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The Interval © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

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Foreword By Judith Bobeldijk


uring the last seven years of Amsterdam Enjoy, I always wrote my preface in Dutch. Now, for the very first time, here it is in English. I already find it quite unbelievable, publishing a free magazine for an unexpected and unplanned seven years. Time is flying indeed... I am still thankfull though, that I can enjoy exploring this city, getting excited in an adventurous way and keep being curious. Special thanks to my lovely team. Usually, for every edition, we pick a specific area in Amsterdam and highlight its history. This time, we pay attention to how people used to sleep while traveling, and highlight some of today’s sleeping options. Tourism in Amsterdam is quite an issue at the moment, with tourists alledgedly taking over the city. But besides some shitty places to sleep, there are a lot of amazing places which you can also enjoy as a non-sleeping guest. Sometimes, it is simply nice to sit in a beautiful hotel, with a not too noisy, not too crowded, relaxing atmosphere. A place where you can actually escape the hectic and dynamic city, and have an enjoyable breakfast, lunch, dinner, some drinks and cocktails, or even just a coffee. In the past seven years we had the honor to work with amazing artists worldwide, from places as diverse as Japan, Peru, Tibet, America, Russia, Italy, Israel, England, Canada and of course some fantastic Dutch artists. Even though I love all of them, I remain a big fan of Ray Caesar. This Canadian artist just finished an exposition with his new work in Kochxbos Gallery, and I am super happy we can show some of his beautiful paintings and even a scoop: one of his works that just came out. So keep being curious, keep being surprised, enjoy Amsterdam, enjoy Amsterdam Enjoy.....

World traveler Š Ray Caesar/Gallery House



Are you inn? By Larissa Quaak

From its very first humble beginnings as a 13th-century fishing village on a riverbed to its current role as a major hub for tourism, commerce and business, Amsterdam has always been a place for traders and merchants. Therefore, it has always been a place of inns, taverns, hostels and hotels. Today, Amsterdam receives over four million visitors a year and counts hundreds and hundreds of hotels. Back in the days, though, we didn’t have hotels. We had something much broader. Something that doubled as tavern, trading-house, brothel, meeting place, auction-mart, storage space, and even in one location a zoo. We had what we in Dutch call the ‘herberg’, or the inn.

In the beginning It all started when some adventurous settlers decided to build a Dam on the Amstel, and live safely on the square around it. These canny ‘Aemstelledammers’ began exacting toll money from the passing beer and herring traders, and quickly became expert boat builders and brewers. Around the year 1300, after the emerging town got granted special toll privileges, it became an even greater place of interest for those bringing and transporting, buying or selling goods. The right to free passage proved to be crucial for the economic development of Amsterdam. Free passage meant that traders could operate cheaply. On top of that, as most boats had to be hauled over the many dikes and dams that characterized Amsterdam in those days, the captains, sailors, deckhands and all manner of maritime workers had 6

to spend a considerable amount of time in town. And during those hours or nights, they liked to be entertained…

lic drinking houses. A fairly high number, considering there were only 12.000 people living in Amsterdam at that time. The differences between inns were vast. Drinks, anyone? Some were extremely upclass, The proof of Amsterdam’s first serving as important places for inn dates back to 1350. What trade. Others, often those porstarted as a safe haven for travel- trayed in paintings and by assolers, soon turned into something ciation, were more rowdy, atmuch bigger than that. From tracting a different crowd of drinking games sailors, drunks The proof of in merry aleand scum. houses and shab- Amsterdam’s first inn The more fanby pubs to busicy inns were locadates back to 1350. ness meetings ted in the area of and auctions in fancy lodgings, the Warmoestreet, which then it was all done in the Dutch ‘her- was the most expensive part of berg’, or inn. An inn basically town and its main thoroughfare. meant any drinking house whose The front entry in the busy street master regularly sold alcoholic attracted visitors while the drinks, meals and lodging to backyard reached to the watermembers of the public. And Am- front of the Damrak, offering a sterdam had many! convenient place for the barges In the first half of the 16th cen- to anchor. As isolated warehouses tury one could visit over a hun- did not yet exist, storing merdred different ones of these pub- chandise in Amsterdam’s inns

Vioolspeler voor een herberg (‘violinplayer in front of an inn’) by Cornelis Ploos van Amstel, after Adriaen van Ostade, 1766 - 1770

became an important option for foreign traders. Parallel, innkeepers proved to be indispensable sources of support for traders and merchants alike.

If you run around with monkeys, you’re bound to catch fleas… Meanwhile, around the corner at the Zeedijk (‘Seadike’), you could find those places of lesser standard, where sailors would squander their sea wages and swap fantastic stories of sea. Here, prostitutes, cheap liquor and bar fights were the greatest draw. It is also this area and inn where our famous Dutch saying ‘in de aap gelogeerd’ comes from (literally ‘to spend the night in the monkey’, meaning you have gotten yourself into trouble).


According to the story, on the Zeedijk there was an old, dodgy inn with the name ‘t Aepje (the monkey) where sailors who couldn’t pay their bills were allowed to leave exotic monkeys brought from their travels instead. As the innkeeper liked to keep these monkeys running around everywhere, so were the fleas. Travellers who were found itching themselves in public were often asked the question ‘did you spend the night in the monkey?’, and thus the expression was born. You can still visit ‘t Aepje on the Zeedijk, it is one of the two remaining oldest, wooden houses in Amsterdam, and al-though unregistered and unofficial, it is apparently the oldest inn.

We built this city on alcohol From 1597 onwards, all of Amsterdam’s innkeepers had to obtain admission from the town government before they could sell alcohol. As it often goes, they had to pay for this permit, and continue to pay for its extension. Related to the kind of drinks one would sell, this could be anywhere between 25 cents quarterly for beer, to 1,5 guilder for beer, wine ànd tobacco. It is roughly estimated that there were about 5.000 inns around that time – a quarter of the country’s total - so it is not hard to see how our beautiful city is at least partially build on beer and wine… The 19th century saw a detrition of the Dutch economy, and with it, Amsterdam’s main port function. Inns became outmoded and synonymous to grubby pubs

and facilitators of public drunkenness. To prevent alcohol abuse the first Licensing Law of 1881 limited the number of public drinking houses. Even if an innkeeper managed to escape the negativity and dwindling clientele, he often changed the name of his establishment to the more modern and positive hotel or café.

