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Home for the Holidays

Clean Out Your Closet!

By Patricia de Luna, AmSoc Member

By Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson


here's home? There's nothing like the arrival of the holiday season to bring us face-to-face with the realization that, as expats, “home” may be a difficult place to pinpoint on a map.

An anecdote is told of a post-war refugee family in search of settlement. One day, the family was standing in a train station, tattered suitcases in hand, when a stranger approached the family's six-year-old daughter and remarked, “You poor darling! Moving around Certainly, that wasn't so much with no place Christmas is about always the case. We can to call home.” The little traditions and each all think back to a time in girl looked up, and with which we knew exactly family has their own. a mixture of surprise and where home was, and confusion replied, “You what to expect when we are mistaken. I have a got there. Maybe it was the smell of freshly home. I just don't have a house to put it into.” baked gingerbread, or the sight of a brightly lit tree in the window, or even the sounds of It's nothing new. Globalization connects familiar holiday carols coming from inside people, just as wars tear families apart, and in the house. The feeling of familiarity brought both cases, we are left struggling to grasp the comfort and joy, and we felt safe. ever-expanding meaning of “home”. continued on page 5


ar Tia Edna and Helen Drexel both raise money by holding periodic bazaars. Your old junk means CA$H for our organizations! Clean out your closet for a good cause. Please donate any unwanted clothes, shoes, toys, home items, small appliances, etc.

Contact Megan Trierweiler at charity@amsoc. to arrange for pick up or delivery. Our donations over the last few months, including towels and used electronics, totals almost R$2,000 of in-kind gifting. When everyone does a little bit, it adds up!!! Thank you to all who have donated. § Cover image: Mercado Municipal, São Paulo Courtesy of: Jackie Wyant

DEC 2016/JAN 2017


Busy Year, Great Ending!


by Richard Wegman

am certain you have all felt a difference this year! I’ve heard many comments about how good it feels to be part of the American Society. Our new members have brought ideas and excitement, while volunteering and supporting the coordination of our events. This is exactly what is necessary to sustain an organization that can make a positive difference in the lives of others around them. Keep up the caring work! This year we added a ‘masked’ theme to our Gala, introduced the first Daddy Daughter Dance (thank you, Todd, for bringing this to us), greatly expanded our Let’s Connect professional networking event (which has become a big success), created a Campinas chapter of AmSoc, and replaced our 30-yearold Veteran’s Association flag (you’ll see the picture in the Vet’s article). Overall, we have been improving the quality of everything we do, so that you, our members, receive the best we can offer. Your participation makes it all worthwhile. With over 90 new members in the past few months, we are ready to take on another New Year.

2017 HERE WE COME! In December, we have one very special and fantastic ‘members only’ Holiday party. We are planning a great feast of fresh turkey, hot ham, pumpkin pie, and many other goodies. The music for dancing will be provided by a rock ‘n’ roll band, who will also provide backup while we sing traditional American Christmas carols. This will be new and different.

We expect a sell-out crowd; therefore, early reservations are encouraged. Oh, yes, we decided to start on Saturday night a bit later than our normal events, so that you can get a babysitter (adult-only party) and dance until the early hours of the morning. The Holiday party will be in Chácara Flora, at the home of one our Board Members.

Richard Wegman

Vice President

Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau

Campinas Chapter

Cynthia Peeples


John Kennedy

Business Networking Finally, I want to thank everyone who has helped make this a successful 2016. Our Board of Governors and event coordinators have worked tirelessly to bring many opportunities for each of us to participate in with our family away from home. You make it all happen! Happy Holidays, be safe, and return for another great year in 2017!

Elias Gedeon Fernanda Gedeon

Community Action Committee Megan Trierweiler

Corporate Sponsorship


Ariane Cartwright Ricky Rubeiz Isabel Franco

Into the Future, Together!

Membership Team

OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chacara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /



Lynda Perdigon Patrick Trierweiler


Lucy Nunes Kelly Maurice


Anju Kapur

The American Society of São Paulo

Welcome! To Our New Members We thank all of our new members for their support. Not a member? Join today! Visit NAME




Alejandro Gonzalez

Maria Luzangela


Chácara Monte Alegre Intel

Cristiane May



Santo Amaro

US Consulate

Gregory Ptolemy




Canadian Consulate


Julia Yoreself


Mia Michailovska



Vila Suzana

Mia Michailovska Interiores e Arquitetura

Meet New Member Alisha Ballew & family! Family members: Husband Jason, and two sons, Joshua (16yrs) and Aaron (14yrs) Where were you born? Walnut Creek, California How long have you been in Brazil? 2 years this November What has surprised you about Brazil? That Brazilians don't like spicy food. What do you find great about Brazil? People, weather, and food!

