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Plan to Have a Roaring Good Time!

Success Through Giving

by Sherry Esteves, Gala Marketing Committee

by Kristy Miranda, CAC Committee


n the true Great Gatsby style, join us for a night of dance and entertainment. This year, the American Society’s Annual Gala will take you back to the Roaring Twenties, the decade of jazz, swing, feathers & pearls, and cabaret. Join us for this unforgettable evening of fun, while also helping children in need. Profits from the event will benefit two of our charity partners, Casa Limiar and Associação Criança Brasil (ACB). The AmSoc Annual Gala, The Great Gatsby, will take place at the historic Jockey Club of São Paulo. Stepping into the Jockey Club will take you back to relive the history and charm of São Paulo. With amazing food and drinks, including a specialty wine bar, exclusive cigar bar, and one of the most beautiful views of

the city, guests will be transported back to the 1920s. You will have the opportunity to place your bids on Live and Silent Auction items, enjoy a gourmet dinner, and dance the night away. Casa Limiar and Associação Criança Brasil (ACB) are two remarkable children’s charities that will benefit from the proceeds from the Gala. Casa Limiar is a home that serves approximately 20 children and adolescents, ranging in age from newborn to 18 years of age. Many have suffered ill-treatment, abandonment, and living in other at-risk situations. Associação Criança Brasil (ACB) develops charity programs for 850 children and adolescents in four lowincome communities. continued on page 5


embers of the CAC committee are busy preparing for this year's Gala, as two of our organizations will again be the recipients of this year's proceeds. Let's make this the best Gala ever! To do that, we need a great  auction. What makes a great auction? Great auction items!

We need as much help as possible from our members to get tempting  items for people to bid on. Do you have a business you would like to promote? What about your favorite restaurant? Do you have a fun place you like to take your kids? Do you know any local artists or jewelers? These are all examples of things we can auction off during the event. If you have any ideas or would like to donate something, please contact Carol at gala@ § Cover image: Youth Park Courtesy of: Jorge Kavicki

March 2018


One Party Ends, Another Begins


by Richard Wegman

saw some great pictures and posts on Facebook with members enjoying Carnaval at blocos (street festivals), dancing samba in Rio de Janeiro, and watching parade performances at the São Paulo Sambódromo. Personally, on Saturday night we went to the Bar Brahma camarote in São Paulo. It’s an all-inclusive venue, with private shows in between the samba school parades, with lots of great food & drinks, and breakfast until 7am. It was awesome! I think this is a must-experience for Carnaval-goers, because being up close to all the action in a secure environment with everything provided is a wonderful adventure. I believe that when we immerse ourselves in the culture, we can truly appreciate the community in which we live. I want to congratulate Kristy and Paulo Miranda, who danced in the samba parade in Rio; you’ve now done something that billions of people in the world haven’t even dreamed of doing. Even in Brazil, many have never experienced the joy and energy of being part of the greatest show on earth. Party lovers, don’t be sad; our St. Patrick’s Day party is happening in Campinas on March 17th. It is going to be a total blast! Last month, I told you that we may have a ‘Road Trip’; however, the bus idea has been dropped. In its place, our Campinas team has negotiated a great overnight rate at the Hotel Vitoria, our event headquarters. Campinas is only about 1 hour and 15 minutes from São Paulo. I suggest that you go out early Saturday morning and visit

the area. Then you can enjoy the pool & great food at the hotel, and relax, before putting on your best green outfit for the all-night party. I’ve already got my ticket and room reserved; see you there! Remember, part of our St. Patrick’s Day party proceeds will go to Grupo Primavera, to support their remodeling project for a new kindergarten room. March is going to be another busy month, so make sure that you schedule time for your children to run around on Saturday mornings with our sports teams, or reserve their place at our Easter Family Day event. The eggs are colorful, the candy is sweet, and the friends are fantastic. Our Gala tickets are now on sale! I know that any table you join will be a good place to enjoy the evening. We are now collecting donations for auction items. Help us by asking people you do business with in São Paulo to give AmSoc a gift certificate or nice product that we can include in our auction. Contact if you need help or have any questions.

Board of Governors President Richard Wegman

Vice President Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau


Ariane Cartwright

Campinas Chapter

Malcolm Macdonald

Annual Gala

Ruth Hollard


John Kennedy John Mota

Business Networking Elias Gedeon Fernanda Gedeon


Cricket Stickney

Community Action Committee

Enough news for now. It’s back to school time for some, back to work for others, and forward to enjoying life for everyone!


Membership Team

Corporate Sponsorship Isabel Franco Ricky Rubeiz Patrick Trierweiler Brian Wilson

Into the Future, Together!