And that zoo? For me, the knowledge of the inn that doubled as a zoo is one of the more entertaining anecdotes from this edition’s research. Apparently, in the 17th and 18th

century Jan Blauw’s inn on the Kloveniersburgwal was famous for its selection of tropical birds, exotic animals, and… strange people! Next to a 2,25 meter long giant and a 75 cm short midget, the inn housed a true Mohawk Indian, wearing his traditional war costume. Luckily this Sychnecta was allowed to return back to its American Valley in 1765, but still…. These days, you don’t need to go to an inn to drink or trade or see strange people. What is still

true for most hotels though, is their often broad function. In many modern places, you can sit in lobbies for a lovely cup of coffee, visit art expositions, get some needed work done in quiet or enjoy some of the cities best views. So even when you live in this city: many of the hotels listed in this edition are for all visitors, not just those that spend the night…

Le Pont (de Halvemansbrugg) vuë vers le Colveniers Doelen et le Poids de St. Anthoine à Amsterdam 9

Did you know that? - before electrical lights existed, people slept in cycles of two: first about 3 to 4 hours, then a break of 2 to 3 hours (often spend making love), and then another 3 to 4 hours? - Amsterdam also counted several so called ‘city inns’, located at the edge of town where you could stay in case you got locked out of the city? - mass tourism counts as the only economic institution in Amsterdam that grew during the crisis? - per head of capital, more people spend their nights in hotels in Amsterdam then anywhere else in Europe? - today, over 100.00 people earn their wages in the hotel branch? - the concept of airbnb in a way is as old as the city itself? Way back in time travellers also had the choice to stay in a couple of private homes, for less money than one would pay at the inn.


De bocht in de Herengracht (‘The bend in the Herengracht’) 1882 Cornelis Springer (1817-1891).

Winter © Ray Caesar/Gallery House


The Toren

by the Pavilions hotels At The Toren hotel a truly unique stay awaits you. This charming four-star boutique hotel offers 38 uniquely styled rooms and suites. Through genuine services and heartfelt recommendations a stay in Amsterdam is truly one to remember. Due to the intimate atmosphere, by theThe Pavilions hotel, situated hotels in two 17th the intense and lush decorations century historical buildings, is in the rooms and public spaces, peacefully located at the prestithe hotel offers a stay that is far gious Keizergracht, the most exfrom the ordinary. With heritage pensive and much sought after going back to 1618, The Toren part of Amsterdam. Set along hotel is the perfect base to ex- one of the most beautiful canals, plore all that Amsterdam has to offer while being situated in the local part of town.

Guests looking for something truly unique, indulge in one of our top rooms, the perfect retreat for a luxury romantic getaway. The Top rooms feature an in-room double Spa Whirlpool bath for the ultimate in relaxation. 14

which for obvious reasons, is placed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. The view on both the canal and the grand canal houses is exceptionally enchanting! Feel very welcome in our hotel.

THE TOREN BY THE PAVILIONS HOTELS Keizersgracht 164, Amsterdam  |  +31 (0)20 622 63 52  |


Sauna Deco Want to enjoy yourself in a stylish atmosphere? Come to Sauna Deco, a unique and luxurious location on one of the charming Amsterdam canals. Upon entering you’ll find yourself immediately in another world in this one of a kind City Spa allure. Not surprising, because the in­ te­ rior comes straight from Au Bon Marché, the French department store built in the nineteen twenties for the rich and famous. The jewel of the French retail palaces, the imposing ceiling light, now illuminates our lounge. Original

Visit Sauna Deco, a unique family Spa located on the World famous Amsterdam canals.

arched stained-glass windows add grandeur to the central seating area and plunge pool. Add to that the luxury facilities and you’ll know: Sauna Deco stands for pure relaxation with a touch of Parisian chic. Take a refreshing dip in the cold water plunge pool or have a foot

bath, dream away on our tanning beds, relax in our lounge. Or go for a healthy light meal, a smoothie or juice. Spa and wellness go hand in hand at Sauna Deco. So you easily combine your visit to the sauna with a relaxation massage or beauty treatment at the beauty salon. And you go home looking like you were on a sunny vacation. Relaxed and tanned. Thanks to the solarium bed.

SAUNA DECO Herengracht 115 1015 BE Amsterdam  |  +31 (0)20 623 8215  | 15


Brasserie Londen Brasserie Londen is situated at a beautiful location in Amsterdam, at the edge of the city center and right next to one of its beautiful canals. Brasserie Londen offers breakfast, fresh ground coffee, delicious lunch dishes, relaxing ­afternoon tea, homemade cocktails and cozy dinner. On a sunny day you may enjoy a cocktail or refreshing drink at our terrace which is situated next to the ­canal. The brasserie and bar offer a relaxing, homely atmosphere with a wide variety of drinks, cocktails, wines and beers for the weary traveler, venturing tourist and of course the locals.

Because of its strategic location close to the museum quarter, historic city and Rembrandt­ plein and Leidseplein, Brasserie Londen is the perfect basis to start or end your day when visiting Amsterdam.

Westeinde 26, 1017 ZP Amsterdam +31 (0) 20 5231030 16



Black & Blue Bleu Amsterdam At Steak restaurant Black and Blue we focus on what we know what we do best: serving the best steaks and the most delicious salads in Amsterdam. The steaks, which all consist of tender, organic meat, are prepared on our special Josper charcoal grill.

Our restaurant in Amsterdam, which can be found at the borders of the Jordaan in the middle the city, is a place where you can feel at home. A casual ambiance, hospitable servers, honest prices – Steak restaurant Black and Blue is the place for anyone who loves good, pure food and a relaxed atmosphere. The salads we make fresh and to your wishes. We serve our food with homemade sauces, fresh fries, and beautiful wines.

Come dine at the little brother of steak restaurant Black & Blue. Discover classic French cuisine presented with the fresh, signature twist of the head chef. The menu offers steak tartare, foie gras on sourdough bread, juicy côte de boeufs and delicious desserts such as crème brûlée and profiteroles. Taste the belle France in the bustling heart of Amsterdam. Sit back, relax and let the staff of Restaurant Bleu serve you with a personalized flair. À bientôt!



Leliegracht 46 Amsterdam | +31 20 6250807

Prinsenstraat 10HS Amsterdam | +31 20 3621340 17


Sebastian’s The place to be. Directly on the Keizersgracht, one of the most picturesque canals in the heart of Amsterdam, you will find Sebastian’s, a contemporary three-star boutique hotel with a unique and sophisticated design and atmosphere.

Sebastian’s is permeated with a mystical atmosphere that combines warm, sultry colours with exquisite textures.

Whether you are in the capital city for business or to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Am­sterdam, Sebastian’s is the place to be. The location is worth the stay: a stone’s throw from the Jordaan district, with its numerous cafés

and restaurants, and Haarlemmerstraat, home to a wide variety of shops and a number of colourful Amsterdam outdoor markets.

SEBASTIAN’S - THE PLACE TO BE Keizersgracht 15, Amsterdam  |  +31 (0)20 423 23 42  | 18

Lega ivory mask, lukungu, h. 15,3 cm. result ₏ 388.000,-

For non-binding appraisals and auction dates

Keizersgracht 474 | 1017 EG Amsterdam Telefoon (020) 622 04 47

dream on...

We’ve all been there. The alarm doesn’t go off for some reason, and we wake up naturally. We have to deal with the repercussions - both being late, and maybe waking up with a brilliant idea. Because here’s the good news: sleeping is fantastic for creative thinking. by Nicoline Douwes Isema

Sleeping Study Edition of 20 © Ray Caesar/Gallery House 22

Most people realize a lack of sleep is bad. It makes you feel groggy, affects metabolism (increasing the chance of obesity), slows memory and reaction time as much as alcohol, and harms the ability to create new ideas. But we don’t say enough on benefits of sleep: it’s a brain booster like no other. Imagine if you turned off your alarm, slept at your normal time each night, and woke up naturally every day. This would give your brain time for a crucial activity: thinking.

