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August 2017


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Gaining Proficiency in Portuguese


by Jason Bermingham, AmSoc Member

by Monica Kumar, SMILE Volunteer Coordinator


ant to know a trick for spotting English-speaking expats in Brazil? Often, when entering a shop, we expats will push on the door when we should be pulling. It isn’t hard to guess why. After all, the Portuguese verb puxar looks and sounds a lot like the English verb “to push.” So when English speakers see the word puxe displayed on a door, we reach out to push it open. It’s just instinct. To this day, after more than 20 years in Brazil, I frequently stick out a hand when I should be grabbing a handle. If one word can cause confusion, imagine the challenge of learning an entire language! It requires a great deal of study and practice, to say the least. Expats with no previous knowledge of a Romance language should expect at least a month of solid daily study and practice before they can listen in on a conversion. They’ll need about three months before they can join

Push or pull? (Photo courtesy of Flickr user dwighta3)

the conversation. And what if they hope to sway other people’s opinions with their own arguments? Achieving that level of proficiency can take up to a full year. In this issue of FORUM and the next, I’ll take a closer look at the process of gaining proficiency in the Portuguese language. I will start by talking to Sue Banman Sileci, an AmSoc member who has lived in Brazil for close to 30 years, and who has written over 60 books – including textbooks, readers, and teacher resource material for all levels of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. Next month, we will continue the conversation with two Brazilian Portuguese teachers who will offer advice aimed to protect expats from false cognates on shop doors and other language hazards.


ello! I wanted to introduce myself, Monica Kumar, as the new SMILE Volunteer Coordinator, taking over from Megan Trierweiler. I hope to grow upon the great work Megan did in this role, as I work with CAC (Community Action Committee) to organize volunteer activities with the charities AmSoc works with. If you are interested in joining SMILE, or have any questions about getting involved with AmSoc’s volunteering opportunities, please reach out to me at §

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Cover image: Niemeyer on Avenida Paulista Courtesy of: Alexandre Mello

August 2017


Welcome Back!



by Richard Wegman

ugust gives us the opportunity for a quick start to the second half of the year. I’m always amazed at how fast our Holiday party arrives! During our Winter break, the office was extremely busy. They received and reconciled all the donations from the Gala, moved our storage facility on short notice, and handled the contribution of food items for our Independence Day Party; all while performing their normal office activities. They definitely deserve a vacation! Over the years, we have invested in decorations for every event AmSoc offers, from costumes for the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, to candles for the Gala and tablecloths for the Independence Day Party. These need to be safely stored, inventoried, replaced as necessary, and easy to access when the event volunteers need them. The office staff takes care of most of these activities with support from volunteers of the Angel Party, Kids Halloween Party, etc. We want to acknowledge GoodStorage in Morumbi, and AmSoc member Tom Conway, Principal at M3 Capital Partners LLC which operates GoodStorage, for donating storage space for all these things! It was a great pleasure for our Gala committee members to present AmSoc donation checks to Projeto Sol and Vivenda da Criança during our Independence Day Party. We thank everyone who participated in our 2017 Gala event and helped raise the funds to support these children in need. We had about 240 people in attendance, including several Gala sponsor representatives. Many thanks to Alan Blau and David Warren for coordinating another fantastic July 4th event.

Kids and sports have been the foundation of AmSoc for over 65 years. Friends get together on Saturday morning to play ball and hang out. On August 12th at Graded School, we’ll be hosting open enrollment for the second semester of our YSP (Youth Sports Program) from 9am to noon. Come out, bring your kids and make new friends! The year 2017 has provided many opportunities to participate in AmSoc activities and charitable endeavors. Our second half of the year has a few exceptional events coming your way, like our Kids Halloween Party, our Thanksgiving Dinner, and our Holiday bash! To find out more about these and other events, visit our website at Our Angel Party in November provides a Christmas celebration for about 230 underprivileged children. The team, led by Kristy Miranda and Sue Sileci, is deep into coordinating the details of this event. It will be hosted at Chapel School, where it has been for many years. Chapel continues to lead the way in showing us how to truly be an active community member. We need you to become an Angel! Sponsor a child or two for Christmas. Our major event for the first half of the year is the Gala; for the second half of the year, our major event is the Angel Party. Both of these events emphasize caring and commitment. Please commit to being an Angel today. (details on page 10) Let’s have an amazing second-half of 2017!

