unearthed in London’s East Smithfield cemetery, that the full genome of the plague pathogen was identified. This ground-breaking book brings together scholars from the humanities and social and physical sciences to address the question of how recent work in genetics, zoology, and epidemiology can enable a rethinking of the Black Death's global reach and its larger historical significance.

APRIL Hardback 210 x 270 mm

It is published by Arc Medieval Press, the publishing arm of the CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network.

398 pages 359 b/w illustrations

Monica H. Green (Arizona State University) specialises in

ISBN 978 90 8964 715 3

the global history of health and medieval European history.

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 443 3

She has published widely on medieval medicine.

€119.00 / £96.00



By Robert A. Taylor

Bibliographic Guide to the Study of the Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature In this new Bibliographic Guide to Occitan and Troubadour literature, Robert Taylor provides a definitive survey of the field of Occitan literary studies — from the earliest enigmatic texts to the fifteenth-century works of Occitano-Catalan poet Jordi de Sant Jordi — and treats over two thousand recent books and articles with full annotations. Each listing offers descriptive comments on the scholarly contribution of each source to Occitan literature, with remarks on striking or controversial content, and numerous cross-references that identify complementary studies and differing opinions.

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo. Robert A. Taylor has studied Romance philology and medieval poetry in Germany, France, California and especially in his native Toronto, where he is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. RESEARCH IN MEDIEVAL CULTURE SEPTEMBER Hardback 156 x 234 mm 620 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 215 2 €149.00 / £121.00

Edited by Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips

Vernacular Traditions of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae This collection critically examines translations of Boethius's Consolatio not only into English and German but also into Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, and Greek. It breaks new ground by expanding the range of vernacular translations considered and by presenting a diplomatic edition of the 1693 translation by Henry Somerset, Duke of Beaufort.

of the International Boethius Society and coeditor of its interdisciplinary journal, Carmina Philosophiae. Philip Edward Phillips is Professor of English and Associate Dean of the University Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University. RESEARCH IN MEDIEVAL CULTURE NOVEMBER Hardback

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo.

156 x 234 mm 402 pages 3 b/w illustrations



Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr. is Professor of

ISBN 978 15 8044 216 9

English at Troy University, Executive Director

€99.00 / £80.00

Translated from the Italian by Rala Diakité and Matthew Thomas Sneider

The Final Book of Giovanni Villani's New Chronicle Giovanni Villani's New Chronicle traces the history of Florence, Italy, and Europe over a vast sweep of time - from the destruction of the Tower of Babel to the outbreak of the Black Death. This is the first full translation of the final book, which covers one of the most dramatic periods of the early 14th century, is a narrative of transformation, of crisis, in which the author, like many of his contemporaries in the mid-14th century, perceives the punishing hand of God.

Matthew Thomas Sneider is an Associate Professor of History at UMass Dartmouth. Rala Isobel Diakité is an Associate Professor of Italian at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. RESEARCH IN MEDIEVAL CULTURE SEPTEMBER Hardback 156 x 234 mm 260 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 217 6 €89.00 / £72.00

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo.

Translated with an introduction and notes by Edward Arthur Naumann

Nicholas of Lyra Literal Commentary on Galatians Nicholas of Lyra lived in an era of political turbulence and spiritual conflict, when the papacy was in Avignon and the Franciscans were clashing with the more radical and strict "Spirituals." Nicholas's commentary on St. Paul's letter to the Galatians aims to restore a firm understanding of the literal meaning of the text, looking at the innate internal meaning, stressing that we must keep in mind what St. Paul most directly intended to be understood. This edition will facilitate further research in the influence of Nicholas’s Postilla on later works and authors, including Martin Luther.