Ultimate brainstorming While you sleep, the brain is surprisingly active. All of the input of the day, intuitions and things we didn’t even notice passing the corner of our eyes, come together in a resting brain like an ultimate brainstorming session. Free from rational control - in sleep nothing tells you “that’s not possible”. In brain scans, we see that the sleeping brain makes many new neural connections. Rational thinking may be on the back burner, but the rest of the brain is buzzing with activity. Without the need to focus on the world outside, there is time to process, reflect, feel, intuit, imagine and juggle bits of thoughts together. Basically, while we sleep, our brain is wide awake. This explains why ‘sleeping on it’

is an effective problem solving tool. Giving yourself the time for enough sleep could actually help you find new inspiration, with the bonus of waking up rested and ready for action.

that turned round and round. I realized that I needed to roll off my feet better: first put down the heel, and roll off to the toe. I tried this the next day and it actually helped”.

A few tips

To extract even more inspiration from a dream, talk about it with a friend. Just as in any situation, a little feedback gets the brain pumping.

So, how do you make the most out of your nightly brainstorming? A few tips:


Take a moment to notice your first waking thoughts, before getting up. Any good ideas in there? “When I wake up with a good idea, I immediately start working on it” said famous Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie. So can you. Though not every creative thought will be a winner, your rational judgment will help you pick out the real gems.

In sleep nothing tells you “that’s not possible”.


 Reflect on your dreams, because they could be a note from your sleep mentation. Sometimes a little musing brings a good idea to the surface. Don’t be put off by weird symbols – nightly thinking is rarely done with rational words. Instead it’s usually expressed in images, feelings, music etc. For example, during a hiking trip ICT specialist Pip started to feel pain in his Achilles tendon. “Then I dreamt that my feet were wheels


Even if you don’t remember your dreams, a well-rested brain is much quicker to generate ideas during the day. Some people carry notebooks to capture fleeting thoughts to work on later. A tired brain needs all it’s energy just to get through the day, but a wellrested brain will have time to muse, daydream, and find inspiration. So the next time you oversleep, wake up happy about it – you may be late, but you just had one of your most productive thinking times. Your may reap the reward during the day. Nicoline Douwes Isema is a Dutch dream coach and author of the book ‘Wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht, de kracht van denken in je slaap’. She helps people understand their dreams, and conducts dream brainstorming sessions for professionals. She is a big fan of sleeping in. She is also an active member of the international association for the study of dreams and wrote an interesting article for Amsterdam Enjoy on how to use your dreams. Find out more about Nicoline on 23

intimate seating area, a cozy bistro and a restaurant with tablecloths. The large terrace is located practically in the Oosterpark, but is every bit as comfortable as it is inside.

PARK’S CLASSICS In Hotel Arena’s PARK café-restaurant you are in the heart of Amsterdam while feeling like you are truly outdoors. PARK is a hideaway in the Oosterpark where you start your day, indulge in the afternoon sun, put in an extra hour of work. Where you join friends for dinner and always come back. Where a business meeting can easily turn into a cocktail hour and a casual bite might just become a feast. PARK is an evergreen in the popular district Amsterdam Oost (East). The menu is filled with all-time favourites and modern classics. With light and freshly prepared international dishes and cocktails that never get old.

PARK’S DESIGN The high glass facades of the pavilion are designed by Team V Architectuur and seamlessly blur the lines between inside and outside. This is further reinforced with a natural interior by TANK, to include many indoor hanging plants, floor plants and natural materials as wood, marble and leather. The open space of the café-restaurant is divided into an 24

The menu is filled with evergreens: timeless favourites and modern classics. French-international dishes are prepared in the most traditional way. Pure, simple with seasonally inspired flavors. You meet each other in PARK over favourites as the Pan-

PARK. The brand new caférestaurant of Hotel Arena zanella salad, Spaghetti Vongole, Ossobuco or the Croque Monsieur.

PARK & HOTEL ARENA The opening of café-restaurant PARK is the first part of a major transformation of Hotel Arena. The hotel is expanding its stately monument with a new hotel wing and two pavilions on either side of the restyled chapel. The pavilions accommodate PARK and five multi-purpose studios for meetings and events. Hotel Arena soon brings its own cultural programming. This way the café-restaurant, chapel, studios, hotel and park organically merge.

Come and see! By handing in this booklet you will receive a complementary cup of coffee or tea on the house (Offer valid for up to 2 persons / per visit).

PARK CAFÉ-RESTAURANT ’s-Gravesandestraat 55, Amsterdam  |  + 31 20 8502450  | & 25


Share the simple things in life Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature in the dunes. With the sound of the sea in the background. Relax in our luxurious Sea Houses which are just 100 meter away from the beach of Bloemendaal. Welcome to nature! Our accommodations are surprisingly stylish furnished. New, fresh and in a style that suits the surrounding area. All accommodations have a wonderful terrace with a comfortable outdoor lounge-set. Some even have their own hammock outside! 26

All our accommodations are equip­ped with free Wi-Fi, readymade bed and towels. End of stay cleaning is also included in the rent. Simply Qurios!


Besides the Bluespoon restaurant and Chef’s Table there is Blue­spoon Bar that exudes an intimate speak-easy atmosphere overlooking the iconic Prinsengracht. The perfect location for any time of the day. Besides an extensive cocktail menu, Bluespoon Bar presents a wide variety of bar food.


Why don’t you stay for a drink? No need for a room to spend the night Hotel facades don’t always look too inviting to passersby who are just looking for a drink. But the hotels in Amsterdam feature some of the best bars the city has to offer. Just explore these iconic bars and get ready to meet an international crowd over killer cocktails and tasty finger food.

Andaz Hotel Bluesp The Andaz hoteloon Bar,

With its chic décor and shimmering ambiance; Tunes Bar is an elegant yet casual luxury bar in which to enjoy champagnes, cocktails, surprising Gin & Tonics and tasty Asian Tapas served with matching Sake. Gin & Tonics are our signature at Tunes Bar and our guests can choose from 40 kinds of gins and more than 6 different tonics. Van Baerlestraat 27

l 5&33 Bar, Art’Ote Enjoy cocktails made by using their own spice blends, syrups and brewed beers, DJ sessions and the full kitchen menu served at your table. Especially for smokers they have a magnificent smoking lounge were you can completely relax. A full cultural program of exhibitions and happenings will run throughout the year. Martelaarsgracht 5 | 28

W Hotel, bar

Prinsengracht 587

Tunes Bar, Conserva torium hotel

Located on the sixth floor of the Exchange building with un­paralleled 360-degree views over the city. Enjoy the latest sounds from resident dj’s and othersand an extensive and unique menu. W Amsterdam’s Music Curator, Kristina Dolgova; ‘the electric atmosphere makes W Lounge the hottest place to see and be seen in Amsterdam!’ Spuistraat 175

With a restaurant, an open fireplace, a reading library, a terrace overlooking the Nesplein and a small stage for events, The Lobby became a beautiful example of a “Living lobby”. Quick, modern, and high-quality culinary dishes will make up the menu, keeping a sharp eye on the original and ontemporary culture of the city. Nes 49

V Hotel, bar

Canvas, the place to take a breath of the early morning air or gaze at the late night city lights. With views across the city, it’s the he place for the first bite or the last cocktail and everything in between.

