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September 2017


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Where Does the Gala Money Go?

Volunteer Your Time

by Ariane Cartwright, Board Member

by Amy Brammer, CAC Chairperson


hat an honor it was to present over R$85,000 in donations this past 4th of July to the two fantastic charities who benefited from AmSoc’s 2017 Annual Gala: Vivenda da Criança and Projeto Sol. The American Society of São Paulo has been working since its inception to make a lasting difference in the lives of the less fortunate in São Paulo. This year is no different. The 2017 Annual Gala this May brought together American Society members, fellow expats, diplomats, business leaders, and prominent Brazilians, to celebrate 67 years of community and philanthropy at AmSoc, helping to raise funds for two very deserving charities.

Our first charity partner, Projeto Sol, began in 1982 when Sister Angela, an American nun, opened a small activity center in a shack in a São Paulo favela. Today it is an awardwinning community center, serving hundreds of children and young adults from ages 4 to 18. Projeto Sol offers an alternative to juvenile delinquency and a life of drugs and violence found on the streets. Our donation of R$35,000 is being used to fund salaries for their afterschool teachers, while they divert funds to cover the cost of a large renovation of their center. Because of your support, these teachers will continue the fantastic classes held with hundreds of children each week. continued on page 5



ello! I am Amy Brammer, the new chair of the CAC (Community Action Committee), taking over for Megan Trierweiler. I am excited to begin this journey with the CAC, as we work together for the 9 charities that American Society helps support. We have some great events that involve and support the charities during the year. One of these events is the Angel Party on November 18th. Having only arrived in Brazil in January, I have not had the privilege of attending. However, I am so excited for this year’s party. This is an incredibly special event, as we bring a little holiday spirit and love to some 240 children from the AmSoc sponsored orphanages and daycare centers. It’s also a very heart-warming day for volunteers. I am looking forward to bringing my nine-year-old son and sharing the day with him as well. We need your help to make this day successful! We still need some 60 sponsors to help Santa fill his bag with necessity items for each child. continued on page 5

Cover image: Festive flag in Campos do Jordão Courtesy of: Jackie Wyant

September 2017


The Second Half of 2017


Board of Governors

by Richard Wegman

hapel, EAC, Graded, and PACA schools; all had their official ‘Welcome Back & Hello’ to new families in mid-August. Here at AmSoc, we want to extend our ‘Welcome Back & Hello’ as well. Come and participate in events within our community, so that you can experience the difference our larger AmSoc family can make. In São Paulo, we are hosting a New Member Coffee on September 14th to welcome all those who joined over the past few months. In Campinas, our chapter hosted a Welcome Back brunch at Malcolm & Raquel’s home, with over 50 adults and many well-behaved children in attendance. Congratulations, Campinas, on your first of many Welcome Back events! Our Youth Sports Program started its second season in mid-August, but it’s not too late to join in the fun! There are still a few spaces left for your children to join our exciting sports activities. We could use some volunteer parents to help support the kids in soccer, baseball, basketball, and more. A Team Mom would be perfect! If you have some time on Saturday mornings, please contact our office ASAP. Your children will also have a great time at our Halloween Costume party and parade in October! We host games, Trick-or-Treating, and prizes for the best costumes shown off during the parade. It’s sure to be a fun time for the whole family! One of our biggest charitable events of the year is the Angel Party on November 18th. This is an all-day event, during which the kids are treated to a nutritious lunch, festive music, and fun games. For the finale, Santa Claus and his helpers give each child a backpack full of clothes, shoes, and school supplies... and a toy or two as well!

We need your help to sponsor one of the 240 children. This is where you make a difference in providing a treasured memory for one of these children. If you cannot do the shopping, you can send the money to the Angel Team, and they will prepare the backpack on your behalf. September can slip by quickly and we need your support. Please contact the office to sponsor a child today! For Thanksgiving, we will provide two different venues for our celebration. First, dinner on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd (early this year). Last year, about 50 people shared a dinner together, and it was a delightful evening. Our second venue will be the Fellowship Community Church, for their annual Sunday-evening Service on November 26th, with turkey sandwiches, desserts, and sparkling wine served afterwards. On December 9th, we’ll be having our annual Holiday Party for our adult members, at a beautiful venue in Chácara Flora. We plan to have a live band to provide music for our listening and dancing pleasure throughout the night. Our traditional American Holiday party – complete with eggnog, great appetizers, desserts, drinks, and Christmas Carols – will send your holiday spirit soaring! Our event coordinators have already been working hard during the Winter Break to ensure that your family has many opportunities to make new friends. I look forward to seeing you before the end of 2017!

Richard Wegman

Vice President Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau


Nora Oettgen

Campinas Chapter

Malcolm Macdonald


John Kennedy John Mota

Business Networking Elias Gedeon Fernanda Gedeon


Ariane Cartwright

Community Action Committee Amy Brammer

Corporate Sponsorship Isabel Franco Ricky Rubeiz

Membership Team

Anju Kapur Patrick Trierweiler



Into the Future, Together!

OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chácara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /



Kelly Maurice Lucy Nunes Lynda Perdigon


Melinda Brenninkmeyer

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017

Welcome! To Our New Members We thank all of our new members for their support. Not a member? Join today! Visit

NAME Amanda Ariela Bustos de Souza Brad Brooks Brandon Spooner Catherine Zimmerman







American Society of São Paulo

Fabiana OlmosAmerican Brooks Fernanda American Machado Spooner Shawn Ellis

Colette Bounet


Alto de Pinheiros Reuters


Spooners Consulting





Vila Suzana

Graded School

Leopoldo Santos

Magdalena Domagala


Vila Mariana

Clínica DermaHair

Lindsay Jill DeHartchuck

Rishi Kumar


Itaim Bibi

Graded School

Meet New Member Catherine Zimmerman! Family members: My husband, Shawn, lives in Brazil with me. Our two cats, Whiskers and Jini, also traveled with us from the United States. Where were you born? Minneapolis, MN How long have you lived in Brazil? 10 months What do you find great about Brazil? The diversity of people, food, and places to explore. What has surprised you about São Paulo/ Brazil? How things developed so fast, how Brazil has grown fast.

