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May 12

Get to Know This Year's Gala Recipients

Make it an Easter to Remember

Compiled by Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson

By Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson


lessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness. ~ Henri Frederic Amiel


When Sister Angela Mary and Luiz Carlos dos Santos started Projeto Sol in 1982, their aim was to create a space where children and youth could gather in safety and enjoy the tranquility of life off the streets. From humble beginnings in a shack in a shantytown, Projeto Sol has expanded to two buildings and offers classes and refuge to some 230 children and youth. Initially, Sister Angela Mary and her partner-inmission, Luiz Carlos, focused on the youth who had been jailed due to connections with drugs. Luiz Carlos has been at Sister Angela’s side since she first approached the young sociologist for help, a request to which he responded, “I have dreamed of doing this all my life.” He quit his job for a half-pay stipend funded by charitable

donations, and helped Sister Angela Mary to serve the drug addicts of the favelas. After five years, they recognized that recuperation was a failure, and that, instead, prevention was required. They found a shack in a lot in the favela, but had no money to pay for it. “My grandmother taught me to write a check,” said Luiz Carlos, and so they wrote a check for 200 cruzeiros they didn’t have, knowing that St. Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower) would help them find the money. The next day, they received a donation of 201 cruzeiros… 200 to pay the debt, and 1 to buy ice cream as celebration. For five years, Sister Angela Mary and Luiz Carlos fought to keep the site safe, battling drug users, traffickers, and “bandits,” the latter who threatened Luiz Carlos’s life and knocked down and battered Sister Angela Mary. Still, continued on page 12


he CAC (Community Action Committee) is collecting items to make Easter Baskets for our charity organizations. Think of the kids' joy in finding a great big basket filled with candy and treats on their doorstep Easter morning!

Our goal is to fill 10 BIG baskets with candy, chocolate, cookies, etc. for our kids. We need your help! It’s as easy as throwing a few extra fun sweet treats into your cart the next time you are at the grocery store. We will be accepting donations at our annual Kids Easter Egg Hunt (see article on page 4) on April 8th. If you are not planning on attending the Easter party but would still like to contribute, donations can be dropped off at the AmSoc office any weekday from 10am to 3pm. Contact for more information. §

The former field of garbage, which is now an oasis

Cover image: Paulista Avenue, São Paulo Courtesy of: Vi Neves

APR 2017


A Great Month for New Events by Richard Wegman


et’s Connect has been so successful, we’ve expanded it to our Campinas Chapter! Mr. Dyogo Henrique Oliveira, Minister of Planning, Development and Management for President Temer, will headline our launch. It will be held at a hotel in Campinas on Friday, April 7th. This is a rare opportunity to hear about 'The Future of Brazil’s Economy' from a man who is setting the guidelines. A portion of every ticket sale will go to our Campinas charity, Grupo Primavera, for much-needed electrical renovations.

exhibit from the children benefitting from this year's Gala. We’ll be providing a review of 2016 accomplishments and financial results (mostly summarized in last month’s President’s Letter). Our winner of the 2017 Eric Poliak Award for Community Service will be announced, and then we’ll have time to enjoy each other’s company and some great dessert. Make your reservation ASAP at the AmSoc Eventbrite site ( so we know how many people will be attending.

The Easter Bunny will be coming to town, spreading lots of Easter eggs all around! Chapel School is the proud host of our annual kids Easter Egg Hunt and party on Saturday, April 8th. This remarkable event brings a smile to everyone’s face, whether parent or child. Did you know that the Easter Bunny speaks English and Portuguese? The Easter party comes to Campinas as well, where our 1st Annual Easter EGGstravaganza will be held the following day, Sunday, April 9th, at Espaço Belmonte.








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Richard Wegman

Vice President

Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau


Megan Trierweiler

Campinas Chapter

Cynthia Peeples


John Kennedy John Mota Our major fundraising event of the year is the Gala, with a James Bond theme of Casino Royale! This event makes all the difference in our sustainability of American traditions, and supports all our community service efforts throughout the year. We need your support, we need your bidding, and we need your smiles and excitement! Come enjoy the Gala on Friday, May 12th, and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children at risk of being forgotten or left behind by society. AmSoc makes a huge difference every year.

JoAnn Ivy is coordinating our 2017 Annual General Membership meeting on Thursday, April 27th, at a very special place. This meeting starts with appetizers, drinks, and an art


Sincerely, Into the Future, Together

OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chacara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /

Business Networking

Elias Gedeon Fernanda Gedeon

Community Action Committee Megan Trierweiler

Corporate Sponsorship

Ariane Cartwright Isabel Franco Ricky Rubeiz

Membership Team

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The American Society of São Paulo

Welcome! To Our New Members We thank all of our new members for their support. Not a member? Join today! Visit NAME




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Tarsila Delabandera Tom Pado

C Escola American de Campinas

Helping Hands Member


Campinas Member


APR 2017

Kids Easter Egg Hunt: a São Paulo Easter Tradition By Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson


hat are your Easter traditions? As a child, for me, it was dyeing Easter eggs, wearing a brand new, fluffy, pastel-colored church dress (complete with white straw hat), hunting for Easter Eggs, and finally receiving an Easter basket FILLED with special treats. For my children, we are still determining our Easter traditions, and to be honest, being in São Paulo makes all the holidays feel different for us. So, when we experienced the children’s Easter party last year, I was a little surprised to feel this warm sensation that this felt a bit like 'home' to me. Eggs, baskets, bunnies, jelly beans, and the rest, all made an appearance. However, with coxinhas, suco, and the pulapula, the party also managed to maintain some distinctly Brazilian characteristics. While many of us are not currently living on our 'home turf', this year’s Easter party promises some of the comforts of home, while still being rooted in this awesome city of São Paulo.