Lotti’s, our lively neighbourhood restaurant features seasonal Italian dishes with some Dutch influences too - yes Bitterballen are on the bar menu. The main seating area has a retractable glass roof, that opens when the sun comes out, whilst at the back you’ll find plush velvet sofas and lights that dim down, perfect for dinner dates. Herengracht 255

Volkshotel, Canvas

Wibautstraat 150

The Hoxton See the city from great heights at Sky Lounge Amsterdam which offers a full panoramic view. Catch up with friends, business partners or colleagues over Volkshotel, Doka refined cocktails, superb wines, delicate bites and Doka is the place to lose yourself. Where die dishes for an unforgettable experience. At 9:00pm, DJs hards, jet laggers and night owls, come together. The basement where life happens in the dark. and cocktail shakers shift Cocktails are shaken and performers are obscure. the mood and the sky This is where you can let things get out of hand lounge transforms into an and still remain invisible. energetic club.

unge Double Tree Sky Lo

Oosterdoksstraat 4

Wibautstraat 150 29

Bound © Ray Caesar/Gallery House


Love isn’t Blind

Pleasurements inspires confident women throughout her journey of erotic discovery. It is for her who is able to enjoy the extraordinary moments in life; for anyone who loves stylish eroticism and for whom couture lingerie is an addictive luxury. The result of Rebecca’s world­ wide search looking for the perfect top designs is impressive. Rebecca, owner of Pleasurements, has a unique collection and shows designs of Paul Seville, a designer who also designs for big fashion houses like Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen, Victoria’s Secret and more luxurious designs that cannot be found here in Holland or even in Europe. Now Rebecca’s very own brand has been released, a long term dream coming through.... What triggered you to initiate Pleasurements? Were you not able to find the right lingerie yourself, or did you feel there was a need from women around you? At the time, I couldn’t find the type of lingerie I wanted anywhere. In love for the first time, I was looking for excitement and tried to enrich my relationship by looking for aesthetic yet erotic lingerie. The average lingerie

shops had nothing exciting as erotic shops offered common, non-stylish items.

sign is as important as the front. Lingerie will then be just like a jewel. Beautiful and exciting!

Your new collection Room Service is inspired by a hotelnight, how come? Pleasurements means ‘pleasure’ and ‘moments’. Each collection therefore has its own moment, a central theme. A moment of pleasure, like booking a hotel with your loved one, the theme of the first collection. Time together. Seduction. Making Love. This includes good food and drinks (room service, champagne). The images were made in The Amstel Hotel, an Amsterdam icon. So our products were named Late Check­out and Do Not Disturb.

The boutique is a pleasure itself, a monumental building with beautiful designs, comfort and luxury. In which other ways would you love to spoil women? A special fitting room has been built at the top of the building. A large boudoir, equipped with all comforts for you to try on lingerie whilst enjoying a glass of bubbles, and a chaise lounge for your loved one. From gift wrapping to background music making Pleasurements a true experience.

Your selection is too beautiful to wear only in the bedroom, don’t you agree? Yes! Our lingerie should be seen. And often we notice our clients combining our lingerie with a transparent top, or a bare back to show off that one bra. We have bras, where the technical rear de-

What would you like to say to other women out there? Start wearing ‘confidence’, the most beautiful thing there is. Love and take care of yourself. And enjoy.

Herenstraat 29 Amsterdam 31

Forgotten © Ray Caesar/Gallery House


Interview by Andrea Hollebeek

ay aesar

‘My happiest time was playing alone with dolls’

At first, when you catch a glimpse of his artwork, the ultrachromes display a nice, lovely scenery with a cute little girl in it. But at second sight you notice something strange in

the posture of the female figure. And why is she so pale and white? The eyes, they are not natural. And then you notice that her legs are in fact the tentacles of an octopus and the surreal effect is complete. Welcome in the wonderful classic, eerie world of Ray Caesar, who is widely seen as the godfather of the digital surrealistic art movement. We asked the artist about his past, present and future. This is en excerpt of the full interview with Ray Caesar. You can read the whole interview on


Song For The Dearly Departed © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

A Beautiful Thought © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

This year kind of marks the 15th anniversary of Ray Caesar’s life as an artist. An English artist based in Toronto Canada that has taken the world by storm. From the first moment his wonderful, intriguing, computer animated art was out there, people were captivated by it. He has admirers and fans from all over the world (like Madonna) and his work is wanted by collectors and museums. Even though he himself truly does not enjoy showing his work. Amsterdam Enjoy meets the intriguing mr Caesar for an exclusive interview.

THE PAST When did you decide to start making artwork? “I think I was doing exactly what I am doing now when I was 8 or 10 years old, but back then I ­called it ‘play’. All these years I have simply used images as a coping mechanism and never really thought of it as a profession. In Art College I studied Architecture and Design, but during the late 1970s there were no architectural jobs due to a recession, so I took a temporary job in the Art and Photography Department of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. I only intended to stay there for a few months but ended up working there for 17 years. During those years, dealing with children with suspected cases of abuse and other traumatic conditions of childhood made me confront my own brutal and abusive past. I felt working in the hospital

was a worthwhile endeavour and it did become the foundation of my work and taught me many things. After leaving the hospital, I worked as a computer animator and modeller in the film industry for several years and was nominated for the Emmy and Gemini awards, but after several deaths in my family, I decided to start showing my own artwork in galleries. That was a difficult decision, as I truly do not enjoy showing my work.” How does making art helps you to deal with your past? “In childhood I developed a fantasy world that evolved into what is now described as a ‘paracosm’: a highly detailed alternate existence that I used as an escape and as a coping mechanism to endure a strange and violent family that was wrought with narcissism, sadism and psychopathy. Pictures became the doorway to my safe haven and a place to preserve some form of sanity and innocence; as a way to keep control of my emotions, which were also becoming quite violent. I also developed several alternate personalities, which I think can easily be seen in my work.“ What is your happiest memory from childhood? “My happiest time was playing alone with dolls as I felt they talked to me, looked after me and I was able to express myself with them in quite unusual ways. I posed them and made environments for them and dressed them up in handmade

clothing. As a child I also loved dressing up as a girl when alone in front of the mirror. I know my bigender identity is a mix of both male and female, and my work expresses this, even if my own self image that I present does not.“ Is there ever an end to the past in your mind? “In many ways I tried to let it go, but it festered in my subconscious and came back to hurt me in forms of dissociative problems, anxiety disorders and even physical pain. Post traumatic stress from early childhood is the most difficult form of trauma to let go of when it occurs before we could speak, and manifests before we develop the ability to retain memory around the age of 3 to 5. I have been going to therapy for about 10 years now and I know for certain that my past could easily have turned me into a monster, but I made a subconscious choice as a child to protect the fragile part of myself in a unique way. I hid it in a picture and the picture hid that part of me in an imaginary world I made in the deepest part of my mind.”