Recommendations? Museo do Futebol, MASP, Jardim Botanico, Carnaval parade at the São Paulo Sambódromo, and Rio de Janeiro (Corcovado, Christ the Redeemer, Pão de Açucar) Favorite place to hang out in São Paulo? Verissimo. It is located in Brooklin near our home and has a great selection of tapas and entrees. Surpising fun fact about yourself? I have four degrees, but I still want to be a pastry chef later in life.

Meet New Member Leopoldo Santos! Prior overseas assignments? I'm a Dermatologist living in São Paulo. For almost two years I was an expat in Vancouver and then in Warsaw specializing in Hair Disorders and Hair transplant. In my daily practice I also see patients with general skin conditions and for aesthetic procedures as "botox" and fillers. What do you like to do in your free time? While in Poland I met a beautiful Polish girl who moved back to Brazil with me. We are passionate about discovering new restaurants, bars and Cafés in São Paulo, jogging at Ibirapuera Park and planning our upcoming trip.

Recommendations? Cafés "Mirante 9 de Julho" on Avenida 9 de Julho and Santo Grão at Oscar Freire street. Tanit is an splendid Catalan restaurant also at Oscar Freire. Not to mention Nino restaurant! And for drinks Riviera or Subastor is the way to go, no questions about their perfect drinks! Surpising fun fact about yourself? Being an expat has truly gave me a different perspective of life and expanded my horizon. Hope anyone as an expat in Brazil can feel the same. Can't wait to meet new and interesting people at the next AmSoc meeting!

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


September 2017


E Pluribus Unum by Nicholas J. Geboy


uring a panel discussion with Consulate General Ricardo Zuniga and a group of Brazilian scholars, “Americanists”, from the University of São Paulo following the publication of a special volume of Revista USP, the discussion in the audience turned to the name of the country being studied…that is, our country. The questions was, is it appropriate to refer to The United States of America as simply “America”? Is the specificity of “The United States” necessary? After all, there are 35 sovereign states in the Americas. Over 1 billion people can accurately claim to be “from America”. However, as one scholar pointed out during the discussion, is “The United States” even any better? In his advocating for the simple use of “America” when referring to the U.S., he reminded the audience that Mexico is officially “The United Mexican States” and Brazil is actually “The Federative Republic of Brazil”. Without question, Mexico and Brazil are allowed to refer to themselves simply by the name that unites their parts. Observing this exchange, I was reminded of a moment I

had while studying the Portuguese language. It was a moment when I needed to stop and consider what exactly our country is…or rather what our states “are”. First, some historical context: from the beginning, our founders campaigned heavily on the idea that the states (or colonies, as it was) needed to identify as a single entity in order to survive. In 1754, Benjamin Franklin published his now famous “Join, or Die” cartoon. Initially the cartoon was a call to unite with the United Kingdom in the French and Indian War, but soon after it became a symbol of the revolution. In 1776, E pluribus unum was incorporated in the design of the Great Seal, along with a shield comprising the initials of the colonies. Eventually the shield was replaced by the coat of arms we are all familiar with today, but the slogan remains, permanently emblazoned on the Great Seal of the United States, proudly kept under the jurisdiction of the Department of State back in the D.C. neighborhood of Foggy Bottom.

In practical terms, most non-Americans do not even understand the sovereignty our individual states enjoy and consider us only as a nation, led by one government. The essence of E pluribus unum won the day. (Interesting aside, this unofficial motto of ours is also used by another jurisdiction: E pluribus unum sits on the official seal of Mongaguá, Brazil!) There are compelling historical and practical reasons to refer to “The United States” as a singular entity, but in the world of language exams, and to our better grammarian natures, technically correct is the most important kind of correct. To that end, many Americans working in the Consulate have been conditioned to say “Os Estados Unidos são um país”, even if we say “é um país” in our heads (and hearts). What’s your take? Without thinking too hard, do you use a plural or singular verb following “The United States”? Os Estados Unidos são or Os Estado Unidos é? Do Os Estados Unidos têm a policy or tem a policy? Connect with AmSoc on social media and share your thoughts! §


1796 Mannert Map of North America and South America


The official U.S. Embassy Twitter account for American citizens in Brazil. The English feed features daily tips and news for the expat community.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017

Gala Money

Volunteer Your Time

continued from page 1

continued from page 1 Our second partner, Vivenda da Criança, is a vibrant community center in Parelheiros on the outskirts of São Paulo, supporting young people and their families with education and social assistance programs. Their Social Education Program offers complementary schooling to over 150 children, while their Family Action Program provides social assistance to more than 1,000 local families. Our R$50,000 donation will be used to kickstart their ‘New CCA Project’, a construction project that will expand the current premises to help them better serve the residents of Parelheiros, as well as the area’s 180 children and adolescents from socially vulnerable backgrounds.