fill with eggs. Stop by the decoration table to give a personal touch to your basket, in preparation for the moment of anticipation: THE EGG HUNT. We use the term 'hunt' very loosely, as you will see. There are not a great number of hiding places on the sports field at Chapel. However, seeing a field FULL of eggs (filled with prizes) and then running to fill your basket still proves to be a romping good time for all! In addition to collecting eggs, there will be snacks and sweets, a bouncy house and trampoline, crafts and more. We even have a few NEW things this year to liven up the party. For the first time ever, we will have a REAL egg dyeing/ decorating station. All the traditional egg dyeing paraphernalia will be awaiting your hard boiled eggs. We ask

Please join us for the fun again this year! As in the past, all participants will receive their very own woven Easter basket to

Saturday, April 8th

2pm to 5pm @ Chapel School Bouncy House

Another new tradition will be the gathering of chocolate, candy, and other sweet treats to make Easter baskets for our charities, as mentioned on the front page of this FORUM. Don’t forget your contribution to the collection! We can’t wait to see you at this year’s event: April 8th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at Chapel School (R. Vig. João de Pontes, 537). Come be part of our tradition, as we, hopefully, become a part of yours! Ticket sales end April 5th so HURRY and buy your tickets NOW! Visit kidseasteregghunt. for ticketing details. §

American Society of São Paulo’s Welcoming Committee presents

American Society of São Paulo presents

Egg Hunt

each family to bring their own eggs if they want to participate in this activity. For those not familiar with this American tradition, hard boiled, WHITE-SHELL eggs work best for decorating using a special dye.


Egg Decorating

New Member Coffee April 25th

@ 10:30am

Location provided upon RSVP

Tickets on sale now! Visit for more details.


Come meet other new members & learn how you can get involved with AmSoc! RSVP by noon, April 22nd

The American Society of São Paulo

Lest We Forget: Memorial Day 2017 By Marilyn Diggs, AmSoc Member


he observance of Memorial Day began after the American Civil War, with the desire to honor the dead by decorating their tombs. Today, the homage extends to the more than one million service men and women who have given their lives for their county in all wars. Traditionally, 'Old Glory', as the American flag is fondly nicknamed, is lowered to halfstaff until noon. Beginning in 1998, the POW/ MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action) flag joined the stars and stripes at half-mast. In São Paulo, The American Society Veterans Association and Fellowship Community Church remember not only U.S. veterans, but those from Allied countries as well. Colorful flags and banners, each held by its own countryman, will make a stunning backdrop behind the red and white Memorial wreath on the altar.

Fellowship Community Church The Welcoming Place since 1921 International Christian Church

Come hear community leaders, including the U.S. Consul General, deliver inspiring messages. The renowned Fellowship Choir will present music that promises to move you, as we honor the veterans of all wars and those still serving. Refreshments will follow. Join us Sunday, May 21 , 2017, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM at Fellowship Community Church (Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107, Bela Vista). §

SUNDAYS 09:00 am - Bible Study Class 10:30 am - Worship Service Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 Bela Vista, SP


Discount parking near-by Close to Brigadeiro Metro

Leopoldo Santos MD

Child care available Tel: (11) 3253-7609



Hair & Scalp Disorders Rua Mato Grosso 306 . Conj 501 Higienópolis . São Paulo . SP 01239-040 Tel +55 11 3259 5055 +55 11 96255 5055

Ruth Hollard Leblon, Rio de Janeiro Traveling soon? Take a photo with your FORUM, email it to


APR 2017


The Light in Luz


By Deborah Neale, AmSoc Member

s a born and bred paulistana, I want to talk about a district often overlooked by expats: the outwardly unattractive Luz area, a relatively old part of town, as the Jardim da Luz park has been there since the 19th century. Adjacent to it, there is what looks like an unfinished building, the Pinacoteca do Estado (São Paulo State Picture Collection) on Avenida Tiradentes. Tickets are cheap and the edifice, built by famous late 19th/early 20th century architect Ramos de Azevedo, was originally designed to be a trade school. Over time, it evolved into a picture and sculpture gallery with a cool and trendy inside. Often housing fine art exhibitions, both local and foreign, it is home to a permanent collection of Brazilian art. On a sunny day, I recommend strolling through its galleries and then enjoying a drink in the external area of its coffee shop, overlooking the park, though wandering into the park is unadvisable – there can be shady characters in some parts of it. Across the road lies the Museu de Arte Sacra (religious art museum), originally a convent dating back to the 18th century. This holds an excellent collection of Brazilian baroque art. But my favorite thing here is an 18th century Neapolitan nativity scene with some 1,600

elements showing an entire town, complete with hostelry, homes, tradesmen’s shops, etc. It is a privilege to view it, as there are only a handful of similar sets in the world. If this is your sort of thing, make sure not to miss it or you may never see another one like it! The concert hall of Sala São Paulo (Photo courtesy of Elder Tanaka) In the same district, we have Estação Pinacoteca and Sala São Paulo, side by side. Chances are you have heard of the latter. Originally the inner courtyard of an old train station, this was converted into one of the top ten concert halls in the world, according to the UK’s highly regarded newspaper, the Guardian. It is certainly my favorite concert hall – and I have been to quite a few around the world. Tickets for the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra (headed by a US conductor, Marin Alsop) at Sala São Paulo are not expensive. And here is a tip: the best seats in terms of value for money are in the Plateia Elevada. The higher the seat number, the closer to the stage. It is best to get