Social OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chácara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /


Kelly Maurice Lucy Nunes Lynda Perdigon


Melinda Brenninkmeyer

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

March 2018

Welcome To Our New Members We thank all of our new members for their support. Not a member? Join today! Visit







Amelie Cabral

Michael Cabral


Campo Belo

Virgin America Airlines

Arthur Joseph O'Keefe IV

Priscilla Zogbi


Alto de Pinheiros


Balaji Venkatesan

Cristina Colin Souza




Bob Robbins

Martha Robbins


Cerqueira César

Sampa Works

Brian Dawson

Nathalia Dias Candido American

Parque Cecap


Cidade Monções

Zurich Brasil Seguros


Itaim Bibi

Hindley Consulting

Filipe Perfetto


Santo Amaro

George Michalowski


Jardim Paulista

Guillaume Légaré


Vila Nova Conceição National Bank of Canada



Celeste Bremen Daniel Hindley Ingegneri

Isabella Galliera Banco Votorantim

Jennifer Iverson

Filippo de Luca

Jesslyn Bolt

Dimitri DeFigueiredo American


Lindsay Jill DeHartchuck

Rishi Kumar


Itaim Bibi

Rose Sabina Freifeld



Stephen Penney


Alto da Boa Vista



Vanessa Short

Fernando Monteiro Graded School

Helping Hands Member


Campinas Member

Meet New Member Lindsay DeHartchuck! Where were you born? New Jersey, United States of America How long have you lived in Brazil? About eight months, since July 2017 What do you find great about Brazil? Coming from San Francisco, I am appreciative of the warmer weather and the walk-ability of my neighborhood. The food scene is also excellent; I discover a new restaurant every weekend! Favorite place to hang out in São Paulo? I love a good rooftop bar and really enjoyed the

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

one at Goose Island Brewhouse in Pinheiros. I suspect I'll spend a lot of weekends there in the summertime! What has surprised you about São Paulo? With the exception of the language barrier, adjusting to life in Sampa has been really easy! São Paulo seems to be underrated as a city with many cool neighborhoods, museums, and other cultural events. If you could ask a Brazilian any question: Can I borrow your power drill? I wasn't prepared to hang pictures on concrete walls!


March 2018


A Century of Fighting for Women’s Rights by Maureen Kumar


round this time last year, 100 years ago, my grandmother was born. Three years later in 1920, the passage of the th 19 Amendment granted her and every other woman the right to vote. My grandmother is a remarkably strong woman - she still lives by herself in her own apartment, is fairly mobile, and definitely still “with it.” Through every setback, she has rejected dependence: first, when she lost her partner over forty years ago, next, when she lost her sight, and finally, after she broke both of her ankles at the same time at the age of 97. I asked her at her birthday party how it felt to be a century old, and she told me that even though she was mostly just tired (and birthdays were starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day), she was happy that she could be alive to see that in 2017, women have choices. And she’s right. A century later, women can choose their own partners, or choose to have no partner. Women can choose whether they want to have children or not. Women can choose to study. My grandmother was one of less than four percent of all women in 1940 to graduate with a four-year university degree. As recently as 1970, significantly more men attended college than women, but today, women are quickly reversing this trend. Today, over 34% of women hold a four-year degree, and in fact outnumber the percentage of men. This disparity is especially pronounced in young women. Among women ages 25-34, 38% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to only 30% of men, and this year, women will comprise 56% of students on campuses across the United States. This trend is not isolated to the United States: in Brazil, 19% of women hold a university degree compared to only 11% of men. Today, women can also decide whether or not to enter the workforce. A century ago, only 23% of women in the United States were active in the workforce, but today, 57% of women participate, and comprise nearly half the U.S. labor force. In Brazil, only 15% of women worked in 1920 compared to 53% of women that work today, and overall make up


43% of the Brazilian workforce. Women have fought for this right to work, and have fought to maintain it. When the economic crisis took its toll across the world, it was women who proved more resilient. In the United States from 2007 to 2008, women’s employment as a ratio of the population dropped by less than one percent, whereas men’s employment dropped by 2.7 percent. Brazilian women also proved more resistant to an economy in crisis. Despite inflation reaching double-digits in Brazil in 2015, women increased their real income from work by 0.7 percent, while men’s income dropped by 1.9 percent. Women’s financial savviness and increased labor force participation has stimulated economic growth. A large study of over 350 microfinance institutions, many of which support women entrepreneurs, concluded that these programs with higher proportions of female borrowers have a lower portfolio risk, as women repay their loans on time more frequently, and overall are a better credit risk. Despite these remarkable achievements, studies show that in the United States a woman earns 80 cents to the dollar of a man's salary. In Brazil, studies show that women earn even less - at only 76 centavos of every Real men earn. So how will the fight to support women continue in the next century? In 1910, International Women’s Day was first established as a movement for women’s rights and to build

support for women’s suffrage around the world. This year, International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th, urging us all to “Press for Progress” through gender parity. In January, over a million women worldwide participated in the Women’s March to advocate for women’s rights and women in political office. Last year, nearly five million women participated in this event, which became the largest single day protest in U.S. history. This month, my grandmother will turn 101 years old. She will probably complain about how she has to endure yet another birthday, but I think at least some part of her will be proud. §

US Citizen Contacts Emergencies: (11) 3250-5373 (incarceration, detainment, evacuation, health) Non-Emergencies: (11) 3250-5000 (from 1-2pm daily) or (lost passports, reparation of remains, Social Security, minor health issues)


The official U.S. Embassy Twitter account for American citizens in Brazil. The English feed features daily tips and news for the expat community.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

March 2018

Roaring Good Time! continued from page 1 We are planning a glamorous evening, all kept in the shimmery style of the decade!

