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Monthly Newsletter - November 2016


Daddy-Daughter Dance

Nov 05

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Nov 17

Angel Party

Nov 19

Thanksgiving Service

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 24

Beer Dinner

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Holiday Party

Dec 10

More Than One Way to Give Thanks

Angel Party, Here We Come!

By Stephanie Geffriaud, AmSoc Member

By Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson



hanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season in the United States, and we have two wonderful events planned to get everyone in the spirit of celebration with friends and family!

Our first Thanksgiving event will take place on Sunday, November 20th, and will be co-hosted by the American Society and the Fellowship Community Church. This event is a wonderful time for reflection and giving thanks for people of all spiritual backgrounds. The non-denominational services will begin at 6PM, and will be followed by a food and drink reception of traditional turkey sandwiches, sparkling wine, and homemade desserts. The event is open to both members and non-members, and AmSoc members are encouraged to attend with their family and friends. The church is located at Rua Carlos

he 17th Annual Angel Party is just around the corner on Saturday, November 19th at Chapel School. If you want in on this event, now is the time to act! Be a Super Shopper: Go out and buy gifts for last minute additions. Contact Kristy Miranda at

Food and drink at the Sunday Thanksgiving Service

Sampaio, 107, in Bela Vista, and no RSVP is required. If you are interested in contributing a homemade dessert, please contact David Warren at Continuing in the spirit of the season, AmSoc is proud to offer a festive Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 24th, at the distinctive Renaissance Hotel in the Jardins Neighborhood. continued on page 5

Donate: Money to support last minute expenses (such as an extra child, prizes, and treats) will help pay for parts of the party where we do not receive direct donations. Contact Sue at Volunteer: Come help! Please contact Maureen Kennedy Alves at maureenalves@ if you are interested. Of course, if you'd like to come to the party to meet the child you sponsored or see what it's all about, don't hesitate to contact Maureen about that, too. (You can't just show up. Security regulations at Chapel School require that we know in advance who is coming.) § Saturday, November 19th 12:00-17:00 @ Chapel School R. Vigario João de Pontes, 537 (Chácara Flora)

AmSoc friends and family prepare to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner

Cover image: Berrini sunrise, São Paulo Courtesy of: James Wattengel

NOV 2016


Counting Our Blessings


by Richard Wegman

ovember is a month when we celebrate Thanksgiving; our traditional time to share a meal with friends and family. A time to be thankful for the gifts we have received and the abundance in our lives. In the States, many people get together to over-eat, drink, watch afternoon football, then repeat the routine for the night game. You might be wondering, “What are we going to do in Brazil?” Well, here is our answer: Our traditional Thanksgiving service will be held at 6:00pm on November 20th, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, at Fellowship Church. This is a non-denominational service, with music sung by a Choir. Immediately following the service, we will be serving turkey sandwiches and cranberry sauce, along with other wonderful food and drink in the Fellowship Hall.

AmSoc will be joining the Renaissance Hotel in celebrating Thanksgiving Day with a great banquet buffet offering over 100 delicious items for your family's enjoyment. They will provide AmSoc with a special price for adults and children, and a place where we can be together. You can enjoy turkey with all the fixin's, and finish the evening with pumpkin pie. Yes, this will remind you of home, so bring the entire family and join us on Thursday, November 24th from 8:00pm on. Your attendance will complete the event. (more details inside this FORUM) NEW THIS YEAR!

Speaking of gatherings, we have a few big events in November. First, on Saturday the 19th, we share our giving at the annual Angel Party, by hosting 230 children on a day full of fun, excitement, games, activities, sports and, finally, Santa (Papai Noel) with his helpers.

We could still use a few volunteers to finalize our support, and safety teams during the event. Later on the 19th as well, you can enjoy the Marine Ball, acknowledging the honored traditions of the U.S. Marines in the service of our country. The event is extremely moving and has a powerful impact on all present. Two years ago when I was studying in New York City to complete my Coaching certification, I experienced an exercise which changed the way I look at life, by bringing gratitude into my conscious mind. I want to share this exercise with you today in the form of a two-part challenge for Thanksgiving. Part One: Each night, just before you go to bed, write down 3 things that you were grateful for during the day. (Beyond the typical family, house, food, etc.) Dig deep, looking for the smile that made a difference in your day, a kind word given at the right time, the child who said something funny yet full of meaning. Then, go to sleep. Do this every night until Thanksgiving. Part Two: With your loved ones, find a way to express your gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. Experience for yourself the impact that gratitude can have in your life and your family.