Thanks to you, we raised over $R85,000 through both live and silent auctions - to benefit our charities. The remainder of the funds are used to support AmSoc’s operating expenses and helps bring you the countless community events you enjoy all year long. We are very grateful for your support, and hope to raise even more for our partner charities in 2018 with your help. We are always looking for help in organizing the Gala, volunteering with our charities, and finding charity sponsors. If you would like to help, please contact us at for more information and opportunities. §

Please consider sponsoring a child! If interested, please contact angelparty. for more information. If you are interested in volunteering for the Angel Party, sign up soon! Volunteer spots fill up fast for this event! Contact angelparty.chair@ There are lots of ways to get involved with the CAC! Our SMILE coordinator, Monica Kumar (, is always looking for fun ideas for activities with the charities. We will accept donations of home goods, appliances, clothes, etc. The Gala committee is seeking corporate sponsors. Two charities per year benefit directly from the annual Gala. You will see small drives at AmSoc member events for various items such as nonperishable foods, personal hygiene items, or towels. You can even give your receipts to charity! Charities can claim the tax benefits of any Nota Fiscal unattached to a CPF. These are just a few ways to get involved! If you have an interest in volunteering or would like more information on how to get involved in CAC, please contact me at §

American Society of São Paulo’s Welcoming Committee present

New Member Coffee September 14th

TREATMENT FOR LEARNING DIFFERENCES WITH IN-HOME SUPPORT Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification. Comprehensive Learning Evaluation In-depth pre- and post testing for: Team Consultations include: • Expressive Language • Identification of strengths and areas • Mathematics for improvement • Phonology • Recommendations for follow-up treatment • Reading and/or support • Written Expression • Homeschooling available

@ 10:30am

Dr. Wendy M. Smith Licensed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] / 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile]

Location provided upon RSVP Come meet other new members & learn how you can get involved with AmSoc! RSVP by noon, Sept. 10th

The International Dyslexia Association {Provider Directory/Description of Professional Services}

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

Children & Adults with AD/HD {Resource Directory/Description of Services and Licenses}


September 2017


Have Dog, Will Travel


by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor

here are plenty of places to visit in São Paulo city, but you can quickly run out of new places to visit with your furry friend as a companion. Seeing all you can possibly see during your time here in Brazil is a must, so why not let your pet enjoy the adventure as well? Since both my husband and I have the same birth month, we often combine our celebrations into one. Last year, he surprised me by locating lodgings in Campos do Jordão that would allow our furry daughter, Stella, to come with us on our adventure! We stayed at a lovely place called Surya Pan, a very dogfriendly place nestled between the mountains that offers individual (pet-friendly!) cabins. There are trails on the grounds, and large open fields for your 4-legged friend to burn off some extra energy after the long journey. As we went to visit in March, which is considered the off-season, we found it not terribly crowded and very easy to allow our Stella to join us on most of our outings. I had never been to that region of São Paulo state before, and it was quite like visiting another world! The buildings and houses were vaguely German in appearance, with sharply sloping roofs better suited for areas with heavy snow. All of the weird, bottle-brush pine trees, the amazing hydrangea blossoms, and the beautiful mountain and valley views were the perfect retreat, for both human and canine alike!

Submit Your Content What discoveries have you made in São Paulo city and the surrounding area? We'd like to hear from you! To be featured in our next Members Recommend, send an email to forum@ with your personal recommendations on how to enjoy all that São Paulo (and Brazil!) has to offer.


Nearby, there is a dog-friendly botanical garden by the name of Amantikir “Jardins qui Falam” - the Gardens That Speak. The entry fee is modest, and the gardens present a wide array of styles from succulent arrangements to Japanese-themed areas, which you can spend hours wandering through and enjoying.

It seems a shame to appreciate your surroundings without also trying the local fare. While there are quite a few places to eat in the heart of the town proper, we found the Boteco do Vinho, right at the Portal de Campos do Jordão, very accommodating for Stella, with a lovely breeze on the deck, and a fresh bowl of water provided just for her. The humans enjoyed the dining experience just as much as the canine enjoyed the people-watching experience! Right next door, and with outdoor seating as well, the Geléia dos Monges was the perfect place to stop for a bit of something sweet, while not having to worry about leaving Stella elsewhere while we enjoyed our treat. Best of all, the main lodge at Surya Pan allows your furry-friend to go to breakfast with you! The three of us were able to enjoy a minivacation without worry, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Our check-out time arrived, and we all left with smiles on our faces. Especially Stella! §

If you’d prefer art to flora, the Museu Felícia Leirner has a vast outdoor area where dogs are allowed. Take in the unusual creations of the artist while winding around the top of a hill, with a final and breath-taking view of the mountain peaks which surround you.

Editor, Illustrator & Print Designer Jackie Wyant  Multi-page layouts & publications  Promotional materials  Text editing & proofing { Free consulations & job estimates }

(11) 99568.9605

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017

American Society of São Paulo presents

Boa Viagem!


Save the Date November 23, 2017


Volunteers Needed!

David Warren & Lucila Monteiro Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennesee Traveling soon? Take a photo with your FORUM, email it to

Contact Cricket Stickney at to find out how you can help!

SMILE: Charity Volunteering with the American Society S - Share M - Mentor I - Impact L - Love E - Engage

This is a monthly volunteering opportunity connecting AmSoc members with kids at our sponsored charities through fun and engaging activities. Each month, a group of volunteers participates in a pre-planned event. These events are as simple as going to play games with kids one afternoon, to taking a trip to a movie, to playing soccer on the weekend. For a small time commitment, you can make a big impact. So join us! Here’s what you can do: 1. Help plan events: AmSoc knows the kids and organizations, but we need dedicated volunteers to help plan the logistics of the actual events. From things like buying nail polish for a salon day, to securing tickets to a soccer game, we need people to help organize. 2. Volunteer at the events: Make note of our upcoming events, and when the reminder comes out, commit to volunteering. Then just show up and participate. It’s as simple as that!

email and come SMILE with us! American Society of São Paulo presents

Leopoldo Santos MD Dermatologist

Hair & Scalp Disorders Rua Mato Grosso 306 . Conj 501 Higienópolis . São Paulo . SP 01239-040 Tel +55 11 3259 5055 +55 11 96255 5055 The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

DADDY daughter DANCE

Volunteers needed!

We are forming a committee for the 2017 for fathers and their daughters. Help make this event a special one!


Contact Judy Zanchi at


September 2017


Welcome to Campinas!