tickets ahead of time via the internet, as many concerts sell out. Sala São Paulo also has a nice buffet restaurant at an honest price. Plenty of parking on site. Right next door is Estação Pinacoteca, an extension of the Pinacoteca and one more Ramos de Azevedo building. This houses a collection of 20th century Brazilian art and temporary exhibitions. And here is a piece of trivia about this building: during Brazil’s military dictatorship, this was the site of DEOPS, the São Paulo State Department of Political and Social Order, meaning the repressive political police. Many well-known people were unwilling 'guests' there, including Lula, Brazil’s former president. So, for culture buffs, the Luz area is good for at least two 'double bill' outings (Pinacoteca plus Museu de Arte Sacra, and Estação Pinacoteca followed by a snack in Sala São Paulo and a Saturday afternoon concert), or more, if you prefer your venues one at a time. §


Inside the Pinacoteca do Estado (Photo courtesy of Fernando Kokobun)


To be featured in our next Members Recommend, send an email to forum@ with your personal recommendations on how to enjoy all that São Paulo (and Brazil!) has to offer.

The American Society of São Paulo

Let’s Connect: Network & Socialize By Madeleine Blankenstein, Let's Connect Committee Member


y the time you will have read this article, we will have had our first Let’s Connect event for 2017. For those of you that could make it, we hope you enjoyed the evening, learning from our guests, and connecting to other AmSoc members and non-members alike. As a reminder, we organize the Let’s Connect for you, our members! So please do advise us of a subject you are interested in. We will search for an expert to talk about it.

Even though the Brazilian economy is crawling back to a stable point, there are two specific types of business which are thriving. One is the agriculture industry. The other is technology/ innovation/digital. As we think of this subject, the SXSW (South by Southwest) fair is happening in Austin, Texas. Brazilian startups are also presenting their business case, and hopefully will grow from there. Some of these start-ups are Lemonade, Hometeka, and Biosoftness. Interestingly enough, they have been established outside of the city of São

Paulo. We are aware of many influencers who are attending SXSW, so most probably you will hear about it soon. It is a changing world, and we need to evolve with it. Looking forward to meeting you at the next Let’s Connect event. § Want to see a specific topic explored at our next event? Drop us a line at and tell us about your ideas!

American Society of São Paulo presents

Let’s Connect! Add value. Connect with people. monday, 29 may, 2017 18:30 to 21:30

Individual income tax preparation and consulting • Tax planning • Estimated taxes • US Federal tax returns • Brazilian tax returns • Tax equalization Marcelo Calvoso Tel 55 11 5572 5411 Cel 55 11 99121 8811

Reserve your seat at Av. Horácio Lafer, 44 Moema

R$60 door charge covers food & nonalcoholic beverages

Richard Wegman, AmSoc President, chats with Ricardo Zuniga, US Consul General, at the November 2016 Let's Connect event

Editor, Illustrator & Print Designer Jackie Wyant  Multi-page layouts & publications  Promotional materials  Text editing & proofing { Free consulations & job estimates }

(11) 99568.9605


APR 2017


3... 2... 1... We Have Liftoff! By Cynthia Peeples, Membership - Campinas Chapter


he Campinas Chapter of the American Society officially launched on March 17th with the 1st Annual AmSoc-Campinas St. Patrick’s Day Party. Loaded with old friends and new members, green is officially the new black. Want more? Roll up your sleeves for Paint It Forward, prepare your questions for Let’s Connect Campinas, and grab your basket for the EGGstravaganza. Choose one or choose them all! And while you’re out bumping around Campinas, plan a visit to the historic Fazenda Tozan. AmSoc Member, Kathy Page, is ready to spill the beans.


Looking for something fun and interesting to do around Campinas? Why not try booking a tour at the local coffee plantation, Fazenda Tozan? That's what a group of friends did on a beautiful

ADVERTISE WITH US! Is your business located in the Campinas area? Your ad could be featured in this space! AmSoc has many advertising packages available, including exposure on our website & private Facebook Group. Special rates offered for our Annual Directory advertisers. Call the AmSoc office at (11) 5182-2074 between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday, or send an email to, for full details and rates.


morning in March, and unanimously agreed it was a fantastic experience. Plan to arrive a half hour before the tour starts to take advantage of the peaceful surroundings with a sample of complimentary Tozan coffee. This is also a good time to stroll through the gift shop or take photos of the over 200-yearold tree that shades the garden. The tour itself is approximately 2 hours long, and provides many more opportunities for photos of not only the coffee trees but also of facilities and equipment used for coffee production. There's also a gorgeous view of the plantation, and downtown Campinas, from a gazebo perched on a peak in the orchards. Many in the group agreed that the best part of the tour was learning about the history of coffee, from its mythical origins in Africa to its journey to Central and South America, and finally Brazil. This also tied in nicely with the fascinating history of Fazenda Tozan. Originally founded in 1798, as Fazenda Ponte Alta by a Portuguese immigrant by the name of Floriano de Camargo Penteado, it started as a sugarcane plantation, as coffee had not yet arrived in Brazil. After converting to coffee, it was purchased in 1927 by Hisawa Iwasaki, son of the founder of the influential Mitsubishi Corporation. The name was changed to Fazenda


This is an exclusive event, by invitation only. AmSoc-Campinas is proud to present Brazilian Minister Dyogo Henrique Oliveira as the featured speaker of Let’s Connect Campinas. Lauded as the key policy driver of Brazil, Minister Oliveira will address the future of Brazil’s dynamic economy. The event will feature a Question and Answer segment moderated by Reuters News.