Richard Wegman

Vice President Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau


Campinas Chapter

Malcolm Macdonald


John Kennedy John Mota

Business Networking Elias Gedeon Fernanda Gedeon


Ariane Cartwright

Community Action Committee Kelly Maurice

Corporate Sponsorship Isabel Franco Ricky Rubeiz

Membership Team

Anju Kapur Patrick Trierweiler

Sincerely, Into the Future, Together!


OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chácara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /



Lucy Nunes Lynda Perdigon


Melinda Brenninkmeyer

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017

Welcome! To Our New Members We thank all of our new members for their support. Not a member? Join today! Visit





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Marc Menden

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Patricia Rezende


Paula Tortolo


Sergio Andrade



Helping Hands Member


Campinas Member

Meet New Member Patricia Rezende! Family members: Four. Where were you born? São Paulo, São Paulo Prior overseas assignments? Lived 20 years in the UK. What do you find great about Brazil? I love the weather, the food, the beaches, the versatility of Brazilian people and how they love parties and are always smiling. Recommendations? Definitely recommend people to visit Salvador da Bahia, Itacaré in Bahia, Canoa Quebrada & Jeriquaquara in Natal, Praia

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

dos Carneiros in Recife, Rio, Parentins Carnival in Manaus. Favorite place to hang out in São Paulo? Parque Ibirapuera Places you plan to visit? Amazonas What has surprised you about São Paulo/ Brazil? How things developed so fast, how Brazil has grown fast. Surpising fun fact about yourself? I will never give up dancing!


August 2017

Get a Leg-up on the College Acceptance Process by Anju Kapur, AmSoc Board Member


arents of tweens and teens understand the pressure families face when having to decide which extracurricular activities and coursework their children should focus on. Middle school and high school is a great time to strategize and best position your future college attendees for the competitive acceptance process. AmSoc would like to offer your family the opportunity to speak directly with college admissions officers to better understand how this process works. As a result, we have created the College Forum. This particular College Forum is designed as a 90-minute question-and-answer session held with

a panel of several admissions officers of major American universities. Last August, representatives from Columbia, Princeton, and Yale universities, participated in our College Forum, held at St. Paul's School, with an attendance of approximately 250 participants. This August, on Wednesday the 23 , admissions representatives from Boston College, Dartmouth College, Emory University, University of Richmond, and Tufts University will be present for a similar event at St. Paul's School. This College Forum will be held from 6pm to 8pm. As street parking is limited, it is suggested that participants come to this event via taxi. rd

There is no cost for this event. Our College Forum is open to the public at large, and is not limited solely to American Society members. Please feel free to spread the word to your family and friends with teenage children. See the AmSoc website ( br) to register and enter your College Forum questions online. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the Forum as well. Walk-ins are welcome, however preference will be given to those that have already registered, as seating is limited. §


Wednesday August 23rd Meet with representatives from TOP UNIVERSITIES sign up at

Connect with Your Community

St. Paul’s School 6:00 pm

Dr. Marinho Del Santo Dentistry Speaks English & Portuguese


Join AmSoc on Facebook to keep up with the most recent AmSoc news, events & updates!

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Emergency Care Orofacial Pain & Dental Trauma: Albert Einstein Hospital Tel: (11) 99611-4964

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017

Proficiency in Portuguese continued from page 1

Sue, what were the big difficulties, early on, with Portuguese? I came to Brazil with a little bit of Spanish under my belt… basic Spanish from college. So I thought Portuguese would be easy. And when I saw it written, it was easy… in my limited college Spanish way. But I was totally unprepared for how different Portuguese sounded, and even if I could sputter out a question, I couldn’t understand the answer. Another problem that occasionally bites me even today, 28 years later, is that you usually shouldn’t answer a yes/no question with a simple yes or no. You have to listen for the right

verb in the question, and then conjugate it and spit it back out as your answer. “Are you hungry?” “I am.” “Did he go?” “He went.” “Will that pizzeria be open tonight?” “It will.” I found it exhausting in the beginning.

When did you know you were fluent? Although I know I’m fluent, I also know there’s a huge gap between fluent and accurate. I’m something of a perfectionist, so my lack of accuracy clouds my view of my fluency. I have to remind myself all the time that I’m fluent, despite the mistakes I make. I can get what I want wherever I go, I can understand TV and the radio, I can talk happily and comfortably on the phone or in person, and I get any job done in Portuguese. It’s not always pretty or straight to the point and I’ll always have an accent, but I can do it.

What helped you to learn the language?