Richard Wegman

Vice President

Judy Zanchi


Alan Blau

Campinas Chapter

Cynthia Peeples


John Kennedy

Business Networking Elias Gedeon

Fernanda Gedeon

Community Action Committee Megan Trierweiler

Corporate Sponsorship Ricky Rubeiz

Thank you for being my family away from home for over 9 years. I'm grateful for the abundance that I have in my life, and you are part of it. It is my honor to share this season of giving thanks with you.

Ariane Cartwright


Lynda Perdigon

Into the Future, Together!

OUR MISSION: The American Society of São Paulo (AmSoc) promotes friendship by organizing social, cultural, and athletic events for its diverse membership; encourages integration with the Brazilian society; and supports the American traditions of education, philanthropy, and volunteerism. Rua da Paz, 1431, Chacara Santo Antonio, 04713-001, São Paulo, SP Tel: (11) 5182-2074 / Fax: (11) 5182-9155 /



Isabel Franco

Membership Team Patrick Trierweiler


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The American Society of São Paulo

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Meet New Member Jay Ramakrishnan & Family! Family members: 2 here (me, my husband Prasad) but we are 5 now daughter & her husband live in Switzerland & son lives in the U.S. Where were you born? India How long have you been in Brazil? Since June 2016 Other overseas assignments? Salvador, Brazil, Zurich, and Switzerland. Lived in Michigan and Indiana.

What has surprised you about São Paulo? Winter was colder than I expected! Places you plan to visit? Minas Gerais. Seen quite a bit of Brazil already, so interested now in Chile, southern Argentina, etc. Surprising fun fact about yourself? We are a family of Trekkies (Star Trek fans!) If you could ask a Brazilian any question, what would it be? Would love to know how they have instilled this fun element in their lives.


NOV 2016


Celebrating Cultural Diversity By Janeth B. Peña-Heredia


n September 30, the United States Consulate in São Paulo celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. For almost 30 years, the United States has been celebrating the presence and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to U.S. culture and society. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan expanded Hispanic Heritage Week, established 20 years earlier by President Lyndon B. Johnson, to cover 30 days from September 15 to October 15. This year the Consulate hosted performances from dance groups representing Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and the Caribbean as well as food trucks selling delicious food from Mexico, Cuba and Chile. There were also exquisite Chilean and Argentinean wines on offer to pair with empanadas, burritos and ceviches.

provides a perfect platform to have frank discussions about what it means to be The festivities were kicked off by Consul General Hispanic/Latino-American. One recurring topic Ricardo Zuniga, who addressed the Consulate is the conflict of identity we face as we navigate community that included Brazilian local staff, between what can sometimes seem like two Foreign Service Officers and their family worlds. The actor Edward James Olmos, who members. Mr. Zuniga played Selena’s father spoke of the similarities in the 1997 hit movie “I’m so proud to be between the United American, to represent the based on the Tejano States and Brazil, both superstar, had a line countries of immigrants U.S. abroad. But, I always unforgettable to many whose contributions feel I can give more. I am Mexican-Americans, “We have been important more. I am Venezuelan have to be more Mexican to our respective the Mexicans and and sometimes that’s than developments. In São more American than missing. Today I was Paulo alone, the legacy the Americans, both of Italian immigrants everything that I am.” at the same time! It's can be seen all around exhausting! “ the city and in the surnames of our Brazilian colleagues and friends. As I listened to the As the event wrapped up at the Consulate and Consul General speak, I looked around at my I congratulated one of the organizers on its American colleagues and their families and felt success, she said, “I’m so proud to be American, a great sense of pride in how Hispanic/Latino- to represent the U.S. abroad. But, I always feel Americans are represented in this Mission. I can give more. I am more. I am Venezuelan Our heritage and affinities in that room alone and sometimes that’s missing. Today I was included- Mexico, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, everything that I am.” Her sentiment reminded Honduras, Argentina, Bolivia, the Dominican me of the quote from Olmos’s character, but Republic, Chile, Peru, Cuba, and Panama. with more hope. It has been 19 years since that movie, 19 years of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Dancing and culinary treats aside, celebrating Month, and 19 years of Hispanic/Latino Hispanic Heritage Month, at home or abroad, Americans bridging two cultures. With Major


League Baseball having its own celebration called “Ponle Acento” (Put an Accent on It), the Orioles’s Manny Machado recently said, “I love this country. I love everything about it. But, you know what? I’m Dominican. You get the best of both worlds, and it’s a privilege, honestly.” I fully agree with Machado. Being HispanicAmerican and representing the United States abroad truly is a privilege. §

@USCitsBrazil The official U.S. Embassy Twitter account for American citizens in Brazil. The English feed features daily tips and news for the expat community.

The American Society of São Paulo

We're Growing!