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo. Edward Arthur Naumann is an assistant pastor in Pennsylvania. TEAMS COMMENTARY SERIES SEPTEMBER Paperback 156 x 234 mm 166 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 211 4 €19.95 / £15.99



Edited by Peter Larkin

Richard Coer de Lyon Richard Coer de Lyon offers a new edition of an immensely popular medieval romance whose blending of historical material from the Third Crusade with fantasy - the presentation of the king as a voracious cannibal, for example - reflected Richard I's status as an historical king and legendary English hero.

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo. Peter Larkin is an adjunct lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. TEAMS MIDDLE ENGLISH TEXTS SERIES SEPTEMBER Paperback 210 x 260 mm 280 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 201 5 €24.95 / £19.99

Edited by James Simpson and Sarah Peverley

John Hardyng, Chronicle Edited from British Library MS Lansdowne 204, Volume 1 As one of only a handful of texts written in the twilight years of Henry VI's reign, John Hardyng's first Chronicle offers a compelling insight into the taste, hopes, and anxieties of a late fifteenth-century gentleman who had witnessed, and all too often participated in, each of the key events that defined his era. Hardyng's interest in Britain's past is typical of the gentry's enthusiasm for historical works, while his concern with war and duty reflects the importance of such matters to men of his rank.

James Simpson is the Donald P. and Katherine B. Loker Professor of English at Harvard University. Sarah Peverley is a medievalist, book historian, broadcaster, and BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker. TEAMS MIDDLE ENGLISH TEXTS SERIES SEPTEMBER Paperback 210 x 260 mm 360 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 213 8 €29.95 / £24.50



This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo.

Edited and translated by Frank Coulson

The Vulgate Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses, Book 1 Composed around 1250 in the region of Orléans, the Vulgate Commentary on Ovid's Metamorphoses is the most widely disseminated medieval work on Ovid's epic compendium of classical mythology and materialist philosophy. This volume presents translations of both book one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the complete Vulgate Commentary.

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo. Frank T. Coulson is Professor in the Department of Greek and Latin at Ohio


State University and serves as director of


palaeography in the Center for Epigraphical


and Palaeographical Studies.

156 x 234 mm 238 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 202 2 €19.95 / £15.99

Edited and translated by Stephen M. Wheeler

Accessus ad auctores


Medieval Introductions to the Authors (Codex latinus monacensis 19475)


Medieval commentaries typically included an accessus, a standardized introduction to an author or book. In the twelfth century these introductions were anthologised, referred to now as Accessus ad auctores. They served as the first handbooks of literary criticism. The earliest and most comprehensive example, Clm 19475 in Munich, is presented here for

the first time in a faithful critical edition, with a new translation and explanatory notes.

156 x 234 mm 293 pages ISBN 978 15 8044 189 6 €24.95 / £19.99

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo. Stephen M. Wheeler is Associate Professor at Pennsylvania State University.

Edited and translated by T. J. H. McCarthy

Aribo, De musica and Sententiae Music was central to the medieval church's public worship: it was the essential medium of the Mass and the Divine Office. In this new critical edition, T. J. H. McCarthy presents the Latin text and the first English translation of Aribo's musical treatise, De musica and Sententiae.

This book is published by Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo.


T. J. H. McCarthy is Associate Professor of

156 x 234 mm

history at New College in Florida.

178 pages 13 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 15 8044 196 4 €19.95 / £15.99


Egil Törnqvist

The Serious Game Ingmar Bergman as Stage Director Though Ingmar Bergman became famous as a filmmaker, his roots—and, to some extent, his heart—were in the theatre. He directed more than one hundred plays in his career, and The Serious Game takes a close look at fourteen productions he staged at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Looking closely at the relationship between the verbal and the visual, this book gives even longtime Bergman fans a new understanding of his sensitivity to nuance, his versatility, and his dedication to craftsmanship. Egil Törnqvist was professor emeritus of Scandinavian studies at the University of Amsterdam. SEPTEMBER Hardback 156 x 234 mm 276 pages 56 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 90 8964 678 1 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 367 2 €99.00 / £80.00

Previously by Egil Törnqvist:

Drama as Text and Performance Strindberg's and Bergman's Miss Julie

This bilingual English-Swedish study of August Strindberg’s renowned play Miss Julie (1888) provides a penetrating analysis of the author’s text and of Ingmar Bergman’s praised 1985 production.