Sue Banman Sileci, expat fluent in Portuguese

A couple of things. First, no one in my husband’s family spoke English at the time. To communicate with them, I had to learn fast. Further, the nightly soap opera, which usually starts around 9pm, was helpful because it was more passive than

time spent talking to Brazilians. I could sit back and listen without having to respond. The language was natural and I eventually hooked onto one of the storylines, then two, then three, and pretty soon, to my surprise, I was able to watch Brazilian movies or other TV shows without needing too much help. That led to being able to understand regular conversations much better, and eventually better speaking.

Any advice for folks who are learning Portuguese? Get out and talk to people. Make stupid mistakes. Have a good laugh. Keep trying. Make more mistakes. Cry a little bit. Make more mistakes. Ask them to repeat. Try again. Brazilians are amazingly patient and fun if you’re trying to learn Portuguese. Keep at it. You’ll get there! §

NEXT ISSUE Look for your September issue of the FORUM to read part 2 of this article, where Jason interviews Portuguese teachers Sandra Silva Fiorussi and Maria Amélia Mata, who offer additional guidance for expats in Brazil.


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August 2017

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SMILE: Charity Volunteering with the American Society S - Share M - Mentor I - Impact L - Love E - Engage

This is a monthly volunteering opportunity connecting AmSoc members with kids at our sponsored charities through fun and engaging activities. Each month, a group of volunteers participates in a pre-planned event. These events are as simple as going to play games with kids one afternoon, to taking a trip to a movie, to playing soccer on the weekend. For a small time commitment, you can make a big impact. So join us! Here’s what you can do: 1. Help plan events: AmSoc knows the kids and organizations, but we need dedicated volunteers to help plan the logistics of the actual events. From things like buying nail polish for a salon day, to securing tickets to a soccer game, we need people to help organize. 2. Volunteer at the events: Make note of our upcoming events, and when the reminder comes out, commit to volunteering. Then just show up and participate. It’s as simple as that!

email and come SMILE with us! SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT Looking for our regular Members Recommend piece? Don't worry! It will return next month. What discoveries have you made in São Paulo city and the surrounding area? We'd like to hear from you! To be featured in our next Members Recommend, send an email to with your personal recommendations on how to enjoy all that São Paulo (and Brazil!) has to offer.


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The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017

Can You Do the Mash? The Monster Mash! by Lynda Perdigon, AmSoc Board Member


n America during the 1800s, the end of the Harvest season was celebrated in October by wearing costumes, eating sweets, and playing practical jokes on each other. It’s now become a fun tradition that we call Halloween. It brings families together in a creative, festive way. Last year’s Halloween party was nothing short of thrilling! Children and parents showed up in all sorts of imaginative costumes. The party began with entertaining games for all ages, where the children could win terrific prizes. The kids enjoyed the special mini-golf course, had their fortune told, and used their skills to navigate the giant spider’s web. They even had an open space to try their dance moves, with Halloween favorites like the Monster Mash. Tables were set up for coloring activities, making Halloween-themed crafts, and applying temporary tattoos. Along with all the yummy, creepy, spooky snacks was the never-ending popcorn station - always a big hit! The bounce houses were fun for everyone! It was a magnificent way to help the tall and short use up their endless supply of energy.

There were wigs, hats, glasses, and funny mustaches to make a playful picture. Kids would agree that the highlight of the party was trick-or-treating! All enjoyed 10 decorated trick-or-treating stations to stop and get their fill of candy. Some stations were spooky, some were pretty, and some were funny. But all were filled with candy. Lots and lots of candy!! I know my kids had an amazing time with all the activities! I saw families together having fun and creating memories. I encourage you to come to this year’s Halloween party, which is sure to be another spooktastic time!! §



Trick-or-Treating, Desserts, Games, Prizes & More!

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, October 28, 2017

A new fun feature was added, the photo booth! Parents and children used accessories to add to their costume and make fun memories with Halloween-themed pictures.

Contact Lynda Perdigon at to find out how you can help!

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH The amazing volunteer of the month for August is Kim Fredericksen!


In São Paulo for only a year, Kim jumped right in to all things AmSoc! Helping out on the Gala committee, the Halloween Party, the Angel party; even bringing back lots of fun craft supplies from the USA to share with the kids at Helen Drexel as part of the AmSoc SMILES program. We have asked for her help many times and she always says "Yes!" with a huge smile on her face. Thanks, Kim!

American Society of São Paulo presents

DADDY daughter DANCE

Volunteers needed!

We are forming a committee for the 2017 for fathers and their daughters. Help make this event a special one!