Give Thanks

By Cynthia Peeples, Membership - Campinas Chapter

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he American Society of São Paulo is excited to announce that AmSoc is expanding into Campinas! AmSoc-Campinas is a new initiative, set to launch in 2017, that will cater to residents of the greater Campinas area, and surrounding cities. Based in Campinas, the new chapter will offer members everything we already love about AmSoc - networking, athletics, community service, cultural traditions ... and more.

both locations. This expansion is an ideal opportunity for Paulistano members to step outside of the city and see São Paulo state through a different lens, and build new relationships with neighboring communities.

All AmSoc members will have unlimited access to events and community service in

AmSoc is expanding its borders and horizons. More details to come. §

Join us as we build on AmSoc’s considerable foundation to provide even more high-caliber events, exciting adventures, and unparalleled community service.


Jennifer Licko

To celebrate the timeless American observance of Thanksgiving Day, the hotel will host a fabulous traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. We invite members and nonmembers of all ages to join us to share a delicious meal and raise a glass to give thanks. Dinner will begin at 8PM (doors open at 6PM) and the restaurant has reserved a beautiful private area for this celebration. Ticket prices are R$110 for Adult AmSoc members and children over 11 years old. For non-member adults and children over 11 years old, tickets are R$150. Children up to 5 years old are welcome for free and from 6 to 11 years old, tickets are 50% of the full price. Please note that alcoholic beverages, tip, and parking are not included in the ticket price. The Renaissance Hotel is located at Alameda Santos, 2233, in Jardins. Space is limited to 70 people, so reserve your seats in advance by purchasing your tickets online at amsocthanksgiving., or by calling the AmSoc office at (11) 5182-2074. §

American Society of São Paulo presents Dental Care Dr. Karen Bygdal Andreasen CROSP 47616

Partner of American Society for 13 years

English, Danish and Portuguese spoken!! General Practice – Adults and Children: Functional Jaw Orthopedics Specialist

R. Vieira de Morais, 420 - cj. 32 - Campo Belo - São Paulo Tel (11)5531-4698 • Emergencies: (11) 9.9811-6172


November 24, 2016 at 8pm Renaissance Hotel Alameda Santos, 2233 - Jardins


Doors open at 6pm RSVP AT AMSOC.COM.BR OR CALL

(11) 5182.2074


NOV 2016


Visit the University of São Paulo By Jay Alves, AmSoc Member


ens sana in corpore sano is a well known saying here in Brazil, and the sprawling Butantã campus of the University of São Paulo (USP, established in 1934) is definitely a place where you can work at getting both mind and body healthier. Hosting about 120,000 people, most of which study and work at the nearly 2,000-acre campus, USP is the largest public university in Brazil, and consistently ranked by most international rankings as the top Latin American research and higher-learning institution. On Saturdays, however, USP is used as a large park by those looking for a nice place in which to have a stroll, run, dog walk, or bike ride; the wide but peaceful tree-lined streets and avenues bustle with activity from the early hours of the morning. While students, staff, and faculty can access the area at any time, others have unrestricted weekend access on Saturdays only, from 5:00AM to 2:00PM. Besides valuable physical activity, one can also enjoy the many artworks sprinkled around campus, as well as visit the many museums hosted there – including the MAC, the Museum for Contemporary Art. Check USP's website ( for the full listing of museums and their opening times. If you appreciate astronomical matters, make sure to visit the huge sundial to check the time and approximate date. Nature lovers will learn that Praça do Relógio simulates the main ecosystems in the State of São Paulo. And if you walk alongside the rowing lanes, you will very likely see the herd of wild capybaras

The lovely tree-lined campus streets make the perfect weekend venue for all kinds of activities

(the world's largest rodent, at about 120lbs) who live there, oblivious to the humongous metropolis and used to close human presence. One drawback of USP is the lack of food options during the weekend, so bring a snack and something to drink. But if you visit during the week, try one of the best hot dogs in São Paulo, at the Big Dog stand. Run since 1977 by Arnaldo, Cida, and their son Alex, it is located right by the sundial at Praça da Reitoria. As is typical of paulistano hot dogs, theirs include a ton of stuff: frank, catchup, mustard, mayo, vinaigrette, green corn, peas, mashed potatoes, shoestring chips, Catupiry cream cheese, all sprinkled with grated cheese (you can ask for them to hold any of these). There are two options of bread, traditional hot dog bun or mini-baguette, the latter being by far the crowd favorite. So get those sneakers, bikes, and workout clothes ready and head out to USP to enjoy the great benefits of open-air exercise! §

