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A PINK FAMILY SATURDAY Once a year, it’s Pink Saturday somewhere in The Netherlands. This year it’s taking place in Amsterdam during the first weekend of EuroPride. Which made us wonder: what do pink families do on their regular Saturdays? We spoke to some to find out.

Kerry (52) Antonio (52)

Manon (37) Fraukje (35)

Carlo (14) Isabel (16)

Liz (8 months)

Antonio: “Our Saturdays are really busy. In

Fraukje: “We’re almost always out on

the mornings, our kids love to sleep late, my

excursions on Saturdays. We love to meet

boyfriend gives yoga classes and I’m studying.

up with friends. If the weather is beautiful,

So there’s no time for breakfast together, but

we go to the park or we drive up to the

we make it up in the evening during dinner.

beach and go for a walk. Liz is very easy.

Carlo plays baseball in the afternoon, and

She loves to be in the buggy and she

Isabel plays hockey. My ex-wife and I take

really enjoys going for a walk. She’s also

turns bringing our kids to their matches. I

very curious and is really interested in

scream and clap a lot from the sidelines. A

everything that’s going on around her.”

lot more than other parents. That might be because of my South-American roots.”

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