Contact Judy Zanchi at

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


August 2017


Favorite Place to Eat in Campinas by Ariene Fonseca, Board Member, Campinas Chapter


ampinas has many nice restaurants for every need and occasion. But if you have little ones like me, and enjoy spending Sunday afternoons outdoors, then you ought to go to Estação Marupiara.

Chapter Leader

Malcolm Macdonald


Tania Alfonso

To start, this restaurant is located at the historic district of Joaquim Egídio. An old colonial feel is in every house and every brick on the pavement. No surprise if your mind starts wondering about the life of this place 100 years ago. It is as if you can hear the voices of the Italian immigrants that built this village. Once in the restaurant, sit in one of the tables outside or by the playground. Not only will you be able to watch your little ones play, but you will also enjoy the wonderful weather of Joaquim Egídio. But it is only when you try the food that you can grasp the total experience of this place. Try anything, because everything is especially good! I kid you not! If you are new to the area, you may want to start with the moqueca de frutos do mar, or bobó de camarão, which are two authentic Brazilian dishes. The moqueca de frutos do mar is made with seafood and coconut milk. The bobó de camarão is made with shrimp and yuca.


Community Action

Ariene Fonseca

Marketing & Communications Jennifer Licko

Bem Vindo! For dessert, don’t miss the cheese ice cream with guava syrup! To close the day, have a cafezinho, a strong Brazilian coffee similar to an espresso, with brigadeiro, a chocolate milk sweet served on a spoon. Everything is good about this place, though the waiting line can be long. So either make your reservation a week in advance, or get there before noon! §

Paula Mitre


August 2017 Feijoada Party Let’s Connect Campinas October 2017 Halloween Party In-the-Works Paint It FORWARD Global Dreamers

ADVERTISE WITH US! Is your business located in the Campinas area? Your ad could be featured in this space! AmSoc has many advertising packages available, including exposure on our website & private Facebook Group. Special rates offered for our Annual Directory advertisers. Call the AmSoc office at (11) 5182-2074 between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday, or send an email to, for full details and rates.


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017


The Winds of Change by Malcolm Macdonald, Board Member, Campinas Chapter


une through August is a bittersweet time. It’s the end of one International school year and the beginning of the next. This is the time that sets you apart as a leaver, a newbie, an inbetweener, or in my own case, as a semi-permanent member of the ex-pat society in Campinas, a stayer.

“goodbye party” was 20s-themed, and a great send off for the various families who left these shores.

This is the time when good friends leave. People that have been around for two or three years but have intensely become part of your life. One of the pleasures of a successful expatriate experience is the thirst for adventure and the necessity to see, eat, and visit places that one will not have the chance to again.

For the long term stayers, it’s a moment to embrace the international widening of our pool of friends and reflect on how we will welcome the newcomers in August. What will the new “team” look like? Partygoers? Artists? Philanthropists? Explorers and road trippers? Every June marks the end of an Era and the beginning of a new one.

As a stayer, it is my privilege to enjoy the company of these people and, through AmSoc, help create a support group of people, united in the goals of enjoying new social events and a new and often-fleeting lifestyle. Whether it be taking a road trip to a concert or to the carnival parade, enjoying a BBQ and pool day, or even playing card games with friends over a good chat and a cigar. Bonds are formed much more rapidly than they would at home.

So I take this opportunity of wishing those who leave all the very best. I hope you take a small part of Brazil and Campinas with you, and a large part of the friendships created during your time here. Know that each and every one of you made a difference to the chemistry of our community.

For those counting their days, it’s a time to reflect on an experience-packed time. Say goodbyes, buy those last souvenirs, and deal with packers and painters. This year's

For those with one last year, it’s a time to move up into high gear, as plans are made not to miss any “must have” experiences.

Those who start a 12-month countdown, I urge you to take advantage to travel, party, and always remember to give back, as Brazil is a wonderful place to do all of these. Finally, to our new arrivals, perhaps reading the FORUM for the very first time, wondering what your new life will be like, I offer my

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

heartfelt welcome. Embrace the new, accept the different, and buckle-up. Done right, you will enjoy an amazing ride. Please contact your Bem Vindo! (Welcome) representative, or any member of the AmSoc Campinas chapter, and allow us to introduce you to a new and wonderful world; one that is created with a special blend of exotic Brazil, and AmSoc’s family values and traditions. With a broad range of events, starting with a welcome lunch on a historic family farm near Campinas, AmSoc will provide an exciting second half of 2017. §


August 2017


What Happens When You Participate in the Angel Party? by Sue Banman Sileci, AmSoc Member


his is the 18th year we’ll hold the Angel Party; this year, on November 18. It’s a day of fun, food, and love for 250 children from AmSoc-sponsored orphanages and daycare centers. We’re looking for volunteers to organize the party but, more importantly, we need to find another 100 people to sponsor a child. Help Santa give every child a big bag of necessary items that will get them through the coming year. If you’re interested, contact Sue at You can go shopping yourself (we send names and sizes) or you can donate R$500 and we’ll do the shopping for you.