Favorite place to hang out in São Paulo? We actually live in Campinas, but we have been exploring SP a lot lately. I love the Jardins area. Recommendations? Ubatuba, when it isn't raining. Brotas, is a great place for adventure. Surprising fun fact about yourself? I love a good DIY (Do It Yourself) project! One year we celebrated Valentine's Day refinishing our cabinets. Email:

Meet New Member Monica Kumar & family! Family members: my husband Bruno Baratta, our son Luca Kumar Baratta (6 months old)

What has surprised you about Brazil? How baby-friendly the country is!

Where were you born? I was born in Indianapolis. Bruno was born in Rio. Luca was born in Boston.

Recommendations: Paraty, a cute, beach city between SP and Rio that's wonderful for booklovers.

How long have you been in Brazil? 3.5 months What do you find great about Brazil? Culture, people, ability to do a lot of things together as a family.

Surprising fun fact about yourself? I have been skydiving twice - in Australia and Hawaii! If you could ask a Brazilian any question, what would it be? How did you learn to conjugate all the verbs! Email:


DEC 2016/JAN 2017


U.S. Marines Host Toys for Tots Drive By Mariola Janik


t’s hard to imagine Christmas without presents - Barbie dolls, new clothes, the latest Playstation, Lego sets, etc. For kids, it’s perhaps the event they most look forward to throughout the year (after their birthday, of course). Christmas without presents is simply not Christmas. But not all kids get to enjoy this tradition if their families cannot afford it. In an attempt to help alleviate this problem and spread joy to those less fortunate, the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve runs the Toys for Tots program. Founded in 1947 by reservist Major Bill Hendricks, the program started when Hendricks’ wife wanted to donate a Raggedy Ann doll to a child but couldn’t find an organization through which to make the donation. Hendricks and local Marine reservists in Los Angeles proceeded to collect thousands of toys for children locally, and their success led to the launch of Toys for Tots nationwide. This year, the U.S. Marine Corps in São Paulo is delighted to work with Projeto Farol to help provide a special Christmas moment that so many kids that celebrate this holiday worldwide enjoy. Projeto Farol is a nonprofit organization that provides programs to assist the educational and psychosocial needs

of children and adolescents in high-risk situations. To learn more about Projeto Farol, please visit:

simultaneously helps to play an active role in their development. The annual toy collection and distribution campaigns unite people around a common cause to contribute to happier and healthier communities.

ACTIVITIES This Christmas season, our Marines will be delivering gifts to a local community organization serving underprivileged children ages 7-16 years. The U.S. Marine Corps is aiming to collect 75 toys by December 2nd.


Run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Toys for Tots is a program which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted. Likewise, the program helps less fortunate children experience the joy of Christmas and

The principal Toys for Tots activity which takes place each year is the collection and distribution of toys in the communities in which a Marine Corps Reserve Unit is located. In communities without a Reserve Unit, the campaign can be conducted by a Marine Corps League Detachment or group of men and women, generally veteran Marines, authorized by Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to conduct a local Toys for Tots campaign. Local Toys for Tots Campaign Coordinators conduct an array of activities throughout the year, which include golf tournaments, foot races, bicycle races and other voluntary events designed to increase interest in Toys for Tots, and concurrently generate toys and monetary donations.


One of the favorite parts of celebrating the holidays growing up is the surprise. If you would like to submit a present – of any size, shape, or style – for Projeto Farol, there is still time and the process is easy. To donate, simply purchase or gather your toy(s) and email CLOSã or who will help set up the delivery. Also, consider posting this request on your personal FB page to help spread the word! §

@USCitsBrazil The official U.S. Embassy Twitter account for American citizens in Brazil. The English feed features daily tips and news for the expat community.


The American Society of São Paulo

Home for the Holidays continued from page 1 After years of struggling to understand it, I've come to realize that “home” may well just be a state of mind, a place where you can be who you truly are.


Waking up to familiar faces may mean making the trip back and, if that's what you are longing for, it's worth the extra miles. Christmas is about traditions and each family has their own. I grew up in Illinois, where a white Christmas was a sure thing. That meant waking up on Christmas morning to breathtaking views of a town covered in white and crisp icicles hanging from tree branches. At our house, it also meant the excitement of opening presents, one by one, followed by warm pancakes and maple syrup. But flying home for the holidays now means hotel breakfasts, a whole lot of expectation and pressure to visit with friends, and a really long shopping list of things to bring back that can be a recipe for disaster and stress which don't add up to what a “proper” holiday should feel like. With a little careful planning, however, it also means an opportunity to spend time

with those we miss so dearly, and to do the things that make us feel like we have roots. I've found that scheduling a get-together for a meal or drinks at a local restaurant is an easy way to bring everyone together, without compromising your family vacation.