American Society of São Paulo's Annual Gala

Event Details

The Annual AmSoc Charity Gala, The Great Gatsby, benefiting Casa Limiar and Associação Criança Brasil (ACB). WHEN: Friday, May 4th, 2018

to celebrate 68 years

VENUE: Jockey Club of São Paulo ATTIRE: Black-tie, 1920s

Friday, May 4th

TICKETS: Now available! There is limited seating and previous Galas have sold out. Individual R$500 / Tables R$4750 (10 seats)

7:30pm at Jockey Club São Paulo

Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing Live & Silent Auctions

Buy Your Tickets Now!

Visit, send an email to, or call (11) 5182-2074 (between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday).

Gala Volunteers

The success of the AmSoc Gala is due to the exceptional work and dedication of the Gala volunteers. There is still time to contribute your time and expertise to this year’s Gala. Join an organizing committee, solicit/donate auction items, or become a Gala Sponsor. You can also volunteer to work at the Gala. Contact gala@ for more information. § / / (11) 5182-2074

Tables R$4.750 (10 seats) / Individuals R$500

To Benefit

Hosted by

Leopoldo Santos MD Dermatologist

Hair & Scalp Disorders Rua Mato Grosso 306 . Conj 501 Higienópolis . São Paulo . SP 01239-040

I ndi vi dual in c o me tax preparat io n and consult in g • Tax planning • Estimated taxes • US Federal tax returns • Brazilian tax returns • Tax equalization

Tel +55 11 3259 5055 +55 11 96255 5055 The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

Marcelo Calvoso Tel 55 11 5572 5411 Cel 55 11 99121 8811


March 2018

Yellow Fever: Fear Versus Facts by Dr. Daniel Habib


very summer, we see more cases of Yellow Fever because of heavy tropical rains. Why is everyone so worried now? Well, a few things have changed. First of all, we have had an increase of cases in the past 2 years. Additionally, Yellow Fever cases have spread south from the Amazon and the central part of Brazil.

Urban Versus Wild

The difference between urban and wild Yellow Fever is extremely important, as the disease is exactly the same but the transmission is radically different. Urban Yellow Fever is transmitted through the bite of a well known mosquito that lives everywhere in Brazilian cities: Aedes Aegypti. Wild Yellow Fever is transmitted through the bite of 2 species of mosquitoes which ONLY live in forests: Haemagogus and Sabethes. This is crucial to understand. As long as no Aedes Aegypti are contaminated, we can only contract Yellow Fever by going to (or being in proximity of) a forested area.

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito

Advertise with us! Interested in purchasing a print ad or classified space? AmSoc has many advertising packages available, starting as low as R$90, including exposure on our website & private Facebook Group. Special rates offered for our Annual Directory advertisers. Call the office at (11) 5182-2074 between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday, or send an email to sales@ for full details and rates.



Do we all need to get vaccinated? Yes and no. No, because Brazil has not had a single case of Urban Yellow Fever since 1942. As long as we don't go to a forested area (or 500 yards around one), there is no risk of contracting the disease. Yes, because we might end up living or being close to a forested areas inside the city of São Paulo.

Full or Fractional Vaccine

Due to a shortage of the vaccine, and to be able to vaccinate all of the at-risk population, Brazilian authorities have divided the normal vaccine dose. Instead of the full dose (0.5 ml), the fractional vaccine contains only 0.1 ml. While you're protected for all your life with the full dose and you won’t need boosters, the fractional vaccine only protects for 8 years.

Vaccination Locations

Currently, not a single private clinic has the vaccine in stock (as of February 9 at 12 AM). Vaccination can only be done in public health centers, such as Centro de Saude, or UBS (Unidade Basica de Saude). Bring a proof of residency (phone bill) and a valid ID (passport or RNE). To see current vaccine locations, Google "Postos De Vacinação Contra A Febre Amarela". § Dr. Daniel Habib graduated from Escola Paulista de Medicina in 1981 and has been a family physician for the past 20 years. He runs his own clinic close to Ibirapuera Park, and does home visits for expats all year round. Whatsapp +55 11 99185 2982 - more info at www.

Editor, Illustrator & Print Designer Jackie Wyant  Multi-page layouts & publications  Promotional materials  Text editing & proofing { Free consulations & job estimates }

(11) 99568.9605

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

March 2018

Don’t Miss the 2018 Annual General Meeting! by Jo Ann Ivy, AmSoc Member


e sure to save the date of April 19th for the American Society’s Annual General Meeting. Anyone who went last year knows that this is AmSoc’s feature event of the year, one not to be missed! Open to members only, and included in your membership, this night promises to make you glad you are a member!

touching ceremony, this award recognizes the tremendous community service efforts of one special AmSoc member, who selflessly gave of themselves throughout the year. Be sure to reserve your place at this great event! Visit the AmSoc Eventbrite site (amsoc. or send an email to contact@ for more information. It is free of charge, but space is limited, so don’t wait to confirm your presence! §

With delicious food and drink, in a warm and relaxed environment, it is an opportunity to enjoy old friends and also make new ones. If you weren’t able to attend last year, check out the photos shown here to see what a good, fun event it was!