The Angel Party was always a really special day. There were people who gave me attention and love at every turn; from the games, to the wonderful lunch, and the ice cream, pizza, and candy. My favorite part of the party was the delivery of Santa's gifts! Every year I got beautiful new clothes, a pair of very comfortable tennis shoes, books I dreamed of reading, and school supplies that helped a lot in school. It was always fantastic. Meuriam Assis, guest at the party from SPACE

Preparations for the party take a lot of time and energy, but they’re worth it. Take a moment to read the various experiences several participants of the Angel Party have had over the years – from their role as party bosses, to guests from honored institutions. §

Without fail, the party was one of the best experiences of my life. I was lucky enough to help coordinate the party for two years and wow, what a day it is! Both years, I cried in joy as the buses pulled up. It was difficult to know who was more excited, the kids or me. I have never done anything so touching and so meaningful. And every single November since, my heart is with these angels. I imagine their faces getting off that bus and I can only hope to someday be in São Paulo again for the AmSoc Angel Party! Leslie Linn, party coordinator in 2007-08

American Society of São Paulo presents

18th Annual

Angel Party November 18th @ Chapel School There are so many ways you can help a child in need this year! Child Sponsorship, Sue Banman Sileci at Join the Committee, Kristy Miranda at


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


August 2017

What could be better than seeing children excited and happy? My first experience at the Angel Party was accompanying two little girls throughout the party! We ran from activity to activity. Our final stop was a visit to Santa! My two little girls smiled and laughed all day. These are things that don’t happen in the daily life of our underprivileged children in São Paulo. For this reason, I continued to be involved with the Angel Party until I left Brazil, and I still continue to support this wonderful event from afar. Eileen Tasso, party coordinator from 2009-15

The Angel Party is an event where each child is respected and treated with love. The children adore the party. The children at Lar Tia Edna anxiously await the day of the party, and each time we have a new child, he or she hears a lot about the party in advance: ‘This party is great! There are friends there waiting for you to get off the bus and they spend the whole day playing with you. There’s lunch and pizza, and you have a blast. You won’t believe this but at the end of the party, you get a bag full of super cool presents. You’ll see!’

I am honored to be part of this amazing event. The expressions of love and appreciation from the 250 underprivileged children moves me to tears. It takes lots of time, effort, and planning to run this party. But the minute the kids step off the bus and begin enjoying the festivities, there’s no greater moment. Kristy Miranda, party coordinator from 2016 to present

Nilma Oliveira, coordinator at Lar Tia Edna

Can't volunteer your time, schedule too busy to attend events, but still want to help? Give your receipts to charity. Charities can claim the tax benefits of any Nota Fiscal unattached to a CPF. Email for more information.

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter


August 2017


AmSoc Wins Their 6th Golf Challenge! by John Kennedy, Athletics Chairman


n May 27th, at the illustrious São Fernando Golf Club, the St. Andrew Society of São Paulo, hosted the 11th Golf Challenge for the Munro Cup. Ten AmSoc twosomes squared off against 10 twosomes for the St. Andrew Society, in a “Four Ball Best Ball Match Play” format. The match began at noon and was completed by 5pm, with AmSoc winning 7 match points and the Scots 3. After the matches were completed, everyone gathered in the restaurant to enjoy the company of one another over a roast pork, full feijoada, salad, and drinks. This was followed by the traditional awards for longest drive, closest-to-the-pin, and speeches.