As much as I love to travel, I've come to realize that staying home also has its perks. As we plan our holiday celebration in the tropics, we try to recreate some of the familiar traditions we've left behind. A roasted turkey and stuffing and freshly baked cookies are shared with good friends and family, even if that means four hours in blistering kitchen heat trying to pull it off. Then again, an ice cold caipirinha by the

American Society of São Paulo presents Ou r ann ual

pool while you wait (and a great tan!) is the perfect way to reward yourself for the effort. Staying in Brazil is also a great way to create new holiday traditions. Jumping seven waves at the beach on New Year's eve and setting sail to flowers for Iemanjá, the goddess of the seas, is said to bring good you luck in the coming year - and also makes for some fabulous photos to share those moments with your loved ones. Finally, there's the tradition of wearing white, to attract peace to your life and to the world around you… and that's a traditional we can all get behind! So happy holidays, and a peaceful year to you all… wherever you are! §


Holiday party

A stylish affair with live mus ic, caro ls, traditional eggnog, and a ho liday feast!

December 10, 2016 starting at 8:30pm ~ Chacara Flora ~ RSVP by December 5th at

*Bring a pair of new Havaianas (children's size) to be placed in a donation basket at the entrance for distribution to our charities on Christmas.

Kit Sena & Colin Shonk Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France Traveling soon? Take a photo with your FORUM, email it to


DEC 2016/JAN 2017


Walking Tour of São Paulo


By Anju Kapur, AmSoc Board Member

ur relatives from France came visiting, and we all went on the Free Walking Tour of São Paulo. The tour, which included a stop for lunch, lasted for 3 hours and 30 minutes, and was fantastic! It was well organized, there were two people: one was the guide and the other made sure no one got left behind at the back. It was very informative, the guide wore a speaker so we all could hear over the traffic noise, and it was FREE. The tours are tip-based. Here is the link: olddowntown Check it out! There are tours of several parts of São Paulo, so pick the area you want to explore and have fun. The choices are Old Downtown, Paulista Avenue, and Vila Magdalena, all which take place on different days. Each of these areas have unique attractions that the tour highlights.

We did the tour of the Old Downtown, which takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and starts at 11:30AM and finishes at about 3:30PM. They begin at República Square, next to the Tourist Information Center (República subway station).

Matarazzo Building (Sao Paulo City Hall) Photo courtesy of Diego Torres Silvestre

I thought it was interesting that the City Hall building has a huge rooftop garden. We were told which buildings are the tallest. We learned about the rise and fall of immigrant families, power struggles, and politics in the old days. Sadly, all that is left of these legacies are the buildings that stand in the heart of the city today, which will most likely outlast us. §

SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT To be featured in our next Members Recommend section, send an email to with your personal recommendations on how to enjoy all that São Paulo (and Brazil!) has to offer.

Modern Apartment Newly remodeled, move-in ready. Great location next to shopping, public transportation, restaurants and businesses.

✦ 1 bedroom suite ✦ 1 parking spot ✦ In-unit washer and dryer Amenities include pool, exercise room, coffee area, reception desk. Rental Price: R$6,000.00 (all inclusive)

MaxHaus Berrini

Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini, 1618, SP Contact:


The American Society of São Paulo

ABBA Gala Donation Progress By Ariane Cartwright, AmSoc Board Member


or most of us, having a family is something we take for granted. But for thousands of children in São Paulo, this is not the case. ABBA was founded in 1993 by a group of missionaries who believe that all children have the right to a family. Currently, ABBA works with 300 children a week in eight projects across São Paulo. They help families stay together through education and coaching, and get abandoned children off the street and placed with families who will care for them. The American Society of São Paulo has been a funding partner of ABBA’s for over 15 years, and thanks to donors like you, we have been able to provide financial support and in-kind donations during this time. As part our 2016 Gala, ABBA asked for financial support remodeling their Casa Elohim property to create a warmer and more family-like

environment for the 10 children who live there. The work will section off the residential home space, allowing the recreational and extra lodging areas to become multi-use space available to all the children ABBA serves through camps, outings, and activity days. Through our Gala, we reached out to our corporate and individual donors to support this project. Thanks to Grant Thornton, American Airlines, GM/Chevrolet, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Cabot, Bloomin’ Brands, Gol Airlines, BodyTech, Barry Callebaut, Caruso Lounge, Azul Airlines, and Harley Davidson, we were able to make this project, and two others from our charity partners, a reality.

Since receiving our gift of $R55,000 this July, ABBA has been busy hiring an architectural and contracting firm to carry out this ambitious renovation. We are excited to share that they have selected a company to carry out the work and have drafted architectural plans. You, our donors, have made this project possible. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity. We will continue to update you on ABBA’s progress in the coming months. Thank you! §

Drafts of the architectural plans for the remodeling of the Casa Elohim property

American Society of São Paulo presents Annual Gala

save the date

May 12, 2017 FORUM 7

DEC 2016/JAN 2017


New Year, New Beginnings: AmSoc-Campinas is Here! By Cynthia Peeples, Membership - Campinas Chapter


mSoc-Campinas is an exciting initiative bridging Campinas and São Paulo. Based in Campinas, the new chapter offers current members a wider array of specialized events, targeted programs, and valuable resources. Learn about our new Adventure Packages, Youth Events, and Health & Lifestyle Sessions, to name a few. Even more exciting, AmSoc-Campinas is partnering with Education to establish wide reaching community outreach programs. Step out of the city and learn why Campinas is the place to be in 2017.