THE PRESENT What kind of process do you go through when making a new model? “It’s not so much about making the models as evolving each part of the separate pieces of the model over many years. It’s the same way we evolve parts of our personalities out of the improvements in aspects of our character. I can spend hours

working out the right way a thumb can bend or the subtlety of a smile and the shape of posture. There are many parts of a model that can’t be seen. Sometimes I mix gender and have unusual hermaphroditic genitalia or scars of torn angelic wings or twisted nails on toes.” Why do we see so many masks in your work? “The mask is something we all wear, what we present to the world. The naked face below the mask is our subconscious expression and sometimes we don’t even know the identity of that countenance that is just below the surface. Underneath the mask is the place we can be hurt and damaged, so we protect that part of who we are in many ways known and unknown. The cat is feral and is often an expression of my mother or the ferocity we express, even though there is innocence below. The bat is me; the child who was born and lived upside down, who would prowl in a mask and cape around the hallways at night in the tenement I grew up in. Devils and Minotaurs are like Asterion, the monster I could have become. The wolf is my father, or the base expression of the primitive animal at the root of each of us. The tentacles are the deformity of mind but also represent the actual physical deformity of my father’s feet, my father had childhood arthritis. He hid his feet behind a mask and my brother would often tell me he had hoven feet; in seeing them you might also think the same.”

THE FUTURE What present themes can make you really happy? “I am an optimist and I love seeing people stand up for something they believe in, seeing them stand together for a just cause. The recent Women’s march all over the world filled me with pride for our species. I love seeing people holding hands and standing together; not against something, but for something.” What can really upset you? “I cannot stand insensitive cruelty in any form. Injustice to children and animals and the environment, cruelty to those things that are unable to protect themselves.” What advice can you give us through your work? “My perception of my reality has changed me and I feel that art can change the perception of those that view it. My efforts are central to the idea that we are not static in the place we find ourselves in, but how that place can be changed in both good and bad ways through our creative choice. Male and female might just be an illusion as it’s just a product of linear thinking in one direction, the same way race is an illusion and religious and political belief is an illusion. I want to question rigid belief structures and place a more important significance on ‘wonder’, the idea that belief and disbelief take a back seat to wondrous possibility. I don’t necessarily ‘believe’ this, I just wonder about it.”

Fallen © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

Just a few years ago our train carriages were part of the Zürich – Rome night train. Because these sleepers are even more comfy when they are not on the move, we decided to create a hostel Amsterdam had never seen before. In creating this unique hostel on wheels we tried to keep all the original features and fittings. Looking for a hostel in Amsterdam? Our Train Lodge is an affordable, unique and strategic base to explore all Amsterdam has to offer. Anyone who has ever visited this city will agree: Amsterdam is the place to be! Cosmopolitan and lively, yet friendly and laid-back, this city will steal your heart.

A real train experience You will find the same vibe in the Train Lodge, perfect for solo travelers and groups alike! Instead of hotelrooms you sleep in the original compartments, a real train experience! You’ll find us right next to train station Amsterdam S ­ loterdijk, close to train, tram, bus and subway connec-

tions. Schiphol Airport is 15 minutes away. The city centre takes a couple of minutes by train. Alternatively, do as the Dutch do and rent a bicycle. Thanks to our strategic location, other cities and sights in Holland are just a train ride away: Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Zaandam and Zandvoort are all easily accessible (in under 40 minutes).

TRAIN LODGE Changiweg 121, Amsterdam | +31 (0)20 6849224 | 40


Cocomama Stay Cosy, Stay Together, Stay at ‘MAMA’

COCOMAMA is the perfect combination of the comfort of a hotel and the coziness of a hostel. You’ll feel safe, cocoon and meet other international trotters alike.When entering, you immediately realize this is not your standard hostel-experience. Housed in a monumental building in a lively bohemian district, Cocomama offers something for everyone. Whether you go dorm or private, you’re sure to get a unique and individually-styled room. The staff seems to be made of star dust and will make you feel right at home.

The staff seems to be made of star dust... The verdict? Cocomama is there for those who want to explore the world but don’t want to feel lost or on their own. They claim to be the best of both worlds. We agree.

COCMAMA Westeinde 18, Amsterdam +31 20 627 2454 41


Stop Surviving! Start enjoying life to it’s full potential. You are conscious o f your diet and you practice regular exercises to keep yourself fit, still it seems to be getting more and more difficult to enjoy the moment. The simplest things trigger stress and you feel exhausted after a day in which you did only things which you should have enjoyed. Something is taking over... and you don’t know how to get out of it. Primitive Reflexes are the cause of not getting out of any bad habit or vicious circle. These reflexes should be under control at an age of three. When exposed to long-term stress, extreme life threatening situations or other

emergencies, these reflexes can get out of control. Your body starts to compensate these “energy draining” primitive reflexes to make sure you are able to perform under normal circumstances.

A small test: I am a daydreamer

I am depressed

I have difficulty to say No

I am dyslectic

I am continuously distracted

I am always exhausted

 I often feel unable to act when a situation requires action I am very sensitive

 I experience problems in the pelvic area I fear failure

I often feel attacked

I am negative

I am over alert or panic easily

I am obsessed with food

I have problems keeping my balance

I have lower back problems

I experience a lot of stress in my jaw

I have a difficulty to focus

I experience irregular heartbeats

I am often sick

I have digestive disorders

 I recover very slowly from illness or injury  I experience hardly any results with any therapy

I have a sleeping disorder I am clumsy

I think I need to have my Primitive Reflexes checked...


You are not enjoying life to it's full potential. You are surviving! When you are unable to get the primitive reflexes under control by yourself, this compensation program will slow down your learning skills, hamper your development and will eventually lead to mental and physical exhaustion. Primitive Reflex Therapy uses a technique which assists the human body in bringing the primitive reflexes under control at a subconscious level. This is done by a small number of sessions. Some claims made by clients: • I feel liberated! • I am balanced and finally at peace with myself. • No more undefined inflammations. •  I am able to sleep again. Life is getting better. •  My son used to be fragile... last Sunday he played like a 'monster' on the football pitch. •  After last session I read a book from cover to cover... pretty neat for a dyslectic. To get your primitive reflexes under control: Call +316 45 255 960 for an appointment. Our Primitive Reflex Therapy practice is located at Churchilllaan 1 in Amsterdam.