Munro Cup 2017 Winning Team

Many thanks go out to Doug Munro for sponsoring this great sporting and social event, and the São Fernando Golf Club for welcoming us and hosting our annual golf match. §

TEAM ST. ANDREW José Roberto Franca Gilda Junqueria Julio Cruz Lima Doug Munro Ed Freemann Daniel Dupont Stuart Duncan Sam Chaplin Brian Fulford Susan Pallin E. Gedeor Reinhard Meyer Rafael Silva R. Pacey Ed. Bennet Graham Wallis Ivan Noronha Lucia Mendonca Gisela Meyer John Macnaughton TOTAL POINTS




0 1


0 0 1


0 0 0 0 1 3


TEAM AMSOC Femardo Galante Hirotomi Yuki James Alvim Marcos Medeiros Sean Hutchinson Pedro Guimarães Gil Zanchi Anders Pettersson Fabio Medeiros Marcos Guedes Ron Gunn Jay Russell José Verela Chris Ananiadis John Kennedy Luis Aguirre Thomas Simmonds Lucas Medeiros Deolinda Fabietti Nico Bock TOTAL POINTS





0 1




Captain John Kennedy and AmSoc guest Niko Bok celebrating Munro Cup victory

0 1








0 7

Elias Gideon & John Kennedy after winning the 2017 Munro Cup

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017


Another Youth Sports Program Season Begins! by John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


ome out and meet coaches and families during YSP's Registration Day on August 12th, at Graded School (Av. Giovanni Gronchi, 4710). The fields and courts will be available to play on but our formal program will only start the following Saturday. If you are not able to attend, but want to sign up, please visit the AmSoc website ( and register. This semester we will offer soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and flag football. We are also looking for new coaches and sports committee members to join the program. We hope to see both new and old faces joining us on the courts and fields this semester. See you there! §



SPORT Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-13) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-13)

9:30AM to 10:30AM

Basketball (coed ages 8-13)

10:30AM to 12PM

Baseball (coed ages 8-13) Flag Football (coed ages 8-13) Volleyball (coed ages 8-13)

American Society of São Paulo presents

@ Graded School 9am to 12pm

Saturday, August 12th

The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter






Graded School



Graded School









Chapel School



US Consulate






US Consulate



Chapel School



Chapel School



Graded School









Graded School



US Consulate

If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our Athletics Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177.


August 2017


Brazil: Creating Opportunities, Despite Current Scenario by Madeleine Blankenstein, Let's Connect Committee Member


n the 28th of August, we will welcome Paulo Leme, the current CEO for Goldman Sachs in Brazil. He obtained his PhD in Economics at Chicago University. In 2001, Mr. Leme started as Vice President for FX Latin America Sales, and became partner in 2006. After 33 years abroad, he returned to Brazil in 2012.

In 2014, he was quoted in the papers saying that the Brazilian economy had strong potential to attract investments. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say 2 years later. We still believe Brazil is a country full of opportunities, even though we cannot deny the difficulties.

Since 2014, he has fulfilled his current role at Goldman Sachs. He has worked for the IMF (International Monetary Fund), and has been appointed several times to become the president of the Brazilian Central Bank. As CEO for Goldman Sachs, he is actively involved in diversity and inclusion issues, and organizes many discussion forums related to these topics.

As we write these lines, the political arena overpowers the economy. Due to the current political scenario in Brazil, the economy has become background news, and local investments aren't happening as often. International companies see the opportunities of an economy composed of 200 million inhabitants, but are cautious about being aggressive in investing.

Guest speaker for upcoming August event, Paulo Leme

May 2016 guest speaker, Marcos Lisboa

Mr. Leme recently said to EXAME (a bi-weekly economic magazine): provided that the USA does not raise interest rates significantly, and the Brazilian government is more clear about policies in the Foreign Exchange market, economy and politics, the interest of foreign investors will increase. §

Want to see a specific topic explored at our next event? Drop us a line at and tell us about your ideas!

American Society of São Paulo presents

Let’s Connect! Add value. Connect with people. monday, 28 august, 2017 18:30 to 21:30

R$60 door charge

Reserve your seat at September 2016 guest speakers, Ricardo Sennes (second from left) and Olivier André (second from right)


The American Society of São Paulo FORUM Newsletter

August 2017

Poppies, Protocol, and Pop at the Memorial Day Service by Marilyn Diggs, AmSoc Member