Tozan ("east mountain" in Japanese) and has remained in the family ever since. As one member of the group commented, "knowing more of Campinas' history allows me, as an expatriate, to be even more connected to this beautiful country." With arms full of coffee and souvenirs, a very happy group left Fazenda Tozan, many declaring they plan to return with relatives and friends later in the growing season, for a different perspective of the orchards. If interested, make sure to call ahead to book a tour. They're offered in English with a minimum of 8 people. § Fazenda Tozan Tel: (19) 3257-2269 WhatsApp: (19) 99604-3111

The American Society of São Paulo


St. Patrick's Day Celebration, Campinas-Style By Cynthia Peeples, AmSoc Board Member


rue friends, new members, and new faces celebrated the launch of the Campinas Chapter in high spirits at the AmSocCampinas St. Patrick’s Day Party. The Iff Lounge was brimming over with LIVE Irish music, Irish dancers and, oh my goodness... that food! Jennifer Licko, Ceol, and Charlotte Station brought the house down with ground-shaking

Rosita, Cynthia, Alan, and Jennifer in festive dress

traditional Irish music and rock ‘n’ roll. The fiddle playing, bodhran [bow-rawn] beating, whistle jigging, and heart-pounding vocals had party goers stomping and clapping well into closing hours. Was that Richard Wegman belting out verses of Oh Danny Boy, and Filipe Fonseca on guitar? The Cia Celta Brasil Dance Troupe wowed the crowd with their phenomenal Irish footwork and incredible toe tapping choreography... not to mention a raucous dance lesson or two. The green icing on the cake was the mouthwatering Irish meal followed by a 'Slap Your Paddy' Guinness chocolate cake, expertly crafted by the Head Chef of Bellini Restaurant. Outstanding! In all, it was the truest celebration of friendship, teamwork, and community. A night not soon forgotten. A special thanks to the Iff Lounge, Bellini Restaurante, Celso de Menezes Photography, AND our incredible volunteers - Malcolm Macdonald, Maria Delman, The Page Family, Claudia Monaci, Lisa Sone, and Hannah Angermeier. §

Malcolm, showing us how it should be done

"It was nice to see the diversity of our expat group enjoying and celebrating the traditions of the Irish Culture. It was a green, fun night. Well done, AmSoc, great start!" ~ Tania Alfonso, New AmSoc Member

continued on page 19

So many happy revelers

"I was proud to be MC at such a wonderful event. Any event is only as good as it's crowd, and there's no doubt that we had a special crowd at AmSoc's St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Many parties start slow, build up, and slow down. On Friday, the AmSoc St. Patrick's Day Celebration started slow, built up, then built up again, ending on an absolute high note!" ~ Malcolm Macdonald, New AmSoc Member

American Society of São Paulo - Campinas presents



Membership & Resources

Hop on over to Campinas for an eggceptional Easter celebration at the charming Espaço Belmonte.

Cynthia Peeples

Community Action


Ariene Fonseca

Marketing & Communications Jennifer Licko

Campinas Easter


EGGstravaganza Sunday, April 9th 1 - 5pm

Festivities include: Eggciting Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Parade, Arts & Crafts, Games, and Activities. Bonus -- Pony rides and an eggstra special petting zoo.


Games & Activities Pony Rides Story Travelers Easter Parade Gourmet Food Trucks Arts & Crafts

Special Guests: Story Travelers will take children around the world, learning about international Easter celebrations.

Espaço Belmonte


E s t . 19 5 0


Rua Cel Alfredo Augusto do Nascimento, 2000, Sousas, Campinas


APR 2017


What to Look For at the Gala THE VENUE

The iconic Jockey Club of São Paulo is playing host to this year’s prestigious Annual AmSoc Charity Gala - Casino Royale. Originally established in 1875, the Jockey Club was widely regarded as a cultural beacon of São Paulo’s economic development and high society life. The Club’s newly restored carerra marble hallways, lavish chandeliers, and travertine Roman sculptures harken back to the glory days of São Paulo’s social elite.


This year you can 'upgrade' your wine for dinner! Share a special bottle with friends, or even enjoy some French Champagne. There will be a table at the Gala where you can purchase white and red wine from the renowned Lapostolle Winery and Pol Roger Champagne for the night. Go ahead, treat yourself! “Do you lose as gracefully as you win?” “I don’t know, I’ve never lost.” ~ from 'Never Say Never Again'

50/50 RAFFLE

Be sure to bring cash to participate! Tickets will be on sale during the cocktail reception. During live auction, we will pull the ticket of one lucky winner who will receive HALF of all the cash collected! Three tickets for R$50 and seven tickets for R$100.

“Welcome to the Hotel Splendid. Your name, sir?” "James Bond. You'll

find the reservation under Beech.” ~ from 'Casino Royale'


Don’t stop the Casino Royale fun when the party at the Jockey Club ends. Head to the elegant Renaissance Hotel São Paulo, off of Paulista Avenue. AmSoc Gala guests enjoy a special rate of $150 USD (approximately R$470) for a Deluxe Room for two, which includes breakfast in the Terraço Jardins restaurant. Visit and use code ER3 when making your reservation.


Upgrade your ticket to VIP Patron. A R$250 donation per ticket will be given on your behalf directly to our charities. To say thank you, your name will be listed on the Gala program and you will have reserved VIP seating at the Live auction.