Gently translated, Campinas means ‘grass fields’ in Portuguese, which speaks to the distinctive green rolling hillsides and neighboring rivers. Founded in 1774, Campinas originally served as an outpost for the Bandeirantes, Portuguese seeking gold, silver, and diamonds, and hunting native Americans for slavery. A century later, with the railway linking São Paulo to the Santos seaport and a massive slave trade, Campinas grew into a thriving agricultural city with coffee, cotton, and sugarcane as leading exports. Nineteenth century industrialization and the abolition of slavery ushered in a large wave of Italian immigrant workers to replace the

slave labor. This population surge turned coffee into a lucrative export and added to the city’s growing wealth. An immediate upsurge in infrastructure, financial systems, public education, healthcare, and Brazilian agricultural research followed, leading to the construction of the first Brazilian highway, the Anhanguera. This, quite literally, put Campinas on the map with the rest of São Paulo.


Campinas is located 96 km (60 miles) northwest of São Paulo, and has an estimated population of 1.2 million. Comprised of 19 municipalities, the Metropolitan Area of Campinas holds nearly 3-million residents. Notably, Campinas is recognized as the Brazilian Silicone Valley

EVENTS AmSoc-Campinas is everything we already love about AmSoc, and more. Learn about our new events. NOTE: All AmSoc members have access to all events. • Health/Lifestyle • Cultural/Historical • Youth • Education • Family Outings • Adventure Packages • Merchant Bazaars • Member Meetings


The official flag and crest of Campinas are emblazoned with an image of the Phoenix. This mythical bird symbolizes Campinas’ rebirth after an epidemic of yellow fever ravaged the city, claiming more than 25% of the population. HISTORICAL NOTE:

and the nation’s capital of Science, Technology, and Innovation. The city houses 8 of Brazil’s top research and development universities, including UNICAMP, which is consistently awarded the most patents in the nation. Campinas is also lauded as the 10th richest city in Brazil and the nation’s Next Hottest Business City (Rotterdam Week, 2014). Campinas plays host to more than 50 industry-leading international corporations, including Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Tetra Pak, and Toyota. The Viracopos International Airport, Latin America’s main cargo airport, supports these businesses, and more, by transporting exports to more than 180 countries. §

The American Society of São Paulo AMSOC-CAMPINAS STAFF Membership & Resources

Cynthia Peeples

Community Action

Alisha Ballew


Ariene Fonseca

Marketing & Communications Jennifer Licko

AmSoc-Campinas Membership Drive


oin us for the 1st Annual AmSoc-Campinas Membership Drive. We encourage all AmSoc members to attend and meet your new Campinas family. Bring a friend! Every on-site member registration will be entered into a drawing at each event.

MARCH 2017

Let’s Connect { Professional Speaker Event St. Patrick’s Day Festivities { Shamrocks & shillelaghs! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with LIVE music, games, contests and all things Irish. Family Sports Day { TOUCHDOWN! A day for adults and teens to compete in organized team sports while younger children enjoy interactive storytelling, activities, games and crafts. Community Outreach Event { A service project to benefit a Campinas children’s agency.

APRIL 2017

Easter Egg Hunt { Festive Easter egg hunt, games, crafts, and snacks for families and children. Community Outreach Event { A community service project to benefit a Campinas children’s agency.

PROGRAMS Bem Vindo! Welcome Program for all newcomers to Campinas EAC Sports Camp Community Outreach Youth Sports Program serving the community Business Networking Program Networking Program supporting local merchants, services and entrepreneurs



mSoc-Campinas is committed to building bridges within the community to offer better programs and events to our members. We are proud to announce that AmSoc-Campinas and Escola Americana de Campinas are officially partners!

This exciting partnership will facilitate: • Instant support network for EAC families • New family, youth, educational, and athletic initiatives • New Community Outreach programs • Growing our AmSoc family

All Campinas photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.