oppies, poppies everywhere, at the Memorial Day worship service, cosponsored by the American Society Veteran Association and Fellowship Community Church on May 21, 2017. For this year's commemoration, the red flowers decorated lapels, blouses, t-shirts, tables, and the church bulletin. Decorated Vietnam veteran and Fellowship Community Church Council President, David Warren, opened the service and summoned 8 flag bearers to present Allied flags and banners at the altar: Lyndon Johnson for Canada, Peter Ford for Brazil, Daniel DupontLiot for France, Derek Barnes for Great Britain, Paul McMahon for Royal British Legion, Ted Resener for POW/MIA, and Steven Silva for Veterans’ flag. The Presentation of the Colors was organized by US Marine Post Commander Gunny Sgt. Antoine Griffith, with Sgt. Gabriel West and Sgt. Kapenga Kankenza, carrying the American flag and the Marine banner. The colorful flags complemented the red and white memorial wreath, honoring patriots who died in all the wars. The National Anthem brought all those present to their feet, while singing “America the Beautiful” gave many of us goose-bumps. The sanctuary rang with the choir anthem “They Shall Soar Like Eagles”, followed by the resounding hymn “God of Our Fathers.” Community leaders inspired us with messages, using the over-riding theme of American traditions and historical references that make this day special. AmSoc President, Richard Wegman, shared the meaning behind lowering the flag to half-mast until noon. Marilyn Diggs, whose brother is a retired Major in the US Special Forces (Green Berets), recited “In Flander’s Fields” – the poem written by Canadian Major John McCrae in 1915, after a battle in South Belgium and North-West France. From his short, poignant poem about poppies that grow in the soldiers’ cemetery, the use of this flower arose as the symbol to remember fallen patriots. US Consul General, Ricardo Zuniga, cited Memorial Day remarks

Sgt. West, GySgt. Griffith & Sgt. Kenkenza

Fellowship Community Veterans with GySgt. Griffith

by past American presidents as our living memory, which is not only important to our culture, but also helps bind expats together. He praised the US Marines in São Paulo, who demonstrate the spirit of sacrifice and respect, and remind us of what we stand for. Rev. John Cullen Rast II’s sermon entitled “Freedom is not Free”, also used statistics of war casualties to exemplify the high price paid. Political and national freedom came at great cost – over 98 million souls since the Civil War. Later, in a surprise ceremony, David Warren was chosen to be the custodian of the original American Society Veterans’ banner, in recognition of services rendered to his country

and his continued dedication. David’s military rank is Chief Master Sergeant, the highest enlisted rank of the Air Force. Another Fellowship member, Ex-Marine Corporal Gus Davis, commemorated his 80th birthday, making him the oldest US Marine in São Paulo. His birthday cake sweetened the refreshments that followed the worship service. Despite the rain, over 120 participants joined hearts and minds to show their appreciation and support for our service men and women who gave the supreme sacrifice, the veterans of all wars, and those still serving. §

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August 2017

Celebrating Independence Day: Giving R$85.000 to Projeto Sol by Alan Blau, Event Co-Chairman & AmSoc Board Member


his year on July 1st, over 200 people got together at the US Consulate’s Recreational Center in São Paulo to celebrate and remember the sacrifices of others over the past 241 years since our United States declared its independence. It was gratifying to observe such a mixture of Americans, Brazilians, and other expats. There was a shine and awe in the eyes of employees from service organizations working the event, with the common-denominator message of the freedom that we all so proudly exercise. The decorating committee, headed up by JoAnn Ivy, really did a bang-up job in making you feel like you’re back home, decorating with red, white, and blue tributes in every corner of the recreational center. Each family brought a homemade salad or dessert. It was really great to experience those tastes and recipes that we don’t often find here in São Paulo. The grill team fired up the barbecue pit, and everybody dug into hot dogs and hamburgers, with all the back-home fixin’s that were brought in for the event. In mid-afternoon, Pastor Joseph Cullen Rast, from Fellowship Church, made the invocation of our opening ceremonies. This was followed up by the Marine Color Guard, our National Anthem, and a warm welcoming by our Consul General, Ricardo Zuniga. Mr. Zuniga has opened the


Consulate doors for the American community in so many ways, with his hospitality and genuine interest in the American Society. Also, a presentation was made by Jose Arana, chief US Veteran liaison, as he passed the baton on to David Warren, an Air Force veteran living in São Paulo for the last 9 years, and co-chairman of the Independence Day celebration. The closing of the ceremonies demonstrated American Society’s core meaning and mission; helping the 10 organizations that we support during the entire year. This year, our annual Gala, held at the Jockey Club on May 12th, raised R$85.000 for two of our supported organizations; Projeto Sol received R$35.000, and Vivenda da Criança received R$50.000. We also had a table manned by the ACS (American Consulate Services) section of the Consulate, as the Independence Day party was held during the week that celebrated Overseas Citizens Voters Week. ACS provided us with both state and federal voter registration information. They also supplied Americans with passport applications and a list of all services offered by the Consulate. Our kid’s monitors outdid themselves with blowup slides, trampolines, soccer, running, playing games, face painting, and giving out 4th of July souvenirs, which we brought in from the States for the kids to celebrate this occasion.