Our very own dynamic duo, rivaling the likes of Miss Moneypenny and James Bond himself, Jason Bermingham and Wellington Nogueira will be returning to lead the festivities as Master of Ceremonies and Auctioneer, respectively. New this year, the live auction will take place in one of the ballrooms, set up theatre-style. Picture auction houses in the style of Sotheby’s or Christie’s, with bid paddles, exciting items, and lots of fun!


Perhaps Bond didn't know what he was missing by not drinking caipirinhas. But, in his honor, we will be serving prosecco, Manhattans, and Martinis… shaken, not stirred… of course.

“My dear girl, there are some things that just aren't done. Such as, drinking Dom Perignon '53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit. That's just as bad as listening to the Beatles without earmuffs.” ~ from 'Goldfinger'


What to Bid On at the Gala

The American Society of São Paulo


Where and when will you go for your next relaxing vacation? Take to the skies with two round-trip Business Class tickets on American Airlines to anywhere in the U.S., Canada, or South America.

Enjoy a two-night stay at Lapostolle Residence, one of Relais & Chateaux's most exclusive hotels. Located in Santa Cruz, Chile, this weekend includes breakfast, lunch with wine, dinner with a 4-course wine paring menu, private tour and tasting, massages, mountain biking and hiking.


Élon Brasil, Galina Sheetikoff, Aecio Sarti, Gregory Fink, as well as other favorite artists, have donated paintings for the Gala!


To date, we have confirmed hotel stays in Rio, São Paulo, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago, and Miami, all at world-class Marriott Hotels and Resorts. With their purchase of Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 2016, who knows what other exciting locations we may be including by Gala-time?

Thank Y ou to Our Sponsors!


Gather 10 people for an unforgettable night of wine with the top wine experts at EnoCultura. Experiment and learn about some of America’s best wines and wineries.

Spa Med Sorocaba • Fast Forward Language School • Terra de São Jose Golfe Clube


APR 2017


Gala Recipients continued from page 1 they stood their ground, and eventually the community began to gather around them. Eventually, the bandits abandoned the area, and what had once been five lots of garbage, debris, and pestilence was cleared to make room for the oasis of Projeto Sol. From these humble beginnings has grown current-day Projeto Sol, which to this day is funded by the generosity of donors such as American Society members and private foundations and individuals.

"Our children and young people become able to dream of a new life, a life of peace." All of the teachers at Projeto Sol were once students there themselves. They’ve returned from their studies to give back to a community that initially gave them refuge and hope. Projeto Sol shows social transformation of the human being is possible through a pedagogy based on the fine arts, culture, and sport, and rescuing the dignity and self-esteem of the individual, based on commitment to the community and valuing family. “By soaking in the beauty of the visual arts, the charm of

Sister Angela Mary with some of her charges

the dance, the joy of sports, and fantasy books, our children and young people become able to dream of a new life, a life of peace,” says Sister Angela Mary. Projeto Sol currently serves 230 children and youth, providing educational and recreational activities, as well as offering daily breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack, perhaps the only meals these children receive in a day. In an area with more than 250 registered slums and 1.5 million people living in those slums, Projeto Sol is an oasis for children - a haven of health, education, and sanity. § Original text by Ann Hanson, from her blog Reprinted with permission.


It all started with the vocation and willpower of Yvone Venditti, a native of São Paulo, who lived in Curitiba and is part of the Congregation of the Sisters of Felicianas. She was about to turn 50 when she came to São Paulo to begin work on what would become Vivenda da Criança. She tells how and when this desire touched her heart: "One of my sisters went to college and always brought a colleague to church. This colleague did work with homeless people and went to São Paulo to participate in congresses on social inequality. One day she told me about a massacre in which some 7 teenagers died in the West Zone of São Paulo. It was in that scheme of gang fighting; one goes there, kills one, then the other gang comes and kills another, and so it goes. When I heard this story and others she told me, I felt like I had a life so certain, so neat. I realized I could do more for others, give more." After researching and exploring what she would like to do, Sister Yvone asked to be transferred to a convent on the outskirts of São Paulo. Little by little, she began to develop her work with street children, helping them to quit drugs. The children lived in Carapicuíba, where Sister Yvone traveled four hours there and four hours back, every day.

Luiz Carlos has been beside Sister Angela Mary every step of the way. Here they are with two former students, now active participants in the education of more youth.


Over time, it became clear to Sister Yvone that the boys needed a place to live: "One of the boys

The American Society of São Paulo


we met said he had lost two friends sleeping in the street, one burned and one shot. And that one of the things he wanted most was a house, even if it was just to sleep." So the sister decided it was time to put up a house as a shelter and to educate the street children. With the help of family and friends, she was able to raise enough money to buy a large plot of land that was in the neighborhood of Parelheiros. On October 14, 1989, Yvone inaugurated the association under the name of Vivenda da Criança (Child's Villa). During the construction of the home, the sister had contacted several abandoned boys in the area. The purpose was to put them in school, to provide a good education, and to instill values. When the child had acquired healthy social habits, he would return home. As the boys went to Vivenda, the sister had to find a good school for them. She presented the project to a neighboring school and convinced the directors to become partners. "The school did a different job with the boys. When they misbehaved, instead of scolding, the director talked to them and advised them, as their friend. In this way, with affection, patience,

Sister Yvone and her volunteers with one of her first groups of children

and guidance, in a year the boys were among the best students in their classes. " After Vivenda was successfully looking after 24 children, Sister Yvone thought about creating new projects to help adolescents, young people, and adults at social risk. "I went to meetings of the Abrinq Foundation and other congresses where all the other representatives of NGOs, would say, for example: 'I serve 2,000 people', and I there I was, shy, with my 24 boys (laughs)," the sister recalls. Since 1989, the Villa has assisted more than 100 children. All were treated with attention, care, and dedication. Many have gone to college, graduated, and are now well employed. Over

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH The amazing volunteer of the month for April is Patricia de Luna!