DEC 2016/JAN 2017

The Magic of the Angel Party By Sue Banman Sileci, AmSoc Member


he 2016 American Society Angel Party was a blast! Thank you to everyone who sponsored children, volunteered, or donated time or products to making our 17th annual party so much fun! We had one of the best parties ever, with 255 children attending and an equal number of volunteers. It had been cold and rainy all week – the cause of much worry! – but come Saturday afternoon, the sun started peeking out and we had a cool, dry day. There was a delicious lunch, plenty of water and juice, tons of fabulous ice cream, brigadeiros, pizza, cake, and, most of all, fun. There were 27 clowns, a celebrity dance instructor, and a show featuring none other than Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande. (It was either the real deal or lip syncing dancers pretending to be stars. Who knows?!) The day ended with presents from Santa and hugs all around. Thank you to everyone who participated. Some people donated gift bags, some donated money to buy gifts, some donated products, some donated prizes, and many donated time both before and during the party. Lots of people did all of these things and more! §



The American Society of São Paulo

Thanks to All Our Angel Party Donors! By Sue Banman Sileci, AmSoc Member


ur list of donors gets bigger every year, and we can’t thank enough those who helped us make the party a success.

Apparatos donated pencil cases, shopping bags, make-up bags and other fabulous prizes! Thank you!

We have to begin by thanking Chapel School for their incredible support. They lent us security, helpers, space, recycling ideas, extension cords, and patience. Amazing.

Without the quiet and behind-the-scenes support of Gerson & Grey, we can’t do this party. They haul and store our gift bags and let us use their space to organize ourselves. Thank you forever and ever.

We have several groups and companies that deserve a special shout out for donating incredible amounts of cash, for doing incredible amounts of shopping, for sending incredible amounts of enthusiastic volunteers, or for doing all of the above! Those are Caterpillar, Jones Day, United Health, Delta Airlines, PCS Fosfatos, Grant Thornton, Gol Airlines, Igreja Monte Sião, and the clowns from Desordineiros Ondina Lobo! Our love and gratitude know no limits. The fabulous Coca-Cola FEMSA Brasil helped us immensely with water and low-sugar juice. There wasn’t a drop left when the party was over! For the first time, Diletto sent ice cream bars to our party and they were gone in seconds. They were all wonderful! Thank you to General Brands for the juice boxes which we served at lunch. After a long trip on the bus to get to the party, the kids needed that refreshment. Outback Steakhouse provided lunch for the kids and our volunteers. Thank you a million times over. We can’t do it without you!

Habib’s donated 80 hot and delicious pizzas! There were some hungry volunteers and children, and the pizzas hit the spot at just the right time. Thank you! We had fabulous prizes and toys from Discovery Brasil. Thank you so much! The prettiest cake was donated by Denise at La Bake! It was the perfect dessert at the end of the party! We’d have confusion on our hands without Gol and Delta Airlines, which sent and handed out the bags that our guests stored all their fun prizes in! Who noticed the balloon wall at the end of the gym, in the form of a little house? Thank you Pioneer Balloons and the sensational Cenário Balões for helping us decorate our space! We have to thank Simone Kliass and Christina Zuniga for organizing teams to donate platters upon platters of brigadeiros. There were so many and yet they were all gone!

Thank you to Ben & Jerry’s for the ice cream which we all loved! It was a lot, it was colorful and fun, and it was delicious!

On one side of our balloon house were two beautiful Christmas trees with a moving polar bear family! Thank you for another year, Cipolatti!

The children saw Santa and then left the gym, but they received some Barry Callebaut chocolate on the way out, just when they thought the day was done! Thank you!

Thank you Sanrio do Brasil for the donation of girls clothes, shoes, and toys. We used it all up and there are going to be some stylish young ladies about town because of it!

The Graded Boy Scouts gathered trash and helped clean up. It’s a thankless job but we thank you. Speaking of trash, thank you also to the Monte Sião Eco-Warriors who started our first ever Angel Party recycling program! You gotta have two Santas and two Santa Helpers! Thank you John O’Brien, Ricardo Rubeiz, Mariana Faria, and Mariana Mantoan! We all thank the existence of safety pins, too. For the hundreds of great pictures we have, we’re grateful to our photographers, both professional and hobbyist: Les Fotografias Escolares, Patricia de Luna, Madaleine Blankenstein, Helena Coutinho, Pricila Ito, Michele de Carvalho, Charlotte Hildebrandt, Vitor Shalom, among others. To see more of their incredible pictures, check out the Angel Party’s Facebook page. (The Angel Party – The American Society of São Paulo). The best part of the day is seeing Santa give out his gifts, bought with love and care for each child. There are no words for the 255 gift bag sponsors and cash donors who gave so much in the way of clothes, shoes, toys, candy, wrapping paper, labeling, plastic bags, and most importantly…love. We had almost 300 volunteers who worked all day to make the day fun for these children. We cannot do this party without you. Special thanks go to Eileen Tasso who flew from the U.S. just for the party. Others came from Recife and Curitiba. We’re honored that this party means that much to you. Finally, thank you to the Angel Party Planning Team. Man oh man, you are the best. This year was tough (financial crisis, impeachment, U.S. elections, surprise kids, huge organizing needs) and we did it, down to every last pair of socks. You go above and beyond, always. §