Board of Governors Campinas

by Malcolm Macdonald, Board Member, Campinas Chapter


he Campinas chapter of AmSoc started with a bang! Several really. Launching the chapter with a signature event, following up with a Government Minister at 'Let's Connect', we recruited many new members.

Chapter Leader

Traditionally, in São Paulo members are invited to a New Member Coffee, during which they are introduced to the traditions and values of AmSoc and its history. With the dust settling after our big launch, we began to think that the time was ripe to do just that; hold a ‘Welcome to AmSoc’ brunch and allow our new members to meet each other.

Tania Alfonso

With much help from our dedicated executive committee, Saturday the 5th of August dawned, cool but sunny, and by 10am our members were arriving in force. We served a Brazilian/American fusion breakfast, with baskets of fresh fruit, ham and cheese with freshly-baked Brazilian 'French Breads', with scrambled eggs and pancakes prepared by our volunteers. Delicious cakes and quiches made up the table. For those who enjoy such a thing at brunch, we were treated to homemade sangria and a case of craftbrewed beer to taste and enjoy. Richard Wegman, AmSoc President, honored us with his presence and gave a short speech


Malcolm Macdonald


Community Action

Ariene Fonseca


Manu Moreno welcoming the new members to AmSoc. He really made our new members feel welcomed.

Marketing & Communications

What started as brunch continued through midday, and only finished off close to 5 in the evening, with resoundingly positive feedback from our members, and several new memberships under consideration.

Bem Vindo!

Jennifer Licko

Paula Mitre

Many thanks to all the volunteers who donated their time and energy to help make this happen. This is the true spirit of AmSoc and a wonderful way to kick off our new semester. §

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017


Curing Homesickness with American Gastronomy by Tia Lopez, Campinas AmSoc Member


iving the expat life brings many adventures with it, but occasionally you need a slice of home. However, since returning home usually involves a long airplane ride, many of us resort to throwing parties that bring us that nostalgia. Whether it is the theme or the food, these parties not only give us the opportunity to keep in touch with our roots, but introduce new friends to our fun and tasty traditions. One very American party is the traditional Super Bowl Party. We gather fans to cheer for their favorite team or against the team they dislike, and eat tailgating food such as hamburgers, hot wings, and fried chicken, and drink beer. The main difficulty with this party is the time zone difference between the East Coast of the US and Brazil. This year’s party started at noon and finished at 8pm – one hour before kickoff. I think most of us were asleep by halftime, and shocked when we woke in the morning to a different-than-expected outcome. “What do you mean New England won? They were down by 23 at halftime!” The last couple of years have brought on an extreme craving for all things hot. Having lived in Louisiana for 10 years – where cayenne pepper is used like salt, and if you aren’t sweating while you are eating, your food just isn’t hot enough – living in Brazil with their milder flavors is a bit of a letdown. What is a person to do? Join up with another Louisiana

The American Society of São Paulo Membership Directory & Resource Guide 2018

expat and put together a menu that is full of heat, flavor, and lots of Cajun love. You invite friends you think might enjoy a little heat, or who eat hot peppers for fun. With a severe warning to all invited that those who do not like hot things should not attend, while rounding up every single Crockpot in the greater Campinas area, you are ready to have great fun on the 'Bayou'. Throw in a few strands of homemade beads and guests dressed in green, purple, and gold (the colors of Mardi Gras) and all we can say is laissez les bon temps rouler – let the good times roll! We can’t forget the kids (or the kid inside of us) when planning these parties. Having grown up decorating Christmas cookies every

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Membership Directory & Resource Guide For additional sales information:

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

year, I could not stop just because we moved continents. Decorating cookies is not a solo job; it requires lots of friends to help. The most fun with this annual party is introducing young Brazilians to this tradition. After 3 years of making a whole lot of cut-out sugar cookies, a ton of icing, and providing lots of sprinkles, several of our young Brazilian friends barely even say hello as they come through the door and straight for the table. After many cookies eaten and sprinkles all over the floor, everyone leaves on a wonderful sugar high. So next time you are feeling homesick, think of what you can cook for your friends that will satisfy you, and let them know a little bit more about where you come from. §

Advertise with us! Interested in purchasing a print ad or classified space? AmSoc has many advertising packages available, including exposure on our website & private Facebook Group. Special rates offered for our Annual Directory advertisers. Call the office at (11) 5182-2074 between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday, or send an email to for full details and rates.


September 2017


Your Modest Gift Means the World to One Child by Sue Banman Sileci, AmSoc Member


he American Society Angel Party is only two and a half months away! While it seems like there’s a lot of time to get bags together to help Santa Claus, we still need to find sponsors for the last 60 children. We need to pull out the stops now, but the good news is that if you sponsor a child, you still have over a month to shop. (We send you the age and sizes of your child, and you need to buy a backpack, sweatshirt, T-shirt, pair of pants, tennis shoes, flip-flops, socks, underwear, a toy, and candy.) We’ll do the shopping for you if you prefer – send us R$500 and we’ll sort that out. Either way, you’re giving much-loved presents to a child in need. For many of them, these are their only Christmas presents. To sign up to sponsor a child, write Sue Banman Sileci at angelparty. At the same time, we need people to help at the party. Here are thoughts on volunteering from a few people who know all about it. Drop us a line if you can help in any way! §

Flashback to a December 2013 AmSoc board meeting, where Sue Banman Sileci reported on another successful Angel Party. She told a story that warms my heart and keeps me motivated to continue to work hard to promote AmSoc and the great charity work we do. She told about a boy who, getting back on the bus to leave the party after a full day of games, prizes, food, and fun, was asked what the best part of his day was. Everyone expected him to say that it was the new toy, new sneakers, or new clothes. But no, the best part of his day was the time he spent on the soccer field playing soccer with “the dads,” the men who were at the Angel Party volunteering their time. Much of AmSoc’s direct contact with these kids comes from women. Most of the children live in homes with house mothers, but fewer adult men. The kids need male role models in their lives. I try to tell this story as often as I can: MEN, we need you to come out and volunteer with these kids! You have no idea the effect it has. Judy Zanchi, Vice-President of the American Society of São Paulo