One of the many statues that dot the USP campus

SUBMIT YOUR CONTENT To be featured in our next Members Recommend section, send an email to with your personal recommendations on how to enjoy all that São Paulo (and Brazil!) has to offer. USP's local capybara family, completely at ease with all the people passing by


The American Society of São Paulo

All is Calm... All is Bright... By Tiffany Nicole Fontana


he glory and beauty of the holiday season is something we can all share together this December at our annual Holiday party! We invite our members to this exquisite gathering to celebrate the exceptional year we have had, to remember the past, to savor the moment with friends and family, and to and celebrate the future! We all have things that help us "get into the holiday spirit", as well as our own beliefs on what the holidays mean. I know that, for some people, attending a religious service or exchanging gifts, helping others, listening to Christmas music, and even enjoying a favorite holiday drink like the coveted pumpkin spice latte may help raise one's holiday spirits. As many members are far from home, it makes "feeling" the beauty of the season all the more challenging. There is also the obstacle of the hustle and bustle that happens this time of year; so, it is easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays. In the spirit of trying to live in the moment, and not be too consumed about buying gifts, making

Beer Dinner

December 1, 2016 at 7pm


join us for

4-course meal paired with 4 excellent beers English-speaking Sommelier



rsvp by Nov 28th


travel plans, or finding just the right dress, I asked some of our members this question: What do the Holidays mean to you? Here are some wonderful answers to help us all stop and reflect and remember that this time of year is supposed to be fun and relaxing, and spent cherishing our friends and family! The AmSoc Holiday Party is especially important to me because it reminds me of Christmas in the States which is all beautiful with the warmth of the carols, the winter lights and the snow! That is right, I love a white Isabel Franco Christmas. Holidays are precious to me, as I have the chance to think about family and friends who live far away, and wish them well... Madeleine Blankenstein It could be for reasons of a Christmas celebration, the miracle of Chanukah lights, the year of the Rooster for the Chinese New Year or possibly the Russian Orthodox New Year. In any case the common denominator is getting together with friends or new acquaintances that will now

Starter #1

Spinach, walnuts, melon & feta cheese with La Trappe Blonde (Holland)

Starter #2

Roasted ham w/ wild rice & cranberry sauce with Strong Suffolk Old Ale (England)

Main Course

Raspberry & strawberry tart with Witterkerke Rosé (Belgium)


Cheese platter of Stilton, Camembert, apricot & fig with Golden Pride Barley Wine (England) R$165 Members / R$185 Non-Members

American Society of São Paulo presents Ou r ann ual

Holiday pa rt y

December 10, 2016 8:30pm until ~ Chacara Flora ~ RSVP by December 5th

become part of your social networking and friendships. It's a wonderful opportunity to share warm, sincere moments with people who are thankful for what they have and sincerely wish the best for those attending this Alan Blau wonderful event. This quote by the great American essayist Hamilton Wright Mabie sums up what the holidays mean to me: Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love... Our Holiday Party will be held on Saturday evening, December 10th; our host is Board Member Isabel Franco, who has graciously opened up her spectacular home and luxurious gardens in Chácara Flora for this enchanting night! We invite you to take a walk along the candlelit pathways and enjoy the live entertainment, eggnog, carols, and festive feast! Come and see Isabel's magnificent Christmas tree from the hills of Campos do Jordão, and raise a toast in honor of family and AmSoc friends this Holiday season! Please RSVP by December 5th and pay in advance online at, or call the AmSoc office at (11) 5182-2074 to guarantee your space, as attendance is limited. §

*price includes all of the above food and beer, plus gratuity.


NOV 2016


Opening The Door By Megan Trierweiler, CAC Chairperson


ife is a series of doors. As one presents itself, we have the opportunity to walk through it, or choose to pass by. Many times, the closest door is the only one we believe we have access to. For at-risk youth in São Paulo, this door is often the one that leads to a life of drugs, abuse, and violence. Vida Jovem believes in giving teenagers another door to enter. Their program includes training in web design, computer maintenance, and tourism. Sixty dedicated students take the initiative to travel across the city every afternoon to participate in classes that not only give them highly desirable technical skills, but also instill in them the more intangible ability to persevere, communicate, work as a team, and take responsibility. The hope for alumni of Vida Jovem is not that they all necessarily take up careers in the fields they studied during their year in the program. Greater than this, it is the desire for young people living in seemingly limiting circumstances to realize that another option exists. They do not have to follow that easy,

and destructive, path. They have the power to transform their own lives, and, in turn, their community as a whole. That is what makes Vida Jovem extremely important, and why the American Society is so proud to support them. Would you like to get more involved?