Over the years, Patricia has selflessly provided entertaining, educational, and smartly-written articles for our FORUM, adding great original content to our monthly publication, for which we are immensely grateful! In addition to being a volunteer journalist, she also lends her photography skills to document our annual Angel Party. Thank you so much, Patricia!

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email

time, the Association grew. But the sister noted that there was still a lot to be done: why not extend the project to the needy families in the Parelheiros region?

"I felt like I had a life so certain, so neat. I realized I could do more for others, give more." The idea began to become a reality in 2005, with the inauguration of the Youth Center. Funded largely by ACE Seguradora, the venture was initially created to develop activities with adolescents, and then started to develop into other important initiatives. In order to serve entire families of the region more and more effectively, Vivenda started to count on the services of career professionals. Today the Association serves more than 4,000 people a month. It may seem a lot when one looks at the initial idea of offering shelter to 24 abandoned children, but it is still small when one takes into account the problems that exist in the most deprived area of ​​the periphery of São Paulo. For this reason, Sister Yvone remains tireless, participating in the evolution of this valuable work. § Original text by Vivenda da Criança, from their website Reprinted with permission.


APR 2017


Keeping Fit with the Youth Sports Program By John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


arents, our Youth Sports Program registration took place at Chapel this past February 18th. Please remember that you can still signup your kids either by registering at, or by contacting the office ( br) to process the registration by email and payment thru direct deposit or wire transfer. We offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, flag football, and baseball. We play at the fields of PACA, Chapel, and the U.S. Consulate every week, and expect to start sessions at Graded as well. Last week was special to our program, since we heard that Graded school has received all city hall permits required to open their fields and facilities to the public. The Youth Sports Program is in touch with the school, and we hope to have the last sessions of this season at Graded.



Always a surprise! It’s a sport that we have recently added to our youth athletics portfolio. We used to have tennis sessions in the past, but we carried one coach only. As we stopped providing tennis sessions, volleyball saw increased participation. We are delighted to see the kids playing volleyball under Coach Cassia, Monica, and Fábio.

Sessions split kids into two different age groups. Kids ages 7 and under are assigned to Coach Cristiano, while older kids get assigned to Coach Arthur, to learn and practice other skills. We have been having 30 to 40 kids for the soccer practices every single Saturday.


Sessions are showing an increasing number of players this season. We had 10 to 15 kids over the past two Saturdays under Coach Jud and Coach Jordan. Basketball is usually for kids ages 8 and older, since it requires more strength.



Our flag football players share the field with baseball. In the past, the Youth Sports Program used to offer only one of these sports per season, but we’re now able to offer both sports throughout the year. Flag football carries a good number of kids willing to learn the basics of American football and the skills required. My kids play both soccer and flag football, and they always surprise me by saying how good it is to be able to do both. Flag football is led by Coach Jordan and Coach Aaron.


One of our long-standing youth sports traditions. This is the sport where we see

The American Society of Sรฃo Paulo




9AM to 10:30AM

Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-13) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-13)

9:30AM to Basketball (coed ages 8-13) 10:30AM 10:30AM to Flag Football (coed ages 8-13) 11:30AM Volleyball (coed ages 8-13) parents entering the field to play with their kids. Coach Bruce and Coach Kyle run the sessions with other kids and parents. The sessions are very fun to watch.


AmSoc would to thank all of the coaches for their work, availability, and willingness to teach these kids every single Saturday. For those who are not familiar with our program, all of our coaches and coordinators are volunteers. We know how hard it is to commit every single Saturday morning to being there on the field with the kids, so we should always thank the coaches for everything they provide for our program.


Our program would like to thank Kevin Flurry at PACA, Cida Gregorio at Chapel, Robert Switzer at Graded, and Sharon Knode at the U.S. Consulate for all the support they have been providing our program. Our program would not exist if these schools and coaches were not there for us. ยง

If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our Athletics Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177.

10:30AM to Baseball (coed ages 8-13) 12PM





















US Consulate



US Consulate



US Consulate






US Consulate



US Consulate

All Youth Sports photos courtesy of John Mota, Athletics Coordinator. Thank you!


APR 2017

Welcome to Our New Support Staff! Compiled by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor


aroline de Matos started working parttime for the American Society in March, and is responsible for handling administrative functions. She is in her last year of International Relations at the PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University), and is very excited to join us!

discovered that she enjoys helping people from other cultures. Carol (as she likes to be called) is very active at university. She has been Vice President of the Junior Company “Prisma Junior”, was part of the Athletic Association, and now is now currently helping to organize the Academic Center. In her spare time, she likes to go out with her friends, play basketball, listen to music, and discuss Brazilian politics.