The AGM was originally advertised as being held on April 12th. It has been rescheduled to April 19th.

Following a delightful social hour, there will be a brief meeting where Richard Wegman, AmSoc president, will recap the year, thank the outgoing Board of Governors, and present the new Board for approval.

The Eric Poliak Award

Another highlight of the evening will be the Eric Poliak Community Service Award, which is presented to a member who has excelled in service to the São Paulo community. In a

2017 Directory artist, Élon Brasil, at the 2017 AGM

The President and Board of Directors of the American Society of São Paulo cordially invite you to

The 2018 Annual General Meeting & Cocktail Reception a members-only, free event

Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:30pm Location provided upon RSVP

April 12, 2018 RSVP

REQUIRED The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

The evening will include: Review of 2017 and the positive impact AmSoc has had on the community, presented by AmSoc President, Richard Wegman Election of officers and board members Presentation of the Eric Poliak Award for Community Service Cocktails & hors d’oeuvres


March 2018


Grupo Primavera Project Update by Malcolm Macdonald, Campinas Chapter Leader


wenty-seventeen was a special year for AmSoc and Grupo Primavera, as our two organization joined forces in a quest to assist at-risk children from being led down bad paths. Grupo Primavera helps over 500 kids at any one time and, as can be imagined, space is tight. Recently, Grupo Primavera (GP) managed to procure a vacant lot just beside their campus. As money is always tight, this land was set aside for future building projects and expansion.

The Playground area - Before (above) & After (below)

During a meeting with the administrators, we questioned why the vacant lot could not be cleared and used as a safe play space for the kids, while funds were saved for future work. We were told that this kind of work was not usually supported by donors, as nonpermanent changes are hard to get people to sign off on. We decided to change this, and AmSoc-Campinas member Manu Moreno went to work. Manu convinced City Hall to bulldoze the lot and make it safe. Then, using her contacts as a landscape architect, she secured over 700m2 of grass at-cost. The results are an absolute transformation of the vacant lot, now a true blank canvas on which to design a fabulous play area for the GP kids. Completely secure from the rather dangerous neighborhood, our hope is that the Grupo Primavera children will be able to rediscover the pleasures of carefree play. Already, AmSoc members are actively involved in collecting sports and play equipment, and designing a fun and (as much as possible) recycled playground. Look for updates throughout 2018. §

Campinas Chapter Leadership Team Chapter Leader Malcolm Macdonald

Community Action


Manu Moreno

Marketing & Graphics

Jennifer Licko

First Campinas Easter Party Last year, due to Yellow Fever warnings, our planned outdoor Easter Egg Hunt and games had to be canceled. This year, we have partnered with a local children’s buffet to organize an indoor Sunday morning Easter Egg Hunt for younger kids, ages 4-10 years old, on the 25th of March.

AmSoc Campinas Represents at the Abacaxi Bowl Members of Campinas AmSoc and their friends were delighted to take part in the Abacaxi Bowl on the 3rd of February. Team StinkyBoyz finished up 1 to 2, but had a blast. They are already looking forward to next year, and hoping for more recruits. Special thanks to the Unicamp Eucalyptus Flag Football Team, who bolstered our ranks!


We have also organized an Adults Brunch at the same venue, so that parents can relax over coffee and a traditional Brazilian breakfast, while trained child monitors organize fun, Easter-themed games for the little ones. Proceeds will be used the following week to purchase Easter Eggs for at risk kids who would otherwise not see one on Easter Sunday. Look out for the start of ticket sales.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


March 2018

Welcome Back Campinas Tailgate Party by AmSoc Campinas Chapter


wice a year, in January and August, AmSoc hosts a welcome-back gettogether, where new members can meet up with established members, and future members can find out what we are all about. This year, instead of a traditional brunch, we thought: “What’s more 'AmSoc' than a real Super Bowl LII Tailgate Party!?” Thanks to our volunteers and Committee members, we organized a fantastic spread of traditional tailgate party delights, from chili to pulled pork (Texas & North Carolina style), hot dogs, craft beer, and a StinkyBoyz cigar corner. We had 70 people turn up, and it was a great opportunity to catch up after the holidays and plan our next adventures. §

AmSoc Campinas St Patrick’s Day is Coming Up Again The 17th of March is St Patrick’s Day, and also on that very day CamSoc is organizing the second edition of our most popular inaugural event. It will be held at the Hotel Vitoria’s IFF bar, which will close for the evening just for ticket holders. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Ticket sales have begun. Please scan the QR code to purchase your tickets. For our São Paulo members, a special price has been organized for a deluxe room at the Hotel Vitoria itself. The Vitoria is considered one of the best hotels in Campinas, so why not treat yourself? Ask CamSoc Chapter leader Malcolm ( about a possible day trip to a local historical coffee farm and make a getaway weekend for yourselves. The coffee farm tours need a minimum group size of 8, so it would not be hard to get a group together.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


March 2018


Annual Gala: A Look Back at Past Winners by Sherry Esteves, Gala Marketing Committee


ast year’s Casino Royale Gala raised R$85,000 for our partner charities Projeto Sol and Vivenda da Criança. At the 2017 AmSoc Independence Day Celebration, a check for R$50.000 was presented to Vivenda da Criança, and a check for R$35.000 to Projeto Sol. The majority of the financial impact was credited to the Live and Silent Auctions at the Gala. This year’s Auction Committee is working hard to bring in highly anticipated, valuable, and exciting Live and Silent Auction items! Let's take a look back at some great auction items that helped raise funds at the 2017 Gala...