Donate your unwanted electronics. This includes obsolete computers, cell phones, household appliances, major appliances, etc. Not only can many items be used as learning material for the students, the rest will help Vida Jovem raise money through an arrangement they have with an electronics recycler. Av. Vereador José Diniz 3720 Suite 1204 Campo Belo - São Paulo / SP Zip Code: 04603-004 Phone: 2368-6333



Host a group of kids to see your workspace. Seeing is believing. Could you take 1-2 hours of your day to show 15 kids your place of employment? What better way to see what is out in the world than to actually experience it? If you are interested in helping in any of the ways listed above, please contact megan. §


Volunteer to share your career or travel story. This one is only for those of us comfortable speaking Portuguese. Vida Jovem is always looking for people to come introduce the students to various career and travel opportunities. Come spend one afternoon sharing that great trip you just took! Or talking about your life as a banker, chef, potato supplier, tire manufacturer, etc.

Dr. Marinho Del Santo / Dentistry Speaks English & Portuguese

Let’s show these kids how many different job opportunities are truly out there!

The American Society’s a book club for kids

Children between the age of 4 and 10 years old are invited to join us for a new story adventure every month. To participate, sign up online or email

November 12th 2pm to 4pm

The American Society of São Paulo

Best Wishes Mark & Sonya Compiled by friends of Mark & Sonia


ark Abrams and Sonya Querido are described as loyal friends, great people, caring volunteers, and dedicated pillars of the São Paulo community. For those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting Mark and Sonya, know that both were Eric Poliak award winners for their service to the community. Mark’s work with Vida Jovem spanned over 10 years, allowing him to influence the lives of thousands of teens. Mark is also a former AmSoc Board

Vice President, Boy Scout leader, father, and banker. His complement, Sonya, is no less distinguished. She is an alumnus of Graded School and has served on their board, has raised significant funds for charity, is a former banker, entrepreneur, and has been known to dance a mean tango. Mark and Sonya will now be on the same soil as their son, who is attending college in the U.S. San Fransisco is lucky to have you and we send you warm wishes in this new chapter! §

Meet a Volunteer By Ava Moody, Member


y name is Ava Moody, and I am very excited to begin volunteering at Vida Jovem. I absolutely love children. Ccurrently a college student studying to become a Child Life Specialist, my passion for children is really why I want to volunteer. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help these teens realize their worth and the bright future they are capable of having. I am hoping to learn a lot about the lives of these children, and really just help in any way I can. If I can help a child with learning a skill or a new language,

or even just be a friend or someone to turn to for them, I will feel as though I have done what I set out to do. Volunteering is extremely beneficial for both parties. To know you have given your time to help another is an incredible feeling, and I am excited and feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to experience this with Vida Jovem. Inspired to do more? Email megan.trierweiler@ to become more personally involved in AmSoc charities. §

VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH The amazing volunteer of the month for November is Tiffany Fontana! Tiffany is our party organizer extraordinaire. She was so much help with the 2016 May Masquerade Gala, and is now heading up the committee working on both the AmSoc Thanksgiving Dinner, and our annual festive Holiday Party.

Individual inco m e t ax preparation and consul ting • Tax planning • Estimated taxes • US Federal tax returns • Brazilian tax returns • Tax equalization


Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Tiffany!

To nominate the next Volunteer of the Month, email

Marcelo Calvoso Tel 55 11 5572 5411 Cel 55 11 99121 8811


NOV 2016


AmSoc Youth Athletes on the Rise! By John Mota, Athletics Coordinator


ur Rising Stars of the month are chosen by their coaches, according to the motivation, attitude, focus, participation, skill acquisition, and development of the player. We know how hard it is to choose one amongst so many players, but we will continue to highlight additional Rising Stars in the following months, so keep an eye out for your next FORUM!


Soccer sessions take place from 9AM to 10:30AM, with lots of fun for both the younger and older kids. As our young athletes arrive, they split into two different groups, according to their age. Coach Martin Petersson and Coach Bruce Strong work with the younger kids (ages 7 and under), while Coach Arthur Wong and Coach Cristiano Mendes work with the older kids (ages 8 to 13). They warm up, learn and practice skills, and wrap up the session with friendly games. Soccer has almost 40 registered kids.


Boys and girls ages 8 to 13 have the chance of learning and further developing their basketball skills. Coach Jordan Monson and Coach Jud Snyder, both high-level basketball coaches, teach and challenge the kids to show


their best while playing. Basketball coed sessions run from 9:30AM to 10:30AM.