Azarius takes you on a trip… Amsterdam is home to many coffeeshops, but have you already visited a smartshop? They started off 20 years ago, selling 100% legal herbal drugs that stimulate the mind and improve memory. Azarius takes you on a journey through the world of psychedelic herbs, smart supplements and new ways to get high - or grounded! Microdosing is hot. Not only in the psychedelic world but also in the start up and tech scene, since it was labelled ‘Silicon valley life hack’ by journalists from mainstream magazines as Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and Huffington Post.

WHAT IS A MICRODOSE? A microdose is 1/10 to 1/20 of a normal dose of a psychedelic drug such as LSD, psilocybin containing mushrooms or mescaline. Still far below the dosage for a light trip. This extremely low dose has only sub-perceptual effects and therefore allows you to function normally in daily life. Or actually, a lot better, as many users have reported.

Creative. More, sometimes even brilliant, ideas and the ability to comprehend complicated matters, patterns and ideas. Increased focus and ease to get into the flow while working, and stay in this flow longer than usual. Emotional. Appreciation and gratefulness for everything around you and life itself. A better mood. Spiritual. A sense of interconnectedness of everything. 99% of the contents of the anecdotal reports is positive. But some negative effects have been mentioned: headache (due to increased blood flow), sleeping difficulties, personality changes, irritable stomach, increased anxiety and irritability.

GIVE IT A TRY? Our truffles contain psilocybin, so here in the Netherlands we have the opportunity to legally experiment with microdosing. Before you give it a go, we recommend reading up on this topic. You can find decent guides at The Third Wave ( and

WHICH EFFECTS ARE KNOWN? For years, Dr. James Fadiman has been collecting reports of people who’ve voluntarily experimented with microdosages. Reported effects are: Physical. Increased energy, described as ‘good’ or clear energy, not much like a caffeine buzz. Increased motivation at daily activities such as work and sports. Sometimes also an increased body load or stomach irritation. Azarius online smartshop since 1999

Azarius offline shop Kerkstraat 119 Amsterdam (020) 7372107

Opening hours Mon-Wed 11:00 - 18:00 Tue-Sat 11:00 - 21:00 Sun 12:00 - 18:00


The Name With A Heart! From an underground smokers-den to a coffeeshop empire. The Bulldog’s success-story reads like an American dream and as such could have filled an episode of Oprah. The Bulldog No. 90 was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and laid the benchmark for the contemporary coffeeshop. What once began in a cellar, has grown into an ironclad trade-name with five locations and a hotel in Amsterdam, locations in Canada and a merchandising line. Beware of the Bulldog!

This is how we started...

How to build an empire...

In 1970 Henk de Vries sold his first African Grass in matchboxes at the ‘Kralingse Bos’ pop festival in Holland. How could he have known that this would result in a company known worldwide many years later?

Selling more beer than any other police-station in the world allowed Henk to grow (and open a whole series of Bulldogs) in the eighties and the nineties.

How did we get our name? On December 17 th, 1975, Henk emptied the contents of his fathers sex-shop into one of Amsterdam ‘s famous canals. Now he had a place for his latest experiment, the world’s first coffeeshop. But what should he call it? The answer came to him in the shape of Joris, his four legged friend.

Social & sustainable thinking The Bulldog is supporting local and international organisations like Salvation Army, de Regenboog groep and different projects in Indonesia and Thailand. We

THE BULLDOG™ The Bulldog™ The First Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90 The Bulldog™ Mack Oudezijds Voorburgwal 132

are also trying hard to make the company more sustainable; we think clean air, snowy mountain tops, and thick green forests are more important than money.

The Bulldog™ The Palace Leidseplein 15 The Bulldog™ Hotel Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220 45


Live your dreams My great passion is to help people find their path and develop themselves in all areas of their lives. When people get in touch with their inner-self and discover their identity and desires, they can settle their goals. My background

My method

My journey started in 1998 by looking into different ways of developing myself, through which I got in touch with practices like Zen meditation. I studied traditional Chinese Medicine and mindfulness. I discovered my passion for Coaching in 2006 while I was working as an IT engineer for an American Multinational and was asked to join an internal mentoring program. Being so fascinated by the work, I decided to change my career and became a Certified Life Skills Coach. I have my practice in Amsterdam giving one-toone life coaching and I’m pre­ paring myself to become a Biodynamic Psychotherapist.

What makes me different from most life coaches? People sometimes call me the Soul Whisperer. Being born in the Amazon and being half native Indian and half Portuguese, I have a profound and deep connection with nature and full appreciation of the oneness of a person’s body, mind and spirit. Combining my background with my experience in guiding people, I’ve developed a unique and effective method that addresses body and mind as one. My coaching sessions include body techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, rhythmic exercise, yoga and massages. This combination allows you to

People use to call me the Soul Whisperer


have a deeper insight into your heart, particular needs and desires, but also reveals what might be impairing from making a move, taking decisions and following your dreams.

“I believe everyone has a mission in this world and mine is to help people find their path and fulfill their dreams.” Joelma JOELMA LIMA +31 627617780

In One Ear & Out the Other © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

Amsterdam Enjoy is een Print Productie van platform P. Projectmanagers in Print. Enjoy ofwel, veel...


AMSTERDAM Facebook & instagram: lalobadesign  |  Phone 06 38 63 04 09

Kokopelli is one of the oldest and coziest smart shop in Amsterdam. Our staff is well trained and experienced with the products we carry. We believe it’s important to be well informed and are more then happy to provide you with all the information you need

anced spirit. We are the only smart shop with a comfortable and cosy lounge area. In this relaxing and safe place you can read a book from our psychedelic library while using our products having the best view on the Damrak. Look at the art by Kamiel Proost.

Aside from magic truffles, party energizers and re­lax­ing herbs we extended our product range. In the shop we carry an interesting selection of vitamins and herbs in the range from stimulating to relaxing.

Treat yourself with healthy ,raw snacks, handmade wonderbars, Pastelli Deli or Glow choco-bars.

We are a big fan of the Nano Minerals from the Health Factory . Soon the super Detoxifying bath-salt by P.Jentschura will be available again. We have everything for a healthy mind and a bal-

Kokopelli tickles all your senses. We have a large selection of Japanese and Tibetan healing incense, Palo Santo and etheric oils. Massage your partner with our silky soft oils or try an aphrodisiac.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday you’re more then welcome to join and listen to our live dj’s. Are you searching for this special gift? We have magnificent Buddha sculptures from Nepal, unique orgonites by Zorgonite and a collection of Huichol art from Mexico. So quality, knowledge and art, Kokopelli is the place to have a magical experience. Kokopelli is seven days a week open from 11.00 till 22.00 hour. Kokopelli Samertshop Warmoesstraat 12 1012 JD Amsterdam (020) 421 7000

In our music corner you will find a collection cd’s from ambient to psytrance and tribal beats to mantra’s. 51


Share global tapas, glam cocktails and juicy gossip in a fun, festive setting. We have a pretty clear picture of what the perfect night out looks like. It involves lingering with close friends (or intriguing strangers) over a constant flow of food, a journey of exotic tastes and inventive flavours. When the meal inevitably comes to an end, we want to find ourselves asking where did all the time (and the wine) go? At The Pool, we embrace this concept of a leisurely communal dining experience. We know food and drinks are a key ingredient in stimulating special moments between people. So we envisioned our bar to be a central and inviting space where guests can gather over classic cocktails with a modern twist and see where the night leads. Our menu is based on the something-for-everyone concept. It fuses international comfort food with regional favourites, with an emphasis on fresh, healthy ingredients and high impact

flavours. We’ve been inspired by our melting pot community to be a rich and varied blend of culinary cultures and dishes. Our inspiration is global, but our attitude is totally local. We are your casual neighbourhood hotspot, a local hub for food-andlife lovers to gather, and a champion of the sustainable area vendors who provide our produce.