August 2012

ISBN 978 90 8555 068 6

Paperback, 264 pages

e-ISBN 978 90 4851 740 4 €39.95 / £32.50



Volker Pantenburg

Farocki/Godard Film as Theory

FILM CULTURE IN TRANSITION MAY Hardback 156 x 234 mm 348 pages 99 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 90 8964 891 4

This book brings together two major filmmakers—French New Wave master Jean-Luc Godard and German avant-gardist Harun Farocki—to explore the fundamental tension between theoretical abstraction and the capacities of film itself, a medium where everything seen onscreen is necessarily concrete. Volker Pantenburg shows how these two filmmakers explored the potential of combined shots and montage to create “film as theory.”

Volker Pantenburg is assistant professor for image theory at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 755 7 €99.00 / £80.00

Paul Cuff

A Revolution for the Screen Abel Gance's Napoleon Abel Gance’s silent masterpiece, Napoleon, was given a limited run on its debut in 1927, but soon afterwards distributors in France and America, unwilling to deal with its nine-hour running time, subjected it to savage cuts – with devastating results for the movie and for film history. The struggle across ensuing decades to restore and reintegrate Gance’s film has formed a backdrop to an array of formal, contextual, and ideological battles. In this book, Paul Cuff takes

account of those battles and challenges received opinion on Gance’s view of both his film and its subject. Paul Cuff is an Associate Fellow in the Department of Film and Television at the


University of Warwick, UK.

JUNE Hardback 156 x 234 mm 272 pages

40 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 90 8964 734 4 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 487 7 €89.00 / £70.00



Edited by Laura Mulvey and Anna Backman Rogers

Feminisms Diversity, Difference and Multiplicity in Contemporary Film Cultures


This collection brings together an exciting group of established and emerging scholars to consider the history of feminist film theory and new developments in the field and in film culture itself. Opening the field up to urgent questions and covering such topics as new experimental film, the digital image, consumerism, activism, and pornography, Feminisms will be essential reading for scholars of both film and feminism.

Laura Mulvey is the author of Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema and distinguished professor in film and media theory at Birkbeck College, University of London. Anna Backman Rogers is a senior lecturer in film studies at Gothenburg University in Sweden.

‘It is not only a pleasure to read but also an indispensable book for generations of

ISBN 978 90 8964 676 7

emancipated (film and media) scholars to

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 363 4

come.’ — Patricia Pisters, professor of film studies at the University of Amsterdam

€39.95 / £32.50

Koen Leurs

Digital Passages: Migrant Youth 2.0 Diaspora, Gender and Youth Cultural Intersections Increasingly, young people live online, with the vast majority of their social and cultural interactions conducted through means other than face-to-face conversation. How does this transition impact the ways in which young migrants understand, negotiate, and perform identity? That’s the question taken up by Digital Passages: Migrant Youth 2.0, a ground-breaking analysis of the ways that youth culture online interacts with issues of diaspora, gender, 10


and belonging. Drawing on surveys, in-depth interviews, and ethnography, Koen Leurs builds an interdisciplinary portrait of online youth culture and the spaces it opens up for migrant youth to negotiate power relations and to promote intercultural understanding. Koen Leurs is a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science and he is affiliated with the Institute for Cultural


Inquiry at the Graduate Gender Programme


at Utrecht University.