The introduction of volleyball to YSP has been a huge success: several kids who originally enrolled in tennis switched to volleyball! Parents watching volleyball sessions might think that the sport is only for girls, but the sport is offered as coed. Coach Cassia Weibel and Coach Fábio Moreno now count on the support of Monica McDonough, who has recently volunteered to help with the program. Coach Bruce Strong has also joined the volleyball coaching team, so we now have four coaches in total. We are very happy to offer volleyball as part of our program. The kids practice different skills with lots of enthusiasm: it is the type of sport where you see the kids smiling while playing. Volleyball starts at 10:30AM, right after basketball class.


Coach Roberto Medeiros, Coach Kyle Ledford, and Coach Bruce Mescher lead the baseball sessions. Baseball practice runs from 10:30AM to 12PM, where the kids are making steady progress on mastering their skills. We see happy and excited kids every weekend!


Coach Jordan Monson, Coach Aaron Pempel, and Coach Thomas Mangiamele are in charge of our young coed athletes, who consistently show their eagerness to learn more about the sport. You can see in their faces that they want to start playing as soon as they get there. Come to cheer for the kids while they play - it’s super fun! Flag football starts at 10:30AM and runs until 12PM. § TIME SLOT


9AM to 10:30AM

Soccer, Girls (ages 5-8 & 9-15) Soccer, Boys (ages 5-8 & 9-15)

9:30AM to Basketball (coed ages 8-15) 10:30AM 10:30AM to Tennis (coed ages 8-15) 11:30AM Volleyball (coed ages 8-15) 10:30AM to Flag Football (coed ages 8-15) 12PM Baseball (coed ages 8-15)

If you'd like to volunteer to help coach or assist, contact our YSP Coordinator, John Mota, at or WhatsApp +55 (11) 99622-2177.

TREATMENT FOR LEARNING DIFFERENCES WITH IN-HOME SUPPORT Specializing in sensory cognitive treatment for Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and Communication Disorders, and Behavior Modification. Comprehensive Learning Evaluation In-depth pre- and post testing for: Team Consultations include: • Expressive Language • Identification of strengths and areas • Mathematics for improvement • Phonology • Recommendations for follow-up treatment • Reading and/or support • Written Expression • Homeschooling available

Lynda Perdigon Viña del Mar, Chile Traveling soon? Take a photo with your FORUM, email it to


Dr. Wendy M. Smith Licensed Learning Specialist 55 (11) 3885.7256 [office] / 55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile] The International Dyslexia Association {Provider Directory/Description of Professional Services}

Children & Adults with AD/HD {Resource Directory/Description of Services and Licenses}

The American Society of São Paulo

The Golf Challenge for the Munro Cup By John Kennedy, Athletics Chairman


n Friday, December 9th, at the beautifully manicured and challenging golf course of San Fernando Golf Club, the AmSoc golf team will tee-up for the 11th time in recent history against the St. Andrews Society team. The Munro Cup was created in 1991, when Norman Munro, a previous president of the St. Andrews Society, was asked by the thenpresident Jim McLean, to provide a cup to commemorate the winner of the annual sporting competition between the St. Andrews

Society of São Paulo and AmSoc. The objective was to foster friendship and camaraderie amongst two great nations. Originally, the competition involved several sporting events such as golf, tennis, soccer, tug-o-war, bridge, volleyball, and trivial pursuit. However, over the years, it became difficult to organize and find a place for all these events. Then, in 2005, only the golf match was re-initiated, when Sean Hutchinson of St. Andrew's Society challenged John Kennedy of

AmSoc to a golf match, and thus was born “The Golf Challenge” for the Munro Cup. To prepare for our upcoming match, John Kennedy and Elias Gedeon will be organizing a “Golf Outing” to the Quinta da Baroneza Golf Club in November. The plan is to have a friendly Skins Game, and some cocktails afterwards. If you would like to join us in any of these golf events, contact John (john@kennedy-partners. com) or Elias ( for more details. §

Our Rising Stars in the Youth Sports Program Each month, our coaches highlight one of our many excellent team players from each sport currently offered in the YSP.


Felicia is a girl with lots of energy. She is doing her best in each exercise. ~Coach Martin


Very coachable and puts lots of effort in learning new skills. He’s a great sportsman. ~Coach Roberto


Dedicated to training, always supporting teammates, and makes matches fun.


Hard practice, great attitude, and solid team player. ~Coach Arthur


Works hard at practice, and excellent attitude. ~Coach Jordan

~Coach Cristiano


Engaged, good skills, eager to learn and grow. Great team player and behavior. ~Coach Cassia


Always gives 100%. Always has fun and keeps everyone smiling. ~Coach Jordan

Sign up your child online at, or call the office between the hours of 10AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday at (11) 5182-2074.