DEC 2016/JAN 2017


Abacaxi Bowl: AmSoc's Flag Football Tournament By John Kennedy, Athletics Chairman


n February 4th at the PanAmerican Christian Academy (PACA) the American Society will host its 19th Annual Abacaxi Bowl. As it has become a steady turnout for players and fans, we expect to have 8 teams participating and over 200 players and spectators enjoying the activities, which will start around 9AM. The origins of the Abacaxi Bowl date back to the 1980s when a bunch of American men organized themselves to play some pickup “touch football” games in January as they got psyched for the weekends of NFL playoffs and Super Bowl Sunday. Over the years, as Americans came and left São Paulo with their work, these pickup games, held on Saturdays in January at either Graded or Chapel School, became a tradition among the American and international community, including high school kids. By the late 1990s, the games were being regularly scheduled on the Saturday before Super Bowl Sunday, and in 1999 the American Society formally adopted the tournament and has organized it ever since, naming it the “Abacaxi Bowl”. Gradually, improvements in the games occurred every year, such as using




flag-belts for the players instead of “two-hand touch”, and establishing game referees to keep the games under control. Since 2006, the Tournament requires the team players wear a uniform jersey or a colored t-shirt to play, trophies are awarded to each member of the winning team, and an MVP trophy is awarded. Last year marked the end of the Cougars dynastic run of 6 consecutive finals, in which they had won 4 championships. Last year also marked the first all-Brazilian final, with the Cronos team’s stalwart defense, besting an aerial high-scoring Carcamanos team. This was not without a supreme fight to the end, which saw the ex-champs almost come back to win back-to-back titles. I expect another heated defensive struggle between these two teams in the 2017 final.

However, this year’s final could be different if any of the following happens: 1) the Devilz break through their constant top-4 finishes over the past 8 years; 2) PACA, the all-time champs with 7 titles, puts together a group of newly arrived teachers and students to bring back their winning ways; or 3) new American blood arrives in Brazil to challenge these dominant Brazilian teams. New American players could come from the constantly changing U.S. Consulate personnel, or a group of U.S. expats on company transfer. Or even a group comprised of the many independent American workers here in Brazil, which incidentally was the origin and nucleus of those Cougar championship teams over the last decade. What is for sure is that everyone always has a memorable time playing good ol’ American football. §

American Society of São Paulo presents

2016 Cronos


2015 Carcamanos


2014 Cougars


2013 PACA


2012 Cougars

Old School

2011 Cougars


2010 Cougars


2009 PACA


2008 PACA

Silver Bullets

Save the Date!

2007 U.S. Consulate

Graded School

For details, visit


19th Annual Flag Football Tourney

Saturday, February 4th

The American Society of São Paulo

Wrapping Up 2016 Youth Sports By John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


e have seen happy kids and happy coaches at every single sports session. The games take place come rain, come shine!

December 3rd, similar to the one we had at PACA at the end of the last season. This will not take place. The last day of the season will be at the U.S. Consulate.

There are two important notices for the next month.



Closed for work until the end of January. I believe I had mentioned to some parents that we were going to offer a barbecue on


Last day is December 3rd at the U.S. Consulate. We will have sports followed by the traditional award celebration. We’ll send an email to parents of kids currently enrolled in this season if we are allowed to offer barbecue at the U.S. Consulate facility on this day.

Thanks to all our volunteers and coaches, and we look forward to seeing you for the 1st semester of YSP in 2017! §

If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our YSP Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177.

American Society of São Paulo presents



9AM to 10:30AM

Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-15) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-15)

9:30AM to Basketball (coed ages 8-15) 10:30AM 10:30AM to Tennis (coed ages 8-15) 11:30AM Volleyball (coed ages 8-15) 10:30AM to Flag Football (coed ages 8-15) 12PM Baseball (coed ages 8-15)

Youth Sports Program Save the Date! 2017 Registration Day Semester starts February 2017

TREATMENT FOR LEARNING DIFFERENCES WITH IN-HOME SUPPORT Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification. Comprehensive Learning Evaluation In-depth pre- and post testing for: Team Consultations include: • Expressive Language • Identification of strengths and areas • Mathematics for improvement • Phonology • Recommendations for follow-up treatment • Reading and/or support • Written Expression • Homeschooling available

Dr. Wendy M. Smith Licensed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] / 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile] The International Dyslexia Association {Provider Directory/Description of Professional Services}

Children & Adults with AD/HD {Resource Directory/Description of Services and Licenses}

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DEC 2016/JAN 2017

What is the AmSoc Veterans Association? By T. David Warren, AmSoc Member & Vietnam Veteran


he Veterans Association (VA) was founded in September 1982 in São Paulo, by a group of former members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Not associated with any existing U.S. veterans associations, the VA was formed under the auspices of the American Society by former president Alfonzo Shattuck, a World War II veteran. The primary purpose of the group is to represent the United States at various ceremonies held each year, including commemorating participation of the Brazilian Expeditionary Forces in World War II. Any former member of the U.S. Armed Forces is welcome to join the group, and as a member they are entitled to a membership in the Associaçao dos ExCombatentes do Brasil (FEB).

