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simple process of making clean electricity from the sun, especially since it’s become such a boom in the rest of the world.” The team at Vibe Electric has established strong ties with Bajan and Jamaican counterparts as well as direct links within the OECS, CREDP, World Bank, OPIC, USAID and The Carbon War Room, (an organization founded by Sir Richard Branson) for the purpose of coordinating and disseminating information throughout the country. Since the incorporation of Vibe in

February 2013 by its 10 year old and top rated, parent company LucianStyle Development Corp., considerable headway has been made in the local renewable energy market, with the team having sold five fully electric and truly incredible Nissan Leaf cars, participated in the installation of two fast EV (electric vehicle) charging stations, and installed a total of over 200kw of solar panels on nine different properties and counting throughout the island. But it doesn’t stop there. Vibe Electric is currently in the bid/design/finance stages on many other systems for well-respected business and homeowners the nation over, initiatives which will undoubtedly help to amplify and solidify the company’s presence on the local stage. With reliability playing a key role in the sustenance of any initiative, we asked Mr. Brigham just how reliable the products

and services provided by Vibe Electric are, and how they compare to what similar companies in more developed countries are using. “Vibe Electric has by far the largest and the most experienced solar design and installation team in St. Lucia,” he said. “We have the largest installed solar capacity of any private company on the island, and our team has racked up decades of experience working around the world (mainly in the US and UK) before assembling in St. Lucia. We use the absolute best equipment available;

including German inverters and hurricaneproof mounting systems. Our systems require almost no maintenance and are also fully warrantied to produce the power stated for up to 25 years”. “We are driven by a mission to help St Lucia change,” Brigham expressed, “we are not only focused on short-term profits. We take a lot of pride in our work and we wish to create an environment of faith in our technology. As such, our company is committed to going above and beyond the call, utilizing the latest and most advanced products available and providing customers with the top-notch service we are known for.” But just how cost effective is making the switch to solar? If a consumer wanted to go entirely off LUCELEC’s grid, they would also need to have a battery back-up system installed to cover nights and other

times when the sun isn’t shining. “This can drive up the costs quite a bit, and often isn’t necessary,” the Vibe director says, “Most people decide to produce a percentage of their electricity needs and remain connected to the grid for the balance. This is the most cost effective way to start saving immediately”. Of course, we would like to think that people would switch to solar simply because it is the right thing to do to save our environment for future generations, but Mr. Brigham says the solar market didn’t really explode until a few years ago

when it became so much cheaper than traditional sources. He added: “We can now say that one of the biggest reasons people convert to solar is because of the massive savings incurred; with rates per watt costing up to 75 % (seventy five percent!) less than buying through the local utility company.” As the finite nature and environmentally harmful consequences of burning petroleum products become more globally known and regarded as fact, it’s exciting to imagine the Caribbean’s annual $9 billion expenditure on oil going to more productive and beneficial endeavors. The widespread embracing of cheaper renewable energy is expected to make the region more competitive in the production of goods and services and simultaneously reduce the Caribbean’s expenditure on petroleum and petroleum products. BusinessFocus July / Aug



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St. Lucia Business Focus 82  

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