NOV 2016

Let’s Connect: Network & Socialize By Aicha Valente and Patrick Trierweiler, AmSoc Members


nother remarkable evening in September at Caruso Lounge! We had two great speakers, covering diverse topics and adding variety to our evening.


Our first speaker, Olivier André, introduced by member Fernanda Pecora, talked about resolving commercial disputes through mediation. As Vice President of CPR, Institute for Conflict and Resolution, Olivier is responsible for Dispute & Resolutions, supporting members to ease court cases. The disadvantages of lawsuits and litigation include expense, time, and unpredictability. Dispute resolutions that include arbitration and mediation are effective, separately or in conjunction with litigation, in which a neutral third party promotes negotiation between opposed parties. Arbitration is binding: an arbitrator judges. Mediation is non-binding: a mediator is chosen to facilitate a resolution. Mediation can be proposed any time during litigation and does not weaken a case; in fact, it has a high success rate, as parties can have frank discussions with a neutral person, to negotiate a win-win situation.


Our second speaker, Ricardo Sennes, was introduced by member Madeleine

Olivier André, Vice President of CPR

Ricardo Sennes, political & economic specialist

Blankenstein. Ricardo is a specialist in political and economic scenarios, and covered perspectives on the current crisis in Brazil and the next political cycle. Political fragmentation is one of the main drivers of corruption in the country, but not the major issue. When comparing the two operations, Lava Jato in Brazil and the Mãos Limpas in Italy, both scandals involved briberies from companies to gain government contracts.


Ricardo concluded his talk by saying that the current crisis is part of modernization, and is more deeply rooted in political fragmentation than an issue of morals and corruption. If we seek to change economic growth, political reforms need to be proposed. As mature voters, we need to choose wisely in the 2018 elections, as the results will be important in determining the direction of Brazilian economy.

Let’s Connect is networking whilst learning about diverse subjects, with excellent speakers that are experts in their field. We learnt a lot about mediation, and the political climate in Brazil. After hearing the speakers, we feel Brazil is on the right path, and have a positive feeling about the future of Brazil. We would like to thank all who attended. Let’s Connect meets bimonthly for business enlightenment and fun. See you on Thursday, 17th of November, for the last Let’s Connect of 2016. Tell your friends, mark the date in your calendar, and sign up on the AmSoc Eventbrite website ( Spaces are limited, so come and join us for a great night of entertainment! § American Society of São Paulo presents

Let’s Connect!

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thursday, 17 november, 2016 18:30 to 21:30 Reserve your seat at Av. Horácio Lafer, 44 Let's Connect attendees enjoying casual conversation over food and drinks


The American Society of São Paulo

Getting on the Board Compiled by Jackie Wyant, Managing Editor


Sponsorship / Gala Co-Chair I was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, but I grew up in New York City in Greenwich Village. I’ve spent most of my adult life living outside the U.S., first in Canada, then in Scotland, West Africa and now fabulous Brazil. My husband Stephen is a Foreign Service Officer with the Canadian Government, so we are posted in São Paulo for the next three years. My favorite thing about São Paulo is: how much there is to do and how fabulous the restaurant and bar scene is. You could go out every night and still not try everything this city has to offer. My favorite AmSoc memory is: I’ve just joined as of this year, but I had a great time at the Masquerade Gala in May. Looking forward to all the great events this “Fall”. One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: Oh my goodness, I embarrass myself everyday, trying to order things in restaurants, while running errands, whatever! I’m still learning Portuguese, so misunderstandings happen frequently. §


I am from Portland, Michigan, which is a small city between Lansing and Grand Rapids. Went to College in suburban Chicago and lived in the Chicago area for 10 years. I moved to São Paulo 3 years ago. My favorite thing about São Paulo is: the diversity of São Paulo, and how open and welcoming Brazilians are. I have made many Brazilian friends in and around my neighborhood. My favorite AmSoc memory is: the kids events. I would say the Kids Easter Party, and the kids' events at the Independence Day party. One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: going to the drug store and trying to buy Tylenol, but not knowing how to pronounce it in Portuguese. I ended up repeating Tylenol and pointing at my head for about 5 minutes. I give a lot of credit to the clerk on figuring out what I wanted. I am still amazed on how friendly Brazilians are towards foreigners. §