Diego Utge took home 2 Business Class tickets on American Airlines.

Beatriz Nascimento took home a 3-day, 2-night stay at the Belmond Cataratas, and round trip tickets for two from São Paulo to Iguaçu on Azul Airlines. Belmond is the only hotel located inside the Iguaçu national park, and guests have exclusive access to the park before and after the gates open to the public.

Rafael Samoza took home a Luxury Wine Getaway for 2 at Lapostolle Winery, one of Chile's most prestigious wineries. The getaway included 2 nights at Lapostolle Residence, a private tour and tasting at Lapostolle's Clos Apalta Winery, and a visit to the family's private cellar. Also included in this indulgent package was a 1-hour massage per person, a 4-course dinner with wine pairing, and mountain bike rides and hiking. The prize also included 2 tickets from Gol.


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

March 2018


Estelle Dragoli took home a package to the 5-star oceanfront resort of Sheraton Grand Rio. The package included a 2-night stay in a superior room and breakfast. To make the getaway complete, the package also included 2 tickets to anywhere Azul flies!

Amy Brammer took home a 106-inch strand of stunning pearls. Of her strand, Amy said, "These pearls are exquisite, and a perfect pairing with this year's Gatsby-themed Gala! They also make a beautiful heirloom to divide and pass along to my children."

Carol Liot took home an exclusive American Wine Tasting and Dinner! Included was a private wine tasting and dinner for 10 people at São Paulo's Michelinrecognized Le Bife, led by Eno Cultura wine school experts, with a menu designed especially for the occasion by famed French chef Erik Jacquin, a judge from Master Chef Brasil.

Exciting items like these (and many more!) will be available at the Live and Silent Auctions at the 2018 AmSoc Annual Gala. Get your tickets now for this once-a-year, not-to-be-missed event! Visit www.amsoc. for information on buying tickets, or call the office at (11) 5182-2074.

Last but not least, a special thanks to all of our generous sponsors and contributors from 2017! Stay tuned for what to look out for and bid on at the 2018 AmSoc Annual Gala, The Great Gatsby. We will send out e-mails, and publish more items in the April FORUM! Follow us on Facebook ( amsocsp) and Instagram (@amsocsp) for the latest exciting donations. Every item you bid on will directly impact the children of Casa Limiar and Associação Criança Brasil (ACB). §

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


March 2018


A Picnic with a Purpose by Carolyn Wong, AmSoc Member


id you know that June 18 th is International Picnic Day? It is a day that celebrates gathering together in a scenic outdoor spot, sharing a meal and enjoying the company of family and friends. A picnic may be as American as apple pie, but the credit for inventing the picnic goes to the French. According to reliable Internet sources, the “picnic” or “pique-nique” really took off in France after French royal parks became open to the public for the first time after the French Revolution in 1789. On sunny weekends in São Paulo, the parks are filled with children and their families playing and picnicking together. Every year, the AmSoc family shares the special joy of a picnic with 150 children from our charitable organizations at the Children’s Field Day.

Saturday, April 14, 2018 will be our 9 th annual event. True to the picnic tradition, the children will enjoy lunch outdoors, savor goodies home baked by volunteers, play sports and games, splash in the pool, and enjoy the simple pleasure of running around the grassy fields laughing with their friends! Of course, there will be soccer, too. Here are a few notes of thanks received last year from our partner charities:

The children’s smiles are the sincerest you can imagine. Smiles of happiness. Smiles that we all like to see on the faces of our children. This party is something very special in our lives, a day that we always love to remember and talk about afterwards! When the bus arrives, the kids jump for joy! They cannot wait to reconnect with the volunteers from the previous events. We love to remember the food as each day passes. We thank all of you with beijos from all of us!

Want to help continue this important tradition? Sponsor a child or two: R$40 will provide food, bus transport, craft supplies, and fun for one child! If you missed the holiday Angel Party, here is another chance to support our kids! Additionally, we are seeking corporate donations. Please reach out to us if your company would like to donate money or make an in-kind donation of drinks, burgers, hotdogs, craft supplies, etc. The final way you can help is to volunteer at the event itself! If you are interested in any of the above ways to help, please contact us via §

9th Annual

Childrens Field Day Saturday, April 14, 2018






An amazing day for children from our charitable organizations to cut loose, run, swim, laugh, eat, and play!