Previously, Carol worked for a year at the Danish Consulate in São Paulo, where she

Carol assists with the coordination of the Annual General Meeting and Gala events.§


yler Chau, our new Co m m u n i c a t i o n s Coordinator starting March 2017, joins the AmSoc team with a background in nonprofit communications, particularly in international development and global health. Originally from Toronto, Canada, he also lived in Montreal, Nairobi, London, and Washington, D.C., before moving to São Paulo recently with his partner, currently posted to the U.S. Consulate. Tyler has a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree from McGill University, and brings a strong


ur new part-time intern assistant, Paula Bon, is in her senior year of the International Relations course at PUC-SP. Her main interests are international security, arts and cultural affairs, and human rights. Her previous area of study was architecture and urbanism, and her final bachelor’s thesis will mingle both study areas. Whilst in university, Paula took English, Spanish and French language courses, as she considers communication fundamental to academic, work, and personal relations. She


interest in digital communications, marketing, and web design. Prior to pursuing work in international development, Tyler worked in contemporary art, supporting artists and curators with events and gallery operations. In his spare time, he enjoys visiting galleries and museums, going to concerts, and tasting the best food and drink that Brazil has to offer. §


aulo Mascara has taken the parttime position of Bookkeeper in our office. He studies International Relations at PUC-SP, currently finishing his third year and pursuing a major in Economics. Before Paulo came to work with AmSoc, he completed an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From a young age, Paulo has had the privilege to travel around the world, visiting Chile, Australia, the USA, the Czech Republic, and more. In his first year of university, he met a guy who eventually became his teammate for the Hot Air Balloon championships. In 2015, he went to Dubai to compete in the World Air Games, and flew over the Palm Islands! Paulo is very excited to be part of the AmSoc team and help them achieve their goals. §




Bookkeeper Communications Coordinator Office Assistant Office Assistant

Paulo Mascara Tyler Chau Carol Matos Paula Bon

was also a volunteer in a pedagogy extension pilot project that created a child daycare center for PUC employee’s children. On her days off, Paula likes to travel, getting to know different places and people. She also likes to go hiking, swimming, and dancing. It is a pleasure for her to be a part of AmSoc and to get to know the members. Paula is responsible for membership support, including processing renewals and new member information, general administrative tasks, and assisting with São Paulo events. §

Camilla and Dani, our former office assistants, have left AmSoc to further their career paths; with an internship at Bank of America, and an internship at IBM, respectively. We wish them good luck in their future endevours, and thank them for their dedicated work in supporting AmSoc. We’ll miss your smiling faces, Camilla and Dani!

The American Society of São Paulo

Charities, Awards, and Cocktails! By Jo Ann Ivy, AmSoc Member


he American Society Annual General Meeting and Cocktail Party is coming up on Thursday evening, April 27th, an event not to be missed! It is AmSoc’s feature event of the year, and open to all members, free of charge. In a charming environment in a lovely home, you will enjoy seeing all your friends and chatting during the cocktail hour, which will be accompanied by an offering of delicious appetizers. Then, as a special part of the evening, we will have an opportunity to get to know a bit about

the projects of the two children's charities AmSoc supports. These two charities will be the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the 2017 Gala in May. There will be a display of artwork, along with the children of Projeto Sol, and possibly Vivenda da Criança. We will have the opportunity to meet these young artists and chat with them about their artwork. Following the cocktail hour, AmSoc President, Richard Wegman, will hold a brief meeting to cover the past year and welcome in the new Board Members for the current year.

The President and Board of Directors of the American Society of São Paulo

cordially invite you to

The 2017 Annual General Meeting Cocktail Reception April 27, 2017 at 7:30pm Location provided upon RSVP

by April 20, 2017 RSVP REQUIRED or (11) 5182-2074

Connect with Your Community

Then comes the very special presentation of the Eric Poliak Award, which is bestowed once a year to a member of AmSoc who has made outstanding contributions to the community. This award was created after the untimely death of Eric Poliak, a member of the American Society, who made many contributions in different areas of the community; including schools, athletic endeavours, churches, and other charitable organizations. The presentation is a very moving and inspirational highlight of the evening. Who will this year’s winner be? Be sure to be there to participate in this exciting moment! After the meeting is adjourned, there will be some other delicious food offerings, as well as desserts, and more socializing for the rest of the evening. Make your reservation TODAY to confirm your presence at this special event! Enclosed in this issue of the FORUM is a postcard for you to keep as a reminder to register! You can go to our website ( to confirm your attendance, or call the office, Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm at (11) 5182-2074, for more information. Hope to see you there! §

Dr. Marinho Del Santo Dentistry Speaks English & Portuguese

Join us on Facebook to keep up with the most recent AmSoc news, events & updates!

Public Facebook Page Members-Only Facebook Group

Av. Vereador José Diniz, 3720 - Suite 1204 Campo Belo - São Paulo, SP 04603-004 Tel: (11) 2368-6333 Emergency Care Orofacial Pain & Dental Trauma: Albert Einstein Hospital Tel: (11) 99611-4964


APR 2017



Ballroom dancing is very beneficial & highly recommended! Don't miss out on this enjoyable and life-enhancing activity. Private classes may be taken by an individual or couple, in a dance studio or in the comfort of your own home, for all dance styles. Call for more information. References from AmSoc members available upon request. (11) 95192-0396



Are you adjusting to a new city, life style or work place? I may guide you through your transition. Coaching helps you see yourself more clearly, identify your priorities and go through a plan to achieve your goals. Contact Juliana Elorza at juliana@ or 98609-3806 to schedule a free coaching session in English or Portuguese.

Interested in purchasing a print ad or classified space? AmSoc has many advertising packages available, including exposure on our website & private Facebook Group. Special rates offered for our Annual Directory advertisers. Call the office at (11) 5182-2074 between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday, or send an email to for full details and rates.