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Campinas Chapter

I was born in Oregon, but left at 6 months old. I grew up in the U.S., moving every 1-3 years, spending a majority of my childhood split between California and Hawaii (miserable, I know). Married life didn’t change things much. My husband, 3 children, and I now move every 2-4 years. Most recently, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. boxed us up and shipped us to Campinas, Brazil. My favorite thing about São Paulo is: ample opportunity for cultural exploration, foodie fixes, exciting travel, family bonding, and personal growth. Once you get out of your own way, Brazil is limitless. My favorite AmSoc memory is: meeting Judy Zanchi, oddly enough, in Campinas. Judy enthusiastically introduced me to AmSoc visa-vis the Gala, and São Paulo has never been the same. One embarrassing thing that has happened to me in São Paulo is: my first drive from Campinas to Chapel School for my kids’ futsal and volleyball games. Two very concerned girlfriends insisted on making the drive with me for fear of me getting lost. ‘How bad can it be? I’ve got this! All I need is Waze and a cell charger,’ I unknowingly proclaim. Rolling their eyes and shaking their heads, they both strapped in and accompanied me anyway. Of course, the 1.5 hour drive stretched to 3+ hours, thanks to traffic, Waze, and my ego. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by the blaring GAME OVER buzzer for each of the games. Really?!? And, par for the course, I missed both of my kids scoring. Not a proud parent moment. §

American Society of São Paulo’s Annual

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NOV 2016



My expertise includes mood, anxiety, cultural issues, relationship and family concerns, self-esteem, trauma and personal growth. I have strong skills in assessment/ evaluation which allow to identify the best and most effective treatment. I work with individuals, families and children. Contact me at 98963-2871 or dawnmorell@yahoo. com.


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Fernando Knijnik has been offering tutoring services for over 25 years. Physics, math and chemistry are taught for all levels, including IB, SAT, ACT, AP, GMAT and Brazilian vestibular, to name a few. Mr. Knijnik has worked for several years in the international schools of SP. For more info please call 99134-6700 or email fernandoknijnik@


Whether you are struggling with an individual or family problem, a good psychotherapeutic relationship can help you feel better about yourself, improve your relationships and find ways to help you reach your goals. Services: Individual, couples, child/adolescent. Located in Moema. Contact Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 99656-2106 or



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(CRP 06/132919) specializing in Systemic Family Therapy, Couples Therapy & Educational Psychology. Psychotherapy w/ individuals & couples & families. Offices in Morumbi next to Shopping Jardim Sul, & Campo Belo near Shopping Ibirapuera, both w/ onsite parking. Some insurance companies accepted. Email or phone 011989185922.

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The American Society of São Paulo

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When faced with a security or traffic-related emergency, the average driver utilizes between 40-50% of the vehicle’s performance capability. ATKO training is designed to bring the driver’s performance up to 80% of the vehicles capacity.


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Learn more about upcoming American Society events at


Saturday 9am to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis

Location: Pan American Christian Academy (R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393) Information:


Saturday 6pm to 10pm

AmSoc Daddy-Daughter Dance a formal affair for dads and daughters of all ages w/ food, dancing, and photo ops

Location: Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Sampaio, 107) Information:


Wednesday 9am to 2pm

International Newcomers Club Bazaar Day!

Location: Espaço Escandinavo (R. Job Lane 1030) Information:


Saturday 9am to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis

Location: Chapel School (R. Vig. João de Pontes, 537) Information:


Saturday 2pm to 4pm

AmSoc Story Travelers a book club for kids

Location: Provided upon RSVP Information: Lynda Perdigon at For details, see ad on page 8


Thursday 6:30pm to 9pm

AmSoc Let’s Connect meet new people and share experiences

Location: Caruso Lounge (Av. Horácio Lafer, 44 - Moema) Information: For details, see article on page 12


Saturday 9am to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis

Location: U.S. Consulate (Rua Henri Dunant, 500) Information: ONLY REGISTERED INDIVIDUALS PERMITTED.


Saturday 12pm to 5pm

AmSoc Angel Party Location: Chapel School (R. Vig. João de Pontes, 537) a day full of fun for 230 children from our Information: charitable organizations For details, see sidebar on page 1


Saturday 6pm to 12am

241st Marine Corps Birthday Ball w/ cocktails, dinner, and dancing

Information: Sgt. Lopez at For details, see ad on page 15


Sunday 6pm to 8pm

AmSoc Thanksgiving Service a nondenominational service w/ turkey sandwiches plus food and beverage

Location: Fellowship Community Church (R. Carlos Sampaio, 107) Information: For details, see article on page 1


Thursday 6pm to 11pm

AmSoc Thanksgiving Dinner Location: Renaissance Hotel (Alameda Santos, 2233) a fabulous traditional turkey dinner with all Information: the trimmings For details, see article on page 1


Saturday 9am to 12pm

AmSoc Youth Sports Program soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, and tennis

Location: U.S. Consulate (Rua Henri Dunant, 500) Information: ONLY REGISTERED INDIVIDUALS PERMITTED.


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