E s t . 19 5 0


Want to help make this a great day? Sponsor a child for only R$40. | | (11) 5182-2074

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

March 2018

Getting on the Board compiled by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor

Ruth Vosloh Hollard Secretary

I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, but we moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana when I was 12. Immediately after college at LSU, I moved to Zurich and then to France to work for Citibank. Several years later, I came to Brazil as an expat spouse: my former husband had convinced his boss at Michael Page that they should expand operations to South America, so we moved from Paris to São Paulo in the year 2000 with our 3 children aged 3 months, 1 year, and 3 years. Now those 3 are already in college (or leaving soon) at Duke, NYU, and EHL, and our caçula, born here, is a freshman at Graded. My favorite thing about São Paulo is: Clube Pinheiros and the rowing lake at USP. My favorite AmSoc memory is: the 2017 Gala at the Jockey Club!!! One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: I was trying to tell my daughter's dermatologist that we removed a birthmark (pinta) from her abdomen when she was a baby, but I called it a pinto instead (this after 17 years here!). My daughter almost fainted from shock. She was quite relieved to find out it was a language mistake. §

Cricket Stickney

Brian Wilson

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota but grew up in Orlando, Florida before moving to São Paulo

I was born in Colorado and grew up in California. I moved to São Paulo 8 months ago.

Communications Committee

almost 2 years ago.

My favorite thing about São Paulo is: the many diverse areas and wonderful charming restaurants. My favorite AmSoc memory is: our first holiday away from home. We were happy to have AmSoc members with whom to share our Thanksgiving dinner. One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: I was stopped at a red light checking an email. When I looked up, I realized the light was green and cars were backing up behind me. I am surprised how patient Brazilians are! §

For a full and up-to-date listing of our dedicated Board Members, visit amsoc.

Membership Committee

My favorite thing about São Paulo is: the people. My favorite AmSoc memory is: purchasing items for the two children my wife and I sponsored for the Angel Party. One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: not realizing when I said 'Okay' to the porteiros that they heard 'O que?', and would continue to explain themselves in new and more clever ways to be understood. §

Paula, our former bookkeeper, has left AmSoc to further her career path with an internship at Worldfund. We wish her good luck in her future endeavors, and thank her for her dedicated work in supporting AmSoc. We'll miss you, Paula!

Volunteer of the Month The amazing volunteer of the month for March is Carolyn Wong!

Carolyn Wong

As our Projeto Sol liaison, Carolyn has helped keep communication lines open with one of our 9 supported charities. Her dedicated work on the 2017 Holiday Party led to yet another excellent end-of-year event. On top of all of this, Carolyn is organizing the Children's Field Day, to be held on April 14th. Thank you, Carolyn, for your tireless dedication to so many aspects of AmSoc!

A monthly volunteering opportunity connecting AmSoc members with kids at our sponsored charities.

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


March 2018


Carcamanos Win Their 3rd Abacaxi Bowl Title by John Kennedy, Athletics Chairman


mSoc’s annual flag football tournament, the Abacaxi Bowl, was held on Saturday, February 3rd, at the Pan American Christian Academy (PACA). The Abacaxi Bowl (named so in reference to the Super Bowl) is a oneday tournament tradition, which began in the 1990s at Graded School. This year's tournament consisted of six teams, each team playing 3 games in a random draw for the round robin games. Then after a lunch break, the 4 teams with the best records advanced to the semifinals. The day started as a beautiful sunny day for outdoor sports, on two perfectly manicured grass fields. But typical summer weather was in store, and we had the customary afternoon rain squalls mixed with intermittent sun afterwards. That certainly brought us a lot of sliding and diving on the fields. The Graded School team looked to be the favorite after the round robin, with the only undefeated record at 3-0. However, just as their offense and defense seemed to click on all cylinders in a game 3 win over the feisty StinkyBoyz Campinas team (scored 27 to 12), Graded lost two of their top offensive players to injuries. This took the wind out of their sails for the semifinals. While team Graded School impressively beat team Carcamanos, the defending champs, in game 1 at a score of 14 to 7, the Carcamanos’

Winners of the Abacaxi Bowl XX, Carcarmanos

offense finally came together in their third game. In fact, team Carcamanos only scored one touchdown in each of the first 2 games, and was win-less at 0-2. To make matters worse, they had to win this pivotal third game against their long-time arch nemesis, Devilz, in order to qualify for the playoffs. It truly was a miraculous turnaround. At half-time in game 3, their offense came alive and brought them from behind to a 21-20 victory. Then in the semifinals and finals, Carcamanos showed their true championship colors by scoring 56 points in two games while only giving up one touchdown. They shutout team Devilz 28-0 in a rain-drenched final, giving them their second straight title win, and third overall title win.
