Representing at the FEB November Memorial service

AmSoc Veterans proudly displaying their new Association banner at the Royal British Legion Remembrance Service

Recently, Commander José Arana, Ted Resener, Richard Wegman (President of the American Society of São Paulo), and David Warren proudly showed off their new Association banner during the Royal British Legion Remembrance Service at the Angleton Church. November was a busy month for the vets. Besides the Remembrance Service with the RBL, the FEB had their Culto Ecumenico em Memoria aos Ex-Combatentes da FEB Morots. Additionally, they represented veterans at the French Armistice Service day, the United States Veterans day, the Marine Ball, and attended the Thanksgiving Service at Fellowship Community Church. And of course, in May 2017, they will be part of the Memorial Day Service.

We are a small group, but if you are interested in joining or supporting the Veterans Association, contact David Warren at tdwarren2@gmail. com. §

VETERANS LOGO: When the American Society updated their logo, the Veterans Association received a face-lift as well! This colorized version includes the yellow ribbon, symbolic of our support of U.S. Service men and women.

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH The amazing volunteer of the month for December is Cynthia Peeples! Cynthia is one of our new Board members, but her great work began long before she joined the Board. She was a huge help for the September College Forum, has taken amazing initiative in starting up the AmSoc Campinas Chapter, is helping with Gala marketing and promotions, and compiled AmSoc partner lists.


Thanks for all your hard work, Cynthia!

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email


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The American Society of São Paulo

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come By Marilyn Diggs, AmSoc Member


x-pats far from home may miss the traditional Turkey Day or Football Day, but they do not have to miss Thanks for our Blessings Day. For the last few years, the American Society of São Paulo and Fellowship Community Church have cohosted a meaningful gathering of immediate family, friends, acquaintances, and for many of us, our church family, whose surnames are as varied as the international enclave. We unite to sing familiar hymns that tell of the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day and to thank God for His many blessings. On Sunday evening, November 21 , the special worship service opened with For the Beauty of the Earth, played on the flute by Lori Busch. Next, longtime Fellowshipper and event organizer David Warren was on hand to welcome visitors, friends, and church members to Fellowship. He was followed by the President of AmSoc, Richard Wegman, who took us back in time to the disembarkation 396 years ago of the pilgrims on Plymouth Rock. Richard reminded us that we are an extension of the first participants of Thanksgiving, and should take time to show our gratitude to st

others. We reflected upon the true meaning of Thanksgiving, as Consul General Ricardo Zuniga, accompanied by his lovely wife Christina, acknowledged our link with the millions of Americans who will be celebrating on Thursday, November 24th. He read the Presidential Proclamation of Thanksgiving, given by President Obama in 2015. Ricardo stressed how lucky we are to be in Brazil, a country sharing many of the same goals as the USA. The renowned Fellowship Church Choir directed by Marilyn Mangels, inspired us with the anthem, All Things Bright and Beautiful. An offering was taken, with its proceeds going to help the U.S. Veterans Association in São Paulo. Next, Fellowship’s interim pastor Rev. Joseph Cullen Rast II conducted


House in Closed Condominium, overlooking forest, Aldeia da Serra, nr Alphaville 908m2 (AC) 2181m2 (terreno)

a Thanksgiving Meditation, which pointed out that giving thanks does not come naturally, but rather is taught by parents and teachers. He also instructed us to always look for the silver lining when passing through difficulties. Cullen went on to compare the 1789 Proclamation of Thanksgiving by President George Washington to King David’s Psalm 100 written 4,000 years ago. The pastor concluded by encouraging us to have a thankful heart. The Thanksgiving Service ended with the singing the United States’ National Anthem. Afterwards, participants were invited into the Fellowship Hall, to share in a Thanksgiving buffet provided by the American Society, which featured turkey sandwiches and cranberry sauce. We toasted the event with prosecco, soft drinks, and juices. Delicious cakes and cookies were provided by members of Fellowship Community Church. All who attended left feeling satisfied spiritually and physically, and enriched by making some new friends. § Find out more about the services of Fellowship Community Church by visiting