How can one day affect so many lives all year round? For Casa Limiar, the American Society Angel Party is by far the most special day of the year! It’s the party of the angels because of the people who devote so much time to give the kids a special day. This multiplies in hundreds of shining eyes for kids who have such difficult lives. Every new kid who arrives at Casa Limiar is touched by the excitement of the old ones telling them how wonderful the party is! Of course, they talk about all the presents they get, but they also talk about how much ice cream they eat, how good the lunch is, all the games, and the show. They especially talk about the godmothers, described as fairies, because these sponsors don’t just give them presents, but some spend all day with them! The Angel Party renews the kids’ smiles every year and it's an amazing event not just for those who go as guests, but also for ones who give all this love! Luisa Oliveira, coordinator at Casa Limiar


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017


My 16-year-old daughter Carol and I wait for this special day all year long. Through the years, we have met amazing kids and volunteers, and we have heard so many beautiful stories. One year, a woman named Donna flew from the US to Brazil for two days, just to volunteer at the party and meet the child she’d sponsored. I was in charge of helping Santa hand out the gift bags, but Donna asked me, “May I give this bag to my little girl?” Donna was so anxious and excited. As her child opened the beautifully wrapped gifts, Donna cried. It was beautiful to watch! I recall the time Carol and I spent looking for the perfect soccer ball to put inside our child’s Christmas bag. All he wanted was a soccer ball! We couldn’t believe his smile when he saw that simple brand-new ball. We felt like Santa and Mama Claus! Mama Claus is a beautiful girl who volunteers for this job every year. She has a big smile for each child; from the first who comes to see Santa, to the 250th. Each child received her full attention and loving touch. Claudia Kiatake, volunteer at many Angel Parties

American Society of São Paulo presents

18th Annual

Angel Party November 18th

There are so many ways you can help a child in need this year! Child Sponsorship, Sue Banman Sileci at Join the Committee, Kristy Miranda at Volunteer of the Month The amazing volunteer of the month for September is Ariane Cartwright!

Can't volunteer your time, schedule too busy to attend events, but still want to help? Give your receipts to charity. Charities can claim the tax benefits of any Nota Fiscal unattached to a CPF. Email for more information.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

Ariane Cartwright

Ariane is a force to be reckoned with. As a volunteer, she worked hard both on the sponsorships for the 2017 Gala, and as a cochair of the Gala itself. Now, she oversees our Communications team, is a member of our Board, and continues to set stellar examples of what it truly means to give one's time and energy to the larger community. Thank you for everything, Ariane!

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email


September 2017


Fun & Games for the Second Season of YSP by John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


ur AmSoc Youth Sports Program (YSP) started this season's activities with presentations for new parents at two of our host schools. John Terrell Mota provided a quick presentation at PACA (Pan American Christian Academy) for the new parent breakfast held on August 3rd. On August 5th, AmSoc had a table at Graded School for the new parent lunch. We were able to talk to new parents, and explain more about AmSoc and our sports program to new families. On June 11th, we also joined Graded School’s Welcome Breakfast for new parents. Please refer to the 2017 Season 2 Calendar on page 13 (opposite) for the most current dates and locations of our YSP events.

Thank You

We would like to thank Mr. Rob Switzer and Mr. Kevin Flurry at Graded for their support, and for inviting us to all of these events. We really enjoy being at the US schools. Unfortunately, Chapel School fields won’t be available this season as a result of field drainage issues. Still, we would like to thank Ms. Cida Gregorio for the support Chapel has always provided to our program. We hope to be able to resume our Saturdays at Chapel in 2018.

Registration Day

We had our official Youth Sports Program registration on August 12th at Graded School’s Student Center, a newly renovated area, that enabled us to provide our friends and parents with breakfast and snacks. Kids who wanted to play soccer were able to try out our program, thanks to coaches Cristiano and Arthur, who were present that day. We carry the majority of the registrations on soccer. We are happy to offer the kids a chance to try out our recreational program while parents are enrolling them.

New families joined us at this event and we’re very happy to see new and familiar faces. The number of registrations has shown a slight reduction compared to that of last season. We think that this is due to the fact that some expats went back home, so please help us to spread the word. We know that São Paulo still carries a large number of Americans and International families. We’d surely like to see the kids in our youth sports program. We will continue to spread the word at PACA and Graded, and hope to be able to join Chapel’s events.

American Society of São Paulo presents



Trick-or-Treating, Desserts, Games, Prizes & More!

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the US Consulate

Volunteers needed! Contact Lynda Perdigon at to find out how you can help!


Individual income tax preparation and consulting • Tax planning • Estimated taxes • US Federal tax returns • Brazilian tax returns • Tax equalization Marcelo Calvoso Tel 55 11 5572 5411 Cel 55 11 99121 8811

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September 2017




Please note that if a sport carries less than 5 kids in a specific day, the coach has the sole discretion to cancel the practice that day. We play come rain or shine. However, we do not play in case of thunderstorms, lightning, and severe weather conditions. The schools carry indoor gyms we use for volleyball and basketball.

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If you’d like to know more about our program, or volunteer as a coach or assistant, either stop by the schools to see how we provide the sessions, or feel free to email John at, or send a Whatsapp or text message to (11) 99622-2177.