Graded School



























Team PACA, the 7-time champs and all-time Abacaxi Bowl title leader, also played well coming into the semifinals. PACA entered the playoffs ranked second place with a 2-1 record. However, due to a few injuries, their offense came up short against a strong Devilz defense, where they were stopped 12-7 on the goal line in the final seconds of the game. Two teams that didn't make the playoffs were the Campinas StinkyBoz and AmSoc. They both had a memorable first game against each other, which went to double overtime with 60 points on the board between the two teams. The offensive duel was a real thriller to the end; what appeared to be great AmSoc pass defense in the end zone turned into a StinkyBoz winning score, which saw a receiver on the ground among a pile of players holding the touchdown deflection! Special thanks go out to our host PACA for once again providing a terrific environment for the tournament. Their Booster Club sold grilled meats on a stick, to enjoy with homemade foods like chocolate chip cookies and brownies, along with an assortment of drinks. Thank you PACA Director, Kevin Flurry, for your support. § For more photos of the Abacaxi Bowl, visit the Photo Gallery on our website at

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March 2018


The First Season of 2018 YSP Begins! by John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


s you might know, we have already had our 2018 Season 1 registration event for the Youth Sports Program (YSP) in early February. If you have not had time to register your child, please do so online through Eventbrite (


We play on Saturdays, providing soccer, basketball, flag football, baseball and volleyball, from 9am until noon. Please check the 2018 Season 1 schedule for dates and locations. As always, feel free to stop by during any session to get to know our program better! § 2018 SEASON 1 SCHEDULE

We Need Sports Enthusiasts! If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our Athletics Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177.



9AM to 10:30AM

Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-13) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-13)

9:30AM to 10:30AM

Basketball (coed ages 8-13)

10:30AM to 12PM

Baseball (coed ages 8-13) Flag Football (coed ages 8-13) Volleyball (coed ages 8-13)











St. Paul's


















Holiday Weekend















St. Paul's





Variety of Sizes Available

1m2 to 100m2


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March 2018


From Fiction to Fact by Madeleine Blankenstein, Let's Connect Committee Member


ome of you may have attended the Thomas Friedman lecture, held at Amcham on March 1st. We would like to share a few bits of information about him, and the themes he writes about, as it is in the same line of thought of recent Let’s Connect events. We’d be interested to know if you also think this is a fascinating subject. Thomas Friedman is the writer of non-fiction best sellers such as ‘The World is Flat’ and ‘The Lexus and the Olive Tree’. He is also a Foreign Affairs columnist for the New York Times. He recently wrote that "quantum computing has gone from science fiction to nonfiction faster than most anyone expected." Quantum computers process information using the capabilities of quantum physics, which is different from traditional computers. “Whereas normal computers store information as either a 1 or a 0, quantum computers exploit two phenomena - entanglement and superposition - to process information,” explains MIT Technology Review. The result is computers that may one day “operate 100,000 times faster than they do today,” adds Wired magazine.

2016, an Internet company announced plans for an automated grocery store, in which a combination of computer vision and deeplearning technologies track items and only charges customers when they remove the items from the store. In February 2017, an American bank began testing three ‘employeeless’ branch locations that offer full-service banking automatically, with access to a human, when necessary, via video teleconference.”

As education-to-work expert Heather McGowan ( points out: “In October 2016, a beer manufacturer transported a truckload of their product 120 miles with an empty driver’s seat. In December

The world is still not flat in terms of technology. In Brazil, we need to stop thinking of new technologies as the future, and invest in education and training. This will make it possible to apply these new tools and software,

Boa Viagem!

making our lives easier and more productive. It will not be a question of eliminating jobs; however, there will be new professions and new skills needed. We will communicate later in the month of the next Let’s Connect meeting, which will be held before the AmSoc Annual Gala on May 4th. Looking forward to seeing you all at both events! § Want to see a specific topic explored at our next event? Drop us a line at and tell us about your ideas!

Dr. Fabiana Olmos Brooks Endocrinology – General Practice Diabetes | Weight Loss | Metabolic Disorders

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Appointments at the Halpern Clinic in Pinheiros or House Calls

(11) 9-9699-8323 Tel. (11) 3063-0063 (Portuguese-only receptionist)

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March 2018

Easter Fun for Everyone! by John Mota, AmSoc Member


his year our traditional Easter party will be different than the parties we’ve had in previous years.

We’re moving to a new location, with new activities for the day. With all these new changes, we thought it was also time to revamp the Kids’ Easter Egg Hunt, and turn it into the Easter Egg Hunt and Family Day! The idea is to have a full day for our AmSoc families to meet, have fun, and lunch together, while still giving the little ones the joy of hunting for Easter eggs. São Paulo Yacht Club (SPYC), our new location, is at the shore of the Guarapiranga reservoir, a 10-15 minute drive from Chapel School. Our plan is to start at 10am with family games, so everyone can join in and have fun. Then we’ll break from noon to 2pm for lunch, followed by 30 minutes for the little ones to enjoy their Easter Egg Hunt. After that, families are free to make use of the Club’s swimming pool, or even take a sailing class with an English-speaking coach. Please check our website ( br) for more information, as well as a link to Eventbrite where you’ll be able to secure your tickets. The Club will provide free parking for the event. § TREATMENT FOR LEARNING DIFFERENCES WITH IN-HOME SUPPORT Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification. Comprehensive Learning Evaluation In-depth pre- and post testing for: Team Consultations include: • Expressive Language • Identification of strengths and areas • Mathematics for improvement • Phonology • Recommendations for follow-up treatment • Reading and/or support • Written Expression • Homeschooling available

Dr. Wendy M. Smith Licensed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] / 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile] The International Dyslexia Association {Provider Directory/Description of Professional Services}

Children & Adults with AD/HD {Resource Directory/Description of Services and Licenses}

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Did you know we have special membersonly discounts with select businesses around São Paulo? The Renaissance Hotel on Al. Santos, just off of Av. Paulista, now offers our members a 20% discount on their Yoga classes. Simply let them know you're a member to receive the discount! (And look for printed Membership cards in the near future!)