THE POOL/ THE STUDENT HOTEL Wibaut­straat 131-A  Amsterdam | +31 (0) 20 26 20 491 | 52

Launderette © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

Kunsthuis Amsterdam VINCENT PETERS, ‘PERSONAL’ 25.03.2017 – 30.04.2017 With the exhibition ‘Personal’ by Vincent Peters Kunsthuis Amsterdam shows an impressive retrospective of the work and life of Vincent Peters. Vincent has captured many of the biggest celebrities of our time, and with the exhibition ‘Personal’ he allows us an intimate glimpse of the immediate and intense encounters between the photographer and his models. The exhibition will be on show until 30 April 2017 and is free to the public. Kunsthuis Amsterdam is specialized in contemporary art and represents a dynamic mix of artists, from young local talent to highly established international names. Kunsthuis Amsterdam differs from the more traditional galleries by also offering a range of attractive buying programs and lending opportunities. Kunsthuis Amsterdam is located on the Amstel­ veenseweg 135 in Amsterdam and is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 17:00 pm and on Sundays from 13:00- 17:00 pm.

This page up; Charlize Theron, below: Bianca Balti. Page on the right: Alexander McQueen.

Amstelveenseweg 135  |  1075 VX Amsterdam +31 (0)71 5284480  |



THE EYE of the


‘Wow, is that me?’ The person in front of me is surprised by the absolute beauty of the eye. You can look calmly at photo prints, unhindered by your thoughts of imperfections. When you look each other in the eye, you can see that beauty in others. Personal beauty in eyes is what fascinates me.



Festival class for refugees Festivals are a big part of Dutch youth culture. For that reason, winterfestival ‘Georgie’s Wintergarten’ invited young refugees to tag along with a Dutch festival buddy and experience a day at a festival in the Netherlands. The young refugees, a group of around 25 people, all live in Riekerhaven, a project where status holders live together with students. During the morning they were loosely paired to a group of volunteers, for which around 250 festival go-ers signed up. A selection of the group was made, as the day came with a bit of a responsibility. That being said, integration between the two groups went smooth and easy, and it did not take long for small mixed groups to be formed. Together they quickly went off to a music workshop (as pictured), or just to explore Ruigoord’s nooks and crannies.



Agenda Saturday 4 February

Once in a blue Moon Sutsche (fusion festival) 5 hour set + resitance orchestra Saturday 11 February

Boy Scouts

Sat 12 Feb, 12 Ma & 09 Apr

Het woord in Ruigoord Sat 18 February


Sat 25 February & Sat 25 March

Trance Orient Express Sunday 4 February


Sunday 19 February Shaun Herron

Home of creative spirits Ruigoord is home to creative spirits of many hues: musicians, painters, theatre makers, writers, psychonauts, and poets. Together we organize festivals, rituals, musical and literary events. Our beautiful old church is the heart of our village. Every second Sunday ‘Het Woord in Ruigoord’ offers a stage to mind-blowing voices of the international underground. We’ve had Allen Ginsberg, Terence McKenna and

Simon Vinkenoog, but also Evo Morales, now president of Bolivia, who spoke on behalf of the indigenous coca-farmers. Of course young avant-garde performers play the most important role now. If you like meaningful words keep an eye out for our admission-free Sunday programs. Some say we’re born a thousand times, others say only once. It doesn’t really matter, ‘cause I know somehow: the only thing that matters is to live right here and now.


Sun 26 February & Sun 26 March

Ruig DJ Collective Saturday 4 March


Saturday 11 March


Saturday 1 April

Hakuna Matata

Saturday 8 April


Saturday 15 April

Wild things

Friday 21 April


Zondag 30 april



Agenda­ genda

SUNDAY 19 FEBRUARY 5 jaar NeighbourFood & Flea-market - Westergasfabriek. Sprookjes in de Krokus (till 26/2) - Ostade A’dam. A youth festival with magical theatre, film, parties and workshops. ostade-

February till April

Mono Japan (till 5/2) - Lloyd Hotel 25 brands will transform the design rooms of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy into unique exhibition spaces.

Taking a day for yourself and others in dance. Sharing movement while learning a wonderful way to communicate without words.

SATURDAY 4 FEBRUARY The Psychedelic Renaissance - Mezrab. Be part of this magical mix of inspiring people, good music, fascinating stories and fun!

Design Icons Amsterdam (till 12/2) - De Kromhouthal. 60 dealers from all over Europe will return to A’dam, bringing their finest vintage design FRIDAY 24 pieces from the ‘30s - ‘80s. FEBRUARY

Discover nature at Vuurtoreneiland. Winter Wooferland - Paradiso. Sail along to the Fire Tower Island, a tiny island in the IJmeer. 4 jaar Tanken Bij Diep - Cafe Diep 4 year anniversary Wellness Festival - Pllek. A Wellness Festival with entertainment, jacuzzi’s, hot tubs, restaurant, sauna, yoga, massages, lounge area, the Dansdag - De Hallen Amsterdam. A day full of tastiest drinks, live music stage & Dj’s. dance! Various styles, schools and organisations will present themselves. Brazilian Carnaval in the Brewery/1 year ann. Oedipus Brewing. facebook>OedipusBrewing TUESDAY 14 FEBRUARY VALENTINESDAY Valentijnsdag | Filmvertoning: Tanna (2015) Fade Blank - Shelter Amsterdam Pllek. Sunday ‘Valentines’ Market - Westergasfabriek ABC Winterbook Fair (till 6/2) - De Hallen We’re cleaning out our warehouse and have thousands of English language books on sale from €5,-. This is your chance! PAC Festival - Pathé Tuschinski. Club Dansant Quatre - Supperclub. Do you remember T-Dansant, Le Dimanche & Paleis Soestdijk? In cooperation with Supperclub, we bring back those Clubbing Sundays in Odeon. THURSDAY 9 FEBRUARY Conscious Talks: The Science Of Spirituality The Conscious Club. Science & Spirituality have always been seen as 2 worlds apart, but in fact they are more intertwined then one would think. FRIDAY 10 FEBRUARY Derrick May & Dimitri - De Marktkantine HYTE Amsterdam (t/m 10-2) - Warehouse Elementenstraat. SATURDAY 11 FEBRUARY Contact Day + Nataraj Party - Club Lite 60

WEDNESDAY 22 FEBRUARY De Avond van de Filmmuziek (till 24/2) Concertgebouw. Klassieke vertalingen van filmklassiekers door het Metropole Orkest.