9AM to 10:30AM

Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-13) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-13)

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9:30AM to 10:30AM

Basketball (coed ages 8-13)

10:30AM to 12PM

Baseball (coed ages 8-13) Flag Football (coed ages 8-13) Volleyball (coed ages 8-13)

Dra. Karen Bygdal Andreasen Dental Care | CROSP 47616 Partner of American Society for 14 Years English, Danish & Portuguese spoken! General Practice - Adults and Children: Functional Jaw Orthopedics Specialist Tel: (11) 5531-4698 (11) 3799-1460 WhatsApp: (11) 99811-6172

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Graded School

If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our Athletics Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177. American Society of São Paulo & Fellowship Community Church presents


November 26, 2017 at 6pm Fellowship Community Church

R. Carlos Sampaio, 107- Bela Vista

An interdenominational service followed by a reception with festive holiday foods and delicious fresh roasted turkey sandwiches. No RSVP Required

To contribute a homemade dessert, contact David Warren at


September 2017

Gaining Proficiency in Portuguese: Part 2 by Jason Bermingham, AmSoc Member


o you struggle with Portuguese although you’ve lived in Brazil for years? Or perhaps you’re just off the plane and you’d like some pointers on becoming proficient in the language? Last month, FORUM printed an article about AmSoc member Sue Banman Sileci, who has lived in Brazil for close to 30 years. Sue shared stories of her own language journey and reflected on what exactly it means to be 'fluent' in Portuguese. This month, we return to the topic - offering a series of tips based on the advice of Brazilian Portuguese teachers Sandra Silva Fiorussi and Maria Amélia Mata. We’ll start off with a few suggestions for those who are just getting started with the language. And we’ll wind up with words of encouragement for those who may be speaking Portuguese better than they think.

Tip 1: Make the Internet Your Classroom There’s no better place to start learning a language than the internet. Go online to find music, news, movies, and TV programs in Portuguese. Become socialmedia buddies with Brazilians. Ask a native speaker (or somebody who has learned the language) if he or she would be open to practicing via Skype. If you American Society of São Paulo’s

can’t find a weekly class or an immersion course in your area, sign up for an online course that offers basic reading, writing, and pronunciation exercises. There’s an abundance of learning material online, if you take the time to find it.

Tip 2: Free Up Slots in Your Busy Schedule Whether you learn Portuguese quickly or slowly depends on commitment and discipline. You should be prepared to study the language at least three times a week, with two hours per class and another two hours of home study. Conversation counts as study, so invite your Brazilian friends out for coffee or beer often.

Tip 3: Remember That Practice & Study Go Hand-in-hand Students who speak Portuguese frequently tend to gain fluency faster. But it’s important to understand what you’re hearing before you start repeating. For instance, a Brazilian might say “Cê qué í?”, when on paper the question would be “Você quer ir?” (“Do you want to go?”). Brazilians love to run words together when speaking informally, so be sure to find a balance between practice on the streets and study at home.

Tip 4: Break Big Words Into Little Syllables What’s a paralelepipido? A cobblestone, of course. But how do you say it? Try repeating each syllable separately: pa–ra–le–le–pi–pi– do. Take your time and slowly work your way through the sounds. This will make a big word a little less scary. Feeling confident? Try saying Pindamonhangaba!

Tip 5: When in Doubt, Find a Similar Sound in English The word senhora looks simple enough, until you try saying it like Brazilians do! Here’s a trick: ever

Dr. Marinho Del Santo Dentistry





R. Manuel Guedes, 243 Itaim Bibi (11) 2369-0488 / CI


Wednesday, September 13th 7pm - until




E s t . 19 5 0


Friends of AmSoc welcome!

Speaks English & Portuguese Av. Vereador José Diniz, 3720 - Suite 1204 Campo Belo - São Paulo, SP 04603-004 Tel: (11) 2368-6333 Emergency Care Orofacial Pain & Dental Trauma: Albert Einstein Hospital Tel: (11) 99611-4964

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017

água?” (“Can I have a water?”), you’ve already demonstrated fluency.

Tip 8: Age Isn’t Necessarily a Factor When Learning a Language

notice that the latter part of senhora resembles the American expression “oughta”? Try saying the phrase “sing-you-ought-to” in English, but super fast: “sing-y’oughta”. Now you’re a lot closer to the correct pronunciation of senhora.

Tip 6: Don’t Expect Overnight Results Ever read the book 'Outliers' by Malcolm Gladwell? Don’t worry, you won’t need 10,000 hours to gain proficiency in Portuguese. But you will need to study and speak at least 140 hours over the course of a year to understand, speak, write, and read the language well. And to achieve the level of advanced fluency identified

as C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)? For that you’ll need about 800 hours of study, exposure, and frequent contact with the language.

Young people can learn Portuguese quickly and without an accent. But this doesn’t put anybody who isn’t still a teenager at a disadvantage. Other factors come into play when you set your mind to mastering Portuguese. For instance, what is your level of interest? Can you understand some Spanish, French, or Italian? Do you have a good ear for music? Are you disciplined and hardworking? Are you organized? Do you enjoy studying? In general, young people learn quickly and easily. But as we get older, we find ways to offset difficulties as we tackle challenges.

Tip 7: You May Already Be More Fluent Than You Think

If you’d like to reach out to Sandra or Maria with questions about learning Portuguese, please use these e-mails: sandrasilvafio@ and §

You get a sense that you’re gaining fluency when the language becomes more automatic and you don’t need to stop and think in English before speaking. For instance, if you say to a waiter, “Me dá uma água, por favor?” (“Give me a water, please?”) or “Uma água, por favor?” (“A water, please?”) instead of “Posso ter uma

Portuguese teachers Sandra (left) and Maria (right)

Save the Date The annual Marine Corps Ball is a spectacular event not to be missed! Mark November 18th, 2017, on your calendars, and polish up your dancing shoes. See you there!