Paperback 156 x 234 mm 340 pages

‘A compelling and theoretically rigorous

20 b/w illustrations

examination of diasporas online.’—Pramod

ISBN 978 90 8964 640 8

Nayar, author of’ An Introduction to New Media

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 304 7

and Cybercultures’

€39.95 / £32.50

Joost Beuving and Geert de Vries

Doing Qualitative Research The Craft of Naturalistic Inquiry Naturalistic inquiry is about studying people in everyday circumstances using ordinary means. It strives to blend in – respecting people in their daily lives, taking their actions and experiences seriously while not interfering — in order to come to theoretical understanding. This textbook offers guidance, combining thoughtful reflection with practical tips. It is written for undergraduate and graduate students in social science; for practitioners in social work, healthcare, policy advice, and organisational consultancy; and for all who have a genuine interest in society and its members. Joost Beuving teaches anthropology at Radboud University, Nijmegen. Geert de Vries teaches sociology at VU University Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College.

‘One of the best methodological


8 b/w illustrations

treatments in contemporary social


ISBN 978 90 8964 765 8

science literature. It is the type of book

156 x 234 mm

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 552 2

that students will remember as the text

224 pages

€29.50 / £24.50

that moved them to serious study. I am a flat out admirer of this book.’ – Professor Michael Lewis, University of Massachusetts



Edited by Isabel David and Kumru F. Toktamis

Everywhere Taksim Sowing the Seeds for a New Turkey at Gezi In May 2013, a small group of protesters made camp in Istanbul’s Taksim Square, protesting the privatisation of what had long been a vibrant public space. When the police responded to the demonstration with brutality, the protests exploded in size and force, quickly becoming a massive statement of opposition to the Turkish regime. This book assembles a collection of field research, data, theoretical analyses, and cross-country comparisons to show the significance of the protests both within Turkey and throughout the world. Isabel David is assistant professor at the School of Social and Political Sciences at the Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon). Kumru F. Toktamis is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.


26 b/w illustrations


ISBN 978 90 8964 807 5

156 x 234 mm

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 639 0

256 pages

€89.00 / £70.00




Ripples of Hope

Breaking Down the State

ISBN 978 90 8964 748 1

ISBN 978 90 8964 759 7

€99.00 / £80.00

€79.00 / £64.00

Observing Protest from a Place

Players and Arenas

ISBN 978 90 8964 780 1

ISBN 978 90 8964 708 5

€79.00 / £64.00

€79.00 / £64.00

Frédéric Bourdier, Maxime Boutry, Jacques Ivanoff, and Olivier Ferrari

From Padi States to Commercial States Reflections on Identity and the Social Construction Space in the Borderlands of Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar “Zomia” is a term coined in 2002 to describe the broad swath of mountainous land in Southeast Asia that has always been beyond the reach of lowland governments despite their technical claims to control. This book expands the anthropological reach of that term, applying it to any deterritorialised people, from cast-out migrants to modern resisters—in the process finding new ways to understand the realities of peoples and ethnicities that refuse to become part of the modern state. Frédéric Bourdier is an anthropologist at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in France. Maxime Boutry is an independent scholar who received his PhD in social anthropology and ethnology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris in 2007. Jacques Ivanoff is an anthropologist at the French National Center for Scientific Research. Olivier Ferrari is associate researcher at the Research Institute on


Contemporary Southeast Asia in Bangkok and lecturer at the


12 colour, 3 b/w illustrations

Lausanne University in Switzerland.


ISBN 978 90 8964 659 0

156 x 234 mm

e-ISBN 978 90 4852 332 0

168 pages

€79.00 / £64.00

OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES Transnational Migration and Asia

Pacific Strife

ISBN 978 90 8964 658 3

ISBN 978 90 8964 420 6

€79.00 / £64.00

€119.00 / £96.00

Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in

Dynamics of Religion in Southeast



ISBN 978 90 8964 540 1

ISBN 978 90 8964 424 4

€79.00 / £64.00

€79.00 / £64.00



Edited by Gregory Bracken

Asian Cities: Colonial to Global When people look at success stories among postcolonial nations, the focus almost always turns to Asia, where many cities in former colonies have become key locations of international commerce and culture. This book brings together a stellar group of scholars from a number of disciplines to explore the rise of Asian cities, including Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong, and more.

