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Lau Lau In Search of the

The Largest Catfish in the World


was on the bus heading down the road from Georgetown to Lethem. It was hot and dusty as the dry season was in full swing and it was another “El Nino” year, which seem to be more frequent these days. I was day dreaming about my family back home in Britain especially my long suffering Partner who I had said goodbye to at the departure gate at London’s Gatwick. Tears had welled up in her eyes but I was not completely convinced. I am sure some of those tears were also of Joy. I have been coming to Guyana for the last 20 years to fulfill my dreams and I was suspicious. After all she would have sole control of the TV remote control and would be uninterrupted and have her own schedule and could spend as much time as she wanted with the grandchildren for the next two and a half months. We were about half way on the journey and the passengers have taken on an “ orange complexion” thanks to the red dust from the road getting into the bus and coating everything. I was on my way to meet my old Amerindian pals Mike and Sparrow. We have done many



By Gordon Duncan

amazing River trips together, and they have helped me catch the incredible Lau Lau catfish, some up to 8ft in length. I have known Mike and Sparrow for years and their village Surama is one of the top Eco Lodges in Guyana. I knew them before they had even built the Lodge. I think I was one of their first tourists when Mrs. Chan-a Sue sent me there and told me “the boys will look after you so don’t worry”. Never a truer statement has been made. Over the years they have certainly looked after me and I have never had to worry. 2016 was another “El Nino” year and the Burro Burro river that runs close to Surama was quite low. We had one aluminum boat with an engine and pulled along a canoe as a life boat and hopefully to be filled with drying fish that we were sure to catch. The fishing and wildlife seen on these rainforest trips have given me so many amazing memories that I can never forget. We have seen many Jaguars over the years, but that is another story for another time, so back to the Lau Lau.

Explore Guyana 2017  

The Official Tourist Guide Of Guyana

Explore Guyana 2017  

The Official Tourist Guide Of Guyana