Our Annual

Holiday Party December 9, 2017 Celebrate in Chácara Flora

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


September 2017


Sandy Mangels: Using a Passion to Make a Difference compiled by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor


oving to São Paulo in 1978 from Connecticut, with her Brazilian husband, Bob, whom she met at Penn State, AmSoc member Sandy Mangels has now spent more years in Brazil than in the US. The first week she arrived, she was sent by her mother-in-law, Marilyn Mangels, to enroll in Portuguese classes. Eight months later, Sandy started work as a computer systems analyst at Johnson & Johnson, where she remained until assigned to a project whose delivery date would coincide with the arrival of her first child, Laura. Less than two years later the couple’s second child, Alan, arrived. Sandy found herself nearing the completion of a new home for her young family in the Santo Amaro area, with a garden to create from a sea of mud in rainy January. Peggy Pollard, an elderly American and Mangels family friend, offered to help with the garden by donating plants from her own established oasis in nearby Brooklin Velho. Little did Sandy know how this introduction to Peggy Pollard would change her life. Sandy’s garden, now in Chácara Flora, still has the treasured unusual plants that came from the late Peggy Pollard. They were carried from the first home the couple built to their current home in Chácara Flora. Peggy was not only generous with offspring created from her plants, she had also founded a new, working group of the São Paulo Garden Club (SPGC) in the Santo Amaro area, focused on younger

members. Peggy set about recruiting Sandy for the club. She convinced her to inquire about exhibiting in the Garden Club’s soon-to-beheld annual Flower Show. Sandy had been exposed to the concept of a Garden Club sponsoring a Flower Show while growing up in Pennsylvania. Her parents took her to see the renowned Philadelphia Flower Show every year. She had also enjoyed a floral design course during her study of Computer Science at Penn State. So, Sandy boldly telephoned the SPGC President and asked if there were any designs that were still unclaimed, and if a prospective member could exhibit. Used to having to twist arms to get the last design spaces filled, the President was delighted and suggested that a Petite Design in a group interpreting the theme “The Family’s New Baby” would be appropriate. Sandy jumped in feet first by arranging pink miniature roses in a plaster baby shoe. The arrangement won third place in its category, and this is how Sandy became an active member of the São Paulo Garden Club in 1980. Sandy developed a passion for orchids, inheriting some of her extensive collection from her husband’s grandmother, and a large part from the daughter of a local orchid enthusiast, whose late father cultivated in his apartment. Sandy’s orchid collection numbers in the hundreds of plants.


The São Paulo Garden Club has helped Sandy hone her floral design skills, and allowed her to complete the necessary courses to become a National Garden Clubs (NGC) Accredited Master Flower Show Judge. Sandy has been invited to judge horticulture and design at flower shows not only in São Paulo, but also in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Newport, Rhode Island; Buffalo, New York; and the biggest thrill of all, at the same Philadelphia Flower Show that so enthralled her as a child. Since the late 1990s, Sandy has served as the local NGC Flower Show School director in Brazil responsible for organizing courses to train new flower show judges and for maintaining existing judges. Since 2003, Sandy has been serving on the International NGC Board representing Brazil. Sitting on the International Board required that Sandy study Spanish, as the committee strives to promote NGC projects and activities throughout Latin America, where Spanish is the prevalent language. As a NGC Board member, Sandy has encouraged and guided garden clubs throughout Latin America to conduct many successful public service gardening projects. A keynote speaker during the 2008 NGC Convention in Memphis, Tennessee, she presented the history and achievements of Garden Clubs in Latin American countries. Many attendees were surprised to learn that

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017


there are hundreds of garden clubs, NGCtrained flower show judges, and worthy club-driven Civic Development projects throughout the International Affiliate region. In 2011, Sandy attended the World Flower Show, sponsored by the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA) in Boston, Massachusetts, and was instrumental in the application process admitting Brazil as a member to WAFA. She recently helped stage the honorary exhibit from Brazil, held in June 2017, at the WAFA World Show in Barbados, and attended all of the design demonstrations offered there, gaining inspiration and observing new techniques for future design work. The 2016 São Paulo Garden Club Flower Show, conceived by Sandy, entitled “Climate Change”, recently won two coveted International Affiliate awards from NGC. The 2017 78th Annual Flower Show, themed “Brazilian Folklore”, open to the public at the British Center from September 30th to October 1st, promises to be just as exciting. Sandy's Burle-Marx-style tropical garden, designed by landscape architect Sergio Santana, has been featured on several magazine covers, has been on the TV show Bom Dia São Paulo, and has recently hosted

Graded School’s Girl Scouts working on their gardening badge. One other Garden Club connection significantly influenced Sandy. In 2006, Ursula Altenbach, a Garden Club member who was also an instructor of the modern school of Sogetsu Ikebana (Japanese Floral art), was asked to demonstrate at a general meeting. Fascinated by the fantastic contemporary floral arrangements that could be created from very little plant material, Sandy and one other Garden Club member, Lynden Bohlen, hounded Ursula to make room for them in her monthly Ikebana classes. Dedicated to first traditional and then modern Ikebana study, Sandy and Lynden eventually earned teaching diplomas by 2012, and were asked to take on Ursula’s students when she moved to India in early 2013. In April 2016, Sandy was appointed by the Sogetsu Foundation in Japan as Sogetsu Ikebana São Paulo Branch Director, with Lynden as Vice-Director.

Our Managing Editor would love to hear from you and publish your story. Send an email to with the positive impact you've made in São Paulo (and Brazil!) and look to be featured in an upcoming FORUM issue!