Gregory Bracken is assistant professor of architecture at Delft University of Technology.

ASIAN CITIES JUNE Hardback 156 x 234 mm

Dealing with history, geography, culture, architecture, urbanism, and other topics, the book attempts to formulate a new understanding of what makes Asian cities such global leaders.

376 pages 82 b/w illustrations ISBN 978 90 8964 931 7 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 824 0 €99.00 / £80.00

Lena Scheen

Shanghai Literary Imaginings A City in Transformation This book draws on a wide range of methods—including approaches from literary studies, cultural studies, and urban sociology—to analyse the transformation of Shanghai through rapid growth and widespread urban renewal. Lena Scheen explores the literary imaginings of the city, its past, present, and future, in order to understand the effects of that urban transformation on both the psychological state of Shanghai’s citizens and their perception of the spaces they inhabit. 14


Lena Scheen is assistant professor/faculty fellow at New York University Shanghai.

ASIAN CITIES JUNE Hardback 156 x 234 mm 304 pages 11 colour illustrations ISBN 978 90 8964 587 6 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 223 1 €89.00 / £70.00

Jan Breman

Mobilizing Labour for the Global Coffee Market Profits From an Unfree Work Regime in Colonial Java Coffee has been grown on Java for the commercial market since the early eighteenth century, when the Dutch East India Company began buying from peasant producers in the Priangan highlands. What began as a commercial transaction, however, soon became a system of compulsory production. This book shows how the Dutch East India Company mobilised land and labour, why they turned to force cultivation, and what effects the brutal system they installed had on the economy and society. Jan Breman is emeritus professor of comparative sociology at the University of Amsterdam.


440 pages


8 colour, 17 b/w illustrations


ISBN 978 90 8964 859 4


e-ISBN 978 90 4852 714 4

156 x 234 mm

â‚Ź99.00 / ÂŁ80.00








Cinema Against Spectacle

Photography, Modernity and

Confronting the Golden Age

Migration and Integration in Europe,

ISBN 978 90 8964 554 8

the Governed in Late-colonial

ISBN 978 90 8964 568 5

Southeast Asia, and Australia

€39.95 / £32.50


€99.00 / £80.00

ISBN 978 90 8964 538 8

ISBN 978 90 8964 662 0

€89.00 / £70.00

€89.00 / £70.00





The Political Culture of the Sister

Late-career Risks in Changing

Landscape Biographies

Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema

Republics, 1794-1806

Welfare States

ISBN 978 90 8964 472 5

ISBN 978 90 8964 657 6

ISBN 978 90 8964 606 4

ISBN 978 90 8964 677 4

€99.00 / £80.00

€34.95 / £28.50

€89.00 / £70.00

€89.00 / £70.00


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SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES The Art of Military Coercion ISBN 978 90 8964 674 3 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 941 5

EUROPEAN HISTORY Mediating Netherlandish Art and Material Culture in Asia ISBN 978 90 8964 569 2 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 986 6

FILM HISTORY Found Footage: Cinema Exposed ISBN 978 90 8964 417 6 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 605 6

ECONOMICS The Essence of Scenarios ISBN 978 90 8964 594 4 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 209 5

ASIAN STUDIES China with a Cut ISBN 978 90 8964 162 5 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 114 3

ASIAN STUDIES Foreign Policies and Diplomacies in Asia ISBN 978 90 8964 540 1 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 910 1

EUROPEAN HISTORY Sex and Drugs before Rock ‘n’ Roll ISBN 978 90 8964 402 2 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 570 7

SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCES Discovering the Dutch ISBN 978 90 8964 792 4 e-ISBN 978 90 4852 609 3

FILM THEORY From Grain to Pixel ISBN 978 90 8964 139 7 e-ISBN 978 90 4851 069 6

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