My expertise includes mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, selfesteem, trauma and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. Contact me at 98963-2871 or


200m² of living space. 3 or 4 bedrooms (3 suites) depending on configuration. Living, Dining, and Breakfast rooms, office area, veranda. Conveniently situated for mobility around the city. Park/ Restaurants/ Supermarkets close by. Building has pool, children’s area and poli-sport court. Parking for 3 vehicles. Contact Paul (97977-1608 or 3052-4780)


(CRP 06/132919) specializing in Systemic Family Therapy, Couples Therapy & Educational Psychology. Psychotherapy w/ individuals & couples & families. Offices in Morumbi next to Shopping Jardim Sul, & Campo Belo near Shopping Ibirapuera, both w/ onsite parking. Some insurance companies accepted. Email or phone 011989185922.


Dr. Karen Bygdal Andreasen Dental Care | CROSP 47616 Partner of American Society for 14 Years English, Danish & Portuguese spoken! General Practice - Adults and Children: Functional Jaw Orthopedics Specialist Tel: (11) 5531-4698 (11) 3799-1460 WhatsApp: (11) 99811-6172 R. Barão do Triunfo, 612 - cj 1709 Campo Belo, São Paulo 04602-002

TREATMENT FOR LEARNING DIFFERENCES WITH IN-HOME SUPPORT Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification. Comprehensive Learning Evaluation In-depth pre- and post testing for: Team Consultations include: • Expressive Language • Identification of strengths and areas • Mathematics for improvement • Phonology • Recommendations for follow-up treatment • Reading and/or support • Written Expression • Homeschooling available

Dr. Wendy M. Smith Licensed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] / 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile] The International Dyslexia Association {Provider Directory/Description of Professional Services}

Children & Adults with AD/HD {Resource Directory/Description of Services and Licenses}

The American Society of São Paulo

St. Patrick's Day Campinas continued from page 9 "Road Trip to Campinas? Why not? Easy, scenic drive, nice hotel, rockin’ party with great food, beverages and super entertainment, and lots of new AmSoc friends. What could be better? Saturday morning - A quick breakfast, and a lovely day of golf just 35 minutes away. Hey CamSoc… when is your next event? I’m looking for another excuse to Road Trip to Campinas!" ~ Judy Zanchi, VP, AmSoc Board of Governors Jennifer Licko and the band

"Congrats on your kick-off event. It was special, with key high points, and just plain old fun. The music was marvelous; Jennifer is a pro from the get-go with her voice, interpretation, constant smile and great facial communications to one and all. I looked around at everyone around 1am and no one was ready to pack it in. Parabéns and I'm sure it's only the beginning." ~ Alan Blau, Treasurer, AmSoc Board of Governors

"Not everyone can be Irish, someone has to drive." ~ Heather Loving, New AmSoc Member

The professional dancers join us on the floor

One of the talented dancers from Cia Celta Brasil

Richard and Jennifer sing 'Oh Danny Boy'

"We loved the St. Patrick’s Day Party! Great opening for Campinas. I liked singing 'Oh Danny Boy' with Jennifer. Alan was still singing it on Sunday at the Hotel pool! Amazing people, all happy to be together. I’m looking forward to the Paint-It Forward and Let’s Connect events in April." ~ Richard Wegman, President, AmSoc Board of Governors "The best part about the night was witnessing all the people - from various backgrounds - having so much fun. Everyone came together to celebrate and enjoy the Irish culture." ~ Jennifer Licko, St. Patrick’s Day Event Coordinator

All of the amazing volunteers that made the night a huge success

For those of you who attended the event, keep an eye out on your email inbox for a link to all the best photos from the night!



Learn more about upcoming American Society events at


Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

PACA - Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:


Saturday 10AM until

AmSoc-Campinas Paint It Forward help bring new life to the walls & classrooms of Groupo Primavera

Groupo Primavera (R. Luís Aristeo Nucci, 30) Information:


Saturday 10:30AM to 1PM

AmSoc Children's Field Day fun & games for children from our supported charities

U.S. Consulate (R. Henri Dunant, 500) Information:



AmSoc Let’s Connect Campinas discuss current events with an expert

Location provided upon registration Private event


Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

PACA - Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:


Saturday 2PM to 5PM

AmSoc Kids Easter Egg Hunt egg hunt, bouncy house, egg decorating & more

Chapel (R. Vig. João de Pontes, 537) Information: For details, see article on page 4


Sunday 10:30AM to 11:30AM

Fellowship Community Church Palm Sunday Concert

Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Campaio, 107) Information:


Sunday 1PM to 5PM

AmSoc-Campinas Easter EGGstravaganza Espaço Belmonte (Cel. A. Augusto do Nascimento, 2000) festive Easter parade, egg hunt, crafts & activities Information: For details, see ad on page 9


Wednesday 7PM to 10PM

AmSoc Happy Hour with the St. Andrews Society

Location to be determined Information:


Tuesday 10:30AM to 1PM

AmSoc New Members Coffee network, learn about upcoming events, and meet board members

Location provided upon RSVP Information: Anju Kapur at For details, see ad on page 4


Thursday 7:30PM to 11PM

AmSoc Annual General Meeting Eric Poliak Award, cocktails & hors d'oeuvres

Location provided upon reservation Information: For details, see article on page 17


Saturday 9AM to 12PM

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football

PACA - Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:





Campinas Event  Note: these events are open to all AmSoc members. Campinas is roughly a 1.5 hour drive from São Paulo. Come for a visit!


Managing Editor & Layout: Jackie Wyant ( | Printed by EGB ( | FORUM is published monthly (excluding January and July) in print and online ( Views expressed in FORUM do not reflect those of AmSoc members or staff. Ads appearing in FORUM do not constitute an endorsement of products or services.

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