From being dismayed by a sea of mud in a new backyard, to becoming named as Sogetsu Ikebana São Paulo Branch Director by the Sogetsu organization in Japan, membership in the São Paulo Garden Club has opened many unexpected doors to Sandy over the course of almost 40 years living in São Paulo. Sandy highlights that garden clubs are definitely not about elderly ladies drinking tea and wearing hats. They are dynamic places of shared learning, promotion of environmental respect, and making a difference through pertinent community projects. As a complement, the study of Ikebana offers a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, an opportunity for anyone to create something beautiful. Sandy believes in Flower Power! §

The Sogetsu Ikebana São Paulo Branch will celebrate its 50th anniversary with an exposition to open to the public at SESC Santo Amaro on the evening of October 17th. Sandy and Lynden continue to offer monthly Ikebana classes in Chácara Flora to English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, and Portuguese-speaking THE SÃO PAULO GARDEN CLUB

Nominate a member Do you know an AmSoc member who has an excellent story to tell about how they've made a difference in our greater community? Nominate someone else, or nominate yourself!

students. They welcome inquiries from prospective students, with no previous floral experience necessary.

78TH ANNUAL FLOWER SHOW “FOLCLORE BRASILEIRO” at the Brazilian British Centre Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741 - Pinheiros, São Paulo By kind permission of the Cultura Inglesa Opening Ceremony on Saturday 30th of September, 2017 at 10.30 a.m. Exhibition open to general public (Free Admission) Saturday 30th September 10.00 a.m. - 6.30 p.m. Sunday 1st October 10.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Beeby’s Gourmet will be serving afternoon tea on Saturday starting at 3.00 p.m. until 5.30 p.m. on The Deck by the garden downstairs and on Sunday they will be serving lunch from midday onwards. The São Paulo Garden Club calendar 2018 will be available at the show.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


September 2017

The Force Behind Communications


compiled by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor



My expertise includes mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, selfesteem, trauma and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. Contact me at 98963-2871 or


Professor: Arthur Greig Levels: Basic – Intermediate – Advanced International Experience Various Styles and Techniques Residential number: 11-3758 1001 / Cellphone and Whatsapp number: 11-99453 1993 São Paulo - Brazil


received a scholarship to study during Summer School at Phillips Exeter Academy.

Amanda is Brazilian and has a Journalism degree from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Amanda has worked as an intern at the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Consulate, and was also an intern at Associação Brasileira de Jornalismo Investigativo (Abraji).

In her free time, Amanda loves to read and write in her book blog. She does volunteer work at an NGO named Gatópoles, which focuses on cat adoption, and loves learning new languages and being a tourist in her own hometown! §

In 2012, Amanda was selected as a Youth Ambassador - a U.S. Embassy program that takes Brazilian public school students to a one-month-exchange in America. She also CONTACT AMSOC OFFICE STAFF


Curtains & Blinds Residential & Commercial Free estimates, pick ups & deliveries. Ph. (011) 3507.3605 / Cell. (011) 99187-2969 Odair Junior - Morumbi area


manda Ariela, our new Communications Coordinator, joins AmSoc with a background in journalism, social media management, and content production!

The Classifieds are a simple and easy way to reach your special target market. For only R$80 per issue, you receive 350 characters-worth of space to promote your own business, real estate sale, private tutoring, or other services. Contact Cari Smelan today at sales@amsoc. to place your classified now!

Our office staff is composed of talented, hard-working people, who get their job done between the hours of 10am and 3pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). In these limited hours, they not only keep our various internal processes running smoothly, but also support our many volunteers, helping make the American Society what it is today. JOB TITLE



Bookkeeper Intern

Paula Bon

Communications Coordinator

Amanda Ariela

Office Assistant

Carol Matos

Office Manager

Andrea Berce

American Society of São Paulo presents

a rotating library of English books for kids Two Age Groups : 1 -3 and 4-7 Cost for the year: R$100 per bag for AmSoc members R$200 per bag for non-members

Enjoy coffee and treats with your first bag! Bo ok s de li ve re d t o yo u r do or. Books rotate on the 15th of each month.

Books to Go starts September 15th For more information: books


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

September 2017

Helping AmSoc Help Others by Judy Zanchi, AmSoc Vice President


our American Society of São Paulo has a lot of ‘stuff’- from an Easter bunny costume, to sports equipment, to vases for Gala centerpieces, to flags and banners for the Independence Day party, to boxes of old office records. Where do we store it all? Our office space, which is generously donated by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) simply isn’t big enough. So, we have had our goods spread out in members’ homes, and in a bit of AmCham space in an off-site location. In June, we learned that we wouldn’t have the AmCham space any longer, and that is where AmSoc Member Tom Conway and his company GoodStorage came in and saved the day.

Take a look at the photos to the right and see how we have marvelously been able to consolidate all our AmSoc supplies into one of the clean, convenient, and safe storage units at the company’s Morumbi location! Thank you Tom and GoodStorage! Please call on GoodStorage if you or your company needs a short or long-term solution. There are 10 locations in the São Paulo area. www. §


Variety of Sizes Available

1m2 to 100m2


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

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Learn more about upcoming American Society events at

02 Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

Location: PACA - Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:

13 Wednesday 9AM to 2PM

International Newcomers Club Bazaar day!

Location: Espaco Escandinavo (R. Job Lane 1030) Information:

13 Wednesday 7PM to 10PM

AmSoc Happy Hour Location: Camden House (R. Manuel Guedes, 243) with the Australian Society of São Paulo, sponsored by Information: Robert Walters (a global recruitment firm) For details, see ad on page 14

14 Thursday 10:30AM to 1PM

AmSoc New Member Coffee network, learn about upcoming events, and meet board members

Location: Provided upon RSVP Information: Melinda at For details, see ad on page 5

15 Friday

AmSoc Books To Go a rotating library of English books for kids

Location: Provided upon RSVP Information: For details, see ad on page 18

16 Saturday 9AM to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

Location: Graded School (Av. José Galante, 425) Information:

23 Saturday 9AM to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

Location: Graded School (Av. José Galante, 425) Information:

30 Saturday 9AM to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

Location: Graded School (Av. José Galante, 425) Information:

30 Saturday 10:30AM to 6:30pm

São Paulo Garden Club Annual Flower Show

Location: Brazilian British Centre (R. Ferreira de Araújo, 741) Information: For details, see ad on page 17


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