As usual, the rock’n’roll band did a great job and had everyone tapping their feet and humming along. A few courageous people were dancing, in spite of the great caipirinhas and beer that the Marines were selling to benefit their Annual Marine Ball, to be held in November. The day came to a close at dusk, when children of all ages lit sparklers to bring the party to a happy ending. Thank you for sharing our freedom, traditions, and family on this important day. We look forward to seeing you again next year! § For more photos of the event, visit our website at

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August 2017

l & Vivenda da Crianรงa

Presenting the R$35.000 donation to Projeto Sol

Presenting the R$50.000 donation to Vivenda da Crianรงa

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August 2017

Good Coffee and Great Company by Melinda Brenninkmeyer, AmSoc Board Member


mSoc was pleased to have hosted the New Member Coffee on Wednesday, June 7th, to great success. We had 8 people in attendance, and enjoyed a chance to get to know some really interesting new members - including a professional paddle boarder, a luxury brand marketer (new handbags anyone?), a dentist, and many keen travelers. We also explained a bit more about AmSoc and the many ways new members can get involved. Welcome Kim, Wanda, Nora & Troy!

American Society of São Paulo’s Welcoming Committee present

New Member Coffee September 14th

@ 10:30am

Location provided upon RSVP

We are looking forward to our next New Member Coffee on September 14th. If you have joined AmSoc since March 2017, please make plans to attend! §

Come meet other new members & learn how you can get involved with AmSoc! RSVP by noon, Sept. 10th


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August 2017

Books To Go! A Rotating Book Club for Young Children by Ruth Hollard, AmSoc Member


o you wish to instill a love of reading in your young children? Do you miss the wonderful public libraries from back home? AmSoc has you covered with "Books To Go!", our rotating English-language book club for young children from 18 months to 8 years of age. The circuit runs all year long, and the next circuit will begin on September 15th.


Each month on the 15th, a book bag full of books will be delivered directly to your house. Small children will be in the Tots Group, and will receive a blue book bag full of board books. Children who are no longer eating pages will be in the Kids Group, and will receive a red

book bag full of kids’ books. After you have enjoyed the books for 1 month, you will deliver them to the next person in the circuit (who lives close to you). You will always deliver them to the same person each month, and you will always receive them from the same person each month. You only have to deliver; you never have to pick them up.


This group is open to all AmSoc members, and to all other nationalities. It is an open group.


The cost of the club for the full year (approximately 100 books) is R$100 for AmSoc

members and R$200 for non AmSoc members. If you have friends who are not in AmSoc, they can pay the non-member fee, or, by joining AmSoc, they will immediately save R$100 towards their membership fee. This will also give them reduced rates on our other children’s events, such as the Halloween party, Easter party, Daddy-Daughter Dance, and Youth Sports. Spread the word!


Space is limited, so sign up today! Go to the Events Section of the AmSoc website (www., or type in this direct link: amsoc. See you on September 15th! §

American Society of São Paulo presents

a rotating library of English books for kids Two Age Groups : 1 -3 and 4-7 Cost for the year: R$100 per bag for AmSoc members R$200 per bag for non-members

Enjoy coffee and treats with your first bag! Bo ok s de li ve re d t o yo u r do or. Books rotate on the 15th of each month.

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Learn more about upcoming American Society events at

09 Wednesday 8AM to 10:30AM

International Newcomers Club monthly meetup

Location: Emporio Santa Maria (Av. Cidade Jardim, 790) Information:

11 Friday 8PM until

St. Andrews Winter Ceilidh put on your reeling shoes, catch up with old friends and meet new faces

Location: SPAC Higienópolis (R. Visc. de Ouro Preto, 119) Information:

12 Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program Registration Day! Location: Graded School (Av. José Galante, 425) soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football Information: For details, see article on page 13

12 Saturday 10:30AM to 4PM

British Classic Car Show benefit hosted by British Society São Paulo & Box54

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19 Saturday 9AM to 12PM

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23 Wednesday 6PM to 8PM

AmSoc College Forum Location: St. Paul's School (R. Juquiá, 166) high school preparation, college selection, applications, Information: interviews, admissions, etc. For details, see article on page 6

26 Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

Location: PACA - Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:

28 Monday 6:30PM to 9PM

AmSoc Let's Connect São Paulo meet new people and share experiences

Location: Caruso Lounge (Av. Horácio Lafer, 44 - Moema) Information: For details, see article on page 14


Campinas Event  Note: these events are open to all AmSoc members. São Paulo is roughly a 1.5 hour drive from Campinas. Come for a visit!


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