March 2018

Complex Life of Expats with Children


by Hero Lomas



My expertise includes mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, selfesteem, trauma and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. Contact me at 98963-2871 or


Excellent Opportunity for Family w/ Kids going to Graded School, located in front of main entrance! Luxurious Apt with 400 square meters, 4 bedroom suites, 360 view, 20th floor, 5 car space parking, Indoor and Outdoor pool, Tennis court, Fully equipped gym. Please call Jack at 95316-6888 or email h9doral@gmail. com for more info.


The Classifieds are a simple and easy way to reach your special target market. For only R$80 per issue, you receive 350 characters-worth of space to promote your own business, real estate sale, private tutoring, or other services. Contact Cari Smelan today at sales@amsoc. to place your classified now!

American Society of São Paulo’s Welcoming Committee present

New Member Coffee

Thursday, March 8th @ 2:00pm

Location provided upon RSVP Come meet other new members & learn how you can get involved with AmSoc! RSVP by noon, Mar. 5th



any expat families living in Brazil choose to go back to their home country during the school holidays. This is a great opportunity for the children to see their grandparents, for you to catch up with friends and family, and avoid the worst of the heat of the Brazilian summer. As the school holidays come to an end, most families are glad to return to their routine and to stop living out of a suitcase. For some having relationship difficulties, the thought of having to go back to another year of expat life may fill them with dread. Every year many hundreds of expat parents simply do not come back. Contrary to popular belief, this can constitute child abduction, even if the move is to where the parent or child was born. When a couple moves abroad with their child, the child soon becomes habitually resident in that country. Child abduction is the wrongful removal to or retention of the child in another country without the agreement of the other parent. In Brazil, no one can take a child out of the country without written, notarized authorization from the left-behind parent. But if a holiday was authorized and the other parent decides not to come back, what can be done to secure the return of the child? If the child is removed to a country that is party to the Hague Convention, the left-behind parent would have recourse to the courts of that country to provide an expeditious return. Countries like Great Britain and the United States are signatories to the Hague Convention. Often, parents are unsure which laws apply to their children, particularly where the parents are of different nationalities and they have moved to another country. If the child is habitually resident in Brazil, then Brazilian laws will apply, irrespective of the child and the parents’ nationality. In a recent case, Rebecca* and Harry* were British citizens, but had been living in Singapore for three years. Rebecca decided at the end of a

family holiday to the UK that she did not want to go back to Singapore with their daughters (who were aged 8 and 6 at the time). Although this was by no means the ideal solution for Harry, agreement was eventually reached that Rebecca and the children would stay in the UK, that they would have regular contact with their father both in the UK and Singapore, and that they would speak regularly through Skype. If you are an expat seeking to relocate with your children, or are fearful that the other parent may try to remove your children without your consent, it is important to seek legal advice from a specialist international family lawyer at an early stage. § *Real names have been substituted with pseudonyms.

Hero Lomas is a solicitor and mediator with Expatriate Law. Now based in London, Hero lived in Rio de Janeiro for over ten years and specializes in advising expatriates on all aspects of family law. Do not hesitate to contact her for confidential advice. Tel: +44 203 096 7169 / hero@expatriatelaw. com /

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March 2018

AmSoc Scene Were you there? Moments you might have missed from the past month.

Relaxing after a golf outing at Guarapiranga Golf Club

Enjoying the Super Bowl LII at TGI Fridays

Happy Hour shenanigans at Choperia São Paulo

Dra. Karen Bygdal Andreasen Dental Care | CROSP 47616

A huge thanks goes to Galeria Face Arte & Taro Kaneko, for the generous donation of his artwork for the 2018 cover, and to our advertisers for their support, which makes this publication possible. All current members should have received a free copy delivered with their February FORUM. If you did not receive yours, please contact our office at

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In Memoriam Domingos Logullo

American Society of São Paulo longtime member Domingos Logullo, husband of Lynne Logullo, died at home in São Paulo on January 30, 2018. Married 42 years, they have one daughter, Raphaela Logullo Parise, and two grandchildren, Enzo, 7, and Lorena, 3, of New York, NY, USA. The Velorio was held at the Cemeterio Valle dos Reis, Embu, on January 31, followed by a 7th Day Mass on February 6th at Paroquia Nosso Senhora de Perpetuo Socorro, Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo. The family thanks AmSoc for the lovely wreath and expressions of sympathy and support.

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17 Saturday 9PM until

AmSoc-Campinas St. Patrick's Day Party live Irish music & delicious gourmet Irish cuisine

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USA Daylight Saving Time Begins clocks move forward 1 hour

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