Valentine’s Day with Sazz Leonore - North Sea Jazz Club. WEDNESDAY 15 FEBRUARY Stukafest - Meerdere locaties. This year we will celebrate our anniversary with performances by great artists from different disciplines at mesmerizing locations in A’dam and we will of course end the night off with a great party. FRIDAY 17 FEBRUARY The Music of Jamiroquai - North Sea Jazz Club Dans la Serre: UMOJA - Noorderlicht Cafe Their music presents an expression of their love for experimentation with African, South American and exotic traditions. Komm schon Alter XIV - Warehouse Elementenstraat. SATURDAY 18 FEBRUARY Wonderland Festival - Thuishaven and Warehouse Elementenstraat. Follow the white rabbit and fall into Wonderland with an 19 hours Day & Night edition from 13.00 till 8:00!

THURSDAY 23 FEBRUARY Sonic Acts (t/m 26/2). Bi-annual thematic event that focuses on developments in art, music and science.

We love Food (till 26/2) - De Kromhouthal Teema | Arabische Wereld Jazz - Theater de Meervaart. Carnaval: El Bacchanal XXXL - Roest. Reggaeton, salsa, bachata, baile funk, forro, axe en samba.

SATURDAY 4 MARCH The Spirit of Amsterdam - Zuiderkerk. Met meer dan 500 whisky’s, verhalen over whisky, muziek, Sleepers - Radion. Sleepers is a Berlin based food en lifestyle. collective/label with it’s main focus on promoting Nataraj Amsterdam meets Laboratorium Pieśni intelligent dance music. - Club Lite. Join the polyphonic singing journey with songs from different countries. A capella Shelter Octave One, DJ Bone, Vince Watson singing and shaman drums, shruti box, rattl and - Shelter Amsterdam. A gathering of giants in ac- other ethnic instruments! complishment and sound. Zeezout Winter Festival The Italo Disco Special SATURDAY 25 FEBRUARY - Marktkantine. Chocolate Festival (till 26/2) - Beurs van Berlage. D.A.F. Party - Ruigoord.

Dance Studios.

Osunlade’s Yoruba Soul Orchestra - Paradiso Noord.

A Tribe Called Roest invites Illco - Roest A time travel trough the Hiphop culture from the 80’s.

SUNDAY 12 MARCH Pachanga Boys 10 HRS - Thuishaven.

La Rêve x Lost in the Jungle - Westerunie. Transformation into a wilderness, where desires will be fulfilled by jungle beats, leading you through our own urban amazon.

FRIDAY 17 MARCH TRAM 10 | 2 year anniversary - Panama. Tramritten met internationale en nationale dj’s uit de Techno scéne.

A 6hr Gem Session by Secret Cinema & Egbert & Reinier Zonneveld - Melkweg.

Sleazefest Winter Edition - Pllek. Tussen de bands en cocktails draaien onze djs de sexieste rock&roll, exotica, beat en garagepunk.

Nachtvaren - Pier 14. Beukend op de techno golven zullen we ‘s nachts varen tot zonsopgang. Dwalend over het Noordzeekanaal op zoek naar SUNDAY 5 MARCH onze zielen. Sunday Market - Westergasfabriek. Shoppen voor art, fashion & design. Funky products, hapRaw Chapter - Depot. jes, live music & lots more! SUNDAY 26 FEBRUARY Boeken in de Hallen - De Hallen Secret Rooms - Location theatre festival for curious minds - Volkshotel. Volkshotel transforms into a big stage for new theatre makers. Expect a festival join a theater-genius in a hotel room or get lost in the smokey basement.

Cross Linx Festival - Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Cross-linx makes connections between composed ‘new’ music and artists from the avant-garde pop scene. The shows also take place in the cellars, attics & hallways. TUESDAY 7 MARCH 10 jaar CinemAsia Film Festival (t/m 12/3) Kriterion. Contemporary films from Asia as films with a strong artistic vision.

Balcony Sessions - Noorderlicht. A lot of Balkan, THURSDAY 9 MARCH Klezmer & Gypsy music, but also Brazilian Forro Roze Filmdagen (t/m 12/3) - Westergasfabriek and Cajun from Louisiana! The best from the international ‘pink’ Movies. THURSDAY 2 MARCH FRIDAY 10 MARCH Pllek Live Stage - Pllek. Every first Thursday of the month a musical adventure powered by Bacchus Wijnfestival (t/m 12/3) - De Duif. We energetic live performances. vieren een intiem feestje in het prachtige A’damse kerkje: De Duif. FRIDAY 3 MARCH Romeo & Juliet - Toon. A play that will touch Cinedans (t/m 12/3) - EYE Amsterdam. We invesyour heart and is created in the moment by tigates developments and methods in dance film Shakespeares original lines, the location and the and interactive presentation forms. casting. Amsterdam Coffee Festival (t/m 12/3) - WesDans la Serre: Inphiknight - Noorderlicht tergasfabriek. Feature artisan coffee & food DJ Inphiknight, a curator of exceptional beats, stalls, tastings & demonstrations from baristas, grooves and melodies. From ambient towards workshops, street food, coffee-based cocktails, avant-garde techno incorporating ethnic, live music & art. shamanic and cybernetic elements. Brazilian Dance Festival (t/m 12/3) - Brasa Self Examination © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

Katermukke Showcase - Marktkantine. We are excited to return to A’dam to have another unforgettable Kater night! SATERDAY 11 MARCH 24H Oost. Big and small heroes going about their lives, traditions, blazing a trail with ideas, educating, entertaining, brightening up the lives of the everyday A’dammers. Het Weekend (t/m 13-3) - De School

My Baby - Melkweg. Het 2e album van ‘Shamanaid’ krijgt in maart een opvolger met een nieuwe show: ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’, ‘sjamanistische’ reis. SATURDAY 18 MARCH Ondiep Poolparty - Sloterparkbad. Techno, Tech-House, Deephouse. OndiepEvents SUNDAY 19 MARCH Floating Memories - Hotel Buiten. Paint or write your thoughts on paper and let them drift away... facebook> FRIDAY 24 MARCH Amsterdam Wine Festival (t/m 26/3) - Gashouder. SATURDAY 25 MARCH - SUMMERTIME! 5 Year Anniversary - Open Tower Day A’dam An anniversary with many historical and contemporary towers will participate. Inloopmiddag ikv Open Dag Prof. Astrologie Vedisch astrologen geven gratis mini consulten. SUNDAY 26 MARCH Pure Markt - Park Frankendael. TUESDAY 28 MARCH 10 jaar Restaurant Week (t/m 14/4) FRIDAY 31 MARCH Woodstock Openingsweekender - Woodstock Bloemendaal. 61

Madame R. © Ray Caesar/Gallery House

#27 Amsterdam enjoy, februari - april 2017  

The new Amsterdam Enjoy is now totally in English. You can read about Ray Caesar, the mailn artist and storys about dreaming and Amsterdam H...

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