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DEC 2016/JAN 2017

Another Spooktacular Kids Halloween Bash! By Lynda Perdigon, Board Member


he Halloween party this year was nothing short of spooktacular! Families came dressed up in their favorite costumes all 170 kids and 200+ adults! It was a treat to see witches, superheroes, and skeletons come together for a good time. There was so much to do, adults and kids alike enjoyed at least ten different games with prizes. Children and parents were entertained with coloring, Halloween-themed crafts, and temporary tattoos to enhance their costume. Along with the tasty snacks, there was a constant supply of popcorn, and beautiful desserts brought in by our festive guests. Everyone enjoyed getting their groove on with the Monster Mash and other fun Halloween music. This year we did something new that proved to be a great sensation, a photo booth! What fun it was to go in the booth with your friends, by yourself, or with your family, and get your picture taken. Additional dress up accessories were provided. My husband got a kick out of the wig and mustache! The children were thrilled to get their fortune told by the beautiful and oh-so-mystical fortune teller. Out in the field, the children got a


charge out of the superhero bouncy house. And of course, we can not leave out the highlight of the party - all the American candy!!! Towards the back, there were ten differently themed trick-or-treating stations set up, with volunteers dressed up and ready to hand out candy to all the spooky trick-or-treaters. At the end of the trick-or-treating adventure, the children had an option to win a small soccer ball by going through a spider walk. They had to ninja their way to touch the spider and ninja their way back. The party was a tremendous success thanks to all 42 of our amazing volunteers, who helped put this festivity together and worked at the party to make sure everyone had a good time. Without them, this incredible party could not have happened. Best of all, we came together, had a great time, and watched our children delight in an afternoon of entertaining activities. If you missed out this year, don't worry! Be inspired to come join us next year as we create another fun memory together! ยง

The American Society of São Paulo

Adult Halloween By Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor


or the first time this year, the adults had their own Halloween party as well! Hosted and organized by our lovely and ambitious AmSoc member, Jas Lally, the night turned out to be an amazing success! The drinks were generous and the food was a delight. The salão de festa was made up with the spookiest of decorations. Everyone came dressed up, from Popeye to Egyptian Pharaohs to Waldo to the great Thor himself. Join us next year, and don't miss out on the fun! §

Dental Care Dr. Karen Bygdal Andreasen CROSP 47616

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The American Society of São Paulo

Let's Connect: Network & Socialize By Richard Wegman, AmSoc President


n Monday night, November 21st, about 100 people gathered at Caruso’s Cigar Club to listen to Ricardo Zuniga, American Consul General, speak about the impact of the U.S. elections on Brazil. He offered many facts and insights that most of us would otherwise be unaware of inside the political and economic climates of both countries. Daniel Flynn, Bureau Chief for Thomson Reuters in Brazil, was a great moderator, asking significant questions to elicit heartfelt answers from Mr. Zuniga.

We want to thank everyone who participated in making this event a great success. In particular, Ricardo and Daniel. This event ended the first year of Let’s Connect for American Society. We feel that the success deserves additional support and more events scheduled for 2017. Come and see for yourself what the team has prepared for you and your business partners. Sincerely, your Let's Connect Team! See you all next year! §

The Let's Connect Team

Daniel Flynn (left) and Ricardo Zuniga (right)

Our last Let's Connect event of the year was a huge success!

Fellowship Community Church The Welcoming Place since 1921 International Christian Church SUNDAYS 09:00 am - Bible Study Class 10:30 am - Worship Service

Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 - Bela Vista, SP Discount parking near-by Close to Brigadeiro Metro

Child care available Tel: (11) 3253-7609

American Society of São Paulo presents

Let’s Connect!

Add value. Connect with people.

tuesday, 17 january, 2017 18:30 to 21:30 R$60 door charge covers food & beverages

Reserve your seat at Av. Horácio Lafer, 44



Learn more about upcoming American Society events at


Thursday 7pm to 10pm

AmSoc Beer Dinner four-course meal paired with beer

Location: O'Malley's Burgers, Beer & Blues (Alameda Itu, 1564) Information:


Saturday 9am to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis

Location: U.S. Consulate (Rua Henri Dunant, 500) Information: ONLY REGISTERED INDIVIDUALS PERMITTED.


Thursday 10:30am to 1pm

AmSoc New Members Coffee network, learn about upcoming events, and meet board members

Location: Provided upon RSVP Information: Anju Kapur at


Saturday 8pm to 1am

AmSoc Holiday Party a stylish affair with life music, carols, traditional eggnog, and a holiday feast

Location: Provided upon RSVP Information: For details, see ad on page 5


Sunday 10:30am

Christmas Cantata church choir to sing selections of Handel's Messiah & "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"

Location: Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Sampaio, 107) Information: Telephon: (11) 3253-7609


Saturday 7:30pm

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship Service the Christmas story and the message, plus your favorite Christmas Carols

Location: Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Sampaio, 107) Information: Telephone: (11) 3253-7609


Sunday 10:30am

Christmas Day Worship Service start Christmas morning with a special worship service

Location: Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Sampaio, 107) Information: Telephone: (11) 3253-7609

January 2017 17

Tuesday 6:30pm to 9pm

AmSoc Let’s Connect meet new people and share experiences

Location: Caruso Lounge (Av. Horácio Lafer, 44 - Moema) Information: For details, see article on page 19


Wednesday 7pm to 10pm

AmSoc Happy Hour with the British Society São Paulo and the Ladies Club São Paulo

Location: To be determined Information:


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